Gambling Problems - Chapter 3

By Tobyredone

11 minute read -

I closed the door on my compact rental car as I headed up to the house. I had pushed every one of my appointments off today at work, and spent the vast majority of my time getting money from wherever I could. I had even managed to sell my Porsche in one day. I had taken a fairly large hit on it, but it put me a good way towards my goal of paying back Victor. I had liquidated a fair amount of the assets I had available, also at a considerable loss, and tapped out whatever I could get from my business, and even called some of my close friends and begged them for money. All in all I had around eighty percent of what I owed Victor. I thought I had done well, probably because I was highly motivated. The downside was that I was completely depleted on anything that would sell easily and quickly, so the rest of the money would take a decent amount of time to get.

As I opened the front door I wondered if it would be enough for Angie’s freedom.

Then I walked through the front door and heard my wife panting and moaning. She was laying on the couch in nothing but a set of lingerie, with her hands stuffed down the front of her panties fingering her pussy wildly. She was bucking her hips in time with her hands jamming in and out of her lips with her eyes closed tightly and the grimace of passion and a bit of pain on her face. The entire living room smelled of her juices. I was certain that she hadn’t heard me come in, and was still greedily pleasuring herself. Finally her face contorted and her mouth opened wide in a silent scream as her legs spread wide and out into the air. She was cumming. I had just watched some guy finger my wife’s pussy to orgasm, and I was equal parts disgusted and turned on.

I wondered if there was something wrong with me. I should want this man out of my wife’s body as soon as possible, shouldn’t I? Without thinking, I let go of the door handle, and it slowly creaked shut with a loud audible squeal and thud.

Angie’s eyes popped open and her head tilted towards me on the couch, her face showing her shock at having an audience. I gulped and waved at her, completely unsure as to what I should say. She smiled and sat up into a sitting position as she looked at me, and then positioned her moist panties over her still shiny cunt before crossing her legs and spreading her arms on the back of the couch.

“Hey baby. I’m so glad you’re home. I mean don’t get me wrong, fingering a pussy is amazing, but it’s no substitute for some good old fashioned cock getting jammed up there. Take your pants off.” She said to me.

“Uh…” I said back stupidly. I couldn’t for the life of me come up with one intelligent comment. I knew what I wanted to say before, but now it had all slipped my mind.

“Oh don’t worry. I know what the problem is. You’ve had a hard day at work. You need some persuasion before you can perform. Don’t worry. Wifey will fix you right up.” She said as she stood up.

The next thing I knew Angie was on her feet and walking towards me. She pulled the briefcase out of my hand and tossed it towards the door, and it landed with a loud thump. She then grabbed my hands and pulled me over to my favorite chair, and gently pushed me backwards until I fell into it. She then knelt down in front of me and worked my belt off and my fly open. After all this she stood up and said, “If you feel the need to stroke it a little bit, that’s fine. Sometime when I’m outside a chick I need to stroke my dick a little bit too before I’m ready. You won’t hurt my feelings.”

Then she took two large steps backwards and began to sway and move to unheard music. As she did so she started to run her hands up and down her body, feeling herself up, and occasionally letting out a giggle or a groan. She would spin around and bend over, letting me see the little bulge of her pussy in between her legs covered by the small white thong. Other times she would drop to the floor, spreading her legs wide open. She then headed to the couch she had just finished masturbating on and began to rub her lithe body along the arms, all while smiling at me. Next her bra came off and fell to the floor. She noticed at this point my dick was tenting out under my boxers, but through the opening in my fly.

She winked at me, stood and slowly rotated her hips as she dropped her panties to the ground. I swear I could hear a thud from the tiny piece of fabric as it hit the wood floor. She was almost completely naked, saved for her six inch white heels and her stockings. She immediately flopped back down on the couch and twisted a few directions showing off her body before finally laying back with her legs spread and saying in a husky voice, “Come and get me tiger.”

Well, after that show, and the masturbation session, I was too ramped up to even try to say no, so I stood up, kicked off my shoes, and let my pants and boxers fall the rest of the way to the floor, and made it to the couch in record time.

Ang’s pussy was wet, warm, and inviting. Her body was already as ramped up and ready to go as mine was, so that little show she had just put on was obviously not just for my benefit. The head of my dick stretched her lips out wide as I pressed myself into her juicy love hole. She was groaning and pulling at my ass cheeks, desperately trying to get me to stuff my entire dick up inside her all at once. She wanted me to fill her completely and quickly. I wasted no time in giving her exactly what she wanted. I began jack hammering into her soft pussy right away. I didn’t bother to build up a rhythm. She was as charged up as I was, and I knew it. Her hands went from my ass cheeks to the top of her head as she pulled at her hair and let out a long, loud scream of passion, “YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!”

I felt her pussy convulse and spasm around my meat. Her hips and ass were shivering against my thighs, and that was all it took to set me off, and I blasted her full of my cum. I opened my mouth, and closed my eyes, letting the orgasm wash over me.

Suddenly it was done. I was panting, trying to catch my breath. So was she. She put a hand to my chest and gave me a quick shove as she said, “Ok, you’re hot get off me. I don’t want you to get me all sweaty.”

I fell back to the other side of the couch, and as I did I heard my dick come out of her with an audible pop. I looked over at Angie to see her smiling, her legs still spread, and my cum leaking out of her crotch and down her ass crack, absorbing into the couch with her juices from the masturbation session from when I arrived home.

“That was pretty good. You knew just what I wanted.” She said as she wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“It wasn’t hard to figure out. All you ever want is sex.” I replied dryly.

“Is that so bad, husband?” She replied with her sing song voice.

“Don’t call me that.” I replied, perhaps a bit too harshly.

“Fine. How was your day, dear?” She asked, emphasizing the last word, just to get under my skin.

“It was good. I’ve got about eighty percent of the money for Victor.” I replied, pleased with myself and then asked, “Is that enough to buy Ang back?”

“Well, considering how much you pissed off Victor, and seeing as my cut is ten percent, so you still owe him, and then you start paying me, no. I’m not going anywhere. How long until you can get the rest?” She responded to me in a matter of fact voice as she looked at her nails.

“I don’t know. I’ve gotten all the money I could get my hands on instantly.” I replied with a defeated tone.

“Hey, don’t worry. You’ll get it. The eighty percent that you’re going to turn over to Victor should keep him from breaking your legs this weekend. That’s an upside, right?” She said to me brightly.

“You always know how to cheer me up, Angie,” I replied sarcastically.

“Just call me little miss sunshine!” She said with a smile, and jiggled her tits at me.

“Yeah, anyways, should we head out and go give Victor the money I got?” I asked as I finally stood up and headed over to where my pants were lying in a pile on the floor and started to pull them on.

“Oh, I can’t go with you tonight. I have other plans.” She replied.

“What? What the hell do you mean you have other plans!” I shouted at her.

“Well, I’m not entirely certain I want to tell you now. You need to watch your temper around me, mister.” She replied back to me as she crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing her tits out even more then usual.

“You can’t have other plans. You’re my wife.” I said, still with heat in my voice.

“I can do whatever the fuck I want. And I will. And if you don’t like it, you can just lick me where I pee. Try and stop me and I’ll call the cops, and you’ll get to spend a night in jail after I tell them you were screaming and trying to hit me.” She replied back.

She had me by the balls, and she knew it. I couldn’t hurt her, or I’d be hurting my wife, not to mention, she was right about the fact that she could ruin my life with just one phone call. Between Victor’s goons breaking my legs, and the cops believing any story my “loving wife” could tell them, I just had to smile and play along.

“Ok, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I apologize.” I said through clenched teeth, but tried my best for a loving voice.

“Oh husband, it’s ok. I forgive you. Say, when you’re on your way back from Victors can you stop and grab some bags of chips? We don’t have any snacks for tonight.” She asked with a small smile.

“What do we need chips for?” I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows.

“The guys are coming over for some poker tonight. It’s a weekly thing I do with all my buddies.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Poker? Here? Absolutely not…” I started to say, then saw the cross look on Angie’s pretty face and realized where this would end tonight, so I hesitated, then finished my sentence with, “Absolutely not without some bags of chips, you’re right. I’ll grab some on my way back. Do we need anything to drink?”

“Good boy. Why don’t you pick up a case of light beer? A girl has to watch her figure, you know.” She replied with a large smile as I started to put my shoes on in preparation to leave.

I dreaded going to Victors, but to be honest, I think I dreaded what Frankie was going to do with my wife’s body tonight more. I hoped it was just play some poker.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got fired today.” Angie said as she stretched her body out on the couch.

“What! Lost your job! I thought you would have called in sick instead of go into her job!” I stammered. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How was Angie going to take this! How was I going to explain it to her?

“Why would I call in sick? I have all her memories and skills. Plus I need to get out of this house, too. I’d go stir crazy in here all day alone.” She replied as she reached down and began to flick her left nipple with her forefinger.

“You son of a bitch! How could you get Angie fired? She loves that job!” I shouted.

“You’re yelling at me again.” She said with an angry tone as a warning and then continued, “Besides, I was doing her a favor. Those little fucks are horrid children. Always running around and screaming. Yelling out I want this or I want that. One especially ugly little cretin crapped himself, and the daycare manager expected me to change him. I told her to fuck off in front of the children. Apparently telling off your boss and teaching children a new swear word is grounds for dismissal. Who knew?”

“Unbelievable.” I said as I smacked my forehead with my hand.

“That’s what I said. I could swear in two different languages by the time I was five. These little shits can’t even swear in one! The school system in this country is broken for sure.” She said as she grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

“Tomorrow morning you are going back there and you are going to beg for Angie’s job back. Tell them it was temporary insanity, or you’re sick or something.” I said to her.

“No can do, tiger. Tomorrow I plan on going shopping. The stuff that Angie has is cute, but I need some real clothes that I can use to show off this bitchin’ bod.” She replied as she began to flip through the channels.

“Shopping! Tomorrow! Haven’t you ruined Angie’s life enough? Do you really have to wreck her reputation too?” I asked her.

“Fuck you, dickweed. You ruined her reputation when you gambled more money then you could pay. If you wouldn’t have done that, I’d never even have heard of Angie Burns.” She replied without taking her eyes off the TV. She had stopped at a soft core porn of two women going at it like rabbits in heat. She suddenly said to me, again without looking away from the TV, “Speaking of gambling with money you don’t have, shouldn’t you be leaving to get Victor his money?”

Utterly defeated I stood up, headed towards the door, grabbing my briefcase on the way out. As I closed the door behind me, I heard her call out, “Don’t forget the chips and beer, dear!”