Hoppers and Swappers - Chapter 1

By Swap Bro

5 minute read -

Where do I begin? Have you ever had one of those moments that has ever changed your life? So much so, that looking back there was no way you could have even seen everything that you have done getting to where you are? Let me tell you a bit about myself. This is an autobiography… well a biography of some sort. My name is Conner Johnson. I’m in my late twenties and my weight reflects that unhealthy lifestyle. On a scale of attractiveness, I land on about an 8 or 7 consistently. Girls usually find my eyes and smile very cute. But if I stood in a lineup of boyfriend material I would always come 2nd. My brown hair and brown eyes put me in the average of most men. If I had to sum it all up, I am easy to forget. I blend in in a sea of faces. But hey. That works to my advantage now.

I live in a small secluded mountainous valley. Within this valley is a university as well as a lot of small but growing tech companies. Most of my college life consisted of school during the day. Work during the evening. No time for fun. That is enough about me though. That isn’t why you are here. Suffice it to say, I am personable but exist in a sea of human beings. Alone.

It all started in a Biology lab. I was trying not to fall asleep during our lecture about mitosis. I, of course, was put in a group of kids who were idiotic and loud. I was the one doing all the work on our previous assignments with little help. I was always envious of the other groups. They had members who were all helping. They weren’t obnoxious. I was jealous, especially of the group in front of me. They were a group of conventionally attractive people. Two men and two women. All of them seemed to be enjoying themselves. Looking at stupid pointless stuff under a microscope. One of the girls, who later I found out was Lex, would occasionally get real close to some of the guys. Hovering over their shoulder. Putting her feminine hands on their shoulders as they looked at the small specimen. At one point, I could have swore that she had something wrong with her face. She had what almost looked like a scruffy beard. Maybe Stubble?

I knew Lex was a tomboy. She would come in with her hat backwards or with jeans and a T-shirt. But she never had manly features. She caught me noticing her. Then that moment where you lock eyes with someone and scream,”I wasn’t staring at you! I promise!” to the universe in your head happened. She smiled and any resemblance of stubble was gone. Maybe it was a lack of sleep. I couldn’t help but notice. She was wearing more form fitting attire today. She had a tight T-shirt of a band I didn’t recognize. She also had her shoulder length hair done. Her figure was amazing. Her butt and her shoulders were equally distant. But everything in between started to point toward her thin waist. Making her hourglass figure very prominent. She looked cute today. I couldn’t put my finger on it. But something was different.

Couple of weeks went by and we were in Biology again. I noticed again in class that Lex wasn’t acting like herself. She was being very flirty with the boys. (Flirty and tomboys don’t usually mix.) I swear at one point I saw stubble on her face again. As I was trying to figure out what was going on I made eye contact with those deep brown eyes again. This time was different. This time it felt as if she was staring into my soul. She just gave me a small grin and continued to go back to her work. I didn’t think much more about it, as I was pulled out of my trance like state by my annoying lab partners asking me if I had finished OUR work. I finished and just got the hell out of there. They are just these jock people who don’t work for their school. They have parents who pay their way. So they see school as a social adventure. Man, I wish I could live like that. Working full time and going to school full time leaves no room for any me time.

I just needed to get home. Get some food and go to bed. Maybe play that new video game I didn’t have money to buy. Just then, as I was thinking about the potential things I could sacrifice to get the game, a hand grabs my shoulder. As I turn around, I see Lex. Her hat turned backwards. Her plaid button up shirt open. Revealing her black skin tight tank top underneath. Wow. She had a really amazing figure.

“Hey.” she said with a cute little smile.

I hate it when girls just say “hey.” There is really nothing to work with there. I sat there for a second wondering If she was going to get after me for staring. Which I don’t really feel like I was doing… For the record. “Uh… Hi. Did you need a ri…” I tried to say before being completely interrupted by this unibrow that didn’t exist before and the…. STUBBLE. I knew I wasn’t seeing stuff. It was faint. Almost like if someone was projecting an image of a man onto her face.

She leaned in closer. “What do you see?” She asked in a playful tone.

I didn’t know what to tell her. She has stubble and a unibrow. Rule number one about women. Never point out manly features a woman has. It will always end up with you rolling around on the ground holding your groin. Quickly I replied with, “You just look like a tomboy today… more so than you usually do.”

She pulled away and eyed me up and down. Still grinning from ear to ear. She closed her eyes and returned to normal. Her eyes opened again with almost a glow to them. Which was odd. The moon was bright but I have never seen a woman’s eyes sparkle like that. Her brown hair framed her cute face perfectly. She just sat there a minute. Almost as if she was pondering a universal theory.

Her small mouth opened and uttered words that will forever change my life. “Aren’t you a special guy?”

She lifted her hand and grabbed my hand. Her small fingers interlocking between mine. Did she just decide we were dating? What the hell is going on. She noticed my hesitancy and stopped. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into her ass. She reached around grabbing my other arm and made me hug her while pressing my groin into her perfect ass. I was full on hugging her from behind. I could smell her sweet shampoo. I was putty… And I had a full blown erection.

She turned to me and said, “Do you want this for yourself, or not?” As she proceeded to move my hands to her skin tight black tank top. She moved my hands to her tits and pushed her ass into my pitched tent.

What video game did I want to play again?