Confessional - Epilogue

By Tobyredone

4 minute read -

I walked out of the confessional booth and the priest stepped out of his. My story was done. He looked at me with an expression of hatred. I relished it. I blew him a kiss, and slapped my ass as I walked out of the church and back to the car.

I drove down the road a few more miles until I came to convenience store. I hopped out and grabbed a tee shirt and some ugly shorts in a men’s size. The clerk didn’t see me heading back out the door until it was too late. I was already in the car pulling away as he ran out screaming, “Shoplifter! Thief!”

I drove further down the road for quite a while until I came upon an abandoned factory. I pulled the car in and drove it to the backside of a run down warehouse where no one would see the car when I parked it, then got out with my new clothes and headed into the run down building.

I found some rusting bailing wire holding a door open, and untied it and took it with me. I headed for what use to be an office when this building was actually being used. Once inside I looked around. It had seen better days. Half the walls were falling apart, pipes were exposed everywhere, and electrical wiring hung down from the ceiling.

I knelt down and begun to use the bailing wire to secure my hands tightly to a rusted pipe. I pulled the bailing wire so tight it cut into my skin, and I savored the pain, as I knew all this would all soon be over. I concentrated on leaving the lovely young girl that had been my ride for the past few days. I became liquid and flowed out of her.

I quickly donned my clothes and looked down at the sleeping young girl. I knelt by her and carefully brushed the hair out of the beautiful face I had just finished using as my own. Then I reached back and slapped her as hard as I could muster. Her limp sleeping body flopped on the floor, while her hands stayed tightly secured to pipe. I reached back and slapped her again hard across the face.

Finally her eyes started to move under her delicate eyelids. I stood up and kicked her in the stomach. Her eyes popped open and bulged out of her head as she gasped for breath from my kick. She blinked a few times and looked around while pulling at her restraints. She then saw me, and crawled back against the pipe, curling up and ducking her head to avoid anymore harsh blows.

“Welcome back!” I said cheerfully.

“What’s going on?” She asked as she continued to look around.

“You may not remember but I borrowed your body for a bit. You have made quite the mess back home young lady!” I said in a parental tone.

“What?” She asked, obviously not catching on to my conversation.

“Remember?” I reached down and roughly grabbed her hair, and pulled her head back to look at my face, “I called you down from the bleachers, you were reading that trash book, and I pressed you up against the building and took your body for my own?”

“You… You’re that slime.” She said as the lights finally clicked on in her thick skull.

“Finally a bit of intelligence,” I said as I held my arms wide and smiled at her.

“What do you want now?” She asked in a scared voice.

“Nothing,” I said plainly.

“Then what is all this?” She asked as she tugged on the pipe.

“I just wanted you to know that you are going to die here. I’m going to leave, and you are going to be trapped here. Scream all you want, but we are miles from anyone, and no one knows where you are. And I wanted the last person you saw to be the one that wrecked your entire life.” I said in a happy voice with a smile on my face.

“No, please, don’t do this! Please let me go.” She begged.

“Well, maybe. If you give me the best blow job of my life, I’ll consider untying you.” I told her, and with that I walked over and put my crotch in her face.

She looked up at me for half a second and then nodded.

“You stupid bitch. Is everyone in this town so easy to manipulate? I was never going to let you go. It was a trick. To see how far I could get you to go, and how easy it would be to get you there. You were about to put my dick in your mouth, even though I’ve destroyed your life,” I said and then gave her a hearty laugh.

She started to cry, and I mean uncontrollable sobs. I started to walk away, and called over my shoulder, “If you don’t stop the tears I’ll go back to town and make your mother every bit the ruined backstabbing cock slut that I made you.”

She sniffled a few times, and honestly tried to stop crying, so I spun around and said to her, “You still don’t fucking get it? You still stopped crying at the slightest threat! If I wanted your whore of a mother nothing you did would matter. I’d do whatever I wanted anyway. You waste of flesh.”

And with that I spun around and started to walk out of the warehouse. I didn’t know where I would end up next, or what I would do, but I knew as I walked away the screaming and crying of Susie Debinow behind me was music to my ears.