Daddy's Little Princess

By Tobyredone

7 minute read -

Chloe cheerfully open the door to the front of our small house and bounced in the door like she had just come home from the most wonderful day of her life. I smiled at her as I saw her books and things in her hands and thought to myself that her test must have gone well today. I had helped her study for her geography midterm almost all last night, and I knew that she was worried about it.

“Hello sweetheart,” I said to her as she smiled at me and then added, “The test must have gone well, I take it?”

“Hello Mr. Engrossie. The test did go well. Chloe got a ninety eight percent. A testament to your intelligence. Let’s hope that continues.” She replied back.

I shook my head in disbelief. She just called me, her father, by a formal title and last name, and referred to herself in third person. I wasn’t very socially apt, and so thought perhaps it was something that all the kids were doing today.

“Uh, well, anytime you need help studying, dear, just let me know.” I replied with a hesitant smile.

“I don’t think you understand the severity of the situation, Mr. Engrossie. If you’ll be kind enough to follow me up to Chloe’s room, I’ll be glad to explain it in detail.” My daughter replied to me, as she closed the door behind her, and started walking to her room.

Curious to know what was going on, I of course followed. If this was indeed a phase, I hope it didn’t last too long. I enjoyed my sweet, charming daughter more then this version of her. She was all I had left after her mother had died almost a decade ago.

I walked into Chloe’s room to see her flopped onto the bed. She was smiling at me, and beckoned me to come in and close the door. I did as requested. She was such a little angel, sitting there in her room on her pink bed, with its little throw pillows.

She set her books down next to her, and said to me in a very serious voice, “Mr. Engrossie, you see Chloe as you always do, but I’ve taken over her body. You have one chance to keep me destroying the only thing in this world that you love. I’m being paid an amazing sum of money to get your access code from you so that my, well let’s just call them employers can get into your work files. So, let’s not make this any harder then it has to be. Give me the access codes, and you will get your daughter back unharmed, and in pristine condition. If you do not, I will be forced to… Let’s not go there yet, we are getting along so well.”

“Chloe, is this some kind of joke?” I asked, “You know that I can’t give you any access codes. I can’t even tell you what I do for a living. It’s all classified.”

Chloe slid onto the bed, and laid on her stomach facing me. She still had a cute grin on her face, which I returned. She could be such a practical joker when she wanted to be. She opened her text book up to a page that had something taped over the actual page. She kicked her legs happily behind her, and looked up at me.

“I don’t exactly understand what it is that you do, but I have all the notes on it right here. It’s from my employers. They gave it to me incase you don’t believe who I am. Take a look.” She said, and motioned me close to the book.

I looked down and saw a picture of my lab, along with a copy of my schedule, and some notes on what I was doing in the lab that day. The blood drained out of my face. No notes and absolutely no pictures were aloud out of the building. It was ground for immediate termination, and not the ‘you got fired’ termination. It was a ‘shoot you in the back of the head and make it look like an accident government cover up’ termination.

“Where did you get that!” I said as my eyes darted to hers.

“Don’t worry about that, Mr. Engrossie. What you need to worry about is what happens to Chloe here if you don’t give me the access code.” She replied to me, this time without the smile.

This was for real. Someone was actually in Chloe’s body. They were holding her for ransom right in front of me. I knew I couldn’t give them the access codes, despite the fact that my daughter was the one asking for them. I slowly shook my head no.

“That’s disappointing Mr. Engrossie. I thought we were going to have a lot of fun in the little time we were going to spend together, and everyone was going to get out of this situation unharmed.” She said to me in an evil tone I would never thought I could hear come from her sweet lips.

She suddenly spun around on the bed, with her legs towards me, and lifter her skirt up, exposing her underwear.

“You do realize that all of this is mine, right? I can do with it whatever I want. Let’s start with the relatively harmless stuff. I will go out and find every guy in your daughter’s school and fuck them until she has the reputation of a cheap whore. I’ll even let faculty have a shot at her.” She said to me.

I shuddered at the thought of my sweet young daughter getting penetrated, and letting her body in the clutches of whoever I was talking too, but I knew that giving into her demands would make the whole situation worse. I couldn’t just hand over my access code as she had so calmly requested. There were others at stake here.

I again shook my head no.

She spun around on the bed again, this time kneeling in front of me. She smiled as she ran a graceful hand up under her shirt and began to fondle her breasts right in front of me like a little slut. She then pulled her skirt up again, and stuck her hand down the front of her panties, smiling and moaning as she lecherously began to masturbate right in front of me.

“Mmmmh. Feels so good. You know what else will feel good? When I go out and get Chloe here hooked on crack. She’ll be sucking cock for the rest of her life just to get a quick fix. But that will be hard, when she’s in prison for murder. I can just pick up a knife and stab anyone I want. Or a gun and shoot a few people. I’ll do it somewhere that has lots of witnesses, that way she has no chance to get off. But not before I tell them that you raped me as I grew up, and that’s why I’m so messed up, so you’ll never get to see your precious daughter ever again.” She said with a dark grin on her face.

There was nothing I could do. She held all the cards. I finally nodded to her.

“Good boy. Now hand me the phone. I need to make a call.” She told me.

“And if I give you the code, you’ll let her go immediately?” I said as I handed my daughter the cordless phone.

She laughed and smiled again as she dialed some numbers and started talking into the phone.

“Yeah, he’s ready to cooperate… Just like I said, give me an hour alone with him, and I’ll break him… It was easy. He just needed the proper motivation. I’m camped in his daughter’s body, and he knows that I’ll fuck up everyone’s life if he doesn’t give us what we want. Now what are the instructions you want me to give him. Uh huh… Uh huh… ok, I’ll make sure he knows.” She said and then hung up the phone.

She then looked at me and said, “Well Daddy dearest, tomorrow you are going to escort two people past the security gate with all the cameras, and through the gate with the retinal scanner. You will enter the code, and then help the people load up the prototype, along with all your research notes into a truck. If anyone asks you what you are doing, you are to say that you need to do some field tests. Once outside the grounds, you will get out of the truck, and lay on the ground with your face in the dirt. Don’t try and look where the truck is going.”

“And if I do all this, you’ll leave Chloe, she’ll be unharmed?” I asked in a hurried voice.

“Well, lets just say that I’m going to be hanging out in daddy’s little princess here for the next couple days to make certain that everything works, and that you do as your told. If you are a good boy, I’ll just to a bit of finger-fucking. If you even think about double crossing us, though, I’ll fuck up Chloe’s life and yours so fast you’ll wonder how I did it all in such a short time. Got it?” She asked as she pointed at me.

I nodded.

“Good. Then get the fuck outta here. You have a big day tomorrow, and I need some time alone with Chloe here.” She said with a smile as I retreated out of the room.