Fast Times at Ridgemount High - Chapter 1

By Tobyredone

38 minute read -

I trudged slowly up the sidewalk to my best friend Harry’s house as I contemplated my death. Would it be slow and torturous, or would it happen all in one quick fell swoop? I knew I’d be in trouble for going over to Harry’s house without stopping at home first and telling my step mom where I was going, but I didn’t think that would matter very much seeing as I was a dead man walking anyway. As I reached his porch I leaned forward and let my head slam into the hardwood front door. I then leaned back and slammed my head into the door one more time. My forehead ached, but that didn’t stop me from doing it one more time. My vision swam, but I pulled back and started to lean forward to continue my self-destructive knocking, only this time my head didn’t hit oak. I fell forward and sprawled out across the floor as I looked up and saw Harry standing there wearing his pajamas and wrapped in a blanket.

“Kevin, what the fuck is wrong with you?” Harry asked as he leaned over to stare at me.

After I finished groaning, I rolled onto my back looked up at him, “Where in the fuck have you been for the past week? I’m in serious trouble! I’m probably gonna die!”

Harry simply rolled his eyes, and started walking back to his room, leaving me there on the floor. I quickly scrambled to get back to my feet and headed after him. As I walked into his room I saw he was already back in his reclining desk chair and had unpaused his video game. I flopped down on his bed and let out a loud groan, which he ignored completely, so I let out a second louder one and followed that up with, “I thought my best friend would care just a little bit more if I lived or died.”

Harry paused his game again, spun his chair to face and then leaned forward in his chair and asked, “Okay dude, what’s the huge problem?”

“I’m a dead man, that’s the problem!” I replied back as I wrapped my arm over my face.

“Yeah, I get that drama-queen. Why are you a dead man? I need a bit more of the story,” Harry said as sighed and flopped back against his chair.

“Because I got busted!” I whined as I peeked through my arm and looked at him before continuing, “You remember that egg, grease, and spray paint prank that we were supposed to pull together? Well, when you didn’t show I went ahead and tried to do it with-out you, and I got busted!”

“You seriously did that prank? Badass! Damn, I wanted to be there,” Harry replied as he leaned forward in his chair once more.

“Yeah, where were you? You’re supposed to be teaching me the ropes on how to do these pranks and get away with them! You’re supposed to be my Yoda, dude!” I complained back to him.

“I was sick,” Harry replied.

“Yeah, like you’re sick right now?” I said as I looked around at the soda cans and microwaveable television dinners that were stacked in his room.

“Hey, I was really sick before. Today is just me trying to milk one more day out of it from my mom, dickhead.” He retorted.

“Whatever,” I replied glumly.

“Anyway, how did they bust you?” Harry asked, “Did they catch you while you were egging the cars? Spray painting the parking lot?”

“They have me on video buying the supplies,” I replied as I kicked at the air.

“Didn’t you check out the location of the cameras? I told you that was rule three!” Harry asked as he cocked his head at me.

“Of course I did,” I replied.

“Then you couldn’t have been dumb enough to forget rule one. Please tell me you wore a freakin’ hat!” Harry said as he sighed deeply.

“I wore a hat,” I said with a shrug.

“Then how did they bust you?” Harry asked with a confused look on his face, “Did the clerk pick you out of a line up?”

“No, Vice-Principal Wergstaff got the video from the Megamart, watched in, and can totally tell it’s me! He called my stepmom and she’s going in for a meeting tomorrow after school! After that, Mr. Wergstaff said he would make certain that I get sent to juvie!” I shouted out.

“Did you see the video?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, he showed it to me when he was trying to get me to confess,” I replied glumly.

“Can you see anything on the video? Like your face?” Harry asked as he started to stroke his chin with his fingers, obviously plotting something.

“Well, no, but you can totally tell it’s me!” I whined.

“Did you confess yet?” he asked.

“No, I told Mr. Wergstaff I didn’t know who it was, and that I was with my stepmom at home during that time, so then he made a call to her and wants to meet tomorrow after school to talk, and when he asks if I was with her, she’s not gonna lie for me, and then I’ll get hauled off to juvie! Plus, I’ll probably get grounded for the rest of my life after that!” I complained loudly.

“Does Heidi know what the meeting is about?” Harry asked as he continued stroking his chin.

“My stepmom? No, he didn’t tell her. He wants to see me squirm in front of him when he busts me in person,” I replied in a melancholy tone.

“Hmm…” Harry simply replied.

“Hmm? Hmm!?! That’s all my best friend can say as I’m about to get busted for his stupid prank! I came over here for sympathy, and all I get is you sitting there and stroking your chin! I mean you barely stopped playing your video game for this!” I whined.

“Hey, the Kill or Die tournament for Maximum Soldier Four is in a few weeks, and I need to make certain I’m on the top of my game asshat! I didn’t force you pull any pranks, and now I’m just trying to come up with a plan to help you out. Stop being such a dick munch, dick munch!” He shot back.

“Well then what’s your plan, genius?” I asked him as I rolled my eyes.

“I feel sort of responsible for not being there. I understand that I am the prank master, and you’re my padawan. So, I think I can help you out here, but you have to trust me, and do what I say. You’re either one hundred percent in, or you’re out,” Harry said in a serious voice.

“Like you can get me out of this! It’s come too far Harry! Even for you!” I replied.

“Bullshit. You can never take a prank too far! And I can get you out of this. All you have to do is say that I’m your master, and promise that you’ll go along with whatever I say,” Harry replied with a smile.

“Fuck you Harry,” I replied.


I thought about what he said for a few moments, and realized I had nothing to lose so I asked him, “How are you going to get me out of this?”

“Say it. I’m your master. You’ll do whatever I say. Oh, and you also have to promise that you won’t breathe a word of what I’m going to tell you, or do to anyone!” Harry said rather solemnly.

“Fine. You’re the master.” I replied as I rolled my eyes.

“No! Do it right, dickmunch! I need to hear you promise,” Harry again said but I could tell he was being serious.

I sat up and looked at him for a minute without saying anything as I tried to see if he was messing with me. I decided that he wasn’t, so I replied, “Harry, you’re my master. I’ll do what you tell me to, and I won’t tell anyone anything.”

“You swear on our blood pact?” Harry asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“Yes! Jeeze dude, I swear! How are you gonna get me out of this?” I pleaded with him.

“I’m gonna possess your stepmom Heidi,” He replied with a smug grin.

I blinked a few times, and then swung my legs over the side of his bed and started to get up, “Well, it’s been nice talking to you, but I’m gonna go home and face the music. Thanks for making fun of me, dickhead.”

“Whoa! Wait a minute, I’m serious,” Harry replied as he got up to stop me from leaving.

“You realize how what you just said sounds fucking insane, right?” I asked as I raised my eyebrows.

“Hey, a week ago, I wouldn’t have believed me either, but I swear I’m telling the truth,” Harry said as he held up his hands and then got a sly look on his face, “I’ll prove it. Wait here for two minutes.”

Harry left in a rush, and I heard his footsteps as he barreled down the steps and then heard the back patio door as he pulled it open and slammed it closed. I looked around his room and let out a sigh. As I glanced over at his video game I realized I would really miss playing Maximum Soldier. I’d miss playing Dragon Soul. Hell, I’d even miss playing Puck-Man. As I continued in my self-lament I heard the back door open again, followed by footsteps running up the stairs. I turned to look for Harry to reappear, and was shocked when instead I saw his younger sister Lucy.

She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit with a large pink unicorn on it and was still dripping wet from the pool in the backyard like she hadn’t even bothered to towel off before running back into the house. Her shoulder-length hair was practically gushing water on the floor and as she skidded to a stop in front of me I got sprayed as it flipped out against her sudden change in momentum.

“Jeez Lucy! What the heck!” I complained as I wiped water off my face.

“It’s not Lucy! It’s me dude, it’s Harry!” She replied with a large grin.

“Yeah, right.”

“I’m serious! It’s me in here! You don’t believe me?” She asked with a look of wide-eyed innocence.

“I wouldn’t put it by Harry to pull a prank on me like this. He probably offered you five bucks to come up here and say he possessed you. I’ll double whatever he’s paying you. It’s not like I’ll be able to spend allowance money in prison.”

“Wow, seriously dude, you need to cheer up,” She replied as her eyebrows raised.

“Go get Harry,” I replied, “Tell him his prank didn’t work.”

She let out a sigh and said, “Okay, so you don’t believe me? Well I know the perfect way to show you it’s me in here! I’ll do something my sister would never do in a million years!”

She gave me an odd smile and turned around so her back was facing me as she spread her legs a bit, and bent her knees. Her head spun around to peer over her shoulder as she got a look of concentration on her face, and let out a small noise, like a grunt, or an “Ooof” sound. Then suddenly I saw a small bulge appear in the back of her swimsuit. It kept getting bigger and bigger as she pushed more and more. My eyes went wide and I pulled myself back on the bed away from her. When she finally finished taking a dump in her swimsuit she straightened back up and let out a little giggle and said, “Would the real Lucy ever do that?”

“Dude! You’re really in there! How? I mean, what the fuck!” I exclaimed.

“Ha ha ha,” She laughed in her small voice, “You should see your face right now dude! You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

“I… what… I mean…,” I continued to stutter as I stared at Lucy with wide eyes, “How?! And you just shit your pants!”

“Actually, I shit Lucy’s pants, ha ha ha,” She replied and then shuffled her legs a bit, “It’s all warm and mushy!”

I then watched her walk over to the mirror on Harry’s wall and look into it. She turned to the side and looked at the bulge in the back of her swimsuit with a grin and then took her hand and mushed it into herself as she continued to chuckle. I finally pulled my eyes away from her backside and looked up to see her face, and then suddenly noticed that I saw Harry’s face in the mirror reflection framed by Lucy’s hair and on Lucy’s body.

“Harry, I can see your face in the mirror!” I said excitedly.

“Yeah, when I’m possessing someone you can still see my face in reflections,” She replied nonchalantly.

“Well then why didn’t you just show me that instead of… you know?”

“Because this way, when I leave Lucy’s body, she’ll have to clean up her own crap, ha ha ha,” She replied in a tone that sounded rather evil in her small voice.

“Are you ever going to tell me how the hell this happened?” I asked again.

“Sure. You know Stacy Morgan?” She asked as she spun to face me.

“She’s the hottest girl in school. Of course I know her. You spent a week in detention for trying to get a camera into her gym locker last year,” I replied with a shrug.

“I fucked her,” Lucy replied with a smug grin.

“No fucking way,” I replied in awe.

“Yup. Well technically, I fucked some guy named Gerald, but he was inside her body like I’m in Lucy’s body now, and apparently because I could see his real face without a mirror that meant that I was something called a body hopper, which basically means I can possess people. Pretty bad ass huh?” She replied with a large smile as she again shuffled her feet and glanced back at the lump in her swimsuit in the mirror.

“So you had sex with the head cheerleader and now you can possess people? You just sort of knew how to do it, or what?” I replied as I shook my head, still not certain if I was dreaming or not.

“That’s pretty much the short version of it. I got real sick for a week, which Gerald told me would happen, and then he said I’d feel sort of different, like I would want to get inside a body. He told me all I’d have to do was touch a body while wanting to possess them, and I’d get inside them.” Lucy replied with her smug grin.

“Unbelievable,” I replied.

“Yeah, I tried it out on Lucy here last night and found out exactly how to do it,” She replied with a shrug.

“Why Lucy?” I asked.

“Well, reason one is because I thought I was fucking insane and it wouldn’t really work, and she sleeps across the hall from me, so if it didn’t work I could just come back to my room. The second reason is because she was the only other person that I could get to that was alone,” She replied, again with a shrug.

“Oh, gotcha. So what does it feel like in there?” I asked.

“It’s weird. Just sort of weird. You feel a completely different body, and it’s just… weird, but fun,” She replied with a smile.

“That’s so cool,” I replied.

“Yeah, but you should get going. I’ll meet you at your house about an hour before we have to go meet Mr. Wergstaff, okay?” She asked as she opened the bedroom door and nodded her head as if to prod me to get out.

“What are you going to do?” I asked her.

“I’m going to make sure that my mom isn’t wondering what I’m going to be doing for a while by getting my little sister in some trouble,” She replied with a grin.

“How are you going to do that?” I inquired.

“Just watch, I’m the master of pranks, remember?” She replied and then headed down the hallway and then yelled out, “MOM! Where the fuck are you? I’m fucking hungry here! Are you going to make me so fucking chicken nuggets or what? Oh and you have to clean me up! I shit my pants!”

I just shook my head as I quietly left through the front door and headed back to my house.

It was the next day before I saw Harry again. I was sitting on the couch watching the clock tick by to my impending doom having second thoughts about his plan. I was beginning to wonder if yesterday had just been a hallucination when a sudden knock on the door shook me back into reality. I opened the front door to see Harry’s smiling face.

“Are you ready for this bud?” He asked far too casually.

“Are you sure this is gonna work?” I asked him again as I rubbed my hands together.

“Dude, you need to calm down.” He replied.

“Kevin who are you talking to?” I heard my stepmom’s voice from behind me and turned to see her standing in the entrance way, “Oh, hello Harry. Kevin can’t play today. He’s still in trouble for not at least telling me he wouldn’t be straight home from school the other day, and there is this mystery meeting at his school tonight that he won’t tell me anything about.”

“It’s okay Mrs. Henderson, I’m just here to get my homework assignments. I’ve been out of school for a while because I was sick.” Harry replied with a winning smile.

“Harry, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Heidi,” She replied to Harry with a smile and then looked at me, “And Kevin, do you see how Harry gets his schoolwork ahead of time so that he can stay caught up?”

I rolled my eyes while Harry replied, “I suppose I should call you Heidi, you don’t look old enough to be a Mrs. Henderson.”

My stepmom’s face lit up with a winning smile as she took in Harry’s compliment. She did look pretty young. My father had married her about five years back, and she was only twenty seven years old, compared to my father’s age of thirty nine. She was pretty much my dad’s stay-at-home trophy wife. It did sort of bother me that every other kid in our school including Harry called her the best MILF around, as she was my stepmom and also just ten years older than me. She had blonde hair that came down to the middle of her back, sizeable breasts that she didn’t mind showing off, and long toned legs that she kept in shape by doing plenty of yoga and eating the worst tasting health food on the planet. Her face was also pretty cute, if you can say that about your own stepmom. She had big glue eyes, a small nose, and large pink pouty lips that she could use to wrap my father around her little finger.

“Thank you Harry, I wish you could stay a bit longer but we have to get going for this mystery meeting. Kevin will have to talk to you about homework later,” She insisted.

“Well, I sort of promised him that I would help with that too,” Harry said as he walked in the door and closed it behind himself.

“Oh really? How are you going to help him with that?” Heidi asked as she cocked a hip and looked at him.

“By going as you, of course,” Harry replied and quickly headed over and gave her a large hug.

Heidi starred at Harry as if he was insane, but then the look on her face quickly changed to fright as he seemed to dissipate right in front of her. He began to, well, melt. As he started to shrink and change he became a clear sort of gel like substance that began to work its way into Heidi’s skin. After a few moments she overcame her shock and tried to struggle away from him, but almost half of his liquid form had already made its way inside of her, and the rest was wrapped around her limbs and working its way inside of her rapidly. She reached out for me, but I was far too stunned to move, let alone attempt to scrape my molten friend off her. As the last of the ooze worked its way inside of her body her eyes fluttered shut and she flopped forward and fell to the carpet. I didn’t know what to make of what had just happened, but my paralysis was suddenly cured and I bounded over to her side.

“Heidi? Heidi, are you alright?” I asked as I gently shook her.

A smile appeared on her face before her eyes opened and she replied, “Why yes, Kevin, I’m feeling like a new woman.”

She rolled over and sat up and looked at her arms, wiggled her fingers, and then grasped her breasts as she playfully bounced them in her hands and giggled as she looked at them down the front of her shirt. I stood up slowly and gulped as I realized that my friend Harry was now in complete control of my stepmom’s body. For some reason I felt both relief and a new sense of nervousness come over me.

“Harry?” I asked quizzically.

“Well, technically I’m Heidi, but yeah dude, it’s me Harry at the controls of this super-fine MILF,” She replied with a grin and a wink.

As Harry referred to himself as a ‘super-fine MILF’ that sense of nervousness turned to a sense of dread, and I must have had that look on my face as well because as Heidi got up off the ground she looked over at me and gave me a smile, “Dude, don’t worry. I’ve got this under control. It’ll be fine, and in an hour you’ll be thanking me for getting you out of trouble. Trust me.”

I gulped and nodded as she started to walk off down the hall, “Hey, where are you going?”

“To change; I have to get ready for our meeting with Mr. Wergstaff, remember?” She replied as she disappeared into her bedroom.

I went to the kitchen to wait. I pulled out a chair and sunk into it with a loud thud. After a few minutes I leaned forward and dropped my head into my hands as I again started to worry if this would work. I definitely did not want to get busted by the Vice Principle if he somehow figured out that Harry was inside my stepmother’s body. I stood up and began to pace back and forth until suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. High-heeled footsteps.

“Dude, you have to relax,” I heard Heidi’s voice from behind me.

I spun around to look at Harry dressed in a blue mini-skirt and a matching blouse that had a deep, inviting V-neck down between my mom’s perky breasts that left very little to the imagination and my mouth dropped open, “Dude, what the fuck are you wearing? Why did you change out of Heidi’s normal clothes?”

Heidi looked down at herself and cocked her hips as she checked out her own body and shrugged at me as she replied, “Trust me dude, this will work. I want Mr. Wergstaff on the defensive and off his game. I want him staring at your mom’s tits, legs, and ass instead of thinking about you and your prank.”

“But…” I said as I stared at her.

“Dude, remember, you said you’d listen me. Besides, it’s not like I’m dressed like a hooker or anything. I found this skirt and blouse in your mom’s closet, right?” She asked me with a shrug that made her breasts jiggle.

With that Heidi walked by me and out into the garage leaving me standing there with my mouth hanging open and little choice but to scurry after her or be left behind. I quickly climbed into the car on the passenger side and then looked over at her and said, “Harry, you can’t drive a car? Remember? You failed your driving test a month ago!”

“I’m pretty sure the driver’s license in my purse that says Heidi Henderson with my photo on it would disagree with you Kevin,” She replied with a large smile as she hooked the seatbelt over her breasts and glanced over at me.

“Yeah, but you wrecked the car,” I replied with fear in my voice.

“Don’t worry. I can download driving skills from your stepmom’s mind dude,” She replied, and then she stared off into space with a blank look in her eyes for a few moments before looking over at me and saying, “Good to go.”

And with that Heidi started the car, put it into reverse and pulled smoothly out into the road. I was pretty nervous at first, but after a few blocks I relaxed a bit. There was only one time where Harry almost crashed, and I’m pretty sure it was because he was checking out his new breasts in the rear view mirror. I was pretty thankful when we pulled into the school parking lot. As Heidi parked the car she looked over at me with a beaming smile and said, “See dude, I told you it’d be fine. Now let’s go get you out of trouble, my padawan.”

I rolled my eyes as I got out of the car and then had to pick up the speed to catch up to my friend in my stepmom’s stolen body as she clicked her heels off the pavement in front of me. She paused once to quickly reach up under her skirt and dig at her ass, and when I gave her a disapproving look she replied, “Hey, wearing a thong is new to me, and it’s really crawling up the crack of my ass.” We were almost to the front doors of the school when her purse slipped off her shoulder and hit the sidewalk with a thud. She bent down at the waist to pick it up, which caused her skirt to ride high enough up her thighs that you could peek at her panties. I heard a wolf whistle from behind us and turned to see a group of construction workers who had stopped working on some concrete on the sidewalk long enough to stare at us as we walked into the building. Heidi instantly popped back upright and spun to look at the construction workers as she lifted her hand high over her head and gave them the finger while calling out, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer you pigs!”

“Dude!” I hissed under my breath.

“What? They’re being dicks!” She replied as I grabbed her hand and started to pull her toward the doors of the school.

Once we were inside we quickly made our way to the main office, where the receptionist asked us who we were meeting. I told her we had been called in by Mr. Wergstaff and she nodded, looked my mom up and down, and then led us into his office. As she closed the door Heidi walked over to one of the chairs facing Mr. Wergstaff’s desk and plopped down into one as she slid down into a slouch.

“Dude!” I said and pointed at Heidi’s lap.

“What? I swear, since I’ve taken over your mom’s body to help you out you’ve done nothing but yell at me!” She replied in an exasperated tone.

“You’re sitting in a chair with your legs spread, and slouched down. I can see your panties!” I reminded her.

“Shit,” She replied as she straightened herself, her skirt and then crossed her legs before adding, “There is so much to remember with these little skirts.”

“Well try to…” I started to say but was cut off by Mr. Wergstaff opening the door and walking in like he was on a mission.

He went straight to his desk chair and sat down and shot me a snide look before turning his attention to my stepmom, “Mrs. Henderson, I’m sorry to have had to call you down here like this.”

“Oh, call me Heidi. Mrs. Henderson just sounds so old and formal,” She replied with a smile and a wink as I tried to stifle a quiet groan from Harry hamming it up in my mom’s body again.

“Okay Heidi,” Mr. Wergstaff replied with a smile.

“What’s this all about Alan? I can call you Alan now that we’re friends, right?” Heidi asked him as she played with the edge of the fabric on her blouse just about her left breast with one hand.

“Uh, sure…” Mr. Wergstaff replied slightly taken back, “I’m sorry to inform you that Kevin here has recently gotten into some trouble here at school.”

“Really? Kevin, what did you do now!” She replied and then gave me a scowl as Harry played the part of a surprised mother perfectly.

I shook my head as Mr. Wergstaff continued, “Kevin here has caused a massive amount of damage to the facilities cars. He egged them, then put whipped cream on them, and then on top of that he greased the insides of all of the door handles of all of the teacher’s cars in the back parking lot.”

“Kevin! Why would you do such a thing?” She called out in mock distress.

“I… but… I mean…” I started to stutter as I wondered how this was going to get me out of trouble. So far all Harry was doing was agreeing with Mr. Wergstaff.

“Kevin, you tell me right now, did you do this? I want the truth Mister!” She interrupted as she pointed her finger at me.

“Mom, I didn’t…” I started again before I was cut off by her again, “See, my Kevin is a good boy, he’d never do something like this! I assume you have some sort of proof?”

“Of course I have proof, and a list of damages that he caused,” Mr. Wergstaff replied as he handed my mom a sheet of paper and gave me a snide leer.

I sunk in my chair as Heidi took the paper from him and started looking it over while Mr. Wergstaff added, “As you can see there is a substantial amount of damage here. We are going to need you to pay that off. I’m going to need to know if your insurance will cover this, or if you’ll need to get the money some other way.”

“FIFTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS!” My stepmom shrieked as she looked at the paper.

“Yes, well Kevin did do some substantial damage to some of the teacher’s cars,” Mr. Wergstaff said with a small smile as he picked at his fingernails.

“Wait a minute, buster,” Heidi said as she now pointed her finger at Mr. Wergstaff, “You have seven thousand dollars’ worth of damage to Mr. Goldmaucher’s pickup truck on here! I’ve seen that pickup truck! It’s more rust than anything else! How can anyone cause seven thousand dollars in paint damage to it?” Heidi questioned him as she continued to look at the sheet of paper.

“Well, that’s the quote from the body shop…” Mr. Wergstaff stuttered out before he was interrupted.

“And you’ve got another twelve thousand dollars on here for a grey compact car! The only teacher that drives a grey compact is Mrs. Veralski, and her car is almost twenty years old and a complete piece of crap! You could buy her a whole new piece of crap for half the money!” Heidi said as she stood up from the chair with the sheet.

“Well, some of the damages…” Mr. Wergstaff again got interrupted.

“Is the station wagon listed on this paper Mr Pullzen’s? Because it’s been full of hail damage for the past three years, and he hit a concrete light pole on the front fender and dragged it past the rear quarter panel last month in the parking lot of the MegaMart! It needs eight thousand dollars’ worth of work to bring it back to piece of shit condition? And don’t even get me started on Mrs. Kinneth’s minivan, which I see on here too!” She leaned over his desk and slapped the paper down in front of Mr. Wergstaff, which caused him to stutter as he looked from the paper, to her breasts, to her face, obviously quite flustered as she continued, “At least tell me you’re going to show me the proof that Kevin did this before you try to shove fraudulent bills at me!”

“Proof, uh… Oh yes, of course the proof!” Mr. Wergstaff said as he snapped back into punishment mode and he reached over to a VCR under a TV and pushed a tape inside it as he turned back and said, “I found a receipt for some eggs, whipped cream, and grease in the dumpster behind the school. It was paid for in cash at the local MegaMart, so I took the receipt to the store manager and had him pull up the security camera footage for that date and time. See for yourself Mrs. Henderson. It’s obviously Kevin buying those supplies.”

The TV flickered to life and you could see a fairly blurry image of a boy about my age in line at the checkout buying some things in a checkout lane at the local MegaMart. The image never looked up, and was wearing a hat, but had about my build and about my hair color. As I watched myself on the video I tried not to react, but couldn’t help but gulp a little, and felt a heat start in my stomach and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Heidi’s eyes squinted as she watched the screen for several minutes until the recorded image of me left the checkout lane and headed off camera.

“That’s your proof? A shitty security camera feed that never showed the boy’s face and was far too fuzzy to really make out? When did all of this happen? Do you at least know that?” Heidi demanded as she cocked one of her hips and looked down her nose at Mr. Wergstaff.

“Um, well…” Mr. Wergstaff stuttered as his best piece of evidence was called into question right in front of his face, “We believe he did this to the cars sometime on Monday between the hours of two and four o’clock.”

“Well then, that’s the last nail in the coffin of this case!” She proclaimed loudly, “Kevin was helping me with the landscaping in front of our house that day! He can’t very well be in two places at once now, can he Mr. Wergstaff?”

“But…” Mr. Wergstaff stuttered before Heidi interrupted him again, “You dragged me down here to slap some overpriced bill in my face and accuse my good little boy of doing horrid things when you don’t even have your evidence in line, or even check out any other boys?” She turned to me and asked, “What about that little hoodlum friend of yours? What’s his name? Harry!” She spun back around to face Mr. Wergstaff, “Did you question Harry McDregel? He’s behind ninety-nine percent of the pranks in this school! He has the same build and hair color as my Kevin, and I’m betting you didn’t even talk to him, did you?”

“Well, we happen to know for certain that Harry was home ill, Mrs. Henderson…” Mr. Wergstaff started before being cut off again by Heidi, “So he had more than enough time to go and buy things and sneak back to school then!” She said in a vindicated voice.

“He was actually in the hospital that day, we verified it with his mother,” Mr. Wergstaff said in a defeated voice.

“Well then, you’re back to square one again! My Kevin couldn’t have done any of this! He was with me all afternoon. And you have the audacity to call me in here and proclaim his guilt without even the courtesy of asking me where he was first!” Heidi said as she pointed down at Mr. Wergstaff’s face.

“Well we certainly didn’t mean to offend you…” Mr. Wergstaff started to say as Heidi again cut him short.

“Well you did that and more! This is unbelievable! Your accusations are crossing the line! You had better take a good look at how you are trying to fleece people with your inflated fake bills and your utter lack of evidence before you even attempt to contact me again! Ever! And if you do bother my Kevin, or me again you’ll be hearing from my lawyers Mr. Wergstaff! Do I make myself clear?” Heidi screeched, her voice dripping with venom as she peered down at him and waited for a nod before she looked back at me and said, “Come on Kevin, we’re leaving!”

With that said Heidi stamped out of Mr. Wergstaff’s office and I shrugged at him before I got up and hurried after my stepmom as she stormed out of the school. She didn’t stop her angry march until we were out of the school and back to the car when she spun around on her heels and looked at me with a large smile on her face.

“I told you I could do it,” She said as she wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“Dude, that was fucking awesome! You totally bitched out Mr. Wergstaff!” I replied with victory in my voice.

“I know. I’m pretty much the fucking bomb,” She replied as she pumped her fists in the air and then held out a hand for me to give her a high five.

I slapped her hand, even though it felt odd giving Heidi a high five, but I knew it was actually Harry that was pumped about his performance. The knot in my stomach had finally untied itself and I was actually starting to feel pretty good.

“Dude, we have to celebrate!” She proclaimed as she walked to the driver’s door of the car and got in.

I quickly scampered over and got in on the passenger side as I looked over at her and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Kevin, I’m in control of your stepmom’s body, don’t you know what that means?” She asked me as if I was retarded.

“Um, yeah, that you totally got me out of trouble,” I replied with a shrug, not understanding what Harry was getting at.

“No, dummy, I’m twenty-seven years old! It’s totally legal for me to buy beer! And we can rent some pornos! And pretty much do whatever else we want! This is gonna be ‘tits’!” She said excitedly as she started the car and pulled out of the parking stall.

I felt that knot suddenly come back in my stomach as Heidi shot me an excited grin. She drove the car to one of the local supermarkets and parked the car. She climbed out rather quickly and while I was struggling with my seatbelt I looked over and saw her again picking her thong out rather unceremoniously. I shook my head as I got out of the car and followed her into the store. She grabbed a shopping cart and dropped her purse into it as she started through the aisles. I was on edge as I followed my possessed stepmom around the store. We got to the liquor aisle and she looked at me and said, “Okay dude, what do we buy?”

“How the hell should I know?” I replied with a shrug.

“Okay, well you grab some beer, and I’ll get some liquor,” She replied and with that she started to go through the shelves and pull down bottles as I went over and grabbed some six packs of beer that I had at least heard about.

“Kev, at least get some twelve packs man!” She chastised me as she glanced over her shoulders at me.

“What? We can’t possibly drink all of this in one night!” I replied as I looked at the beer in my hands.

“We don’t have to drink it all in one night,” she shot back with a grin and an eyebrow wiggle.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked with a worried tone.

“C’mon, let’s go to the next aisle,” She replied and headed out, leaving me to exchange the six packs of beer for larger containers.

I swapped them up and caught up to her a few aisles down where she was looking through some porn magazine, being rather oblivious to the fact that she was a woman ogling the centerfold. She had the middle page folded open and was looking at the naked woman while licking her pink lips with lust in her eyes. I shook my head and cleared my throat as I set the beer in the cart.

Heidi looked over at me and asked, “What?” before grabbing another magazine with a half-naked woman on the front of it.

“Well, Mom¸ don’t you think this might be a touch out of character for you?” I asked as I shot her a look.

“Jesus, calm down dude. How is anyone going to figure out that it’s me in here? You thought I was crazy as shit when I told you. We’ll be fine. Enjoy it!” She replied with an eye roll.

I sighed and turned to look at the magazines myself as I realized that Harry was going to do this whether I complained about it or not, so I might as well go with it. Finally after another ten minutes and about half a dozen people looking at us like I had an insane mother with me he just grabbed all the magazines he had been looking at and tossed them into the cart.

“We’re getting all of them?” I asked and in reply she just nodded and started to walk on so I asked, “Can we be done now? This is sort of embarrassing.”

“Fine, Jeez,” She replied and turned toward the checkouts.

We found a line that was moving quickly and I was pretty certain my embarrassment was close to over until I realized that our clerk was none other than Jeremy Grussen, one of the upper classmen that had busted Harry and I earlier this year when we tried to buy beer with a fake ID. I gulped and tried to hide behind one of the columns in the store.

“Wow, this is a lot of alcohol, are you planning a party Miss?” Jeremy asked Heidi as he checked her out while scanning the bottles and the magazines.

“Nope, just going to drink it all myself Jeremy. And do you know why? Because I can! And you can’t do shit about it! Because I’m over twenty-one. My name is Heidi Henderson, and I live at 2234 Silverton drive, and I have the ID to prove it!” She said as she raised an eyebrow and shot him a look.

“Um, yeah, do you want paper or plastic?” Jeremy replied to her as if there was a joke he wasn’t getting.

“Paper. Oh, and can you grab me some of those cigars? The big ones! Like six of them!” She said as she pointed and bounced excitedly, which was exaggerated with her bouncing breasts.

“Sure lady,” He replied and grabbed some from behind the counter and dropped them in the bag with the booze and porno magazines.

Finally, he pushed the bags across the counter to Heidi, and then looked around and for the first time spotted me. He gave me an odd look that I couldn’t quite identify, but I definitely didn’t like. When I looked back I saw my stepmom walking for the door and rushed after her. We loaded the bags in the trunk of her car, and then got inside and as I was buckling up I looked over at my stepmom and pleaded, “Okay Harry, we have booze and beer. Can we go home now?”

“One more quick stop to make,” Heidi replied with a wink and then we were off.

As we pulled into the video store parking lot she looked over at me and asked, “Do you want to stay in the car? You’ll be way less of a killjoy out here.”

“No! I’m not letting you run around unsupervised in my stepmom’s body! Who knows what trouble you’ll get into!” I told her.

“Hey! Some thanks for all the help I’ve given you. Also, I’m not doing all of this for me, I’m doing it for both of us. We’re going to have an awesome time.” She replied with a shrug as she got out of the car.

“Let’s just make this quick,” I replied as I followed her into the store and to the back room where they kept their illicit material.

Once inside Heidi got the attention of one of the men that was re-stocking the shelves and asked him, “Excuse me, I’m trying to teach my son about sex and how to pleasure a woman. Which porno would you recommend for that?”

“Dude! You’re a total fucking dick-gobbler!” I shrieked at her as the clerk eyed me up.

“Oh sweetheart, you shouldn’t say words like fuck, or call mommy a dick gobbler,” She replied with a large grin as she reprimanded me in her sweetest mom tone.

I could tell from the twinkle in Heidi’s eyes that Harry was enjoying the pants off this situation, and his latest prank was on me and I couldn’t even do anything about it because he was firmly in the power seat with his ability to possess my step mom.

I retreated out of the back room, left the store and got back in the car to wait for Harry there, and fifteen minutes later Heidi came walking out of the store, her long legs scissoring back and forth as she carried a whole stack of pornos with a large grin painted on her face. As she climbed into the car she tossed them in the back seat and buckled her belt as she looked over at me and said, “Now we’re even for all the bitching you’ve done to me today. Are you ready to relax and have some fun, dude?”

“Whatever. Can we go home now?” I asked as I sunk down in the passenger side seat.

“Abso-fucking-lutley dude,” She replied as she put the car in gear and took off.

After a short drive we pulled into the garage and as Heidi carried in the pornos I carried in the booze and magazines. Heidi unpacked the bags onto the countertop and then started to pull out glasses from the cupboards. She looked over at me with a smile and asked, “Okay dude, what do you want to try first?”

“I don’t know,” I replied and checked out the selection we had.

“I’m trying the tequila. Benny said that shit is the bomb,” She replied and spun the top off the bottle and poured herself a glass, and then another one and pushed it my way.

We both lifted the glasses, and while I sipped mine she took a big mouthful of the slightly brown liquid. I cringed as the foul-tasting drink hit my tongue, but my stepmom gagged and spit most of her mouthful out in the sink as she started to cough. I couldn’t help but laugh especially as she turned toward me and I saw a fair amount of the tequila she had tried to drink was running down her chin and her chest, and collecting between her massive breasts which were still on display in her low cut blouse.

“Well that stuff sucks ass,” She replied to me with a grimace, “Hand me a beer. I’ll stick with that for now.”

I tossed her a beer as I laughed and said, “Harry, you’ve got tequila all over your tits man.”

“Ha ha ha, very funny. Why don’t you go fire up one of the pornos while I get cleaned up,” She directed, and I grabbed one of the movies off the top of the stack and headed into the living room.

I popped the DVD into the player and turned the TV on, then sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote as Heidi came in and plopped down on the couch next to me, again slumping back with her legs spread. As the credits rolled I couldn’t help but look at her smooth thighs as they headed under her up-riding skirt. She noticed and wiggled her ass around, which slowly slid the skirt back another inch, exposing even more skin and some of her pink panties, “Nice view huh? I could probably get used to being this hot.”

“Yeah, whatever dude,” I replied and started to watch the movie.

There wasn’t a lot of plot to the porno. Some dude was delivering a pizza and the woman that opened the door was barely wearing anything. After a few words were exchanged they were banging hard in the living room of some suburban house. It felt completely weird and a little wrong to be watching a porno like this while drinking beer sitting right next to my stepmom, who seemed just a little too enthusiastic to be seeing this.

Suddenly she turned to me and asked, “Hey, is yours that big?”

“Dude! What the fuck?” I replied.

“What? I just wanted to know. I mean look at his dick! It’s huge!” She replied and then in a quieter voice added, “Mine’s not that big. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t tiny or anything.”

I turned back to the movie, and then a few moments later she added, “Well, I mean, mine’s an okay size. It’s just not mammoth like that one.”

“Dude! I’m sorry I just can’t talk dick size with my stepmom,” I replied as I held out my hands for her to stop.

“It’s not your stepmom, it’s me Harry, assmunch,” She replied as she rolled her eyes and then added, “But I suppose you’re right, I am talking about the wrong equipment now. I should be comparing myself to the chick. I think my pussy is probably way better then hers!”

And with that she started to reach for her tiny pink panties until I asked, “Dude, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting my pussy out so you can compare,” She replied in a matter of fact tone.

“I’m getting another beer,” I replied as I got up and walked out of the room.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see Heidi’s pussy. I remembered fantasizing about her all the time when she first started dating my dad, it’s just this was all sort of happening way to quickly, and with the added complication of it being my best friend in control of her sexy body. I cracked the fresh beer and took a long drink, and then headed back into the living room and took my place on the couch next to Heidi.

She smiled at me as I handed her another beer, took a long drink and then looked back at the porno. We watch another couple scenes where the girl was just getting pounded by the overly-large dicked man. I couldn’t help but be aroused as I watched the show and every now and then looked over at Heidi and her semi-exposed form.

Finally I spoke up, “No dude, mine’s not that big either.”

“I know. You’re totally pitching a tent right now,” She replied with a giggle as she pointed to my crotch.

“Well what did you expect to happen?” I asked as I suddenly felt a bit defensive.

“Dude, its fine. I’ve totally got titty hard-ons right now. See my nipples?” She asked as she pulled her blouse tight against her chest and I saw that her nipples were indeed poking through the thin fabric, “And you would not believe what’s going on downstairs,” She added as she pointed at her panty covered pussy, “It’s like… wet. And warm. And…oh, it feels sooooo good.”

With that she started to trace her fingers up and down the crease in the center of the pink mound of her crotch. I watched, utterly fascinated as she started to breathe slightly heavier and closed her eyes and then said, “I wonder what it’s like to have a dick shoved up here. It feels so good just to rub it. It must be amazing to actually have something up there.”

She then opened her eyes and looked over at me, and then back at the screen, and then back to me, “You want to try it?”

“Try what?” I asked as I looked to the screen and watched the well-hung man banging the woman as she was bent over the arm of the couch.

“Fucking a real pussy, you ass!” She replied as if I was being a bit slow.

“Dude, with you? No way!” I replied as I pretended to not want anything that he had to offer while in control of Heidi’s body.

“Fine, suit yourself, but I’m all amped up and I need some release,” She replied as she pulled her panties off to one side of her pussy and began to stroke the outer lips gently. As she continued she again began to breathe heavily and then moved straight into panting. After a few more minutes she started to pant and whimper, and her legs began to twitch as she really got into it. The longer she went the more I watched with fascination as I felt my dick go uncomfortably tight inside the front of my jeans. Her breasts shook with her contortions as I watched her play with her pussy, and then when her fingers started to circle around the top of her pussy her eyes suddenly shot open and she let out a squeal, and I suddenly I could tell she was cumming. She was cumming fast and hard. She melted into the couch cushion as she looked over at me with her hair all messed up and smiled as she said, “Holy fuck dude, that was amazing.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling pretty tired. I’m gonna go to bed. See you in the morning,” I said as I got up and started out of the room.

“Dude, we’re not even done with the porno yet! Are you serious?” She asked as she leaned forward.

“Yeah… I’ll… um, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ve got school and stuff, you know…” I replied as I jogged to my room and closed the door. I yanked my pants off, climbed into bed, and pulled the covers over myself as I reached over and grabbed some tissues. I started to furiously wank myself to the images in my head of my sexy stepmom fingering her lovely little pussy right in front of me. I couldn’t help it. It didn’t take long for me to explode into the tissue, and it also didn’t take long for me to be up and hard again. Just thinking about her creamy soft thighs, and her breasts, and her hands on her pussy and I was ready to go again. I don’t even know how many times I blew my load before I fell asleep, but I was shooting blanks by the time I was done.