Confessional - Chapter 1

By Tobyredone

18 minute read -

“Bless me father for I have sinned.”

It was a young woman’s voice. It had a musical quality to it. The priest opened the small door to the small window in between the confessional booths and asked her how long it had been since her last confession. The girl giggled gleefully at the question and then answered him.

“Well for Susie’s body it’s been about a week, but I haven’t been to confession in about three years.”

The priest, a bit confused asked the young girl what she meant by that.

“Oh it’s not that important, you’ll understand more later.”

The priest, on his side of the booth, cocked his eyebrows, but instead of pushing the young girl for an explanation to her comment he just asked her what she wanted to confess to him.

“Well you see, it all started a few days ago when I saw Susie here in the bleachers after school watching the football team practice. She was wearing this cute little Catholic school girl outfit, and seemed so perfect. Exactly what I was in the mood for, and I knew I just had to have her and do all kinds of naughty little things with her lovely body.”

The priest once again didn’t quite understand what was going on, and asked the voice to go into a bit more detail.


I was looking for a body. I had just left my last victim. I had made sure that her life was in shambles and I was sick of her to be honest. I needed something fresh. So I was walking through a small residential neighborhood when I saw the local school’s football team practicing on the field. I wandered over that way, and stood along the fence line for a while watching. No one noticed me. I’m a nobody. I’m barely a shadow to most people. But that can be advantageous to a person like me. I was just about to head on when I looked into the stands on the side of the football field and saw her. Her beauty hit me like a blast of cold arctic air after stepping out of a warm building. I looked back out on the field and suddenly got a very good idea how I could amuse myself for at least a couple days.

I walked around to the back of the stands and stood by a small building. I called up to the young lady, who turned and looked at me through the empty spaces between the wooden planks of the bleachers. I told her I was lost and was wondering if she could help me find my way again. She promptly got up and carefully made her way down to the ground and around the bleachers to me.

“What are you doing up there all by yourself?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Oh, just reading this romance novel,” She held up a small book before continuing, “I just love them. And the football players help me put a face and a hard body with my daydreams. But don’t tell anyone I said that! I’d just die if they knew!” She told me, her voice dancing like a melody on the wind.

I studied her once more. She was almost five foot two inches tall in her flat shoes. From what I could see of her exposed legs they were amazingly toned and spoke of a dancer or gymnast. The short pleated school girl skirt she wore widened out for her large hips, but then tapered back in to an incredibly tiny waist. The white dress shirt she wore did nothing to hide her mammoth mammaries, and her thin arms were also well toned, and showed her slightly tan skin, telling me she liked to be outside. Although her body was perfect, her face was a work of art. She had two robin’s egg blue eyes that were large and open, and showed the innocence of her youth. Her small slightly upturned nose came to a point on the front of her face and sat just below her tiny but very full pink lips. Her cheek bones were high, but soft, and with her thin eyebrows gave her a happy and approachable look. Framing it all were locks upon locks of honey blonde hair flowing out of the top of her head like a swirling water fall. The overly loose curls fell around her shoulders and back about midway down her small torso.

“So where do you need to get to Sir?” The young lady asked me, breaking me out of my appraisal of her beauty and back to reality.

“Oh, I think I have just found were I need to get to, Miss.” I said to her in a sinister voice as I gave her an evil smirk.

With quickness that only befits an unsavory deed I grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her up against the wall of a small building. With the bleachers on the front side, and the small building on the back, and protected from view left and right by a fence line and a set of bushes respectively I knew I was safe from prying eyes or do-good rescuers, not that they would be in time anyway.

She cringed at my sudden action and was about to start fighting when I pressed my sneering lips to hers. She opened her mouth to scream for anyone’s help, but that played into my favor. As her mouth opened I had taken the struggle to a surreal level. My body was melting. The clear slime it was turning into plunged into her open mouth and down her throat. Her vocal cords needed air to work, and I had deprived her of that. I lost my grip on her arms and she shook them wildly to free herself from me, but it was too late for escape of any kind. She wanted to bolt. To run fast and far and get away from me, her strange attacker, but I was good at what I did.

I could feel her feet. I could feel her small toes in the flat shoes and white socks with frills around the ankles. I could feel her toned legs, exposed to the air. They were mine now, and they would not be taking my new body anywhere at the moment. When she realized her legs would not carry her to safety she began beating her arms into the fluid that I had become, trying desperately to stop me from filling her insides. But as a liquid, physical blows did me no harm. I had no skin to bruise or cut, nor bones to break.

I could feel her soft thighs under her skirt rubbing together. I felt the breeze go up that skirt and around my new tight little ass and in between my legs. I could feel her small cotton panties covering up my new sex. A brand new pussy for me to use and abuse as I saw fit until I decided I was done with it. I soon felt the top of the skirt clamped tight around her thin waist, and her taunt little stomach. She knew she was loosing this fight.

She then did something few women ever think to do when I am entering them. She put her hands over her mouth in a vain attempt to stop me. Cut off from my primary entryway up to that point, I knew I could finish the mounting from her skin just as easily, but this girl was special, so I decided to flow the rest of my ethereal self down and under her shirt. She felt me coursing over her large breasts, and down her midsection, but she would not take her hands off her mouth for fear of me returning to flow in her through that opening. She did not know I had a more devious plan in mind. I came to the edge of her cotton panties and slipped under the waistband and down over her well trimmed little patch of pubic hair and resumed my hostile takeover of her body through her tight pussy. She tried to close her pussy lips, but I was already in firm control of her body from the waist down, so I canceled that order from her brain and instead spread her legs ever so slightly and relax her vaginal walls. I felt the rush of sexual ecstasy that always came with anything sliding in a tight little female love mound. She felt it as well, and even though it wasn’t her pussy to control anymore the sensations of me slipping inside it ripped their unwelcome way up to her mind. She let out a loud groan and her hands came off her mouth slap down over her cunt. She pressed the skirt and panties tight against her crotch, but I easily flowed around her cloth covered fingers and inside her nubile young body using my alternate route and the more of me that flowed inside her, the closer she came to a very reluctant orgasm.

I could feel her impressive chest encased by her lace and cloth bra. I felt the weight of my new tits and my new nipples pressing out against the fabric of the bra as my sexual excitement transferred to her body and the stimulation of me flowing in her pussy added in as well. She clawed the skirt up around her waist and jammed her hands down the front of her panties to grasp at me ineffectually with her fingers as I continued my assault on her most delicate area. I easily flowed around them, and with the stimulation becoming too much for her, she could not even begin to try and hold her lower set of lips together.

That was the last thing she did with her arms under her own control, as I could now feel her shoulders, elbows, petite wrists, and small fingers as my own. Instead of trying to grasp at what was left of me outside her body, now her traitorous hands were, under my direction, rubbing her outer pussy lips and searching for her clitoris. I could feel her shaking her head in disbelief and as a show of her final struggle before I assumed complete control. I took over her neck and forced her head to look down at her own body molesting itself. I could feel her hair flowing in the light wind around her jaw line, and I ran her own tongue around in her mouth, feeling the teeth that I would be using for the foreseeable future.

Then I stopped for a brief moment. I felt what was left of me as a small puddle in the bottom of her panties waiting to leap inside her pussy. I relaxed control of her neck, throat and mouth, and felt her brain fight back for control. She croaked out one word, “Why?” and I took control back from her. Using her own mouth and vocal cords I said to her, “Because I can sweetie, and I just want you to know that when you wake up quite a few things will be different.” I made her pretty pink lips form a smile, and then the rest of my gelatinous form slammed into her waiting pussy, making the young girls mind retreat into the complete darkness of her subconscious as I completed the journey into my new home in her mind.

I bit my top front teeth into my full pink bottom lip and let out a soft moan as I continued flicking, thrusting, and rubbing my new fingers in and around my new cunt. If anyone would have walked around the building to see me right then, they would have had quite a sight. I still had my skirt up around my waist and my small hands shoved greedily down the front of my panties and I was finger fucking myself like an animal in heat. My head was now laying back against the building as I stared upward at the clouds on a beautiful summer day.

I was already half way to cumming just from feeling myself course through my new body’s pussy, and then there was the natural feeling of excitement I got just from stealing a woman’s body, so it only took a small amount of stimulation before I felt an explosive orgasm from my new pussy. But this was not just any orgasm. This one hit me like a freight train all at once. I spasmed unintentionally as my mount’s sexual release was more than I had ever felt in a woman before. I cried out as I doubled over, and my shaky legs gave out underneath me and I toppled to the grass below me like a rag doll without support. I tried to blink the stars out of my eyes as the resulting residual orgasms rocked through my small body like an amusement park ride.

As I regained my senses from what had just happened I realized that my new pussy had spewed out female ejaculate like I had never seen or felt before. Both my new hands were covered in it. I pulled them out of my panties and brought my left one up to my mouth and licked the tasty juices from them before rubbing a small amount on my skin between the top of my lip and my nostrils, just so that I would be able to savor the scent until I washed it away. My right hand found its way to the grass beneath me as I rather ungracefully got to my feet and dusted my new self off.

I began to filter through my host’s sleeping mind, taking what information I thought I would need for my own. It turned out I had just body hopped Susan Debinow, who her friends and family called Susie. I was now the stunningly beautiful seventeen year old girl Susie. I went to school at The Good Sheppard Catholic High School, and lived just a few blocks away with my mother Diana, father Edward, and stepbrother Steven. I smiled at the possibilities as I looked down at my lovely chest and brought my hands up to stroke the breasts, and run my hands down my slim flank and pinch my curvy little ass through the cotton panties. I then stumbled across the most interesting little bit of info from Susie’s unconscious mind. That had been her first orgasm. That also meant of course, that she was still a virgin, which was something I would have to fix as quickly as possible. I briefly wondered if that was why I had cum so powerfully in her tiny frame. I also shook my head at the fact that this chick was seventeen and reading romance novels, but had never once actually tried out her pussy. It baffled me. Or maybe she was just too stupid to know how to get off using it, I decided, but either way I was going to put it through the paces.

I looked down at the romance novel that Susie had been reading. It had fallen from her hands when I had shoved her up against the small building. I said out loud to the sleeping girl, “Well Susie, we won’t be needing a romance novel for a while. I’ll find plenty of it out there for you,” even though I knew there was no way for Susie to hear me.

I licked my small pink lips and started to walk out from where I had just taken poor little Susie’s body. As I rounded the corner of the bleachers where my mount had previously been reading I looked out to see that football practice was coming to an end. The young players were mostly heading in to the locker room on the far side of the field but a few were scurrying about to get equipment left behind that needed to get stored for the night. On of them saw me, and changed his direction to come over to meet me. I quickly probed Susie’s mind to find out which boy it was.

“Hi Anthony!” I exclaimed excitedly as he ran up to me. I heard my rough male voice, but I knew that he heard only the sweet little sing-song voice that Susie usually greeted everyone with.

From probing Susie’s dormant mind I knew that this boy was one of the seniors here at the Good Sheppard high school. He was a running back, though Susie didn’t know what that meant. He had a large frame, and a square jaw, and his shaggy hair was full of sweat from the practice. He looked at me with two bright brown eyes, and if I didn’t know from Susie’s memories that he had a bit of a crush on my new body, I could have found out from the lust I felt coming out of his stare.

“Hey Susie. I saw you reading up there.” He replied back, trying to make small talk.

“I wasn’t reading, silly, I was watching you,” I replied back innocently enough.

“I could have sworn you had a book. It had a white cover.” He said as he scratched at the side of his head with his large hands.

“Nope, just me. But from down here, I bet you could see right up my little skirt, you naughty boy! I bet you were looking at my little white undies!” I said as I crossed one leg in front of the other, and tipped my head to one side as I looked back into his eyes.

His face turned a bright red as he stammered out, “No! No, really, you can’t see anything from down here with the sun behind you. I couldn’t see anything! Other than you sitting in the stands, I mean. I could see that. But nothing else, I promise!” He prattled on.

I put my hands behind my back and took a step towards him. I could smell his sweat as I looked up from my low vantage point in my new body and whispered up to him, “Do you want to see them Anthony?”

“I… uh…” he didn’t know what to say at my sudden forwardness.

I grabbed his hand and gave it a small tug, then turned and started to jog back behind the bleachers, to my little secluded hopping spot. I looked over my shoulder and through my loose blonde curls to see Anthony trotting to keep up with me. As I rounded the corner I stopped and leaned back up against the wall where I had hopped Susie. Anthony was only a moment behind, and I played a bit coy and looked down at my feet as he walked up close to me. With my head still tilted slightly downward I lifted my eyes towards his face. I knew from being in his shoes when girls did this it made their eyes look large and full and submissive. He smiled down at me, and I smiled back. His was a sincere and playful smile, where as mine was more of a sneer with evil intent behind it, but on my pretty new face it looked as innocent as could be.

I reached up behind his shoulders and pulled his head down; he relaxed and let me bring his face to mine for a long, full kiss. I let go and tilted my head back and he leaned back in for another kiss, but I dodged his mouth, and instead dropped to my knees. I used my thin fingers on the tie at the front of his waist and undid it and started to pull his tight pants down when he took a step back.

“Whoa! What are you doing Susie?” He asked as he looked down at me.

“I don’t really know. I just saw you running out there, and now you’re here, and you kissed me, and I’m so hot Anthony. I’m so hot for you.” I said as I ran my new hands over my breasts, down my sides, and to the bottom of my skirt.

“But we can’t just…” He started to say.

“Don’t you like me Anthony? Don’t you think I’m pretty?” I asked him as I looked up at him from on my knees with a bit of a pout on my lips, and tugged upwards on my skirt’s edge exposing the creamy skin of my thighs before continuing, “You kissed me Anthony. Are you just using me? I’m just a cheap thrill after your practice?”

“No, not at all Susie, it’s just…” He started to say before I again cut him off.

“Then let’s finish what we started Anthony. Please, I need you so bad right now, won’t you be my big strong hero?” I pleaded again with a pout on what I knew he saw as Susan’s pretty little face.

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, and I again reached up to his waist, but this time just ran my small hands up and down his bulging thigh muscles, and down to between his legs. I could feel that he had not worn a cup for practice and despite his confusion his teenage hormones drove his dick to strain against the clothes that contained it. I ran a finger lightly up and down its length and that seemed to crumble the last of his resolve. He reached down and pulled his pants and underwear down, and I leaned back on the grass and flipped my skirt up around my stomach.

He kissed me a few more times, which I returned until I panted in his ear, “I need to feel you in me Anthony.”

I reached down and yanked my small cotton bikini briefs to the left side of my pussy and Anthony wasted no time trying to shove his entire dick in me in the first push.

“Aah!” I called out as his inexperience brought me no small amount of pain.

“Sorry, am I hurting you? Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” He said quickly, but before he could pull the tip of his cock out of me I grabbed him around the chest.

“No, it will hurt for me for the first bit, it’s my first time, and I want it to be with you, right here, right now. Just go slow, ok?” I replied as innocently as I could muster.

He nodded and resumed pressing into me with his dick. I felt my vaginal walls expand, stretch and rip as he pushed through my hymen. I tried to blink the pain away as my eyes began to water. Soon enough my natural lubrication started to catch up, and the only pain I had was from the fact that my previously unused pussy was not use to having something this large in it.

He started to increase his pace, and I cheered him on, “More, yes Anthony, that’s it, keep going, you’re going to score!”

I was still in a small amount of pain, but the rising amount of pleasure made it worth it. Anthony didn’t notice the tears in my eyes, as he was looking at the ground to the left side of my head. I grabbed his neck and pulled it to my face and started to suck hard on his neck with every intention of leaving this boy with a huge hickey to explain to everyone that he saw.

I was getting close to the edge when I felt him shudder, then shudder again and release inside me, which drove me over the edge of orgasm, and once again, I was hit with pleasure like I had never experienced in a stolen female body before. I saw waves of red, blue, and orange shine in front of my eyes, and I lay their writhing on the ground like I was on fire. I called out something, but I don’t really know what, but as I came back down off the orgasmic high I looked up to see Anthony smiling at me.

“I was that good huh?” He asked proudly.

“Oh yes, baby, you were amazing. But you should hit the showers, you stink!” I replied back with a giggle and pushed on his chest to let him know it was time to get off me.

“Oh, yeah, I suppose.” He said as he stood up and pulled his pants up. He must not have been use to being dismissed like that.

I leaned up and moved my panties over my now leaking cunt. I could see a bit of blood leaking out along with both mine and Anthony’s cum which was normal for first timers. That actually played into my plan, and I needed the panties to soak up as much of that as I could so I used my small hand to press the cotton against my now very sore pussy to absorb more of the love juices and blood.

I smiled up at the boy that had deflowered my new body and held a hand up. He grabbed it and helped me to my feet.

I tucked a few wayward strands of hair behind my ears before saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow in school, right? We should do this again. I like you a lot Anthony.”

He nodded, and I shooed him with my hands, “Go! Your teammates will wonder what happened to you.”

He started running back to the lockers then, but turned back once to look at me as I slowly started my walk home. As I rounded the corner of the small building once more I saw the disposed romance novel still lying where Susie had dropped it and said aloud to myself, “Why do bitches read that trash when they could be living it? Stupid whores.”