Changing Room

By Mocs

4 minute read -

Tina smiled as she walked the Department Stores aisles. The pretty little blond had a fair amount of money weighing down her handbag. Newly seventeen, she strutted confidently through the ladies department, looking over the displayed items. Blond hair framed her china-doll features with her sparkling blue eyes demanding attention. Her taught little body, firm and supple with the gift of youth, was tan and enticing. A short-sleeved pink sweater clung to her perky little breasts, while a short pleated tennis skirt did their best to keep a view of her muscled legs unhindered.

Tina loved the looks passersby gave her. Raw lust in the men and boys, and jealousy and disapproval in women and girls. She was smoking hot, and she knew it. Walking slowly among the clothing racks, she looked over the potential purchases. Feeling the weight of her purse on her hip, Tina just didn’t know where to begin first.

“Are you looking for anything in particular miss?” an unfamiliar feminine voice inquired.

Startled, Tina spun around, lifting her short skirt slightly with the updraft. Finding the source of the womanly voice behind her, Tina met the gaze of a cute little saleslady. The woman looked to be in her late thirties, with shoulder length brown hair, a nice little blue skirt suit, and a killer pair of legs. “Oww, you scared me! I didn’t hear you come up behind me!” the pretty young lady giggled.

The woman smiled at the girls flustered answer. “I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Looking Tina over from head to toe she added, “You just caught my attention and I had to come over to see if I could assist you. We don’t get very many young ladies as lovely as you in here.”

Tina blushed a bit, flattered by her appraisal. “T-thank you.” she gushed. Turning back to the clothing, Tina waved her hand over the racks. “It’s all so nice, I just don’t know where to begin” she confessed.

“I imagine it’s hard for you my dear. You must look good in so many things that narrowing down the candidates from the field of contenders.” Looking the girl over once more, the sales clerks stare took on a predatory quality that Tina missed. “Believe me little lady, I can sympathize.” Walking over, she plucked a few items from the racks and grabbed Tina’s hand, pulling the young woman after her before she could object. “Fortunately, they pay me to assist customers such as you, let’s see what we can find you!”

For the next hour, the clerk led Tina from rack to rack, making frequent trips to the changing room so that the teen could try on the selected garments. Both squealed in excitement at the ensembles, admiring them as Tina spun before the mirror in the changing room. Lost in the fun of the excursion, Tina failed to notice the sales-woman’s purposeful positioning of herself so as to not cast her own image in that mirror.

Stepping out from the booth, Tina showed off their latest assembly of clothing and accessories. Smiling as she stepped out, the young woman couldn’t help but admire herself in the mirror. Her delicate feet were shod in strappy high-heeled sandals, up her marvelous legs the eye was led to a lilac skirt thats hem fell scandalously high up her thigh. Tina was particularly happy with the tight red sweater the saleswoman had found for her, pleased with the way it hugged every contour of he firm bosom. “I think this outfits a winner!” she announced.

“It is indeed. I must say, I have outdone myself this time.” The saleswoman said. Walking slowly toward the girl, still caught up in admiring herself in the mirror, the woman’s voice took on a new tone. “You are a lovely girl Tina, and I’ve enjoyed spending this afternoon with you. In fact, I want to spend more time with you.”

Looking up into the mirror, Tina gasped in horror at the image before her. Behind her fearful face, the sale-lady’s reflected features were quite different from the face she had grown to trust over the past hour. Instead of the woman’s pretty face, a strange middle aged male face with a fiendish grin smiled back at her even while surrounded by the woman’s brown hair. “W-what in the….”

Before she could do anything else, Tina found herself forcibly spun around on her heeled feet, coming face to face with the earlier female face, now contorted in an angry grimace. The woman’s right hand locked around Tina’s left arm, as her left hand clamped down on the teens mouth, stifling her scream. The woman pushed hard and tackled the teen to the ground. With now leverage, Tina squirmed under the woman’s weight, fighting like mad to try and escape.

Even as she struggled, Tina felt a strange liquid warmth begin to wash over her. Her flesh crawled as a strange sensation began to overwhelm her. Kicking and trying to scream through the hand muffling her, Tina felt as if a wave were engulfing her. It traveled through her left arm and over her cheeks, where her assailant’s hands met her flesh. She felt a horrible fullness as something wicked filled her up from her feet onward. As the sensation traveled up her neck and into her face, Tina lost all conscious thought.

With the unconscious saleswoman slumped over in the corner, the teen spun once more before the mirror, admiring the curves of her young body in the clothing she had tried on. Smiling she spoke to herself. “What can I say on such a fine day of shopping? I’ll take it!!!!!” the girl giggled, with a voice that was her own, and words that were not. In the mirror, the same middle aged male face was now happily at home on Tina’s body.