Brian's Story - Chapter 9 - The Reunion

By Tobyredone

16 minute read -

This is the ninth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

The taxi dropped me off at 1783 Hickory Street. It was pretty much right downtown. As I walked up under the buzzing neon sign and in the outer door the largest man I have ever seen in my life got up off a small stool and took one step and was standing in front of me. He looked me up and down slowly, and then said one thing. “ID”

I reached into Valerie’s small purse to pull out her driver’s license and handed it to the large man. He looked at it, looked back to me, and then handed it back as he pushed open the inner door for me.

As I walked through the first thing that hit me was the scent of stale cigars. The next was the smoke from an unknown amount of cigarettes and the previously mentioned cigars. There was a bar along the wall to my left, and to my right was a long elevated walkway with two poles and chairs set around the outside.

A strip club? A dive strip club? Valerie asked in the back of my mind.

‘The building may not look like much, but they have some of the hottest girls around working here.’ I replied back to her, ‘Plus it’s never overcrowded in this place.’

A few guys turned to look from the girl dancing on stage to me as I started to walk to the bar. I leaned up against it, and the bartender put down a glass he had been cleaning and headed over to me.

“Whadd’ll it be honey?” He asked.

“Um… Captain and diet and change for a fifty.” I replied as I dug some money out of Valerie’s purse and set it on the bar.

After I got my supplies I headed over to an empty chair by the stage and set my drink down on one side of me and my stack of ones down on the other side. The girl on stage was already out of clothes and making her way around the outer side of the stage dancing for the few men that were there. As she made her way to me I caught her making long side glances. When she finally did make it to me she grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved my face in her tits and started to shake them violently. I smelled her perspiration and cheap perfume. As she let go of my head I took a handful of ones put them side ways in my mouth and offered them up to her. She leaned down to also grab them with her mouth, which put our lips very close together. I heard cheers from a few of the more drunken men around the stage. I winked at her, and she pulled back, taking the ones with her and continuing around to the rest of the men further down.

Wow. What the hell was that? She just beat me up with her chest. I heard Valerie say.

‘Awesome, that’s what that was. You mean to tell me you are bisexual, and that is the first time you have ever been motor-boated? If you would have let me know that I would have done it with Katie’s body.’ I replied to her mentally.

Motor-boated? Is that what they call getting beat up by breasts? And men like this? I suppose, why not, men are into all sorts of strange things.

While Valerie and I were chatting back and forth in my mind the next girl came out on stage. The DJ introduced her and started her set of music. She was long haired blonde with a knock out figure in a leopard print outfit. She walked out and started her routine facing the other side of the walkway, presumably because there were more men there, but something about her caught my eye. Valerie was still prattling on about the strange things that men like in women until I said out loud, “No fucking way.”

What’s up Brian? Do you know that girl or something? Valerie stopped with the idle chatter and asked me.

‘I don’t know the girl, but either the smoke is playing tricks on my eyes, or…’ and just as I mentally told Valerie that, the girl on stage did a little spin in front of a guy to show off more of her body, and in that split second I saw Burt’s unforgettable mug on the stripper.

‘It’s Burt!’ I exclaimed mentally to Valerie.

Burt? She replied.

‘Burt, the body hopper that was in Courtney.’ I replied back to her.

Oh really!

I watched as Burt danced around the stage floor, occasionally using one of the poles like it was the most natural thing in the world for him to do. The tight leopard outfit was quickly discarded piece by piece and tossed about on stage as he worked his way around putting his borrowed body on display for the drooling men.

As he rounded the edge of the stage floor, he looked to his side and finally through the smoke saw me. I looked at him, raised an eyebrow and held up a fist full of ones. He started to laugh hard enough to miss a few steps in his routine, and almost missed the pole as he tried to swing around it.

When he had finally worked his way in front of me he got down on all fours and leaned over the edge of the stage to whisper right in my ear, “Hey kid, good to see you! Nice mount bucko! I’m glad to see you out and about!”

Instead of replying to him, I instead took a one dollar bill, rolled it up, and put it in my mouth, holding onto it with my teeth. I then rotated my body around, and leaned back on stage with the bill pointing straight up out of my mouth. Burt knew what I was after, and got up on his platform shoed feet, and looked down at my face. He took two small steps forward so he had a foot by either one of my ears, and then squatted down until his pussy was just about touching my nose. The lips of his vagina went around the bill, and I could smell his arousal as he clasped the bill tightly with his twat and slowly stood back up. I heard cheers coming from the other men around the stage again.

Wow. I’m not certain what just happened there, but to be honest, I really liked it. I head Valerie comment.

I sat back down on my chair tossed a pile of ones forward and winked at Burt. He smiled back while running his hands up through his hair, above his head, and then back down his entire body before scooping up the ones in his dainty little hands and moving onto the next guy down the way.

I sat back, took a long drink, and then heard Valerie say, there is another man in that girl? I’d never know it if you didn’t tell me. He moves exactly like a woman. And from that little stunt just now he obviously has pretty good control of her equipment.

‘Oh he knows what he’s doing alright. I’ve experienced it first hand.’ I replied back to her.

As Burt finished up and was about to walk off the stage I stood up, grabbing my money and drink and started over to the stairs coming off the stage.

“Hey, lady, I want a lap dance.” I called out.

“forty bucks.” He struck a pose, and responded while looking at me and twirling a few strands of long blonde hair around one of his fingers.

I quickly gave Burt whatever I had in my hand and then dug the rest out of Valerie’s purse. Burt grabbed me by the hand and led me over to a sectioned off area of the club with a few smaller rooms that had chairs in them. He pushed me down onto the chair in one of the rooms, spilling my drink in the process.

He wasted no time walking up to me and putting his hands on my shoulders and starting to sway back and forth making his tits shake almost as much as his hips were moving back and forth. He then pressed up against me and slid all the way down my body slowly until his head was sitting in my lap. He shoved my legs apart, exposing my tiny black thong, and I saw him lean forward and then felt him start to gently lick at my pussy through the thin fabric of my panties. I gasped out loud and I felt Valerie moan in the back of my mind. It didn’t last long, though, and he quickly stood up spun around and ground his hot, tight little ass against my lap. He moved it up and down on my tummy and thighs before spinning around again to gently lean in and kiss the small of my neck gently and then whisper in my ear, “It’ll be another fifty bucks if you want me to keep going.”

Pay the man. I heard Valerie’s voice say full of lust in the back of my mind.

“How much for the night?” I asked playfully.

I saw Burt’s brows crease in thought and he put a finger to his chin in mock thought.

“For you, just because we have history, I’ll let you take me over to the bar, and feed me drinks for a bit, and if you play your cards right, you can take me home for free.” He replied.

“Deal,” I said back, and gently pushed him off me so that I could stand up.

“That was my last dance set, let me grab some clothes, I’ll meet you by the bar.” He said as he started to walk towards a door marked ‘Employee’s only.’

I walked over to the bar, sat down at a spot a bit away from the other patrons so that Burt and I would be able to have a conversation without anyone listening in. The bartender wandered over and I asked him for two beers, one lite, and the other that I remembered Burt ordering the last time.

He no sooner grabbed two bottles and returned with them then Burt showed back up. I turned to look at his ‘clothes.’ He had just put on a 2” wide black belt which was slung across his hips at an angle and had kept his platform heeled shoes on. Other than that his mount was every bit as naked as the day she was born.

“Nice outfit.” I said to him dryly.

“Work your strengths my boy, Work your strengths.” He replied with a gleam in his eye.

He reached up on the bar and grabbed the beer I had ordered him. He squatted slightly to make enough room to rub the opening of the cold bottle up and down his moist pussy lips a time or two, and then brought it up to his lips and proceeded to down the entire beer.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” He said as he slammed the bottle back on the bar, then made a bit of a grimace and let out a belch.

Ok, yup. That’s a guy in there. I see it now. I heard Valerie say in my mind.

I motioned for the bartender to bring Burt another beer. He nodded and headed over to take care of the order. Burt grabbed the beer from him and once again flavored the top of the bottle with his mounts pussy, but this time didn’t slam it down. Instead he sat down on the stool next to me and asked, “So, Brian, what the hell have you been up too?”

“Oh, a little of this, a little of that. I spent a bit of time in Courtney getting her fucked by anything that moved. I went and picked up a hooters waitress by the name of Angie for a couple days and had fun with her and my best friend.” I said.

“Oh nice kid! Those little outfits are great aren’t they? I love the nylons.” He replied with a chuckle as he took another long drink of his beer.

“Oh, I was in an office intern by the name of Katie for a bit.” I said.

“Did you get her plowed by the boss? Right on his desk? That is a good time Brian. You have to try that if you didn’t. There is nothing better than office sex during a hard day of hopping.” He said as he looked over my head and into the distance, obviously remembering a particularly good memory.

“And I hopped Valerie here. I really enjoy her.” I said to him as I hopped off my bar stool and did a bit of a spin for him.

“Nice kid. One of Courtney’s friends right? I think I remember her. I was actually thinking about heading to her apartment after I left your place.” He said.

Eek! I heard out of Valerie in my head.

“Yeah, too bad, you missed out. I’ve got her now.” I replied and reached down to lightly caress Valerie’s breasts.

“We could always swap if you want.” Burt replied.

“No, I’m pretty happy with my mount, Don’t you like yours?” I asked.

Oh thank you thank you thank you!

“Oh she’s a blast kid. Alyssa here is one of my favorite mounts. I seem to wind up spending at least a weekend in her a month.” He said to me with a toothy grin and ran his hand down his chest between his legs and I could see him dip a finger into his wet pussy before bringing it out and sucking on his finger.

At that point I finished my beer and held my hand up for another one. The bartender headed down with two, one for me and another for Burt, who quickly downed the rest of his beer, set his empty down and grabbed the new bottle.

We clanked our bottles together, and both tipped them back at the same time. I brought my bottle back down, but Burt continued to drink until about half of his beer was gone. He finally set the bottle back on the bar, looked over at me, and blinked a few times.

“Kid, we should be heading out. I had a couple before my performance, and these one hundred and twenty pound blondes just can’t drink like I’m use to drinking.” Burt said to me.

“My place or yours?” I asked.

“My alter ego here has a roommate and a boyfriend.” Burt replied.

“My place it is. I’ll grab a cab, you get some clothes.” I replied.

“Spoilsport.” He replied as he walked while stumbling a bit on his tall shoes towards the dressing room.

He’s coming back to my place? Oh what did I get myself into?

I paid the bar bill and headed out front to flag down a taxi. By the time I found one Burt had stumbled his way out of the club and was leaning on me. He had found the world’s tightest pair of jeans and a dark black bra and the belt that he was wearing before loosely hanging around his tapered waist again. He also seemed to refuse to take off the platform shoes with the 5 or 6 inch heel, despite struggling to walk in them with the alcohol he had already drank.

I practically poured him into the taxi before we were off to Valerie’s apartment. The beer that he had chugged down seemed to all be hitting him at once. As we got back to Valerie’s place I started up the stairs and looked back to see if Burt needed a hand, but he seemed to be pulling it together, and was right behind me.

I opened the door, let Burt in, closed it behind us, locked it, and turned around to find Burt already stepping out of his jeans with the bra on the floor. I laughed, dropped the purse, and pulled Valerie’s little black dress over my head.

“Oh pastes!” Burt exclaimed as he saw my stick on bras.

I grabbed his hand and led him to Valerie’s bedroom where we both jumped onto the bed and wasted no time frisking each other. Burt pulled my thong off my soaking little crotch and it actually made a slurping sound coming off my skin I was so wet. I began to kiss Burt’s breasts and lick at his nipples which made him moan in pleasure. He in turn reached to grope my breasts and fondle them through the stick on bra. Just as I was starting to enjoy his hands on my chest he grabbed the edges of the stick-on cups of the bra and yanked hard.

I yelped in pain and I felt Valerie scream in my mind as he ripped the bra off me.

“A little bit of pain will make this feel all that much better.” He said as he pushed me back on the bed and dove into my crotch face first.

I looked down past my aching breasts to see his face buried in my pussy. He started to lick and it felt so good I had to lay my head back down on the bed. The next thing I new he was working my clit with his tongue and fingering me. I writhed on the bed like a snake as he expertly attacked my pussy. I can only assume he picked up all of these tricks while in the time spent in women’s bodies, but however he did it, I had never felt such feelings. I moaned and bucked, and pulled at my hair. At one point I clasped my thighs around his head so tight I may have hurt him, but he kept going. Valerie was along for the ride and screamed in pleasure in my mind pretty much the entire time. Every time I would get the edge of an orgasm Burt would do something to keep me right on the edge for an eternity before I finally plunged over it. And before I was done seeing stars and moons from that orgasm he had me built up to another one. It went on that way until I finally couldn’t take anymore and grabbed the far edge of the bed to claw my way away from him. I toppled over the side of the bed and laid there in post-orgasmic bliss on the carpet.

I was panting like someone that had just run from one edge of the world to the other one while their worst fear chased them the entire way. The next thing I knew Burt’s face leaned over the side with long blonde hair cascading down all around it. He just looked down at me for a while, while resting his head in his petite hands.

“How was that kid?” He asked.

“I’ve never… cum that… hard… you have… got to… teach me… how to… do that…” I replied in between panting. Valerie had long since passed out as I felt around in the back of my mind.

“Get a bit more practice in with one of these babies,” He reached down to pat my pussy gently, “and then I’ll show you the ropes.”

I didn’t even know how many orgasms I had. They all ran together and came so hard they were indistinguishable from one another. I tried to climb back onto the bed, but after sitting up my legs were as wobbly as jello. They just refused to support my weight. I clawed at the bedding and pulled myself back up next to Burt on the bed, but laid the opposite way. I reached above my head to the nightstand on the side of the bed and dug out the trusty little vibrator out of the top drawer.

I clicked it on, turned it up, and leaned over to start playing with it in Burt’s pussy. He cooed appreciatively, and spread his legs. I rolled over on top of him and took turns using the vibrator and my tongue in his pussy while using whatever wasn’t in his pussy around on his thighs, tummy, and outer pussy lips. He started to finger me again, and I began to buck my hips in rhythm with his finger fucking. We stayed at it for a long time. I could count these orgasms, but it was useless to count them we got up so high in numbers. Finally the vibrator batteries started to give out.

I tossed the toy aside and dove into the nightstand again to pull out the dildo hiding in there and thrust it into Burt. He squirmed under me as he felt the sudden fullness of a large rubbery cock thrust into him. I began to move it back and forth faster and faster, and then slowed the tempo back down again before speeding back up. As I continued this way for a few cycles I could feel him begin to try and thrust his hips down on the cock in my hand to get his much desired release, but every time he tried I would pull the dildo completely out before waiting a second and slamming it all the way back into his pussy. Eventually he began to call out unintelligible words and I knew that he was finally in the same place I was before my dive off the bed. I worked the dildo up to a feverish pace, slamming it into him all the way with as much force as I could without hurting either one of us. I felt him release and he actually sprayed feminine ejaculate hard enough that ricocheted off the dildo and my hand and coated my face and neck. I blinked to get it out of my eyes, but kept the pace up with the dildo. I suddenly felt him bite down HARD into my inner thigh as he grunted and screamed into my leg. I tried to keep the fucking up as long as I could, but eventually I just ran out of steam, and had to stop.

I rolled over exhausted. I had let go of the dildo, but it was still buried to the hilt in Burt’s little pussy. He wasn’t talking or moving. He was just lying there breathing as hard as I was. As I came down off my high from the latest round of sexual exploits, I noticed there was light coming through the windows.

I felt my eye lids flutter closed.