Hoppers' Holiday - Chapter 1

By DocVS

20 minute read -

It was the start of summer vacation: for Elizabeth Carter, it meant two full months off away from the grueling atmosphere and stresses of going to an out-of-state private university. Elizabeth was especially glad that summer was finally here, as her college freshman year had been an eye-opener for her. Most of her introductory classes had been about three times as hard as some of her most difficult courses in high school, and she spent a lot of her time her freshman year living in the library. She still was able to make solid grades this spring semester, considerably improved from her average attempt during the fall.

At 19 years old, Elizabeth was a young woman of many assets. Moderately tall at 5’ 8”, she had an attractive figure that was attained and maintained by her active lifestyle, which included a 3-times-a-week workout regimen, and extracurricular activities like cheerleading and girl’s volleyball. All of that discipline allowed her to demonstrate a healthy, generous-looking body, with large, supple 36C breasts that swayed enticingly anytime Elizabeth made a slight movement. A svelte waistline, well toned after regular hours of exercise, gave way to shapely hips and a firm, pleasing rump. Quite a bit of her height was accounted for by her long, smooth legs that looked fantastic from practically all angles. Her face was (unsurprisingly) strikingly beautiful, with smooth, soft cheeks and piercing baby blues, and this was framed by soft, shoulder length light blonde hair that just accentuated her smooth skin; her creamy-colored skin also had the start of a tan that she had diligently developed. Full-bodied lips completed this picture of a sexy, self-assured young woman.

Elizabeth also was known for her outspoken and friendly demeanor, which served her well during high school. Some of her many accomplishments included captaining her high school varsity cheerleader squad to three National Cheerleading championships, acting as student council vice- president, and of course graduating as salutatorian - all of which made enough of an impression for Elizabeth to receive a decent scholarship to her #1 choice, Wellesley College. She was elated when she attained this scholarship, as this particular school was world renowned for their liberal arts program.

Elizabeth lightly brushed her soft, shoulder-length honey-blonde locks with her compact comb as she stared at the full-length mirror in her bedroom, clad only in a set of lacey pastel-pink bra and matching panties. She had only been home for a couple of days and had used that time to catch up on sleep - a consequence of pulling all-nighters on her finals as well as attending late-night college parties.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on her door, which then slowly swung open. “Hey sis, you awake?” smiled Jessica, Elizabeth’s older sister, as she peeked her head inside.

Elizabeth turned her head to face her sister, returning the loving smile. “Yeah, I am Jess…what’s up?”

“Not much, just…ooh, that’s very pretty on you!” Jessica winked, as she looked at her little sister’s lovely set of lingerie. “You haven’t changed a bit in the bust department I see…” She walked into Elizabeth’s bedroom and stood side-by-side with Elizabeth, nudging her younger sister as they playfully compared and contrasted their chests. Their mother Nancy often said that Elizabeth and Jessica both looked like a younger version of her and her younger sister Polly twenty years ago, and if one looked at old photos of Nancy and Polly, they wouldn’t argue with that comment.

At age 23, Jessica was also a natural beauty like her younger sister, but possessed an even more curvaceous figure, one that served her well as a glamour model. Enhanced by her equally impressive 34DD sized breasts, it was no surprise Jessica was often the object of desire and fantasy from many of her online fans. She enjoyed all the attention, not to mention the many flimsy and sexy looking unmentionables she had the privilege to wear each shoot.

Today though, Jessica chose to mask her magnificent body with some appropriate casual wear. Her current attire included a short-sleeved white t-shirt with a jewel-patterned imprint of a black & white kitten. She also wore hip-hugging light blue jeans, which beautifully displayed her hourglass shape well. In addition, she chose to wear her curly, dark brunette hair in a tight ponytail that casually cascaded down her upper back. Like her sister, she too had time off this summer, about a month long respite from her photoshoots, and since their parents were out of town on an expensive six week vacation to Europe, Jessica was looking forward to spending more time with her little sister.

“I guess, heh…” shrugged Elizabeth. “So what’s going on?”

“Well…you know we have to get ready to visit Aunt Polly, since our flight leaves tomorrow,” said Jessica.

“Tomorrow??? Damn, I haven’t even packed yet sis…” exclaimed Elizabeth, shaking her head. “When do we leave?”

“Tomorrow at 7:00 am, our flight is at 8:30 am. Mom wanted us to get to Cali on time and help Aunt Polly out with the museum exhibit. So you better not wake up late,” Jessica admonished. “I know you Liz - if you don’t have anything going on, you want to sleep in.”

Elizabeth made a face at her sister, “Relax sis - college has changed me for the better, so don’t worry I’ll get up on time. I just have to meet up with Candy tonight. We’re meeting at Quentin’s for some drinks at 7:30 pm.”

“Really?” asked Jessica, tilting her head curiously. “I thought Candy would be busy helping out her mom’s accounting firm this summer. How come she has time to come visit you tonight?”

“Who knows? Maybe her mom let her take time off to see me? Anyways, I haven’t seen Candy since we graduated high school, so I want to meet her before we leave for Cali tomorrow morning.”

“Well alright, that’s fine…just don’t stay out too late. Remember we have an early flight.”

Suddenly, Elizabeth’s smartphone began to ring. “Oh that’s her sis, do you mind giving me a little privacy?”

“Yeah, no worries…I still have to finish up some packing, so I’ll let you be.” Jessica chimed. “I also have to call Mom to let her know when we’ll arrive in Cali tomorrow. According to their itinerary, they just made it to Venice. Sheesh, the international rates are soooo pricey!” Jessica then exited the room.

Elizabeth immediately picked up her smartphone and hit the ‘Answer’ button. “Hello?”

“Liz! Hey girl, what’s up?” said a pleasant singsong voice.

“Candy! Not much chica, just relaxin’. How are you? Already tired of organizing papers for your mom’s clients?”

“Yeah that was soooo boring…today she had me type out one hundred account statements. I think I got carpal tunnel or something now. It always sucks when your family ropes you into helping out on something, ugh…”

“I know exactly what you mean,” said Elizabeth, wincing. “My aunt has a lot of junk that she wants us to help organize before her big exhibit this coming weekend, so that’s why I’m flying out with Jess to Cali tomorrow.

As they continued their conversation, Elizabeth noticed that Candy’s voice on the receiver was a little muffled. “Hey, why is it hard to hear you? Are you already there at the bar?”

“W-what? Oh…yeah, I’m…I’m at the bar, right. Already there, just having a drink. Met this guy, and he bought me a few. I couldn’t resist, you know?”

“Candy, you lush!” giggled Elizabeth. “Well save me a spot then, I’ll be there soon, in like ten minutes.”

“Ok girl, but hurry…it’s getting a little crowded now.”

“Will do, I’ll see you soon. Bye!” Elizabeth hung up her smartphone, and then looked into her closet, still undecided on what she wanted to wear for her meeting with her best friend.

Chapter 1

The bar was pretty full around 7:15 pm at Quentin’s. Candace Parker had already hung up her smartphone as she took a long, drawn-out puff from a foul-smelling Cuban cigar, the offending smoke completely filling her pink, delicate lungs. Unused to the pungency of the cigar, she hacked and coughed a few times while crossing her smooth, soft, platform heeled legs. “Shit man, this mount ain’t used to smokin’ I guess…” she grumbled, in a perversely deep, gruff baritone timbre which was incongruous with her lithe and slender frame.

Other than her disturbingly manly-sounding voice, the 20 year-old brunette girl was another lovely sight to behold. Candace’s smooth, round face was perfectly proportioned. However, today it appeared to be tarnished by heavy, hooker-inspired eyeshadow accompanied by a modest set of peach-gloss covered lips. Her wavy brunette hair collected softly down to her shoulders.

Although not quite as developed as her voluptuous friend Elizabeth, she still retained a pleasing figure, with 36C breasts that were nice and firm, as well as an adorably round posterior that looked amazing from multiple angles. Candace tended to wear a relaxed, casual yet modest look, with a light application of makeup, and would only wear such heavy makeup if she was attending a formal event/affair. However, her attire today was anything BUT modest, choosing to wear a skimpy-looking, tattered grey tube top that exposed her perfect midriff and tight navel, and a tight-fitting set of acid-washed jean shorts, complemented with 4- inch white platform heels.

“No shit Sherlock, hehe…did you inhale?” said an equally gruff voice, which belonged to an overweight, paunchy, scruffy-looking mustachioed man named Eddie Johnson. Eddie was wearing a ratty old navy blue t-shirt and jeans. He was seated right next to Candace, at the bar.

“Stop being such a smartass Eddie,” growled Candace, as she took a large swig of her beer bottle. “Now do you remember the plan?”

“Yeah, yeah…I got it under control and I know what to do. Good thing there’s a shit ton of people here tonight so she will NEVER see me coming, hehe..”

“Fuck yeah,” grinned Candace. “It’s partially the reason why I picked this bar for the meeting.”

“Well, from the pictures you showed me of this hottie,” smiled Eddie, “I may never want to dismount her, heh. Those are some nice titties on that bitch!” Eddie soon found himself staring at Candace’s seductively slutty body, as a small tent began to form in his jeans crotch. “Damn, Larry - how the hell did you get a hold of a hottie like that?”

“Hehe, if you think she’s a hottie…wait till you see her sister! Her sister’s a fucking model!” grinned Candace/Larry, lifting and cupping her breasts proudly. “And to answer your question - it was easy peasy, cause this honey takes the same bus route I do. From what I could get from her noggin’, she was on her way today to help out her mom regularly with some accounting shit.”

‘Candace’ displayed a naughty, toothy grin before continuing, “So as soon as I hopped the bitch, I headed over to the bar, took a look at her phone, and saw the pictures of her and her friends. Gotta tell ya, she has some sexy ass friends, hehe. So that’s when I called you up and now we’re waiting for that blonde slut of a friend of hers to meet up with ‘Candace’ here.”

“Larry Shelton, you lucky dawg…” sighed Eddie, a little envious.

“Yeah, I know…” grinned Candace, as she chuckled in the same deep manly voice, again self-molesting her shapely rump as she jutted it out in front of Eddie. “But don’t worry buddy, you’ll have a set of your very own to play with soon!”

Candace soon spotted Elizabeth near the entrance. By that time, the bar was packed full of people, but Larry was still able to identify Elizabeth from the pictures of her on Candace’s phone. At that time, Elizabeth was wearing a pink, sleeveless blouse which revealed quite a bit of her generous cleavage. She also wore a tight-fitting white miniskirt, along with a small, matching candy pink handbag, and a strappy-looking pair of pink sandals.

Candace immediately halted her lascivious fondle-fest. “Damn, she’s early. Ok man, she’s here. Now go hide yourself somewhere and wait for my signal. Remember…don’t fuck this up or you won’t get any tits or pussy of your own this vacation, got it?” said Candace, full of authority as she spoke in Larry’s deep, resonant voice.

As Eddie nodded and slinked his way off to the other side of the club, Candace waved to Elizabeth, assuming a false smile. Her other hand was hidden, as she quickly put out the foul-smelling cigar and placed it on ashtray near an empty table. After several minutes, Elizabeth was able to identify her best friend from high school, seated at the bar. Walking over to her, Elizabeth unfortunately was lulled into a false sense of security, even though something in the small pit of her stomach didn’t quite seem right…

“Woohoo! You made it,” exclaimed Candace, with her arms outstretched to give her best friend a hug. “Thought you’d be still busy packing for your trip.”

Elizabeth returned the hug, setting her handbag on top of the bar counter as she took the bar stool beside Candace. “I still am…in fact I barely even started, haha!” She tossed her soft, delicate honey-blonde tresses back a bit as she crossed her legs gingerly. A bartender soon came over, a handsome, well-built gentlemen apparently in his mid 20’s, and asked, “Welcome to Quentin’s, what can I get you?”

Elizabeth smiled at the male bartender as she opened her petite pink handbag and pulled out her credit card. “Let me have a Cosmo please, straight up. And please open a tab for me.”

“You got it, sweetheart,” said the bartender as he accepted her credit card and began to fix her drink.

Elizabeth adjusted her position on the stool, the short hem of her miniskirt, exposing her luscious thighs just enough to cause Candace to involuntarily dart her eyes to get a closer peek. Candace unconsciously began to lick her lips in a lecherous manner, while Elizabeth tilted her head, staring at her friend and wondering what was going on. “Candy? You alright?”

“Hmmm? O-oh…yeah Liz, I-I’m fine. Just admiring the u-um, miniskirt you have on. It’s gorgeous, was it on sale?” Candace quickly retorted, acting a little embarrassed at her behavior.

“What are you talking about Candy? This skirt is old…you bought it for me for my sweet 16th birthday, remember?” replied Elizabeth, still glaring at her friend’s odd behavior.

“Shit,” grimaced Candace softly, accidentally letting her deep, gruff voice escape from her lips. She quickly covered her mouth at her tactless slip of the tongue.

“What was that?” Elizabeth asked, confused.

“N-Nothing, Liz…I didn’t say anything.” Candace remarked, speaking now in her normal, high-pitched voice. She closed her eyes for a split second before opening them and saying, “Oh that’s right…that white miniskirt I bought at the mall for you like three weeks before your birthday. I remember I was deciding between this skirt and the jeans skirt.”

“Well I’m glad you picked out the white miniskirt as I had already bought a jeans skirt a month before the party and didn’t need another one, hehe.” Elizabeth smiled, as her Cosmo drink arrived.

“Yeah…” Candace’s words trailed off, as her eyes were focused elsewhere, looking off into the busy crowd at the bar. She soon spotted Eddie’s scruffy looking form watching the two of them like a silent predator. Smiling, she used her right hand to quietly gesture Eddie to head to the darkened corner where the restrooms were. Eddie acknowledged as he stealthily slinked towards that direction.

“Candy who are you waving to?” asked Elizabeth, again uncertain why Candace was acting so strange this evening.

“Me?” Candace responded, her attention back on Elizabeth. “O-oh, I-I just saw an old boyfriend…Nick Franklin. You know, from junior year in high school? Took me to homecoming that year?” Candace smiled sheepishly, hoping Elizabeth would buy her phony excuse based on accessing the real Candace’s memories.

“Ewww…Nick?” quipped Elizabeth, making a face. “I never knew what you saw in him Candy. He was such a big jock.”

“Y-yeah, I know. But I moved on sweetie. I grew up…in more ways than one, hehe…” giggled Candace, intentionally running her fingers along the sides of her curvaceous body, almost self-molesting herself.

“You’ve definitely blossomed sweetie,” smiled Elizabeth, sipping her Cosmo.

“Is that good? I don’t think I ever seen you drink a cocktail. You always like a glass of wine,” inquired Candace, looking at Elizabeth’s drink.

“Oh my god, Cosmos are my favorite drink now Candy! I got introduced to them in college. Here, try it,” said Elizabeth, handing the Cosmo to Candace.

“Um, o-ok.” replied Candace. She took the drink with both hands, and as Elizabeth opened her pink handbag to look for her compact, Candace quietly sneered as she deliberately tilted the tall cocktail glass and spilled the drink all over herself, soaking her tube top and jeans shorts. Her nipples perkily exposed themselves through the fabric of her moist tube top, and she slyly entertained herself for a split second pinching her nipples lewdly before she whined, “God damn it! Sorry Lizzy for being so clumsy…”

“Whoops!” Elizabeth gasped, grabbing some nearby paper towels and rubbed/wiped the bar counter and Candace’s moist chest and stomach. “No worries…maybe we should go to the bathroom and clean up?”

“Good idea! Folow me,” said Candace, as she quickly got up, still using the paper towels Elizabeth handed her to dry herself off. The two ladies snaked their way to the other side of the bar, heading to the darkened corner…the dim lights barely illuminating the sign that said “Women.” Candace was the first to enter, pushing the door open, as Elizabeth followed closely.

A dark shadow quickly wandered its way into the same restroom. As the door completely closed, the lock on the door immediately twisted to the right…

The first thing Elizabeth noticed was how dim the ladies’ room appeared. She knew it was the general atmosphere of the place, but…tonight, there was something very strange to her about being here, even if she was just helping Candace to clean up. It was weird too, as there was no one else in her except for herself and Candace.

Candace quickly slipped off her tube top, peeling it off to expose her well-proportioned 36C breasts in front of Elizabeth. Elizabeth backed away a few steps, a bit creeped out. “Candy! For goodness sake, you need to put your top back on. What if someone sees you?”

“You worry too much,” smiled Candace with a sly wink. “You know the Cosmo that spilled on me was in a pretty big cocktail glass. I’m still wet, so c’mon Liz, help wipe me up, hehe…”

Elizabeth sighed, as she reluctantly approached her topless best friend, grabbed a few paper towels and moistened them with some water, then lightly dabbed and rubbed the full contours of Candace’s naked breasts. “Mmmm…” Candace cried out, her eyes rolled back almost in orgasmic pleasure. All the while Elizabeth began to feel something was seriously wrong. “Candy…we should leave. Go get your top on and we’ll head back to the bar.”

Elizabeth turned to leave but then felt a firm hand grab her wrist, almost twisting and hurting it. She suddenly saw that Candace had latched onto her, with a very twisted, menacing sneer on her face. “What’s your hurry babe?” asked Candace in Larry’s deep, sinister tone. “You haven’t finished drying out my tits yet, hehe…and you also haven’t met my friend yet.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened with fear. “Candy? W-what’s going on? What’s wrong with y-your voice? What friend?”

“She means me, baby.” Elizabeth spun around away from Candace to come face-to-face with the large, overweight, scruffy looking Eddie. Candace chuckled, “Perfect timing buddy.” Candace’s hands continued to grip Elizabeth tight, and then with a large amount of force, she pushed Elizabeth right into the arms of the paunchy appearing Eddie. With complete glee, Eddie wrapped his bulky arms around Elizabeth’s delicate, soft torso, as he locked his foul-smelling mouth around Elizabeth’s thick, pouty strawberry-coated lips.

After securing and withstanding Elizabeth’s futile struggles to get free, Eddie closed his eyes, as his entire body shuddered and collided against Elizabeth’s. The amount of flab which made up Eddie’s body began to liquefy into a warm, bluish, sticky substance, amorphous and wanton. The liquid split into three individual components, as Elizabeth felt as if she was being suffocated. Each component aimed for a different…orifice of Elizabeth’s sexy body. One component lifted up her shirt and located her navel, and began to flood its way through…another component slithered its way to Elizabeth’s backside, sliding and oozing all the way down to Elizabeth’s shapely posterior. Travelling along the inside of the crack line, it suddenly forcefully penetrated Elizabeth’s bottom, consequently thrusting her body forward as she winced in pain and perverse delight. Finally, the last component had wriggled all the way up Elizabeth’s front, only pausing to encircle her large breasts and slide along her nipples, before aiming for Elizabeth’s gorgeous lips. She began to choke and gag as the warm, sticky liquid invades her. Within minutes, the sticky liquid substance had completely disappeared inside of Elizabeth. Overwhelmed by the invasive and forbidden ordeal, she suddenly collapsed, falling onto the bathroom floor with a loud thud.

Candace had finished re-dressing her body, opting to go with a yellow sleeveless tank-top that Larry had placed inside a duffle bag that had been strategically hidden by Eddie, prior to him entering the ladies’ room to take control of the unsuspecting Elizabeth. After washing her face and reapplying her lipstick, Candace looked down at the unconscious Elizabeth. It had been about twelve minutes since Eddie had completely hopped the sexy young blonde woman, and she still remained unresponsive. Candace kneeled down, and lightly tapped onto Elizabeth’s shoulder a few times, then when that didn’t work, she began to forcefully shake her.

“Urrrrrgghhhhhh….” a low, deep, rumbling baritone voice growled from Elizabeth’s lovely lips. Candace had a malicious, cheeky grin as she leaned over Elizabeth, maintaining that same grin. Elizabeth groggily opened her beautiful baby blue eyes, her first view being that of Candace. Shaking her head, Elizabeth grumbled, “Jeeze Larry, ya gotta be so close? Especially after you smoked that fuckin’ cigar? Your breath smells like an ashtray!”

“Sorry ‘Lizzy,’ hehe…” chuckled Candace. She immediately helped to grab onto her delicate hands as bodyhopped Elizabeth, aka Eddie, slowly teetered back up and onto her feet. A bit wobbly, she attempted to steady her feet but with Elizabeth’s thin pink sandals it was a bit of a challenge. Not to mention Eddie getting used to the new center of gravity established by Elizabeth’s impressive mammaries currently encased and jiggling inside her pink sleeveless blouse.

“That’s the VERY last time I try to attempt a complicated hop like that, man..I hate splitting myself…even if it’s to fully experience a bitch’s feelings and emotions when I take her over,” remarked Elizabeth while attempting to straighten her outfit. She then pulled out a small compact hairbrush from her pink handbag, and began to brush her soft, honey- blonde hair while looking in the mirror. As she did so, the unmistakably ugly, rough mustachioed mug of Eddie was seen in the mirror’s reflection; the perverse combination of Eddie’s paunchy masculine face, framed by Elizabeth’s honey-blonde tresses as well as her own curvaceous body was indeed a perverted spectacle to behold, and it was equally matched by Larry’s equally scruffy looking goatee accompanied by Candace’s wavy brunette locks and her own svelte, sexy body.

“You always make things so fuckin’ complicated, hehe…” chuckled Candace. “So, how do you feel?”

‘Elizabeth’ surveyed her entire body, cupping and groping her large 34D breasts and squeezing her firm, shapely behind. “Do ya have to ask?” she growled enthusiastically. “This bitch is bangin’! I bet she’s also got a tight pussy that gets easily wet whenever she’s horny for a good cock, haha!”

“Probably…would be interestin’ to see her and ‘Candy’ go at it some time,” smiled Candace, standing in front of the mirror too to appraise her own tight ass.

Elizabeth then libidinously approached Candace, pressing her massive breasts against Candace’s own generous globes. In a deep, purring growl, she whispered, “Why wait for some time when it can be now, bro?”

Candace grinned, facing Elizabeth closely. Her gorgeous, heavily made up face only inches away from Elizabeth’s angelic visage. She slowly leaned forward, tilting her head to kiss her best friend, before turning away and replying, “I’m sooo fuckin’ tempted. But we gotta stay focused. Play time during the vacation, not before, got that?”

Elizabeth made a sad, petulant little pout. “Awww poo,” she cooed, which sounded weird in Eddie’s deep manly sounding timbre. “Fine…so what’s the plan now?”

“Well, it’s gettin’ late…and you need to get ‘Elizabeth’ back home or ‘big sis’ will start to worry, hehe,” remarked Candace.

“Shit, good point.” said Elizabeth. “From this bitch’s memories, her and her sister are gonna visit their aunt to help out some sort of museum exhibit. They’re flying out tomorrow morning.”

” Yep,” replied Candace. “Next step is taking over the sister. The aunt will be dealt with soon…”

“What do you mean?”

“Never mind that for now. Right now you need to head back home and get a good night’s sleep. Wake up on time and act like the perfect little sister to your ‘big sis’ before you two get to Cali,” said Candace.

Elizabeth nodded. “Ok, what about you though?”

Candace then grabbed the duffle bag and pulled out a plane ticket. “Already got that covered. Bought my plane ticket to Vegas only a few days ago with ‘my’ hard earned cash when I hopped that redheaded stripper two weeks ago with the huge pair of titties. Always good to have some extra dough on hand, right?” she winked, licking her lips.

“Hell yeah, always a plus,” smiled Elizabeth.

Candace then unlocked the door to the bathroom before saying, “The other guys will be in Cali to meet up with you. Just follow the rest of the plan and we’ll have a hopper holiday we will never forget.”

The two ladies then exited the bathroom, but not before straightening their appearances. Returning to the bar, both of them closed their tabs, and they then hugged each other ‘warmly,’ except Elizabeth couldn’t resist molesting Candace’s cleavage for like a few seconds. Smiling, Candace then took her leave, while Elizabeth dialed her smartphone, calling her sister.

After a few rings, a semi-sleepy voice answered, “Hello?”

“Hey sis, sorry to call you so late. Candace and I just talked and I guess I lost track of time.” Elizabeth said, speaking in her normal tone now.

“Liz!” Jessica exclaimed, “You should have been home a half an hour ago. Hurry up and come home right now. Have you finished packing?”

“Not completely Jess, but don’t worry it won’t take long. I know what I need to bring,” replied Elizabeth.

“Ugghh…ok fine, I trust you. But you’re 19 years old, you can’t pull that sort of thing anymore. You have to be more responsible, like Mom and Dad always said…”

I can do whatever the fuck I want, big sister, thought Eddie, as he gritted Elizabeth’s perfect teeth in frustration while listening to Jessica. And soon, you will feel the EXACT same way too…

“Ok Jess, stop nagging me. I got it. I’ll be home soon, bye,” said Elizabeth as she hung up, grabbed her pink handbag, and exited the bar.

A couple of hours later, Elizabeth was laying on her bed, clad in a small, modest, baby blue nightie, which still managed to show off her curves. She had dutifully brushed her teeth, combed her hair, and taken off her jewelry. Her suitcase stood next to her full-length mirror, completely packed. Eddie found it fairly easy to extract Elizabeth’s planned attire and accouterments for the trip, so even as the new ‘Elizabeth’ he could easily fool Jessica.

Elizabeth’s panties were bunched around her waist and thighs, exposing her moist pussy lips. She lightly fingered them, letting a small moan quietly escape her lips. Since Jessica was fast asleep, Eddie was very careful to control his voice and make sure that it was Elizabeth’s voice rather than his own, not wanting to wake her sister. Eddie/Elizabeth looked up at the ceiling, which had a poster of a photograph featuring a double rainbow visible on top of a mountainside. He wondered what would happen tomorrow. Would he be able to tolerate the flight to Cali? Would his sister continually bug him like tonight, despite the fact she was so fucking sexy? As a bodyhopper, Eddie knew EXACTLY how to be Elizabeth, having access to her memories and habits, but would his lecherous, male behavior reveal its true colors? And what did Larry mean when he said that the “aunt will be dealt with soon?”

Elizabeth sighed, as she licked each her individual fingers clean, washed her hands, slipped and repositioned her panties up against her thighs, and turned off the light to go to sleep.