Hoppers and Swappers - Chapter 2

By Swap Bro

9 minute read -

“What is your name?? I said as she removed my arms to spin around and look at me.

“Lex Hanson” she said she was brushing her hair behind her ear. “Or at the moment. I am Greg.”

“Very funny. What is your real name?” I said wondering if I should even be giving this any time. Maybe this was a prank. I don’t know what kind of prank involves a woman rubbing her perfectly shaped ass on my dick though.

“Just call me Lex for now. Now come with me to the Hudson dorms. I have to show you something that will change your life forever. If you don’t like it I will give you $40 and you can go buy the new Call of Warzone 3 or whatever it’s called.”

Ok something wasn’t right. A girl, a very cute one at that, was standing there telling me that she would give me money for a new game if I came back to her dorm… Yeah this is a joke. I started to pull away but her grip remained firm. Then a deep voice came out of her mouth. I didn’t even know this was possible.

“Hey kid. Listen. I’m telling you that you won’t want to miss out here.”

I turned to look at Lex… Greg? She had that projection again. She could still see my disbelief and slight disgust and then she started to tremble. Convulsing. I watched as this projected face started to pull itself from off of her face. It was goo-like. Blueish green gel. Seeping out and off of her body. I tried to run but the goo substance was wrapped around my arm. Holding me in place. I looked around and started to see if anyone else was seeing this. Or if I was bat shit crazy. No one was around. Just the cold winter night. My panicked breath was showing in the night air with each strained exhale. This figure started to form out of this translucent blob right next to her. She fell limp on the cold grass. While this… thing…. Still had my arm.

After a few more seconds this blob formed into a man. A butt naked man. His arm was still gooified and wrapped around mine. His face showed that stubble and unibrow I know I have seen before. I stood there shocked. I couldn’t move a muscle.

“Stop struggling kid. Look. Would it help if I properly introduced myself?” This blob man relaxed his grip on my arm. The form returning to his regular form. “My name is Greg. I am what you would call a body hopper. We can enter someone else’s body against their will. Even becoming them. I have been in Lex for a minute here. She is just amazing.” As he finished his explanation he looked at her limp unconscious body on the ground. “Now. Promise me you won’t run? I’ll explain more, I promise. But right now I need to get back in her. It’s 15 degrees out and I’m naked.”

I simply just nodded in pure shock. He let me go and I saw his form start to morph into that goo like substance. “Greg”, if you want to call it that, slithered over her body and started seeping into her. His form seemed to be going all over her. But most of his slimy body was going down her throat. After a few more seconds, Greg was gone. Disappeared into Lex. I contemplated running. But I was still in shock at what I was seeing. I looked around again to see if anyone else was around. But everything was dead.

Just then Lex sat up and I could see this projection of Greg’s face on her face again. Very slowly her face returned to normal and she opened her eyes. “Now then. Follow me.“ She said as she stood up. She turned and started walking toward what I am assuming was her dorm. Lex looked back and folded her arms. “Come on kid. Last chance.”

With a little reluctance I moved my feet. Still eyeing her up from head to toe. Wondering how this big man fit in this hour glass tomboy. Lex looked at me and said, “What’s your name kiddo?”

I mumbled my name out, “Co…Conner”. Lex/Greg held their hand out in gesture, wanting me to hold it. I did. I felt her soft feminine cold hands. They were freezing. Probably due to the colder weather. But her smile was oddly warm.

“Well Conner. You’ve made the right decision.We’re going to make you a hopper.” Lex said looking at me with a sparkle in her eyes. With that we moved toward her dorm. Hand in hand. So many thoughts were racing through my mind. Was Lex ok? Does she know what’s going on?

I’m pretty sure Greg could read my mind. He gave me one look and giggled to himself. “She is alright.” He said, moving his hand down the side of Lex’s hourglass figure. “She is in here with me. In fact she wanted me to take her over. I know that sounds crazy. But let me tell ya. Lex here is someone special. She is what you call a host.” She is a person who knows about us hoppers and allows us to take residence up in her body. Each host is slightly different. But Lex enjoys us controlling her. Kind of a kink for her.” Greg was explaining this whole new world to me and I noticed the whole time he was talking he was feeling himself up in various places.

“So, was that you that was grinding up against me?” I sheepishly asked him.

“HahahahaHAHA.” Greg doubled over in laughter. “You bet it was. You had no idea. I could feel your little pecker pushing against her ass. I won’t lie. I wanted it. But that wasn’t the time.”

“Wait so you can control her and act like her? Does she know what you are doing?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself.” Greg said as he closed his eyes and held onto my arm.

Greg/Lex clung to my arm. Using it to help her stay upright. She shuddered a bit and looked up at me again with those stupidly cute brown eyes. “Hello Conner, was it? I see you met Greg here?” She said motioning to herself.

“Are you alright I asked? I am half tempted to take you to an insane asylum right now.” I held onto her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes. We had stopped at what I am assuming was her dorm. She looked at me and whispered into my ear, “I’m fine. I promise. You are lucky. Because you noticed Greg’s face that means you get to be a hopper too. You are going to be my first convert.”

“What?! Convert?! What do you mean?” I half yelled and half whispered.

“Shh. Just come inside. Be quiet, I don’t want to wake the roomies.” With that she grabbed my hand again and pulled me inside. Her dorm smelled wonderful. Definitely looked more clean than my apartment off campus. She tugged me down the hall to her bedroom. She opened the door to a very plain and simple room. She shut the door behind me and gestured for me to sit down in her desk chair as she sat down on the bed.

“Now then,” she said in a very hushed tone, “I am sure you have questions. So I will do my best to answer them. If I can’t then I am sure Greg will.” She motioned to her head.

“Greg said something about you being a host. Do you know what he is doing in your body?”

“Depends on the hopper honestly. Some prefer not to wake up their host while using them. Others love making you watch them use your body against your will. Honestly, I kind of like that. Greg hasn’t been with me long enough to trust me yet. So most often I am ‘asleep’ in my own mind when he is in control.” She sat there with her hands in her lap. It didn’t feel like there was this giant of a man somewhere under her skin.

“What did you mean by me being a convert?”

She smiled and got off her bed. She proceeded to walk toward me. MAking eye contact the whole time. She was swaying her hips which gave glimpses at her amazing curvy body. Her thighs were to die for. She took off her hat and let her plaid checkered shirt fall to the ground leaving her blank tight tank top exposing her cleavage. “You see, Conner, the way that hoppers become hoppers is by having sex with a hopped person.” She stopped down and began kneeling. Her big brown eyes staring into my soul. She slowly moved her dainty hands up my jeans eventually moving to my groin. She continued to rub my growing member. She closed her eyes and let out a long exhale, her hands still moving to my belt. “Are you sure you want to join this very exclusive group?” She said undoing my buckle and slowly opening her eyes to meet mine.

I was speechless. Lex wasn’t even on my radar a little while ago. Now heer she was undoing my belt. Making me squirm in my own clothes. Honestly, even if she was crazy or had some form of D.I.D. I don’t mind this at all. All I could do was lean back and nod my head. I didn’t know who was driving. Lex or Greg. But it felt too good for me to even care. I closed my eyes and felt her dainty hands reach into my boxers. Her fingers wrapped around my throbbing member, pulling it out. I looked down and saw her kiss the tip of my pulsing dick. I felt her lower her mouth around it. Her tongue was caressing every inch of my hardened dick. Slowly sucking on it. She began to undo her belt. And started to pull off her tight jeans. She let go of my dick out of her mouth with a loud *Plop* noise. She stood up and shimmied out of her jeans. Leaning a pink thong already wet with her juices. And her black tank top.

“Last chance to go home,” she said as she pointed toward the door while simultaneously sitting down on my lap. I didn’t answer. I was paralyzed in ecstasy. I closed my eyes as she smiled at me. She began rubbing her wet panties over my dick. Slowly moaning everytime the cloth rubbed her clit. She continued to go faster and faster. Then she pulled her panties to the side and plunged my pulsing dick into her wet pussy. I heard her moan and coo as she continued to buck. Each thrust was amazing. I have had sex. But never this good. I could feel her muscles contracting around my dick. She was kissing my neck. Shoving her tongue down my throat. I could feel her body tensing up with each thrust. Her climax was coming. I moved my hips to match her speed and could feel my balls tense up. I was going to go too. I felt her run her dainty hands through my hair and cup the back of my neck and head. I grabbed her waist and thrust into her deeper. She yelped in pleasure as her body completely seized. She was shaking right as I released my load into her. We were panting. She kissed me again on the lips. As she slowly lifted herself off of my throbbing dick. I could see our juices all over my shaft. With a loud slurping noise she pulled herself off of me. And stood there smiling.

I couldn’t help but notice that she had cum dripping down her perfect thighs. I saw her reach down and catch the running fluid with her finger. Then brought her finger to her mouth and tasted it. “Not bad, kid.” She said, pulling her finger out of her mouth. “I’ve had better. But Lex here sure liked it. Now give it a few hours. When you wake up I’ll let you hop Lex. I bet she would love that. You know… liked… you.” I could feel myself slipping away from consciousness. I felt myself slump over the chair. And everything went dark.