Gambling Problems - Chapter 1

By Tobyredone

14 minute read -

I rushed home that day. I’ve had a Porsche for quite some time now, but I’ve never driven the car to its limits before, and I now have a new appreciation for the brakes, suspension and engine. I needed to get to Angie and make sure she was safe. Let me back up, maybe I’m rushing too much.

You see, my name is Roger Burns. My wife is Angie Burns. I’m thirty seven, and she is thirty four. I’m a dentist and I run my own little business working on people’s teeth. Angie works at a daycare, but not because she has too, she just likes kids that much and we don’t have any of our own. Seeing as our life is pretty much perfect you’d think I’m happy, but I have a dark secret. I have a gambling problem. Some days are better then others, but on the bad days, I just can’t stop.

About three weeks ago, I had a bad day. I got mixed up in the wrong crowd. I borrowed money from a guy. A lot of money, and then I lost it all. I told him I would pay him back, but that it would take time. I mean, I have the money, but it’s tied up in my business, the stock market, and a trust fund. I just can’t get the money out that fast. Well, he told me I had one week to get him the money. I tried to just ignore him, and I’d get him the money when I could.

That turned out to be a mistake.

I had received a phone call today from Victor. Victor was the guy I had borrowed money from. He was a very large and very scary man. The police were trying to get him for many organized crime charges, but could never actually get him on anything, or he would always get off on a technicality. When you messed with this guy, you or your loved one’s ended up missing or dead. He told me that I had missed my grace period, and he was going after my wife if I didn’t pay him.

Angie is the one thing in the world that I love. She is kind, funny, loving, and very humble. She stands about five foot three with blonde hair that has some brown in it. She has large brown eyes, an hour glass figure, and loves to bike, run, and kick box. We got married right out of high school, despite our family’s objections. And now she was being threatened because of me. I prayed that she wasn’t hurt, and offered up the fact that I would never gamble again if she was ok.

When I got home I darted into the side door off the garage and into the house. I called out for her several times in quick succession before I heard her answer. I ran up to our bedroom where she was on the bed in some negligee. The room had a peculiar scent to it that I knew was familiar but could not place at the time.

“Come one Angie, get dressed. We have to go. I don’t have time to explain everything but I messed up, and now we have to leave.” I said as I grabbed a bag, and started throwing clothes into it.

“Roger, slow down. Come here. I need to talk to you.” She said as she watched me from the bed, unmoving.

“Angie, didn’t you hear what I said? We have to go now. We have very bad men looking for us. I don’t want them to hurt you.” I said again in a panic.

“Roger. Look at me right now.” She said.

I stopped to look at her, and noticed she had opened her small silk robe up and was wearing thigh high stockings, a tiny black pair of panties, and a black corset that pressed her breasts up making them proud and perky. Her hair was done up and her make up was perfect. She was obviously planning a lovely evening. I hated to disappoint her, but I knew we had to get moving.

“Honey, I’m sorry we don’t have time.” I said.

“Roger Burns, you get over here this instant. This is not debatable.” She said as she put her hands on her shapely hips.

I knew that there would be no talking to her. That was her way of letting me know that she was putting her foot down. I knew it would be better to pacify her as quickly as possible rather then fight with her.

I walked over to the bed and she pulled me down on to it next to her, and started to kiss her way up my arm and nibbled gently on my neck and ear. I knew we needed to get out as soon as possible, but my wife has an amazing body, and when she gets started on me like this, I can’t help myself. I quickly yanked my pants down and off and kicked them off on the floor next to the bed.

She giggled and her small soft hands started to stroke my already stiffening penis until I was at full mast. She then pushed me gently so I was on my back and got up on her knees. She had put her panties on over the garter straps from the corset, so she simple pulled her panties down and off, but kept the nylon stockings on. She then straddled me with her legs and slowly lowered herself down onto my now throbbing sausage. I was amazed at how wet she was already, as normally it took a bit of time for her lubrication to catch up with us, or a large amount of foreplay. She slid down on my dick until it was buried completely inside her and her small brown little tuft of pubic hair was pressed right up against mine.

“Now, what was it you needed to tell me dear?” She questioned as she began to work up and down and forward and back on my dick slowly.

“You want to talk about it now?” I asked.

“Yeah, it seemed to be important, and I can multitask,” She said with a smile.

“Well, I got mixed up with some bad guys, and they called me today and made a threat towards you. I need to get you out of here and somewhere safe while I deal with this.” I said plainly.

“Oh, you were a bad boy, weren’t you?” She slapped me on the hip as she started to increase the pace of her bobbing.

“This is serious Angie, not some sort of role play!” I told her.

“Oh fuck yes. This is fucking great.” She said as she tossed her head back and looked at the ceiling.

That was completely out of character for my wife. She almost never swore, and the word fuck was on the top of her list for swear words you don’t say. I was going to say something, but she grabbed my dick with her pussy muscles like I had never felt before and continued bouncing on me, and it felt amazing.

She suddenly bottomed herself out on me, and looked right into my eyes as she clawed at my chest and screamed, “Oh fucking YES! I’m coming! I’m fucking coming! Fucking hell YES!”

Before I could question her on her new habit of swearing, she went back to screwing herself on my still hard prick. She quickly increased the pace one more time, and started clawing at my chest again. I had never been mauled before by her nails, and it was starting to really hurt. I grabbed at her hands to stop her, and she looked down at me and laughed.

“Did I hurt you with my nails? I’m sorry you’re such a pussy.” She said as she started to rub her hands around on my scratched up chest, but she kept on bouncing on my dick.

I knew I was going to release soon, and I grabbed her hips and pulled her once again down all the way on my dick and felt myself blowing my load in little spasms into her waiting pussy.

That must have sent her over the edge again as she flipped her head back and screamed out once again, “Oh fuck yes! I love this fucking pussy.”

I looked at her with wide eyes, and asked, “Are you okay Ang?”

She rolled off from me and laid next to me twitching every now and then as the aftershock orgasms hit her. She reached up and grabbed my arm, and said, “I’ve never been better Roger. You performed very well.”

“Ok, then let’s pack and get out of here.” I told her.

“That’s not necessary.” She replied back to me and got up off the bed.

“What do you mean?” I asked her in disbelief.

“Your friends were already here. Victor and I had a nice chat. That’s why I’m here. There is a message from him downstairs that you really should see, though.” She said with a smile and started to walk out of the bedroom.

I got up, grabbed my pants, pulled them on quickly and followed her. She was in the living room and walked over to the coffee table and grabbed the remote for our entertainment center.

“Angie, you didn’t put your panties or a robe back on! The front blinds are open and all the neighbors can see you!” I hissed from the side of the room. I could see the mixture of both our juices leaking down the inside of her thighs in the bright sun.

“Yeah, they probably can see everything.” She said nonchalantly as she stabbed at the buttons on the remote.

Suddenly the screen flickered to life and the VCR started playing. A picture of Victor popped up on the screen.

“You little fucking punk ass bitch! You think you can just hide from me and pay me back whenever you want? You think I can’t get to you? You are the fucking disease on society, not me. I pay my fucking bills. But you know what? I’m a business man. So, I’m going to help you out and give you a little incentive to hurry your bitch ass up and get me my fucking money. Meet Frankie,” The camera zoomed out to a wider shot, and I noticed it was being filmed in my house!

There was another man there, I’d say he was about thirty, stood around five foot five inches tall, and was a fair amount over-weight. He was wearing a raggedy old tee shirt and some sweatpants, and looked bored. He had greasy long dark hair and looked as though he had not showered in a few days.

“Say hi Frankie,” Victor boomed to the camera, and Frankie waved, “Frankie here is an outside consultant I hire from time to time when people owe me more than a hundred thousand. Frankie can be very persuasive to my customers, let me show you.” Victor said with a large grin and the camera zoomed out again.

Suddenly I could see these men were making this film were in my bedroom! Angie was there, and her hands and feet were tied to the four corners bed, and she was lightly sobbing and pleading with them to let her go. She was also naked. Frankie went over to the bed and licked her face gently as she pulled back and grimaced. He lightly ran a meaty finger down her neck and made small circles over her nipples before reaching that hand down and putting two thick fingers on her vagina lips. He ran his stubby digits up and down her lips gently twice before inserting his hand inside her pussy. She jerked and shook on the bed as she tried to get the offending man out of her most private of holes, but being tied down, she just couldn’t move enough to displace him.

He gave her an evil chuckle, and suddenly the recording turned into a science fiction movie, or at least I thought. The man began melting. He turned into a clear fluid, and began washing over my wife. She once again began struggling, but he flowed into her, starting with the hand and arm that was down by her pussy. He flowed into her skin and her mouth as well while I watched the TV, horrified at what they were doing to my wife.

Suddenly she threw her head to the side, out of the camera’s view and stopped struggling. She turned her head back towards the camera, and instead of her pretty face it was Frankie’s ugly pudgy mug on my wife’s body. He had a large toothy grin that went almost from ear to ear.

“Untie me you guys, I want to feel this bitch up!” He said as he tugged at the restraints with his arms.

Two of Victor’s goons rushed over to the side of the bed and began to undo her restraints, and as soon as her arms and legs were free she began to molest herself, fingering her pussy with her delicate little fingers and roughly grabbing her tits and squeezing them.

“Come on guys, get your dicks out! I need to try this cunt on something!” He said as he looked at the two goons, who were quick to unzip and whip out their cocks.

My wife’s body pulled the first guy down on top of her, wrapped her naked legs around his back and started to get ram-rodded by the unknown goon. I could see her breasts bouncing around as she really began to get into it. I saw Frankie’s ugly face grimace as both him and the first guy were soon feeling an orgasm wash over them. Frankie then kicked the first guy off, and rolled over and up onto her hands as knees as she presented her ass to the second henchman.

“C’mon Danny, I know you like ‘em doggy style!” I heard as Frankie positioned my wife’s body to get fucked again.

The other man, Danny apparently, took his position behind her leaning up against the edge of the bed with his knees and shoved his thick dick into her from behind. He began to work back and forth as my wife’s body matched his thrusts and I saw Frankie’s face once again contort with pleasure. Before long they both called out as the two of them fucked into orgasmic bliss, fist Danny, then Frankie from his position inside my wife’s body.

After Frankie was done with the second fucking he laid back in the middle of our bed and started to finger his borrowed pussy some more. Victor walked back into the camera’s view and first looked at Frankie masturbate my wife’s body as he began to pant, and then looked back at the camera.

“You listen good you little fuck stick. You have one week to get me my money. Frankie here will be sticking around in your little bitch to make sure you pay. You keep him happy, and you make me happy, or me and my boys will be back with baseball bats and brass knuckles. You’ll be the one needing a good dentist after we knock out all your fucking teeth. Let’s go boys.” And with that Victor and the goons left the room on the camera screen while Frankie continued to finger fuck my wife’s pussy roughly.

I looked over at my wife, who was watching the TV with complete interest until she noticed me looking at her and said, “I get such a kick out of watching my face on a bitch’s body on film while getting off. It’s like a porno, but I’m starring in both roles, ya know?”

“Frankie?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yup, Frankie here, but for the next week or so you can call me Angie.” She said as she sat down on the couch with her legs spread, ran a finger down over Angie’s chest, down her taunt belly, and into her little pussy lips. She brought a shiny finger back up and put it into her mouth, sucking off the juices and smiling, “You see, I am Angie now. I have her body, all her memories, I can imitate her perfectly, and there is no way to get me out until I’m ready to leave.”

“But your face…” I questioned as I pointed to the TV.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s a detail. You can see my face when you take a picture, or make a film.” She said as she crossed her legs and put her arms up on the back of the couch.

“I don’t know what to do. It’s not like I don’t want to pay Victor back, I do! But the money is tied up; I just can’t get it out!” I pleaded with the man in my wife’s body.

“Yeah, I know. Your wife knows the finances, so I know them too. I tell you what, you give me the phone, and I’ll call Victor and tell him you are being very cooperative, but that the money is just going to take some time to get together.” She said.

“You’d do that for me?” I said as a tiny ray of hope found its way to me.

“Well, I’m not exactly doing it for you. Your wife is a fucking fox. Normally when I do this for Vic I have to hole up in some shit heap of a body for a few days. Not enjoyable in the least, but check these titties out!” She said as she pulled her top down a bit and the nipples that I knew so well stuck out at the hornyness of some middle age pudgy guy who was now behind the controls of my wife’s body, then he continued, “So I’m going to call Vic and tell him you are working to get his money, and I plan on staying here and supervising you until it’s all paid back with interest.”

I gulped, and looked at my almost completely naked wife as she sat on the couch. I didn’t want a fat guy running around with her body, but at this point I didn’t have any choice. I nodded and grabbed the cordless phone from its base and handed it to my wife.

She quickly stabbed a number into the phone and put it up to her ear, holding it with her left hand. She looked down and with her right hand began to trace lazy circles around her nipple while waiting for the person she was calling to pick up.

Meanwhile, as I watched this horny guy do elicit acts with my wife’s body I finally got the good sense to get up and close the blinds myself. She looked up at me and laughed as she saw what I had done.

“Hey Vic. Yeah it’s me, who else would be camped out in this bitch’s fine ass? Yeah, he just got back. Oh he watched the tape. It took so long because I wanted him to fuck me first. I know exactly what comes first here, do you? I don’t owe you shit, I’m doing this for my cut, and to have some fun, you remember that.” There was a pause as she listened while continuing to play with her nipple, “Yeah, don’t worry Victor, I know what I’m doing, I’ve done this before. But the thing is, this guy is telling the truth. He can’t pull the money out of a lot of his funds, or liquidate assets that quickly. I know this because I know everything his fucking wife knows, remember? So I told him that the two of us would make a down payment to you with as much as we can get by the end of the week, and I’d stay in her as long as it took to make sure that he pays you back.” She said as I heard one side of the conversation, and then there was a long pause before she continued, “I’ll tell you what Vic, you take me and him up on the deal, and I’ll make sure you get all of yours before I take any of my cut.” Another long pause, “Because I’m gonna have a good time getting off in this bitch for a while, and I won’t need any money while I’m not me, that’s why I’m feeling generous.”

She listened into the ear piece of the phone for a few minutes before finally saying, “Yeah, whatever. I’ll tell him. Bye.”

My wife looked up at me with an evil smile on her face and said, “Well tiger, looks like it’s just me and you for a while.”