Brian's Story - Chapter 8 - Out on the Town with Valerie

By Tobyredone

23 minute read -

This is the eighth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

I looked over at Valerie, her hair was messed up and there was a thin gloss of sweat on her face from our round of ‘desert’ love making. I still thought she looked like the most beautiful woman in the world. She smiled at me, and playfully reached over her exhausted body to caress my left breast and nipple.

“What do you want to do now lover?” She asked me.

“I really should let Katie get back to her life. She did have some family stuff going on this weekend, and her boyfriend is going to be wondering why she blew him off tonight.” I replied as I sat up and began looking around to try and spot some of my mount’s clothing in the pile on the floor.

“And after that…” her voice trailed off as she also sat up.

“I was hoping that I could possibly stop back over?” I said questioningly.

“I’d like that.” She replied.

“Super. I’ll pick up a movie, any you want to see?” I asked.

“Invasion of the body snatchers,” She responded.

“Ha. Funny. You’re such a funny girl.” I replied to her.

With that I got up, and started to put on my clothes. I found Katie’s missing thong and bra by the bed, and headed out to the living room to get the rest of her clothes. Her nylons were a pain to get back on, but I was getting use to putting on clothes that were a pain. I stepped into her skirt and brought it up around her waist. I followed that with the sweater over her head, pulling her hair out of the back, and adjusting it. I didn’t realize what a pain long hair was until now, but it sure looked good. The saying beauty is pain came floating up from Katie’s subconscious mind. I finally stepped into her shoes, gave Valerie a peck on the cheek, and was off.

I drove back to the parking garage at work. I found a dark corner, put Katie’s little convertible in park, and started to dismount her. I reformed into myself on the passenger side, on top of a pile of my old clothes. I quickly tried to get dress, but was slowed a bit by the cramped quarters. I soon had everything on except my shirt wasn’t buttoned all the way up yet. I thought I heard Katie start to move, and decided that I could button the shirt up somewhere else. I opened the door, got out, locked the door back up, and closed it. I then walked to a large concrete column about 50 feet away and hid behind it. I waited for about ten more minutes before I saw movement in Katie’s car. She leaned forward and put a hand to her forehead. She shook her head twice, and grabbed the steering wheel. When she looked down at the clock on the dash of her car I think she freaked out a bit, but quickly regained her composure. I saw her dig out her cell phone and start dialing before she started her car and backed out of the parking stall. As she put it in drive I ducted back behind the column so she would not see me as she drove by. I didn’t feel I needed to give her the creeps more than I already had. I wondered if she would wonder about the tastes in her mouth and smiled as I headed off to my car now confident that Katie came to and headed off just fine.

I jumped in my car, and headed to a small video store I know of. I grabbed an action movie, a complete chick flick, a comedy, and a horror movie that way I would have all the bases covered. Upon showing back up at Valerie’s apartment she quickly let me in, and we were on the couch with her head resting on my real shoulder in no time. We only got about half way through the movie before she started to slide her hands under the waistband of my pants, and massage my quickly stiffening dick.

I eventually had enough, grabbed the remote, shut off the TV, and scooped her up and carried her to bed. I half tossed, half set her down on the bed as she squealed a bit. I quickly got out of my clothes, and laid down on top her and began kissing her chest. I lovingly started licking her nipples, and kissing down to her navel before she grabbed my hair and lightly pulled on my head to get me back face to face.

“I need you. I need you now.” She said.

I lined myself up with her pussy, and she tilted her hips a bit, and I pushed all the way into her in one stroke. She let out a low moan as I made it wiggle a bit inside her while kissing her neck. I began to slowly work back and forth in her, increasing my rhythm with her moans and sighs until I felt her release and dig her nails hard into my back. I yelped in pain as she got more skin under her nails. She laughed a bit and playfully bit at one of my ears as I started back up in my rhythm. Twice more I sent her over the edge of pleasure before I too came. I felt myself shrinking inside her, and eventually pulled out, and rolled over to the side of her bed. She leaned over to kiss me, then got up and headed to the bathroom, obviously to clean up a bit.

I was out cold before she came back.

I woke up the next morning and felt one of Valerie’s arms draped across my chest. I laid there for a short while as I slowly woke all the way up. I smiled and began concentrating on wanting to be Valerie again. I looked down and began to see my body change into the now familiar liquid state as it started go into her arm which was lying on my chest. The flow began to quicken and soon I was engulfing her entire body, entering from all of her skin, her mouth and nose, and also her pussy. I quickly felt her athletic and shapely body become my own. I felt her hair, now mine around my neck, and the weight of her chest became my chest. I sat up slowly inwardly spoke to her sleeping mind, ‘Hey. Hey sleepyhead. It’s time to get up.’ It took a few more times to gently prod her mind awake. I felt a startled jerk go through her body.

What the hell. Oh. Brian. Wow. Waking up when you are already sitting up is a bit odd. Sorry.

‘It’s ok. I maybe should have let you sleep a bit more.’ I replied to her in my head.

No, it’s fine. What’s up?

‘I was just going to take a shower, and figured you could walk me through it.’ I replied, ‘And was wondering what you wanted to do today.’

The shower sounds great. I need one badly. As far as plans, I was just going to clean my apartment.

With that I got up and headed to Valerie’s shower. I adjusted the water temperature until it was just right, and then got in.

Oh! Brian, that’s too hot! I heard her complain.

‘I like it. I think a hot shower relieves tension.’ I replied back.

I started with her shampoo and then conditioner that I remembered her using the last time I rode along in her body. I then used the little tube of face stuff and applied it per her directions and then listened to her complain again about the temperature as I leaned into the stream of water to wash the stuff off.

I grabbed her soap and her lufa to start washing my new body off, but as soon as I got to the breasts it turned into a bit of a masturbation session in the shower. I dropped her lufa and began to play with my breasts with my left hand, and stroke my pussy with my right. As the petting increased, we both had a wonderful orgasm right there in the shower. I leaned down to get the lufa and continue with the shower. I finished lathering up my body, and washed it off, and she showed me how to “clean up” a pussy after a night of love making. Finally I grabbed her razor and a can of shaving cream she had in the shower. I lathered up my arm pits and gave them a quick shave, then moved down to my legs. When I was finished with that, I looked down to the little landing strip Valerie left above her pussy and the stubble starting to show around there. I lathered my borrowed crotch up and somehow resisted the urge to start fingering my pussy again. I began to gingerly shave the stubble off until it was just the little patch of black hair above my lips. I then got a bit of a grin on my face.

Don’t you do it Brian. Don’t you dare. I don’t want to be bald.

I took just a little bit off the topside.


I smiled and put the razor down.

I then stepped outside the shower and grabbed a towel. I dried off my dripping body and headed into her bedroom to pick out something to wear.

I went through her underwear drawer until I found a pair of lacey white boy shorts and then grabbed a lacey white bra to go with it. I pulled the panties up until they were snuggly gripping my pussy and I felt them lift just a bit on my butt cheeks. The bra I leaned forward into, then reached behind me to snap it closed, using Valerie’s memory as a guide along with her flexible body, I did it like a pro. I then grabbed a pair of fishnet stockings and pulled them on. After that I went into her closet to grab a French maid dress I saw in there. I pulled it on, and got my arms through the holes. I felt the hem of the dress barely making it to the bottom of my round little ass. As I walked I could feel it moving around the very tops of my legs. The top of the fishnet leggings could also be seen. I then grabbed a pair of 4” spiked black heels, and stepped into them. I then relaxed and gave her control of her own body again.

‘You should probably do your own hair.’ I told her mentally.

That’s probably for the best. I heard her reply.

I felt the dress move around my legs again as she walked us to the bathroom and wiped off the mirror to see he reflection. She picked up a brush, and then paused briefly as she looked at the image of my face on her body that was reflected back.

I can’t wait to put make up on you. I heard her say with a mental giggle.

She styled her hair the way she usually does it, and then applied make up. It was so weird I almost had her stop, but I knew to the rest of the world, it was just Valerie with make up, and that was normal, so I went along with it.

After she was done in the bathroom, she started to go about the small apartment tidying up and cleaning. I just loved the sensation of the little dress swishing around her upper thighs, or the lacey little panties moving ever so slightly on her as she would bend over to pick something up, or lean against something. She washed, dusted, vacuumed, and put away all around her apartment, and before we both knew it we were heading into the afternoon.

I felt her stomach rumble. ‘Oh oh. Time for food. I’m thinking order something.’

Delivery. Definitely delivery. I know this great little Thai place that delivers.

‘You are no fun.’ I replied to her. ‘Thai sounds fine.’

She trotted over to the phone, dial a number and placed an order which the man on the phone promised would be delivered in 20 minutes. She hung up the phone, and I took control again. I walked back into the bedroom to grab my wallet and take some cash out of it.

I can pay for it. I heard her say in the back of my head.

‘Actually, you can’t pay for it. I’m in control.’ I replied, and stuffed the bills in her right bra cup.

With that I felt a few tugs on various muscles, which I can only assume was her trying to move her body, or make it respond to her commands.

Dammit. Your right. It is amazing how much stronger you are at controlling me. I heard her say.

With that, I spun back around and headed for the TV. I threw in the action movie in, and started to watch it. Before we got to any explosions or gunfights there was a knock at the door.

Brian, my robe is on the back of the door in the bedroom. Brian. Brian where are you going!

‘To get the door, silly.’ I replied in my head.

No, Brian! I’m in a maid outfit.

‘Yup.’ Was all I replied as I grabbed the door handle to Valerie’s apartment. I opened the door to see a high school aged boy looking down at a bag of food.

“You ordered a number six with…” His voice trailed off as he looked up and saw me standing there in Valerie’s tiny maid outfit. I had a hip cocked to the side and my chest pressed out to maximum effect. Valerie was having a conniption fit about it in the back of my mind, but I ignored her.

“I’ll take whatever you give me tiger.” I said in a low seductive voice back to the delivery boy.

He gulped audibly, and then extended the bag of food on shaking arms. I grabbed the bag, set it down inside the door, then grabbed the edge of the edge of the dress where it covered Valerie’s right breast and pulled it back until the edge of her nipple was showing. I grabbed the money out of her bra cup and handed it to the young man. He managed to drop it, but I quickly stopped him and bent at the waist to grab it off the floor. He was still in front of me, so all he got was a good shot down the front of my dress between my breasts. But it was more then enough to make him happy. I handed the money to him a second time and smiled sweetly.

“Thank you so much!” I said and did a little hop to make my chest shake, “You can keep the change.”

“No, lady, thank you. Any time you need anything from the flying wok you just tell them to send Andy, and I’ll have it here in 5 minutes. I Promise.” He replied as he blinked and looked me up and down again.

I smiled, leaned a bit to my left side and did that little hand wave that girls sometimes do when they are trying to be cute as I closed the door. I then scooped up the bag of food, and headed for the couch to eat in front of the TV.

Well, I hope you had fun! That was SO EMBARASSING. That boy is probably going to be telling all his friends about this now. I heard Valerie whine.

‘He might even beat off to that mental image tonight.’ I replied back.


I unpacked the food, gave Valerie back control so she could add sauces or spices as she saw fit, and then we sat watching the movie and eating for one.

When the movie was over I took control back, and walked her to her bedroom and laid back on her bed, leaving the maid outfit on. I reached over to her night stand and got the vibrator out again. I pulled the boy short panties down to mid thigh, and began playing with my pussy. I counted three orgasms until Valerie asked me to stop and then three more until she passed out. I had another four before I shut the vibrator and rolled over for a lovely afternoon nap myself.

I woke up to the feeling of a leg between my breasts. It was my leg, and I was doing the splits. Valerie had woken up before me and started to do some yoga.

“Wow. This is the first time I ever have ever done the splits.” I said out loud. It must have freaked Valerie out because she shuddered a bit, and blinked a few times.

“Oh, Brian. I see you’re awake.” She replied out loud back to me. “I wasn’t certain if you were still in me and asleep, or if you had gotten out and left.”

“Yeah, I’m still here. It’s weird having a conversation with just one mouth.” I teased her.

She giggled and nodded, and continued to go through her yoga maneuvers.

So what do you want to do tonight? I heard her ask in the back of my mind.

‘I figured we would get dressed up, hit the clubs, and maybe find a group of guys that wanted to have a train with you.’ I replied back in my head.

I was a long moment before I got a mental reply back, I’d rather not be made into a complete slut, but I guess you are driving. I was hoping this would kind of stay special for us.

‘Yeah, I was kidding about the train part. I’ll have to work on my sarcasm when I reply back in my mind.’ I said back to her mentally before continuing, ‘I would like to get dressed up and head out, though. Besides, we may run into an opportunity we can’t pass up.”

Yeah, that does sound like fun. She replied back, would you mind if I got ready without you so it’s a surprise for what I’m wearing?

So after the yoga I hopped out of her body to let her take another shower to clean up from the masturbation session we had earlier and get ready. I was watching TV naked on her couch while she got herself ready. I mean, why put on clothes when I was just going to head out in Valerie’s in a little bit, right? About an hour later she was finally ready, and when she stepped out she looked like a million dollars.

She had 4 inch closed toed black heels with a strap wrapping around her ankle on to match the small black dress she was wearing. The dress however, looked like someone had taken black oil and poured it on her. Two thin straps went over her shoulders, and scooped down to just above her breasts. It was form fitting as it hugged her curves heading down from there, and ended scandalously high on her legs. It also left almost all of her back right exposed to the point where if the dress would shift up or down a little bit, you would have butt cheek exposed one way or another. She had a pair of dark nylons over her legs, and a tiny black purse over one shoulder. Her hair was brushed with a side part, but it done up in tight curls, so that it barely made it below her jaw line. She had put on just enough make up so that you knew she was wearing a bit, but it actually looked very natural.

I let out a low whistle and she smiled at me.

“Wow.” I said as she came and sat next to me on the couch.

“You really think so?” She replied, “It’s just the little black dress.”

“Yes. I cannot wait to get out there looking like that.” I replied.

She stuck her tongue out at me for the briefest of seconds, and then leaned in for a kiss. I obliged her, and wrapped my arms around her, one stroking her bare back, and the other one slowly working its way up the back of her neck and holding her head so that our lips stayed in contact. Our mouths parted and I felt her tongue press into my mouth for a moment and touching mine before pulling back into her mouth. Instead of just putting my tongue in her mouth to return the favor, I began to hop her.

I could feel myself become that gooey form and start entering her. She knew what I was up to and offered no resistance. I actually think she opened her mouth wider to accommodate me better. Soon enough I was looking down at that hot little black dress on me. I felt her curled locks of hair bounce vibrantly around my thin neck, and felt my feet pressed up into the heels. I also felt the bra that was little more than taped onto her breasts, and also felt the tiny thong she had picked out for tonight.

I stood up, gently tossed my head to the side once, and ran her thin fingers through her hair to get it a bit out of my face, and then woke up her sleeping mind once more, and we were off.

I headed for a club that I knew of down town that Courtney had often talked of as being very exclusive, and only let the richest guys and the hottest girls in. I had found a cab as I wasn’t certain if either one of us would be in shape to drive by the end of the night. Being a Saturday night it was extra packed, and there was a line down the front of the building around the side. As I stepped out of the cab I remembered trying to meet up with Courtney one time while she was here, but after waiting for over two hours in line I gave up and went home. This time I just adjusted my purse, walked up to the front of the line, smiled at the bouncer, and then glanced at the door.

He smiled at me, looked me up and down, and then reached forward to unhook the barricade. As I stepped in by him, I leaned up against him and whispered a thank you in his ear while making sure that my breasts where pressed against his chest. I stepped back as he reached around me with his big bear arms to hug me.

“Have you seen Court in the past few days?” he asked.

“Um, yeah, she had a bit of a breakdown I heard. But if you want any rough sex, I’m sure she’d be up for it. She mentioned your name the last time I saw her.” I lied to the bouncer I now remembered as the guy that my ex was cheating on me with. He must have recognized Valerie as her best friend.

“Really?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, she talked about leaving her loser boyfriend to hook up with you all the time. Come in and say hi later, and I’ll tell you all the ins to get her.” I replied.

“Yeah, I’ll have to do that. Thanks Val.” He said before holding the door open for me.

Loser boyfriend? That’s you isn’t it? And you want to help him get Courtney? I’m confused. I heard Valerie’s voice in the back of my mind.

‘Well, you see, I have it on good authority from my hopper friend that this guy is pretty rough with Courtney when they hook up. I can help her out with that.’ I replied in my head.

Brian, you are almost evil.

With that I headed in and as I did I heard a chorus of people hollering that they had been waiting forever while I got to walk right in, and I gave them a little wave as I headed through the door. I might have been enjoying this a bit too much. Valerie told me in the back of my mind that I was in fact enjoying it a bit too much.

The inside of the club was loud, and dark, despite there being multicolored lights flashing everywhere. I looked around to see girls in almost nothing dancing in cages, and a large pile of people drunkenly swaying together on the dance floor with and even larger pile of people standing around the outside drinking and watching the dance floor, or making small groups on the outside.

I managed to fight my way through the sea of people to the bar and tried to order a drink, but was not having much luck until a man pressed up against my back and whispered, “They aren’t used to pretty girls trying to get there own drinks. Usually drinks are bought for them.”

With that he reached his arm up and yelled for service over the pounding of the music and the others hollering for the bartenders’ attention. The bartender noticed immediately, and headed down. The man behind me ordered a beer for himself and then pointed to me. I was caught a bit unaware, and managed to blurt out the only fruity girlie drink I really knew.

“Sex on the beach.” I said in a slightly questioning tone. He looked at me and I nodded quickly to confirm my shaky order.

The man behind me paid for both our drinks, and when I got mine I turned around and held it up for a toast with him. Our glasses clinked together as he smiled at me as I brought the straw to my lips and started to suck. I got a good look at the man who was trying to impress me. He was late twenties early thirties, dressed very well in a button up with some designer name on it, and black short hair. He had a broad face and chin with a well groomed go-tee.

“What brings you out tonight dressed up like that without a man to buy you drinks?” He asked.

“He couldn’t keep up with me sexually, so I had to let him go. Think you can do any better?” I replied. I tasted the fruity drink and thought it was far too sweet. I suddenly wished I had the beer the man in front of me was holding.

Ick, beer. No thank you. I like what you ordered. I heard Valerie in my head.

The man in front of me took my free hand, and started to head for the dance floor. I did my best to keep the little drink contained as we navigated through the people and out to the edge of the dance floor. When we got to the dance floor the guy that had bought me my drinks grabbed my hips and spun me around so that my back was to his front. He then started to grind against my back, putting his package right in my round little backside. I began to grind with him, and put the one arm that wasn’t trying to hold a drink steady behind me and onto his side to get a better feel on how and when he was moving. We ground on each other for a few songs, and I could feel his pants starting to tent behind me. I sipped on my drink whenever we weren’t moving too much, and eventually it was starting to get empty.

That’s when another guy came up to us, tapped me on the shoulder and held out another drink for me. Not really having experienced this before I took the drink and shot him a questioning look.

“A hottie like you should never be running low,” the man said. Or maybe boy was a better word for it. He must have barely been twenty. He had spikey blonde hair, and a fancy tee shirt with a lot of graphics on it, and I think he was even wearing make up.

Brian don’t drink that. He screams date rape drug. I heard Valerie’s voice of reason call out in the back of my mind.

Just then the man I had been dancing with gently held onto my shoulders and turned me so that he was standing between me and the new boy vying for my affection. They locked eyes on each other and I almost thought there may be a fist fight before they even said two words to each other.

“Piss off boy, the girl is dancing with me.” I heard the older suitor say.

“Why don’t we ask her who she wants to dance with, ‘cause from what I saw you don’t know what you’re doing.” The younger man replied.

Before this could escalate any more I moved between them. “Boys, macho bullshit doesn’t work on me. Both of you have to find someone new now.” I said as I walked away.

‘Wow. What just happened there?’ I asked Valerie mentally.

You must have been dancing the right way. She replied.

‘Or you dressed a bit too hotly.’ I replied back.

Well I’ve never had that happen before. Even with this dress.

I deposited the suspect drink on a banister that lined the dance floor as I walked off and away from the two feuding boys.

Before I could get very far I had another group of men start shouting things at me. “Hey baby! C’mon over here.” “We’ll give you the time of your life.” “It’s my birthday, you wanna be the main even?”

‘Do a lot of men really think that works?’ I asked Valerie as I held up my hands and walked by the group of drunken idiots.

Why do you think even when a guy can climb in my body and make me do things I try to get him to hang out with me Brian? The good ones are few and far between.

I made my way back to the bar, and tried to get another drink, and yet another guy insisted on getting it for me. He flagged the bartender down again, and told him, “Get whatever this sweet little thing right here wants.”

Try a captain and diet this time, it’s not as sweet. Valerie injected into my mind before I ordered.

I told the bartender that, and whipped one up quick and handed it to me before getting the money from the man to my right. I looked to him to say thank you, and caught him staring right down the front of my dress red handed. He started to say something, but I said first, “No biggie, if I didn’t want you to look I wouldn’t put them on display.”

He smiled at me and said, “Well, it’s nice to finally meet a girl with that attitude.” He grabbed my hand with his and brought it up to his mouth and kissed it. I thought the whole thing was a bit odd, but once again figured I was not the best judge of odd seeing as I was wandering about a club in a borrowed body.

Brian, he’s married. He’s got the white line on his ring finger.

‘How do you girls notice crap like that so fast?’ I replied back to Valerie mentally.

Sorry, it’s just in our DNA I guess. She replied in my head.

“I’ve got to borrow the little girl’s room. Be right back,” I told my new married friend.

With that I spun on my heeled feet and headed for the back of the club. I made my way along the outside walls, weaving my way through the crowded area. I had just about gotten there when I heard a screech and someone call out Valerie’s name. I knew the voice. I felt arms go around me a bit too tightly.

Oh no.

I spun around to see Courtney standing there with a few of her cronies standing behind her.

“Oh My God! I can’t believe that I ran into you here! I mean you never come out to the clubs unless I call you first! What are you doing here?” She asked in a high pitched scream.

Tell her to piss off Brian. I don’t mind.

“Courtney! I was just going to call you! The bouncer at the door, what’s his name again? Well, when he let me in he was totally talking about how he liked to give it to you up the ass. Do you mind giving me his number? I could sure use some of that!” I replied.

She blinked a few times not really certain what to say. Her friends behind her all started laughing but trying to cover there mouths with there hands, as if it would make it less noticeable. She spun around with a finger pointed out to say something to them and as she did that I also did a one eighty and headed for the exit.

‘Time to go. Three groups of men struck out and with her here this is the last place I want to be.’ I said to Valerie mentally.

I agree. I heard her reply.

I hit the exits and started to flag down a taxi, which pulled up soon enough. They must be looking to start taking drunks home already. I climbed in and told the driver an address. After I said it, he looked back at me through the mirror, and said “Really?”

I nodded and repeated the address before he started to drive.

Brian, where are we going? What’s at that address? I hear Valerie ask.

‘Somewhere I promise we will both have something to look at.’ I replied.