Gene Hart's Body Hopping Adventure - Chapter 2

By Mocs

13 minute read -

Tonight was going to be a special night. I had found a new target. She was a lovely lady, about 18 years old and amazingly beautiful.

A lot has happened since my first and thus far only mount. I had severely cut my hours at the video shop, I decided I wouldn’t outright quit it. But instead just work on Saturdays and Sundays, that’s when all the young beautiful women came in.

Also I had talked to Earl and started working for him. Working for him seemed easy enough especially for the pay. He was paying me seventy thousand dollars a year for doing close to nothing. I only had to go in once a week and that’s for him to give me a check. He said “we are an on demand type of employment.” So I have yet to see what we actually do there.

But before I go any further I should explain who I am, and what I do.

My name is Gene Heart. I am what people call a body hopper. ‘what is a hopper?’ you might ask. Well let me give you the long and short of it.

We take over people’s bodies and are able to experience everything about the body we inhabit. This includes everything, all the senses; even memories. We have no other choice though we have such an unnatural sex drive that we can not control ourselves, even if we wanted to. We generally prefer a woman’s body over men’s. We have limits though we can destroy ourselves from our gift, we can become what we control. Our time in a body needs to be limited otherwise we start taking on physical attributes, and beyond that we even start to take on mental traits. Then after we start to take on too much we lose ourselves and become our mount. Also our facial features remain when in a mount if another hopper sees us, or we are in a mirror, or if a photo is taken of us.

Well that’s a quick overview of who I am, and who we are.

Back to my target, her name is Grace. She is as I said before 18 and great looking. She is a lovely black woman. I saw her just the other day while working. (I work at a video store, I’ll get more into that later.) But after seeing her I knew she would be my next ‘mount’.

She came in that night wearing a knee high jean skirt, and a light blue shirt. First thing I noticed about her was her lovely face, including her smile. Her eyes were piercing, her lips large and beautiful. Her build was more then average. She had nice large breasts(around c size) and a very toned body it would seem. But her loveliness didn’t stop there, she had the most divine voice I had ever heard.

I made sure to be the one to check her movies out, to make sure I would get her address. After getting it I decided I would get her within the next couple weeks

I would case her house and everyone who lived there. She lived in an apartment with a roommate. She had just started college and lived away from her parents, she would be an easy target to get.

I watched for a couple days, it seemed she would get home around seven or eight p.m. each night. She worked part time after school each day. Her roommate got home around 12, right after she finished with her classes.

I decided I would take the roommates body and then use that to get into the house without her knowing.

Her roommate Vicky was going to be hard to get into. She was not an attractive woman to say the least. She was about one hundred and fifty pounds over weight and not a very pleasant person.

I went home for the night, knowing the next morning I would be inside Grace’s body.

I woke up early that morning so that I could catch Vicky right after she got home. I arrived there, about ten minutes after she had gotten home. I rang the door bell twice. Vicky answered the door, and asked me in a very rude manor “what do you want?”

A smile formed across my face, and I rushed her with to her must have been supernatural speed, and strength. A side effect I have had since my first mount.

I grabbed her hand, she started to cry out for help. But just as she opened her lips I had already begun my transformation, and started to enter her body. It was not a pleasant experience in the least, I could feel all the rolls of fat. Also I could feel the small unused hole of her vagina. 

I was finally done, I had taken over the most repulsive thing ever. This was not like my first mount, I did not feel the sexual excitement. I decided I would just watch a some movies and stuff before Grace came home.

SLAM! I heard the door close as it startled me from a deep sleep. I must of fallen asleep while watching a movie. I began to yawn and noticed the fat underneath my arms, I had almost forgotten the body I was in. I ran to the door and greeted grace. She looked haggered after a long days work.

She gave me a warm smile and asked me how my day was, I told her it pretty much normal. She then said she had to go to the bathroom. Now was my chance, right after she headed to the bathroom I dismounted Vicky.

Now in my (naked) body, I quickly ran to the bathroom door where Grace had just gone in. I knocked on it a couple times, and Grace yelled out “What’s up?” I kept knocking until finally she said “I’m coming jeez.” She came out wearing her bra and panties.

I quickly put my hand over her mouth and could feel the air and noise of her scream. My body quickly liquefied and started to go into her body. I could feel her amazing body as I covered it entirely.

Soon after I felt her give up, and we fell to the floor. I opened her eyes for the first time, to a beautiful new world. I got up quickly with ease compared to my previous mount. Even with super strength I had a bit of trouble getting up in Vicky. After getting up I ran back into the bathroom.

I started to look at my new mount. First I started with the head, the face was that of Gene Heart. But her hair was in a cute little bun still, I decided to let her hair fall to its full length it stopped right at my shoulders.

Next I slowly felt her arms and legs, her skin was smooth. I had never taken over a black woman before, I marveled at how the bottom of my hands and top were different. I decided I should see her private areas.

I removed my bra and panties. Her nipples were small and perky and slightly paler then the flesh around them.

Her vagina was amazing. She kept it shaved and very smooth. I opened up the lips of her vagina and was taken back how much the red contrasted against her fleshes color.

Quickly I jumped in the shower, cleaning and exploring my body all in the same stroke. I finished up showering after about 20 minutes. I hadn’t let my lust get the best of me, instead I would save that for later.

I walked over to grab my towel from the bathroom counter. I dried myself off and looked up to the mirror in front of me.

Trying to see myself in the mirror; I first had to remove the haze of the fog on the mirror, due to the heat of my shower. Taking the towel I removed much of the fog from the glass.

I finally saw myself in the mirror but it was odd. I knew I was supposed to see my face in the mirror, just like I had seen with Earl and his mounts. But mostly the face still belonged to my mount.

Something must be wrong with me I thought, I decided I would stay in this body tonight then leave in the morning and call Earl to see what was wrong with me.

Until then though I would enjoy myself.

I headed to the bedroom and opened up her closet to find something to wear. I scoured the closet, finding nothing that caught my fancy till I found a pair of very small very tight shorts. I then found a nice looking green shirt, I set these both on the bed. I then went over and found some underwear to put on. I got dressed with the clothing I had picked.

I was incredibly hungry, my mount must of not eaten today. First and foremost I would get something to eat.

I went into the kitchen to find that the oaf of a roommate she carried actually make herself useful. She had made up dinner for the two of them, it looked like it has just finished.

She called me over to eat, and I complied. We talked to each other, about the standard days affair. For some reason her memories were easily accessible, quite faster then my previous mounts. We finished up diner and I did the dishes since that seemed to be their accord, she cooked I cleaned up the mess.

My roommate was going to be gone for the night, going to visit her boyfriend. As much as I couldn’t believe she had a boyfriend, my newly found memories told me it to be true. Finally leaving me to myself I retired to my bedroom.

It was time to have some fun, so I decided to remove my clothing. First went the top, taking it off and discarding it to the floor. Now I would remove the shorts and still revel at the feeling that any touch would give my new pussy.

Now I stood in the middle of the bedroom only in my bra and panties. Feeling myself through the bra and panties, I progressively got more and more turned on. It was almost too much now, I had to feel pleasure.

I quickly removed my undergarments and placed myself on the bed. First slowly massaging my clit back and forth, finding the right rhythm. My hips began to buck and juices shot from my lovely flesh folds. This girl’s pussy was the most sensitive I had yet experienced.

I now stopped massaging my clit alone, I took my index and middle finger and plunged them into the deep crevasse that was my vagina. I angled my up toward to the top of my vagina as to find the sweet secret hidden in these fleshy walls.

I found her g spot, the world seem to hit me all at once. I furiously and harshly rubbed, all the while using my thumb on my clit. The pleasure was too much for my mind to handle, I came another 5 time before ending it.

I had my fill of carnal pleasure for the night, and I was tired. I went to bed and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning at around 5 A.M. She had an alarm clock set for this time every day, I’m guessing this is when she started her morning. It was time for me to leave, I dismounted her body. Grabbing my personal effects I left her house.

I went home and waited a few hours before calling earl. After a few rings he finally answered.

“Hey, how is it going buddy!” Earl exclaimed.

Responding fondly, “Not too bad, but I have some questions. I think there might be something wrong with me”

Earl sounding concerned, “Ok why don’t we meet up at the office and talk about it ok?”

“Ok” I said hanging up the phone after saying my goodbyes.

I drove over to the office me and Earl worked at. He was in his office I knocked and he called me in.

Walking in and taking a chair, Earl got up and offered me something to eat, or drink. I declined both offers. He grabbed something to drink for himself, and resituated himself back in his seat.

Looking me in the eye’s he asked “So what seems to be the problem Gene?” I obligated him and looked him back in the eye’s “Well there’s some strange thing’s that have been happening.” Seeming to get a greave look on his face he said “I know Gene there are something’s I need to tell you.”

“First off you seem to be unlike any hopper I’ve ever run into, in fact I’ve talked about some of the elder hoppers. First off remember the first time we had relations, that should have been your hopper introduction”

Interrupting him “But it was, it was only after then I could hop.”

Nodding he responded, “Well I’m not sure about that, see when a hopper actually gets turned into a hopper they get extremely ill. They come close to death in fact, because of their body getting changed so badly. But that did not happen to you.” Earl paused.

Something was strange in Earl’s voice, it was caring and polite; more so then ever. He took a drink and continued his story. “Gene you mounted recently and noticed something wrong didn’t you?”

I lowered my head as if I had committed a wrong deed and spoke, “Well I mounted someone yesterday and when I looked in the mirror I could barley see my face at all. It was mostly the persons face I had mounted.

Earl seemed intrigued, “You don’t say, that’s quite amazing. Only a few hoppers have ever had that ability, also they were extremely old ones.”

I interrupted again “extremely old ones, what do you mean like 90? Cause that’d be kind of odd hopping with a artificial hip.” I laughed.

Earl began laughing extremely had so hard tear came out of his eyes. Composing himself he began talking again, “I forgot to mention that, hoppers are lucky enough to be gifted with longevity. So much so that we could be viewed as immortals. As we get older the more power we accumulate, I myself am more then three hundred years old.”

Shocked, I interjected “You mean we are immortals.”

Nodding Earl started speaking again, “See and as we accumulate power over the years we gain new gifts. Like myself I am strong enough to pick up a car, no matter what body I inhabit. The elder I spoke to about you, he has such power that he can influence a persons mind into doing anything. Another aspect I haven’t told you Gene, we have certain mental abilities at our disposal. When you find a mount star into their eyes and concentrate, you will stun them and they will be unable to scream or do anything.”

Damn this body hopper thing just kept on getting cooler and cooler. I thought about the things Earl was telling me and wondered what it would be like to be alive three hundred years from now.

Earl cleared his throat in such a way that people use to get someone’s attention, “Sorry am I interrupting your day dream?”

I shook my head and he continued, “But here is the reason why I haven’t told you a lot of these things, you are unnaturally strong for your age and experience. Your power rivals that of some of the weaker elders, which is a damn lot. I was ordered to not tell you of this, because if were a threat we would have had to put you down”

I quickly interrupted, “A threat! Why would I be a threat, I would not just attack you people.”

Earl gave me a sincere look, “Yes I know, but we had to be sure we’ve had a couple others like you before. People with such unnatural talent and power, they have been great people or ruthless scourges. So we have taken a policy to not give any information on their powers, so that we can take them down quickly.”

I grew concerned, “But what if I turn out like one of them! What if I end up hurting you?”

Earl cut in before I could say any more, “You would of done it already, that’s why I had you do your first mount alone. Four of our most powerful elders were watching you. After your first mount you can tell if you are a scourge or not, your original form would have been twist and contorted. But you came back normal, at least on the outside. You gained a lot of power after your first mount in fact, you probably felt very different. But those poor souls that aren’t lucky like you, its something about the first mount that does it to them, destroys their humanity. You thankfully came out good.” Earl smiled warmly at me.

I smiled back knowing what he was saying, after my first mount I felt fantastic. Almost as if I could do anything.

Earl stood up and shouted, “come out now.”

No sooner had Earl shouted that had a man appeared behind him, almost too quick for me to see but as I saw him moving everything around me slowed down and he came into focus before finally stopping behind earl.

Earl shook the mans hand and introduced him to me. It turns out this man was one of the elders Earl had talked of. He was over seven hundred years old, and looked younger then Earl. The man’s name was Cedric, and just as soon as he arrived he disappeared on some pressing matters or something.

Before leaving though Cedric gave me a card and told me it was ‘our’ main office, and that I have to go there next Tuesday. I had no idea what was going on but I knew I was going into some thing very complicated.