Gambling Problems - Chapter 4

By Tobyredone

16 minute read -

As I drove home my mode darkened. I was sore and would probably be pissing blood for the next several days from the beatings my kidneys took from Victor and his goons. I looked over at the bags of chips on the passenger seat of the small rental car and slammed my hand into the steering wheel. On the second hit I missed my mark and my pinky finger took the brunt of the force. I yelped in pain and quickly brought my hand to my mouth, sucking gently on my latest injury.

I got a slightly sadistic smile on my face as I realized I looked like I was the loosing end of a barroom brawl. I was on my way back to the house after stopping to pay victor and then grabbing some chips and beer for my possessed wife. I had given Victor all the money I had managed to scrounge up, but he was unimpressed. He asked about my black eye, and when I told him that Frankie had given it to me from inside my wife’s body he began to laugh at me so hard we couldn’t continue the conversation. I asked Victor if the money I had brought him was enough to get Frankie out of Angie’s body, and he became very upset. He was worried that I was going to skip town with Angie if Frankie left her body. I promised him I wouldn’t and then he asked me when I was going to bring him the rest of the money.

I told him I didn’t know, and that’s when things went down hill. His goons grabbed me, and stood me up against the wall in his office while holding my arms behind me. Victor slowly walked over and told me I had until the end of the week to get him the money, and when I reminded him that Frankie had called and gotten me more time he began to punch me in the stomach and sides.

I begged him to stop, and when he finally did, he asked me again when he would get his money. I again told him I didn’t know. He snapped his fingers, and then his goons began to hit me. By the time they were done, I was coughing up blood and I thought my nose was broken. I promised him I’d get him the money as fast as I could, and begged him for more time.

He then smiled at me and said I could take an extra week, but the debt just went back up twenty percent. My jaw dropped open, but I knew better then to say anything as my guts were still freshly beaten from the last time I had tried to say anything. I simply nodded, and he had his goons stand me up, and then throw me out of his office. They obviously enjoyed their job, because they not only carried me out of his office, but they tossed me out onto the street as well.

So there I was, driving back to my home after stopping for chips and beer at the supermarket. As I pulled onto my street, I grimaced. There were four other cars taking up the entire drive way leading to my house. I dropped my forehead into my steering wheel and closed my eyes. I squeezed them together as tightly as I could, until I saw white and black lines and a few stars swimming in my vision. I was hoping desperately that when I opened them again, the cars would be all gone, that my wife would be standing in the doorway waiting to greet me, and that she wouldn’t have some stranger directing her actions.

Unfortunately when I looked up, what I saw were four cars taking up my entire driveway. I knew that inside the house Frankie was hosting a card game for all his friends, and from the looks of their cars, they were all people that I would normally never associate with. I knew that he was hanging out and having a good time with my wife’s body while I was busy getting the shit beat out of me, and then stopping to get snacks for him on the way home.

I felt the anger rising and my blood pressure sky rocketing. I clenched my hands into fists and held them up in the air, and realized I wasn’t angry about Frankie. I wasn’t even angry at Victor. I was angry at myself for getting Angie into this situation, and the fact that I couldn’t do anything to get her out of it. I reached over and grabbed the chips and the beer, and started my walk up to the house. Keeping Frankie and Victor happy seemed like my only option right now.

I opened the door to cigar smoke and the smell of cheap booze. My wife suddenly came running in the living room from the kitchen and smiled at me. From the happy look on her face, for just a moment I almost thought that it was the real Angie, but then I looked away from her face. She was wearing almost nothing. A thin white halter top that was basically see through, with a matching skirt so short that it didn’t really matter it was see through, as it hid nothing. She had a small black tie, which wasn’t so much a tie, but more an accent for her tits. She also wore a tiny white thong, which was clearly visible under her almost completely transparent skirt, and some thigh high white stocking that hid more skin then the rest of her outfit combined. She was strapped into some four inch black high heeled shoes that helped to shape her long toned legs and make them look even better in the white stockings.

“About time you got here, we had no chips and already drank all the beer dry that you had in the house,” She said to me as she eyed up what I was carrying, then looked up at my face and her eyes went wide, “Jeez, what the hell happened to you? Don’t tell me you talked back to Victor? You never do that! You hand him the money, and tell him that you’ll get the rest as soon as you can.”

“Yeah, that’s information that I could have used before I left.” I said wearily.

“Well, I didn’t think you were stupid. Now I know better, and I’ll try and warn you before you do something dumb from now on. C’mon, grab a beer and sit down, it’ll take your mind off things.” Angie said to me.

I handed her the chips and the case of beer, and shook my head as I said, “No, I’m just gonna clean myself up and head to bed. Sorry I don’t think I can watch my wife parade around other men wearing that.”

“You like it? I picked it up special to make sure the people with dicks that I’m playing against were hard and most of their blood was in the wrong head. It never hurts to have a plan.” She said as she spun, and modeled some poses for me in the slinky lingerie.

She then reached down and picked up the bags and the case and started to carry them into the kitchen, but I could see she was struggling with the heavy box full of beer cans, so I took it back from her, and motioned for her to lead. She nodded and walked into the kitchen and up to the table, dropping the bags of snack chips to one side of a large pile of plastic chips in the center of the table. I could see the lecherous stares of the other men, as their eyes wandered over the near nude form of my wife.

I set the case of beer down on the counter top, and was about to head to the bedroom when one of them slapped Angie on the ass and said, “You’re turn Frankie. You can sit that sweet little ass right down on my lap if you want. I’ll even unzip my fly fer ya!”

Well, Angie went around to the empty chair on the far side of the table, thank god, and started to poke through her cards. She then said, “I’ll see your fifty bucks, and raise you a bra. That’s gotta be worth another hundred, I mean, look at this rack!” as she pushed her chest out and held up her hands under her breasts.

“Naw, no way Frankie! Seventy five tops. We’ll go a hundred if you titty slap the winner’s face for a minute or two.” One of the guys said to Angie.

“Deal,” she simply said, as she reached behind her back and undid a clasp before taking her top off and casually tossing it on top the chip pile.

Well, shortly there after, the cards were all dropped on the table and one of Frankie’s companions won the hand. As promised, my wife got up, walked over to him, kneeled into his lap and leaned forward into his face, and shook her chest, bouncing her boobs all over his face for a solid thirty seconds. I could have sworn I even saw his tongue sticking out for a bit.

Well, as much as I wanted, I couldn’t leave these guys alone with my wife. I didn’t know if I could keep Ang from doing anything to bad with her body, but I was sure as hell going to try. Angie walked back over to the counter and started handing out beers to all the men. She then grabbed a cigar and sat back down at her spot at the table for another hand.

I leaned across the table and grabbed a hand full of snack chips as the man dealing the cards eyed me up like I was trying to steal his wallet. Angie looked at me oddly also, and gave me a questioning look. I shrugged my shoulders and replied to her look, “I’ve gotten a second wind. You mind if I play a few hands with you guys?”

“Only if you can afford the buy in, bag-licker.” One of the guys said.

“Oh, c’mon Jerry, don’t be that way.” Angie purred at him, and then said, “I’ll spot him. After all he is my husband.”

That comment got a round of chuckles out of the men at the table while it made me cringe. I pulled over a chair and they made some room for me as Angie tossed me some of the plastic chips off her pile. She then said, “Reds are twenty five, blues are fifty, and whites are one hundred. Men’s clothing is worthless, and women’s clothing is decided as it comes off, but has to be agreed upon before it gets tossed on the table. Good luck.”

We played hands of poker well into the night. I was pretty decent at poker, and most of the other guys were pretty drunk already when I showed up, so it was relatively easy to find their tells. I was soon up almost a grand, but it was frustrating watching Frankie slowly strip the clothing off my wife’s body for money. His skirt was worth three hundred, and came with a lap dance for the winner of the hand. I had a shit hand that particular round, and knew I couldn’t bluff my way through it, as they would expect that from me to protect my wife’s body, and then it would cost me both money and my wife giving some guy I didn’t know a lap dance. So I settled for just my wife’s body rubbed up against a stranger. It was difficult to just sit there while watching Angie rub herself around in a guy’s lap, especially while being heckled by all the guys there. The other part that made me grind my teeth together was listening to Frankie use Angie’s sweet voice in such a sultry manner as she moaned and giggled and chatted with the guy while she was helping him pitch a tent.

Another hour or so went by, and as the men continued to get drunk, I continued to do better and better. I was up almost ten grand, and everyone decided to that they would only play one more hand. Partly because I was holding most of their money, and partly because they had drank all the beer and ate all the food, but mainly because I could see that they were all horny after watching Angie wander around almost naked, and I almost knew that Frankie, in her body was looking for sex just as much as any of them, maybe more even.

One of the guys dealt the cards, and I didn’t have much of a hand, but I knew I had to stay in it until the end. He went around, and I read peoples faces as they discarded and picked up new cards. I put down three cards, and asked the dealer for three more. He nodded and flung them over to me. As I picked them up I looked around at my opponents and wondered how best to play my new cards. The dealer continued around the table giving people cards. I saw Angie smile as she picked up her replacement cards and tuck them into different spots. She had a pretty decent hand, as that was Frankie’s tell.

I looked back at my hand as the first round of chips was tossed in. It was a big pot. The wagers started to come out, as people were raising left and right. I knew three of Angie’s friends had nothing in there hands and were bluffing, but one, the guy she had referred to as Jerry, definitely had something. His lower lip was twitching. Suddenly Angie stood up. She looked around the table, and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her tiny thong.

“Well, boys, what are these worth to you?” She asked as she wiggled her eyebrows, and then locked eyes with me.

“I’ll give you two hundred.” On of the guys replied.

“C’mon, I got three hundred for the skirt! This is bona fide grade A twat here. None of that fish left out in the sun for a day stank that you pecker heads usually screw and call it the best night of your life. I even shaved it up nice and pretty, with just a little patch of curlies above the slit like you pricks like. I’ve been on a slow roast since I slipped into this little outfit, too so no need for foreplay. I’m wet and ready!” Angie said as she talked about her pussy like it was something she was selling on a TV infomercial.

“So we’re talking about fucking here, then, huh? How much fucking? Like a wham-bam, thank you ma’am? Or like, you’ll be screaming, ‘Oh Jerry, take me harder!’ all night long?” Jerry questioned my wife.

“As long as you can get it up, I’ll give you a meat pocket to slip it in. You want me to moan like a whore, just call me Mona. You want me to be silent and take it doggy style, just call me Fido. Get it?” Angie asked him.

Jerry nodded and said, “eh, that’s worth about seven hundred.”

“That’s worth at least five grand.” I said out loud as I started to count my white chips.

“What the hell are you talking about, bag licker?” Jerry asked me.

“I’m just saying, I’ve had those legs wrapped around me before. I’ve blown my load in that pussy. It’s worth way more then you guys are giving Frankie.” I said as I stacked up a pile of my poker chips.

“Bullshit asshole, no pussy is worth five kay.” Another guy said as he leaned back in his chair.

“Oh hers is. I’ll give her five grand right now to keep her panties on, and you guys out of them.” I said as I looked up at Angie.

“You know what, he’s right! I am always selling myself cheap in these bitches for you guys. You don’t have to worry about shit. I let you guys get off on ‘em how ever you want, and as many times as you want, and you never have to worry about ‘em coming back and asking for child support or nothing! Fuck, sometimes you guys even want anal! I need at least three kay for the panties and the sex, or I’m keeping ‘em on tonight.” She said as she sat down and crossed her legs.

I got death stares from all the guys at the table, but fortunately it so far had kept my wife from getting plowed by these derelicts. Three of the guys slowly pushed there chairs back from the table as they grumbled about “Frankie’s new golden pussy being to rich for their tastes,” and tossed there cards in the middle of the table.

It was just Jerry, who was scratching at the stubble on his chin thinking about it, Ang who was sitting relined with her legs crossed and a small smile on her face, and me still at the table. I could see the wheels turning in Jerry’s head and he finally spoke up, “Fine three kay, but I wanna fuck ya in her bed. And you make breakfast the next morning like a real grateful bitch.”

“Ha, you’ll be too tired to wake up before noon from all the fuckin’ we’re gonna do.” Angie replied to him as she stood up and slid her panties off, and dropped them on the table.

Well, Jerry tossed a whole pile of poker chips in the middle of the table to cover the three thousand dollars the panties represented and then looked at me, “Whadda think of that nut sack? I’m gonna enjoy blowing my load all over your wife’s face and then your pillow.”

I, in response, simply pushed all of my poker chips into the middle of the table. All ten thousand, give or take a couple hundred. If he was going to beat me, it was going to cost him. I looked at his face as he made a grimace. I looked at Angie to see an amused smile on her face.

She also pushed all the chips in front of her into the center of the kitchen table, and then asked me, “This little bitch means that much to you huh?”

I didn’t reply, and instead looked back to Jerry, who was still looking at the pile of poker chips in the center of the table. His other friends around the table were calling him a pussy, and telling him to get in there, and he looked down at his pile of chips.

It was Angie; however that finally got him to toss his chips in when she licked her fingers, and then lightly ran them down her entire body and hid one of them in her tight little pussy, moaning as it disappeared in between her lower set of lips. The three guys watching held there hands up in victory and let out cheers, and Jerry must have decided he needed to try and get that pussy for a night.

Well he as soon as he pushed his cards all in, he flipped his hand over and said, “HA! Full house, eights over deuces. Spread those legs, bitch.” Jerry said triumphantly.

“I’m not spreading anything for you, needle dick! I’ve got my own full house. Jacks over Aces.” Angie replied as she flipped her cards over as well, and then looked to me.

“You got what it takes, tiger?” She asked as she smiled and caressed her naked breasts.

“Well, I don’t know if the nine of clubs is much, but I’m pretty sure the four matching queens means that I not only win the money, but I also get my wife any way I want her tonight.” I said as I flipped over my hand.

“You cheatin’ fucks! You were in this together! I want my money back!” Jerry called out as he stood up and pointed fingers at both me and Angie.

I wasn’t up for another beating tonight, but luckily Frankie’s other friends stood up for him, “C’mon Jerry, you know that I dealt the cards.” One guy said, as another made the comment, “Frankie’s never been a cheat. And we don’t wanna piss him off, ‘cause we got a good thing going with him and the girls, so shut up before we beat yer ass.”

Well, that seemed to calm Jerry down, and soon Angie was walking the men to the door. She stopped at a small box on a table by the door and opened it up, pulling some cash out and paying the three guys who still had some poker chips left. She then smiled and waved as they walked out the door and said, “Maybe next time you’ll get to sample some of this bitch, guys! I’ll call ya!”

She closed the door and slowly turned to look at me. She then handed me a pile of cash. There had to be at least thirty two thousand dollars in the stack. She winked and said, “To the winner go the spoils, champ. You never told me you were a card shark. Not surprising. What is surprising is how Victor took you for so much money. You’re pretty good.”

“Eh, always someone better. I learned that the hard way. I was kinda motivated tonight, though. I had to save my wife’s ass, so it meant more then money.” I told her.

“Speaking of ass, how do you want me? I can be a complete little whore, like I said, or I could even pretend to be sweet little Angie for you.” She said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Well, first you need to go brush your teeth, because your cigar breath is going to suffocate me, and then, to be honest, I’d like to try everything from whore to angel, and maybe make a few stops in between.” I told her, and grabbed a fist full of her butt cheeks.

“Holy shit, look at you. Finally starting to enjoy this, I see.” She said to me after she got over the shock of my hand on her ass.

“I’ve had a rough day. I need to unwind, or it’ll kill me. Plus, after I drop this money off with Victor tomorrow, it may be enough to have him call you back out of Angie, so if we only have one night left, I might as well show you why she married me.” I said as I looked down at my wife’s beautiful face, and almost completely naked body.

Angie turned and trotted over to the stairs, and I watched her hips sway back and forth as she went up them and out of sight heading to the bathroom. I suddenly realized I liked the sight of her in just black high heels and white stockings, and nothing else.

As soon as I heard the water start running, I started to look for a place to hide the money for the night. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust Angie, I mean Frankie, it was just that I didn’t want to take any chances as I might be able to get the real Angie back soon.

Once I dropped the money in an old cookie jar, I grabbed the small white thong off the table and while swinging it around one finger like a trophy, I smiled as I ascended the stairs and planned on taking my wife in all the dirty little ways a proper couple never get to have sex.