Gambling Problems - Chapter 2

By Tobyredone

12 minute read -

My wife stood up to stretch and I grabbed one of her arms roughly. If I was going to have some fat guy in my wife’s body I would need to lay down the rules or she would walk all over me.

“Now you listen here, Frankie,” I said as I emphasized the man’s name, “You are going to stay inside the house, and you are going to take good care of my wife’s body for the next week. I expect you to give it back to her exactly the way you found it.”

Suddenly she grabbed me on the forearm and dug her thumbnail into the soft underside of my wrist. I let go of her as I felt the pain course through my arm and as I did she yanked hard on my arm. I was pulled off balance, and she swung one petite arm around and caught me in the face with a tiny fist on my left eye. She had put enough force behind it that I was a bit dazed, and as I staggered back she took one step towards me and brought her foot up into a high kick that landed squarely in the middle of my chest.

I fell to the floor, and before I could make another move she was straddling my chest with her knees on my arms as I looked up at the ceiling. She grabbed my neck with one hand, and pulled the other back in a fist as if she was about to hit me, and then said in a venomous tone, “Listen here, husband, your wife works out every day. And do you know what the latest craze at the gym is? Kick boxing. All sorts of soccer moms and little housewives learning how to beat the shit out of people. I know everything she knows, and have all her skills, not to mention the fact that I grew up in the ghetto, where it was fight or get the shit beat out of you. Sometimes even rapped. So don’t think that you can just grab my arm and bark out orders. Your wife is in this position because you fucked up. I’m here because you fucked up with the wrong guy. So let me tell you how this is really going to work. I’m going to do pretty much whatever the fuck I want. And you are going to get busy getting the money. And the sooner you get the money, the sooner you will get your precious little wife back, and the less time I will have to go out and get laid, or find a tattoo or piercing that I really think looks good on this bitch. You get me?”

I tried to nod, but it was difficult with her grabbing my neck so tightly. She seemed satisfied and quickly stood up, before offering me a hand to help me up. I took it, and she then helped me to my feet. I was rubbing my eye and wondering what would happen next when the look on her face softened.

“Seeing as we are going to be living together for a while, I think we got off on the wrong foot. Sorry about the eye.” She said to me as she walked closer to me, and gently pulled my hand back from my face to look at the already bruising skin.

I snorted in response not really wanting to associate with the man that had just taken me down in a one hundred and fifteen pound female body, not to mention the fact that it was my wife’s body.

“Come on, man, we are going to be spending a lot of time together. We should at least try and be social.” She said as she gently touched my face assessing the damage caused by the punch she had thrown at me a few moments ago.

“Social. Right, with the gangster that stole my wife’s body. I don’t even know what to call you.” I said back to her with no shortage of contempt in my voice.

“You call me Angie. Right now, I’m your wife, so you call me exactly what you’d call her. And I ain’t no gangster. I went to school with Vic back in the day. We looked out for each other in the hood. It’s not like I do this kinda thing all the time. It’s actually fairly rare.” Angie said to me.

“Could you at least put a robe on? It is still my wife’s body that everyone is going to see naked.” I asked him as I rubbed my brow, trying to ease the pain.

“Are you always this way? I mean, hell, we’re inside your home. It’s only you and me here. If I was you, I’d be beggin’ my wife to run around naked. Especially if she was a hottie like… me, ha! I’ll go get some ice for your eye. Why don’t you head up to bed? We’ve had a long day.” She said as she walked out of the living room and towards the kitchen.

I decided that Angie was right… Or Frankie… Or whoever… This was confusing, but one thing was for certain, I was ready to lay down somewhere. I was not only still sore from the fight, but I needed to figure out where I could get the money to pay off Victor.

I headed to the bedroom and started to get ready. Before long Angie walked in carrying a plastic baggy full of ice for my eyes. After she handed me the bag, she gently pushed me back onto the bed, and the next thing I knew she was gently working my belt open.

“Hey hey hey! What are you doing?” I exclaimed as I slapped at her hands.

“You’re not going to sleep in your clothes, are you?” She asked me.

“Um, yes. I’m sleeping next to a stranger. I’m sleeping with my clothes on.” I replied.

“Oh screw you. You’re sleeping next to your wife. The wife you had sex with not even two hours ago.” She said back, putting her hands on her hips as she stood looking at me from the edge of the bed.

“You are not my wife. And I only had sex with you because I didn’t know it was you.” I said, trying my best to sound noble and unwavering.

“Fine sweetie, you do what you gotta do, I’m going to put on a nightie.” And with that she walked into her large closet.

I leaned back on the bed, and put my head on the pillow as I closed my eye and felt the coolness of the ice dull the throbbing pain in my head. I heard Angie rummaging through the various drawers, and taking her time getting ready. That was fine with me, as I didn’t really have anything to say anyways.

I heard her walk out of the closet a short while later, and then clear her throat as if she wanted my attention. I kept the ice on my face until she did it a second time.

I looked up, and there she stood in white lace stockings, a white garter belt, a frilly white G-string pulled over the top of the garter belt, and the matching white push up bra. She had her arms resting on her hips, and one leg cocked in front of the other, showing off her admirable curves.

“Whadda think, hubby?” She asked as she gave me a large tooth filled grin.

“That’s the lingerie she wore on our honeymoon you bastard,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Hey, that wasn’t nice!” She said as she shook her finger at me, and then continued, “Besides, it’s the start of our relationship together, so I figured I would dig out something memorable.”

“We don’t have a relationship. You stole my wife’s body and you’re holding it for ransom!” I shouted back at her.

“Fine. I want sex. I’m horny. I’m always horny when I hop into a body. If you won’t please me, I’ll find the next guy that will. Don’t wait up, dear.” She said with emphasis on the last word.

I saw her turn around and walk back into her closet. I thought about my options for a second. I could either have sex with my wife, who was currently being possessed by some strange guy, or I could let him run around on me with her body. It didn’t take more then a minute before I made up my mind.

“Wait! Wait, I’m sorry.” I said as I sat up on the bed before saying, “I’ll have sex with you.”

Angie poked her head around the corner of her closet and looked at me. Her eyes narrowed and she said, “You’re not fucking with me, are you? You’ll seriously fuck me? Like we fucked before, not like an ‘ok we have a deal’ fuck, right? I mean I want some serious fuck-age happening here tonight.”

“That may be the most Ang has ever said fuck in her life.” I said back to her in a playful tone.

“I’m serious Roger. I want mind blowing sex. Or I’m going cruising for dick.” She said back to me in a serious tone with no hint of a smile.

“Yeah, it’s a deal, I’ll do it anyway you want, just don’t go jumping in bed with other guys.” I told her.

“Great. Get your pants off, now!” She said in a commanding tone.

I struggled with my zipper on the front of my pants, but otherwise I stripped in what I felt was record time. Angie walked over towards me with an extra little sway in her hips, and looked at my still soft member.

“We’ll have to get the little guys attention, huh?” She said as turned around and ran her hands up and down her body.

I watched the man in my wife’s body start to molest herself. She started to knead her breasts under the small decorative bra, and then began running her hands up and down her body, stopping briefly to smack her own ass. Suddenly she was bent over, her small barely covered pussy mound brazenly on display a few inches from my nose.

I noticed a particular scent. The scent of my wife’s arousal. Her juices were already flowing, and with the show she was putting on in front of me, I knew it wouldn’t be long before my dick was at full mast.

She spun to face me, her hair flying wildly over her face as she smiled, and flipped it out of the way. Her hands then went to the clasp on the front of the bra between her two lovely breasts. She unhooked it, and slowly played with the cups of the bra, shaking her tits as she peeled the flimsy covers off them.

Finally she dropped her arms to the side, and stood ramrod straight as the bra straps unhooked off her shoulders, and the tiny garment slid down her back, and onto the floor. She looked right at me, noticing how my dick was responding, and decided I was ready for the real fun to begin.

She strutted her way up to my face until she had my nose pressed right into her soft and silky belly. She leaned forward and let her tits rub around on my face before shoving me back onto the bed. I was looking up at the ceiling as she climbed on top of me, and rubbed her chest against mine. I sucked in a lustful breath as I felt her hard nipples rubbing against my skin. She stopped moving for a moment, and I looked down to see what she was doing, and was just in time to see her holding the G-string off to one side of her little pussy before lowering her moist lips to the head of my dick.

She bucked her hips for a while, lubricating the head of my dick with her juices before sitting down on my now fully extended pole. I let out a soft moan as her familiar pussy lips slid down around my engorged member. She slowly lowered herself until I was fully encased inside her, and our thighs were touching each other.

“Not bad. I’ve had bigger, though.” She said with a smile as she looked down at me.

“Not funny. You don’t want to kill the mood, do you?” I asked her with a cross look on my face.

“Sorry.” She said with a hint of a smile, and then suddenly she started to bob up and down on my dick without warning.

I was charged up from the show she had put on earlier, and was afraid I wouldn’t last long, but every time my moans and groans would hit a certain pitch, she knew to slow it back down, or sometimes stop all together. I felt my wife once again dig her nails into my skin like she was using them as claws. I grimaced and let out a small “ouch,” but that seemed to only spur her on.

I looked up to see her face contorted in orgasmic rapture. She was pouting her lips, closing her eyes, and letting her hair flip wildly as she rode my cock like I had never seen before except in late night pornos. She came once, and I felt her juices flow around my dick, running out of her, all over me, and down onto the sheets. It had never been like this before, and I watched as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

After a very brief few seconds she went right back to grinding her crotch into mine, and using my pole to bring herself the most pleasure possible. Her tempo once again picked up, but this time she looked down at me and asked in a sultry voice, “Well, lover? You ready this time, too?”

She began to play with her own breasts, squeezing her nipples, and roughly pressing her tits together as she licked her lips. The sight of my wife acting like a whore in heat, along with the stimulation that she was providing me with as she bounced on top of me was more then enough to finish any man. With one hand on her hip to steady her eccentric bouncing, and the other hand straight out to the side, grasping and ripping at the bed sheets, I felt my self release.

My dick pulsed inside her tight little cunt. I was filling her box up with everything that I had. My hips came off the bed as I continued to twitch inside her. I heard her scream in pleasure as she came with me, and felt her pussy lips clamp down on me, holding me inside of her, and pulling at my dick to make certain every last bit of my cum had been milked out.

I collapsed back onto the bed, completely spent, and Angie leaned forward on top of me, her head to the side, breathing heavily. I felt my dick begin to shrink, but it was still inside of her, and every now and then I could feel her twitch her inside. Suddenly without warning, she rolled over to the other side of the bed and wiggled her way under the covers.

With nothing better to do, I also pulled back the bedding and crawled into bed next to her. I wasn’t certain what to say or do. Normally Angie would want to cuddle afterwards, but it appeared her new personality didn’t have any need for that.

“Did you need to clean up or anything?” I asked her, remembering that she always use to run to the bathroom right after.

“Oh, no. There is no better feeling in the world to fall asleep to then the after glow of a female orgasm and the slow leak of a man’s cum into a pair of panties.” She replied in a contented tone.

I didn’t say anything, just closed my eyes, and wondered if my wife would wonder what happened to her lingerie when she got her body back.

“You were pretty good. Not many guys can get me off even once, let alone twice. You keep that up, and I won’t have to stray… that much.” She said, and then giggled for a second or two.

“Thanks, I guess.” I replied to her. I didn’t want to admit it, but it was good sex. Better sex then I had with Angie in quite some time. This guy handled her body in the bedroom better then she did.

Soon she was softly snoring next to me as I wondered about what I had just done, and the day ahead of me.