Fast Learner - Chapter 2

By Mocs

11 minute read -

Making it home from Lacey’s house Sam entered his house haggard and frazzled. The entire experience seemed a dream. He walked to the back room where his bed room was located. Jumping into the bed he passed out nearly instantly.

Sam awoke to the sound of loud banging noises outside. Getting up he noticed that he hadn’t changed from the night before. He wondered if the entirety of last night was real or not. He shook his head and decided it was real, the memories were too solidly emplaced in his head that it could not be.

Bang, the sound came again. He made his way to the window and saw there were some kids outside on skateboards jumping up and down the stairs. There were quite a few kids there, so it may be the right choice to confront them.

Going into the bathroom he decided to take a shower, and change his clothing. As he cleaned his body off he wondered what it would be like to take a shower in a woman’s body. The entire experience hadn’t been much under his control since it was dropped in his lap.

Today was his day off from work and he decided it was time to test out his new power. Whose body would he take though? Thinking of the possibilities made his head swim.

Closing and locking the door behind him he made his way to the car. He walked past the group of teenagers making all the noise. They were the same group that was loitering there two days ago. Three guys and, two girls. The girls were pretty, but wore too much makeup, and were part of the emo craze that was going on.

He made it to his car and looked at the clock inside. It was about 6PM. He needed to decide where he was going to go get a new body. Maybe he would just wing it and run some errands and see what he found.

His first stop would be the grocery store. It was nearby and quite a few people shopped there. He might be lucky and find an attractive body there that would be easy to capture.

There were a quite a few parking spaces occupied right now, indicating that it was busy right now. He parked out towards the center of the large lot. Getting out of his car, he made his way to the store.

Starting to make his way through the store he noticed there weren’t many women in the store right now. He walked past each aisle without seeing a woman that was either on her own or without a man. He selected a few things that could be kept in the car for an extended amount of time and placed them in the basket.

He was about to give up but then he saw something that made stop. He saw an employee stocking shelves in one of the aisles. From the looks of her she was about 20 years old and good looking. Currently she was crouched putting stock on the shelves. He khaki pants hugged and looked stressed holding her round form. The shirt she was wearing showed her breasts off a bit, showing that they were about a c cup. Sam loved her hair it was up and had a curly flare to it, and it was a fiery red color.

Sam decided he would make her his next mount. He made his way down the aisle and formulated a plan in his head. At this point a more experience hopper would worry about distracting her and getting her away from prying eyes, but Sam hadn’t even thought about that.

Abandoning his cart he made his way to the woman in due haste. He hadn’t gotten a good look at her but from the profile he was seeing she had sharp features. He crept behind her, and slowly walked up to get right on top of her

As quickly as he could, he crouched behind her and put his hand around her mouth. She let out a surprised grunt. Slowly Sam’s body began liquefying, and seeping into her body. She fell to all four due to the weight of Sam and the feelings she was having. He began to feel the outside of her entire body. There was nothing left solid of Sam, his entire being was liquid and covering the girl’s body.

Sam felt the last of him enter her body and everything was dark. Awakening he was able to feel the new attributes of his entire body. His breasts constricted underneath the bra that was on them. His legs felt long in his new pants, and were able to move freely. His ass felt very tight in the pants. The pants he was wearing also reminded him of his missing member.

Using her mind he found that his bodies name was Summer. She still had a couple more hours on her shift. She still lived with her parents, and was going to college. He wasn’t going to finish her job for her. He picked up his clothes and put them in the cart he had been carrying items in. He left the cart there so he could come back to it in a few minutes.

Walking in her body made him notice the exaggerated movement this body made compared to his mail one. His hips moved unwilling from side to side, also his breasts still had a slight bounce to them even in the bra.

Sam decided he would be nice and actually give his boss a reason he was leaving. Although he had no intention of working he didn’t want to get this girl fired.

Approaching a checkout lane Sam knew that the woman clerking was his manager. He approached her and said “Lisa I feel terrible I can barely see straight. Can I go home please?” He added additional sugar to the please, to make it sound more feminine.

Lisa looked at Sam and rolled her eyes and nodded, “Yes you can go home, but be sure you’re here tomorrow.”

Same made his way into the employee’s area and grabbed Summer’s purse. Sam then went back to the cart he was using earlier and grabbed his clothing. The clothing fit in his purse with no issues.

After leaving the store Sam knew that he would have to drive his car home. Summer usually took the bus back and forth to work. There were no reasons for Sam to go back to Summer’s house since her parents would be there, and he didn’t feel like acting. He removed the keys from his old pants pockets and opened his car door, sat down, and started the car.

His car was a manual, and Sam was having issue with the difference in length of his new legs compared to his old legs. Accessing Summer’s memories he remembered that she was just over five foot eight inches.

There was one stop he had to make before going back to his apartment. It was only a small de-tour but, it would be well worth it. He wanted some aids to enjoy his borrowed body.

The porn shop was nearly empty it seemed. There were only two cars in front of it, most likely just employees. He parked his car at the front of the store and exited the car. Looking down he noticed a shiny object attached to his left breast. It was a name tag, which he promptly removed. It was strange having his view blocked by his breasts.

Upon entering the shop a chime sounded to alert the employees there was a customer in the store. There were two employees one man and one woman. They were talking to each other and glanced at Sam to acknowledge he was there. After looking his way they continued their conversation.

Sam made his way to the feminine toy area first. He selected a blue dildo that had a small butterfly at the end of it. It was made for clit stimulation, and the last time he was in a woman that was one of the parts he loved to stimulate the most.

This store had a good selection of outfits; Sam figured he would see if there was anything he would like to try. He made his way past several rows of pornographic films, and made a realization. If he were to ever have sex while mounted his body’s natural option would be a man. The thought disturbed him a little bit, but it may be fun to experience things from a female’s perspective.

He found rows and rows of clothing. Most of it was gimmick role playing stuff, nurses, nuns, etc. There was one outfit that was for role playing that he wanted though, a school girl’s outfit. It came with a white top with a short pleated plead skirt.

After grabbing the outfit he needed some underwear. He found some sexy underwear, mostly transparent and white. The price of the items he had was substantial so he decided he had shopped enough. With his hands filled he made his way to the register and proceeded to check out.

The cashier rang everything up and had an upbeat attitude about her. She gave Sam the total price for everything together. Sam went into the purse and took the wallet out of his pants and gave her the cash. Over two hundred dollars for what he bought seemed ludicrous, but well worth it at the same time.

Leaving the store he heard the chime going off again. He couldn’t wait to get out of her clothes. He could feel her great body underneath her work clothes. He ached to get out of these plain pants and shirt.

Sam arrived home with little issue. He checked the clock before leaving the car and saw that it was about 11PM. He grabbed his purse and the bag from the porn store. He made his way up his stairs and noticed that the kids weren’t there, probably went home for the night.

As he entered his apartment Sam couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough. First went the top, and as he reached down to his pants he saw the Summers breasts inside her bra. It felt reach his pants and unbuttoning them. Women’s pants were made to have larger hips and be more form fitting was unusual to him.

After he had stripped his clothes off, he went to the bathroom. There was a large mirror inside the bathroom where he could get a better look at his body. He stepped in front of the mirror, and brought a hand up to his chest. His breasts were firm and rather large. Looking up he noticed that his face replaced the previous occupants. He put a hand up to his face and couldn’t feel any of the roughness of his face, only her face. Keeping his hand on his breast, he used his other hand and gingerly touched his new crotch.

The first thing he noticed is the panties he’s wearing were fully encasing his pelvic region. He could feel the flatness of his crotch through the panties, where his penis would normally be was empty and vacant. Moving his hand down further he was able to trace the outline of his new slit. In the center there was the slit and to each side a lip. He began very excited. His entire body felt energized. He decided it was time to change and try out his new clothes.

With a little bit of struggling he removed his bra, and then pulled down the panties around his ankles and kicked them off. He noticed after removing the panties that Summer left her pussy pretty well trimmed. In the living room he grabbed the bag and grabbed the school girl outfit and the white translucent panties, and bra.

Stepping in the panties he pulled them up to snuggled form against his crotch. The bra took some negotiating, but eventually he got it secured over his breasts. His nipples were visible from inside the bra, and the patch of hair on his pussy was viewable also.

Taking the school girl outfit he brought the skirt over his head and zipped it up on the side. The skirt hung about mid thigh high on him. It showed off his lovely smooth legs. Putting the shirt on was easy it just buttoned up in the front.

Sam nearly had to do a double take when he looked in the mirror. The girl standing there couldn’t possibly be him. He then began to pose in the mirror; doing all the feminine poses he had seen women in the past do.

He couldn’t believe how turned on he was watching his body in the mirror. His body felt warm, and his crotch began to feel wet. Turning in such a way that his back was facing the mirror he spread his legs out and bent over so that he could see his pussy in the mirror. Reaching a hand around him teased his pussy.

As he felt his pussy from behind he reached a hand up his shirt and began lightly tweaking his sensitive nipples. He plunged his hand down the front of his panties to get at his pussy. Slowly moving a finger up and down the slit he went back and forth a few times to excite himself. The inside of his vagina’s lips were wet with his excitement.

Taking his index and middle finger and inserted them all the way up to his knuckle. Leaving the fingers in there in curled both fingers, and began stimulating his g-spot. Removing his hand from his breast he focused his attention on his pussy. With one hand inside the vagina already he had his other hand rubbing his clit. Tears built up in his eyes from the sheer amount of pleasure he was feeling.

Letting out a loud moan he felt pressure building up in his pussy. Keeping with the rubbing and penetration he continued. The ecstasy continued to build, until finally he felt release. His entire lithe body shook, and his pussy shot out clear liquid that went all over the sink.

He turned to face his new body in the mirror his cheeks were red due to the activity. He brought his hands up to his face, smelling his new feminine discharge. Taking the fingers from his nosed he licked them clean.

Looking at his body he couldn’t believe how attractive this body was. It was about average height for a woman. Also she was fit not too much mussel, but had a thin form.

After that little session he found that his body was hunger. In the kitchen he prepared a TV dinner and a glass of wine.

His mouth was so much different than it was before. In his previous body the teeth were misaligned and crooked in some areas. In Summers body they were straight from the braces she had when she was younger.

Finishing up his meal he made his way to the bed room with the vibrator he bought.