Concerning Body Hoppers

By Mister A

5 minute read -

A Body-Hopper is a creature unlike any in existence. For the most part unknown to the general public, these strange beings dwell among civilization in secret.

A parasite, the Body-Hopper’s physical form appears to be that of a normal human male. But, with a mere thought, the Hopper can make himself insubstantial, more gaseous or liquid than solid. In that fluid state, a Body-Hopper can physically meld itself with the body of a normal human. The Hopper flows into and fuses with it’s victim, merging with them in the process.

Once joined, the hopper assumes total physical control of it’s victim’s body, in effect becoming an overriding consciousness. The target’s mind is overwhelmed while the hopper resides within them, being reduced to an unconscious, dream-like state. The victim is, in effect, possessed by the Body-Hopper that enters them, dominated and reduced to the status of passenger in their own body.

The Hopper has a strange kind of access to that dreaming mind, being able to sift through the person’s memories and utilize them. While able to recall those memories, the Hopper has no emotional attachment to them; viewing them more as scenes from a film they watched or the dry facts of a history book rather than experiences and acquaintances of their own.

When the Hopper departs, the victim has no memory of the period they had been dominated. After regaining consciousness, the last memory is invariably a nightmarish, fevered recollection of the Hopper entering them. The entire time the Hopper assumes control of them is lost to the victim, with them unaware of what has transpired, or what the Hopper has done while directing their body.

The only indication that someone has been taken over by a hopper is a strange, visual cue. In reflected images, such as mirrors or the surfaces of bodies of water, a Hopper’s male face is visible as having replaced that of the person they’ve taken. Electronic media, such as film and video show this startling revelation as well, with a new set of facial features clearly visible in the images they capture.

Psychologically, Hoppers are rather selfish, cruel beings. Humans are looked upon only as potential “mounts”, bodies for them to steal and use as they desire. A Hopper revels in using a body as it wishes, getting a kind of supreme sexual satisfaction out of having a body completely under their control, of being able to live the life of another for as long as they wish.

Hoppers begin life as normal human males. The only difference between them and other males is an ability to see the faces of other Body-Hoppers on the bodies of “mounts” they’ve taken, and a slight tendency toward cross-dressing. The Hopper’s full emergence as a being that can possess others doesn’t take place until they have had sexual intercourse with a body that is currently possessed by another Body-Hopper. Typically, an older Hopper spots the neophyte, noticing their confused reactions to seeing an incongruent face on someone’s body. The more experienced Hopper then takes the youngster under their wing, having sex with them to trigger their transformation into a fully-powered Body-Hopper. After they’ve done so, the younger Hopper usually spends a time as an unofficial apprentice and partner to the mentor.

Hopper’s can possess anyone, of any age, race, or gender. However, they seem to overwhelmingly prefer stealing the bodies of women. The sensations and feelings of a woman’s body are unimaginably pleasurable for a Hopper to experience. They seem to instinctually prefer the female form, luxuriating in feminine physiques. A Hopper’s early pre-Hopping proclivity toward cross-dressing becomes a full-blown obsession to taking over women’s bodies and dressing them in sexy, womanly apparel. More than just the physical sensation, Hoppers seem to enjoy living women’s’ lives. Some even spend time doing everything the host would normally do, just enjoying the day to day experience of being her.

Body-Hoppers’ desires for the bodies of women aren’t the limit of their appetites. A fully transformed Hopper has a sex-drive more than fifty times more powerful than a normal adult human, male or female. A “mounted” (possessing a bodyÖ) Hopper experiences the host’s orgasms at a similarly outrageous level. The typical Hopper, while in the body of a victim, will display amazing sexual appetites, behaving like a nymphomaniac of an off-the-scale-level. Hetero or Homo, a Hopper loves sex. Most will seek to have as much sex as possible in their new bodies, eager and willing to let husbands and boyfriends have their ways with the women their possessing. If no significant other is their, they’ll seek more out, often involving themselves in impromptu orgies. Equally attracted to women, even those they aren’t possessing, lesbianism is also prevalent, especially between them and Hoppers in other women’s bodies.

Hopper’s can and will possess men. Usually just to use the man’s financial or material resources, but sometimes to be the partner to a Hopper that’s possessing the man’s wife or girlfriend. Pairs of Hoppers seem to enjoy “playing house” as it were.

Hopper’s don’t usually stay in one body for long. They grow restless, constantly seeking to experience the lives and sensations of new and different mounts. Nomadic, they don’t stay in one place for long. Often, stewardesses or traveling business women serve to move them from country to country, continent to continent.

Not really a formal society, Hoppers are always on the lookout for others of their kind. They enjoy each other’s company, often congregating for informal events like parties and get-togethers. The mounted women engage in any debauchery the Hoppers desire, often descending into huge orgies of the Body-Hopped. A hopper is always on the lookout for an emerging youngster of their kind, quickly ingratiating themselves to young men who spot a male face on a female body. A Hopper is duty-bound to guide their young brothers into their new lives.

Hoppers do their best to maintain their anonymity, going to extreme lengths to make sure that their existence doesn’t become common knowledge. Several reporters have met untimely deaths at the hands of Body-Hoppers. The only human’s permitted to know of them are those who have a relationship with them, those that the Hopper’s trust. Some partner with normal humans, using their assistance toward furthering their aims. Some Hoppers even have romantic relationships with their human friends, allowing them to have their way with possessed body after possessed body.

On the whole, Body-Hoppers are selfish, materialistic, perverse creatures. The fiendish beings live only to seek out their basest gratifications and experiences. They move from body to body, often ruining the lives and reputations of the people they affect, their only limits being whatever dark acts they wish to perpetrate.