By Tobyredone

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Jerry smiled happily as he strolled into detention, his mount’s short plaid skirt swishing around his smooth creamy thighs with every step. He stopped in front of the large desk and cocked a leg to the side as he held out his slip to Mr. Mortenson while bringing up a small delicate hand to twirl around his long, flowing blonde locks of hair.

“Ah, Miss Winston, good to see you could fit detention into your schedule. You’re late,” The teacher replied as he looked up through his thick rimmed glasses at her.

“I had to stop and use the potty,” Jerry said happily in a feminine voice with a shrug.

“For twenty minutes after school ended?” Mr. Mortenson said as he took the slip and signed the bottom and dropped it in the drawer, “Why are you in here anyway?”

“I was lipping off to that old codger in 3rd period again,” He replied happily as he sashayed his way back to a desk in the first row and plopped into the seat.

“Mr. Pendelle? Why would you do that? He’s the nicest teacher in the school, and he’s like two months from retirement. Why can’t you just let him be? All the other students love him,” Mr. Mortenson replied with a sigh.

“I guess I’m just a clueless bitch,” Jerry replied with another shrug and a giggle.

“Amy, watch your language, only warning.” Mr. Mortenson replied, “Now get out something to work on for the remainder of detention.”

“I didn’t bring any books,” Jerry replied while holding his hands up and smirking, “Do you have anything I can do?”

Mr. Mortenson just rubbed his temples and replied, “Then just sit there quietly, okay? It’s just the two of us today, and it’s Friday, and I just want to be done for the week.”

“Okay,” Jerry replied happily and smiled back at the teacher.

Jerry watched as Mr. Mortenson went back to the paperwork on his desk and looked at the clock. He quickly grew bored and slipped his hands under the desk and slowly traced his fingers up his lovely inner thighs until his nails were just barely skimming the cleft in his tight little pussy mound through his tiny cotton panties. He could feel the most wonderful moist heat building in his womanhood as his fingers continued to tease his cunt. Warmth spread through his body as his outer lips filled and his juices began to seep into the cotton gusset of his undergarments. Before too long he was stroking inside his lips, forcing his panties just inside his wet slit as he brought his other hand up and tweaked a nipple through the thin blouse and matching bra.

“Ooh,” he murmured quietly, but not quietly enough to keep Mr. Mortenson from looking up from his paperwork.

“Amy, what do you think you’re doing?” The teacher asked in shock as he looked at Jerry.

“I’m fingering this little whore’s tight cunt Greg, what does it look like I’m doing?” Jerry replied in his rough baritone voice.

“Jerry?” Greg Mortenson asked in shock as he heard his colleague’s voice come out of Amy’s mouth.

“Well that didn’t take too long,” Jerry replied happily as he continued to molest his stolen body.

“When did you hop her?” Greg asked as he looked over at the door.

“Right after the bitch told me I was a stupid old geezer that didn’t understand how the world worked today. She asked for a hall pass to the pisser, and I decided to escort her there. No one was around, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to slip into her and see how the world works today from her own eyes,” Jerry said and then let out a low chuckle, “This little rich bitch has no idea how easy it is for kids nowadays. Especially when they have a nice rack and a tight little hole like this filly.”

“Well, could you at least not do that in front of me?” Greg asked as he adjusted his pants.

Jerry smiled, stopped his self-love, got up and strutted his way to the door and closed it before turning back to Greg and saying, “Why? Afraid you won’t be able to control yourself around this tight little ass?”

“Amy is a student. I could get fired. Or worse,” Greg replied with a gulp.

“Oh, I won’t let that happen to you buddy. Like you said, I’m the nicest guy around, and in two months I’ll be able to retire and then I’ll just be hopping around body to body like it’s my job. No strings to tie me down at all. If some cunt wants to make trouble for you I can get inside her and turn it into trouble for her.” Jerry replied with an evil grin.

“I appreciate that, but…” Greg said as he loosened his tie and let out a breath before Jerry interrupted him, “Butt? Why yes I’m sure you do appreciate my butt. In fact, I’d love it if you fucked me in my tight little butt!”

Jerry walked over to Greg and gently pushed him back in the chair before spinning around and rubbing his shapely ass down the front of the seated man’s lap. He then began grinding his supple little backside against the man’s stiffening member that lay restrained inside his pants.

“Ooh…” Greg moaned and Jerry giggled, “Get that python out and fuck me superstar!”

“I really shouldn’t!” Greg said, trying to use restraint, but he didn’t stop Jerry from spinning around and using his small feminine hands to undo his fly and pull his cock out.

Jerry brought one of his hands up to cover his mouth as he exclaimed in Amy’s voice once more, “Mr. Mortenson it’s SOOOOooooOOOOoooo big! I don’t even think it will all fit in me!”

“Oh shit, you know I love it when you talk like that in them!” Greg moaned with delight.

“Well, I guess the only thing I can do is give it a try, right?” Jerry said again in Amy’s voice. He straddled the man in the chair and pulled his panties off to one side, exposing his dripping slit to the cool air of the room and lining it up with the bobbing head of Greg’s cock.

Jerry carefully lowered his mount’s nubile body until just the head was stretching out his slippery pussy. He looked down and winked at Greg as he began to bob his entire body up and down, using the motion of the old office chair to help him as he fucked his co-worker using the stuck up young woman’s body.

“Oh fuck! This little bitch doesn’t know what she’s missing!” he called out in his deep voice, as Greg’s head went back and his hands rose to grope Amy’s breasts through her blouse.

“She’s so tight!” Greg said in an appreciative tone.

Jerry felt the bliss of orgasm erupt through his tiny body and he shook in pleasure as he called out a guttural tone, “Shit yes! I’m fucking coming!”

He leaned forward on Greg’s shoulders for a moment as he panted and then climbed off Greg’s lap. Greg frowned for a moment as he looked at the tight young woman’s body as she stood there, “Are you done? I didn’t quite finish.”

“Oh calm down. When have I ever left you with a set of blue balls?” Jerry’s incongruous voice came out of Amy’s smiling face.

Amy cleared her throat and then spoke in her normal charming tone, “I just wanted to switch positions Mr. Mortenson! I need to you to try and fuck me in my tight little stuck up ass!”

Amy hooked a thumb in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees as she bent over Mr. Mortenson’s desk and gazed back at him wantonly, “Come on Tiger! Fill me up with that cock!”

Greg shuffled to his feet and worked to stuff his still-lubed dick into the young woman’s ass. When he wasn’t going quite fast enough, Jerry thrust his young stolen body back to fully impale his stolen asshole on Greg’s shaft.

“Oh fuck it hurts! It’s too big! Oh fuck you’re going to tear my little virgin ass in two, Mr. Mortenson!” Amy cried out as her face contorted in pain.

Greg looked down at the woman until her face shifted into a smile, “Ha ha ha! You should see the look on your face! Now start fucking!”

Greg began pounding into her for all he was worth. He saw Amy’s left hand snake between her legs as she stroked her clit while her right hand supported her weight on his desk. Her tight sphincter made a great fuck and it didn’t take Greg or Jerry long before they were both quaking with powerful orgasms. Amy’s juices were leaking down her thighs and all over her fingers as Greg was erupting in her ass.

When he was finished he felt Amy’s hand come out and push him back in the chair. He sat there panting while Amy stood and tugged her small white panties back into place. She looked down at herself and wiggled her ass as she giggled, “I love feeling cum leaking out of her ass and drooling down inside her panties. It makes me feel like such a little slut!”

“Oh? Yeah okay,” Greg said as he tried to catch his breath, his cock still hanging out of his fly. He only half paid attention to what the body hopped young woman said.

“Okay, well I’m assuming you’re going to let me out of detention after that little performance, so I’m heading out. This little filly has a date with a well hung football player tonight and I’m going to ride him six ways to Sunday. I’ll see you on Monday, Greg!” Amy’s lips said, but it was Jerry’s voice coming out of her mouth.

“Yeah, see you on Monday Jer,” Greg managed to get out as he watched the possessed young woman start to walk out of his classroom. He couldn’t help but smile at her slightly bow-legged gate as she left.