Daddy's Girl

By Tobyredone

260 minute read -

Warning from the author: This story contains all sorts of nasty evilness. Sex, drugs, murder, torture, rape, incest, revenge, body theft, etc etc. It also contains grammar and spelling mistakes. So read at your own risk. You’ve been warned.

I was sitting in the kitchen with my morning coffee reading the newspaper when I looked up and saw Jessica walking in with a grocery bag. She gave me a smile that seemed just a little off as she sashayed over to the refrigerator and set the bag down to start putting her purchases away. I couldn’t help but notice how short her skirt was as it barely covered her well-formed ass and left her long athletic legs on display. The tank top she was wearing also showed off her just slightly too large for her frame breasts and just the edges of her lacey bra straps, but it wasn’t like her young pert breasts needed any support. She had her long dark brown hair in a lengthy braid that covered most of her back, and her big brown eyes had just a touch of make-up to enhance them, along with a splash of glittery gloss on her luscious pink lips. It was no wonder that I was constantly chasing young men away as they lined up trying to get with her.

“Hi Daddy,” she said in an excited and sweet melodic voice. I knew that tone. It was what she used when she wanted something. She also seemed to reserve the term Daddy for when she wanted something, too. Otherwise it was Alexander or Old Man.

Jessica was actually my step daughter from one of my wife’s previous relationships. I had married her mother five years ago and Jessica had come with the nuptials. She was a bit of a spoiled princess type, and I did my best to make nice with her for my wife’s sake, but the two of us didn’t always see eye to eye. My most normal complaint was how she dressed. Usually it was just a little too revealing for my taste. She seemed to love to spend her entire sizeable allowance on clothes, shoes and make up the moment it went from my bank account to hers. She would then usually plead with her mother to get more, who would in turn ask me to deposit more money. If I said no she suddenly turned into a petulant nineteen year old throwing a tantrum. The same thing happened when I voiced any disapproval on her wardrobe. My wife Madison would normally side with Jessica on any outfit disputes, stating that it was just the way young girls today dressed, and I was being a bit old and stuffy.

The one thing both my wife and I agreed on which seemed to constantly set Jessica into a rage was boys. Neither of us approved of the young men she seemed constantly interested in tempting into trysts with her show of skin and her perfect figure. She did however seem to constantly flirt with the line between teasing and actually giving in, so as far as I could tell was still a virgin. Both my wife and I had decided to put our feet down on the dating scene the moment she started to show an interest in boys. Having seen us united on this parenting front only seemed to double her resolve to buck back against us, though.

“What do you want Jessica?” I grumbled over my cup.

She stopped putting the groceries away and looked over at me with innocent brown eyes. “What do you mean Daddy? I just said Hi.”

“Uh huh,” I replied and went to look back at my paper until she bounced over to me and put her arm around my waist and leaned her head on my shoulder.

“I see someone is grumpy this morning,” she teased me.

“I see you’re in a good mood. What’s going on?”

“Oh, just a change in my viewpoint I guess,” she said with another slightly out of place smile that I had never seen her make and then I felt one of her hands slip down my side and over my thigh. “Is there anything I can do to make your morning better?”

I reached down quickly and pulled her hand off my thigh and gave her a cross look as I shook her off my shoulders. “Jessica that is highly inappropriate!”

She let go of me and giggled as she strolled back to her groceries. “Oh Daddy, you’re so easy to work up. This will be so much fun!”

“What will be fun young lady?” I said as I put my paper down and focused on her.

“Ruining your life,” she said with a happy smile with a tone that didn’t seem to match the sinister look in her eyes.

“Oh stop being so dramatic Jessica. Are you upset that you’re out of allowance money already? Talk to your mother, I’m sure she’ll take you shopping,” I said as I took a sip from my coffee.

“Oh, I’m sure Mom will take me shopping. It’s going to be so much fun pretending to be the perfect little Jessica around her and everyone else,” she paused as she stepped back toward me and leaned on the counter and her voice dropped and she continued in a menacing tone. “But you’ll know the truth. And you’ll have to keep your fat stupid mouth shut or everyone will think your bat shit fucking crazy.”

“Language young lady!” I snapped at her. “And what are you jabbering on about now? Whatever little scheme you’re cooking up your mother and I will discuss it. We always parent together.”

“Oh, you tell her everything Daddy?” Jessica asked as she slipped back to her honey-sweet tone.

“Of course.”

“Did you tell her how you forged documents to hide your illegal business practices and pinned them on Jackson? Did you tell her how you hired your druggy college buddy to go and shoot a hooker and then plant the gun in Jackson’s apartment to make sure he’d go away for the rest of his life and you’d never have to deal with any of the mess? Did you share that with her too Daddy?” Jessica’s eyes looked like a jaguar ready to pounce and tear out the jugular of its prey.

“How do you know…?” I cleared my throat and shook my head. “What are you talking about? None of that happened.”

“Oh? Well then I guess all of the evidence I have on this thumb drive that points to you is all worthless. Here, you can have it. I’ve made copies,” she said and she reached into her left bra cup and pulled out a small black dongle and tossed it on the counter between us.

“What the fuck is this? Blackmail? You little bitch! I’ll…” I started to snarl at her until she interrupted me.

“You’ll do nothing! You don’t want Mommy Dearest to detest you, do you?” she said as she spun a lock of her hair around her finger.

“If you think I’ll just sit here and be blackmailed by a nineteen year old…” I went back to snarling until she cut me off again.

“I might look like a nineteen year old girl, Daddy, but I’m really not. It’s Jackson. I’m a thirty seven year old man who slipped inside of your little princess here so that I can get nice and close to you while I slowly stick the knife in and twist it,” she had a cruel grin on her face as her eyes narrowed. “You see Alex, karma is a bitch. I met someone on the inside who was really interested in evening the scales.”

I stood there staring blankly at my step daughter trying to wrap my mind around how reality had been shifted in the last few moments. It wasn’t possible was it? But Jackson had always called me Alex. Not a lot of people did that, and Jessica never knew that. Still, it had to be an elaborate trick.

“I do have one question before this all starts to get nasty Alex, so I hope you’re indulge my curiosity. Why frame me? I was always loyal to you. I always looked out for your best interest. I wasn’t slacking off, or fucking up. So why did you single me out of your entire organization to frame? I wish you would have just talked to me. We could have come up with a solution together. Or at least you could have come and done the deed yourself, and not have your fucking reject druggy fixer do it. I mean, that time in Vegas when everyone else was looking to pin shit on you, I fixed it. Me! I got your ass out instead of letting your hide get tanned,” she said as her face contorted in fierce anger.

“Holy shit it is you,” I mumbled as I realized only the actual Jackson would know about Vegas.

“Of course it is you fuck. One thing I’ve never done is lied to you,” Jessica swore at me with venom in her voice. “Now answer. Why me?”

“You were too good. I knew you were gunning for my place. It was just a matter of time before you decided to just get rid of me,” I answered as I looked down at my shaking hands. “How did you do this? How did you get inside Jessica?”

Suddenly Madison walked into the kitchen happily humming something and she smiled at both of us. “Good morning! How is everyone? Oh Alexander, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!”

Before I could reply Jessica looked at her. “I just told Daddy that I heard on the news that guy who stole the money from his business or whatever was found dead in his prison cell! He was stabbed a bunch of times and hung! They said a bunch of other stuff, but I really don’t want to mention it because I don’t like talking about that stuff,” Jessica’s face pouted at her mother.

“Oh no! How horrible! Its okay sweetie, he was a bad man and he probably got what he deserved,” Madison told her and went to comfort her daughter with a hug.

As Jessica’s face went over her mother’s shoulder she gave me an evil smirk and then glanced down at the dongle. I quickly snatched it off the counter and tucked it in my pocket. As Madison let go of her daughter she came around and put her arms around me and kissed my cheek. “I’m sorry for you too dear. I know you were close to him, and it hit you hard when you found out what he did.”

I mumbled something out, but don’t really know what. I needed to get away from here. I needed time to think. I looked up and then said, “I have to get to work right now. I mean… yeah, I’ve got to get in early this morning. I’ll see you both later.”

“Okay Daddy.” Jessica put emphasis on her term of endearment. “We can talk later, I’m sure we’ll have lots of time when you get home. Until then I was looking forward to spending the day with Mom.”

I tried to cover my look of concern, but Jessica’s coy smile told me my poker face hadn’t worked as well as I’d hoped. I kissed Madison good bye and then quickly headed out, leaving my coffee on the table along with the newspaper. I heard my wife comment on my strange behavior and then heard Jessica’s voice replied to her, “He seemed to be having a rough morning when I talked to him too.”

As I drove in to the office I stabbed a button on my car’s dash to bring up my contact list. I started with Freddie. It rang, but I got no answer. I growled at the voice mail beep. “Freddie! This is Alexander. Get your useless ass out of bed and call me. Now.”

I then called Dominic and when he answered I quickly asked, “Did you hear that Jackson is dead?”

“Huh? No I haven’t heard that boss.”

“Well find out if it’s true. Find out everything about what he is doing right now. If he’s dead I want to know who killed him. I want to know every last detail. If he’s still alive I want to know everything he’s doing. I want to know the last time he took a shit, and when he plans on taking his next one. Now!” I screamed and hung up before he could reply.

I called Luis next and when he picked up and tried to say good morning I called out. “Shut up. I want you to go to my house. You’re to keep an eye on my wife and daughter. Especially Jessica. She’s…” I paused as I realized I couldn’t say anything about Jackson. Everyone would think I was insane. “Just watch her, you understand? Don’t fuck this up.”

I hung up on him and then called Tommy. “Hey. Go find Freddie. Bring him to my office. Now.”

“Right away Boss.”

I hung up and swerved suddenly as I realized I was about to rear end some moron on the highway. I flipped them off and kept going through my contacts. I called another number. “Hey, get everyone together in my office for a meeting. We may have a problem.”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I hung up again and dug the dongle out of my pocket and looked at it. I then mashed the gas pedal and swerved through more traffic. I didn’t waste any time as I finally pulled up to my office building. I practically ran to the elevator leading up from the parking garage and I shoved some skinny prick out of the way and snarled out. “Take the next one.”

When I finally got to my office I looked at my receptionist. “Hold all my calls, cancel my appointments.”

“What’s wrong Mr. Belciano?” she asked in a shrill voice.

I ignored her and slammed my door shut and went around to my computer. I waited impatiently for it to turn on and then stuck the dongle in. I pulled open the files and started looking through them. The fucking prick had all the original documents there, and copies of the forged ones. He had manifests of what had happened after the cops had taken him, where the money had actually gone, where the merchandise had actually gone, and everything to point back to me. I looked around more and found even more files. I clicked one and a video of Freddie tied to a chair popped up on my screen. “It was all Alexander Belciano, not me man! Please stop! He wanted him out of the way. He wanted him to take the fall and get locked up for good! And he thought he could make some money after he pinned the back door deals on him too, and it would be a win win. Please stop!”

I shut the video off instead of watching more. Fuck. That fucking asshole. I ran my hands through my hair and sat down in my chair and started to think my way through what was happening. I could still beat him at this game somehow. I just needed more info. I picked up my phone and called one of my less than usually contacts, but one that I knew could keep his mouth shut. “Hey. I need you to look into some weird shit. How can a person switch themselves to a different body?” I paused. “I don’t know what fucking context, like is it voodoo or some shit?” I paused again. “I guess go look into Jackson and his friends. Is there something they could have done to switch him to a different body, and yes I know it sounds fucking crazy but do it and keep it on the down low. Only talk to me about this.”

For the next hour I paced in my office until my phone rang and I answered it. “Freddie’s place is fucking wrecked. There’s a body here, but I don’t know who it was boss.”

“Fuck,” I said and hung up on Tommy.

The phone rang again and I picked it up. “Hey boss. Jackson’s dead. How did you know? The guard we pay for was all nervous when I knew about it already. They didn’t release any news yet.”

“Because I know people you dick. What happened? Who killed him?”

“They don’t know boss. He was stabbed nineteen times in the chest, then hung from his ceiling. He had a bunch of weird symbols carved into his skin and they said his… uh…” Dominic paused.

“Spit it out man,” I growled.

“His brain and eyes just weren’t there. But the fucked up thing is he was locked in his cell last night. There’s a camera the shows the outside of his cell, and no one went in it. They’re labeling it a suicide.”

“Fuck that. Get into that room. I want pictures. I want everything fucking looked into. I want a crime scene investigation done. I don’t care who you have to bribe or what it costs.” I slammed the phone down.


I walked back into my house at around two in the afternoon. I’d had a meeting with everyone saying documents were getting leaked and told them to find it and fix it. We’d gone over everything, along with recovery strategies, but the longer the meeting went the more I thought about Madison being with Jessica. Finally I couldn’t take it. I needed to get home and make sure she was okay. I did actually love that woman. She was probably the only person in the world that I actually loved.

I found Luis standing at the base of the stairs and scowled at him. “Where is Madison? And Jessica? I told you not to let them out of your sight you muppet!”

“They went upstairs to change into the clothes they bought at the store boss. I didn’t think you’d appreciate me taking any voyeuristic guard points,” he said with a shrug.

“Get out.”

“Boss, what’s going…”


I went up the stairs and heard some humming. I turned into a spacious room where we would sometimes entertain guests and saw Jessica twirling her long hair as she looked at it winding around her finger. She turned as I walked in and smiled at me. “I just love this hair, you know? How was your day at work Daddy?”

“Drop it you fuck.”

“Daddy! Such language. I don’t know what you mean.” She looked shocked and then batted her eyes innocently.

“What do you want?”

She smiled and stood up from the couch and strutted around the room as she touched my things. “I don’t know yet. At first I wanted to kill you. I wanted to kill you and tear your family apart with the murder, but then I realized that was too fast. Do you know what they’ve done to me in prison for the last three years Alex? It has been three years of hell. So then I decided I wanted to watch you squirm as I destroyed you, and suddenly I realized that if I was little Jessie here I would have front row seats. And then, when I was done taking everything you hold dear I could kill you with these cute little hands and still tear your family apart. Do you think Mom will come and visit me in prison when she finds me standing over your body drenched in your blood and laughing happily?”

“I’ll stop you. Or I’ll lock you up and throw away the key. I know how to make someone disappear.”

She turned and started to giggle. “Oh? You think Mommy dearest would ever let that happen? You think I would let that happen? I’ve been planning this for quite some time Alex. I’m already six steps ahead of you. You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.”

She twirled in the spot she was standing and her short cotton skirt spun out and uncovered her perfectly toned legs and just a flash of black lace panty and then she looked down at her boots. “Do you like these Alex? Madison… Oh, I mean Mom bought them for me today. She cherishes me. It’s so nice to be loved,” she stepped toward me and lowered her voice to a threatening tone. “I did not enjoy the little escort you forced on us though, however it was expected. So, now I’m telling you not to do it again. The next time you sick one of your goons to watch me, all the info on that thumb drive gets released to the press and the police.”

I don’t know what happened but my hand was in motion before I could think to stop it. I connected with Jessica’s cheek hard and the backhanded slap cracked loudly through the room as Jessica’s face and torso spun around, her hair twirling as she let out a shocked gasp. She turned back to face me with a hand covering her cheek and looked at me like she was excited beyond belief. “Oh Daddy. I didn’t think you’d stoop so low as to hit a woman… Especially your daughter… But let me show you how your life is going to play out from now on when you try and lay a finger on me.”

She suddenly collapsed to the floor and let out a shriek. My feet were rooted in place as I looked down at her in stunned silence. What was she doing? Suddenly Madison came rushing into the room. “Jessica? Jess! What happened?”

Madison crouched to the floor and Jessica looked up at me with a scared look on her face as her lower lip trembled and her red cheek shown out against her skin brilliantly. You could almost make out the shape of my large meaty hand. Madison looked up at me with a questioning look and my heart sank.

“I…” My voice stopped when I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? I had hit Jessica. She would never understand that it wasn’t actually Jessica.

“What did you do?” Madison’s eyes narrowed at me and her jaw locked as her voice was both questioning and accusatory.

“I…” I stuttered out again as I saw Jessica’s face break into a wide grin as she watched me suffer.

Then inexplicably, she came to my rescue. “Oh Mom, Daddy didn’t do anything. I tripped over my own feet! I can’t believe how clumsy I feel. I bounced my face off the floor. I probably scared Daddy to the point he couldn’t even move. It must have looked like I had passed out or something.”

“Really Sweetie?” Madison asked as she moved Jessica’s face to look at the red mark on her cheek.

Jessica nodded and Madison stood. “I’m so sorry dear. I saw the mark and I know you two have been at odds lately, but what I accused you of was inexcusable. I’m going to go get some ice for her face.”

Madison left quickly and Jessica stood and smiled evilly at me. “Guard duty goes away now. You will never lay another finger on me ever again. You’re following my rules now or I will show you how unpleasant life can be before I end you, do you understand Alex?”

“Why didn’t you tell her?” I didn’t understand any of this.

Jessica let out a playful giggle and then grabbed my arm and tugged me to the couch on the far side of the room. She didn’t have enough strength to move me, but I followed simply because I didn’t know what else to do. She pushed me back onto the couch and then straddled my lap and ran her fingers across my chest as she smiled down at me while her passion fruit scented hair fell around my face. “Because Daddy, I want to play with you. It won’t be fun if it’s all over too soon.”

Then she suddenly kissed me on the lips. I tried to pull away but my head was against the couch already. I felt her small hands take my large meaty hands and hold them to her gravity defying breasts and then I felt her grind against my lap. She let out a lusty moan as she slid herself down against my crotch. I pulled my hands off her breasts and grabbed at her legs to stop her from grinding on me and again wished her skirts weren’t so damn short as my hands fell against her warm thighs.

She let out a peel of laughter as she looked down at me. “Do you like these Daddy? I got them today when we were shopping too,” she said as she lifted her skirt and I saw the lacey and mostly transparent panties she was wearing. I could plainly see the small well-trimmed tuft of dark pubic hair just above her pussy. I could also tell from the dark stain in the gusset she was turned on beyond belief.

“I was thinking of you when I got them Daddy,” she said as she leaned forward and whispered in a husky voice in my ear. “I’ve been making them soooooo wet since then just thinking about your big hands peeling them off me.”

“This isn’t right…” I managed to mumble out, but at the same point in time my dick was responding to her low tones and the friction of her soft young body rubbing against mine.

“Silly Daddy! I say what’s right from now on. If you play along, I’ll let you and mommy live another day. If you piss me off… well, there will be consequences,” she said as she moved her hands playfully around my chest and kept grinding her pussy against my hardening shaft.


“Jessica!” she called out loudly. “What’s my name? Say my name Daddy.”

“J… Jessica,” I relented which made her giggle happily and she slipped off to my side and laid back on the couch, only leaving her feet on my lap.

A moment after she slipped off me Madison came back in the room holding a bag of ice. She brought it over to her daughter, and I noticed that I had an excellent view up Jessica’s slightly up-riding skirt. Jessica noticed my eyes and smugly smiled as she said in a weak tone. “Thanks Mom, you’re the best.”

“You just take it easy for a bit, okay?” Madison asked and then looked down to see Jessica’s feet across my lap and my semi-rigid cock starting to strain against the fabric.

She blinked a few times but before she could say anything Jessica said, “Daddy picked me up and carried me here and offered to hold my feet up so more blood could go to my head after I fainted. Wasn’t that sweet of him?”

Madison’s face suddenly beamed happily at me. “Yes, he is a sweetheart,” she said as she sat down on my other side.

“I am SO sorry about before dear. Just feel horrible! I can’t believe my mind went there first,” Madison apologized again.

“Its fine Baby,” I said as I took her hand in mine. “I’m an intimidating guy, and before we know the whole story our minds tend to jump to conclusions.”

She leaned over and kissed me and I held her tightly and kissed back passionately, but when we finished and she leaned back she had a strange look on her face as she licked her lips. “Are you wearing lip balm dear?”

“Oh! I thought my lips were getting chapped. I stopped and got some of that stuff you put on them at the gas station on my way home,” I replied to her.

“Oh. Yeah, that makes sense. You and Jessica look for the same flavors. I bought her some lip gloss today that has the exact same taste.”

My stomach tensed as I heard Jessica giggle. “Really? Me and Daddy must be feeling very close today.”

After Jessica claimed to be feeling better Madison helped her to her room. She came back a short while later and wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek as I still sat staring at the wall across from the couch. I made random small talk with her about her day, but my mind was focused on Jackson… Or Jessica… who was it now? For the rest of the evening she stayed in her room. I wandered up and down the hall almost every twenty minutes and double checked she was still in her room. I actually knocked and looked in once and she was laying on her bed on her stomach slowly swinging her feet back and forth as she smiled at me and I saw she was looking at the latest music from some boy band on her lap top. I didn’t say anything, I just closed the door.

She didn’t join Madison and I for dinner. She claimed to be feeling just a touch light headed and said she’d prefer to stay in her room. Madison fawned over her and made her some sandwiches and soup and brought it up to her room. After dinner I went back to thinking and pacing the hallway until finally Madison stopped me.

“What’s wrong Sweetheart? You’ve been pacing since you got home.”

“Oh, a business deal I thought was handled went sideways this morning. I’m trying to come up with a solution,” I told her in an absent minded voice.

“Well, why don’t you come to bed? Maybe you’ll have a better view after a good night’s sleep,” she said as she gave me that loving look she always had for me.

I followed her to bed but I barely slept that night.

The next morning the downtown office was closed, but I still had men working. I checked in with them via my phone until Madison called to me from downstairs. “Sweetheart why don’t you put your suit on and come relax with me and Jessica for a bit by the pool? It might help take your mind of things and give you a fresh perspective.”

I reluctantly backed away from the desk in my home office and stretched. While I wasn’t certain if spending time with Jessica would take my mind off the problem I did need to check in on her. I hadn’t seen her yet since waking up. I went to my room, changed into my suit and then headed out to the pool area behind our house. Madison was already there and dolled up in a form fitting one piece suit that was a lovely shade of blue and had a large brimmed hat and sunglasses to keep the bright rays off her face and out of her eyes. I sat down on a lounge chair next to her and she reached across the gap to hold my hand.

I had no sooner relaxed a bit then Jessica came bouncing out of the house full of pent up teenage energy in a bikini that was barely enough to say she was covered at all. She danced her way over to us as she hummed a tune and bent at the waist as she leaned over our chairs and called out in a bubbly voice, “Hi Mom! Hi Daddy!”

“Get back inside and put on an actual swimsuit! You will not be out here looking like you’re naked!” I growled at her.

She looked down at herself and pouted. The thin strings going from behind her neck went down to brilliant green triangles barely large enough to cover a third of her breasts and were barely held on the bottom by a string wrapping around her back. Her bottom was the tiniest triangle green triangle that I knew from last night was only barely covering her small patch of pussy hair before running between her legs and then only covered the smallest portion of her butt and the cinched center running up her ass crack left nothing of the shape of her backside to the imagination. She did a slow spin in front of me and then looked to her Mom. “See! I told you he wouldn’t like it!”

“Sweetheart,” Madison said in a wife-warning tone. “I helped her pick out that suit yesterday. I told her she could wear it around here. We have a walled estate and the pool area has eight foot privacy fence all around it. She’s nineteen Alexander, we have to start letting her express herself.”

I let out a sigh as I knew I wouldn’t win this argument. I put my head back and closed my eyes until I felt soft hands on my shins and a warm thigh brush against my ankle. I looked down to see Jessica still pouting at me. “You really don’t like it Daddy? What’s wrong with it?”

I paused to collect my thoughts and then said, “Nothing’s wrong with it Jessica. If anything it looks too good on you and I don’t want to have to deal with the train of boys who will be climbing over themselves to get to you in it.”

Her eyes instantly brightened and her smile returned as she replied back. “Oh you’re soooooo sweet Daddy! Don’t worry. I won’t wear this suit for other boys.”

I shook my head and frowned and felt Madison squeeze my hand. “See, you two can compromise! I’m glad you made up.”

“I’m going for a soak in the hot tub,” I declared and stood up and headed off to the side of pool area where a Jacuzzi hot tub was perched slightly higher than the swimming pool itself. I unceremoniously plopped into it and sat back with my head on the edge as I felt the warm water start to work on my tense muscles. I suddenly realized I hadn’t unclenched my shoulders or my jaw since yesterday morning. The warm water was just starting to work when I saw Jessica stand up from her chair and walk to the edge of the pool and dive in. Her form rippled under the surface of the water and my eyes were drawn to her as she swam across the entire pool length and came up on the side right by me. She popped out of the pool and the water cascaded down her tanned skin as she pulled her wet hair back and smiled at me.

“Mind if I join you Daddy?”

“I… uh…”

She just giggled as she slipped gracefully into the water next to me and cuddled up against my side. “You’re so big now Alex. I never noticed that before.”

“What happened to the real Jessica?” I asked in a low tone as I looked over at Madison lounging on the chairs across the pool from us.

“You don’t need to worry about her anymore,” Jessica replied as she moved her hand to my thigh.

“She’s still my daughter. I need to know.”

“Oh are you actually concerned for someone other than yourself Alex? Now there is something I didn’t realize I would see when I slipped into this body,” Jessica said with a smile and her hand wandered to the front of my swimsuit. “She got exactly what she wanted in trade for her life. She’s happier now. That’s all you need to know. I’m not a monster Alex. I wouldn’t hurt someone who had done nothing to me.”

“Bullshit asshole. You are a monster. This is lower than I thought anyone could stoop.”

She began softly stroking my dick through my suit. “Oh Daddy, why are you so angry?”

“I think you know.”

“Hey Daddy, can I tell you a secret?” she asked with big eyes as she looked up at me while still discreetly teasing me under the water’s surface.


“There is one thing I didn’t see coming when I took over Jessica’s life. This little body is constantly fucking horny. I don’t know how she dealt with it. And with the lockdown that you and Mom have over my dating life, it’s no wonder she wanted away from the two of you. I finger-fucked my tight little pussy four times last night, and I woke up this morning so horny I wanted to scream,” she said with a look of lust on her face.

“I don’t want to hear this,” I said as I turned away from her.

“Hey I’m going in for some drinks, do you guys want something?” I suddenly heard Madison call out as she stood up from her chair.

“I would love a sparkling water Mom! Thank you!” Jessica called out happily with a smile.

“I’ll take a bloody mary dear,” I said as I shuffled trying to get Jessica’s hand away from my cock without reaching into the water and letting Madison see me taking her daughter’s hand off me.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a minute!”

As soon as Madison disappeared inside the house Jessica spun and sat on my lap facing me as she slipped her arms around my neck and brought her face right to mine as she started to again grind herself against my stiffening dick. A look of relief crossed her face as her breathing quickened.

“Oh Daddy!” she said with a giggle. “Oh yes Daddy!”

I grabbed her waist to push her off me when she suddenly pressed her face against mine and kissed me passionately. I pulled my head back. “What the fuck!”

“Shh! Not so loud! You don’t want Mommy to come back too soon and catch us do you?” she said with a smirk as she kept grinding against me.

“Stop it! You’re my daughter!”

“Oh, only by marriage Daddy, stop being so boring!” Jessica replied with another giggle. “Besides, I need this. And you’re going to help me or I’ll…”

“I know. You’ll rat me out to either the police or my wife. I get it.”

Jessica’s face went to a look of shock until she quickly recovered and smiled at me. “Good boy! I’m glad you’re starting to understand our relationship. Now grab my tits and squeeze them.”

“What? No!”

“C’mon Daddy! I fucking need this, and we have to hurry before Mom gets back. Grab my tits. Play with my nipples. Hurry the fuck up!” she cussed at me in a needy voice.

Now my breath was coming quickly as I worried about being caught molesting my daughter’s body by my wife who would be returning any moment. Adrenaline kicked in and I grit my teeth as I gave into my blackmailer’s demands. I reached up and roughly pawed at her tits. I groped, squeezed, and massaged as Jessica’s eyes rolled back and she let out a blissful moan. I could feel her nipples pressing out hard through her thin bikini top and I pinched at them through the slippery fabric as she ground down hard on my lap and suddenly started to shutter and press herself against me.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck Daddy, I’m cumming!” she called out far too loudly in a voice oozing sensuality.

She collapsed against me and I felt her cool wet hair stick to my chest as she lay there panting. I pulled my hands away from her and put them out to the sides on the edge of the hot tub. I looked down at her nubile young form and felt my dick quiver and then shook my head violently. What the fuck was wrong with me? This was little Jessica. But as I looked down at her I realized quite suddenly that she was almost an exact carbon copy of Madison, just in nineteen year old form. I looked away before I could draw anymore comparisons and then suddenly felt her get off me.

I opened my eyes as she popped out of the hot tub, her face and chest still flush with her recent orgasm while she was on my lap. I heard a door open and saw Madison walking toward us with her arms full of drinks. Jessica instantly started to walk to her mother and helped her by taking both her glass and mine. She then strutted her way back and leaned over at the waist to hand me my bloody mary as she smiled coyly at me. “Here you go Daddy.”

Madison stepped into the hot tub and came to sit next to me and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as she took a sip of her mimosa. She then looked up at Jessica as she went over and plopped down on a lounge chair near by the hot tub.

“You’re not staying in with us?” Madison asked with a questioning look.

“Oh no. It’s too hot in there for me. I’m roasting.”

I felt Madison’s hand graze my lap and as she felt my bulge I caught a questioning look and I smiled at her. “You look amazing in that suit.”

Her face instantly turned to a lustful look that I couldn’t help but remember moments before on Jessica’s face as she whispered in my ear. “Later Tiger. I’ll take care of you like I always do.”

I winked back at her and then glanced over at Jessica, who was splayed across the chair with her arms and legs spread wide. My eyes were instantly drawn to the small mound with the cleft in it between her legs and I jerked my head back away. I needed to figure out a way to stop this game. I needed to expose Jackson. An idea suddenly popped into my head and I leaned back and relaxed in the bubbling water.

“Hey Jessica, do you remember your fifteenth birthday? I took you and your mother to that horse ranch. You fell in love with that horse that you rode for the weekend. What was its name again? I forget.”

Jessica’s head lifted off the chair and she stared at me strangely for a moment and I smiled as I knew I had the imposter. It was something that only the real Jessica, Madison, and myself would know.

“Buttercup Daddy. The horse’s name was Buttercup,” she replied back as her face changed to a sly grin. “Do you remember the fit that I threw when I wanted you to get her for me? But you said she was just a stupid hay burner. You said that all she was good for was taking perfectly good hay and turning into poop.”

“Oh I remember the horse you had tried to buck you off on our second to last day! You bruised a rib!” Madison said as she covered her laugh with a hand. “What brought up that trip down memory lane dear?”

I wanted to scowl, but I kept my face neutral. How the hell could Jackson know that? What in the hell was I supposed to do now. I just shrugged my shoulders and remained silent and took a drink from my bloody mary as an excuse to keep my mouth shut. I could see Jessica’s triumphant smirk as she laid her head back down on the lounge chair. Rage and lust seemed to be boiling through me and I suddenly looked at Madison. “I’m expecting a phone call soon. I have to check it, and then I’ll be back.”

I got out of the tub and quickly dried off despite Madison asking me to ignore it and stay with her. I needed to cool off before I said or did something to that little imposter that Madison would never forgive me for. I took long strides as I head into the house and went up to my office. I grabbed my phone and called Dominic. “What’s the update on where Jackson’s body was found?”

“I’m still working on everything boss. We got the CSI crew from our police department to look into it, but they don’t have all the findings in yet. They can’t explain it though. He must have been alone in there, but how does someone who is alone stab themselves nineteen times in the chest and hang themselves? And the brain and eyes are missing, but there is no cut marks or anything. Nobody knows how that could happen.”

“Keep pressing them,” I said in a forceful tone and when he asked me why I was so interested I just hung up on him.

I then called my other contact and when he picked up. “Anything yet? You know, about Jackson and some crazy body swap voodoo shit?”

“I’m looking into it Alexander, but so far it’s all just been freak shows and dead ends.”

“Well I don’t care about the cost. Find out everything. Dig into every possibility.”

“Yeah, I’m doing what I can here.”

And then the line went dead. Did he hang up on me? I hung up on other people, they didn’t hang up on me. Who the fuck did he think he was? I slammed my phone down and left the office to go back down to the pool. Madison was sitting on the edge of the hot tub with a bored look on her face. It brightened when she saw me. “How did your phone call go Dear?”

“I didn’t get the answers I was looking for, but they’re still looking for more info. Where is Jessica?”

“she said she was roasting outside and headed in almost right after you left,” Madison said with a shrug.

“Huh,” I said as I thought about what the imposter was up to now.

“You seem more interested in her than usual. Is something up?” Madison asked with raised eyebrows.

“One of the rumors I heard was that she has decided to make friends with a less than reputable boy. I’m still looking into everything.”

“I’m so lucky I have you to keep an eye out for her. I know she doesn’t always appreciate it, but I do,” Madison said sweetly.

I nodded and dropped back into the hot tub next to my wife who set her glass down and slipped into my lap. As she kissed me and began to rub against my body I couldn’t get Jessica’s image out of my head. My dick sprung to life and my wife let out a small groan. “We’re all alone now. Let’s get you taken care of Tiger.”


“I’m going out,” Jessica declared as she walked past her mother and I on the way to the front door.

“Not dressed like that you’re not,” I shot back at her with a disapproving look.

She looked down at her body and back up at me. “What? You want me to dress like a nun or something Daddy?”

She was wearing the tightest pair of jeans I had ever seen on her, which combined with the ankle high five inch heeled black boots she was wearing showed off her legs and ass in spectacular fashion. Her midriff was exposed and her top was simply a vest that was strapped together in the center of her breasts by some gold chains weaving back and forth. Her pert breasts were wobbling slightly in the tight garment and I could plainly see that she had no bra on. Her makeup was done to emphasize her pretty face and eyes and made her look like she was in her mid-twenties instead of the teenager that she was. Her long brown hair was parted on the side and cascaded down her shoulders and also down her back to complete the image of a sexy woman looking for a good time.

“Oh sweetie, I remember wearing more naughty things for you when we first met,” Madison chided me.

“Yeah well, you weren’t nineteen when we met.”

“Daddy! I’m old enough to wear this! You want me to dress in a burlap sack and not have any friends!” she said as she stomped her booted heel down hard.

“I don’t want sleazy boys all over you. That’s all,” I replied as I shook my head.

“Whatever. I’m out of here. You never trust me,” she said as she turned and stomped off.

“Jessica you get back here this instant!” I yelled out.

The only response I got was the front door slamming shut and the engine of her little blue sports car roaring to life and the sound of tires squealing as she drove off down the drive way. I thought about shutting the gate off, which would trap her at the house but Madison’s hand on my arm stopped me. She gave me a pained look. “Oh I thought the two of you were getting along so well the last day or two.”

“I don’t know what’s gotten into that girl,” I said as I grit my teeth and shook my head and hoped Madison bought my act.

“Well, either way would you call Luis? I’d sleep better tonight knowing she was being looked after,” Madison asked as she batted her big eyes at me, once again reminding me of Jessica lately.

I swallowed. I thought for a moment and then finally relented. I pulled out my cell and called Luis. “Hey. I need you to do a job tonight. Jessica just left in a tizzy. Just keep an eye on her tonight. Make sure she’s okay. Oh, and Luis, don’t let her see you or know you’re watching her. Good man. Thanks.”

I nodded to my wife and she slipped her hands in mine and gently tugged at me. “Jess is out of the house! Let me show you the new lingerie I got the other day!”


I was woken in the dead of the night by something poking my nose. I jerked awake and in the dim light saw Jessica looking down at me as she straddled my torso.

“What the…” I hissed at her and she held a finger to my lips to stop me.

“Hush. We don’t want to wake Mommy, do we?” she said in an evil tone.

“…fuck do you want?” I finished my sentence in a much softer and lower tone.

“I told you no escorts. Are you fucking stupid or something? Did you not understand what I meant? I guess now it’s time to show you what happens when simple rules can’t be followed,” she said and I looked down to see a ridiculously large knife in her hand held just above my cock with the blade almost grazing it.

“Wait! No!” I hissed again.

“Shhhhh!” she warned and then leaned forward. “It’s a shame to fuck such a nice dick up, but it’s the only way you’re going to learn.”

“It wasn’t me asshole!”

“What?” she whispered.

“It was Madison. She always has Jessica followed when she leaves dressed like that after a fight,” I replied. “I mean, she asked me to call, but it was her idea, I swear!”

Suddenly I saw a knife in Jessica’s other hand as well. She brought it to my neck as she leaned forward. “Well, I don’t appreciate it. Maybe when you’re dickless you’ll have a bit more of a backbone and stand up to your wife.”

“No! No no no!” I said roughly. “Jackson st…”

“JESSICA!” she hissed at me and I saw raw anger flash in her eyes as I felt the edge of the knife nick my skin.

“Jessica, wait. We can work this out.”

“Oh I doubt that very much. You do not understand what it is like in this body and that fucking goon you had tailing me stopped every single boy I could find that was willing to scratch my itch!” Jessica was starting to get hysterical now and her mother let out a soft groan as she rolled over.

“Okay! Okay! Absolutely no more tails. Even when my wife asks. Never again.” I said and as I tried to work my hands free from under her knees. How had she slipped in here and pulled back the sheets and gotten on top of me without me waking up? The new Jessica was like a ninja or something.

She huffed and I saw her face contort with various emotions before she finally pulled the knife away from my dick. “Fine. But you owe me and I’ll be collecting. If you don’t give me what I want, I will be back for little Mr. Willy here. And then I’m letting the info go to the cops. You can sit in jail with a bandaged stump while I rip your family apart from the inside.”

I nodded. I wasn’t in a strong negotiating position at the moment. Jessica then gave me an evil smile as she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips while the knife was still at my throat. “Okay, sleep well Daddy. I’ll see you in the morning.”

And just like that she was off me and heading toward the door, one knife swinging in each hand as her hips swayed with her gait. My head dropped back against my pillow as she left and I let out a sigh. I sucked in a breath of relief as I looked down to make sure everything was still attached and functioning and then felt at my neck to wipe the blood there. Madison then rolled over and I felt an arm swing across my chest as she snuggled into me in her sleep.


The next morning I went down in my robe and found Jessica in the kitchen scowling at a plate of eggs as her mother chatted happily about how lovely of a day it looked to be. As I sat down in front of my own plate Jessica shot me an evil sidelong glance and I couldn’t resist. “Didn’t sleep well Sweetie?”

She growled in response and pushed her plate away and left the kitchen. As she headed for the stairs her mother called out loudly after her. “Remember we have church in an hour and ten!”

I let out a low chuckle and Madison frowned at me. “You don’t have to antagonize her Alexander.”

“What? Why am I in the dog house? What did I do?”

“Just eat your eggs.”

I grumbled and ate my breakfast and then got ready for church. We met downstairs and all took my large black sedan to church. I was in a suit and Madison was wearing a pale pink dress that went down to her ankles but left her arms exposed, though she covered those with a shawl. Jessica wore a light blue dress that went just below her knees along with some four inch heeled peep toes and a matching hairband to keep her hair out of her face. It was actually one of the more tame things I had seen her wear in over a month.

She sat in church much as she usually did with a bored look on her face, and one time Madison even had to reach out and gently poke her so that Jessica would slip her phone back into her small purse. When the service was done she followed the two of us out and climbed into the back of the car with a scowl still on her pretty face. As we drove across town Madison chatted happily despite me and her daughter being particularly silent. This was actually fairly typical. I almost wondered if it really was the imposter, or if he had given up. When Madison mentioned meeting a group of her friends for a social at the local museum for a late lunch Jessica’s face suddenly brightened.

“Well that sounds fun Mom!” she jumped into the conversation.

Madison, buoyed by the fact that someone was interested in chatting with her turned in her seat and started to go into great detail about what her little group would be doing. Jessica nodded enthusiastically and I rolled my eyes and wondered what she had up her sleeve this time. The real Jessica had never cared about her mother’s socials.

When we got home Jessica disappeared to her room and Madison went to ours to get ready. I went to my office and checked in with what was happening. I lost track of time and suddenly heard Madison knocking on the door frame as she peered in.

“I’m leaving now, okay Dear?”

I nodded but didn’t reply as I was on the phone. Madison then added. “Check in on Jessica in a little bit okay? Maybe you two can get lunch together or something.”

I again nodded and then watched as Madison left the doorway and headed out. I kept working for a while longer until suddenly I heard a loud yelp come from the direction of Jessica’s room. I put down my pen and hung up on the person I was talking to and went to investigate. I quickly made my way down the hall and opened the door as I asked loudly. “Jessica? Are you okay…?”

My voice went silent as I saw her lying naked on her bed, squirming on her sheets as she worked herself into a frenzy. Her left hand grasped a breast and squeezed hard and then slipped to the nipple as she pinched it and twisted as her face contorted in both pleasure and pain and she let out another loud yelp. I stood there for a moment watching her other hand as her fingers worked in and out of her glistening pussy. The wet sounds and the smell of her musk was all around the room and I shuffled nervously and started to close the door until I saw her eyes slit open and lock onto me.

“Oooooh, hi Daddy!” she got out in a low and lustful tone. “Do you like to watch? Does that turn you on?”

“Jessica what are you…”

“You know what I’m doing Daddy. Would you like to help?”

“I… I can’t…”

“Yes. You can,” she said as she finally stopped molesting herself and sat up to look at me with anger in her eyes. “You owe me! I let you keep your dick now get it out and fucking use it!”

“Jessica, I can’t! You’re my…”

“Then get over here and use your fucking fingers! Use your fucking tongue! Use a fucking plunger, I don’t give a fuck what you use but I need to get off!” she screamed at me and I finally saw a crack in the imposter’s armor.


“Aaaaaaah!” she screamed as she went back to fingering herself feverishly and grabbing at her breasts as her back arched on the bed and her eyes rolled back in her head. “Ooooh, oh there it is. Oh yes. Oh fucking finally.”

She fell limp against the bed as her breath came in ragged gasps. She wiped the sweat from her brow and pulled the sweaty hair from her face as she smiled over in my direction. “Did you enjoy the show Daddy?”

“You fucking bitch.”

“Well, I just noticed you didn’t leave. You stood there to watch right until the end.”

“Fuck you.”

“Okay, come over here!” she said with a playful giggle.

I let out a grunt of disgust and spun and to leave. I walked down the hall quickly back to my office and was about to pick up my phone and make more calls when Jessica suddenly appeared in the doorway still naked and smiling. “Why are you fighting this so much Daddy? It’s going to happen you know.”

“Shut up Jackson.”

“JESSICA!” she screamed at me and her face twisted into hot rage. “MY NAME IS JESSICA YOU STUPID FUCK!”

“Problems Jackson? You seem to be a little on edge this afternoon?” I said with a gruff chuckle.

She sneered at me and then took a breath and reached up to smooth her hair back. “You know what, I am. I think I’ll go take a shower and head out for a bit.”

“Sounds good Jackson. Just be home before curfew.”

She rolled her eyes at me and then left the doorway. I heard her light footsteps go down the hall and went back to work. I still needed more info. I suddenly remembered the first time I found out about Jessica being an imposter… She had said something about meeting people on the inside. I reached out to some private eyes who use to work for me when Jackson also worked for me. I knew he used some of them as well. I was just finishing my call with the third one when Jessica once again walked into the doorway.

She was dressed to the nines in a dress so short I was certain the bottom of her ass cheeks would be hanging out at any moment. It was sliced open under her breasts to show off her taunt stomach and it was simply banding around her back to the very top of her ass cheeks. If the dress went up or down in the least something would be exposed. Her makeup was done heavily and she had bright dangly earrings to draw attention to her face, although that dress and that body would make certain it was a struggle for any man. She had black strappy heels on that enhanced the look of her long legs.

“I’m heading out now Daddy,” she said in a happy tone.

I ignored her and started dialing again as I listened to the clip clop of her heels down the hallway. I also heard her slam the front door hard. I smiled and started talking to another private eye. About the time I was finishing the call I heard the front door slam one more time and heard small heeled feet stomping back down the hallway. Jessica appeared in my doorway and crossed her arms. “Where are the plug wires?”

“What’s that dear daughter?”

“The spark plug wires for my car. Where are they?”

“How would I know? It’s not my car,” I replied smugly.

She stomped across my office and slammed her small hands down on my desk. “Not funny.”

“Car problems never are.”

“You think this will keep me here?”

“Well, I know you don’t have any money in your account for a taxi, and I also know that Jessica doesn’t have many friends and all of them are too superficial to give her a ride.”

“I fucking hate you!” she screamed at me which caused me to smile.

“Now you sound more like the real Jessica.”

She glared at me for several minutes until she suddenly let out a breath and relaxed. Her body lost its tension as she took a step back.

“Now you’re going to threaten me?”

“Of course not Daddy,” she replied with a sudden smile. “It was just a lover’s quarrel. I know you just want what’s best for me.”

“Well this is new,” I said with raised eyebrows.

“I just realized that there is a reason you’re still playing these games. It’s because all I’ve done so far is threaten,” she then spun on her heels and strutted out of my office as she called out over her shoulder. “Have a lovely evening Daddy. It may be the last one you have for a while.”

I wondered what she meant and why she was so happy. Had I just stepped on a land mine? I almost stood up and chased after her, but decided that would be playing into her hands. I started making calls to protect myself against anything on that thumb drive from getting out, and making a few preemptive measures against a few other things that Jackson had always thought were weak spots he had warned me about.


“How was everyone’s day? Did you both get along?” Madison asked as she walked in the spacious living room and walked over to me.

“We both survived,” I replied to her with a shrug.

“Just survived?” she frowned. “I hoped it would go better than that.”


“MOM!” I heard Jessica call out in a loud tone as she stomped into the room. “Mom he broke my car!”

“What?” she asked as she spun to look at our daughter.

“I wanted to go out for a bit, but he broke my car! It won’t start because he did something to it!”

“I didn’t do anything to her car. I haven’t been out front all day,” I replied with a smug grin. I knew the imposter couldn’t tell Madison about the plug wires specifically because Jessica didn’t know the first thing about cars.

“Then one of his gorillas did it!” she said with a stomp.

“Why would I pay one of my own people to break a car? I pay people to fix your car.”

“Sweetie, I’m sure Alexander didn’t…”

“Oh of course you take his side!” she stomped her foot again and then tears started well up in her eyes.

“Sweetie calm down. We’ll figure this out…” Madison started and then let her voice trail off as we both watched Jessica turn and run from the room as she started to sob.

“I suppose I’ll go…” I said as I started to get up until Madison put a hand on my chest to stop me.

“You’ve done enough today it would seem,” Madison said to me with a sigh as she got up and followed after her daughter. “Why can’t the two of you just get along? Is it really that hard? She’s a headstrong nineteen year old girl, not a business rival.”

I let out a sigh as I realized it would be a long night.


I reached out next to me in the sheets and felt Madison’s soft skin. The warmth of her body and the scent of her hair was the best part of my morning. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her to me as I felt the swell of her breast in my hand. Something seemed just a touch off though… Was that the scent of her hair? Her breast seemed to levitate in my hand and her nipple was hard enough to cut glass. I opened my eyes and saw Jessica’s smiling face lying on the pillow next to mine. I jerked my face away as she let out a peel of laughter. “Good morning Daddy, are you enjoying my tit? Does it feel like Mom’s? Or maybe a bit perkier?”

I suddenly realized it was Jessica’s well-formed breast that was in my hand and her nubile body that was pressed up against me, not her mother’s. I tried to push away from her but our limbs were tangled together in a morning lover’s embrace. She did relent a little and let me pull my arms and legs away from her.

“Where is Madison? What have you done with her? Why are you in my bed?” I hissed at her as I sat up and rubbed at my scalp.

“Why would you think I did anything to Mom? She always does hot yoga first thing Monday morning, remember Daddy?” Jessica looked over at me like the perfect picture of innocence. “And I’m in your bed because you looked so lonely all by yourself and it just seemed like it would be nice and warm cuddled up to you,” she paused and then added with a mischievous grin. “I also thought from how loud and late the two of you fought last night you might want some company. Is everything alright? Are you and Mom going to get a divorce?”

“Don’t be a stupid twit. You know what’s going on. You caused it,” I replied and then added. “We are not getting a divorce over your stupid little meltdown. You think the real Jessica didn’t cause some friction with her tantrums too? We’ll be fine.”

“Isn’t it nice to just talk like this Daddy? To answer each other’s questions back and forth like this? I like it. It’s like we’re bonding.”

“Okay, then let me ask some. How did you know that horse’s name? Only the real Jessica would have known that.”

“Jessica gave me all of her memories along with her body. And from personal experience I can see why she needed out. Neither of you understand just how high her libido is and she didn’t like to pleasure herself. You’re lucky she didn’t go insane,” The imposter said as she fluttered Jessica’s eyelashes at me.

“How do I get the real Jessica back?” I couldn’t believe I was actually getting some answers, so I felt like pressing my luck.

“Sorry. Not possible. The trip out of the body is one way. You can’t go back,” she said with a shrug as she sat up and I looked away from her perky tits as they bounced.

“How do I get rid of you? How did you do it?”

“If you really want those answers, you have to answer some of my questions first Daddy,” she said with a Cheshire cat grin.


She flopped back down in the bed and kicked the covers off and spread her legs. She was only wearing the tiniest pink thong and she spread her legs as she glanced at me. “Is this where you fuck Mom? On this side? Does she just lay back and spread her legs like this and you crawl on top of her and spear her with your cock? Do you make her sleep in the wet spot?”

I closed my eyes and shook my head.

“C’mon Daddy, tell me!” she said with a light hearted giggle.

“You sick fuck.”

“I’m exactly what you made me Daddy,” she growled back in a low tone.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.” I took a sidelong look at her as she smiled brightly from my answers.

Suddenly she sat up and spun into my lap and pushed my shoulders back down to the bed as she straddled me once more. She gathered her long hair in her hands and held it up on top of her head and began rocking her hips against me. “Does she ever push you down and ride you cowgirl style like this? That way you can see her tits bounce as she moans your name. Does she ever just smile sweetly at you and tell you to lay back and enjoy it because she’ll do all the work?”

My dick was half hard as usual in the morning and from Jessica’s smooth skin and friction it was rapidly stiffening to its full size and hardness. I tried to push her off me but she just let go of her hair and directed my hands to her chest and giggled as I pulled them back. “No! No alright, no! She doesn’t like it on top. Now answer my questions!”

“Just one more of mine, and then I’ll answer yours.”

“Fine. What?”

“Do you ever wish she would?”

I looked hard at Jessica’s face as she stopped rocking her hips and smiled down at me sweetly. “Do you ever wish she would climb on top of you Daddy? Just like I’m doing right now? And you could relax for a bit while she got you off?”

I looked off to the side and then I felt Jessica lean forward on me and press her breasts against my chest. I felt her hair fall across my skin and her hot breath on my neck. I looked back at her as she waited patiently with raised eyebrows for my answer.

“Yes,” I spat out the word like I hated it.

She giggled with glee as she whispered seductively. “I’ll do it for you Daddy. I mean, if you want. You can even close your eyes and pretend it’s not me. I don’t care.”

“Jessica, please…”

“Please fuck you cowgirl style?”

“No, please stop. This is… I just… I can’t…”

“Daddy, you’re stiff as a board. I think you can you just don’t want to. I can feel your hard dick brushing up against my wet little pussy through these tiny panties…”

“Please no!”

Jessica sighed and lifted herself up on my chest, but went back to slowly grinding on my stiff member. “You wanted to know how to get rid of me, right?”

I looked up at her with surprise and nodded.

She started to rock her hips faster and began panting. “You… You have to… have to kill me… to get… get rid of… me…”

“What?” I questioned as I tried to squirm out from under her.

“It’s… my body now… The only way… out is death…” she said as she kept working herself on me.

“How did… you do it?” I asked as I tried to think about baseball stats and grandmas.

She suddenly peaked and her head rocked back as she screamed out loudly while her orgasm shook her body. Her nails dug into my chest and I could feel her soaking through both her panties and my boxers. She looked down at me with a blissful smile through messy hair as she simply said, “I didn’t do it.”

She then leaned forward and quickly kissed my lips before popping off me and walking to the door of the bedroom. As she turned to go down the hallway she smiled at me. “Daddy, you better hurry or you’ll be late for work.”


I was in a foul mood as I sat at my desk and looked through earning statements. So far not a single one of my searches into how Jackson had managed to slip into my daughter’s body had paid off in the slightest. I was told I would have the photos of Jackson’s cell by the end of the day and I was hoping that might help. I rubbed my temples as I looked at the profit statements and wondered why they were just a touch low again this month. Everything had been trending upward.

Suddenly my screen flickered and changed to a video of Jessica’s bedroom. Centered in the screen was Jessica sitting at her desk. She smiled and waved at the camera. “Hi Daddy! I miss you! Do you miss me? I’ve been thinking about what we talked about this morning… I can’t get it out of my mind. If you want me to ride you I totally will. You just have to say the word. Here, let me show you some of what I can do, just so you understand I’ll do whatever you want.”

She stood from the chair and I saw she was just wearing the wisplike black panties she had shown me on the first night and a matching bra. She began to move her hips and sway to music that suddenly started to play. I frowned at the screen and wondered how she got this video to play.

“What the fuck? How did this video get on my…”

She stopped her dance on the screen and looked at me. “It’s not a video silly, it’s a live feed. I used a program on the thumb drive you put in your computer. I can control anything.”

“You fucking cunt.”

“Daddy! Such language!” she paused and then smiled at the screen. “Actually I like a bit of dirty talk. It really gets me going. Do you want to call me a cunt? Will that get you hard Daddy?”

I started to tap at keys and hit buttons and Jessica let out a giggle. “That won’t help Daddy. Not until I give you back control. Oh! By the way, you should totally check out the Farnsworth and Vilster account. They’re screwing you harder than I want to. It’s so blatant that they’re trimming off the top before your cut that I’m really surprised your accountants didn’t catch it… unless the one handling that account is getting a kick back, I suppose. Oh, and something smells funny with the Bolmann account too.”

“Shut up!” I screamed at the screen.

“Oh, did I cross a line? You don’t like smart women? You want me to act like a vapid bimbo Daddy? In that case I won’t tell you that Luis is dealing on the side with one of your rivals… Oops! I guess I did. I’m such an airhead sometimes.”

Suddenly there was a buzz on my intercom. My receptionist’s voice called out. “There are two policemen here to see you Mr. Belciano. Hey! Hey you can’t just go in there!”

“Oh! Are you in trouble Daddy? Were you looking at porn in your office? Of your own daughter? Is that why the police are there?” I heard Jessica’s voice ask with playful curiosity.

I looked up and saw two plain clothed detectives barge into my office as my receptionist continued to squawk at them. I looked down at my monitor and then dove under my desk and found the power cord and yanked it hard. The whole computer let out a strange garble as it shut down instantly.

“Something wrong with your computer Mr. Belciano?” I heard a deep voice ask.

“It’s got a virus or something. Janice call down to IT and tell them to get me a new computer up here right now. Also have them look on the network for any viruses. And have them put this one in the trunk of my car,” I told her and then looked at the officers. “What can I do for you fine gentlemen today?”

“Oh cut the crap Alexander. You know why we’re here,” one of them said in the same deep voice I had heard before.

“You’re looking to invest money? If that’s the case you’ll have to make an appointment.”

“You killed Freddie Robinson.”

“What? Why would I kill my friend from college? I was trying to help him get clean,” I replied to them as I sat down in my chair. “Did anyone contact his mother? She should probably know… That poor woman…”

The second officer finally spoke up. “We have your prints at the crime scene.”

“Where was it? If it was at his house or car or something we’ve hung out before, which would explain…”

“It was on the shell casings we found at the scene,” The first officer cut me off. “You have a Smith and Wesson three fifty seven magnum, right? There’s one registered in your name.”

“Um, yes I have one, but it’s at the gun club I belong too. I haven’t been there or even shot it in months. It never leaves the club either. I have a gun locker there. My wife doesn’t like firearms in the house, you see,” I told them with a shrug.

“So how do you explain your prints on the shell casings?”

“A possible mistake made by your crime scene investigators? It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened to me with the city police,” I said with raised eye brows as I coolly stared down the officers. “In fact you folks have tried to fabricate evidence twice to bring me in on phony charges, so you better make certain you have your facts straight or my lawyers will make another few million on a counter lawsuit for harassment.”

“There were seven shell casings. That means you fired all six shots in your revolver, dumped them, and reloaded just to pop one more into Freddie. That’s a hell of a vendetta.”

“Why would I just put one bullet in a revolver? And then dump just that one bullet? Look gentlemen, if you’re here to arrest me, let’s do this. If not you need to be on your way. I’m very busy today,” I stood up and motioned for them to leave just as some tech geek was coming into my room with a computer box.

“No, you’re not under arrest yet Mr. Belcaino, but don’t leave town, okay?” The first officer said as he stared at me.

“I don’t have any plans, but I’ll make certain to have my receptionist contact you if that changes. Leave your cards with her.”


“You bugged my computer you little cunt!” I swore at Jessica while she painted her finger nails on her bed causing her to turn and look at me with wide eyes. “And how the fuck did you get my finger prints on bullet casings?”

“What are you talking about Daddy?”

“Don’t give me that big eyed innocent look. I will bury you Jack…”

“Say that name again and I will shank you tonight while you’re sleeping,” she cut me off in a mercilessly evil tone.

I remembered the knives and instead of continuing I flexed my hands and stomped back and forth at the entrance to her room. She sat there as unfazed as I had been with the police. The little bitch knew something. She had plans in motion.

“Hey, did you look into the accounts I mentioned?” she asked casually as she brought her hand close to her face for inspection.

“How the fuck did you know about that too?”

“Daddy calm down. I don’t like it when you yell at me,” she said as she waved her hand around in the air.

“I’ll calm down when…”

“When what? You figure out how I’m now seven steps ahead of you?”

I brought my hands to my temples. This was maddening. I looked at her as she sat on her bed like a fucking princess without a care in the world. I stomped over to her bed and suddenly she looked up at me. I reached out with my hands and I grabbed her shoulders and shoved her down to the bed. It was all I could do not to slip my hands around her neck when suddenly she grabbed my hands and moved them there herself.

“It doesn’t take much pressure to strangle someone Daddy, you can do it.”

My anger suddenly flipped to fear. She was expecting this? I yanked my hands to my side and took a step back.

“Not killing me is probably for the best, if you kill me you don’t know which body I’ll end up in next and at least if I’m Jessica you know where I am,” she said with a smile.

“Your next body?” I muttered and stumbled over to her office chair.

“Oh did you want me to keep that a secret? Sorry Daddy. I should have given you a spoiler alert.”

I sat there for a bit with my head in my hands and she continued to paint her nails until finally she looked over at me. “Did you check into Luis?”

“No. It’s been a busy day.”

“Well if you’d quit wasting half your resources looking into the death of the business associate you framed that would free up a lot more resources to deal with new threats,” she said smugly.

“Oh you’d like me to stop digging into that, wouldn’t you? I’m going to find a way to reverse this.”

“No Daddy, you’re not. It’s a one way trip. You need to start accepting this. Oh, and tomorrow after you look into Luis you need to call over to Boseman-Fletcher and talk to a man named Andrew Pinkle. He’s an insufferable little toad of a man, but if you tell him about your finger print problem, he’ll help you figure it out,” she said as she brushed at her finger nail once more and then let out a little sigh. “Shit. FUCK FUCK FUCK. I missed and got some skin.”

“Why should I trust you?”

She looked up at me with a glare and then said in a cold voice. “Because if anyone is going to kill you, ruin your life, or put you in jail it is going to be me. You’re mine. All mine. No one else can have you.”

“That’s why you’re helping me?”

“Well, I guess Mom can have you too… but I expect to be getting a lot more action here shortly. You better not leave me wanting,” she mumbled to herself and then blew some hair out of her face.

“Where is your mother?”

She looked up at me with a happy smile. “Did you just call her my mother? Thank you Daddy! See, now that wasn’t hard!”

I just shook my head and she continued. “She’s getting a dress for the charity dinner tomorrow night. You got your tux pressed right? She told you to do it like a week ago.”


She rolled her eyes. “It’s in your closet. I took care of it. I knew you’d forget with all this revenge business and police business and your regular business business.”

“Um… thanks…”


“No. Absolutely not. You are not wearing that slut outfit.”


“Sweet pea, your father may be right on this one. That dress may be just a touch daring for the charity dinner tonight,” Madison said to Jessica as we gathered at the foot of the stairs by the front door.

“FINE! I’ll go put on a parka and goulashes!” Jessica screamed as she stomped back up the stairs in the utterly unacceptable black dress she had tried to go out the other night in.

“And wash some of that makeup off. You’re only nineteen,” I added as she turned the corner.

“OH MY GOD!” she squealed out as she stomped back to her room.

Madison gave me the look and I let out a breath. “Sorry.”

“Don’t tell me sorry. Go tell her.”

“Okay. I don’t want to fight with either of you. I am genuinely sorry.”

“Alexander,” she said as I started my way up the stairs.

“Yes love of my life?”

“Apologize for calling it a slut outfit. That was also uncalled for.”

I got to Jessica’s room and knocked on the door lightly.

“What?” Jessica’s voice shouted through at me.

“I’m sorry I told you to wash off the make-up and called your dress a slut outfit.”

“Mom made you say that didn’t she?”

“Pretty much.”

Her door opened and she was standing in yet another black mini dress. This one was simply sexy and probably a bit on the revealing side but compared to her last dress it was a parka. She smiled at me and said, “Well, I’ll forgive you if you let me have some spending cash.”

“You were never planning on wearing that other dress were you? You knew we’d send you back up here.”

“I knew you’d send me back up here regardless unless I was wearing a floor length gown, so yes I started with what I knew you would hate and then this one wouldn’t look so daring despite being the one I really wanted to wear,” she replied with a shrug. “Now about that cash…”

“Sometimes you act just like her you know. How much do you need?”

“Four thousand seven hundred and fifty.”

I blinked at her several times as she smiled at me. “Um, no.”

“I thought we were having a moment,” she pouted.

“I don’t have that much on me.”

“Can I have a credit card?” she asked me with big eyes.

“No. You have a debit card already. Quit emptying your account on the first day. Or go get a job.”

She let out a sigh. “Old me drained it the first day. New me hasn’t gotten the chance to try a budget.”

“Oh,” I said as I looked at her. “Um, well… okay, here’s five hundred. It’s half of what I have on me, but I need some for tonight too.”

“Thank you Daddy!” she said sweetly as she popped onto her toes and kissed me on the lips.

“Okay that…”

“Was blissful,” she finished for me and started down the hall.

“No, that needs to stop.”

“Calm down Daddy. You’re so easy to wind up,” she replied as she strutted down the hallway.

“Hey… What’s it… you know, what’s it like?” I asked her and she glanced back at me with a smirk.

“What? Being a woman? Heels are pain. Panties are sexy. Boobs look like more fun than they really are to lug around all day. Men really are pigs. Sitting to pee isn’t that bad until you have to use a public restroom. I haven’t done the period thing yet. I’ll keep you updated.”

I let out a chuckle and felt Jessica slip her arm into mine as we went down the stairs together. Madison looked up from the bottom and smiled happily at us. “Oh thank you! I was not looking forward to spending the night with you two staring daggers at each other from across the room.”


I was talking to the senator about some upcoming issues I thought we needed to get in front of when suddenly Madison tugged on my arm. She pointed across the room and I saw some walking male magazine advertisement leaning in close to Jessica’s face. She pulled back and gave the young man a polite smile and then pushed back on his forehead with one finger. He apparently didn’t get the hint and leaned in again and made a fairly poor attempt to cover up looking down the front of her dress. She set down her drink and slipped to the side and then out one of the doors in the large banquet hall we were standing in. I patted Madison’s arm reassuringly. “She can handle herself.”

I went back to talking to the senator and when I was done there I moved on to a man who I knew owned large sums of land across the city. He slapped my back and I held up a drink for him. Madison always seemed to remember what these stuffy old men drank and I was grateful for it. She absolutely flourished at these social gatherings. When someone else walked in that she thought I should rub elbows with she ran interference for me and freed me up from my current conversation so that I could slip away and get to the new networking target.

I had accidently overstepped her guidance towards the end of the night and suddenly I was out of sight from her. I looked around and didn’t see her scarlet red dress anywhere. I ducked into a hallway and still didn’t see her. I headed back to the restrooms as long as I was free, and after that I went to the far back of the hall where almost no one wandered down to as it was a bit secluded. I didn’t see her there either, but suddenly something caught my attention.

“No! Stop it!”

That was Jessica’s voice. I followed it to a doorway and looked down an intersecting hallway that appeared to only connect to a fire escape out the back. There in the hall was the same pretty boy that had been all over her before. He now had her backed into a corner of the hallway and was leaning in far too close to be considered having a casual chat. I saw him reach down and touch her legs with one of his hands and he slipped it up her thigh and under her dress. She squirmed and put one hand down to the hem of her dress and the other one came around fast and cracked off the young man’s cheek. His face spun and then he turned back to look at her with anger in his eyes. I wasn’t quite close enough to hear what they were saying clearly, but he was either calling her a witch or a bitch.

I felt my blood start to boil as I made my way down the hallway and saw him brush her hand off her dress and then he returned to reaching up her thighs. I saw her nose scrunch in anger and suddenly her long leg was coming up with lightning speed as she kneed him in the groin hard. The young man fell to his knees groaning and then tried to struggle to his feet as Jessica’s drink was being poured on his head. As he was struggling to his feet he reached up to grab a handful of her long hair and pulled her face down to his.

And then I was there. I grabbed the kid’s wrist and forced my fingers in deeply along where his tendons ran and twisted, causing him to let go of her hair instantly. I yanked the boy upright and shoved him to the emergency exit and then unceremoniously kicked the door open, tossed him out, and pulled it back shut. I turned to see Jessica staring at me wide eyed.

“What the hell was that all about?”

“He thought I would make a good story to his college buddies. I’m not certain he’ll tell it the way it actually happened now.”

“Are you okay?”

She nodded quickly and then slipped her own hands under the hemline of her dress and tugged down her panties. She stepped out of them one leg at a time and the brought them up to her hand on her heeled foot. She made her way over to me and looked up with big brown eyes as she said, “He wanted these for a trophy, but I think the trophy should go to the hero.”

She tucked them in my inside jacket pocket and then hugged me tightly.

“Jessica, I…”

“Shut up. Just let me have this one time, okay? I bought them for you anyway.”

“I didn’t want to hear that,” I mumbled at her.

“Too bad. Where is Mom? I thought you two were schmoozing?”

“I lost her in the crowd,”

She sighed and muttered. “Men.”

The next thing I knew she was tugging me back to the main hall and we were moving through the crowd once more. As I watched her work, she functioned at a very similar level to her mother. Not quite as polished but Madison had way more experience than Jessica at this. Jessica seemed to know people that even I didn’t know and I wondered if that was the imposter’s knowledge or hers. Either way she suddenly smiled broadly and tugged me into the next group and I saw Madison’s face light up as she saw the two of us.

“Hey, I lost you for a bit there.”

“I was wondering where you got to,” she replied as she slipped her fingers into mine.

“I was lost. Jessica brought me back.”

“How sweet. I really hope the two of you can work it out and keep this going.”

“We’ll see. I can’t make any promises.”


The next morning I was reading the paper in the kitchen over breakfast when suddenly Madison stomped up to me and slapped at my shoulder.

“Whose fucking panties are these Alexander?” I heard Madison ask me with an ice cold tone.


“Whose fucking panties are these?” she asked again in the same tone as she held up the almost transparent lacey undergarments.

“I… uh…” My brain was stuck as I saw my wife waving around Jessica’s panties which had come out of my inside coat pocket.

“This shouldn’t be a hard question Alexander. Whose fucking panties are these?” she shoved them in my face. “They came out of your coat. It would seem reasonable to me that you would know how they got there.”

“I…” I couldn’t tell her that her daughter had tucked her panties in my pocket just before kissing me.

“Don’t stutter Alexander, it makes you look like an idiot. Especially on such a simple question. Are you looking for some whore on the side? Am I not enough for you?”

“No! I mean, yes! I… I mean…”

“Whose PANTIES!” she screamed as my heart was now going a mile a minute and I could feel myself start to sweat.

“Why are you shoving my underwear in Daddy’s face?” I suddenly heard Jessica ask as she looked in from the doorway.

“You’re underwear?” Madison looked at her with a baffled expression.

“Yes those are mine,” Jessica said again as she looked at her mother.

Madison looked again to me for an explanation and again I felt the same racing heart and sweating until I heard Jessica’s voice once again.

“You told her Daddy?” she had hurt and betrayal in her tone.

“I…” I stuttered out again as I felt caught between a rock and a hard place.

“You said you wouldn’t tell her! You promised it would stay between us!” Jessica wailed out as her eyes began watering.


“You always fucking lie to me! Why? Why would you tell her what that boy did? I bet you told her I snuck some wine too! Now I’m the drunken slut daughter! You said you’d keep it a secret! I fucking HATE YOU!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as her hands clenched by her sides.

“What boy? What wine?” Madison asked as she looked between me and Jessica.

Jessica sniffled and then a surprised look painted her face. “You didn’t tell her?”

“Well someone better tell me pretty quick,” Madison said as she planted her hands on her hips.

“I got an older boy to get me some wine at the party. I didn’t want to be the only one there not drinking. Well, I liked it and he asked if I wanted more. He got me another glass and he was telling me I was pretty and how he really liked me and how he wanted to make me happy. And then he got me another glass and I didn’t want it, but he said I should come on a walk with him and I could just sip it on the way, and then the next thing I knew we were down this kinda dark hallway and I was scared and he pinned me to the wall and he was kissing on me and he had his hands on me and then he said he wanted my panties as a souvenir of the night. I didn’t want to give them to him, but I was so scared and he had his hand up my dress and then he was pulling them down, and so I tried to kick him, but I missed and he pulled them the rest of the way down and I was losing my balance and I was laying on the floor and he pulled them off me, and then he started to laugh at me and I was crying and then Daddy showed up. He pushed the guy out the fire door and then I heard him getting into a fist fight and then he came back in to see if I was okay…” Jessica stopped her rapid fire talking to suck in a breath as tears began to stream down her cheeks. “And I was so embarrassed and I was crying and he picked me up and he carried me to a bench and he made sure I was okay, but I was feeling a little tipsy and so he stayed and held my hand for a while and then I felt better but I had raccoon eyes and so he helped me to the bathroom and then I couldn’t stop crying and I made him promise not to tell you Mom because I didn’t want you to think I was a drunken slut and I didn’t want everyone to know that a boy took my underwear because I would have been so embarrassed and I just couldn’t handle it so I made him promise that he wouldn’t say anything.”

Jessica took a deep sucking breath as she started to sob and Madison darted over to her daughter and wrapped her arms around her. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry that happened to you, are you okay? You don’t have to be ashamed baby. I would never think poorly of you.”

Jessica wrapped her arms around her mother as she started to cry into her shoulder. “I was so scared Mom! If Daddy wouldn’t have come I don’t know…” she was suddenly sobbing so hard she couldn’t talk.

I eventually managed to shake off my stupor and go over and gently pat Jessica’s head as she sobbed into her mother’s shoulder. Madison looked up at me like I was twenty feet tall and made of steel as she mouthed, I’m sorry and thank you to me. I didn’t know what else to do so I just simply nodded and then looked around the room and handed her a box of tissues.

After about ten minutes Madison managed to get Jessica to calm down enough to help her to her room. The girls were upstairs for a while and then Madison came down carrying a waste basket full of spent tissues and sighed as she dropped onto a stool.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s asleep. It takes a lot out of a one hundred and thirteen pound girl to cry that hard,” Madison replied. “I’m sorry I accused you of some random hook up. I feel like the worst wife ever.”

“Oh I think most women would have thought and reacted how you did dear.”

“Well you’re the best father and husband ever,” she replied as she patted my hand. “Which boy was it?”

“You remember that one with the wavy blonde hair you pointed out in the middle of the night?”

“Um… oh yes, I remember.”


“I hoped you broke his fucking nose,” Madison said with unexpected vindictiveness.

“It really wasn’t that much of a fight dear. I don’t think Jessica is remembering it quite right.”

“Well who can blame her after that experience? I’m just glad you were there to help her.”

“Well, that’s why I want her to…”

“If you’re going to say something about how she dresses you need to drop it. It still doesn’t give any boy the right to…”

“You’re right. Sorry.” I looked up the stairs. “Is she going to be okay? I mean, I should go in to work, I’m already a bit late, but I don’t want to be the insensitive jerk who just up and leaves when she’s crying.”

“Oh Sweetheart, you go. You’ve done more than enough already. Thank you! You’re so sweet to us both.”

I kissed her on the forehead and asked her to give Jessica my best when she woke up and I headed out. After the short drive to the office I was sitting at my desk looking through photos of Jackson’s death. As gruesome as they were I was studying them in detail. I really wish the monkey that took these would have done a better job on focusing around the symbols that were carved into the skin. Half of them were in two different photos and also shot from different vantage points.

Suddenly my cell phone chirped. I picked it up from where it was sitting on my desk and opened it to find a message from Jessica. I stabbed my finger on the screen to open it, and suddenly I was looking at a picture of Jessica lying in her bed taking a selfie of herself tweaking a nipple with text below it that said Are you learning anything from the pictures Daddy? Don’t forget to call Andrew Pinkle back and get him the info he asked for. Oh! And LOOK INTO LUIS!

I let out a groan and typed a message back, stop texting me at work!

I put down the phone and a short while later the phone chirped again. It was Jessica again. This time she was naked standing in front of the full length mirror in her room, But I miss you Daddy. I’m so wet for you right now I… I stopped reading the message and put the phone down.

Fuck she looked like a young version of Madison… with amazingly perky breasts.


My phone chirped again and I sighed as I checked it. It was from Jessica again, Oh and don’t forget to delete these. We wouldn’t want Mom finding them like she did my panties. I can’t believe you left them in your pocket!

I sighed and put my phone down once more. I then got buzzed by my receptionist. “Mr. Belciano it’s almost time for the meetings. You wanted me to remind you.”

“Oh yeah. Thanks Janice.”

I stood up and headed out of my office and down to the board room. I had several meetings set up today with all of my accountants to go through what Jessica had pointed out to me. It would take some time to unravel, but I was certain I could weed out who was getting the kick back and stealing from me and then I would deal with them.


I opened my front door and smelled food being cooked. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it smelled delicious. As I walked to my office and set my brief case down Madison looked in from the doorway and asked, “How was your day Dear?”


“Did you smell dinner?”

“Yes. What are you cooking? It smells delicious,” I said as I went to her and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“I’m not cooking. Jessica is.”

“What?” I asked in a surprised tone.

“I know, I was completely flabbergasted too!”

“I have to see this,” I said and she let out a laugh.

“Be nice. She’s trying really hard. I’m not going in again or she’ll think I’m hovering.”

I nodded and went down to the kitchen and saw Jessica in a pair of cut off denim shorts and a tank top with her hair pulled back as she darted from the sink to the oven and opened the door and pulled out a baking sheet. As she set it down she saw me and smiled brightly. “Hi Daddy! Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes, okay?”

“Jessica, you’ve never cooked before.”

“Well things change.”

I looked over and saw some cookies on the tray she just took out and reached out for one. She saw me and slapped my hands. “Daddy! You can’t have those.”

“I’ll spoil my dinner?”

“No, those are poisoned. If you want a cookie eat one from that tray over there,” she said in a matter of fact voice as she pointed to the counter and then spun off to grab some things out of the refrigerator.

I looked down at the cookies on the tray with wide eyes and then back at her, but she completely ignored me as she continued with what she was doing while humming a tune I hadn’t heard before.


“Dinner was great sweet pea!” Madison said as she leaned back in her seat and took a sip of her wine.

“Thanks Mom!” she said happily as she looked at me with an expression like she wanted my affirmation.

Madison nudged me under the table and I started to nod. “It is really good Jessica. I didn’t know you could cook that well.”

“I just found the recipe online and followed the instructions. It wasn’t that hard,” she said with a bright smile.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as I thought about the last time Jessica had wanted to cook and followed the instructions online. She had ruined four pots and filled the entire kitchen with smoke and then blamed it on Madison and I for buying cheap cookware. This was actually a pleasant surprise. I wondered if the new Jessica was planning something and if this was part of her plot.

“I just wanted to do something nice for both of you. I’ve been a bit hard to handle lately, and I’m sorry. The party last night with the boy really put everything in perspective for me,” she said as her eyes started to water a little.

Madison reached across the table and held Jessica’s hand tightly as she tried to show support for her daughter and suddenly Jessica’s eyes went wide as she squeaked out. “Oh! I almost forgot desert!”

She got up and darted from the dining room with surprising speed and then reappeared a moment later with a large tray of cookies. She set them down on the table in front of me and then scooped two up and handed one to me and passed the other to Madison.

“Oh these looked delicious too!” Madison said as she took a bite and then let out an. “Mmm!”

I looked down at mine nervously and then back up at Jessica’s face as she watched me with a slightly twisted grin.

“Aren’t you going to have one?” I asked her as I tried to stall and think about what to do.

“I’m watching my figure Daddy,” she replied sweetly as she returned to her seat.

“Well are you going to try it Alexander?” Madison asked me with a wife look as she took another bite of her cookie.

“I… uh… Jessica, didn’t you tell me in the kitchen… that these cookies were…” I paused and both of them looked at me with curious expressions. “… You know… poisoned?”

Madison rolled her eyes and Jessica started to giggle. “Daddy! You’re so silly! I said that so you wouldn’t ruin your diner!”

“Why would you think our daughter would actually serve us poisoned cookies Alexander?” Madison said as she gave me a cross look.

“What? I didn’t… I just… I mean…”

“Oh for heaven’s sake. You were about to break out in a sweat as you looked at them. Seriously Alexander why are you always like this? You are either upset at her for something she’s doing or you pissed off about something she’s not doing! She made us a lovely dinner and baked amazing cookies because she wanted to thank us and apologize for her behavior and you can’t even take a little joke! You know what, I… I just need some space. I need some time to think and reflect. I’m going out,” Madison said as she pushed back from the table and stormed out of the room.

Jessica looked at me with wide eyes as I scowled at her and then got up to chase after my wife. I caught up to her as she was slipping heels on and pulling a set of keys out of her purse. I reached for her hand as I said, “Madison, come on, it was just a little misunderstanding.”

“That’s fine. Then you should go and talk to Jessica and figure out how you two can understand each other better. I’m going to go out while you do that Alexander. Don’t disappoint me.”

I headed back into the dining room and grabbed a handful of cookies. “Madison, here, watch I’ll eat the cookies!” I said as I stuffed them in my mouth and chewed. “It was just…”

The door slammed shut and I swallowed as Jessica came out of the dining room and stood next to me. I scowled at her as I put the rest of the cookies in my mouth and started chewing. She didn’t say anything, just stood there and looked at me with an innocent expression. Finally as I heard Madison’s car leaving and I finished chewing I looked at her and said, “This was all part of your plan, wasn’t it?”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about Daddy? I just made diner.”

“Uh huh. This is what you meant when you said I wouldn’t have another peaceful night? I get it now. Two can play this game though, you hear me?” I said as I stormed up the stairs to my office.

“How was I supposed to know you’d…” her voice trailed off as I stomped down the hallway and slammed my office door.

I sat down hard in my chair and then loosened my collar. It suddenly seemed a bit hot in the room. I looked at the thermostat and then went and grabbed a bottled water from the small wet bar. I drank the bottle and then grabbed another before going back to my desk. I pulled out my phone and sent an apology message to Madison. I then turned to my computer and turned it on. I let out a little cough and then looked at the thermostat again. I drank my second bottle of water and then heard a knock at the door.


The door opened and Jessica stood there with a sly smile on her face. She was wearing black six inch stiletto pumps, fishnet stockings and a pair of tiny lace panties with a matching bra. Her eye makeup was done and her lips glittered in pink as she strutted into my office. “Hi Daddy,” she purred as her hips swayed.

“Get out.”

“But Daddy,” she pouted and leaned forward and her breasts threatened to spill out of her bra.


“Fine,” she said as she spun on her heels and I couldn’t help but notice her tight ass, then she stopped and looked over her shoulder. “I just thought you might want the antidote.”


“The antidote for the poison in the cookies you ate. I can’t believe how many you ate. You’re probably feeling the effects already.”

“You actually did poison the cookies? Both your mother and I ate them! What about Madison?” I stammered as I stood and felt my balance was a bit off.

“Daddy don’t be silly I wouldn’t let anything happen to Mom. I put the antidote in her wine. She’s fine,” Jessica said as she turned back toward me and twirled some hair around her finger.

I stared at her harshly and then asked, “Okay, what do you want?”

“You,” she simply replied as she strutted toward my desk and dragged a finger across the surface.


“I want you to fuck me.”


“Okay, bye Daddy,” she said as she turned and started to walk out of the room. “And I mean good bye for good.”


“Yes Daddy?” she turned and batted her long eyelashes at me.

“What about the antidote?”

“You won’t help me, I won’t help you,” she said with a shrug.

“Jessica, be reasonable here.”

“I think I’m being completely reasonable Daddy,” Jessica said as she smiled coldly at me.

“You’re just going to let me die?”

“Sort of like you just let your business associate go to prison? Do you even know what happened to him there? Did you check in on him at all? So to answer your question, yes. Yes I am,” she said and then added. “I mean, unless we can come to an agreement. A mutually beneficial arrangement.”

“You’re serious? You want me to have sex with you for the antidote?”

“I want you to have sex with me after that too.”

“Out of the question.”

“Then I guess we don’t have anything else to discuss.”

I staggered around my desk and headed toward her while she giggled. “You don’t look so good Daddy. Maybe you should sit down.”


“Oh dirty talk! I like dirty talk,” she purred. “Call me a slut too!”

“Give it to me! Give me the antidote.”

“After, not before.”

“Fuck. I need it!”

“Daddy stop being so dramatic,” she said as she came and slipped under my arm and helped me back to my office chair.

She then knelt down and unzipped my pants. I felt her small fingers pull my dick out and she smiled happily at it as she ran her fingers around it a few times. She playfully bobbed it back and forth in her hands and teased the tip of it with her pointer finger for a while.

“Oh I can’t wait,” she said as she licked her lips. “You just sit back and let me do all the work, okay Daddy?”

She stood up and slipped her panties down and then stepped out of them carefully while holding her hair back as she looked down. I could see her well-trimmed bush plainly just above her already dripping pussy. Her thighs were wet with arousal and I could smell her musk filling my office. She climbed onto my lap and then reached down to guide my dick to her pussy lips. She slid it back and forth as I let out a gasp and then slipped the tip inside of herself. She had a hungry look on her face as she slowly lowered herself down.

“Oh you’re so big Daddy!” she squealed happily. “I’m not sure it will fit!”

She worked her hips around in ways that I was familiar with from the past few days but suddenly with my dick standing at attention and working its way inside her warm slick love hole I was certainly experiencing it in a new way. She bucked and it slid in just a bit more. She let out a squeal and it slipped in just a bit more. I felt some resistance and her face looked down at me in pain for a moment and then she pushed through. She let out a whimper and I realized I had just taken her virginity.


“Call me your Baby Girl,” she instructed.


She was back to working me deep inside of her. Fuck she was tight. I grabbed at her hips as I wondered how fast the poison really worked. She looked down at me with need in her eyes as she said, “Call me your Baby Girl Daddy!”

“Baby Girl?”

“Oh yeah,” she said as she quivered and began moving up and down. “Oh fuck yeah.”

“Oh Daddy I’ve been such a bad girl. I know I shouldn’t have poisoned you. Are you going to punish me?”

She bobbed as she talked and dug her nails into my neck as she leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips. “Are you going to spank me Daddy?”


“Baby Girl,” she corrected. “Are you going to spank your Baby Girl?”

I paused and looked up at her face as her eyes rolled back and she let out a low moan.

“Do you think you should be spanked… Baby Girl?”

Suddenly she was quivering on top of me as I felt moisture flood down my cock and I knew she came. She called out loudly and her bucking became erratic until she got herself back under control. “Oh I want to be good for you Daddy, I really do!”

I didn’t know what to say so instead I just sat there. Jessica arced her back and grabbed her tits and twisted her nipples as she bucked. “Fuck yes Daddy! You’re big dick feels so good inside of me. Fuck me with your big dick,” she suddenly tipped forward and kissed me again and then asked, “Are you going to fill me up Daddy? Are you going to cum deep inside of me? You’ll be my first Daddy.”

“Oh…” I stuttered as I felt my balls tighten. It was only a matter of time until I blew now. She was amazing at what she was doing. It was actually a bit hard to believe this was her first time with how she was moving.

“Oh yes, fuck my tight little cunt Daddy! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes!” she stared to spasm again and pressed her face to mine and suddenly my dick was jerking fiercely inside of her. I let out ropes of cum deep in her belly and she gasped every time I shot off as her unfocused eyes tried to convey the world around her to a brain that wasn’t capable of taking in any more senses at the moment.

“Oh fuck yes Daddy, your cum is so warm inside of me. Oh it feels so good! It feels even better than I thought it would!” she said happily as she came down from her high.

“The antidote now. Please!” I finally broke down and begged her as I felt my chest tighten.

She pulled a small vial filled with a blue liquid from her left bra cup and popped the top. I opened my mouth and expected her to pour it in, but instead she poured it in her own mouth! “Hey!” I called out in shock until she leaned forward and kissed me and I found her sharing the liquid with me through that kiss.

I panted and then finally grabbed at her waist and picked her up off me. Our juices leaked down her inner thighs and she reached down to grab her panties of the floor. She smiled at me happily as she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips once more as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “Thank you Daddy! That was the best first time a girl could ask for.”

“What did I do?” I muttered as she finally back away.

“We had sex Daddy! Wasn’t it great?” She beamed at me.

“No! I cheated on your mother!” I paused and then added. “With her daughter!”

“Daddy calm down. Mom won’t know unless you tell her. And it’s not that big of a deal, we share things.”

“It is a big deal Jessica!”

“Oh, well then you’re going to have to figure out what to do with that then Daddy,” she said as she pointed down to my rapidly re-inflating dick.

“I forgot to tell you I mixed a fair amount of erectile dysfunction medicine in with the antidote. You’re either going to have sex again, or you’re going to have a painfully strong boner for a while and have to explain it to Mom when she gets home,” she stood there and smiled at me as I looked at her with disbelief.

“What am I supposed to do now?” I asked as I slapped my hand over my forehead.

I heard things falling on the floor and looked to see Jessica bent over my desk with her tight little ass in the air and her legs spread as she looked over her shoulder at me. She had shoved most of my things on the floor to make room for her body to be tossed across my desk. She wiggled her hips invitingly as she said, “I can help you Daddy! I want to be your good little girl!”

“Jessica…” my protests died on my lips as she scowled at me.

“Fine, you don’t want a good little girl, I’ll be a bad little girl. I’ll tell the police that you had me get your gun for you a week ago from the club. They might be interested in that, huh? Oh, and I’ll show Mom your phone. You still haven’t deleted my messages, have you Daddy?”


“Do you want to spank me Daddy?” she asked, “You can use me like a little slut if you want. If you fuck me, I’ll be good I promise!”

I didn’t know what else to do. I felt the world constricting around me. I looked down at her fantastic little ass and slapped her right cheek hard. She yelped as she jumped and then smiled back at me. I slapped her ass again. And again. Then I walked up behind her and positioned myself. I slipped back into her and she moaned as my bulbous head spread her lips.

“Oh yes, I love your cock Daddy. It fits me so well.”

I grabbed her hair and yanked and she let out another yelp. I started to pump into her hard. I had so much frustration I wanted to take out on her. Years of putting up with her being a snobby little brat. Spending my money without a care in the world. And then there was her recent activities. Blackmail. Lies. Deceit. I started to pump into her with abandon. I fucked her hard as she pushed back against me. She looked over her shoulder. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad girl Daddy. Punish me!”

I reached back and spanked her hard again as I fucked her. My balls were slapping against her as I rammed in and out and she clawed at my desk with passion as she squirmed around my dick. I knew I was close and I knew she was just as close. Suddenly she looked forward and started screaming. “No, stop Daddy! Oh I’m sorry Daddy! Please no. Please stop! Oh Daddy!”

I kept going. I was so close. Almost to the edge. I felt her pussy tighten with a flood of moisture and I knew she was mid orgasm as I let go. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes Baby Girl,” I said in a low growl. “That’s what you get you little slut.”

It felt good. My cock throbbed inside of her as I blasted her insides with another round of my cum. She yelped as I yanked her hair again and then I let it go and her head fell limply to my desk. When I was finished I pulled my dick out and wiped it on her smooth skin to clean myself and then sat back down in my chair. I slowly put my dick away and looked over to see her eyes watering.

She was panting heavily and she pushed herself up off my desk. “Was it everything you wanted Daddy?”

“Yeah,” I replied begrudgingly as I caught my breath, hating myself for admitting it.

“That’s good Daddy because we’re going to be doing it a lot more.”

“No. That was a one-time thing Jessica. Never again. And if you try to tell anyone I will deny it completely.”

She walked around my desk and went to a bookshelf were she pulled out her phone. How long had that been there? When had she even done that? She pushed some buttons and then walked back around the desk and knelt in front of me. She turned the screen toward me and I saw her bent over my desk, her face in agony as her fear filled eyes started to tear up and on the screen she called out. ““No, stop Daddy! Oh I’m sorry Daddy! Please no. Please stop! Oh Daddy!” I watched my face as I looked down at her with an angry grimace and said in a low menacing tone. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes Baby Girl, that’s what you get you little slut.”

She stopped the video there and smiled up at me sweetly. “When you look at just that part of the video and don’t have the rest it looks a lot like rape Daddy. I think I’ll trim the video and keep it for insurance. Then I can send it to the police and Mom if you decide we’re done fucking. Understand?”

“Give me that phone!” I snatched it out of her hand, deleted the video and then gave it back to her.

She shook her head as her smile remained. “It was uploaded to the cloud already Daddy. I still have copies.”

“You horrible little cunt.”

“Oh look, Mom’s home.” she said as she glanced over to the screen that showed the security camera feeds from outside the house. “And your office is a mess and smells like sex Daddy. I hope she doesn’t come up here and want to talk.”

I felt a cold chill go down my spine. This was becoming too normal when dealing with Jessica. She winked at me as she stood up. “You should go and greet her at the door Daddy. Apologize, and be sincere. I’ll clean up in here so you don’t get caught.”

“I…” My voice caught as she shook her head, grabbed my hand, pulled me up and straightened my clothes as she knelt to check my fly.

“Go. I’ve got this. I’ll stop down in a few minutes and advocate that you were the sweetest Daddy ever since she left and we’re seeing eye to eye now. We can talk about scheduling sex later when Mom’s not home,” she said in a level headed tone and she gave me a small push to start my walk.

I stumbled forward like a zombie and then made my way down the hall. Everything was messed up. She kept getting me deeper and deeper. I couldn’t seem to beat her. Ever. I stumbled down the steps and Madison looked up at me with a strange look.

“Are you okay Dear?”

“It’s been a long night. Jessica and I had a long… talk.”

“Oh really? And how did that go?”

“I honestly don’t know. She’s smarter than me. Every time I think I have her figured out, she surprises me. All this time I’ve been thinking that I was watching out for her, but she’s bucking back so hard because I don’t think she needs that anymore and I’m having a difficult time accepting it.”

Madison gave me a shocked look. “Alexander I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk that way about anyone else before, let alone Jessica.”

“That’s because I haven’t. That’s why I struggle so much with her.”

“Well you shouldn’t. She’s our daughter and she loves us. She doesn’t want to hurt us.”

“I…” I didn’t know what to say so I just added. “guess you’re right. I’ll change. I swear I will.”

“I know dear.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“I love both of you!” Jessica’s voice called out from the top of the stairs. She stood there in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a tank top. I could tell from how much her young breasts bounced as she trotted down the stairs that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her hard nipples poking through the thin fabric of her shirt was distracting. Her hair was in a quick pony tail and her makeup was now completely gone.

She leapt at us from the bottom of the stairs and slipped in between me and her mother as she held us both tightly and then looked at Madison. “Don’t be upset with Daddy, okay Mom? I made a really lame joke. I had a rat poison container out in the kitchen when I was making the cookies. It was supposed to be a joke, but it was in really bad taste and it got him in trouble. I’m sorry.”

Madison shook her head at Jessica. “I’m disappointed in you, but honestly if tonight helped the two of you figure out how to get along, then I’m glad it happened.”

“Sorry Daddy,” Jessica said and buried her face into my chest.

“It’s fine. Water under the bridge,” I muttered.

“Okay, we’ll I’m going to bed. I’m tired. Cooking takes a lot out of me,” she said and then let us go and danced up the stairs.

Madison looked at me. “She seems really happy for just having a long talk with you.”

“We came to an understanding that she proposed. She’s getting pretty much everything she wants.”

“Did you up her allowance or something?”

“All she wanted was a bit more of my attention and a bit fewer of my rules.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with that Alexander,” Madison said to me happily. “Are you ready for bed? I’m actually tired too.”

“I’ve got a few things I need to get done for work yet, but then I’ll join you.”

“Oh, alright.”

I walked up the stairs with her and continued to my office instead of going to our bedroom. I turned in to the office and suddenly I felt Madison’s hand on my shoulder. “I forgot to ask you. I’m missing my watch with the red leather band. I think I might have taken it off in here the other night. Have you seen it?”

Before I could stop her she had flipped the lights on and was looking around my office. I tried not to noticeably panic but I was certain she would see the mess that Jessica and I had created only moments ago in the room, but then I realized everything was back to where it should be. I looked at my desk to see papers neatly stacked, my pens were lined up in concise straight rows, my small desk lamp and clock were exactly where they had been before Jessica had shoved them to the floor and I had fucked her there not fifteen minutes ago. As I realized I had been holding my breath I exhaled and sucked in new air and then I noticed it didn’t smell like sex in the room anymore either. Somehow that little minx had not only changed and cleaned up, but she had reorganized the office and cleared the air without covering it with an overpowering scent.

“Oh here it is,” Madison said happily as she picked it up off the small end table by the leather couch. “I’m glad I didn’t lose it. Good night dear. Don’t work to late!”

I mumbled a good night in response and pecked her cheek as I contemplated my new life as Jessica’s bitch. For the first time I didn’t see a way out, either.


“Mr. Belcaino your daughter is here to see you,” Janice said over the intercom.

I looked at it like Janice had just told me gravity and death were canceled. I pressed a button. “Um, what?”

“Hi Daddy!” Jessica’s voice suddenly sounded from the doorway as she pushed her way in and bounced over to my desk. I couldn’t help but look at her long tanned legs as they stuck out of the bottom of her short jean skirt, or notice the way her breasts bounced in the tight pink polo t-shirt she wore.

Janice scowled at her back from the entrance and then closed the door as she retreated back to her desk. I looked at Jessica in stunned silence. Jessica had never been to my office before. Not once since I had dated or married her mother. She didn’t care where her spending money came from as long as it still came. As I had gotten use to the new Jessica over the past week my office had always felt like a safe zone. Some place that was still wholly mine. Now I looked at Jessica as she set a paper bag down on my desk and flopped into a large leather chair on the opposite side of my desk and kicked her feet up over one of the arms as she batted her long eye lashes at me.

“To what do I owe this surprise?” I asked as I finally managed to speak.

“I brought you lunch!” she exclaimed happily as she waved her hand over the brown paper bag she had placed in front of me. “Don’t worry, no cookies this time, Daddy. I know they didn’t agree with your sensitive tummy!”

I looked over at Dominic and Luis and pointed to the door. “Give us a minute, would you?”

“Sure thing boss,” Dominic said and turned toward the door. I noticed Luis’s eyes lingering on Jessica predatorily as he turned to go as well, but he didn’t say a word.

After the door clicked shut behind them Jessica looked around and then across the desk at me. “Some things never change. This office looks the same as three years ago. You need to take down that painting of the half- naked woman passed out in the back alley. It’s ugly and offensive.”

“I’ll think about it,” I growled back at her, not liking the tone in her voice or being told what to do in my sanctuary.

“No you won’t. You’re pissed that I’m here. I can see it in your face and your shoulders Daddy,” she said with a shrug as she kicked her feet in the air lackadaisically.

“Why are you here other than to tell me how to redecorate?” I asked her and then rolled my shoulders to loosen them up.

“I told you already Daddy, I brought you lunch!” she said with a smug smile.

“Uh huh. We are not discussing anything related to your schedule for…” I started until she cut me off loudly.

“This isn’t the time or the place to discuss things like that Daddy!” she said forcefully. “You’re absolutely correct!”

“Okay, then what do you need? More money?” I asked as I wondered why she passed up the chance to stick a barb in me.

She let out a giggle. “If you want to give me some spending cash I won’t say no Daddy, but that’s not why I’m here. I just wanted to bring you lunch and see if you had checked into your associate yet like I asked you to so politely before.”

“I’ve been busy,” I growled back at her. “I don’t need you to tell me how to run things.”

“Oh I would never try and tell you how to do things Daddy. You’re a big strong important man and I’m just a silly teenage girl who is on her way to go shopping for some shoes,” she said as she brought her feet up in the air and looked at and looked at them in her tall matching pink heels with an appraising glance.

“Good, I’m glad we have an understanding then.”

She nodded and swung her legs around, flashing her panties at me as she stood up and she gave me a wicked smile as she noticed my eyes dart up to her face. She strutted to my desk and pulled a folded paper out of her back pocket and put it on my desk next to the lunch she had brought in. She then came around my desk and sat in my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. “That’s for you too Daddy. It’s something I think you may want.” She then brought her face toward mine and I was expecting her to kiss my lips like usual, so I was surprised when it was on the cheek. She then stood up and bent over my desk to grab a post it note and a pen. She again glanced back to catch me looking at her ass and rolled her eyes as she looked back to the scrap of paper and scribbled something down and stuck it to the folded sheet of paper.

She then wiggled her fingers at me and said, “Ta ta Daddy. I hope you have a lovely afternoon,” and let herself out.

I sighed as I collected myself and then reached for the intercom to have Janice let my men back in but hesitated and reached over for the folded piece of paper and the post it note. I opened the paper and looked at a photo of Luis at the gun club where I was a member. He was talking with guy that worked behind the counter with the lock boxes and there was a three fifty seven magnum with a pearl grip sitting on the counter between them. It either looked just like mine or it was mine. From the time stamp on the photo it was taken a day and a half before Feddie was killed. I turned the paper over to see the post it that was stuck to the back. In Jessica’s flowing handwriting it said, Daddy, you should take a close look at the bear head that is mounted on your wall. Especially the left eye. Almost as close of a look as you took at my ass. Then it had a little heart on the bottom right corner.

I crumpled the note and went around my desk to the bear head. I had shot it on a hunting trip I had taken almost six years ago. As I got closer I noticed one of the eyes had slightly changed color from the last time I had walked over and looked at it closely. That must have been about a month ago. I tried not to be overly obvious, but it was plain that it had been replaced, probably with a camera lens. I went back to my desk and sat down.

“Janice, I’m feeling like I need to eat somewhere with a better view. Ask Dominic to meet me in the conference room. Could you tell Luis that I need him to go down to the docks and tell the boys there that we have a shipment coming in on Thursday at 10:30. It’s an important one and I’ll need extra security. Have him arrange everything.” I then let go of the button and picked up the bag lunch and headed to the conference room.


Jessica strolled into my home office and I looked up at her from my reports. She sat on the edge of my desk and reached out with one finger and pulled the paper away from me and then closed the file. She then pointed to the couch.

“What do you want?”

“I want to fuck, Daddy.”

I let out a long sigh and stood up. “Right now?”

“Right now.”

I looked at her and then slowly stood and went to the couch and sat back down again and looked over at her. “Where is your mother?”

“Tennis lesson,” she replied as she slipped off the desk and knelt down in between my legs and slowly slipped her hands up the inside of my thighs and to the catch on my pants. She undid it and then pulled my zipper down and tugged at my pants. She had a small smile on her face as she then freed my dick from my boxers. Her small fingers felt amazingly warm as she delicately play with my dick, teasing it to life like a snake charmer. I let out a small groan as she also started to play with my balls. As I got hard she leaned back, slipped her shirt off and then squished her breasts around my shaft. She had gone without a bra again so it was just skin I felt as she bounced up and down and a giggle escaped her throat. “What’s wrong Daddy? You don’t look like you’re enjoying this. Don’t you like my tits?”

“Jessica… it’s just that…”

She pulled back and slapped my dick hard and I growled in pain as I covered myself. “I need to fuck. I need this Daddy. You don’t understand what it’s like in this body. The hormones. The men looking at me with raw lust on their faces. The guy who helped me at the shoe store had his hands on my thighs when he was slipping shoes on for me. And this body fucking loves it. I was so wet I know he could smell me. If you don’t want me to be fucking everyone else, then I need to get my release from you, understand? Get your fucking mind on the task at hand.”

“But your mother…”

“Doesn’t want her daughter fucking every guy with a dick who looks at me, right? Well, that means you get to solve the problem and if you can’t you’re of no use to me. I don’t like things that have no use. I get rid of them.”

She slowly pulled my hands aside and kissed my dick with her full soft lips and then looked up at me. “I’m sorry Daddy. I was a bad girl again. Do you need to spank me? Will that help?”

She stood and spun, bending over as her short denim skirt pulled up her ass and I could see that not only had she come in without a bra but she had also left her panties somewhere else. She was drenched and I could see her arousal leaking down her inner thighs. I reached out and slapped her ass and she yelped. “Oh Daddy, I’m sorry!” I slapped again. “Yes Daddy! You make it hurt so good!”

Now my cock was stirring and I slipped my hands in between her legs and moved up until I felt the wet heat of her pussy. As I slid my fingers back and forth she vibrated with pleasure as she let out blissful sounds. She spun and pounced on my lap and brought her tits up in my face as she rubbed her sopping wet mound against my dick, lubing it up before she guided my dick to her entrance. She smiled as she looked down at me. “Don’t worry Daddy. I’ll take care of you. You just sit back after your long day. I’ll do the work.”

She bobbed up and down and ground around. She leaned back and molested her own breasts and then slipped her hands up and pulled her hair back and leaned forward again to slap me with her breasts gently on the cheeks while she again let out a peel of laughter. As she continued to squirm around on me I felt my balls clench. I let out a groan and mumbled. “I’m almost there. Fuck I’m almost there.”

“Oh me too Daddy! Me too! I’m ready Daddy! My tight little cunt is so ready!”

And that was all I needed. My dick convulsed as stream after stream of cum jetted out inside of her and she let out a moan as her eyes rolled back in her head and her hands grabbed onto her nipples and twisted them as her body shook in pleasure. As she came down from her high she flopped forward and leaned heavily against me. Her breasts heaved as she panted and her hair surrounded my face. I put my hands on her soft warm waist and held her for a moment while I caught my own breath.

Finally she pulled back and hopped off me and grabbed her shirt off the floor. “Thank you Daddy,” she said as she stood up and her breasts jutted out as she slipped her shirt over her head and pulled it on. She worked the tight material over her breasts and then down her thin waist, then adjusted the collar and the sleeves before turning to my desk and grabbing a few tissues and began wiping at her thighs.

“Jessica, I don’t know how often I can do this. Or for how long.”

“You want me to pick you up some little blue pills Daddy?” she asked with a raised eyebrow and what sounded like actual concern in her voice.

“What? No,” I replied and then paused. “Wait, how often are you going to make me do this?”

“As often as we can,” she smirked.

“Jessica, we need to talk.”

She sat down on the couch next to me and curled up with her legs in my lap. “Yes Daddy?”

“Jessica, I can’t keep cheating on your mother.”

“You can if you want to stay out of jail and alive Daddy,” she replied sweetly.

“See, that right there. You tell me that you’re going to kill me, or turn in evidence to get me arrested, and then you show up at my work and tell me about a camera, or about Luis getting ready to try and backstab me. I don’t know what the fuck to think!” I said as I threw my hands in the air. “What am I to you? If you’re just going to kill me or turn me in, then you win. Just do it. I’d ask you to please do it in a way that spares your mother, but I admit you have all the cards. Do whatever you want.”

She looked at me crossly for a second and then she looked off to the corner of my office for a moment as her eyes began to water.



She pulled a leg back and gave me a wicked kick with her heel into my ribs, and I cried out in pain as I rolled away from her. “What? What was that for? Fine! Kick me! Beat me! Torture me and turn me in. I don’t care anymore!”

I looked back on the couch and expected to see her coming over to kick me again, but instead I saw she was curling into a ball on the end of my couch and her eyes were tearing up faster as she started to cry. She hid her face behind her knees, but I could hear her soft sobs.

“I do not understand what the fuck is happening right now.”

Suddenly her anger was back and she shot off the couch and stood over me as she kicked me again while screaming. “I DON’T EITHER YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”

“Ah!” I yelped and then held up my hands in surrender as she dropped to her knees next to me and covered her face with her hands as she cried harder.

I slowly sat up and I watched her for several minutes to see if this was a ruse. Something to lure me in once more. As she continued to cry eventually my parental instincts overtook my caution and I slid next to her and wrapped my arm around her small shoulders. She jumped as she felt my touch and tried to push away at first. I didn’t let go and then she leaned into me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I sat there and held her for a long time. Finally after about twenty minutes she had cried herself out and she sat back and wiped her cheeks. “I bet I look like a raccoon.”

“Jess, you look fine,” I said as I winked at her.

She let out a small quiet laugh and then scowled at me. “Fuck you Alex.”

“Oh we’re back to Alex now?”

She suddenly stood up and clenched her fists as she walked around the room. “ARRRRGGH!”

“Is your head going to start spinning around?”

She looked over her shoulder crossly at me but stayed silent.

“How did you know about the camera in the bear?”

She paused, spun and then came back and pushed on my shoulders until I was lying flat on my back. She sat down on my lap and then leaned forward and kept her hands on my shoulders. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders and dangled around me and I looked up at her face with a patient expression. She looked into my eyes with a completely neutral expression that I couldn’t read at all. I wasn’t certain if she was going to choke me to death or kiss me.

“I can see better in this body. I can hear and smell better too. Jessica has fantastic eyesight. I think women just generally have a better sense of smell then men. It’s why they buy air fresheners and care about what a room smells like when men just don’t. Anyway. I saw the lens while I was in your office. I figured Luis put it there. It’s how he’s leaking information and stealing things from you,” she said in a flat tone.

“Well, for whatever its worth, I’m setting him up. He’s going to be followed by people I know are loyal during a dock delivery that I set up with a shipment that has a tracker on it,” I told her. “So… thanks. But why help me? You said before that it’s because you want to be the one to kill me, but that doesn’t mean you have to help me with accounts, or look out for me that closely.”

She let go of my shoulders and brought her hands to her temples as she squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

“Maybe I can help you Jackson? Maybe I can get you out of…”


“Okay, sorry Jessica!” I replied as I grabbed her small fists and held them.

“Jackson is dead, do you understand? He’s gone and dead. There really is no going back Alex. This is me now, and I’m Jessica.”

I nodded at her and remained silent.

“Do you know what it was like for Jackson in that prison? Did you know that the hooker who you had killed and framed him for had three older brothers? Did you know that they were all in the same prison he went to? Did you know how violent and vengeful they were? He…” she paused and took a breath. “The old me… They came after me every day. Every day at least once. All three of them would beat me to submission, torture me, and then rape me. Sometimes more than once a day when they were bored. The guards didn’t care. Sometimes they would watch. They bet on who would last the longest.”

She paused as I watched her eyes glass over until she shook her head and continued. “After three months he… I… stopped fighting back. What was the point? Then it was just torture and rape. You’d think they would have gotten bored, but they didn’t. For three years that was my daily life,” she looked down at as her face flashed to anger. “THREE YEARS ALEX!”

She pulled an arm back and I thought she was going to hit me again, but she just gathered her hair behind her. “So when I got the chance to become Jessica I jumped at it. I wanted to kill you so badly on the first night. I stood in your bedroom with a knife and just watched you sleep for three hours. Did you know that? I was here for a week before I let you know. I was acting just like Jessica. Everything she did, I did. Fuck it was hard.”

She paused for a breath and then continued. “I wanted to kill you, but I also wanted you to suffer like I had. I convinced myself to wait. I got into all of your little secrets. I gathered all the info I would need to watch you burn slowly at the stake. Then I realized I could have even more fun by toying with you in this body. I told myself that I wanted to ruin everything about you. I wanted you to lose your money, your family, your status, and be tortured with it all until you died a slow death. I didn’t even care that I would be wrapped up in it with this new body, honestly.”

She paused again and looked down at her hands. “I was going to use these hands to kill you… but I fucked up.”

“You never were a killer Jac…” I paused as her eyes narrowed. “Jessica. Especially in cold blood.”

“Malik said that the transfer would alter me. He said it would change my point of view. I was taking over Jessica’s memory and life she left behind, but I was taking the old me with… and so the two of us would have to mix. I would be mostly the old me at the beginning, and slowly merge into the real me as time went on. The old me wanted to kill you. The other old me… I mean Jessica… the other Jessica would hate you every now and then like a typical teenager, but she also looked to you like a father figure. Now I’m just obsessed with you. I don’t know if I want to kill you, or if I want to love you. It’s maddening. And you and Mom both seem to love me… Love Jessica. I’m Jessica.”

She batted her long eyelashes at me. “Will you find it harder to frame me this time Daddy? Will you find it harder to get rid of me like a used napkin? Will it be harder because I’m your spoiled but loved little daughter? Or will it be just as easy for you? Are you as cold and uncaring as one part of me knows you are? I don’t know… but I know that I’ve already got the noose wrapped around your neck Daddy. It’s too tight for you to wiggle out now, so even if you do get rid of me I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ll go down with me. You’ll burn right next to me with the added bonus of knowing that the woman you love will hate you forever.”

“So what do we do now? You’re just going to flip back and forth from a knife at my throat to getting fucked while bent over my desk?”

“Well Daddy, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I like my new life. I’ve never had a mother before. The old me grew up on the streets. I’ve never been this spoiled before. And I love my hot little ass and my sweet tits. I love my pretty face. I love the looks of raw lust for my hot little body. I love to tease. The old Jessica was a mess with hormones and sexual desire. The new me mixed with a male sex drive and fucked up obsession… She’s worse. I love fucking you. It’s so twisted and hot and makes me salivate just thinking about it… and on top of that I get to make you repay me. I get to rape you. I get the sex this body craves and you get to squirm. And I’m nineteen now. My path is reset. I could go out and find a rich doctor to fuck me and play the part of a trophy wife, or I could go to college and be that rich doctor. Or I could stay here and sponge off you… Hell, I could even take over the business from you when you decide to hang it up. I am your daughter after all.”

She finally stood up and stretched. “So there it is Daddy. Now you know. Don’t fuck up, don’t piss me off, and keep your mouth shut to Mom and I’ll look out for you. You know I was the best at having your back before. The new me will be even better. No one gives a shit what little Jessica overhears, or where she goes, or what she sees. Because she’s an airheaded bratty princess. But they don’t know she’s got a spine of steel, she’s smart as a whip, and she’s vindictive like only a woman can be. She played dumb like a fox before to make her life easy and I can keep it up. I mean, I’m going to make a few small tweaks to her life, but overall I like it so far.”

She twirled her hair around her fingers as her eyes narrowed at me. “So it’s up to you Daddy. Are we enemies or are we working together?”

My mind was reeling from everything she had just disclosed to me. I stared at her stupidly and she laughed as she spun on her heels. “Well, think about it Daddy. I’m not going anywhere.”

I watched as she checked her nails and slowly started to walk out. I got up and dashed to my desk and fumbled with a combination lock on the middle drawer until it finally clicked and opened. I grabbed a small hand gun from my desk drawer and pointed it at the back of her head.

“Jessica,” I called out loudly and she spun with a curious look on her face as she asked, “Oh… did you decide already…”

She fell silent as she looked at the gun coldly but without fear. I felt my chest tighten. The new Jessica had been in my house for so long without me knowing it. Had she gotten into my desk? She put a hand on her hip as she slowly shook her head.

“Your hand is shaking terribly Daddy,” she started to walk slowly toward me with a cocky sway in her steps.

“Stop! I’ll fucking shoot you in the head!”

“Be carefully Daddy. Don’t miss!” she said with worry on her face as she teased me and then got to the edge of my desk. I started to squeeze the trigger and she leaned across desk slowly and pressed her forehead against the barrel. “There Daddy. Now you can’t miss me.”

We stood like that for a while staring into each other’s eyes and then her sweet pink lips opened.

“Bye Daddy, I love you!”

I couldn’t do it. My finger came off the trigger and I dropped the hand gun to the desk and fell back into my chair. I looked into her eyes again. “I can’t. I can’t do it.”

She didn’t say anything, just looked at me with a blank expression.

“You got into my desk didn’t you? You took the bullets out of the gun.”

She reached across the desk and picked up the hand gun expertly and hit the release for the magazine and set it on the desk toward me. It was full. She placed the hand gun back on the desk and said, “Let me know when you decide.”

I didn’t give her a chance to walk out again. “Jessica, I can’t be enemies with you.”

A slow smile pulled on her lips and she tipped her head slightly. “I love you too Daddy. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.”


I went looking through the house before I left for work the next morning and found both Madison and Jessica in the exercise room on little mats. They were both on their hands and feet in the downward dog pose and their asses were facing the door. I stopped for a moment and I was suddenly pissed at myself for not knowing which one to stare at. Madison was in grey leggings and a black sports bra and Jessica was wearing impossibly short pink spandex shorts and a blue sports bra.

“Daddy!” Jessica suddenly sprung up and dashed to me. “Have a good day at work okay?”

Her arms were wrapped around me in a tight hug and I looked at Madison who had straightened but stayed at her mat and was smiling at the fact that we were again getting along.

As Jessica pulled back I felt her hand slip into my pocket and she whispered to me with a wink. “For your computer at work. I can’t help if I can’t see anything.”

I blew a kiss to Madison. “Have a lovely day ladies,” and then I spun to leave. As I walked I reached into my pocket and felt a thumb drive. I sighed and knew that I’d be re-infecting my work computer in just a short time.


“Hey, I have a bit more info for you to go on,” I said quietly on the phone.

“That’s good because I have horse shit right now,” My contact complained.

“Look for someone that Jackson knew named Malik.”

“That’s it? One name?”

“There can’t be too many Maliks that also knew a Jackson out there.” I pointed out to him.

“This is a fucking wild goose chase.”

“Well you’re getting paid well either way so humor me.” I said with a lack of sympathy.

“Yeah fine… Hey, how did you find this name?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, and I’m not ready for that info to get out. It may cost me my neck.”

“I’m just saying, if you know the body this guy slipped into we should look into what that body. I mean, everyone’s got a computer now. Or a phone. Fuck, even a journal. They’d probably get back in touch with people from their last life, and also reach out to who did it and let them know it worked, right? Just a thought. I’ll keep working it from my end.” The gravelly voice said as he let out a sigh.

“Yeah see that you do.”

I hung up the phone and leaned back in my chair. Maybe I could get Madison to take Jessica out shopping. I could send them off with some cash. Enough to keep them gone for the day and then go through her room. I should have come up with that thought before now. I picked up my phone and shot a message off to my wife that maybe Jessica deserved a little treat for her new attitude. Honey works better than vinegar and all that…


I pushed open the door to Jessica’s room and looked in. Her canopied bed took up the majority of the room and the white bedding was a stark contrast to the neon pink fluffy stuffed unicorn that was laying on her pillow. I walked in and picked it up and looked at it. It had been Jessica’s favorite stuffed animal since Madison and her had moved into the house with me. She hadn’t moved any dolls or toys in when she came, which I thought was odd at the time and so I had gotten it for her as a welcoming gift. Even at that age she wanted a computer and cell phone. I checked under the pillow and then put both back down on her bed. I tucked my hands in the sides of the mattress and felt down both sides. I smiled when my hand grazed across something. I pulled out a small book with a ribbon holding the page. I sat down on the bed and opened it up. It appeared to be Jessica’s diary. Or Journal. Or whatever people call it now a days. I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t think there would be any chance of Jackson being stupid enough to continue her diary as anything other than her, but just in case I flipped it open to about two weeks ago.

The Old Man chased Tyler away. For a twenty four year old with a criminal record he fucking bailed almost as fast as the rest. I’m fucking alone again in my gilded cage. Fuck I need to get laid. I don’t want to hit twenty still a virgin. I should have done it on prom night. Of course the Old Man would have shot my date. I mean like actually shot my date. He’s into something shady. I’m not certain of all the details, but I’ve gotten into enough of the files he has on his home computer to know that he’s not one hundred percent on the up and up. I tried to talk to Mom about it, but she’s in love. Good for her. She can be here when he goes all scar face and everyone fucking dies. I shouldn’t say that I’m being a bitch, but she drives me up the wall some days. Whatever. It happens tomorrow. I’m free. A new lease on life. I mean, if it works and I don’t end up completely fucking dead. The old man didn’t have any guarantees. Good bye diary. I’ll see you on the flip side.

I shook my head. That was my Jessica writing that. My actual Jessica. I flipped the page and noticed the hand writing was similar, but just a little off.

It fucking worked! I’m not behind bars! I don’t have to worry about my asshole getting ripped apart today! Or tomorrow! Or the day after that! Okay, I’m done writing in here. It was weird enough knowing right where it was.

It was the first day that Jessica wasn’t Jessica. I thought back to that day and realized that I remembered that her hair wasn’t done as perfect as normal and she had worn a loose fitting blouse that day. Other than that, she had acted completely like herself.

And I’m fucking back to writing in the book. I’ve got to do something. I’m crawling the fucking walls. I can’t sleep. I’m so fucking worked up I’d almost take someone up on the offer of anal right now. Alex came home from work today and didn’t even realize I was watching him. He didn’t realize I was in his room last night either. At first I wanted to stab him in his stupid fucking face seven hundred times, but then I realized that it would be over too quickly. Also, for whatever reason I don’t think I want the woman to cry. I mean, I should just kill her first and then Alex, but if I can wait and really grind it in to him it will be that much sweeter.

It was hard reading all this in Jessica’s somewhat graceful handwriting about her planning my downfall. I couldn’t believe he was just writing about this in the book. I wondered if I could show this to Madison? Would anyone believe me if they saw it? Probably not. They’d think Jessica just had a great imagination. The handwriting was slipped back to completely normal by the third page.

How the fuck do women wear panties like this and not spend all day staring at themselves in the mirror? And the matching bra… Fuck this body is hot. I’m hot. I’m a stacked chick. How did she give up this body? I mean, I guess I’m still trying to figure out the getting myself off thing. I tried it last night after I went through Daddy Dearests computer files. Apparently I just know about computers now. It’s a little scary to just understand something completely new. I’m like a fucking hacker now or something. Which is a good thing because I’m going to have to order a sex toy off the fucking internet or something. The old me didn’t have anything. Don’t ask me why not, and the new me is out of money until Daddy Dearest gives me more about two weeks from now. I almost broke down and asked my… um… mom… to buy me a dildo yesterday. How fucked up is that?

I flipped the page

She’s fucking growing on me. I sat with her and chatted today. About fucking nothing. Who does that? I guess I do. I don’t think I can kill her. I know I can’t kill her. Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck. I should kill Alex tonight. Yup. Going to do that now.

I glanced to the next entry

I’m fucking spineless. I was there. Right on top of him. Knife in hand. Then I saw Mom sleeping next to him and fucking lost my nerve. I’ve cracked some other stuff that he’s into, and I’ve got all the info on the shit that he framed me for. Maybe I change my plans and just let the police take him in? Mom will be devastated, but at least my hands won’t be covered in blood, right? Maybe the two of us could still live happily? What am I fucking talking about? The more I think about it, the more a spike feels like its being driven into my skull. Time for bed. It hurts.

I turned another page.

I’m going to fucking kill him tonight! He said that the new skirt I bought with Mom made me look trashy. Fuck that asshole prick. I’ll get Mom to go out tonight for some ice cream or something and then I’ll fucking push him in the pool and drop in an extension cord. It’ll look like an accident.

I continued.

I was half way down the stairs when I realized I was pissed off that much about what he said about a skirt. What the fuck is wrong with me? I don’t care what he thinks about my clothes! He needs to pay for what he did! That’s why I want to kill him. The skirt doesn’t fucking matter. Was I this unbalanced when I was a teenager the last time? At least Mom liked the skirt. What does she see in him? It’s got to be the money. It’s not enough for me. I’ll turn the thumb drive into the police tomorrow. EZ PZ. Then I’ll go shopping before they freeze the accounts to pay for Daddy Dearest’s lawyers. I saw the cutest pair of boots at the mall but Mom said it was too much all in the same day. Fuck I could get addicted to shopping. I’ll have to watch myself.

As I read the words I could see Jessica and Jackson mashing together to become one. It might have been mildly interesting to me if it wasn’t for the fact that I was living it and she had all of the cards to blackmail me.

I finally managed to buy a dildo. I had to sneak money from Mom’s purse. I’ll put it back when I get my next allowance check, I swear diary. Fuck I feel like such a dirty slut. But holy fuck, I get it now. Dicks are fucking awesome. It just pushes inside of you and it feels like… you’re just filled… and it’s so so good. And the female orgasm. Fuck me. Again and again. Problem is I think I want the real thing now. That’s fucked up right? I went to the gym with Mom today. I changed in the locker room with her and some other trophy wife types. All of them were hot. I mean, I was sexually attracted to all of them. Even Mom. And now I like dick too? What did I do when I agreed to all of this? I guess I don’t care. This is fucking heaven compared to where I came from. I’m going to go masturbate on Daddy Dearest’s pillow. Fuck him.

I shook my head and closed my eyes. I almost put the diary back, but something in me said there might be information in there.

Fuck I opened the flood gates. I’m a fucking nympho. I’m going to wear out this dildo in a month tops. I got myself off fourteen times last night. One Four. I’m going to be a wreck in the morning for yoga. I hope Mom understands. She hugged me so tight today I thought I was going to cry. I’m fucking emotional now. I cry about things when I think back. That never happened before. Daddy Dearest hugged me today, too. He got all uncomfortable when my breasts got mushed into his chest. Like I can do anything about that. What a dick. I have tits, deal with it. I don’t know what Mom sees in him. I’m going to go fuck myself on his pillow again. Fucking pig. He can sleep on my cum stain. What an ass.

I remembered that. I still had no idea at that time that Jessica wasn’t her normal self. She did have a bit of a tantrum that night because she needed gas in her car and I said no. Her mother ended up talking me into it.

I fucking hate him. He’s going down. Daddy Dearest forgot about his and Mom’s anniversary. She had a lovely dinner planned for the two of them at a restaurant and he called to say he’d be working late. She tried to play it off like it didn’t bother her, but I can tell it did. I’m going to put him away with everything I know and it will just be the two of us. I’d go and masturbate on his pillow again, but I don’t want Mom to catch me. Fuck him. Fuck him fuck him fuck him. Does he ruin everyone’s life around him? Wait… Diary I know what I’m going to do tomorrow.

I looked at the date. It was the night before the reveal. I remembered coming home late and Jessica throwing a tantrum about something. Madison had calmed her down. Did I really forget about my anniversary? I’d have to ask Janice in the morning. She is supposed to remind me of this shit.

Ha. I did it diary. I finally started it. The plan is in motion. He ran off to work like a scared little girl. Oh, and I touched his leg. He was so fucking freaked out he about shit himself. I may have to work that into this plan more. Hmm… Yeah, I can do that… Gotta go. Mom wants to go shopping.

I checked the next entry quickly

He fucking hit me. That fuck hit his own daughter. I mean, I was lipping off and talking about getting my revenge, I get it… but he hit a woman. Whatever. I’ve got him where I want him. He is petrified of a nineteen year old girl tumbling his entire empire. Best. Revenge. Ever. I think I got a bit carried away though. I was showing off and then I was on him. Fuck these hormones. He did look delicious though… And I felt how big he is. I bet he could scratch the itch that the dildo just can’t quite reach before I ship him down the river.

I flipped the page.

I fucking got off on Daddy today. He tried to bust me, but he’s as clueless as ever. I’m on his computer at work now. The fucking idiot put the thumb drive in his own computer at his office. I’ve got EVERYTHING. It’s synced to his phone. I’m in that too. I’ve got so much on him it’s almost painful. It’s just way too easy. I think I’ll hold off a bit and toy with him. I mean, he’s not that horrible to rub myself against… His chest is… Fuck. Kill him tonight.

I blinked and shook my head.

Spent last night going through Daddy’s files from work. Some of his accounts are a mess. He has two accountants screwing him that I can find. How many more does that leave who are actually good at covering their tracks? It’s amazing he’s making so much money that people can steal a huge amount and he doesn’t even know. It is funny to me that five of his top seven accounts are ones that I brought to him before all of this shit went down. I wonder if I would have just started with Bosnick and Sons if I would still be there and still be a man right now? Huh. Maybe I should go to work for them. It would piss Daddy off if Jessica worked there, and I’m certain I could snag four of those accounts to still come with me. I know the pressure points to push on. Oh who am I kidding? Why would I want to spend twelve hours a day in an office working my ass off for someone else when right now I can shop, hang out with mom, look through Daddy’s shit and make certain he keeps me in the lifestyle, and not have any actual responsibilities? I’ll have plenty of time to be an adult for a second time. I should just enjoy being nineteen right now. Oh. I found some shit on one of Daddy’s goons. I have to gently point that out to him. It can’t look to much like it’s my idea or the fucking moron will just get pig headed and not do anything, and then Luis will kill him or frame him, or something.

I looked at the date. She had been onto him that long ago?

Holy shit I’m as stupid as Daddy sometimes. Why am I trying to tell him about Luis? I should just let the stupid fuck get caught. I won’t have anything to do with it, Daddy goes away, and it’s just me and Mom. My hands would be completely clean.

Why am I concerned about him? Why am I fighting this?

I flipped to the next page.

Daddy watched me masturbate today. He barged in my room as I was trying to get some pent up frustration out. I teased him. He hated it but he stayed and watched the whole thing. I can’t believe how much easier I got off when he was there. It must be that I like to mess with him. The fuck got me back though. I wanted to go out and find someone to actually get me off. I’m sick of using my fingers or a fake cock. I want the real thing. But Daddy had someone take the plug wires out of my car. Fucking Dick. I’ll get him back for that. Of course I can’t prove anything to Mom because I’m not supposed to know anything about cars. I’ll get Mom on my side though. And then I’m going to make Daddy do the job to release my pent up frustration. I mean, it’s only fair, don’t you think diary? He cost me a hard dick tonight, so he can be the replacement.

I shook my head, but I couldn’t stop now.

I saw Daddy sleeping today after Mom left for her work out. I knew just how to mess with him. I crawled into bed where Mom was and he actually grabbed my tit! It felt so amazing to have someone grab me like that. The feelings that come from this body… fuck. I used him to get off. Why is it so easy to get off with him? I don’t even need penetration. Just rubbing around on him and suddenly it’s like a slip and slide in my panties. Oh! I video chatted him at work! He was fucking livid! Oh! And the police came into his office! He yanked the plug on the whole computer to shut me off. Actually that was pretty quick thinking. Maybe he’s not the complete fucking moron gorilla I thought he was. Either way, I’ll have to look into what the police have on him and who is setting him up, because it’s not me. My bet is Luis. Wait… is that why he had that video of Freddie on his computer that I pilfered? Fuck. He’s planning the same thing I am. I better get ahead of him and cut him off at the pass. Daddy is MINE to toy with.

I flipped the page once more.

I went to a party with Mom and Daddy last night. Holy shit is it different from how I remember them. I had seven requests to dance the first song! Three of them were sixty year old politicians which is icky, but whatever. There was a boy that was all over me all night like a wet pair of panties. He was cute, too. He was just way to forward. I ended up slapping him and kicked him in the nuts. He still grabbed my hair and was about to do something when suddenly Daddy was there. He grabbed the boy and shoved him out the fire exit. I gave him my panties to mess with him. Yeah. That’s why I did that. I’m messing with him. Although maybe he’s not as evil incarnate as I thought he was. What am I saying? Of course he is! My memories from prison aren’t fading and he did that. Daddy did that. Fuck him.

The next entry included a drawing of the panties Jessica had stuffed in my pocket. It was actually remarkably good.

Mom found my panties in Daddy’s jacket pocket. He was squirming like an idiot as she grilled him. Then I rescued him. Me. Why would I do that? She would have never thought they were mine. She would have fucking roasted his ass alive for cheating on her. I could have pushed a few buttons, widened that gap, and then Mom and I would be off on our own. Why would I save him? WHY WHY WHY? The spike of pain is back in my brain. I cried myself to sleep last night it was so bad. I wonder is something is wrong with the transfer? The old man said it would either work or kill me. Am I going to die? For some reason my mind keeps thinking. “I’m going to die a virgin.” Like that’s my biggest worry right now. Which is also funny because I know what sex is like, but I am in fact a virgin. I can remember my last visit to the doctor. Mom was in the room when he was looking around down there. He confirmed for her. It was embarrassing as fuck. Oh, and why in the fuck don’t they warm those little metal spreaders? If men had to go through that it would be done better. If I could tell anyone about all of this, I’d write a fucking book.

I flipped the page.

Dear Diary,

Guess who has two thumbs and is no longer a virgin? This girl right here. I mean, I guess it’s a little messed up that it was Daddy and I blackmailed him with poison, but hey, my itch got scratched. Oh! And I was so right. It’s so much better with an actual dick! I could feel him cum in me! It was like I suddenly could just feel him warmer inside of me as his dick jerked! Holy shit it was awesome! And then he did it a second time right away! I was bent over his desk and I took it all. He was really getting into it and I totally got video of it. Two reasons. A) I want to watch it again tonight while I get myself off. It’s like watching a porno. B) I totally got it to look like he was raping me, so I have even more evidence. This will put him in jail and also make Mom hate him all in one. It’s so elegant and all in a tiny little package. I wonder if I should tell Daddy that the worst that poison would have done is make him sweaty and short of breath for a few hours? Nah. It was fun to fuck him when he was all desperate. Maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow?

I turned the page.

I went to see Daddy at work today. He’s being set up. Hopefully he reads that little note. As I walked around his office he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I don’t know how I feel about that but my stomach was all tingly. And now I really can’t wait to fuck him tonight. I have more poison and antidote ready just in case he gets cold feet.

The next page was a single large word, turned sideways and large enough to take up the whole page. It simply said FUCK. There was a small unicorn humping the middle of the “U” and a butterfly in the center of the “C” and what looked like a high heel shoe scribble partly drawn around the spaces in the “F” along with a few random doodles around the outside of the page. The next page was the word “Fuck” written non-stop across every line of the page from top to bottom. I turned the page and again saw a tribute to the work fuck. The next page was a lovely picture of a daisy with its petals written on. I love him was on half of them, alternating with I’ll kill him. The petals were crossed out one at a time until only one was left, and it said, I love him. The next page was another daisy. The petals on this one alternated, He loves me and He’ll kill me again. Those petals were also crossed out until only one was left that said He’ll kill me again. I also noticed some discolorations on the page. It almost seemed like she had spilled some water drops on the page, and I flipped to see what came next.

I’m a fucking basket case! My brain hurts! It hurts so fucking bad! It’s the fucking transfer now I know! I want him. I want him to want me. I’m fucked. I can’t kill him. I’ve known that for a while now, but it still hurts badly to write out. He’s right where I want him too. He’s squirming like a worm on a hook, but I can’t do it. I fucking loose it when he looks at me. I fucking loose it when I look at him. I was obsessed with him before and I’m still obsessed with him now, but the fucking transfer has twisted it. I can’t kill him because I love him. I love him and he’s a fucking snake. He’s married to my mother. He’s going to hurt me again. I know it. I can see the writing on the wall. I can’t trust him. How did I let this happen? How could I be so stupid? And I fucking told him! I fucking opened up to him! How fucking stupid am I? At least I’m prepared this time. If anything happens to me, the Pandora’s Box on his life opens and everyone will know everything. The evidence, the videos, the whole shit will get tossed into the wind. I did a rape kit at the police station yesterday. I stole it back and disappeared before they could process it. If Daddy thinks I’ll be the only one getting raped in prison this time he’ll be in for a surprise. The kit will be found if anything happens to me. It’s preserved and it will nail his coffin shut.

I finally had to put the book down. I couldn’t read anymore. I slipped the ribbon back into that page and stuffed it back under bed and decided to look elsewhere. If there was information about anything in there I just couldn’t stand to read it anymore, so I had to give up on it. I paused for a moment as I thought about what the new Jessica was going through. Suddenly her wild mood swings started to make sense. Was I really hurting her that much? It was all the more reason to get the real Jessica back and maybe we could all move on. Could we though? After everything that had happened? I shook my head and stood up as I looked around her room.

I finally decided to get moving and I opened the closet doors and saw Jessica’s impressive wardrobe. It would take a week to search through that so I closed the doors again and sat down at her computer desk. I opened her laptop up and stabbed the power button. I looked around nervously as I waited for it to boot up. Suddenly there was a log in screen. That was never there before. Jessica never had a password for anything. Fuck. I opened the drawer on her desk and looked for a note or something. I hated remembering my password for work, so I always kept a sticky note with it on in the drawer.

I found nothing and looked back at the screen. I brought my hands to the keyboard and typed out password. I hit enter and it rejected it. I tried Jessica’s birthday. Rejected. I thought for a moment and then pulled out my phone. I looked through the info that had been e-mailed to me on Jackson until I found it. I tried his birthday. Rejected again.

Suddenly the screen flashed. It turned white and then there was a picture of Jessica’s face with an angry scowl on it. Behind her there were racks of clothing and some mannequins. It looked like she was in a shopping mall using her phone to video call. She blinked and tilted her head at the screen and her scowl turned to a thin smile. She held her hand up to the screen and wiggled her finger back and forth. She then looked over her shoulder and I heard her say. “I’m coming Mom. I just had to answer my phone real quick.”

Her face then looked back at the screen and she said in a whisper. “Daddy seriously! Trying to break into my laptop! If you would have just asked I’d have shown you everything on it. The password is rainbow unicorn fourteen ninety two. Capital r, capital u. It won’t unlock for an hour now though, so you may as well go make yourself a sandwich. Was that what this little shopping trip was about? I thought we were working together Daddy? I want you to know that I’m not so much mad as I am disappointed. Be good, we’ll be home soon! Okay, love you bah-bye!”

The laptop screen went dark and I sat there staring at the black screen with my image reflected in it. I had just gotten busted. I doubted that would go well for me, but she seemed to take it well. Usually when I stepped on her toes she threatened me, or more recently I ended up getting poisoned. I felt my stomach turn and I took my phone out again and messaged her.

Jessica. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I wasn’t trying to go behind your back. I saw your door open and I just wanted to look around a bit. I saw your computer and got curious. We can talk about it when you get back.

I hit send and waited. Then I looked around and realized I was still in her room and got up and headed out. I decided I’d get something to eat from the refrigerator. As I stepped into the kitchen I heard my phone beep.

I dug it out and looked at her response Daddy, you were trying to get behind my back. It’s okay though. I’ve been a bit of a nasty girl. I understand. You’ll work it off your debt later, I promise. I found the cutest thigh high black latex boots with a six inch heel at the store today, but Mom said they were a bit much. If you really wanted to make it up to me, I can be bought ? Trust me, you’ll like them too.

I was a bit relieved that she didn’t seem to be in a vindictive mode until I heard my phone beep again and I wondered if she was just setting me up. I pulled up my phone and looked at the next message.

P.S. I really can’t stand typing out these messages like a teenager so I hope you don’t mind that I’m not abbreviating every other word. I hope you understand. Ttyl. OMG like totally. Stupid text speak.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at that. I wondered if the old Jessica’s phone lingo was having a difficult time merging with the new Jessica. I took out some of the left-overs from the meal Jessica had made yesterday, skipping the cookies of course, and after warming them up made my way into the spacious living room at the back of our house. I sat down in my large comfy chair and reclined it and began eating. I stared at the TV mounted on the wall, but I was never much for television. Instead I sat and thought about everything I had learned looking through the diary. I tried to digest the information and determine if there was anything in there I could use to track down how this had happened. I also wondered if there was any way to reverse it, or if it was actually permanent like Jackson kept insisting. Could I deal with the new Jessica permanently? Maybe I could ship her off to college across the country? Judging from the messed up state of the diary and Jessica’s most recent breakdown Jackson’s mind was still having some issues with everything. A hot button seemed to be calling her by his old name. I wondered if I could use that or if it would actually get me stabbed by a psychotic nineteen year old?

“Hi Daddy!” Jessica’s voice knocked me out of my train of thought.

I turned to see her bounding into the room with her hands full of shopping bags as she bounced over and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Thank you for the shopping trip! Mom said it was your idea!”

She planted quick kisses up my neck and then pushed off me and twirled. “I got the cutest top! And we picked out some shoes and I got an absolutely gorgeous dress!”

As Madison walked in I smiled at her and she returned it back and winked at me. Jessica was practically vibrating with happiness as she stopped and then said, “I’m going to go put this stuff away in my room. Did you want me to do a fashion show for you Daddy?”

“Maybe tomorrow night Baby Girl,” I replied with a wink and I saw Jessica’s breathe catch in her throat and a slight shiver go down her spine. Her eyes locked on to mine and I was worried that she would leap across the room and start clawing my eyes out for a moment, but then she suddenly shook her head clear and dashed out of the room. I looked to Madison but she seemed oblivious of her daughter’s split second of strange behavior. She came over to me and slipped into my lap and put her hands on either side of my face and pressed her lips to mine. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and I began moving mine with hers. I enjoyed a long passionate kiss from my loving wife until she finally pulled back.

“Thank you,” she simply said.

“For what?”

“It means the world to me when the two of you get along. When you make her happy, it makes me happy.”

“I like it when you’re happy.” I said as I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

“Maybe we should make it an early night? I’ll make you happy.”

“That sounds like a…”

“Were you in on this?” Jessica’s voice suddenly cut me off.

I turned to see her staring at her mother with pain written across her face as her eyes started to water. She walked into the room holding something in her hands but I couldn’t see it over the back of the chair. I could just see the hurt on Jessica’s face.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Madison asked as she gave Jessica a confused look.

“Were you in on this Mother?” her voice was cold and angry now.

“In on what?” Madison asked in a confused voice.

“Did you help get me out of the house just so that Alexander could go through my diary?” Jessica’s voice rose as she looked at me with fury.

“Oh sweetie, I…”

“If you would have asked to see it, I would have just given it to you Mother,” Jessica’s voice was back to pain. “What are you two looking for? Why don’t you trust me? I have no friends. I can’t date. You told me to wait on going to college. For what? So you can keep me locked up here? And then you still lie to me and sneak into my room and go through my things?” Jessica sniffled as tears went down her cheeks. “What do you want from me?”

“Jessica we didn’t go through your…”

“Daddy left his finger smudge on the ink,” she said as she opened to a page that was thick with ink and pointed to the corner where a large blue thumb print was rubbed against the corner. “And he didn’t put the ribbon back in the same page.”

Madison looked at the book and then at me. She looked down and picked up my hands and looked at my thumbs. My right thumb was blue. How had I not noticed that? The look of disappointment from Madison was gut wrenching. Suddenly we both her a thud.

“Here’s the stupid fucking diary. Look through it as much as the two of you want!” she turned, her hair whipping out as she ran from the room and up the stairs as she started to sob.

Madison stood and looked down at me. “Why?”

“I needed to know…”

“Oh you needed to know something about a nineteen year old’s life? Alexander don’t be pathetic,” Madison’s voice was colder than Jessica’s when it needed to be. She could use words like the new Jessica could use a knife.

“Wait!” I said as I put up a hand and reached for the diary. “You just need to see some of this and you’ll…”

“Absolutely not. That is a breach of trust that I will not cross. Unlike you, I actually talk to our daughter. She tells me to my face about her day and what she’s thinking about. I don’t have to use you to get her out of the house and sneak into her room. What were you thinking Alexander?” Madison bent down and picked up the diary and threw it at my lap. “And now Jessica thinks I betrayed her trust too! You got me roped into this mess with your actions!”

I got out of the chair and stood up holding the book as Madison stormed out of the room and I followed. “Madison! Do not walk away from me! We are not done here! You need to look at this!”

She spun on her heels. “Oh we are done here. You give her that book back. You grovel on your knees for forgiveness. Actually, I don’t really care what you do, but figure it out. Until then, you are in the spare bedroom.”

She turned and stomped up the stairs and I hurried after her. “Madison, you don’t understand…”

She turned into our bedroom and slammed the door shut in my face. I leaned against the door let out a sigh. I stood back and looked down at the diary in my hands.

“Madison I need my…”

The door opened and a pillow flew out into my face and then the door slammed shut again. I heard it lock and I knew this wasn’t going to be better tonight. I sighed and turned down the hallway. I knocked on Jessica’s doorway. “Jessica?”

“GO AWAY!” she screamed through her door. “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“I just want to give you back your…”


I turned again and walked further down the hall to one of the spare bedrooms and turned in. I wondered what life had been like for mankind before women could slam bedroom doors. I imagined some sort of rainbow streaked paradise where everyone danced and sang and got along happily. I mean, they lived in grass huts, so that would be an issue, but you wouldn’t have to worry about getting kicked out of your bed. I dropped my pillow down on the bed, put the diary on the night stand and slipped out of my clothes and into bed. As I shut the lights off I decided that even before bedroom doors, men probably just got kicked out of the grass hut.

I had been in bed for about an hour staring at the ceiling when I saw a shadow standing at my door. I looked up to see the silhouette of woman standing there. I tried not to move and just wait. The shadow was perfectly still. Time stretches out to eternity when you’re wondering if the shadow at your door is going to suddenly leap out and start stabbing you with a smile on its face.

Finally I had enough. “Are you just going to stand there?”

The shadow moved and suddenly I saw Jessica skipping into the room. “You are awake!” she cried out in a happy yet quiet tone.

I sat up as I looked at her. She was wearing long white socks that went from her toes up to her mid thighs and had small yellow and black bands at the top. She had a tight pair of yellow cotton bikini brief panties on and a simple black cotton bra. Her make-up was done and while her eyelashes were long and black her eyelids were a matching electric yellow. She pounced on the bed and crawled toward me like a jungle cat looking at a sick bloody animal with a broken leg… lying in the open… with none of the herd around to protect it.

“Jessica, I’m sorry about the snooping, I didn’t…”

She pushed me back and kissed me hard as her hands clawed across my chest. I tried to yelp in pain, but she wouldn’t relent from pressing her lips on mine repeatedly. Suddenly I realized she had yanked the covers down with a combination of her hands and legs and her mostly naked body was pressed against mine as she worked her smooth skin around to make as much contact as she could.

Finally I got a hold of her shoulders and managed to get her back off me. “Jessica…”

“BABY GIRL!” she hissed angrily at me as she slipped my grip and dove back on my face.

I felt her nipples press into my chest and suddenly felt a warm moist trail on my stomach and realized that was the soaking gusset of her panties that I felt. She finally let go of my face, and started kissing her way down my neck and then down to my chest. She looked up at me playfully and then bit down on my nipple hard.

“AH!” I started to yelp and as fast as a viper strike her hand was pressed over my lips. “Don’t wake up Mom!” she told me in a deadly voice.

I nodded and her hand came off my mouth. She sat back and grabbed her own breasts as she ground her pussy against me and started to work her hips. I couldn’t help but look at her in the moon light. She was a gorgeous creature. I could almost fool myself that it was Madison on top of me right now. She had just gone back in time a short while. Or maybe I had? Maybe both of us? Perhaps this was one of the crazy nights from when we were dating where we had gotten a motel room and just let ourselves go wild.

“Grab my tits Daddy!”

And suddenly I was back in the spare room being attacked for sex by my imposter daughter. When my hands didn’t instantly raise she grabbed them herself and held them to her breasts. I let them flop back to my side as she let go of them. Suddenly she stopped working herself against me and looked down. “What the fuck is your problem?”

“My problem? What’s your problem! What the fuck was that? You got me kicked out of my bedroom! My wife is pissed off at me! I don’t know if you’re going to stab me or fuck me and it’s having a serious effect on my mental health! I realize that you’re enjoying being a bat shit crazy woman, but it’s a bit much for me.”

“So let me get this straight,” Jessica paused as she looked down at me and flipped her hair over her shoulder. “We declare a truce and the very next thing you do is go snooping. I catch you and forgive you, and pick out new lingerie for you and then you call me baby girl in front of your wife and now you’re upset that I orchestrated a way for us to be together tonight?”

“Wait, so you’re not pissed about the diary? Or the computer?”

“I don’t give two shits or a fuck about the diary. I’m surprised it took your dumb ass so long to look there. Do you realize how many cover stories I’ve come up with to explain the change in the diary? Fuck at this point I’m glad you went through it and showed it to Mom because now I can stop updating them. It’s fucking time consuming to keep up with all of this Daddy. Especially when I’d rather be doing something else,” she said with a grin as she snaked her hand into the waistband of my boxers.

As I felt her slim fingers wrap around my cock I tried to squirm out of her grip. “What about the computer? You looked upset?” I tried to deflect her and keep her talking instead of having sex with me.

“I was. For about fifteen seconds. And then I realized that it’s hard for you to trust me if I don’t let you in and show you what I know. So then I decided to get over it. Sharing will make us better partners. Now, get your fucking dick out and share with me!” she squealed in desperation.

“Jessica, I…”

“BABY GIRL!” she said as her temper flared and I saw the anger flash in her eyes. “You fucking said it downstairs. You can’t fucking work me up like this and then walk away and FUCK HER! I need you too Daddy! Did you do it on purpose you? You know what I like and you’re going to use it to get back at me? Are you sure you’re ready to play this game with me? Fine! I’ll go and get ready to unleash the fury while you lay in this bed and snicker about how you got to work me up for a night and then deny me!”

She kicked off the covers, rolled off the bed and started toward the door, her perfect ass cheeks bouncing in the moonlight as I called out. “Wait! Jess… argh! BABY GIRL WAIT!” I tried not to be too loud but still loud enough to get her attention.

“WHAT!?” she said a bit loudly as she spun and stared at me with enraged eyes.

“Get back here! I don’t want to start a war! I’m not trying to piss you off! How was I supposed to know that calling you baby girl would work you up like that?”

Jessica looked at me for a moment and suddenly crouched down and grabbed the sides of her head. “Fuck you Daddy!” she said as she grimaced in pain.

“Are you okay?”

“It fucking hurts. It feels like my brain is getting mashed together and torn apart at the same time. And you’re fucking doing it!” she complained as she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Do you want me to get you some headache pills or something?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me like I was trying to push a rope up a hill… and the rope had just been pissed on… and I was on fire.

“You’re lucky you I like your dick, because you’re so fucking stupid sometimes,” she said as she winced at me, but I could still see anger in her eyes.

“What the fuck did I do?”

“It fucking hurts to flip flop back and forth. It’s not something that a couple pills will just fix. I go from hating you, wanting you, hating you, wanting you. Fucking stop it!” she moaned as she started to rub her head.

“I didn’t do anything!”

“You can’t just go around calling me baby girl and then walking away like nothing in the world is off. You can’t just rile me up and then fight me off when I jump your ass in bed. And of course I’m fucking crazy! I’m a fucking teenager! Do you have to deal with these hormones? No, but I’m fucking swimming in them! So when you do shit like this of course I’m going to jump off the deep end! You fucking ASSHOLE!” she swore at me as she flopped back on her ass and then leaned against the bed with a sigh. “Oh fuck it’s fading now.”

I slid down out of bed and sat on the floor next to her as she closed her eyes and slowly took deep breaths. I couldn’t help but notice her breasts as they rose and fell. I was watching them so intently I didn’t see her hand moving until her fingers were slipping into mine. Her eyes opened just the smallest amount and she whispered. “Do you like watching them Daddy?”

“Hey, Jessica can we just have two minutes of normal here before we go back to that? I promise I’ll help you out. Whatever you need, but I just want to not get fucked or stabbed for two minutes.”

“I suppose,” she replied and then got off the floor and slipped into bed and patted the empty spot where I had been laying. “Come on. I’ll give you two minutes.”

I groaned as I got to my feet and laid down next to her. She giggled playfully as she went down and grabbed the covers and pulled them up over us before cuddling in tight against my side. The scent of her hair was suddenly all I could smell and my dick was slowly responding to her flexible leg as she crossed it over mine and slowly rubbed it up and down my skin. Her warmth was intoxicating. Her breasts were wrapped around my arm and I could still feel her hard nipples straining against the inside of her bra.

She smiled at me softly in the moonlight as she ran her finger around my chest. “Is this what you wanted Daddy?”

“I… I can’t be like this with you Jessica, you know that right? I mean I feel like a scum bag already for agreeing to have sex with you. I’m cheating on my wife… your mother! Now you want to cuddle too? And what is this partnership even going to look like? Every time you get pissed off at me I’m going to need to worry about you stabbing me in the back? It’s no good for you either. I don’t want you to be down on the floor grabbing your skull like that.”

“Oh! You’re worried about me?” Jessica’s eyes lit up.

“Of course I am! I’ve always been worried about you. Since the minute you and your Mom came into my life I’ve been worried about you. Which is why this is fairly fucked up for me.”

“Did you like the old me better than the new me Daddy?”

I looked over to her eyes and saw a sinister gleam in them. Her mother use to ask me impossible questions when we had first started dating. I took a breath in and let it out before answering. “Both of those people are still you, and I love you.”

Her breathing was starting to pick up. I could see her skin starting to blush too. She was going to be back into predator mode soon, could tell. “Do you understand what it’s like for me? You just asked me to understand what it’s like for you to deal with teenage hormones. I’m asking you to understand what it’s like to be blackmailed into sex with your daughter behind your wife’s back.”

Her hand slid down and into my boxers as she smiled at me. “Daddy, I want you to know that I appreciate your situation. Really, I do. It’s just that… well… you did have part of me framed, put in jail, tortured, and raped for three years. I’m working on forgiving you Daddy.”

She grabbed a firm hold of my dick and suddenly squeezed hard and fast. “But I need you to understand that all of this is your fault Daddy. If you and Mom wouldn’t have locked the old me up in a castle and chased away all her friends and possible suitors she would have never agreed to any of this… But she needed out as badly as I needed out. She wanted freedom even more than I did. Look at what she was giving up Daddy. I was escaping an actual prison. Think how fucked up it is that she was willing to toss all of this away. So, this is your penance. You have to sate my sexual desires because you chased away everyone else in my life. You have to put up with my crazy hormones because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even have the chance to be here. And you have to hide it from Mom because you know that neither of us want to hurt her. So sack up and fucking deal with it you giant pussy.”

I nodded quickly as the pain in my boxers started to become mind numbing and she finally released me and then gently stroked my cheek. “I’m glad we had this talk Daddy! I think it helped us understand each other so much better!”

I narrowed my eyes at her and grumbled as she looked over at me. “Did you want me to climb back on now?”


“Did you want me to climb back on? I’ll do the work for you. Or I could get on my hands and knees and you could fuck me doggy style Daddy. I’ll even let you cum on my back like I’m a cheap whore if it makes you happy. I could lay on my back with my legs spread and pretend to be Mom if you want. I know you were hoping to have sex with her tonight. I could do that for you Daddy! I’m your good little girl.”



I looked over at the smile on Jessica’s face as she slept next to me. She had refused to wipe the cum off her chest and it was starting to get dry and flaky. She had made me decide what we would do and I had picked to pretend that she was Madison. She giggled delightfully and then laid on her back and tried to get into character. Was it fucked up that I pretended she was my wife? I thought it would be less fucked up than fucking my daughter. She was good. Too good. I wondered if she had been watching us have sex? She moaned just like her mother. She moved underneath me just like her mother would have. She ran her fingers through my hair and talked to me just like her mother would have. The only difference was that she had wiggled off me at the last moment and then begged me to blow my load on her chest. That was something her mother had never done. Afterward she had thanked me.

Thanked me for fucking her and shooting my seed on her chest.

I rubbed my hands across my face and rolled over, trying not to think about how fucked up everything in my life had become in one short week.


I woke to Madison tossing some clothes on the bed the next morning. I instantly looked at the bed next to me and let out a sigh of relief when I saw it was empty. Fuck that girl must be part ninja and part cat. I turned back to see Madison storming out of the room and kicked my way out of bed to chase after her. “Madison, wait!”

“What Alexander?” she said as she spun and stared at me with her arms crossed.

“I talked with Jessica last night.”

“She was crying in her room when I went to bed. You still have the diary on the nightstand in the spare room! Don’t lie to me!”


“Just go to work Alexander. I can’t even look at you right now. I’m still not cooled off.” she spun and stormed back into the bedroom and then slammed the door behind her. Then I heard it lock.


“How in the fuck do I fix this?” I moaned as I looked across the desk at my office to see Jessica laying across one of my chairs and slowly twirling her hair around one of her fingers.

“Try not to fuck up in the first place Daddy?” she said with a coy smile.

“This is your fault!” I yelled at her loud enough to cause her to jump in her chair.

She rolled her eyes at me. “Yes Daddy, I made you go into my room and look through my stuff.”

“You didn’t have to bust me,” I grumbled at her. “That’s not what partners do.”

“Well you didn’t have to get me all worked up by…” she started to say and then stopped herself as she let out a little whimper and then smoothed her shirt down as she sat up. “I did what I did because I thought my partner made a sign. Now, I’m going to go before I say something completely inappropriate. I’ll go home and talk with Mom. I’m not going to just say everything is A-okay after one night because that’s suspicious. I will tell her that I came here today and we did more talking, and that you are making an effort. And I’ll even tell her I think it’s big of you and that you’re really trying.”

“Thank you,” I said as I held out my hands and nodded my head. “That’s very helpful partner.”

“I agree,” she replied and then she glared at me. “So remember that tonight when I come knocking on your door looking for help, partner.”

“What? That’s what last night was for!”

“Last night was not for me! Last night was for you! I couldn’t even be myself!” she said as she jumped to her feet and pointed down at me. “I did that as a favor for you!”

“A favor for me? Are you fucking nuts?” I asked in a shocked tone and then held up my hands in mock surrender before she could trip into psycho-mode. “Wait! I shouldn’t have said that. I apologize. I was out of line. I can see where you are saying you did it for me, I just don’t feel it was that selfless of an act.”

“Did you call me baby girl at all last night while we were… folding socks?”

“Folding socks?”

“It’s a fucking euphemism. Keep up you damn ape. Now answer my question.”

“I… guess not.”

“Okay, well, what sent me into a bit of a whirlwind of fervor?”

“I see what you’re saying. I’ll watch my mouth.”

“Okay, so now that we can both acknowledge that you still owe me.”

I let out my breath and buried my face into my hands. I was not going to win this. I shook my head in my hands for a few minutes until I finally picked it back up and looked across my desk at Jessica as she stood there with her leg cocked and her hands across her chest while she scowled at me and I surrendered. “Okay fine.”

Suddenly her face turned to a smile. “Yay! Okay, I’ll wear something special tonight just for you Daddy!”

“I can’t wait,” I said dryly as I watched her dance and twirl out of my office like I had just promised to buy a normal teenage girl a pony. Janice looked in through the door at me with raised eyebrows and I just shook my head.


I was sitting on a chair I had dragged into Jessica’s room from my home office down the hallway as I looked at her computer screen. I turned and looked over my shoulder when I heard something and Madison was standing there watching. She gave me a half smile, but it was better than having her throw pillows at my face. I turned back to the computer screen as Jessica said, “And so then you go to this website and you can enter how you’re feeling today. Happy, sad, stressed, hungry, whatever.”

“I don’t think hungry is an emotion.”

“What? Of course it is Daddy! That’s why they have those commercials that tell you to eat a candy bar when you’re hungry! Because you’re like… grumpy or whatever.”

“No I don’t think you’re understanding…”

“I want to have a friend over,” she interrupted me loudly.


“I want to invite a friend over to spend the night.”

“No. No boys.”

Her lips pressed into a thin line as her cheeks clenched and I could see her starting to get upset. “Who said anything about a BOY Daddy? This is what I’m talking about. You don’t listen to me. You just hear part of something and jump to a conclusion.”

I sat back and looked into her face. Here eye brows raised and I could almost see the pleading in her eyes. “I think I have to talk to your mother about this…”

“she said it was up to you,” Jessica interrupted me and then added. “You know it’s kind of pathetic that I’m nineteen and still have to ask my parents to have a same-sex sleep over.”

“Do you remember the party you had senior year?”

“I’m not the same person anymore Daddy. I’ve matured.”

“Tell that to your mother.” I said with a smile and I saw her eyebrows jump at my barb.

“Okay, so what do you want me to do about it?” I broke down and asked.

“Get rid of that rule.”



I looked her in the eyes. “NO.”

She looked past me and then let out a breath. “She’s down the hall. Half way to the kitchen now,” Jessica said and then turned back to the computer and clicked over to a new file. “So this is where I’m logging onto your work computer. Now that I’m onto your network I can get into pretty much anyone’s computer in the building. Your IT department sucks by the way, but it’s fine. Let them muddle around. It will be easy to herd attacks in from a certain weak spot then and I can deal with them.”

“You can get into anyone’s computer in the building?”

“That’s what I just said,” she replied with an eye roll.

“Watch the attitude.”

“Sorry. I’m a nineteen year old. Its second nature,” she replied and then looked at me excitedly with wide eyes. “Did you know that Janice is fucking Dominic?”


“Yeah, in the supply closet! Usually Tuesdays and Fridays over lunch!” she said with a giggle and then added. “I saw them going in and out a lot so I put in a hidden camera. They go in, she fucks him, and they go out like half an hour later.”

“I think you mean Dominic fucks Janice.”

“Seriously Daddy? You’re going to get sexist on me?” she said as she crossed her arms.

“What? No! It’s a… physical implementation kind of thing… Guys have the… equipment. It’s not like I’m trying to say girls are less than because of it, but they just usually…”

“Janice wears a strap on Tuesdays and Fridays under her clothes. Maybe more often, I don’t know for sure past Tuesday’s and Fridays.”

I stopped talking as I looked at her and my view on the entire world warped slightly in an instant. I was not enjoying having my entire world tweaked so hard so often. I rubbed my nose and cleared my throat and then nodded at her. “I respectfully apologize. You were correct. Janice is fucking Dominic.”

The light twinkled in her eyes as she giggled. “Want to see the videos?”

“Absolutely no.”

She pouted at me and then let out a sigh. “You never answered me by the way.”

“What? Yes I did. I said I do not want to see the videos!”

“Not about that,” she said as she shook her head and brought a hand to her temple. “I want to invite Gabrielle over for a sleep over. I don’t want any weird shit from you and Mom. No background checks, no checking in every five minutes to see if we need lemonade or cookies, no asking her fifty questions about her family before she steps in the door, none of that.”

“Who is Gabrielle?”

“A girl I met at the gym. She has the absolute best pair of tits and her bush is shaved like a little heart. I need her to teach me how to do that!” Jessica said as she smiled at me. “And she’s into computer stuff like me, and we kinda hit it off.”

“So this is like a date?”

“What? No!” she snapped at me and then hesitated. “I mean… I want a friend… And she’s cool… and hot… but I don’t even know if she’s into girls…” her voice trailed off.

“Are you into girls?” I asked her suddenly and realized it slipped out before I could stop it.

She looked at me for a moment and then raised an eye brow as she shot me a sly look. “Why do you ask Daddy? Does it turn you on to think about me naked with my face in between some other girl’s legs happily licking box? You could walk in on us and act all surprised and we’d be all embarrassed and beg you not to tell Mom, and you could make a perverted deal with us that you get to fuck us both to keep your mouth shut?”

I gulped and shook my head as I watched Jessica’s nostrils flare and I could see her nipples press out through her thin tank top as she reached up and started to play with her hair. “I could do that for you Daddy. I want to be your good little girl…”

“Jessica come on now…” I started to say until she stood up and walked around while squeezing her fists. “Okay, you have to go. Right now.”

“Huh?” I asked stupidly.

“You need to go and let Mom know that you agreed to let me have a friend come over. I’ll also need you to run interference all night. That woman is sweet, but she wants to dote on me none stop and it will chase Gabrielle away.” Jessica said as she shooed me towards her door.

“Oh… okay.” I said as I got up and headed for the door.

“Oh, and talk to her into changing the rule about needing permission for girlfriends to stay over. That rule needs to go away. Help her think it was her idea, and you’re just going along with it. That will make her feel like she is helping me, and then she’ll bite.” Jessica said as she started to dig through the nightstand next to her bed.

“That’s actually a pretty good idea,” I replied and then noticed she was unbuckling her tight jeans and had a purple dildo in one hand. “Oh! Jeez, not in front of me Jessica!”

“Daddy, you don’t have to be jealous of it. I’ll have plenty left for you tonight.”

“Not what I meant,” I said as I stepped out and closed the door.

I stood there for a moment and heard the sounds of the bed moving and shook my head. I then realized I was starting to get a hard on and slapped myself and thought about baseball stats as I walked down the hall to go and find Madison.


Jessica strolled into the living room with a relaxed smile on her face and plopped down on the couch and crossed her legs. She looked over at Madison and I as her mother sat on my lap and held my hand. “Sweetie, your father was just telling me that you’re going to have a friend come over tomorrow.”

“Uh huh,” she replied.

Her cheeks were still flushed and I could clearly make out her nipples through the thin tank top. She hadn’t worn a bra. I wondered if she had panties on and then immediately got upset with myself for wondering that. I wrapped my arms around Madison’s waist and tried to redirect to my wife.

“Oh, and your father mentioned that he was being too stuffy about the rules and that I was right when I said you shouldn’t have to ask permission to have a friend over every now and again, so we thought we would relax that rule a bit,” Madison informed her daughter. “We’d still like a heads up though, just to plan dinners and what not.”

“Yeah, that sounds reasonable Mom,” Jessica said as she nodded happily.

“Okay well, we’re all in agreement then,” Madison said as she nodded and leaned back against me.

“Oh and your Mother thought I could get out of the spare room and go back to our bedroom tonight, so you don’t have to worry about seeing me walk around in my boxers tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Ew! Daddy!” her face scrunched as she looked at me. “Who would want to see that? I mean, no offense Mom, but ew.”

Madison let out a soft laugh and then said, “Well, good night Sweetie, I’m going to bed. I’ve got an early morning.” She slipped out of my lap and stood up. “Are you coming Dear?”

I nodded and stood up and as I left the room I saw Jessica looking at me with wide pleading eyes. I stopped and shrugged at her and pointed to her mother. She rolled her eyes, nodded and shooed at me with her hands again.


We had just put our heads on the pillows when suddenly the alarms were going off. I jumped to my feet, looked at Madison as I yelled. “Lock the door after I leave!” I then dashed down the hallway to my office. I glanced over the screens to see if any of them had shown motion through the yard. There was nothing, but I still entered in the combination to the center desk drawer and pulled out my small hand gun. I pulled the slide back and checked to make sure a round was in the chamber and then looked at the data from the security system. The back pool door sensor was going off. I went back into the hall and called through Jessica’s door. “You’re in there right Jessica?”

“Yes,” she said back quietly.

“Okay, lock your door and don’t open it for anyone but me.”

I went down the stairs slowly, turning lights on as I went. I checked each room in our house quickly but completely and finally I was looking at the back door. It was open just a sliver. I slipped the gun in my waistband and closed it and then quickly checked around outside the windows, but couldn’t see anyone. Then there was a knock on the door.

“Police! We are responding to an alarm.”

I opened the door and saw two uniformed policemen standing there. After looking at their badges I let them in and they began to also look over the house. I entered the code to shut the alarm off and went up to let Madison and Jessica know that everything seemed to be clear and the police were here. They both unlocked their bedroom doors and came out. Jessica jumped to me and wrapped her arms around my waist tightly. “I was so scared Daddy!”

I nodded and smoothed her hair down. We went down and met with the police officers as they gave us their report. “We couldn’t find anything around the outside. Not even a foot print. The alarm probably scared off whoever was trying to get in. It doesn’t look like they got in. The alarm system did it’s job.”

“Okay, thank you officers,” I replied and one of them looked at me. “Do you have that gun registered sir?”

“Yes of course,” I nodded. “It’s for emergency home defense.”

“Okay, well just don’t be brave sir. You’ve got a family to stay alive for. It’s best to let us handle it.”

“Yeah, of course,” I said with a smile.

I let them out and Madison took Jessica back to bed. I reset the alarm and headed to our bedroom. As I got into bed I muttered. “Well that was enough excitement for one night.”


Suddenly there was a knock on our door and it opened slightly and Jessica’s head popped in. “I’m…”

Her voice trailed off and she bit her lip. I sighed and looked at her with raised eyebrows. “Jessica, just say what you were going to say.”

“I’m scared. Can I sleep with you guys?”

“Jessica you’re nineteen.” I said with a bit of a tone.

“Alexander she’s afraid! We just had someone try and break in!” her mother defended her.

“We don’t know that for sure. I could have forgotten to lock the door and it was the wind.”

Madison didn’t reply she just gave me the look and I relented. “Fine. She can sleep with us, I’m fine with it.”

“Thank you Daddy!” she said happily as she ran into the room and I couldn’t help but noticed she had picked the most transparent and shortest nightie I had ever seen her wear. Had she changed after the police left? The tiny pair of panties that peaked out as she jumped onto the bed seemed to be new as well.

She slipped under the covers next to her mother and I felt Madison slide just a bit my way. I shut the lights off and heard too sets of soft breathing as worked myself into a comfortable position and tried to go to sleep.

I hadn’t been asleep long when I suddenly felt someone grab my hand. I rolled over just a bit to see who was hanging onto me. Through heavy eyelids I saw Jessica’s face twisted in pleasure as she brought my hand between her legs and rubbed it hard against her panty covered love mound. I felt the heat burning through her core and also noticed my fingers getting slick. She bit her lip as she silently used me to get herself off. I felt her slip her panties to the side and my thumb was pressed into her wet lips and I felt my knuckle being dragged against the small nub of her clit. She whimpered as quietly as she could and suddenly I felt her quaking next to me as she squeezed her eyes shut and struggled to not move or call out. She bucked and twitched a few times involuntarily and then let go of my hand with hers but kept it pinned in between her thighs with her long legs. She laid almost motionless as she caught her breath, then slipped my hand back up against my side and rolled over to cuddle with her mother.

After another short while I heard both of the girls snoring softly and rolled over to look at them both. Jessica’s hair was spread across the pillow while Madison’s was gathered in a thick braid and placed exactly where she liked it when she slept. Jessica was clutching her mother possessively, and even had one leg wrapped around Madison. Her head was tucked up under Madison’s chin and I watched both sets of their breasts rise and fall slowly to their breathing I felt my hard on start to return. I shook my head, rolled over and tried to go to sleep while counting sheep that told me random baseball stats.


My eyes slowly opened and I took a deep breath and looked around my bedroom. As I rolled over and expected to see my wife I saw Jessica’s face with her big eyes staring at me. Her hair was a little messed up and partially over her face and it looked like she had slept well.

“Where’s…” I started to ask and she interrupted me.

“Hot yoga two days a week in the early morning, remember Daddy?” her eyebrow crooked.

“Oh yeah,” I paused as I looked at her. “You know it’s creepy as fuck when I wake up to you staring at me.”

She blinked a few times and then let out a sigh. “More creepy than when I wake you up with a knife in my hands?”

“Much less creepy than that.”

“Okay, well then consider waking up with me staring at you a step in the right direction.”

“I’m going to go take a shower and get ready for work.”

“C’mon! I wanna fuck!” she pouted as she pleaded with me and I felt her hands against my skin under the covers.

“What do you call last night?”

She looked at me like I was crazy. “Using your fat thumb to stroke my clit? I call that doing what I need to survive. Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep myself from jumping you? You bailed on your promise for last night! You said you’d fuck me my way! You got me all worked up with your perverted little fantasy! And then when I came down to the living room I saw you looking at me! You know what it does to me when I see people looking at me. You’re fucking evil, you know that?”

“What? None of that was my intention.”

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

“And the express way is made out of guys who fuck their daughters,” I retorted as I got out of bed and headed for the shower.

“What am I supposed to do here Daddy?” she asked with a bit of desperation in her voice as she sat up and let the covers fall down to show off her proud chest.

“You have a dildo in your room. You told me not to be jealous of it. I won’t be upset if you use it this time.”

I heard a whimper as I closed the door, and I quickly turned on the shower before I could change my mind.

I showered quickly and dried off. I brushed my teeth and quickly shaved. When I stepped out into the bedroom to get dressed I saw Jessica naked and laying diagonally across my bed. She had one hand reaching for the very tip of the corner as her head was turned to the side while she panted. Her chest was pressed into the soft bedding, and her other hand was underneath her running between her legs. They were spread slightly while her ass was jutted up into the air and she bucked on her own fingers as I heard the noises of her slippery fingers working deep inside her. The entire room smelled like musky teenage girl in heat. The scene in front of me looked like something out of a porno staring a nineteen year old version of my wife. I was instantly rock hard and upset with myself for it.

“Oh yes Daddy! Oh yes Daddy! Daddy fuck my tight little cunt! Fuck me so good! Oh your dick is so big Daddy!” she mumbled to herself with her eyes tightly clinched shut.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I tried to hide my erection.

She didn’t open her eyes. “Your bed smells like you. Shut up or help. If I don’t do it now I’ll go fucking insane later.”

“More insane then finger fucking yourself in my bed?”

She let out a frustrated groan and rolled onto her back and looked at me. “Yes more insane than that,” she propped herself up on her elbows and stared at me. “When you fucking bailed on me last night I knew I wouldn’t make it to the morning without something. You don’t get it do you? I NEED this. It’s like… being in a desert with no water… no… that’s not even enough… it’s like going underwater and trying to give up breathing. I can get by for a little while, but it doesn’t take long before I start aching and I have to get it. HAVE TO. It must be part of the swap with the merge… It was never like this for me before, and it wasn’t even this bad for old Jessica. This is new, and it’s brutal.”

“I didn’t bail on your last night! I have a wife that I love! I went to bed with her!”

“Oh don’t worry. I took care of it.”

I stopped and looked at her with a sudden clarity. “The alarm. The back door last night was you, wasn’t it? How did you pull the door and get back to your room so quick? You did all that so you could claim to be scared!”

She smiled at me smugly. “Never underestimate a motivated woman.”

“You’re going to get busted one of these times. It’s going to take us both down.”

She rubbed her inner thighs together as she tipped her head back and purred. “Oh Daddy, I’d love it if you went down with me,”

“Dammit this is serious!”

Her head popped back up and she glared at me. “Yes! This is serious. You made a promise!”

“Well, the situation has changed.”

She growled at me. “So as soon as we are partners you’re ready to leave me swinging in the wind whenever it suits you? Do you ever wonder why I blackmailed you? I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s the only way to get your ass to move in the direction I want it.”

I stopped and looked at her. “So we’re going back to blackmail then?”

She growled at me again and as she groped her own breasts roughly. “No! I’m not getting that headache again. I’ll fucking hump your pillow again or something. Just leave. I’ll fucking figure it out on my own.”

“This is my bedroom! You leave,” I said as I looked at her and pointed at the door.

She glared at me, then reached over and scooped up her discarded pajamas and hopped off my bed and started to the door. “Hey how’s it going with Luis by the way?”

“What? Oh, the guys I had tailing him saw everything. He tried to reroute the merchandise and replace it with counter fit goods. We got him red handed. The boys roughed him up a little, and then handed him over to the police. He won’t be an issue anymore.” I told her with a satisfied smile.

“Oh. Okay,” she paused and walked out my door then leaned against the door frame and looked back at me with a raised eyebrow. “Do you have a busy day today Daddy?”

I looked at her and knew she still wanted sex from me so of course I replied. “Yes. Insanely busy.”

“Well you should make some time first thing this morning to see where Luis is then, or it will come back to bite you in the ass,” she said as she shrugged and then started to walk down the hallway.

I stared at the space she had been standing while I put on my tie and frowned. I stomped out into the hallway just in time to see her door closing and I yelled down the hall. “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean! He’s in jail! We turned him over to the cops!

I stood there for a moment and then walked down the hall and said through her door. “Hey! Jessica! Why would I need to know where Luis is? He’s in jail, right? I mean we turned him over to the cops.”

She didn’t respond again and I pushed open her door. “Hey! Don’t ignore me!” I shouted at her as I saw her writhing on her bed, the purple dildo I had seen last night being worked inside of her furiously.

“Oh Daddy! You caught me! I’m such a naughty girl! Are you going to spank me?” she asked as her ass lifted off the bed while she continued pumping the dong in and out with one hand and grabbing a tit with the other.

“Was this a trick too? Just to get me to come down and barge into your room?”

“Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! I’m so close! Why can’t I…? Why can’t I…? Fuck come on! FUCK!” she was squarely in between screaming in frustration and crying in frustration as I watched her entire body break out in a sweat from exertion.

“Hey! Answer me! Was this a trick? What do you know about Luis?”

Her lips curled into a snarl as she spun to face me and whipped her purple dildo at me with all the strength she could muster. I pulled the door back and the dong bounced off the door loudly and crashed into something else. I opened the door and looked at her panting as she pointed at me. “Oh now you fucking need me? Now you want me to pay attention to you? Fuck off Alex! I have my own issues to take care of. You’re a big man, you have contacts, right? If a nineteen year old girl can figure this shit out a grown ass man with resources shouldn’t need to interrupt her jilling off to get the fucking info, right Alex?”

“Just tell me what you know, and you can get back to it!” I said as I glared back at her.

“AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!” she grabbed her head as she curled into the fetal position. “NO! NO NO NO NO NO!”

I watched as she squirmed on the bed. “Fuck you fuck you fuck you! I… I…”

“What do you need?” I finally relented when I couldn’t take the sight of Jessica’s veins bulging out of her face in pain anymore.

Her eyes darted my way, but I could tell she didn’t trust me to follow through on what I had asked, so I stepped into the room and kicked the door shut. I unbuckled my pants and pulled my zipper down as I asked again. “What do you need?”

“Call me your Baby Girl! Please! Please call me your Baby Girl and tell me I’m your good girl and then fuck me hard Daddy! Please! Please please please I’ll be good after, I swear I’ll be soooooo good!” she said with a look of anguish on her face.

I stepped out of my pants and tossed them to the side as I walked to the side of her bed and grabbed her neck and positioned her where I wanted her. She shivered and groaned as my fingers touched her skin and she tried to press herself back against my dick. I stopped her and held her face down to her bed. “Not yet you little slut. Wait until Daddy says so.”

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she slapped her legs together and rubbed her thighs against one another. “Oh sorry Daddy! I want to be your good little slut Daddy!”

I got on my knees on her bed behind her and used one of my legs to force her legs back apart and then leaned forward over her back and whispered to her. “Are you my dirty little Baby Girl?”

She grunted as I brought my cock to her waiting slit and with as wet as she was the head slid in without any issue. She made another sound like someone had kicked her in the stomach and I felt her gasp for air. I looked to make certain she was okay and all I could see was the whites of her eyes and then noticed the extra moisture flooding out around my cock. She had been so worked up that just the tip of my dick and a few words had sent her flying over the edge.

I didn’t give her a chance to recover.

I began pumping back and forth. I grabbed her waist and used my dick like a piston to fuck her roughly. She tried to say something again, but it came out in moans, groans, and calls of passion. I saw her hands fly to her breasts as she worked her nipples with her fingers. I looked down at her and said loudly. “Do you like getting fucked hard by my cock, Baby Girl?”

She screamed out loudly and I felt another flood of moisture as her pussy convulsed around my dick and I thought she passed out for a moment but that didn’t stop me from keeping up the pace. I was too far gone now to stop fucking her until I got some release too, and with how tight she was I knew it wouldn’t be long. I started to feel the constriction in my balls and I knew I was moments away from blasting a load deep inside her.

I muttered. “Oh are you ready for my cum Baby Girl? Here it comes!”

As I said that I felt my cock jerk and squeeze as tipped over the edge and she mewed into her bed as her hands balled in tight fists around as much bedding as she could grab. I fired again and again deep inside of her as she gurgled in pleasure. When I let go with my last jet of cum inside of her tight little snatch I let go of her waist and she toppled to the side as she panted. I wiped my dripping cock on her leg to clean it a bit and grabbed the pair of panties that were still at the foot of the bed and finished wiping myself off before tossing them back down. Her hand was reaching out and grabbing at air as she tried to get her focus back until finally she saw me out of the corner of her eye and managed to grab hold of my tie. She half pulled me to her and half pulled herself to me as she mashed her face into mine and kissed me on the lips roughly before letting me go and falling back to her bed.

“Oh thank you Daddy! Thank you thank you thank you! That was everything I needed!”

“Okay then what do you know about Luis? Spit it out!” I told her in a stern voice as I slipped my pants back on.

She nodded and then struggled off the bed with wobbling legs and stumbled to her dresser. She quickly pulled out a tiny pair of silk bikini briefs and stepped into them and yanked them up around her wide hips before stopping and taking two deep breaths. She then looked over at me with a crooked smile and pointed to her lap top.

I went over to it and she sat down in her chair and started to go through some files until she clicked on a video. It was what looked like a surveillance camera of one of my properties down by the docks. Two police officers in uniform walked up to Dominic and Tommy handing Luis over to them. They brought him to the back of the car, put him in, then got in themselves and drove off out of the camera’s view range.

“Looks like the police have him to me,” I said in an annoyed tone as I looked at her with narrowed eyes.

“Yeah, it does look like the police have him,” she said as she backed up the video and then zoomed in on the squad car. “But look at the markings on that car. Doesn’t it seem off to you?”

I squinted as I stared at the screen. I guess some of the emblems didn’t look quite as sharp as a normal cop car, but then again it was a grainy security camera feed. “I dunno.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “The logo is on the wrong side for one. The lettering on the trunk is in the wrong font, and when you look up that car number, it doesn’t exist in the police department for our town.”

“When did you become an expert in cop cars?”

She turned and looked at me with a sweet smile. “Because when I was planning your down fall I thought about having fake police come and arrest you and take you to a black site where I could fuck you anally with a strap on for several months before killing you Daddy,” she paused and then added. “And they would need a police car to take you away in, and I wanted everything to be perfect just for you!”

“You still scare me sometimes,” I mumbled as I took a half step back.

“Good,” she replied with a shrug. “But I don’t think you have anything to worry about while your cum is still leaking out of my pussy. I’m a lot more calmed down and level headed when I’m not looking at the world through a lust filled haze.”

“That’s more than I needed to know,” As I looked down at her and the reality of having just fucked my daughter snapped back into place.

“Oh, but it makes me feel like such a naughty little girl Daddy! It’s all sticky and slippery at the same time and I can just feel it slowly dribbling out of me and pooling in my panties,” she said as she closed her eyes and a smile worked its way across her face from ear to ear.

She leaned back in her chair and I saw the growing wet spot in the gusset of her pink panties as our combined juices leaked into the fabric and she brought a hand down and ran her finger up and down the grove in the center of her crotch. I looked away and then turned and walked out of the room as I said over my shoulder. “Okay, I’ll look into it.”

“Thank you Daddy!” she called out and then I heard her add. “For everything!”

I went back to my tie as I walked down the hallway and let out a sigh as I realized I was getting turned on.


“Well hello and come in!” Madison said as Jessica and her friend walked in the front door while quietly chatting to each other as they walked toward the stairs. “You must be Gabrielle?”

“Uh, yeah,” she said as she looked at Jessica with a quizzical look and then back at Madison.

“So how old are you?” Madison asked as she took a step onto the stairs and leaned against the railing half blocking the way up to Jessica’s room.

“Twenty, why?”

“Oh no reason,” Madison said with a smile as she waved her hand in the air and then asked, “What do you do during that day?”

“I’m currently going to college for graphic design and computer programing,” The young woman said as she reached up and flicked back her jet black hair.

Jessica’s friend had several small braids coming down the side of her head and were pulled back with her unbraided hair into a pony tail at the back of her head. She had several ear piercings that I could see, and two in her nose as well. As I looked closer I also saw one in her eyebrow. She had light blue eyes and a small nose. I personally thought if the piercings were taken out she might be almost as pretty as Jessica. She did have a nice pair of bulges on her chest as Jessica mentioned and I couldn’t help but wonder what the little heart shaped muff just above her pussy looked like and then I reminded myself that this was my daughter’s friend. She was wearing a loose fitting shirt that hung off one shoulder and showed she had a yellow bra strap disappearing underneath it somewhere. It was also cut off to show her thin stomach. She also had a pair of tight denim short shorts on and some tattered fishnet stockings on her legs that lead down to a pair of black heeled combat boots.

I saw Jessica’s face turn toward me and shot me a death stare and I called out to Madison loudly. “Dear, can you come give me a hand for a moment?”

“Just a minute dear, I’m talking to Jessica’s friend,” she replied without looking away from Gabrielle.

“Dear, I really need your help with something,” I insisted.

Madison huffed slightly and left the stairs and Jessica grabbed her friend by the hand and started up them quickly. Madison got to my side and gave me a look. “What Dear?”

“We need to give Jessica some space, Dear,” I said in a low tone as the two girls disappeared down the hallway.

“What? Why? I was giving them space, I just wanted to know more about her little friend,” Madison said as she looked up the stairs after them.

“I know, but Jessica is feeling suffocated.”

“That’s ridiculous Alexander. We’re not suffocating her, and I’m just looking out for her.”

“When is the last time she had a friend over?”

Madison turned back to stare at me. “I don’t know. Like… um… two months ago. That Shelly girl. What does that even matter anyway?”

“Shelly? The one that came over to help pick out new curtains in her room? She was paid. She’s an interior designer.”

“So. They’re still friends.”

“No, she’s the daughter of one of your friends who we helped get her business going,” I replied back and then added. “Jessica specifically told me to give her some space tonight and that I should help keep you occupied.”

“What? Why would she say that? She doesn’t need to say that. I’m her mother. I just want to…”

“No. Let’s go watch some TV or something. That doctor show you like is on tonight isn’t it?”

“Alexander I am not watching TV when our daughter is upstairs in her room with someone I don’t know.”

“Yes you are.”

Madison tilted her head and stared at me and then huffed again. “Fine. Let’s go watch some TV.”

I had to practically drag her into the living room and sit her down on the couch. I turned the television on and handed her the remote and sat down in the chair nearest to the doorway so that I could keep Madison in my view. She started out fine, but after a short period of time she was practically jittery. She was flipping channels and struggling to find anything that would keep her attention for more than five minutes.

“What if she’s a drug dealer?”

“She’s not a drug dealer Dear.”

Madison went back to flipping channels.

“What if she’s a terrorist and she’s trying to convert our daughter?”

“She’s not a terrorist dear. She’s a teenager hanging out with our teenager. We just have to have a little more faith that Jessica will pick out good friends.”

“You’re the one that ran a background check on every boy that took her to a dance in high school!” Madison said as she turned to me. “And now you’re trying to stop me from even talking to this new friend?”

“Yes. You asked me to stop fighting with Jessica and get along with her better. This was one of the things she complained to me about. We have to loosen our grip a little.”


Madison flipped through some channels. “Okay, I’m just going to go and see if they need anything to drink real quick.”

“Madison, No.”

For the next few hours every five minutes I had to stop Madison from coming up with some excuse to head up the stairs. It was actually exhausting. I started to understand why Jessica had such a non-existent social circle, and all it took for me to realize that was a business associate I had framed for murder and sent to prison slip into her body. When I heard a knock at the door I looked at Madison and said, “I’m going to go answer that. What are you not going to do?”

“Go up and check on the girls,” she replied in a glum tone.

“Promise me.”

“Alexander I’m a grown woman. I won’t…”


“Fine. Fine, okay I promise I will stay here.”

“Thank you.”

I went to the door to find a pizza delivery guy standing on my porch. He looked around. “Nice place you got here. That’ll be thirty four eighty.”

I handed him a couple twenties and he handed me some pizza boxes. I brought them into the dining room and saw Madison standing there looking at me with a smile. “Do you want me to take them up?”

“No, I thought we could eat down here. Obviously Jessica knew you would be dying to meet her friend so she ordered pizza for us too. I’ll see if the girls would like to come down here. Can you get some plates and drinks?”

Madison nodded and as she left for the kitchen I headed up the stairs. I knocked lightly on the door and I heard Jessica’s voice. “Door’s unlocked.”

I opened it and saw the two girls laying on Jessica’s bed with their lap tops next to each other and their feet kicking in the air. I could see how close Jessica was to her friend as they pointed at something on the screen. I couldn’t help but remember Jessica’s little day dream and I felt a tightening in my pants. Jessica looked at me. “What’s up Daddy?”

“Pizza’s here. Would you ladies like to eat it with us in the dining room, or should I bring it up here?”

Jessica looked over at Gabrielle who shrugged and then Jessica said, “We’ll come down. Less mess.”

Gabrielle stood and stretched and Jessica looked down at my pants and gave me a wicked grin as her eyes narrowed. “Thank you for knocking first Daddy.”

“Uh… yeah…” I said as I felt my face blush and quickly turned to head down the hallway.

Madison was at the table with the pizza boxes flipped open and leaning forward with that gossip queen look on her face and as I sat down next to her I leaned in and whispered. “Leave Gabrielle alone dear. Let her talk. If you interrogate her you’re going to get me in hot water with Jessica.”

Madison looked at me for a moment and then huffed once more just as the girls came walking into the room. They grabbed some pizza and dropped it on their plates as they sat down and started talking to each other.

“So he asked if I could program in any other languages other than C plus plus and I laughed and said yeah, all the good ones.” Gabrielle said as she looked at Jessica who giggled and rolled her eyes.

“Who asked?” Madison leaned in with wide eyes until I reached under the table and poked her in the thigh and then she sat back and gave me a sour look as she added. “Never mind.”

“So did you get it working? I would have tried to figure out a way to use a magnet to send a signal every time the wheel went around, and then counted rotations per second for speed,” Jessica said with raised eye brows.

“That’s a really great idea. I didn’t think of that. You should totally be going to college for this stuff. You’re a better programmer than I am!” Gabrielle said as she looked at Jessica with a bit of awe.

“Oh I don’t know about that. I’m still fuzzy with fuzzy logic.”

Both of them started to giggle and Madison looked at both of them with raised eyebrows. “I thought you were going to take a bit of time off before you went across the country for college dear?”

Jessica looked at her mom and said, “I’m not talking about going anywhere Mom. But Gabby did point out that I could take a couple of courses at the local college that sound fun, and it might even work later for a degree and you’d hardly even know I was gone.”

Madison nodded and then glared at me as she took a sip from her wine. It appeared that in my new reality some nights it would be impossible to keep both of the women in my life happy. The new circumstance was definitely trying to keep Jessica happy.


I knocked on Jessica’s door and announced. “We’re going to bed Jess.”

I heard footsteps quickly heading for the door and it swung open and I saw Jessica standing there in a short t-shirt and boy cut panties as she smiled at me. “Night Daddy!”

I glanced over and saw Gabrielle in a short pair of tight cotton shorts and a t-shirt still lying on Jessica’s bed staring at her’s and Jessica’s computer screens with a pair of head phones on. I gulped and turned back to Jessica. “Don’t stay up all night, okay?”

She rolled her eyes at me. “Because I have such important things to do in the morning, right?”

“Tone young lady.”

“Sorry Daddy,” she said as she leaned in and hugged me tightly and then glanced over her shoulder and looked up at me with a mischievous grin. “I’ll find one for you to live out your perverted little fantasy on Daddy, but it’s not this one, okay?”

“What? No, I’m fine! Really!”

She quickly fondled my semi rigid cock through my pants as she giggled. “Uh huh. Whatever you say Daddy.”

Then she retreated and closed the door and I was left standing in the hallway by myself with my heart pounding in my ears.


“You guys have a hot tub? Oh I am so down for a hot tub,” I heard a young female voice say as I was adjusting my tie.

“Yeah, you can borrow one of my suits. Let’s go!” I heard Jessica replied enthusiastically and heard footsteps as the girls dashed down the hall past my bedroom.

I finished with my tie and headed out of my bedroom and down the stairs. Madison was in the kitchen in her robe drinking from a mug of coffee and she handed me an empty glass as I eyed her with a questioning look. “Did you leave them alone for breakfast?”

“I asked like… two… maybe five questions tops,” she replied as she set down her cup. “Gabby seems like a nice young woman.”

“Oh it’s Gabby now?”

“Yes, it’s Gabby now.”

“Well, I’m glad you approve of Jessica’s new friend, Dear,” I said as I poured a cup of coffee and took the newspaper that was on the counter and spread it out.

“You were right. We needed to step back and just trust Jessica’s judgement. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.”

Suddenly we were interrupted by two young women as they ran through the room in the smallest bikinis Jessica owned giggling like mad. They skidded to a halt at the door that lead out back and then up a path to the pool area. Jessica opened the door for her friend and then pointed. “its right there. Oh! I’ll grab towels! Be there in a sec.”

Gabrielle headed out the door at a run and Jessica spun and ran out of the room, returning moments later with two large towels. She suddenly altered her course and almost knocked me off my seat as she wrapped her arms around me and pecked her lips against my cheek. “Morning Daddy! Have a good day at work!” And then she was off running out the door again. The door slammed loudly behind her and Madison went over and opened it to call out. “Jessica! We do not slam doors in this house!”

“Sorry Mom!” she called out as I heard a splash and two sets of giggles.

“I think she was just excited Dear,” I said with a half-smile on my face.

Madison came over and wrapped her arms around me. “Alexander Belciano are you defending Jessica’s actions?”

“Hey, you wanted us to get closer. Be careful what you ask for,” I said as I got up, tucked the newspaper under my arm and kissed her on lips. “I’ve got to get into work. The paper is reporting that Verstalli’s company is having financial difficulties. I’ve known about it for a while, so I’m all set up to swoop in now that the news finally broke. There’s blood in the water and I intended to swim away as the fattest shark.”

“Oh, I liked them. They had the nicest Christmas parties. Please don’t drag them over the coals so hard that they hate us Dear,” Madison asked with a pout.

“I can’t make any promises,” I said with a shrug. “All’s fair in love and war, and this is my war.”

She looked at me with a sigh as she raised an eyebrow. “Yes, yes I guess you’re right.”


I was sitting at my desk later that afternoon when I got a call on my cell phone. I picked it up and answered it after seeing it was Jessica’s number. I brought it to my ear as I pointed at the door to Dominic and he nodded and left.

“Did you get anything more on Luis from your end?” I asked as I brought the phone to my ear.

“Hi Daddy,” I heard her purr out. “I didn’t call to talk about that.”

“What did you call to talk about, then?”

“I’m sitting in a little coffee shop wearing that little black dress that you said I couldn’t go out in a few days ago,” she replied in a low tone.

“Well, we’ll talk about that when I get home,” I replied in a fatherly tone wondering where she was going with this.

“I’m all alone in the corner of the shop. All the men were staring at me on the way here. I bent over to adjust the strap of my heel on the corner and two cars got into an accident.”

“Um… okay… Jessica is this…”

“I’m not wearing a bra and I’ve got the tiniest little thong on underneath my dress Daddy. It’s almost completely soaked through Daddy. I’m so wet while I sit here and think about your dick.”


“I’m taking them off now Daddy. My dress is so short I can slip them off without any trouble. Oh they smell like my pussy Daddy. I think some guy saw me. He’s staring at me and it’s making me so horny. I wonder if he’s as big as you Daddy. If I let him take me home and fuck me will you track my phone and show up at his house? Will you beat the shit out of him and then drag me out of there? Will you bring me home and spank me for being a naughty little girl? Will you throw me on my bed face down and fuck me hard while you spank me? Will you reassert your dominance?” She was panting through her phone now.

“Jessica I’m at work!”

She let out an angry noise. “Yes! I know! That’s why I’m having phone sex with you! Because I can’t very well show up at your office, get fucked on your desk, and walk out all red in the face and blushing, now can I?”

“You need this now?”

“Yes I need this. NOW.”

I let out a sigh. “Um… okay… Uh…” I took a breath and looked around and said into the phone in a low tone. “I… I would go and find you. I would drag you out of that guy’s house and… um… I wouldn’t take you home. Your mother would interrupt. I’d drag you to a cheap hotel and tie you to the bed and spank you for a while.”

“Oh Daddy! Yes! Punish me Daddy! Spank me like the bad little girl I am.”

“Yeah, I’d spank you…” I paused as I got a little bit bolder. “And I’d tear your slutty little dress right off you.”

“Oh Daddy!”

“And then I’d pull you off the bed and make you kneel in front of me and I’d shove my dick in your mouth and have you get me hard.”

“Daddy yes! Yes!”

“But I wouldn’t let you get me off. Once you got me hard I’d bend you over the side of the couch in the room. The old stained one in the corner that’s just as dirty as you are, and then I’d fuck you from behind. I’d fuck you so hard and you’d hear my balls slapping against your skin and then I’d pull out and cum on your back. And then I’d make you go home that way. Naked and used so everyone could see what a little tramp you really are.”

“OH DADDY! OH… F… f… fffffffffff…” she lowered her voice and I could almost see her biting her lip in my mind’s eye. “fuck… oh… oh… yes…”

I could hear her panting after her voice trailed off and she managed to mumble. “Oh… yes. That was… That was just what I needed. Oh thank you Daddy.”

And then she hung up on me. I didn’t believe it, and so I asked into the phone. “Jessica? Jessica are you there?”


I pulled up my tracking app for Jessica’s phone. She was in fact in a little coffee shop. Had she really had phone sex in that dress with me in public? Had a young man actually been watching her? Had he watched her orgasm? I suddenly realized my pants were tight and there was a small wet spot of pre-cum in them. Had I really said all those things? Fuck. I was getting just as messed up as Jessica.


“I’ve got to take a trip out of town to seal up the deal with buying out the Verstalli shares. It should only take a few days. I’m flying out in the morning,” I said as I sat at the dinner table and ate another fantastic meal that Jessica had made for me and her mother.

“Where are you going?”

“The people I have to meet are in the south of Florida.”

“Can I go with you?” Jessica suddenly looked up at me with hopeful eyes.

Madison and I both looked at her with surprise. Madison then said, “I didn’t even think you were paying attention to our conversation. I thought you were just playing on your phone. You’ve had your nose in it since you got home today.”

“Well, I’m trying to figure out a way to shut off the tracking app without you guys knowing,” she replied as she set her phone down and shot her mother a look.

“Do you want your father to start sending an escort with you everywhere again?” her mother shot back.

“Why do you both need to watch me constantly! Don’t you have your own lives to live?” she whined and crossed her arms.

“Watch your tone young lady!” her mother said as she pointed a finger at her.

Jessica stuck her tongue out at her mother and Madison glared at her. I sighed and put my fork down and rubbed my face with my hands. “Ladies, let’s just have a nice dinner.”

“She started it,” Jessica replied as she slumped forward over her plate.

“That is enough!” Madison replied with warning in her tone.

“Your mother and I will talk about the trip later,” I said to try and stop the fighting.

“Why don’t you talk about it now?” she pushed with a curious expression on her face.

“Jessica, just…”

“Just what? Go up and sit in my room and hug my stuffed unicorn and be the perfect daughter while I wait for the two of you to decide my life without any input from me?”

“That is enough young lady. Not another word.” her mother said in a dark tone as she pointed at her.

Jessica let out a loud humph as she sat back in her chair and glared at both of us silently. I went back to eating my diner while Madison shook her head and drank some wine. Jessica didn’t touch another bite on her plate.


“What the hell was that at dinner?” I asked as opened Jessica’s bedroom door before bedtime.

“Oh I was horrid wasn’t I?” she said as she turned from her computer and shook her head at me. “I just couldn’t stop! It was like I was just pissed and I didn’t know why! And then my mouth just kept moving. It was maddening! How does anyone survive being a teenager?”

“Well you need to reel it in.”

She glared at me. “You want it to start again, Daddy?”

“Of course not!”

“Then stop yelling at me.”

“I wasn’t yelling.”

“You had tone.”

“Of course I had tone. I’m talking to my daughter about her behavior.”

“Argh!” she said as she balled her hands in fists and grimaced at me.

“Whatever. Look, let’s change the subject. Did you find anything more on Luis? My guys hit dead ends.”

“Well that’s because Dominic is too busy getting pegged and Tommy is a fucking moron.”

“Language young lady.”

“Oh for fucks sake.”

I narrowed my gaze at her as she looked back at me with a look of disbelief. “Okay fine!”

“So… did you find anything out?”

“Not a hell of a lot. I did get into the traffic cameras for the city and I could trace the fake cop car to the outskirts of town, but I lost them at the edge of the suburbs. I was thinking about trying to run some facial…”

“You can do that?” I interrupted her.

“Do what?”

“Get into the city traffic cameras?”

“Easy peasy lemon squeezy Daddy,” she said with a giggle. “Oh, and you still haven’t paid your parking ticket. It’s overdue.”

“Janice was supposed to take care of that.”

“Well she’s too busy…”


Jessica grinned at me. “So like I was saying I wanted to do some facial recognition on the two fake cops but honestly, my laptop has like… one one hundredth the computing power needed to do that, so I was thinking maybe I could post an add on the internet looking for some fake cops for a less than up and up job, but I haven’t come up with a good plan to filter through the morons I know would reply, so until I come up with that…”

“So we’re both stuck.”

“For now Daddy, yes.” she nodded. “So do I get to come?”

“Huh?” I instantly had a flashback to our phone conversation earlier today as I looked at her with a blank expression.

“Oh seriously Daddy, quit thinking with your small head,” she rolled her eyes. “Do I get to come with you to Florida?”

“Oh that. Yeah, you can come. I told your mother that it would be a good opportunity for me to keep an eye on you just in case you do manage to unhook the tracking app on your phone.”

“Oh I did that like six days ago.”

“What? I used it to track you today.”

“Of course you did. Because I knew you’d be watching so I let you know where I was. I can turn it on and off, and when it’s off I can tell it where I want you to think I am.”

“Stop turning it off. It’s there for your protection,” I told her with a firm tone.

“Of course Daddy,” she smiled brightly.

“You’re not going to stop turning it off are you?”

“Not a chance Daddy. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to pack. How many bikinis should I bring?”

“This isn’t a pleasure trip.”

“For you it’s not. For me it will be.”

“I’m serious Jessica. I have a lot of work to do. I do not need to be worried about where you are, or chasing you down, or dealing with your distractions.”

“Me a distraction?” she asked with an innocent smile. “Don’t worry Daddy. I’ll be so good.”

I gulped and left the room.


Jessica slumped down in the seat and glared at Dominic and Tommy as they chatted about things and took sips of their drinks. I had a computer open and was going through some last minute details of the transaction I was flying to complete. I suddenly got a message and clicked on it with my mouse. It was from Jessica and I saw her lowering her phone as she turned her glare towards me.

You didn’t tell me tweedle dee and tweedle dumb were coming. I thought we would be alone. On a private jet. So I could knock one of my “Got fucked in a…” off my list. You lied to me.

I sighed and replied back, I did not lie. They always come with on these dealings. Sometimes they don’t go smoothly. This is not a trip to have sex. This is business.

She looked at her phone and then scowled at me. I saw her thumbs moving like a blur.

Sex and business are not mutually exclusive. I’m fucking horny and I’m trapped in a big metal tube shooting through the sky on a nonstop flight for at least five more hours trapped with these idiots. You better put out when we get to the hotel or I will be raping you. I’ve got the duct tape and the Viagra in my suitcase. I only need you to be relatively conscious and still breathing. The rest is optional.

I looked up at her with wide eyes and she smiled sweetly at me and gave me a quick finger wave then went back to bouncing her crossed leg quickly as she played with the edge of her skirt and squirmed in her seat.


“Okay, I’ll see you two tomorrow in the lobby at six thirty am,” I said as I closed the door to the hotel room.

I no sooner flipped the lock then I felt Jessica’s hands reach around from behind and start to undo my belt.

“Calm down Jessica! Give me a minute and let me get in the room!”

“I need it,” she said like an addict looking for a score. “You don’t know what my dreams were like last night! And I thought we’d be able to screw around on the plane and then that got fucked up. I’ve been sitting on a wet ass since I put panties on this morning, do not tell me to wait a minute.”

I let go of my bag and let her drag me to the bedroom. She shoved me back on the bed and then pulled her long hair off to the side as she freed my dick from my pants and swallowed it quickly, licking and sucking to get my hard. I let out a moan as her warm slippery tongue worked around my shaft and brought me to full mast in an efficient hurry.

She then spat me out and climbed up quickly as she shimmied her skirt up around her waist and reached down to tear her panties and pitch them off to the side. I looked at her with wide eyes, but she never saw me. She was too busy concentrating on lining my dick up with her glistening pussy. She let out a mild scream of relief as my dick worked on spreading her lips. Her face was bliss as she began bouncing on me. She would go and go and go and the minute I started to make noise she would slow down or stop completely. When I looked up at her with a questioning look she smirked and replied. “This is the first time I’ve gotten to just relax and fuck you Daddy. I want to make it last.”

I rolled my eyes and adjusted my shoulders to get comfortable. After a while I reached up and started to grab at her breasts through her shirt, which caused her to cry out happily. She must have worked herself to a half dozen orgasms before I finally slapped her ass and said, “It’s my turn Baby Girl. Get Daddy off.”

She shook in lust as I said it and bit her lip and suddenly her bucking kicked into an entirely different gear. It wasn’t long and we were both lying on the bed panting, her on top of my chest with her long hair draped across one of my shoulders as she kissed at my neck and thanked me for being the best Daddy ever.

After a few minutes of us both catching our breath she slipped off me and headed down the hallway in our suite and went into the bathroom. I sat up and grabbed some tissues and wiped away the juices she had leaked all over me as she had ridden me for that long. I shook my head and wondered if bringing her along had actually been that good of an idea. I stood up and grabbed my suitcase and started to unpack. When I was finishing up I turned to see Jessica standing there in a large puffy robe with the hotel emblem on it.

“Do you want to watch TV for a while Daddy?”

“No, I’ve got some paperwork to review.”

“Oh,” she pouted at me then her face brightened. “Can we get room service Daddy?”

“Sure, order whatever you want. Charge it to the room.” I said as I went and pulled my lap top out once more and then as I saw her run to the phone I called out. “Actually keep it reasonable!”

“Okay Daddy! Do you want anything?”

“A bottle of decent scotch. Not the same as the shitty little bottles they have in the fridge.”

I heard her dialing and went back to what I was doing. After a short conversation I heard her hang up the phone and then flop down on the couch and start flipping through the channels like her mother. She didn’t watch a single channel very long before flipping it and everything about it brought flashbacks of her mother the other night and how neither of them seemed to be able to sit still when something was on their minds. Jessica let out a sigh as she kicked her feet and continued to click through channels until finally I heard a knock at the door. Jessica flipped up on the couch and her hair swung behind her as she ran to the door. I heard her open it and start talking to someone. I was looking through my second page of legal terms when I suddenly realized she was still talking to someone at the door. I glanced at the small clock on my computer screen and realized it had been about fifteen minutes since she had answered the door.

I set my computer down and walked to the doorway and started to pay attention to the voices.

“So you’re gonna be around tomorrow?” I heard an unfamiliar young male voice ask.

“Uh, I’m pretty sure I will be.” Jessica replied in a flirty tone.

“So I’ll see you around? If you need anything call the front desk and tell them you want Devon. I’ll get whatever you need.”

“Oh that’s so sweet Devon!” Jessica squeaked happily.

“We’ll, I’m pretty sweet. You’ll see.”

“I bet you are,” Jessica purred softly.

“Is your dad going to be here tomorrow? Or do you think you can slip away for a bit? I could show you around the city.”

“Daddy has meetings like… all day tomorrow,” she replied back glumly. “He said I can’t come because I’ll be a distraction. Like I would ever be that way in an important meeting! He’s so unfair sometimes!”

“Yeah, I’d never treat you like that,” The young male voice replied dripping with fake sincerity.

“How would you treat me Devon?” Jessica asked in a soft curious voice.

“Like a princess… No, wait! A queen!”

I let out a sigh and walked around the corner and leveled my gaze at the a young skinny man in a hotel uniform and said in a booming voice. “Hey Devon if you’re not gone in three seconds I’m going to get my gun and start shooting.”

He blinked as he looked at me and then ran, leaving the cart behind as he darted down the hallway. Jessica turned to me and glared. “We were just talking Daddy!”

“Oh really. Did you forget that I have ears too?”


“You are a naughty little flirt.”

I could see the confliction on her face as she wanted to argue with me about chasing off her boy but at the same time she was getting turned on by called naughty. I smirked at her. “Problem?”

“Oh fuck!” she complained as she grabbed her head and stomped past me and flopped on the couch. “This fucking body! These fucking hormones! Holy fuck I’m all over the place! It gets so fucking hard to think straight sometimes!”

I grabbed the food cart and pulled it to the couch and sat down next to her. “Oh I can tell. I hope you don’t mind when I call you a bat shit crazy woman, but sometimes you’re a bat shit crazy woman.”

“Ah! I know!” she said as she pulled the robe over her face. “I opened the door and saw him and he looked me up and down like a dog staring at bacon! And the craziest part was I liked it! And not like a little. I liked it A LOT. I like making men look at me. I like making men want me. And then he started talking, and I just wanted to keep his attention! I swear I didn’t even like him, did you see his face? It was all pimply. Ew. But there I stood, chatting him up like a desperate school girl with a crush. Fuck I even wondered how big his dick was!”

“Okay, I do not want to hear this part.”

“Oh you think I do? You think I want these thoughts in my head?” she sat up and stared at me. “I can’t fucking help it! Everything turns me on. I get up in the morning and see my body. I feel my body. I smell my body. It’s the perfect body of a sexy nineteen year old girl! And I can make that body do anything I want to see it do! Pose in front of the mirror? Done. Pinch a nipple? Done. Slip a finger inside my pussy and moan like a pornstar? Done. And if I can tear myself away from myself I go out into a world where her tendencies are still with me. I see a guy and he’s cute, I think he’s cute. I start smiling stupidly at him. I see a girl that the old me would think was cute, and I think she’s cute. And then there’s you! This whole obsession of old me wanting to kill you, mixed with old her’s feelings of love and being protected… and they’ve mixed together and I’m obsessed with you but in a completely different way! Did you know I have drawn your dick in my diary? It’s fucking perfect. The left ball is even just slightly smaller than the right one. I did it completely from memory and then fact checked it with the pictures I have. It’s fucking spot on. That’s completely fucked up!”

“Wait, when did you get pictures of my dick?” I asked with a concerned tone.

“Fucking focus Alex! I’m pouring my heart out to you here and you’re worried about a couple of dick pics? I get a dozen daily from every guy on my snap account.”

“What! You have a dozen dick pictures from guys every day!”

“Are you kidding me? I’m a fucking statuesque nineteen year old girl with loads of money from Daddy and it’s fairly easy to see I have a few fucking issues. It’s like catnip to every male on the face of the planet who isn’t you. The only way you could possibly stop me from getting dick pics is by killing every straight male ON THE PLANET other than you, and that’s a pretty tall order,” she said as she stood up and started walking around the room while waving her hands in the air.

“Just tell them to stop,” I replied to her in a matter of fact voice.

She stopped pacing, turned to face me with a disgusted look on her face, put a hand on her hip and shot back. “Oh why didn’t I think of that Daddy? Fuck you’re stupid.”

“Hey! Tone and language young lady!”

“I tell you what, I’ll set up a mirrored account that I post selfies on and you can do all the comments. I will do nothing other than pictures. If you can stop the dick pics from coming to that account I’ll kiss your ass on Main Street after giving you fifteen minutes to draw a crowd. Guys today do it like a fucking hand shake back in the day. It’s fucking crazy. And with me being in here having these issues…” she balled her small fists and shook them in the air.

“I never sent your mother a picture of my dick.”

She glared at me. “Because the dot matrix printers from that era would have done a shitty job. Don’t give me that. And don’t act like I’m some completely wet behind the ears moron Alex. I have far more experience than the old Jessica. I wonder if that’s part of the problem? Old me didn’t know what she was missing. She was a virgin. She hadn’t ever had sex. She didn’t know what she was missing, but I do know. I know how fucking good it is and that’s why I can’t fight these hormones and images and feelings back all the time?”

“Please do not remind me that I took your virginity,” I muttered.

“Oh sack up Daddy,” she grumbled back at me and then got a curious look on her face. “When did you first have sex?”

“I am not answering this.”

“Bullshit! You are!”

“No! I don’t want to talk about this with my daughter, and I don’t want to talk about this with Jac… Old you. So why would I want to talk about this with new you?”

“Because I want to know if you’re a hypocrite Daddy,” she replied sweetly. “You can tell me, or I can find your high school year book online and start calling people one by one and ask them point blank. I’m pretty good at digging up info. You may have noticed.”

“I had sex with your Mom when we were dating. That was my first time.”

She tilted her head and looked at me with raised eyebrows. “You were thirty nine when you and Mom started dating. And she was thirty one. And I was thirteen. You did not wait until you were damn near forty years old to start fucking women. Do not give me that load of horse manure. And Mom had sex at least once before that to make me!”

“Fine! I had sex with Cindy Dawson at my junior prom in high school. It was the most awkward experience of my life. She cried twice that night and I felt like I was doing it completely fucking wrong for about six months afterwards. We didn’t have the internet or actual health classes back then, you know?”

“You fucked her your junior year! You are a hypocrite! At least I was nineteen! And just by doing basic fucking math I can tell that Mom was putting out when she was eighteen! You guys need to lay off!” she said triumphantly.

“Oh it was not fucking. It was two of us trying to figure out how everything was supposed to work with minimal understanding. You’re lucky you have parents watching out for you like us. I was too young.” I said as I pointed at her and used my best fatherly tone.

She rolled her eyes like a typical teenager and huffed as she dropped down on the couch next to me and said, “Well I may be nineteen but I am not the typical nineteen year old!”

“I know! You just said its worse for you! That makes me want to keep you on an even tighter leash!” I retorted.

I saw the change on her face instantly as she looked at me slyly. “You want me on a leash Daddy?”

That sultry tone was back and I suddenly felt like a zookeeper holding a fifteen pound steak in the middle of the lion enclosure. “Um, that wasn’t exactly what I meant.”

“But that’s what you said Daddy. A tight leash,” she said with a smile and suddenly stood up and walked in front of me.

She reached to her waist and undid the thick binding at her waist and shrugged out of the robe and suddenly she was standing there in nothing but a pair of tight leather booty shorts with a zipper going from the center down between her legs and a fishnet tank top with no bra under it. Her nipples were jutting out proudly from her perky tits as she smiled at me and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Jessica, we just did it! I’m not that ready again yet!”

Suddenly she spun and walked out of the room for a moment and came back quickly. She opened the bottle of liquor on the cart that the young man had brought up and poured me a glass and handed it to me.

“This won’t help,” I said with a grin.

“No, but it will if you use it to chase this,” she said as she put a small blue pill in her lips and then sat down on my lap and kissed me, forcing it in my mouth with her tongue.

I felt the pill rolling around on my tongue and quickly brought the glass to my mouth and swallowed the pill with a dose of liquor and as Jessica began kissing my neck and running her hands around my chest. She pawed playfully at me and would occasionally let out a giggle. I surrendered to it and reached up and groped her breasts and teased her nipples through her shirt. She happily moaned and moved her chest to accommodate my large hands.

“Oh Daddy, you fingers feel so good on my skin!”

“Your tits are fucking amazing,” I said and I leaned forward and kissed them and sucked on her nipples.

“Ah!” she said unexpectedly. “Oh yes! Oh yes!”

She started to grind against me and I took hold of the tank top and ripped it open roughly. She squealed in delight as she looked down at me with unbridled lust in her eyes. “Oh Daddy! I was such a dirty little slut talking to that boy! You need to punish me! I want to by your good little girl.”

I leaned forward and kissed her breast again as I looked up at her and then took a nipple in my mouth and bit down on the hard little nub.

She shrieked in pleasure and pain and I felt her jerk on my lap. I pulled back and said, “You’re going to tell that boy you never want to see him again, do you understand?”

“Why Daddy?”

“Because you’re my Baby Girl.”

“Oh!” I saw her quiver and smile. “Say it again Daddy!”

“You’re mine. Only mine Baby Girl.”

“Oh fuck yes!” she nodded.

“Let’s move to the bedroom. I want to see you on your hands and knees.”

She got off me and nodded as she ran to the bedroom while giggling. I got there to find her already in position and I reached out and took hold of the zipper at the back of her shorts and pulled it all the way down and around between her legs. The shorts split and separated, revealing no panties and her leaking slight ready for another round.

I didn’t waste any time. I got behind her, grabbed her waist roughly and started to fuck her with abandon. She purred and bucked back against me, occasionally looking over her shoulder, or laying down so she could use both hands to grab her own tits or finger her clit as I fucked her. Seeing her that way I didn’t last long and she didn’t either. I felt my balls constrict and then I was jerking deep inside of her as I came. She moaned and squirmed and called out loudly and I was suddenly glad that we had a corner suite and Dominic and Tommy were down on the opposite end of the floor from me.

I pulled out and fell down on the bed next to her and looked at the bliss still on her face. She caught her breath faster than me and I felt her hand reach down and gently tug my still semi-rigid cock. “Again.”

That was all she said and I grunted as I shook my head. “I need a minute.”

She pursed her lips and slipped off the bed. She returned a moment later with a bowl of strawberries and leaned over and gently popped one in my mouth. She then righted herself and pulled her other hand from behind her back and sprayed her tits with whipped cream. “Then let’s have desert while you recover.”

As she laid back on the bed with some pillows behind her to prop her up I realized this would be a long night.


“You’re sure I can’t come?” she pouted at me from the couch in our room.

Dominic and Tommy waited by the door as I grabbed my briefcase and shook my head at her. “No. You wait here. Try out the pool. Eat at a local restaurant or something. This will just be boring business stuff Jessica.”

She slumped down on the couch and crossed her arms. “Fine.”

Somehow she had cleaned up the room and gotten the smell of marathon sex covered while I had showered that morning. She helped me dress and then slipped into her robe to cover her naked nubile body when there had been a knock on my door.

“Don’t worry Jess, someday when I’m running this company and you’re my bride I’ll let you come to a few meetings just to show you what you ain’t missing,” Tommy said with an greasy smile as he eyed Jessica’s long legs sticking out from her robe.

“Tommy you wouldn’t keep me satisfied for a night, let alone long enough to marry you,” she said back as she flipped her hair and turned to the TV while pushing the power button.

Tommy scowled at her while Dominic snickered and I pointed at both of them. “Let’s go. Neither of you are in a position to ask me for Jessica. And remember that. Not only does she have to like you, but I do too.”

“Yeah, sure boss,” Tommy said as he fell in line.


I sighed as I returned to the room. I slipped my key in the door and turned it as Dominic and Tommy shuffled by on the way to their room. They were discussing going out and hitting the town, but I was wiped. It had been a long day of negotiations. I hoped Jessica wouldn’t be too pissed at me for returning so late. The sun had gone down long ago. I also hoped she hadn’t gotten bored and went looking for that boy.

I closed the door behind me and called out. “Jessica?”

I got no answer, so I called out again. “Jessica!”

Still nothing. I looked in the small living room and saw the TV was set to the stock channel that I usually watched if I had the TV on, but it was muted. I turned and went into the bedroom and saw Jessica laying on her back on the bed.

“There you are! I was worried. Why didn’t you answer me?”

She didn’t respond. I looked closer and it almost looked like she wasn’t breathing… But her eyes were open. I rushed over to the bed and went to shake her when I saw a folded piece of paper with a rather embellished Daddy written across the front. I unfolded it and looked at the note.

Hi Daddy! I bet you’re probably wondering why I’m not answering you. Well, I was a bit of a naughty girl today. I went out and found a really nifty drug they use at the hospital for surgery. It basically paralyses me. I’m still in here, but I can’t move a muscle. I’m going to be pretty sick of staring at the ceiling by the time you get back from your meeting. Now that you know why I’m not answering you I bet your next question is “Why the hell would she do that?” Because I want to be your little fuck doll Daddy. I put on a cute little outfit and I’m laying here and you can use me however you want to! It’s so kinky my pussy is literally drowning in my panties as I write this. (Don’t worry I’ll take them off before I lay down. Sex dolls don’t need panties.) So have fun Daddy!

P.S. If you’re going to use my mouth please make sure I don’t drown in your cum.

P.P.S. If I’m still non-responsive at like… two in the morning, there is a reversal agent by the clock next to the bed.

P.P.P.S. I know you. Right now you’re thinking. “I shouldn’t do this. I should just use the reversal agent and then give her a stern lecture and ground her.” If you don’t fuck me like this and deny me this little fantasy, I’m telling you in writing, THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY. So use me Daddy. I want this.

I looked from the note to her to the small bottle of clear liquid by the bed complete with a syringe that had another note on it that said only in emergency.

I sighed and loosened my tie let out a long sigh. I then kicked off my shoes and undid my pants buckle. I pulled them off and tossed them to the side. I then climbed onto the bed and reached out and stroked her face. Her eyes barely moved, but I could still see a flicker of life in them. She was still in there alright. I tucked some hair behind her ear and then reached down to the small white blouse she had on that was tied just below her perky tits. I undid the tie and pulled it apart and marveled at her flawless mounds. Even on her back they defied gravity. I looked down at the short pleated micro skirt that barely went over her pussy. I flipped it up and smiled as I saw her little cleft was still drooling and had made a large wet spot on the bed under her ass.

I got between her legs and leaned forward and licked her outer lips, just because I was curious about her flavor. I had eaten pussy before and I never really minded the flavor. It wasn’t my favorite thing, but it wasn’t terrible either. Jessica’s was just slightly different than her mothers. I crawled over her and up to her breasts. I kissed and suckled her nipples. I groped them roughly. I slapped them and laughed down at her as they wobbled. They had a good first reactive quake and then only slight tremors as they steadied themselves.

I unhooked the buttons on my shirt and pulled it off and then leaned down over her. I lined myself up with her pussy and slowly inserted myself. I let out a low moan as I enjoyed her tightness. I worked myself in and out as I looked down at her unmoving face. She did have a doll like face. If it wouldn’t have been for her warmth I would have assumed she was an actual doll. Her proportions were just that perfect. I propped a leg up and over hers as I slipped my hands under her and grabbed onto her shoulders to really get a good grip and started to hammer into her. It was actually kinky and fun. As I pounded away at her I had to admit that she was never boring in bed. She had quite the imagination and I might not always be in agreement with her, but she was always interesting. I started to pump harder and harder.

Then I came. I grunted hard in her face as I let loose deep inside of her. I collapsed heavily on top of her as I let out small laughs and caught my breath. I whispered in her ear. “Thank you Baby Doll.”

I almost thought I saw movement in her eyes and I know I felt something twitch around my cock lightly. I pulled out of her and wiped my cock on her thighs and then got off the bed. I left the bedroom and went and took a long hot shower and afterwards shaved. I looked at the slightly greying hair by my ears in the mirror and wondered what exactly a nineteen year old saw in me that drove her nuts enough to want to turn herself into a sex doll for me. Whatever it was, I had to admit that I was actually enjoying this little stunt.

She wasn’t screaming at me, stabbing me, or asking me to do something. It was just me doing what I wanted. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom. I picked up the phone and ordered some room service. I then looked at the TV and sat down. I grabbed my cell phone and called Madison. I chatted with her about the flight and the meeting. When she asked about Jessica I looked over my shoulder at her body with her legs spread and my cum still leaking out of her and I told her mother that she was really enjoying the trip. I told Madison that she was taking a bath in the large tub and she couldn’t come talk right at the moment, but I would have her call later. When someone knocked on the door I told Madison my food was here and I would call her in the morning. We said good bye and I hung up and went to the door.

A different young man stood by the cart and I took the food from him and closed the door without saying anything. I looked down at the large steak and nodded. I went back to the couch and sat down and pulled the end table around and set my plate down. I turned to a sports channel and watched some team play some other team. I really didn’t care who was playing. I wasn’t really into sports. I ate my steak while occasionally looking up at the TV. I ate some of the pile of vegetables and then set the plate on the end table and moved it out of my way once more. I then went to the small mini bar and picked up one of the ridiculously high priced bag of salted honey peanuts and took one.

I walked back into the bedroom as I opened the bag. I pulled out a peanut and dropped it in Jessica’s belly button and chuckled. I put another couple of them on her tits around her nipples. I put another one on her forehead. I then made a line of them going from her crotch up between her tits. I thought about taking a picture, but realized that evidence would definitely not be something I wanted and instead crawled over her once more and began eating them off her mostly naked body.

Once I had finished my snack I was once again ready I and worked my way up to her tits and pressed them together around my cock. I moved back and forth and enjoyed her warmth as pumped. After a while I shuffled back down and lined myself up to her still leaking slit and slid in her once more. I once again reached underneath her to grab onto her slim shoulders and began fucking her with reckless abandon.

“Are you enjoy this Baby Doll? Is this doing it for you? Do you like it when I fuck you and you can’t even whimper in response? I’m going to cum in you Baby Doll,” I whispered in her ear.

It was mostly for her. If this was her kinky little fantasy and she went through all of the trouble I decided to feed into it a little. I again felt slight twitches around my cock and it drove me wild. I pumped harder and faster. I felt myself getting close to the edge and clutched her body tightly as I suddenly tipped over the edge and began jerking deep inside of her. I kept pumping until was completely emptied out and felt myself began to shrink.

I rested for a bit and then rolled off her and laid on the bed next to her body for a while. Finally I started to feel sleep closing in and I rolled off the bed and pulled back the covers. I suddenly realized I’d have to deal with her limp body as well and rolled my eyes. I went over to her side and picked her up carefully, cradling her head and neck with one arm while I scooped under her ass and back with the other. I lifted her up and managed to snag the covers with one hand and yank them down. I set her onto the sheets and then pulled her legs up and slipped them into the blanket and then repositioned her arms as they looked like they were spread in an uncomfortable position. I then went to the bathroom and washed off the arm that I had slipped under her ass because it was soaked in sex. I finished, slipped into bed next to her and pulled up the covers and then leaned over to kiss her on the forehead as I said, “Good night Baby Doll. Sleep tight.”


I woke up early the next morning with Jessica wrapped around me. She groaned as she felt me stirring and her eyes slowly opened. When she saw me looking at her she smiled and asked, “Did you have fun with your surprise Daddy?”

“Do you want your lecture about how dangerous and stupid that stunt was now or later?”

“Later,” she said as she stretched languidly and then held her fingers up and wiggled them in front of her face.

“I’m glad you’re not in serious medical trouble. That was stupid.”

“I said later!” she leaned over and kissed me and then rolled out of bed. “Dibs on showering first! I’m fucking filthy. I feel like I just laid there while some sweaty guy ate off me and fucked me. Twice.”

I laughed as I watched her disappear into the bathroom and heard the shower start.


Madison was waiting as the door on the jet opened and we walked down the short set of stairs to greet her. I hugged her tightly and kissed her and then stepped back for Jessica to take a turn. She looked at us both. “How was the trip?”

“Successful.” “Boring.” Both of us had replied at exactly the same time.

Madison just shook her head at us.

“I got what I wanted, so it was successful. The shares are mine at rock bottom prices. Now I own a majority in the company and I can restructure it to actually be successful.”

“I mostly just laid around the hotel. Daddy said I couldn’t go to the meeting with him,” Jessica pouted until her face perked up slightly. “There was the best little sushi place just down the street from our hotel though! I wish we could have been closer to the beach though. I brought along my suit and never got to wear it.”


The next morning as I was getting ready for work I stepped out of my bedroom and was greeted by Jessica wearing loose cotton pants and a baggy t-shirt with her hair pulled up in a messy bun as she stumbled by me.

“Are you okay?”


“What’s wrong?”

“I’m fucking dying,” she mumbled and continued down the stairs.

I got to the kitchen and looked at Madison as she smirked at Jessica, who was sitting on a stool and laying across the counter.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“I told you Daddy, I’m dying. Someone needs to take me to the hospital.”

“Jessica they are not going to do anything at the hospital except tell you to go take some Midol,” Madison said as she rolled her eyes.

“I’m off to work early. Lots to do,” I said as I excused myself.

As I walked out I heard Madison mutter. “Quit acting like this is your first time. You started getting your period when you were fourteen and a half Jessica. You should be able to deal with this by now. You should know when it’s coming and you should be able to plan for it.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” I heard Jessica whine as I quickly left.


“Feeling any better?” I asked Jessica as I peeked in her room a few days later.

“It doesn’t feel like my stomach is getting stabbed with a pitch fork. I’m still crampy, bloated, and even more irritable than usual,” she replied as she shot me a sour look from her computer desk.


“How do women do this shit every month and not crawl into the bottom of a bottle of Jack? This is my future! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little scared,” she said with wide eyes.

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Or maybe it will get better.”

“I fucking hope so,” she said as she rubbed her temples. “Oh, by the way, I found one of the fake cops.”

“How the hell did you do that? You’ve been in your room for the past two days.”

“Yeah, in my room not wanting to move with the internet. It turns out I could narrow down faces with my computer with facial recognition and then go over the most likely candidates myself. You have no idea how many social media sites I’ve been on in the last two days, but I found one of them… So, mission successful.” she slouched down and let out a long breath, and then straightened back up and tore a slip of paper out of a notebook and handed it to me.

“Have Dominic check into it. Don’t send Tommy. He’s a fucking moron.”

“You just don’t like him because he teases you about getting married.”

“No, I don’t like him because he’s an arrogant fuckhead, he’s sexist, he smells like he dunks himself in a vat of old spice every morning, and… oh yeah, he’s a fucking moron. He couldn’t find his ass if you handed it to him along with a flashlight and a set of anal beads already tucked in so he just needed to follow the string,” she looked at me with her lips curled into a sneer.

“Well I see someone’s…”

She cut me off. “If you make a PMS joke right now I swear in the name of everything you hold dear I will put project revenge back on the front burner and by morning I will be standing over your dead body with a bloody knife in my hands explaining to the cops why you deserved it.”

“I was going to say having a rough day.”

“Sure you were.”

“I hope you feel better soon sweetie,” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

“Me too. Thanks Daddy.”

As I left I saw her get up, go to her bed, and curl into the fetal position and hold her stomach.

Madison was standing just down the hallway as I left and I walked over to her. “Poor girl’s having a rough time with this one.”

“Some are worse than others, but she’s being especially grumpy about this one.”

“Well, I guess maybe you could cut her a bit more slack? You were kind of rough on her when it started.”

“Okay. What’s going on?” Madison asked me as her eyebrows came up.


“You have never defended her like this before. The crazy back and forth mood swings where both of you hate each other and then you’re okay for a while I’ve gotten use to… but it’s different now. What is going on?”

“Nothing,” I tried to keep my best poker face. “You said you wanted me to get closer to her, and cut her some slack. I’ve been talking with her more and seeing more things from her side, and I guess it’s having an effect on my empathy for what she’s going through.”

Madison looked at me for a minute and then must have decided to drop it because she said, “Have a good day at work Alexander. I love you,” and then she turned and walked down the hall toward the office.

“I love you too, Dear!”


I had no sooner sat down in my chair than I heard my cell phone ringing. It was my private investigator that was still looking into how Jackson had gotten into Jessica. I decided I should tell him to call of his investigation, as I was now well past the point of no return. I clicked to answer and brought it to my ear. “Hello, this is Alexander.”

“Hey, you’re not going to…”

“You can call off the investigation. Stop by the office and I’ll pay you for whatever you’ve got into it so far,” I interrupted him.

“What? Did something happen? Did you just take care of the body he swapped to?” I heard the gravely voice ask.

“No, not quite. But he’s not going to be a problem anymore.”

“Okay good for you, but you’re still going to want to hear this.”


“I finally tracked down the Malik guy. He’s a fucking slippery man. His movements are… erratic. It’s like he just jumps around places. He’s a bum, but he must have a car or something because he can get all the way across the state in the blink of an eye. He somehow got into the prison to meet with Jackson but never had to sign the visitor logs. When you ask the guards about him they just kind of zone out like they’ve been hypnotized or something… but if you show them a picture they recognize him.”

“That’s fascinating, but your job is done.”

“Wait! You need to know this!”


“He’s been hanging around your house. For fucking years Alexander! Years. I even found him in pictures taken from Jessica’s school. Not many, but a few. And he’s always looking at her.”

“Years?” I asked suddenly interested again for a moment but then I shook my head, there was nothing that could be done about this now. “Well, I’ll be on the lookout for him. Where does he live?”

“That’s just it! He doesn’t have a home! He just wanders. Like a bum.”

“So you don’t have much more than the fact that he made contact with people in my life, and you know what he looks like. That’s not a heck of a lot.”

“One more thing. Does the name Mercer mean anything to you? That’s his last name.”

I felt my mouth go dry. I swallowed hard. I cleared my throat and said, “I have to go. Thanks.”

I hung up on the man and stabbed the intercom button. “Janice get Dominic in here. And Tommy. You know what, tell everyone to meet me in the conference room. Now.”


I was walking out of the office to my car when I saw the two plain clothed detectives who had questioned me about Freddie’s murder leaning against it. I let out a sigh and shooed at them with my hand. “I’m in a bit of a rush detectives. I can’t play right now.”

“Ha, funny,” The short one said. I couldn’t remember if he was bad cop or worse cop.

“Look you may have smoothed everything out with our boss, but you’re not fooling us. You’re dirty and we know it.” The other said.

“So the evidence my lawyer gave your department about one of my own employees framing me for murder wasn’t good enough? He also stole from me. My people turned him over to you, and somehow you let him get away. The call got hijacked somehow and a fake pair of police drove him off to freedom and instead of looking for him, you’re here to harass me? I’m certain there is something I’m missing here, so please clue me in on it,” I said as I dug my keys out of my pocket and unlocked the doors to my car.

“Funny how many people get framed around you, isn’t it?”

“I guess large sums of money will have an effect on people like that. But I’m certain on a government pay check you wouldn’t know anything about that, right?” I told worse cop as I pulled the door open and went to sit down until he put his arm in my way.

“We’re going to get you off the streets you know. One way or the other.”

“Is that a threat officer?” I smiled at him. “You know that I hit the record button on my phone the minute I saw you standing by my car. My lawyer should have a lot of fun with that recording tomorrow.”

His partner pulled him away from my car and I sat down, closed the door, and quickly drove off. I had other things on my mind. I sped down the roads, swerving through traffic on my way home. I needed to talk to Madison. And after that I needed to talk to Jessica. And the problem with that is I would prefer to talk to each of them without the other being around. I walked in the front door and saw both of them sitting at the dinner table already eating.

“Sorry I’m late. It was a mess at the office today.”

Neither of them said anything, the just looked at each other and then back at their food. The silence was a bit awkward and I motioned Madison as I said, “Could I talk to you for a moment in private Dear?”

“That’s a good idea,” she replied and eyed Jessica as she left the table.

Alarm bells started to go off in my head. What had happened? Had Madison found something out? She came in to the kitchen with me and instantly went to the refrigerator and refilled her glass of wine and then leaned forward on the counter and put her head in her hands.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did you know our daughter has a sex toy?”

“Oh. The purple one?”

“What?! She has a purple one too?” Madison looked up at me with an angry stare. “And how did you know about this before me?”

“It happened on night when you were out with friends. I heard a noise in her room, went to check on her, and opened the door… and saw.”

“That’s exactly what I just did today! I heard a noise, went to check on her, and there she was just rubbing a toy against herself,” Madison said in an annoyed tone before looking at me. “So did you yell at her?”

“What? No.”

“You didn’t?” Madison seemed shocked.

“Of course not! She’s nineteen and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’s curious. I wasn’t exactly hands free at that age.”

“So what did you tell her?”

“I didn’t really say anything. I left and said I was sorry I didn’t knock. It didn’t really seem like something she wanted to talk about with me.”

“Well that explains why she yelled at me because I didn’t knock. I just can’t believe it. She just shouldn’t be doing that.”

“Madison, I think you need to be more understanding.”

“Do I Alexander? Really? What she’s doing leads to sex, and that leads to having a baby well before she is ready.”

“Like you?”

“Yes like me. Is that what you want to hear? You want me to admit that I was promiscuous in my younger days and it bit me in the ass?” she replied with a sharp tone.

“Madison do not get upset with me. I’m just saying I don’t think your life was ruined. I think it turned out pretty well. I’m glad that both of you are in my life.”

“Well, you weren’t there for the first decade when I was a single mom with no one to turn to for help. It was terrible,” she replied. “And I don’t want that for Jessica.”

“She won’t have that. She has us. We aren’t going to just let her off on her own. We’ll help her.”

“She is too young Alexander! Regardless of what she does or doesn’t have.”

I decided to stop the fight and I looked at her. “Does the name Malik Mercer ring any bells Madison?”

She paused and her eyebrows scrunched as she looked at me. “What?”

“Malik Mercer. Who is he to you?”

“No one.”

“Don’t lie to me Madison.”

“What I’m not lying to you Alexander.”

“So the photo I have on my phone of the two of you sitting on the bleachers by each other taken from when Jessica was in high school means that he’s nothing to you?”

“Are you running a background check on me now? I thought we were through this shit.”

“That’s the problem it wasn’t your background check that brought this up.”

“Who was it then?”

“My old business associate that died. Somehow this Malik guy knew him. He visited him before he died, and he died in a suspicious way. And low and behold the guy has the same last name as my wife’s maiden name. And she knows him. So, I need to know what you know.”

Madison looked at me for a moment with an expression I couldn’t quite identify and then finally started talking. “I honestly don’t know that much about him.”

I threw my hands up. “Fine. I guess I’ll wait for the man to threaten our family again.”

“What? He won’t threaten our family.”

“How do you know? You just said you don’t know much about it.”

Madison let out an exasperated sigh. “He’s my grandfather okay? But he’s harmless. He’s a bum.”

“Your grandfather?” I said in a shocked tone. “You said all your family was dead when we were dating.”

“When we were dating I thought he was. He showed up one day at Jessica’s school when she was competing. I didn’t know what to say. We talked for a while, I pointed out who Jessica was, and then he couldn’t stop asking about her. I asked him where he had been because the last time I had seen him I was sixteen. He wouldn’t really answer me though. He just babbled nonsense about needing to protect the earth realm from something he could barely pronounce. He’s nuts, which is why he’s a bum. He left and I never saw him again,” she said with a shrug. “I didn’t think to mention it to you because I never saw him again. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.”

I pulled out my phone and showed her all of the pictures that my private eye had gotten of him from random pictures at Jessica’s school. “He was there more than once Madison. He’s been watching Jessica for a while.”

She picked up my phone and her eyebrows furled as she flipped through the screen. “That damned old man. What is he up to?”

“What do you mean what is he up to? What do you know about him Madison? I need know what you know!”

“I don’t know anything! Honestly Alexander. I just know that when I grew up my parents would talk about him. But it was always in a language I barely understood. They said he was like a crazy weirdo or something, but he was just always just old and crazy to me. He would stop by when we grew up until my parents would get upset with him and send him away. He tried to tell me about magic or something when I was growing up, but every time he would start that’s when my parents would lose it and kick him out again.”

“What are you guys fighting about?” Jessica asked us from the doorway.

Madison looked at her. “I’m discussing what you are doing in your room with your door closed to your father.”

She looked at me, then back at her mother and I could see her eyes start to tear up. “Oh. Okay. Sorry to interrupt.”

“Wait Jessica,” I said as she turned to leave and I went over and wrapped my arms around her. “Its okay. We understand. It just caught both of us by surprise.”

“It’s not okay Daddy,” she said as she started to sniffle and pulled herself out of my arms and ran out of the room.

I let out along sigh and turned back to Madison. “I’ll go talk to her.”

“That sounds like a good idea. You’re far more understanding about this than I am, but let her know I do not want to see her doing that anymore.”

“Yeah, let’s tell her she needs to hide things from us,” I said as I shook my head at Madison. “Remember how upset you were when I wanted her to take the bathroom trash out every day when she first started having her period? You told me I was being unreasonable. I’m telling you right now what you’re asking for is unreasonable from her.”

I left Madison sipping her wine and went up to Jessica’s room. I knocked on the door and heard her sniffle. “It’s open.”

“Hey, feeling better?”

She looked at me over her knees as she had her legs pulled tightly against her chest and then started to cry. “She looked at me like I was such a horrible slut Daddy!”

I didn’t know what to say. I closed the door and went and sat down next to her and put an arm around her shoulders as she started to sob harder. “I’m a horrible person. I am a slut. I’m a dirty slut and I should just leave. I don’t deserve to be here.”

“Oh Jessica don’t…”

“I fucked everything up. Mom will never love me after she finds out what I’ve really been doing. She can’t even understand the sex toys. And you were fighting me this whole time. You knew better. I’m a horrible fucked up person and the two of you would be better if I wasn’t here.”

“Jessica, let me…”

“I’m serious Daddy! You should have seen Mom’s face. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look her in the eyes again. She hates me!” Jessica started to sob.

“She doesn’t…”

“Don’t placate me like I’m a child!” she yelled loudly.

“Okay, well we’re not getting anywhere on this. Let’s put it on the back burner for now. I need to ask you about Malik Mercer.”

“Malik?” she sniffled.

“The man who switched you with Jessica.”

“He didn’t tell me much. He just asked me if I wanted out. And he said it would involve you. I’d get to rebalance what happened to me.”

“He’s been watching Jessica… You… for years apparently.”

“Well, that’s about all I know.”

“You have to know more Jess. Think.”

“I can’t think! I’m sad, and I’m upset, and I’m angry, and I’m horny! I haven’t had decent sex in like four days! I thought I’d be better now that I’m done with my period, but then Mom walked in on me and I’m on edge again and everything is fucked up and I just can’t right now…” she started to sob harder.

“This Malik guy said you’d be able to get back at me?”

“That’s what I thought at first… but the longer I’m here, the more certain I am that he said rebalance what happened to me. He didn’t say get back at you Daddy.”

I thought for a while and then kissed the top of her head. “We’ve got Luis to deal with too. He’s on the move now. We tried to shake out his fake cops and we might have forced him to move up his plans. He wants to come after me. He’s in with a gang of thugs who have a bit of money and he thinks he can muscle in on what I do.”

“Yeah. Okay. I’ll look into it. Let me get cleaned up and I’ll see what I can find, okay?” she said as she wiped her tears and nodded at me.

“Are you sure? You sound like you still need some time to process everything.”

“Just keep Mom away for a bit. Take her out for a drink or something. I’ll break into tears if I see her again.”

“Okay, sounds like a plan.”

I got up and left her room and as I closed the door she gave me a rough smile and a thumbs up.


“Jessica?” I yelled loudly after I checked her room and found it empty. I took long steps as I started to check from room to room, calling her name in each one.

“What’s wrong?”

“Jessica’s room is empty. Her laptop is gone. Is she downstairs?” I asked Madison who shook her head but then added. “Her car is still here. She couldn’t have gotten that far. We were only gone for an hour.”

She pulled out her phone and opened the tracking app. I knew before she looked up at me that it wasn’t going to work. “She must have found a way to shut it off.”


“Well we have to go find her.”

“And how do you want to do that? We don’t know where she would go,” I paused and then looked at Madison. “What about her friend?”


“Yeah, call her.”


“While you do that I’ll round up a few of my people and we’ll see if we can track her down,” I paused. “This is our fault you know.”

She started to tear up as she nodded.


I opened the door and let the two police officers in and the first one asked, “So are you the ones that called in the missing person’s report?”

“Yes, our daughter is missing. We believe she ran away.”

“When did she go missing?”

“We went out for a drive and when we got back her things were gone.” I told them.

“Oh, well I’m sorry to say we can’t really do anything until she’s missing for twenty four hours,” They said with a shrug and one of them turned to head back to the car.

“Wait!” Madison called out. “Please you have to help us find her.”

I looked at the officer that didn’t move and my eyes narrowed. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

He shuffled on his feet and looked a bit nervous as he shook his head. “I don’t believe so sir.”

I paused and thought as Madison walked out after the other police officer. “Please, there has to be something you can do! This isn’t like her. She’s not just a normal run away!”

“Wait. The surveillance camera footage,” I mumbled as I looked at the officer in front of me and he suddenly pulled out his gun and pointed it at me.

“What the…” I started to mumble while he pulled out his handcuffs while still keeping his gun trained on me. “Here. Put these on. Slowly.”

I looked as Madison squealed and the officer she had followed outside grabbed her arm, spun her around and pinned it to her back while he slapped his handcuffs on her.

“What are you doing?” she cried out as the man grabbed her other hand and cuffed that one behind her back as well.

“You don’t want us to hurt the Misses, do you? Be smart Alexander,” The man holding the gun on me said with an evil sneer.

I forced down the rage and did as he said and snapped the cuffs on myself and then they escorted me to the back seat of the car. As we passed the trunk I noticed that logo was on the wrong side and the font was wrong. They placed both Madison and I in the back seat and then put bags over our heads. I started to shout at them and suddenly I felt the handle of a gun crack against the back of my skull and I everything went black.


I woke up as the bag was ripped off my face by one of the fake policemen and I looked around while blinking. I was in some sort of a storage room facing some racking. It appeared to be empty or abandoned as not all of the lights seemed to work. Several of them were flickering. The two men chuckled as they left. “Boss’ll be happy to see what we caught in our net in the morning.”

“Wait! What do you want…” But the door closed behind them to the sound of an electric motor.

“Are you awake?” I heard Madison’s voice call out.

“Yeah I’m awake,” I muttered back to her.

I heard a small groan and then it was followed with. “Mom? Daddy?” in a meek voice.

“Jessica!” I called out as I tried to find where the voices were coming from.

I craned my neck around and could barely see Madison’s back and saw she was also tied to a chair with her handcuffs still on. I looked the other way and saw Jessica’s back and knew she was in a similar situation.

“Where are we?” Jessica’s voice asked in a hushed tone. “I was at home when those two fucking cops knocked on the door, held a rag to my face and I woke up here. I have a hell of a headache.”

“It’s the same fake cops that picked up Luis,” I muttered and twisted against my restraints.

“Luis? The guy who works for you? Why would he do this? What have you gotten us caught up in?” Madison asked in a frightened tone.

“I caught him stealing about a week ago. He’s got aims on taking me out I guess,” I replied back as I looked around at the room.

“He’s got the police working for him?” she asked as I saw her try and turn to look at me.

“They’re fake cops Mom,” Jessica said as I heard her start to struggle.

“I’m talking to my husband. Shut up,” I heard Madison say in a tone I’d never heard her use toward Jessica in all of my years.

“Madison, this isn’t her fault.” I replied back.

“Oh you would say that about her now that you’re fucking her,” Madison shot at me in a hostile tone.

I tried to crane my neck around to see Madison and could just barely see her looking at me with a scowl on her face. “Oh you didn’t think I knew? Both of you Just thought you had it all figured out and so well hidden, but I’m not as stupid as you think am I?”

“Why didn’t you say anything before now?” I was stunned and that’s the only response I could come up with.

“Because I’ve spent my life getting to this point Alexander. I’m not about to throw away everything I’ve worked so hard for just because you want to fuck the imposter in our house.” she spat at me.

“You knew?” Jessica asked in a stunned tone.

“Of course I knew. I knew the moment the magic pulsed. I didn’t know what that old fool did but I could feel the magic. And the next day I knew you were acting strange. A mother knows her daughter, and you aren’t her. You’re just some fucking stand in that my grandfather left for me to play house with,” Madison’s voice held more spite than I had ever heard it. “And then I got the pleasant surprise when I saw you on the hidden camera fucking him like a damned whore.”

“I’m sorry Mom,” I heard Jessica mutter. “I know you can’t…”

“Shut up you little whore, I’m not your Mother. I was playing house until I could figure out what to do.”

I turned and saw Jessica’s chin fall forward against her chest and heard her let out a sob. I could see the tears streaming down her face as Madison continued. “Now that we’re all going to die because my loving and faithful husband had to go and do something so stupid I don’t feel the need to keep up pretenses anymore, do you?”

I heard Jessica whimper and call out but I turned toward Madison. “So the two of us are just something for you to use to keep up your damned social standing?”

“Do not judge me. You do not know what my life was like before. I worked three jobs six days a week to barely pay enough for the fucking rent and babysitting. Have you ever had to decide if you’re going to pay the power, the water, or the heat bill Alexander? Have you ever had to rock a screaming baby to sleep in the dead of winter in the dark with no water and no lights, while trying to keep the thermostat low so you can maybe afford it next month Alexander? And then what does that little girl do? She makes a deal with her crazy great-grandfather to get out because she can’t handle her life and he is worried about her! About her! She lived in a fucking palace. Where was he when I needed his help?” Madison screamed in rage.

“So you knew about him?” I yelled back at her. “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”

“What was I supposed to say? Jeez Dear my grandfather the crazy wizard is in town. He’s taking a break from saving the world from shit that only he can see. Let’s invite him in for diner, maybe make up the guest room. Oh, by the way, he’s been talking to our daughter and she keeps saying she’s miserable with us and he wants to help her escape by swapping her to a new body and putting some fucking murderer from prison in her place. Would that have made you feel better?” she screamed at me.

I suddenly heard Jessica scream, but in pain rather than anger. I then heard a crash. I looked over my shoulder and saw she had managed to tip her chair back against some racking hard enough to break it. She started to squirm free of the bindings in the now splintered wood and I saw some of the pieces stabbing into her. I then watched as she got up with a determined look on her face and she grabbed her cuffs and pulled down with one hand and up with the other. Her eyes were still streaming tears and I saw crimson red start to streak down from her hand as the metal cut through her soft skin of her thumb and pinky finger. She pulled her small hand through the cuff covered in blood and then kicked through the pieces of her broken chair and went over to Madison’s chair.

I spun to my other shoulder to watch and saw more blood start to leak out from where her shoulder and head had crashed hard into the racking she had used to break her chair. She knelt down behind Madison’s chair and undid the ropes holding her there. Madison’s face was shocked as she felt the ropes go slack and even more shocked when she spun around to see Jessica kneeling there.

With tears still streaming down her face Jessica looked up at her mother and said defiantly. “I never KILLED anyone! I was framed by your husband.”

She then stood and walked over behind me and after a few moments I felt my ropes go slack. I stood up and turned to see her stomp back over to Madison, reach up and pluck something from her hair and bend it open with her teeth. “If you want the cuffs off turn around.”

Madison looked at her for a moment and then turned. Jessica dug her makeshift lock pick into the key hole and a few moments later the cuffs hit the floor. She then walked to me and made a motion with her finger to spin around. I did so and almost instantly my cuffs also hit the floor. Once I was free she looked down and started to unhook the handcuffs still dangling around one of her wrists.

“Great, we can walk around in a room we can’t get out of. Now what?” Madison asked as she walked over to the large sliding door that appeared to be electrically operated.

“Maybe there’s a switch somewhere, check around…” I started to say until she cut me off. “There is no switch Alexander! It’s on the outside!”

Suddenly Jessica was in motion again. She had grabbed an old fire extinguisher off the wall and walked toward one edge of the door frame. She brought the fire extinguisher down hard on a small metal cover panel that was screwed onto the wall. She brought it back up over her head and slammed it down again with a wicked clunk and the cover broke off and fell to the floor. She reached in with the hand that wasn’t bleeding and yanked on some wires. When they didn’t give she brought the fire extinguisher up and used the release lever as a wire cutter and snipped them in two. The old fire extinguisher tried to belch out some white smoke, but it was long since serviced last so it didn’t have much to spit out.

Jessica pulled the wires apart and started to look at them, then spun two together, and looked again. She then pulled two out, held them in her bloody fingers and touched them quickly together and suddenly the electric whine could be heard once more as the door began sliding open. Madison looked at her with surprise and Jessica replied. “In a past life I grew up in a much rougher neighborhood. I’ve broken in and out of a few warehouses.”

“So you’re not a murderer, but you are skilled at breaking and entering?” Madison asked with a huff as she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

Jessica looked to her mother with still watering eyes and then wiped at them with the back of her hands and said, “Okay, we can talk about all of this later. For now let’s just try and get out of here.”

I saw her grab a piece of tie wire off the floor and she reached back and gathered her long hair and then wrapped it up into a bun and secured it with the tire wire as she peaked out of the door and glanced both ways. She looked at me and I also peeked around both sides. “I didn’t see anyone did you?”

“Nothing. I think we’re good to move out. Do you know which way you guys came in from?” Jessica asked as she looked at us.

“I think that way,” Madison replied and pointed to the left after she saw me shake my head.

Jessica nodded and crouched slightly as she left our make-shift prison cell. We started walking through large aisles of racking, mostly filled with large dusty boxes or rusted old hunks of metal that must have been worth something at some point in time. As we continued through the dimly lit warehouse we got to a section of the warehouse where the boxes weren’t covered in dust. Jessica stopped and looked at one of the boxes curiously and then quietly opened one.

“What are you doing? We have to get out of here!” Madison complained in a hushed tone.

Jessica peered into the box. “Look familiar?”

“It’s some of the missing merchandise,” I said with a nod and realized that Luis had been stealing from me for a while.

“We’ll have to let the real police know when we get out of here,” Jessica said when she suddenly turned and we saw Madison start a different direction. “No! Don’t…”

Madison ignored her as she looked back at us. “An exit door! Let’s go!”

She pushed on the fire exit door and as it opened suddenly alarms began sounding loudly. Jessica ducked behind a box and peered around and then turned to us and said, “Okay, well now they know something is going on.”

Madison made a sorry face as she looked at both of us and Jessica began looking around. She grabbed a chunk of pipe off from a nearby rack and looked at us. “You two go out the door and head for the nearest building that has a working phone. Call the cops.”

“What about you?” Madison asked as she eyed the pipe in Jessica’s hand.

“I’m going to make some noise and get them to follow me. I’ll be the distraction. You guys get help.”

“We can’t just leave you here!” I said as I shook my head.

She walked to the exit door, popped it back open and peered out through the night’s darkness. “There’s a hole in the fence over there. You should start that way,” she said and then grabbed Madison and pushed her out the door. She looked at me and said, “You’re the one they want. They don’t care about me. I’m just a bargaining chip. Worst case, they’ll take me alive and try and ransom me back. Now go! We don’t have time for a better plan!”

She tugged on my hand and I finally relented and walked through the door. I turned to look at her and she smiled weakly with wet eyes and winked. “Bye Mom, bye Daddy. I love you.” She then pulled the door shut tightly. I then heard the sound of the metal pipe dragging on the floor away from the exit door we had just gone through. I took Madison’s hand and started to run to the fence. We were almost half way there when suddenly Madison pulled back on my arm.

“Wait! I can’t just leave her there! I was wrong! The things I said… We have to go back for her!” Madison tried to stop but I pulled her along.

“Jessica knows what she’s doing better than us. We need to get help. C’mon!”

“No! I won’t leave her!” Madison yelled at me and tried to pull her hand out of mine again.

I spun and looked at my wife. “Madison! We have to trust her!”


“No buts! We may not have much time until…” As I spoke I saw headlights flash on the concrete around us and turned to see a car speeding toward us. I yanked Madison’s hand hard and dashed for the fence. As we ran it became apparent to me that we would not make it to the hole before the car got there, and so I turned and ran for a debris pile. The car slowed as we managed to get behind it and it came to a stop as I peeked around the edge of a barrel that was haphazardly laying there. The car stopped and I saw a familiar face getting out of the driver’s side.

“Why do you always have to be such a pain in the ass Alexander? You are always such a fucking thorn in my side,” Luis said as he stood and leaned on the car door with a large pistol in his hand.

“You’ve got that backwards. You’re my thorn,” I replied back. “But I’m glad you’re here. Now I can shoot you with the gun I lifted off one of your goons.”

He let out a sigh and I hoped he bought my ruse. That would at least buy me a little time to come up with something that might get us out of this mess. I glanced at Madison as she crouched down behind the pile and I could see her hands clenching and unclenching as she looked at me with worried eyes.

“So what do we do here Alexander? Just stand here all night until the rest of my crew gets here and you and your family end up dead then? I tell you what. If you come out now, I’ll let the women live,” His voice was low but playful. He was enjoying this far too much for my taste.

“And how do I know you’re going to keep your word? It hasn’t been good for much so far.”

Suddenly we heard two gun shots ring out from in the warehouse, followed closely by two more. Madison gasped as her eyes spun toward the building and my heart sank as I feared the worst. Luis also glanced that way while leaning against the inside of the car door and then looked back toward me with a smile on his face.

“Oh that’s right! I only saw two of you running. The woman’s hair was too short to be little Jessica. Does that mean you left your daughter in the building Alexander? I guess she was only your step-daughter, so it’s not that much of a loss. Still, it’s pretty cold even for you,” Luis paused to chuckle and said, “Time’s ticking Alexander, and you’ve only got one person left to save if you’re going to step out.”

I looked over at Madison and she shook her head at me. I peeked over the barrel again and called out. “You’ll let her go if I come out?”

“Oh fuck no Alexander, we both know that’s not the way this works, but I won’t kill her. Madison’s a pretty good looking lady. I’ll keep her at one of my houses like a pet bird. I’ll show up every now and then to… well… preen her… but she’ll still be alive,” Luis said and then started to laugh hard.

“Fuck you,” I called out.

“Fuck me? Oh please tell me how you’re going to accomplish that. You don’t even have a gun Alexander. You’d have been shooting already if you did. Deals off. I’m going to kill you and then take your wife and there is nothing you can do about…” Luis started to say until we suddenly heard one of the fire escape doors get kicked open.

All of us looked to see Jessica staring at Luis from quite a ways down the building. She held up a cell phone and screamed out. “Hey pig fucker! The cops are on their way. The real cops. If you don’t want to get pinched, you’d best be on your way.”

Luis’s face contorted in rage as he looked at Jessica. “You little fuck! How did you…? Fuck it, never mind. There’s at least time to get rid of one problem,” he turned and looked at the pile of rubble we were hiding behind.

He slammed the car door shut and took a step toward us and suddenly I heard gunshots ring out. For a moment I thought he was already shooting, but then I realized the sounds were coming from where Jessica was standing. Luis jumped and spun to face her. Her shots were wild and I could see her staggering and struggling to stand as she screamed at him. “You get the fuck away from my parents!”

As Luis brought up his gun and started to aim I jumped from my hiding spot and grabbed a large chunk of rebar that was sticking out of the pile. I saw Luis bring the gun in line with Jessica and fire, then fire again before I could get there, but the sound of the gun fire also covered up the sound of my approach and I lifted the chunk of metal rebar high above my head and brought it down in a sweeping arc right to the top of Luis’s head. It made a sickening smack sound and then Luis flopped to the pavement like a rag doll that had been unceremoniously dropped.

I looked up and saw Jessica stagger. Her legs gave out under her and she also fell. First to her knees, and then down flat on her front. Madison was peeking around the pile and let out a scream as Jessica dropped. She left the protection of the debris pile and started to run. I dropped the rebar and started to run alongside her.

We heard sirens closing in and red and blue lights flashed as a police car turned into the warehouse entrance. As it turned and began to drive our way more cars began showing up. Madison got to Jessica first and fell to her knees as she began to cry. Madison carefully turned her over and lifted her head off the pavement and started to pull the dirty hair out of her face.

“Jessica! Jessica wake up!” Madison cried out. “Jessica!”

I dropped to my knees on the other side of her as the police car squealed to a halt. Two policemen jumped out and had their guns pointed at us for a moment until I slid the gun that had been on the ground near Jessica towards them and put my hands up. I pointed in Luis’s direction. “There’s a man over there that has a gun and is unconscious too!”

The policemen glanced at each other and then one of them headed off to secure Luis as the other came toward us.

“Please help my daughter! Please!” Madison looked up at him as the tears streaming down her face glistened red and blue while reflecting the light. “She saved our lives! Please help her!”

The police secured the gun and then told us to put our hands up. I did as he said, but Madison wouldn’t let go of Jessica. She shook her head defiantly as she looked down at Jessica.

“Ma’am we’ll help her, but right now I don’t know the situation. I need everyone to cooperate and everything will be okay. We’ll sort it all out,” The policeman said, “I need you to put your hands up!”

“There’s at least two more in the building. We don’t know what happened to them, Jessica was in there,” I said as I pointed at the fire exit.

The man radioed my information in and then started walking slowly toward us, gun still out and asked again. “Ma’am! I need you to show me you don’t have a weapon!”

“I’m her mother! I can’t just…”

Madison’s voice trailed off as Jessica’s hand slowly came off the ground and she struggled to get them in the air as her voice called out weakly. “I can’t get them higher.”

“Oh! You’re alive!” Madison called out as her shoulders slumped in relief and she finally put her left hand in the air but kept her right one under Jessica’s head.

The officer came over and began patting me down, and after I had been checked quickly he moved on. Once he decided we didn’t have any weapons he rushed to the back of his car and got a first aid kit as he called in for an ambulance. Police streamed in around us and through the warehouse and everything turned into a flurry of activity as the moonlight gave everything an ominous glow and I looked over to see the pool of blood under Jessica’s small frame.


Jessica’s eyes slowly opened and she grimaced as she looked around. “What is that annoying beeping?”

Madison’s head popped off her hospital bed as she looked up and let out a happy squeal and hugged Jessica tightly.

Jessica’s eyes watered as she struggled to wrap her arms around Madison and asked almost questioningly. “Mom? I thought you didn’t…”

Madison pulled back from the hug as she looked at Jessica. “I should have never said those things. I was scared and not thinking right. I’m a terrible person. Can you ever forgive me?”

Jessica’s eyes started to water as well, and suddenly they were both crying as they hugged each other. “I’m sorry too! I’ve been terrible too! I’ve been the worst daughter!”

I went over and wrapped my arms around both of them. “Everyone is okay. Let’s just be glad for that right now.”

Madison and Jessica softly cried as they clung to each other until finally Jessica looked up at me. “Daddy, would you please shut the beeping off?”

I nodded and pressed the call button for the nurse. She came in and smiled. “Oh! Look who’s awake! Welcome back sleepy head,” she walked up to some sort of machine and pressed a button to quiet the beeping. “You just about bled out and you’re lucky you weren’t shot. If you’d have taken a bullet too I doubt you would have made it. Next time you want to take on a gang make sure you don’t do it alone, okay?”

“I wasn’t alone, we just got separated for a bit,” Jessica said as she squeezed Madison.


“I’m glad that Luis was a terrible shot,” I said as I held the door open for Jessica, who walked through it with Madison.

“I wasn’t much better,” Jessica complained as she slowly walked through the entrance way.

“Come on, you’re lying down in the living room,” Madison steered her toward the couch. “The doctor said you still need to take it easy.”

“I’m fine Mom, I’m just tired,” Jessica said, but allowed herself to be directed to the couch.

Madison laid her down and propped her head up with a pillow and then covered her with a blanket and stood back for a moment and let out a sigh. I stood in the doorway and I saw Jessica’s eyes searching for me as well.

I stepped into the room and she asked in a quiet voice. “So… are we going to talk? We have a lot of things to tell each other, and not all of them are very nice. If I’m going to be out on my own I’d rather do it…”

“Hush!” Madison said as she sat down next to Jessica and ran her hand through her hair. “We’ll deal with that later.”

“I don’t want to deal with it later. We need to figure it out now!” Jessica retorted. “I’m not going to be able to sleep until…”

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I gave Madison a look and she shook her head at me. “I didn’t tell anyone Jessica was getting released.”

I warily went to the door and glanced through the side windows. I saw a ragged looking old man standing there in a tattered jacket. He looked over at me and I heard him ask through the door. “Let me in Alexander. There is much to discuss.”

I opened the door and gave him a long look. “How do you know my name?”

“I have watched you every moment I could spare since Madison and Jessica have come into your life,” he replied with an accent I couldn’t quite place.

“Malik,” I replied as my hands clenched. “You picked a fantastic time to show your face.”

“I have arrived exactly when everyone was ready to listen. Not before, not after. I am busy man. I cannot take time to wander about. Now, take me to them,” he said and made a motion with his hands.

“You’re unbelievable you know that?” I asked him through gritted teeth.

“Yes, I am great wizard. This has been said before,” he nodded and pushed his way passed me. “I hear them. You are coming, yes?”

“I’ll be right there, just need to grab something,” I replied to him with a forced smile and he shook his head at me.

“Yes I believe you do. Some things do not change, despite spinning the wheel of fate,” he said as he turned and headed into my living room.

I ignored him and headed up to my office. I put the combination in the center drawer and pulled out the gun. I checked the ammo and slide the magazine back in. After putting the safety on I slipped it into the back of my pants and headed down the stairs once more. I turned into the living room and saw Malik sitting on the small coffee table in front of the couch as he looked at Jessica’s face with his hands on either side of her head.

“No permanent damage. She will fine,” he said as he stood up and nodded to Madison. “She was on the edge though. She has now been to death’s door. Man’s medicine has improved greatly.”

“What are you doing here?” I asked loudly and caused everyone to look over at me.

“I told you. Everyone is now ready to talk. So, I have come to answer questions.”

“Fix it,” I told him in a growl.

“Everything has already been fixed Alexander,” he replied as he held his arms out to the sides.

“Don’t fucking give me that,” I said as I pulled out the gun. “Everything is more messed up now than it has ever been.”

Madison sat down next to Jessica and put her arms protectively around her as she looked up at me. “Put the gun down Alexander, we’ve had enough of that for a night.”

Malik waved his fingers and suddenly the gun was too heavy to hold. It slipped from my fingers and landed on the ground. I knelt down and tried to grab it but it was stuck to the floor fast. Malik let out a sigh. “Your false sense of control is your great fault Alexander. You cannot control everything, even with weapons.”

“Shut your mouth!” I said as I stood up and took a step toward him.

“Fine, you no want answers, I will talk with these two,” he said with a shrug and sat back down on the coffee table.

“Why did you come to me? Why find me out of everyone you could have swapped the old me with?” Jessica asked him suddenly as she looked at him with a piercing gaze.

“You needed to right the wrong done to you. You sought revenge, yet you couldn’t get it. Revenge isn’t best answer, but you needed something. Plus, strong motivation is needed to for the swap. You have to want desperately for change, or you will not pull yourself free of your own life’s ties,” Malik replied as if he was explaining something simple.

“Where is…” Madison started to ask and then looked down at Jessica. “Where is my other daughter?”

“She is in a small house on the ocean shore. She is free to write and love and dance and sing. I can tell you where if you wish to go and see her, but she will not return home. She will not embrace you as a daughter. She is with her husband, she has made a new life. She is a twenty six year old woman who loves her freedom, and will not return it.” Malik with a bit of warning in her tone.

“Its fine, I just want to see her one last time. To wish her well and say I’m sorry for driving her away,” Madison said as her eyes started to water.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing her, too. You know, to thank her and say good luck too,” Jessica added in.

“What happened to whoever was in that body?” I asked loudly.

Malik raised an eyebrow at me. “Oh? Now you wish to me to open my mouth? Always the stubborn one Alexander, huh? Always must have things on your terms?” he paused as he looked at my eyes and after a moment I looked down and then heard him speak again. “That woman has moved on. She was put in the cell. She had her sins turned on her, and after one night of pain was released from her misery as well. It was the most humane way to help her.”

“What?” Jessica asked him with a frightened look on her face.

“She was put in your unused old body little one. She had killed many times before in the night. Her mind was tortured. The rest in her life had no idea, but she was in pain. You knew there was no going back. I needed a place to put her so that she could feel the pain and suffering she had caused. Somewhere that she was contained. And afterwards she found the rest she needed.” Malik said as he lowered his head.

“Why did you swap them? You should have just left everything alone you old fool!” Madison said as she shook her head. “You should have told us what was going on. We would have figured it out!”

“Oh? You would have let your daughter go? You would let her walk out door and leave?” Malik asked Madison with high arching eyebrows. “You are not liar. You never have been Madison. Do not start now, it is not becoming,” he paused and looked at me. “And you would admit your sin? You would get your man out of the cell and bring him home and treat him like family to make up for what you did?” I didn’t move and Malik turned to Jessica. “And you little one, you would have embraced life again? You would have dropped your dark plans and moved on?”

“All of you had lessons to learn. They could not be taught any other way. Talking is cheap, yes? But now? Now you can understand what was needed, what still is needed, and can see where to go. You have had eyes opened, yes?” he paused as he looked at Madison. “You are afraid of Jessica leaving, yes? You are fearful of being all alone. You spent so long wrapped around only egg that you cannot let the hatchling leave the nest now,” he then looked at Jessica. “Are you leaving? Are you ready to go? Or do you wish to stay? Do you wish to have the family you never knew growing up? Do you enjoy the mother and the father and even if you walk down a different path will you still be coming home as often as you can?”

Jessica pulled herself tightly to Madison as she nodded. “I’ll stay as long as you let me Mom. I want to be here with you. Even if I do go to college, I’ll come home whenever I can. I want to stay with you.”

“Ah? So you have daughter that loves you more deeply than you can imagine, and she has mother she never could have before? Well done Malik. Why thank you Madison, you are quite welcome,” Malik began discussing with himself in different tones, causing Jessica to let out a giggle and he stopped and focused on her. “So little one. You are ready to leave the path of revenge? Are you ready to start over? Are you ready to have the life you desired? You wanted to be close with Alexander before. Now you have him. You have mother too. You know they want you too, yes? Problem solved! Good Job Malik, you are very smart. Well thank you little one. You know I tried special for you my little grand-daughter!”

This time as Malik changed his voice both Jessica and Madison giggled. I cleared my throat and looked at him with a frown. “Yeah, you messed that up though. She’s not just close to me. She’s obsessed with me. She blackmailed me into sex and she can’t get enough of it. What are we supposed to do with that?”

Malik stood up and frowned at me. “How many times have you untangled the strings of fate between three people? You know how many destinies intertwine with each person? Answer, you do not! Yes, I move three people, and yes it is no small feat, and yes some strings of fate have to change. You cannot swap three lives without some unintended consequences! It cannot be done! When next you try it, you let me know how well it worked out for you!” Malik banged his hands off his chest. “You think I want my granddaughter and my little one to both be in bed with you Alexander? No of course not! I would rather they both found different men! But you are who has been chose, so you are who I deal with. I’d rather swat you like bug.”

“Don’t threaten my family,” Jessica said as she sat up and started to get off the couch.

Malik looked down at her and took a half step back. “Calm little one, calm. You speak truth. I have spoke in haste.”

“We’ll figure it out,” Madison said as she looked at me and Jessica. “If that’s a byproduct of the spell, then we’ll live with it and we’ll figure it out.”

“Are you sure Mom?” Jessica asked in a hesitant voice.

Madison nodded at her. “Yes. After last night I realize I could use your help keeping an eye on your father.”

“I have much faith in the two of you,” Malik said as he smiled down at Madison and Jessica.

“Hey,” I squawked as I held out my hands.

“And you Mr. Alexander!” Malik turned his attention to me. “You are ready to stop trying to put your put your past associate in the place of your problems, yes? You are ready to accept her? To atone for what you have done in all of this?”

I looked at Jessica and nodded. She smiled at me brightly despite her exhaustion. Malik brought my attention back to him by slapping his hands together. “Then my job is done, yes?”

“Yes,” Madison replied to him. “But I still want to know where she ended up.”

“Wait!” Jessica said, “I just got my family. You’re part of it too, right? I don’t want you to go either.”

Malik knelt down to Jessica and gently touched the top of her head. “I will be around little one. I will keep my eyes on you as often as I can. I have special interest in you. I will be waiting for you when the time is right.”

“So you are leaving then?”

“Yes, I have things that must be tended to.”

“Why don’t you at least let us get you some new clothes Malik, yours are almost rags,” Madison said as she reached out and tugged on his tattered jacket.

Malik slowly shook his head. “Everything must have balance Madison. You know that as well as I do. It is why I was allowed to pull these three in new directions. It is also why I must look like this. Great power cannot be abused or flaunted. If I give in even a little and adorn myself with vestiges that make me look important or wealthy I will lose something else. Or worse I will give in and use power for my own ends. There is nothing more dangerous in the world than a spell weaver out for himself…” he looked down at Jessica and Madison. “Except for maybe a half trained spell weaver.”

“I have never used anything you taught me,” Madison said as she shook her head.

“I’m not worried about you. That one is too sharp for her own good. She picks things up that she has only seen once.” Malik said in tone of warning.

“Me?” Jessica looked up at him with wide eyes.

“You should be trained.”

“No! I won’t let you take her and make her live your life,” Madison said as she pulled Jessica to her.

“It is not always your decision,” Malik said as he held up one hand. “But for now little one should enjoy what peace she has earned. I’ll be waiting when everyone is ready. I always am. Not a moment too soon, not a moment too late.”

Malik gave us a small smile and a wink and then waved to us. He then turned and headed to the back door. I cleared my throat and said, “Uh, the front door is this way.”

He flicked a finger at the back door and then said over his shoulder. “I know. But that is not the way I must go.”

He opened the back door, only instead of seeing the back patio and the pool it opened to sand dunes as far into the distance as I could see. He stepped through it without looking back and then pulled the door shut behind him. As he did Jessica struggled off the couch and ran after him. “Wait! I didn’t get to say…”

She caught the door a moment after Malik had closed it and yanked it back open but it now looked out into our backyard as it had always done.

“You guys saw that too, right?” I asked as I dropped heavily into my chair in the living room.

“I never get use to that,” Madison griped.

Jessica closed the door and then opened it again, as if that would make it change. She then took a step back and looked over her shoulder at us and then back at the door. I saw her look down at her hand and then look back up at the door. She brought her hand up slightly and flicked at it and then pulled the door open. My eyebrows went up as I saw it open to a lush forest. Jessica slammed the door shut again and looked at us with wide eyes and then down at her own hands.

Madison let out a sigh. “Well, that’s what he meant Jessica.”

“I’m sorry! I won’t do it again,” she squeaked and then looked at the door and pulled it open to see our patio and pool and then let out a sigh of relief.

“Well, in any case, I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed,” Madison declared as she stood up off the couch.

“Can I sleep with you guys tonight?” Jessica asked with wide eyes. “It’s been a long crazy day and I really don’t want to sleep alone.”

“Fine. But I don’t want to see anything with your father. It’s just a touch too soon for that, understand young lady?” Madison declared as she left the room.

“Yes Mom!” Jessica said happily as she followed after her mother.

I sat in the chair and stared at the door. I was just breathing and going over what I had seen in my mind until I heard Jessica call out. “Daddy, are you coming to bed? We’re waiting!”


I laid in the hammock as it swung slowly in the tropical breeze. Madison was laying pressed against me with her arm draped over my chest. Her small bikini didn’t hide much skin from my wandering eyes, but in the afternoon sun I was struggling to keep them open. I heard Jessica giggle loudly as she kicked through the surf down at the edge of the water. The miniscule bikini she wore made her mother’s look like a mountain of fabric.

We had decided to take a vacation for a bit as we got use to our new life. Madison was exhausted from the night before, where I had come into the hotel room from getting ice cream to see both my wife and my daughter in matching lingerie. Apparently it had been Jessica’s idea. They had both pulled me to the bed and despite my weak protests had taken turns riding me or feeding each other ice cream as they waited for me to recover. Jessica had of course remembered to bring her stash of little blue pills, so I was pressed into service until the early hours of the morning when both of them were finally sated.

As I ran my fingers through Madison’s hair and saw Jessica splashing in the distance I wondered if I had been dropped into a fantasy or a nightmare. I wasn’t certain I could keep up with both of them, but I had to try, right?



“Is she the one?” the woman asked the man next to her as she fanned herself in the hot tropical sun.

“Yes,” the man answered without opening his eyes.

“Malik’s descendant that’s been hidden for so long. How did the old fool slip up? He’s gone through such great lengths to keep her hidden,” The woman said with a cocky smile.

“Don’t know. Her aura feels off though, and she has far too much mana for a nineteen year old.”

“You think it’s a trap?” The woman glanced around, looking for the old man in the tattered clothing.

“Could be. We’re not in a hurry. We’ll just keep an eye on her for now. We have time until she’s really needed anyways.”