Confessional - Chapter 3

By Tobyredone

28 minute read -

The priest again looked over to the confessional booth next to his, and finally understood that despite the sweet demeanor of this young girl, inside was a being of pure conceited evil. He had talked with Susie on many occasions, but not once had she hinted at anything remotely this devious. She was normally so loving and pure.

He told the being that was inside Susan that he needed to leave, and to let the poor girl have her life back, and he should make reparations for damage he had caused.

“But father, you haven’t even heard the whole story yet. How can I make reparations when you won’t let me finish my confession?” Once again her voice sounded so innocent, so playful, you would never guess that behind her eyes was a cold and calculating monster.


I awoke the next morning to the sun shining in the bedroom window, and the birds chirping on a lovely summer day. I looked over to see Susan’s mother lightly snoring next to me. I began to stretch and as I moved my flexible young body “my” mother began to stir.

I crawled my way to the edge of the bed and stood up on the floor. My mother looked up at me as she rubbed the last bit of sleep from her eyes.

“Are you okay sweetie? You don’t have to go anywhere today.” She said with concern showing in her voice.

“I want to get dressed and go to school mother. I want this all to be behind me, like some sort of bad dream. Don’t make me stay home, please?” I asked as I looked down at her with my large eyes.

She nodded and I headed back to my room to get ready. I picked out my clothes for the day, which consisted of a pair of white cotton panties, a matching cotton bra, my shortened green and blue pleated skirt, and my white dress shirt. I also tossed out some black shoes with a small 2” heel and some white socks that would come up to just below my knees.

With my outfit picked out I headed into the bathroom and began to get ready. The warm shower water felt exceptionally nice as I washed off the past day’s sweat and cleansed my body with all of her usual soaps and shampoos and conditioners. Susan had trimmed up the morning before I hopped her and so her body didn’t need to be shaved anywhere, and I was glad of that because I wanted to be out the door before I had to deal with any more family crap from issues I had caused last night.

I finished my shower and dried off quickly, then started in on blow drying my hair, and adding anti frizz and stay in conditioner as she usually did before adding the loose curls with her curling iron that made her so irresistible to the opposite sex. After I was finished with my hair, I started in on my make up. I knew I couldn’t go to heavy, but I needed some, so I just added some mascara to make my eyelashes look impossibly long, and draw attention to my mount’s lovely eyes. Next I used just a touch of blush on my cheeks, and then a light shade of pink lipstick on my lips. Finished, I knew that it was perfect.

I walked to my room and started to get dressed. I easily put on all of her clothes like I had been doing it for years. I adjusted the short skirt to sit properly, buttoned up her small form-fitting white dress shirt, and pulled the socks up tight before stepping into her small black shoes.

I then grabbed my school bag from one corner of my room and went to my closet. I pulled the stained panties from their hiding space and put them in my book bag. Spinning on my heel, I headed for my door, but stopped briefly to smile at the image of the pretty school girl that was reflect back at me from Susan’s full length mirror. I winked at myself and said out loud, “Susie, this is going to be a great day.”

With that I left my room, stopped briefly to blow a kiss good bye to “my” mom and started walking to school.

I was there a bit early, but I knew that would be ok. I started to walk around the empty halls when I saw some football players returning from morning practice. One of them was Anthony and I gave him a coy smile as the group walked by. He stopped and faced me, putting a large hand on either side of my head and clumsily stroking my hair.

“Come on!” I whispered to him, and looked at the door to a janitorial closet.

“What? Again!” he said in a high pitched whisper.

I got a sad look on my face and said, “Well, never mind. I must not have been that good last time. Maybe I should practice to make sure I’m ready for next time you want to.”

“No, that’s not it at all, babe. I’m just surprised. You always seemed so straight laced before.” He replied back to me.

“Well, you opened the floodgates, and you were just so good. I can’t get enough.” I said as I played with a lock of blonde hair hanging by my face.

That was all it took. He grabbed my hand, checked to make sure the hallway was now clear, and then we both darted into the janitor’s closet. I wasted no time, and pulled my panties down to mid thigh and bent over forward at the waste, steadying myself on a shelf full of random cans of cleaner. The elicit site of me standing there offering up my little box did the trick for Anthony, and his dick was hard as soon as he yanked his pants down. I loved how quickly young men could respond. He flipped my skirt up over my back and leaned in so he could once again start roughly trying to shove his entire dick in me at once.

“Slowly,” I reminded him while looking down at my feet and seeing his feet shuffling behind them, and suddenly I felt his dick half way in pulse inside me once. Then I felt it again.

I turned to look at his face over my shoulder and there was horror on it. He had blown his load in me way to early and he knew it. I took two small steps forward and straightened myself as his dick pulled out of me. I reached down and pulled my panties back into place over my now leaky slit. He was stammering apologies left and right.

“It’s fine. It happens to a lot of guys.” I said.

He gave me a look of confusion, probably wondering how I would know that. I just patted him on the cheek and walked by, saying, “I have to go to the little girls room and clean up, I’ll see you later.”

I opened the door to the closet to see a few students walking by. The immediately looked in to see Anthony behind me with his pants still around his ankles. I smiled at them and continued on my way.

From Susie’s memories I knew the closest bathrooms were down two hallways and on the right so I headed that way. I needed to finish with my fingers what he started. I pushed open the door and was greeted by the smell of cigarettes. I walked in a bit further and saw a girl my mount’s age standing against the wall puffing away. Susie’s memory told me her name was Sara, and she was a bit of an outcast, but of course Susie was to brain-dead to know why.

“Hey,” Sara said to me as she looked me up and down.

“Hey,” I said back to her as I walked into the room, my heels clicking on the hard tiles beneath me.

“I heard you let Anthony Thatcher screw you behind the bleachers yesterday. Classy.” She said to me as she took another drag on her cigarette.

I held my hand out to her as if I wanted to borrow her cigarette. She looked at me for a moment and then handed it over to me. I took a long drag deep into my new set of lungs. I held the smoke in and handed her the cigarette back, then exhaled slowly, blowing the smoke out away from us both.

“It’s amazing how fast that shit spreads, besides, what’s it to you? I just want to have a good time.” I replied back coolly.

“Did you?” she asked as she laughed at me.

“Not that great. Know anyone that could do it better?” I asked.

“Fuck you? I’m not up on who has the biggest dick around here.” She replied and looked down at her smoke.

“I didn’t say I needed a dick to get off.” I replied looking into her eyes.

She studied me for a moment, wondering if this was a trick of some sort.

“To be honest, I just gave Anthony a shot at round two, but he blew it. Typical male. I just came in here to get myself off from all the pent up frustration, you know?” I told her, the honesty ringing clearly out in my voice.

“Really.” She said unimpressed.

“Yeah, really. I’m so fucking horny I could die. Obviously no decent men around here. What’s a girl to do?” I asked and stepped closer to her.

She looked down at me, as she was a few inches taller then me. Her hair was dark as midnight, but I could tell it was a die job from her blonde roots. She wore the same uniform as me, obviously, but it was a bit wrinkled. She had dark eye make up on, and her nails were painted black as her hair. I took another step and was within a half an inch from her face. She tossed the cigarette in one of the sinks on the wall next to us, and as she did that I reached up with my small hands and pulled her face to mine. At first she resisted, but after I pressed my tongue up into her lips, and against her teeth, she opened her mouth and kissed me hard back. I felt her arms wrap around my small frame and we made out. I kissed her passionately and she was putting just as much effort back into me. Soon she was kissing down my small neck, and I pulled her down to the floor on top of me.

Using my backpack for a headrest we continued our make out session until I felt her run a petite hand up under my skirt and massage my pussy lips through my cotton panties. She was good, but then again, she had a pussy, and so knew the buttons that I wanted pushed. Soon enough she had her fingers under the leg band and was finger fucking me with everything her arm could give me. I came hard, and jerked and flopped on the floor as I coated her hand with ejaculate. I blinked as I had the second best orgasm from young Susan’s pussy so far.

“Wow, you did have some pent up aggression in there, didn’t you?” Sara said with a smile.

“Time for both of us to get a little tongue action now,” I said with a smile, and pushed her on her back before I climbed on top of her facing the opposite way. I lowered my groin until it was resting lightly on her chin, and then flipped her small skirt up around her waist. She was wearing a black silky thong, and I could already smell her arousal underneath her pussy’s cover. I pulled her panties down to her knees and dug my tongue in with abandon. I felt her pull my white cotton briefs aside and begin licking gently around my folds of skin.

I felt my pussy start to put out a flood of lubricant as Sara deftly brought me to the edge of orgasm again. As I came I tried to control my body, but it was just no use. The orgasms of this young body were so powerful and hard I bucked with mad abandon and thought I may have slammed teeth out of my lesbian lover. I dug into her pussy even more to try and make up for it, and despite my harsh treatment of her face, Sara kept right on eating me out.

We continued until each of us had a handful of lovely orgasms, and I finally rolled off her, exhausted, and lay next to her panting, trying to catch my breath. I felt her reach down and take a hold of my hand with hers.

“I love you.” She said to me plainly.

I blinked a few times, still catching my breath. I leaned up to see her already looking at me. I sat up and gathered my legs under me to stand up. She grabbed my wrist and her eyes narrowed as she looked at me.

“I said I love you.” She repeated, obviously expecting some response.

“What’s not to love about me?” I replied to her coldly as I yanked my wrist out of her grasp, stood up and started to straighten my clothes, and then looked in the mirror to adjust any locks of stray blonde hair.

“You fucking bitch.” She said as she ungracefully yanked her small black thong up her legs and stood up so she could continue the fight.

She looked my image in the mirror with a finger pointed at my face and was about to continue cussing at me when her mind finally caught up to the fact that my reflected image was not the same as the school mate she knew and had just tongue fucked. She blinked twice to clear her eyes, believing it was some optical illusion, but when she looked again, it was still my horribly plain male face on the body of a young goddess. She started to sputter unintelligible words as I spun around to face her. That even confused her more, as now she was back to looking at the face she recognized.

“Cat got your tongue, Sara?” I asked sweetly.

“What? Who? How? What?” She asked in quick succession.

“You couldn’t just get a good tongue fucking and walk away, could you? No. You had to be all female, and emotional, and bring out the love word.” I said with contempt in my voice.

“I don’t…” she was still stammering as she came close and touched my face with her fingers.

“You don’t get it?” I finished for her, “Well, unfortunately you never will, but you still saw my secret, and I can’t have you running around telling everyone, so…”

I grabbed her hair at the scalp with a good grip and with all the force and speed I could muster slammed the stunned girl’s head forward into mirror. It broke into a thousand bloody little pieces, and she fell back unconscious and limp, and collapsed on the floor.

I calmly picked up my school bag and walked out over the broken glass and as I reached the door turned around and said to her unconscious bleeding form, “You stupid dike. You were easier to control then the boys.”

As I stepped out into the hallway I looked up at the clock and noticed it was just about time for third period and I had yet to attend a class. I smiled and pulled out which class I was suppose to go to next from Susie’s unconscious mind and started to head that way.

I was almost late as the classroom was on the far side of the school, but I was in my seat in time for role call, so no one made an issue of it. I looked around at my fellow classmates. I definitely had the best looking body. I turned my attention back to the front of the class. It was not taught by a nun, as was the usual here, because none of them had a degree in higher mathematics. It was taught by a skinny pencil necked man who wore the thickest black framed glasses I had ever seen. His cheap suit did nothing to enhance his image, either. I also pulled from Susie’s mind that he had just recently been through a rough divorce. His name was Mr. Feeley. I rolled my eyes as he droned on and on about crap that I really didn’t give a fuck about.

The next hour was torture. He explained all manner of things that no human being could possibly need to know, and did so in a nasally voice that I found repugnant. I was just going to head out afterward class, but this man without even knowing he had done anything had pissed me off enough that I needed to ruin his life.

The bell rang, and the other students jumped out of their seats to leave. He called out the following day’s assignments as half the kids were running out the door. I slowly repacked my school bag, and once every other student had left the room I made my way to the front of the classroom where he was busy cleaning off the blackboards. I moved to the door way and closed the door to the hall. He heard me close it and turned to look at me.

“Oh, Miss Debinow, what can I help you with?” he asked in that damned nasal voice.

“Well, Mr. Feeley, I’m having a hard time with some of this, and I was hoping you could go over it with me.” I explained.

“Certainly. I don’t have class right now, but I’m certain you do, should we schedule something for after school?” he asked as he looked into a day planner on his desk.

“My next period is a study hall. I’m all yours.” I said cutely as I lied.

“Ah. Super. What do you need help with then?” he said as he returned to cleaning the black board.

“Um, all of it, I guess.” I said while shrugging my shoulders.

“All of it? Well, you’ve waited to long if you need help with all of it. And your last test scores showed you understood these concepts.” He was going to prattle on continuously until I walked up to him and pressed a thin finger to his lips.

“You caught me. I don’t need help with math. I need help with this.” I said as I reached down and ripped open my dress shirt. The small buttons either pulled through the holes or ripped off the thread and bounced down on his desk and classroom as I pulled the entire front of my shirt open to expose my breathtaking breasts contained in the cotton bra.

I looked up at him as I saw his eyes dart from my face to my chest a few times. He pressed his glasses up his nose, pointed at me, and said, “Young lady, this is not appropriate behavior. You need to button that shirt back up right this instant.”

“You need to get over here and start lovingly caressing and licking these breasts, you little toad.” I replied back to him harshly.

He blinked a few times and walked up to me, still pointing a finger and said, “Listen here, you little hussy!”

I cut him off and said back, “No you listen here dickhead. If you don’t start doing what I want right now, I’ll scream bloody murder. After three years in cheerleading I have an impressive scream. Everyone will come running, see me cowering in a corner, buttons shot off my shirt everywhere, hair frazzled, and see me crying about the big bad teacher trying to molest me to keep up my passing grade point average.” I stopped for a second to let it sink in while I hopped up on his desk, crossed my legs and spun small circles with my left foot before continuing, “Who do you honestly think will go down for this? Me? I have never missed a day of school, I’m on the cheerleading team, I could have any guy I wanted, and I’ve always been little miss perfect. You on the other hand are over the hill, just got out of a messy divorce, and have a half naked young girl on your desk with the buttons from her shirt all over your classroom.”

“What do you want?” He asked in a panicked voice, and I noticed his hands were shaking. He was smart enough to know as soon as my speech was done that he was getting screwed here one way or another.

“I want to get off. Your choice how, as I really don’t care. Finger-fuck me, eat me out, stuff your little dick in me, how ever you want to do it, but I don’t want to stop feeling orgasms until the next bell rings.” I told him as I held up my hands and pretended to look at the nails, but really I was watching his reaction out of the corner of my eyes.

With no other choice open to him he slowly walked over to me and knelt down in front of me as I uncrossed and spread my legs, scooted my ass up to the edge of his desk, and leaned back go give him access to my panty covered vagina.

As he began teasing me with his fingers and tongue through my panties I laughingly said out loud, “See, this is something we can both have fun doing! This is great!” and let out a low belly laugh.

Despite his awkward appearance, and nerdy visage Mr. Feeley ended up being a capable lover. He was able to bring me to enough orgasms enough that I felt quite content as the bell rang around an hour later. He stood up with out saying a word, zipped his pants up, grabbed his things and headed for the door.

As he opened it I turned my head and said with a large evil smile, “Feeley, I own you now. You are my plaything until I find someone else or grow bored with you.”

His eyebrows furrowed at me, and he stormed out of the classroom. I sat forward, peeled off my panties that had just been pulled aside for our games, and rubbed the crotch good and hard against my seeping wet slit. I then stood up, took them off, and deposited them in the bottom drawer of his desk all the way to the back.

I then grabbed my school bag and headed out to my next class like nothing was out of place at all, especially the fact that I had just finished screwing a teacher or that my shirt was half open. I waved to a few girls that knew Susie, and smiled at a couple boys and turned into the girl’s locker room.

I walked to Susie’s locker and entered her combination into the lock. As I pulled the door open my mount’s best friend Marsha bounded up next to me and said, “Susie! I haven’t seen you all day! I thought you were sick!” and hugged me tightly.

“I’ve been busy,” I replied with a bit of coldness creeping into my voice.

“I heard! Is that thing about Anthony Thatcher true? Oh my god you didn’t, did you? Boys are so sleazy! They will totally lie about anything to get rep.” She was babbling like an idiot.

“Shut up you stupid twit!” I said to her suddenly. She stopped and looked at me with wide eyes.

“What has gotten into you?” Marsha asked.

“I’m so sick of your incessant prattle about the dumbest shit! If you can’t rub two damned brain cells together to come up with a decent topic once a year it’s really not worth opening your mouth to begin with unless you are going to have a dick shoved in it.” I told her loudly.

By now we were drawing a crowd, and as the girls came over from the other rows of lockers she looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked in a mousey voice, “I thought we were best friends?”

“Well, that would circle right back around to the part of you being a fucking idiot, wouldn’t it?” I asked her back with venom in my voice.

That was enough to send the young girl over the edge, and she bolted from my sight with her face in her hands crying as she left the locker room. I looked around and noticed everyone staring at me and not moving, so I said out loud, “What the fuck is everyone looking at?” Causing the small group of people to quickly dissipate and head out into the gymnasium for class while muttering under their breath what a bitch I was.

I waited for about ten minutes to make sure everyone had left, and then picked up my bag and headed out of the doors and over to the boys locker room. I pushed open the doors like I belonged there, and smiled as I looked at the football players. I knew from my mount’s memories that they didn’t have the normal boy’s gym class, but instead took ten extra minutes getting ready in there equipment and had another football practice session. So when I walked in they were only half dressed and saw me standing there in a tiny uniform with the shirt half open because I only had a few buttons left.

“Hey boys, how about a little pre game action?” I asked as I cocked my legs.

“Oh hell yes.” I heard along with, “Check this crazy bitch out.” And “Isn’t she the one Anthony did yesterday? He said she was fucking tight in the sack!”

I walked over to a bench in between a row of lockers and sat down with my legs spread on either side, pulled my shirt off, and lifted my skirt up to let them all know that there was nothing between their dicks and paradise other than the clothes they were wearing.

“So boys, who wants to go first?” I asked, and lay back on the bench.

There was a flurry of activity as they all yanked pants down and darted over to shove a dick inside me. The first guy over with a hard dick jammed up against my outer lips, but suddenly he got yanked back by a much larger guy. He pressed up against me and I felt his dick shove my vaginal lips apart almost to the point of tearing me in half. He was HUGE! He fucked me hard, and my pussy didn’t have enough time to lube up properly. I grimaced and called out in pain.

“Yeah, you like that thick cock, don’t you whore?” He called out.

“Yes! Fuck me harder you ape!” I called back.

At that he grabbed my hair and yanked down hard as he thrust in me. My juices had caught up with his fucking now, and despite the pain from his original thrusting and the hair pulling I was building towards orgasm once more. He jack hammered into me like this would be the last time he ever fucked a woman. His dick was hard and long and I was eating it up. He finished way too early, though and as I felt him blow his load in my precious little pussy I snapped my legs up against his chest and kicked him off me as best I could with the small frame I had.

“Next! Keep it coming boys!” I called out as I put my legs back down and spread them, and another random boy lowered himself into position and began ramming into me. I was already sopping wet from the last boy and so I got to enjoy this thrusting from the start. He lasted a bit longer too, and I came hard with this boy. As I regained my senses I kicked him off as well. Another nameless faceless boy took his place and the cycle started over again.

I had probably fucked about half the team, though to be honest I wasn’t keeping track, when I saw Anthony walk in from the gym side doors to the locker room. He saw me and ran over, ready to punch the guy on top of me until he heard me call out in pleasure.

“What the hell? What is this Susan?” He called out in disbelief.

“It’s a fucking train you idiot, on your girl!” I heard some guy call out from behind me.

“I needed a good fucking, not someone who blows their load on my ass as soon as they get hard, Anthony. What did you expect me to do after you came so damned early?” I asked, “Besides, these guys have way bigger dicks and fuck better then you anyway.”

I heard laughing and jokes all around me as Anthony’s teammates started to rip into him. I think I even saw a tear start to form before he ran out of the locker room and back out into the gym. I knew I was probably running out of time to finish my trap, so I urged the guy between my legs on. He hadn’t pulled out of me even when making fun of Anthony. We quickly got back to fucking and after he finished I grabbed a new guy. After a few more, I noticed that the next guy to fuck me had already nailed me. They were coming back for seconds.

That meant it was time. I pushed the latest guy off me, stood up and grabbed my tattered shirt from the floor. I then grabbed my bag as all the guys started to complain about me no longer being on the bench with my legs spread waiting to be fucked by them. I opened the bag up, dug out the stained and bloodied panties, held them to my seeping pussy, and went running out of the locker room and into the hallway with my torn shirt in one hand and soiled panties in the other. As I pushed through the doors I let out a scream that would have woken the dead. I summoned some tears up and soon felt them streaming down my face as I walked down the hallway calling for help, screaming, and crying.

Before long every door into the hallway was open, and small groups of people were standing in them looking at me wearing just a skirt holding my torn shirt and a pair of bloody underwear. A nun ran over to me and I collapsed to my knees as she grabbed my shoulders.

“What happened child?” She asked as she gently stroked the hair out of my face and tried to comfort me.

“They grabbed me! They grabbed me and dragged me into the locker room! And then they tore off my clothes, and they… They…” I left the sentence unfinished and instead broke into tears.

The nun looked down the hallway at the door to the locker room, where a few half dressed football players were looking out at the spectacle. When they saw her looking, most of them ducked back into the locker room, but two of them decided to run. When they took off it made them all look guilty, and the nun swallowed my story hook, line and sinker.

“Call the headmaster! Call the police! Get those boys rounded up! Everyone get back into their rooms until you get further instructions!” She bellowed out in a loud booming voice.

I was pulled up off the floor and helped by three nuns to the headmaster’s office. He didn’t believe what happened at first, but as the nuns assured him they saw some of the boys run off he asked me to run through my story. But I just cried instead, and the nuns with me held my hands, and told me it was going to be okay.

Before long the police arrived, and shortly after that “my” mother arrived. A few detectives, my mother, some nuns, and the headmaster all stood around in his office and asked me to tell them what happened.

I sniffled back some tears and “bravely” started telling them that a few weeks ago I had gone to Mr. Feeley for help with my algebra assignment. He had told me there was no way that I was going to pass his class unless I took off my clothes. I didn’t want to, but I needed to pass, so I did. And then every few days I would go back and he got progressively worse until he was raping me. Then, he told the foot ball players about it, Anthony in particular. Word spread through the football team like wildfire that Mr. Feeley was raping me, and I told the group listening to my story that Anthony approached me and said if I didn’t want him telling everyone else in the school that I would have to start putting out for him too. I went home that night after Anthony raped me, and told them that some how Steven had found out, and that was why he had raped me last night. I then said I came in this morning, and Anthony wanted to take me in the janitor’s closet. I ran away from him, but he was too quick and pushed me into the girl’s room, where a classmate, Sara had tried to help me, but he had told us to ‘put on a show’ for him or he was going to hurt us both. Sara tried to fight back, but he had slammed her into the mirror, and I had escaped during the fight. I then left the bathroom, dazed and confused, when I had stumbled past the locker room, and gotten pulled in by a few football players who just started to rape me, and then the rest of the team joined in. A few of them held me down while the rest of them took turns.

I held up the bloody panties as proof. Everyone in the room gasped. The police asked for a bit more proof, and I told them that Mr. Feeley had made me leave a pair of panties one day as a souvenir and he still had them in a desk drawer. One of the detectives left immediately to confirm my story. My mother ran over to hug me and ask why I had not said anything sooner. I told her I was scared and embarrassed and then broke down into tears.

About that time the detective returned with the stained panties from Mr. Feeley’s desk with Feeley in tow. Feeley claimed I was lying and I was the manipulative one. I could see it in everyone’s eyes. They all wanted to tear him to pieces, and no one believed him. Everyone had bought my story.

I kept up the waterworks as they brought me to the hospital and did a rape test on me to collect semen and go after my “assailants.” My mother rode along with me, apologizing for not seeing something wrong and not stopping Steven earlier that night. I told her it didn’t matter, and it wasn’t her fault, but asked her if she could keep Ed away from me, as I would occasionally catch him looking at me, and it was the same look that Steven gave me before he raped me.

My mother was in shock. She asked me to explain more, and I said it wasn’t anything I could say for certain, but I just knew the look in his eyes. I knew it well, and it always ended in me being raped. I then broke down in sobs again, and she wrapped her arms around me and held me to her chest. As I pressed my face into her breasts I smiled and laughed on the inside.

Ed showed up at the hospital around twenty minutes later and as he walked into the room Diana started to scream at him. Of course he had no idea what he had done, because he hadn’t done anything, and soon was yelling back as “my” mother continued to drill into him. The nurse asked them to leave the room as I broke down in tears again, and then the police showed up to say that everyone had a different story, but so far all of the evidence matched the story I told them, and I could sleep soundly because they had everyone that had hurt me rounded up and none of them would go before a judge to make bail until the following morning.

I thanked everyone for being there for me, and made a large show of how much the police had done for me, but said I really needed some sleep, and I was exhausted from the past few days. They all told me how brave I was being, and then left the room, but I could still hear Ed and Diana going at it in the next room.

I smiled at all the mayhem I had caused. How I had destroyed the lives I had touched like a cancer and still gotten fucked in every way imaginable while doing it. All it had taken was a smile, blonde hair and a short skirt. All of these people were idiots. Idiots that were played like a well tuned instrument. But now it was time for the symphony I had directed to come to an end. I had just one more loose end to tie up.

I slid down out of bed and grabbed some normal clothes that had been brought for me by Ed from home, and took the car keys out of Diana’s purse that she had left in the room. I put the clothes on, grabbed my school bag, and quickly went to the door. I cracked it open and peered outside. Ed and Diana were fighting loudly, waving hands, and pointing at each other. The few nurses that were on this floor were busy trying to calm them down for the sake of the patients all around them.

I quietly slipped out the door and made my way down the hallway. Once I found a stairwell it was easy get to the parking lot and after a few minutes of searching for the car I was off on the road.

I started to drive and once I was around fifteen minutes away I reached into my school bag in the passenger seat and pulled out my cell phone. I called Diana’s number.

“Sweetie! Is that you? Where are you?” She asked in a worried tone that only a mother can have.

“I don’t know mom! While you and Ed were fighting some strange man snuck into my room! He had a gun, and told me he wasn’t going to let me testify against all those people! He grabbed me and told me that if I made a sound he’d shoot everyone, even you. He threw me in the trunk and we are going down the highway right now. I just remembered my cell phone but the battery is almost dead! Help me, please!” I cried out.

“It’ll be ok sweetie, the police will find you, what does the car and the man look like?” She asked in a hurried voice.

“He looked mean! And it was a red…” I said and hit the power button half way through the call.

I should get a fucking award for my acting. This was all just so fucking easy.

It was then that I saw the small church that Susie’s family usually attended, and I realized that if I just left town and ditched Susie’s body somewhere, no one would know about my involvement in all this. They would all just assume that those men were pigs, and Susie here was innocent. I needed to let someone know of my work. How everyone had let the wolf in sheep’s clothing wreak havoc in their lives.

So I pulled in, parked my car, and headed to the confessional booth.