Hopping Allie

By Tobyredone

29 minute read -

I watched her from across the street. I felt a little bit like a stalker. I suppose I was in a sort, but it wasn’t really my fault. I was captivated by her. I had been wandering the mall looking for someone who would trip my trigger, and I had found her. She was working at one of the department stores. I went up and asked her a few questions right away, just as a cover to get close to her.

She had long toned legs that went up to a cute backside, and then tapered to a thin waist, and back out to her breasts, which formed the perfect hourglass figure. Her neck was thin and went up to a lovely little face with full lips, a small perfect nose, and lovely blue eyes. I almost got lost in her eyes immediately. They were an icy blue, almost as if they were water waiting to freeze over.

Just from her amazing body I would have wanted to hop her, but the beauty of her face meant that I didn’t just want to hop her. I had too. It had transformed into a need for me.

So I had spent the rest of my slow afternoon wandering around while keeping a watchful eye on her from a distance. I wanted to wait for the right opportunity. It came shortly after she was done with her shift. She went in the back of the store for a few moments, and I was almost worried that I had lost her when she came back out carrying her coat, and telling her coworkers she would see them all tomorrow in her musical voice.

She started walking through the mall and the crowds of people, and then made a turn into a hallway that lead out one of the service doors of the mall. I didn’t know if anyone else would be inside that hallway as well, but I had to take my chances or risk loosing her.

I quietly opened the door and closed it behind myself carefully. I was in luck; it was just a long corridor leading to a service entrance. I could hear her heels clicking on the hard floors as she walked towards the door. She had her cell phone out and was looking at it, dialing numbers as she walked.

I quickly started down the hall, I needed to catch her. In moments I was right behind her, she was distracted by her phone, and never noticed me until it was too late. One hand I wrapped around her mouth, the other around her thin waist. She fought back like a lioness, trying to elbow me, bite me, and get free of my grasp. I was prepared, though, and it was all for naught.

The attack quickly turned surreal, and I became a flowing liquid. I washed around her skin, flowing inside of her. I was going in through her mouth, her nose, and any other opening I could find. Still she struggled against me, coughing and shaking her head back and forth violently, along with trying to wipe the goo that I had become off from her.

The last words out of her pretty lips were, “No… what’s happen…”

And then I could feel her. Not feel her like I was a few moments ago, pressed against her body, but feel her as she felt things around her. I felt her feet being pressed up at an odd angle in her heels, and her toes being pinched in the ends of her shoes. I could feel the smooth skin of her legs. I could feel the tightness of her feminine clothing as it constricted her upper legs and waist, helping her show off her womanish figure. I felt her taunt and flat little stomach leading up to her breasts as they sat incased and supported by her bra. I felt her hair as hit her shoulders from her head, still slowly turning back and forth in denial of my hostile takeover. Finally I could feel the slight draft on her face, and the pull of her hair on her scalp. I blinked her eyes with her long dark eyelashes a few times and licked her pouty lips, tasting her strawberry lip balm and smiled.

I softly bit her lower lip with her white teeth and looked down at my new body, noting my breasts sticking out of my chest, and heaving out and in as I caught my breath after the attack. I looked down to see my new sexy legs, and the heels I now wore on my cute little feet. I felt the equipment I had stolen from her that now lay between my legs. I clenched my lower lips together, and relished in the feeling of the tight panties that now covered my new tight pussy.

I searched through her thoughts, and then said out loud in my normal voice, “Well, little Miss Allie, we are going to make a wonderful team for the next few days. I don’t know why you were in such a rush, we have things we need to do here before we can go home.”

I looked down at her cell phone and then raised it up so I could see the number she had been dialing. It was her husband’s phone number. I thought to myself, ‘Well, he can wait just a bit longer. I’ll make it worth his while.’ I then spun on my sexy little feet, tucked my cell phone back into the purse that Allie had been carrying before I hopped her and started back down the hallway and into the mall once more.

I needed to start up a new collection in the young girl’s wardrobe. Using her knowledge of the mall, I walked down to a Victoria Secret and went into the store. The department store she worked in was only just down the hallway, and she would occasionally come into this store to get things, so the saleswomen that were working there actually waved to me as I walked in.

“Hello Alessandria, looking for anything in particular?” One woman asked.

“Something hot and sexy,” I replied to her as I began looking through the tables of women’s underwear.

The woman’s eyebrows raised, but I ignored her as I started to go through the tables of bikinis, thongs, and booty shorts. I picked out almost a dozen silk thongs in various colors because I love the way silk feels against a woman’s soft skin. I then moved on and picked out a few matching push up bras that were Allie’s size. It helped to pick out clothes when you were inside the woman you were shopping for. Not only could you try things on, but you had all of her thoughts and memories so you could just get the correct size straight from her mind. After that I headed over to the lingerie are of the store. I picked out a small white and blue boy short panty and matching camisole with ruffled lace around the edges and also ruffled lace going over the ass of the panties. I thought it looked to cute to pass up. I also picked up a dark but still sheer black teddy and then got what almost looked to be a French maid outfit, but was only a black teddy with a white apron stitched on the front with some white lace trim here and there. I knew the next time Allie cleaned the house; her husband would want to “help.”

I then picked out half a dozen pairs of crotch less panties. It wasn’t so much that I wanted them, it was that they were on sale, and I thought it might be a good time to stock up for her. I put them with the other items I was holding and headed to the check out area.

“Oh, are you all done Alessandria?” The clerk asked me as I checked out.

“For now, I think. At least until you guys get some of the see thru panties in stock. Let me know, because I’ll come back for a few pairs of those.” I said with a chipper smile.

The saleslady didn’t know how to respond so she simply nodded and started to scan my purchases. As she scanned all of the silk thongs she kept her head down, then as she started to go through the lingerie she looked up and said, “Your hubby is going to be a happy guy tonight I guess.”

I replied back, “It depends how good he is. If he doesn’t treat me right, I’ve got a few girlfriends that would love to see me in this stuff as well.”

She tried her best to maintain her composure as she scanned my crotch less panties, so then I asked her, “What are you doing later tonight?”

“Oh, I… I think you’re very pretty, but… I… I have a boyfriend,” She replied as she stumbled over her words.

I just smiled at her and winked as I handed her ‘my’ credit card and said, “If you ever want to, I can probably show you a few things. You know where I work.”

The saleswoman shifted her weight on her feet awkwardly until a few moments later when the machine spit out a piece of paper for me to sign. I grabbed a pen and scribbled Allie’s name across it. If anyone were to check, the penmanship would match perfectly. I had not only stolen her body, but all of her skills and mannerisms as well, and I could copy them perfectly if I wanted.

I took the bag with my purchases, waved to the saleswoman and sashayed my way out of the store, putting just a touch extra swing in my hips as I went. I could almost feel her looking at my cute little backside and wondering what it would be like, and it made me smile while I felt my pussy start to salivate at the thoughts that were running through both of our heads.

The next few stores that I went into were fairly slim pickings. I couldn’t find anything I wanted until finally one of the stores was carrying some short skirts. I grabbed three of the small black pleated skirts off the rack. One was in the size that Allie normally wore, one in the next size down, and one in two sizes down. On my way to the changing room I also found some tight cotton tank tops that were cut scandalously low across the chest, and so I picked up a few of those as well.

Once in the changing room, I quickly started getting undressed. I got completely naked, and looked over in the mirror at Allie’s perfect body, now completely under my control. I wiggled my toes and smiled as I looked slowly up my body’s reflection, noting the curves of my thighs, and the way my sexy little hips would rock back and forth with the slightest change in weight from foot to foot. I ran my hand down my naked breast and over my fully extended nipple. It felt like a warm pencil eraser sticking out of my firm rubbery breasts, and it sent little electrical shocks through my body as I squeezed it gently in between my fingers. My other hand I ran down the smooth soft skin of my belly until I came down over the top of my vaginal lips, noting that Allie had recently waxed all of her hair off, as usual. As my delicate fingers danced over my pussy lips I felt the passions of Allie’s body ignite as I traced a finger over her most sensitive spot.

“Ooooooh,” I let out a long moan followed by a whimper.

I had wanted to wait until I had gotten home before doing anything with my new body. I had wanted the sexual tension to build and build until I released it like a dam bursting, but I hadn’t counted on how high Allie’s sex drive was even without a body hopper in her. I was quickly being taken over by my new body’s needs.

I cracked one eye open and saw my face. My real face. The face of a middle aged normal man. While that might have killed the mood for some body hoppers, I just smiled at my reflection, and concentrated. I watched as the change happened. First in my eyes. They went to that icy blue that had drawn me to Allie in the first place. Next my rough skin faded to my new body’s perfect complexion. My second day stubble disappeared into my new perfect face with my lush pink lips. I smiled and let out a giggle in Allie’s lovely voice. I had been doing this for a very long time. As one of the elder body hoppers, my limitations weren’t the same as most.

I looked at my new stolen face framed by my soft hair and winked at my reflection, then went back the try and satisfy the needs being called out for by my body. I tugged gently at my left nipple with one hand while rubbing my silky lower lips with my other fingers, being very careful not to scratch myself or my new equipment. My thighs became wet as my juices started to seep out of me, and I spread my legs to give myself room to work two fingers up inside myself greedily.

I began to see stars dancing in front of my eyes and they coupled with the electrical charges being sent through my body from my other hand still playing with my breasts. I gasped and let out a loud groan once more. My knees were beginning to wobble as I stood there.

I began pumping my fingers in and out, striving to give myself the release that my body now craved. My breathing was coming in short breaths as I moved my other hand around to new spots on my feminine body which set off new jolts of pleasure through to the very core of my being.

My thumb stroked the top of my pussy as my fingers plunged in and out more, I could feel the tension winding up like a spring as I built closer and closer to that moment of release. I let out more groans and whimpers, then, in my new voice said, “Oh, oh fuck, oh…”

Then the spring inside of me let go with unbridled fury.

The world exploded around me. My vision swam. I called out something unintelligible.

My body spasmed as my wobbling knees gave out beneath me and I collapsed onto the small bench set in my dressing room.

My entire body tingled with release and relief for what seemed like an eternity.

I blinked my eyes, loving the feeling of my long eye lashes, and slumped against the as the feeling of an electric orgasm’s afterglow washed over me from my head to my toes. I didn’t want to move yet. I don’t think I would be able to move, even if I had wanted. I looked over in the mirror and saw the image of a young girl, a complete knock out, glowing after an earth shattering orgasm. I loved my new stolen icy blue eyes. I loved my new sexy body. I definitely loved my new body’s ability to send me into the stratosphere when I came. I decided this wouldn’t be a quick hop right then and there. I was going to take my time being young Misses Alessandra Peterson.

I got up on my still slightly wobbly knees to hear a quiet knocking on my changing room door.

“Miss? Are you alright in there?” I heard a young man’s voice ask.

“I…” I started then had to stop for a moment as I collected myself, “I’m fine, thank you. I’ll be out in a moment, okay?”

“Alright. If you need any help just let me know.” He replied in a tone that told me he knew what I was up to in the booth.

It took far more restraint then I usually needed to use to keep myself from swinging the door open, grabbing the young man, and dragging him into the small room with me and using him to give me another chance at the orgasmic pleasure that this body would supply.

I wanted that slow build up and release, though, so I fought off my urges and went back to getting my body clothed once more. I picked up my old panties off the floor where I had dropped them in my haste to get undressed and used them to wipe the moisture from my crotch and thighs. I then dropped them in the corner of the changing room and dug out one of the small bright red silk thongs from my Victoria Secret bag.

I stepped into the tiny panties and brought them up my shapely legs until they covered my little pussy. I adjusted the tiny piece of silken fabric until I was happy with its placement, and then shuffled my legs as I felt the string work its way into my ass cheeks. I turned to look over my shoulder at my round little backside and the new red string that parted my cheeks. Happy with the fitment I turned back around and picked out a matching red push up bra. I put my arms through the arm holes and brought the bra up to my chest. I leaned forward to get my breasts into the supportive garment, and then reached behind myself with practiced grace and clipped the bra behind myself, almost like I had done it every day of my life. Of course, I hadn’t. But not only did I have the advantage of innumerable times in women’s bodies, I also had all of Allie’s skills, memories, and mannerisms if I so chose to use them.

Once I was happy with how far the push up bra shoved my new tits out, I picked up the small tank tops that I had grabbed off the shelf. I tried out a tank top that was a lovely shade of pink, but I didn’t like the way it looked on me with the bright red bra and panty combo. I peeled the shirt off from me and picked up a white tank top. I pulled it over my head, and looked in the mirror. I could plainly see my red bra through my thin tank, and decided to leave it on and work on the skirt.

I picked up the first of my skirts and tried it on. It fit fabulously, and I turned left and right, admiring the way it floated outward as I spun, scandalously showing off my upper thigh. It was hot, but not enough. I really wanted to show off my new body. I wanted men drooling over me. Trying to talk to me. Fighting over me.

I took it off and tried on the next skirt. It was a size smaller then Allie normally wore, and it was tight on her, despite her wasp-like waist. It did however; give me the look I desired. The skirt barely covered my bright red silk covered pussy. When I turned to look ay my cute little rump, I could see the very tops of my shapely thighs. I knew every step I took would show off the bottoms of my new ass cheeks. When I spun back around, looking in the mirror the whole time, I could just catch a glimpse of my bright red panties as the skirt floated upwards, and then settled back down to be somewhere just shy of “decent.”

I decided I wasn’t quite at the look I needed though. I took off my tank one more time, and picked up the fitted white dress shirt that Allie had been wearing when I had hopped her. I pulled my arms through the sleeves and adjusted the collar, then brought my hands to my chest and only buttoned two small clasps. The shirt pulled apart at the top, giving a view of my ample cleavage, and came together to barely hide my red bra, which could easily be seen through the almost sheer fabric, then pulled back apart again to give off a view of my young, taunt, and oh so yummy tummy.

I unbuttoned the cuffs of my sleeves and rolled them back over themselves, and looked in the mirror with approval. It was perfect. I was drooling over myself, and I knew any man outside the dressing room would as well.

I picked up all of the discarded clothing that I had worn into the store and put it in my Victoria Secret bag. I then picked up the skirt that was actually Allie’s size and all of the tank tops. The other smaller skirt and the old panties that I had used to wipe myself clean with I left lying on the dressing room floor.

I unlocked then catch on the door and stepped out. The boy who had checked on me earlier was waiting outside and looked at me as I stepped out.

“All done? Anything that I need to put away?” He asked.

“I’m done for now. I loved this outfit so much I want to wear the skirt out, and I think I might want the rest of this as well. There is one skirt in the dressing room that didn’t fit, and my old panties. You can have them if you’d like,” I said to him in a seductive tone, then spun on my heeled feet and walked for the cash register.

As I got a few steps away I looked over my shoulder and saw the boy looking at my ass and legs as they scissored back and forth. I smiled when I saw him go into the changing room and begin looking around on the floor.

I turned my head back around and continued my walk to the cash register. I loved the feel of my hips swaying back and forth and the feeling of the wind on my almost completely exposed backside.

The girl at the register had a mixture of jealousy and anger on her face as I paid for my purchases, but I didn’t care. She wanted what I had, and couldn’t get it unlike me. I turned and walked out of the store like a runway model.

I decided that enough was enough, and would now head home. I walked the tiled floors of the malls back to the exit Allie had originally been going to. I relished the looks of lust and want on men’s faces as I past them. I was purposefully striking harder down on my heel then I should have been to give my titties extra incentive to bounce around in my bra. I was also making certain that my hips swung as much as possible to give my skirt just that little extra lift it needed to show off some of my new goods.

I had two men try and get me to stop and talk to them, but I brushed them off, telling them I was late already. Technically it wasn’t a lie. I pushed open the door to exit the mall and felt the cool breeze circle around my legs, tummy, and under my skirt. I felt myself begin to moisten once more, and knew I needed to get home before I lost control of myself once more. Allie’s body was one of the best that I had ever taken. It had been years since I had felt like this.

I walked through the parking lot and dug through my purse until I got my keys out. I looked up and smiled as I saw her car sitting there. I hit the unlock button on the key fob, and dropped my bags into the passenger side seat. I then walked around, pausing only to wink at yet another boy who had slowed his car to a crawl as he passed by, then opened my door and dropped into the driver’s seat, closing the door as I brought my high heeled foot inside.

I put the key in the ignition and started the car. The engine roared to life. The throaty V8 of the brand new Camaro seemed as anxious to go as I was. I briefly wondered why Allie had chosen this car instead of the typical Volkswagen Jetta or beetle like most girls I hopped now-a-days. I would have plenty of time to look through her memories about that later. Right now, I wanted to get home.

I pulled out of the parking stall and headed for the street. It wasn’t long before I was stopped at a red light. While waiting, I couldn’t help but look in the rear view mirror. I moved it down, and shoved my tits out, liking what I saw.

Suddenly I heard honking and cheering from a truck next to me. There were three scruffy looking men staring at me as I arched my back to see my breasts in the mirror. Instead of being embarrassed, I smiled at them, reached down and undid the two small buttons that kept my dress shirt closed over my red bra. As my shirt fell back, the men cheered more, but I wasn’t done yet.

I reached around my breasts, and pulled them out of the pockets that the bra formed around them, and folded the cups under my breasts. My pert full breasts and small nipples greeted anyone that wanted to see them. I saw the men scrambling for something as the light changed from red to green and I slowly started moving my car forward.

I continued to drive and watched with some amusement in my mirrors as the men in the truck almost caused several accidents to catch back up to me. One of them held up a small camera and I saw him try to line up a shot of my breasts. Just to mess with them, I mashed down on the gas pedal, and the Camaro roared to life as I sped forward. Soon, I had to slow down for the next red light, though. I came to a stop, and the men in the truck pulled up along side of me, hollering for attention.

“Hey! Hey Sweet cheeks! Over here!” One of the clamored out.

I let a small smile hit my lips and instead of just looking at them, I rolled down my window, turned my entire torso, and leaned halfway out the window, my jugs still out for the world to see.

“OH YEAH BABY!” One of them cheered out as the other one just starred with his mouth open, and the last one snapped picture after picture after picture.

After giving them a good show for almost the entire length of the red light, I slid back into position in my driver’s seat, and then took off when the light turned green. Once more I pressed the Camaro’s pedal to the floor, and the car responded with jumping away from the truck full of men like a greyhound leaving the starting block.

As much fun as I was having with these men, I did have somewhere to be and I was once again in need of a good release. Showing my body off like this was once again ramping up my sex drive and Allie’s body was responding better then I could have hoped for. My panties were straining to keep up with my moist little pussy, and my small nipples were as hard as pebbles.

I blasted down the streets, not overly worried about any police that would be after me. I could always solve that problem if needed, and even if I couldn’t get out of the ticket, it was still Allie’s record and not mine. I quickly lost the men in the truck as I sped home, finally pulling into my driveway and pulling into the garage attached to my house.

I closed the large garage door as I shut off the engine and got out of my car. I only took a few moments to lean forward and wiggle my chest around until my boobs were back in their restraints, and did up the two buttons on my shirt to close it up over my chest. I then grabbed my bags and my purse, and headed into the house.

“Where have you been? Out having fun without me?” My new husband Steven asked me playfully as I walked in the door and looked at him standing up from his place at the kitchen table.

I dropped my bags on the floor as soon as I was in the house and smiled at Steven. His mouth dropped open as he took in my new look. I cocked my hips and stuck a pose with my hands on my hips and asked him simply, “You like?”

“Very much,” was all he replied as he continued to stare.

I slowly started walking towards him, swinging my hips like a predatory cat. I think I actually saw him shuffle half a step backwards as he worried what I was about to do to him, so I let out a soft giggle. Finally the front of my feet were touching his toes, and I looked up at him as he continued to look at me like it was the first time he had ever seen me.

I reached up and pushed him on his shoulders. He tried to take a few steps backwards, but couldn’t because of the chair that was in the way. The same chair which he had stood from as I walked in the door. He toppled backwards to land hard on the chair and as he looked back up at me, I only smirked at him.

“Uh, dinner is ready.” He said meekly.

“Dinner can wait. I’m hungry for something else.” I replied seductively.

I saw Steven gulp and I ran my hands up my body from my outer thighs, up my sides, across my chest and neck, and pulled some of my hair up and back, and then walked forward to take a seat on Steven’s lap while facing him. I leaned forward and again gave him a smile as I said simply, “Hi.”

“Hey,” he replied, and leaned forward to tenderly kiss my neck.

The simple action of his lips touching my skin sent a wave of arousal through my body like I had never felt before, which once again shocked me, as I have been hopping for a good long time. Allie’s body was a dream.

“Ooooooh,” I cooed softly.

Steven moved his hands up to my sides, and that is when I slapped his hands hard with my own.

“Ah ah ah! I’ll tell you when.” I said as I shook a finger at him.

I think he was a bit upset with me at that point, and not that I could blame him, I was being a tease, but I wanted just a bit more build up.

So I stood up and slowly reached for the buttons on my shirt. I undid them, and let the shirt fall open, pushed by my large breasts that I thrust out. I then reached up to the collar and slowly pulled it down as I swayed my body back and forth and watch Steven’s eyes stay riveted to my bright red bra, and what was contained beneath. The shirt hit the floor behind me, and I spun around to pick it up. I bent over while keeping my legs straight and my feet about shoulder length apart. I knew Steven was looking at my barely covered pussy encased in my new bright red thong, and I hoped he could see how aroused I was, and how wet they were.

I felt a hand touch one of my ass cheeks, and I again reached back and slapped at his fingers, slowly bending back up and smiling over my shoulder, “I’ll let you touch, but you have to wait until I’m done with the show.” I then tossed my shirt over my shoulder at his face.

Next I started on my skirt. I slowly worked my way out of it, again gyrating in front of Steven, and this time slowly stepping in a circle so he could see my tiny thong which barely covered anything. The small triangular patch of fabric was barely big enough to hide my lips, and as I continued my circle, he got to watch the string as it went over my shapely hips, across the top of my ass cheeks, and disappeared from view in my butt, only to be seen again as it went over my little pussy mound.

Steven was hyperventilating now with want, and it was amping up the arousal of my body as well, just like I had wanted. He wouldn’t have to wait too much longer, as I couldn’t wait myself. I saw the bulge in his jeans straining against the fabric, ready to burst out.

I reached behind my back, and undid the clasp on my bra, doing a small circle with my shoulder do get the bra straps to hop off from them. I then leaned forward and shook my upper body, and the bra fell down my arms, forgotten about, as Steven starred at me swaying tits.

Finally I stood back up and asked coyly, “Are you ready yet?”

He nodded enthusiastically as he gave me a throaty, “Yes!” and I could read the lust in his eyes, see it plastered on his face, and hear it in his voice.

Now we were ready.

“Take me right here, on the kitchen table baby!” I pleaded with him.

He didn’t respond, just wordlessly got up off his chair and wrapped his arms around me, grasping at my thong and pulling it down. I took two short steps over to the kitchen table and bent over it. I felt my hair flow down over my shoulders, and my breasts press against the cold wood of the table below me. The sudden chill felt good against the fiery warmth of my flesh while I was in heat.

I felt Steven tap the insides of my thighs, and I spread my legs apart, which was odd as my thong was still on, just pushed down to my mid thigh, and I felt it pull on my legs.

Suddenly my panties were forgotten about as Steven brought the head of his dick to the sensitive lips of my pussy. He moved his dick up and down my salivating snatch, letting my moisture get the head of his dick ready to be inserted. Steven’s dick was sizable, and I was still fairly tight, and he knew he would need to go slowly or he may tare me in half.

I whimpered, and he played with his penis on the edge of pushing in me and giving me the satisfaction I so desperately wanted. I tried to shove back against him, but he moved with me, and laughed, “Now who’s the one that gets to do a little teasing?” He asked.

“Please,” I croaked, my voice dripping with want and pent up sexual frustration.

Finally he moved forward, but just an inch. It was enough to give me some satisfaction, though, as his head slipped inside the outer folds of my vagina. “Oh, yes yes yes, more please, more please please please!” I let out in Allie’s girly voice, trying to sound more submissive.

That was exactly what was needed, and Steven slid more of himself inside of me. I felt his dick spread my pussy, and all of the ecstasy that went along with it. I loved feeling every veiny millimeter of him as he pushed inside of me.

I clawed at the table underneath me as I he inserted his entire dick into my waiting cunt. I felt satisfaction from the tips of my toes to the very ends of my long hair. I gasped at air as I felt him place two hands on my thin waist, and position my body where he wanted it.

Then he started to pump in and out of me. Slowly at first, letting me feel every vein and ridge on his exquisitely long and thick shaft again and again as he built his tempo for fucking the daylights out of me.

“Oh Steven! Yes, fuck me! Harder, fuck me harder! YES! Steven! FUCK!” I called out as the bliss flowed through my entire body, and I felt myself start to pull back and forth against the table, my breasts now starting to roll beneath me.

I smiled as I felt my pussy clench his rock hard shaft and I felt the pleasure intensify as I then felt his big strong hands on my waist to help with the thrusting. I moaned out loud in Allie’s voice again in so much pleasure.

Almost on instinct from my current body, I parted my legs even more and turned my torso to the right and then lifted my left leg up and over Steven’s head and at the same time swung my right leg down across his legs without ever pulling away from his huge cock.

Steven continued to penetrate me as he was completely turned on by my little move. I gave him a cute little smile as I wrinkled my nose.

Wrapping Allie’s long legs around Steven’s waist I felt his cock enter me even deeper than I had ever felt before. And I couldn’t remember if I had ever had sex that felt this good before in any other mount.

“Oh babe… Ugh! God you are so fucking tight!” Steven groaned as he began to pump faster and deeper inside of me. “Oh! OH! Steven… You are so damn big…” I moaned gently as the pleasure began to build more and more.

A twitching inside of me could be felt. I looked up at Steven’s face and could see that he was about to reach climax, but I was nowhere close.

“Ugh… Oh babe…” He repeated as I felt his shaft begin to twitch more and slightly pulse inside of me as he reached down to my crotch and began to rub Allie’s clit. I moaned as I felt the sensation add even more to the pleasure coursing through my body.

Then I felt a warm stream being released into me and I knew what that meant. I bit my lip to prevent myself from saying anything wrong because this was not the first time this had happened.

Slowly I began to lower the pace of my hips bucking and felt my large supple breasts begin to stop shaking, but then out of nowhere Steven continued to rub my clit and began to thrust his shaft inside of me.

Reaching his large hand up to my chest, he scooped up my right breast in his hand and began to kneed at it and pinch my nipple. “Oh baby! Don’t stop… FUCK ME TILL I CUM!” I called out in my new little voice as Steven began to rub my clit even faster and with more authority.

I then felt his mouth clamp down around my left breast as Steven began to suck on my nipple and gently bite down on my tit.

The pleasure was coming in tidal waves now and I could barely contain myself as I began to convulse violently. I felt my vaginal walls clench down on his cock and I began to hit my head against the table.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around Steven’s back and dug my nails into him as I felt the dam burst. “OHHH BABBY!” I cried out as I began to pant as I felt my heart beating inside of me very fast.

I placed my lips on Steven’s neck and gave him a gentle kiss. I felt him slowly pull his limp and soft shaft from inside of me. I didn’t want him to. I wanted him to get hard again. But at least he let me finish. Unlike some of the other bastards I have slept with.

“I’m going to go freshen up baby.” I said to Steven in Allie’s shaky voice as I got off the table and began to wobble to the staircase. I turned and saw Steven smiling at me as I walked away. “I love you.” I said to him as I turned back and continued to the bathroom.

I don’t know why I said it but I felt like Allie would have. And why not? She has a man who will finish first but allow his wife to finish as well. “Lucky you.” I said with a smile on my face as I entered the bathroom.

Looking into the mirror I saw that Allie did not look tired. Did not look worn out and not even disheveled. She looked so erotic. So much more seductive. So much more… Fuckable.

“How do you fight the horny guys off?” I asked my reflection as I took a cold towel and began to dab my face with it. Then a thought popped into my mind, “Oh I hope to God I am the only one…” I said as I began to search through Allie’s sleeping mind to see if she had been hopped before.

“Oh thank you…” I said as I found there were no signs of her being mounted by any other hopper. “I got to break this goddess in.” I said to my cute and sexy reflection.

Walking out of the bathroom I headed into the master bedroom it was connected to and smiled as the nice air conditioner was on full blast. I sat down on the soft bed and stretched out. “I could use a nap…” I said to myself as I stood back up and began to disrobe.

I saw the bathroom door open and my eyes caught site of the shower. “But first, a shower wouldn’t hurt.” I said as I walked into the bathroom and stepped into the shower and turned the water on to a lukewarm setting.

I washed up quickly as I was too tired to play with myself. And if I did, and Steven heard or found out it would probably hurt him and make him think his wife had been faking it.

Getting out of the shower I dried Allie’s toned and tanned body off as well as her hair and made my way back into the bedroom. Using Allie’s mind I went over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of pink silk pajama pants and a matching pink tank top.

Setting myself back into bed I smiled as I curled up there in Allie’s bed in her body, in her clothes and smiled to myself. I closed my eyes and licked my lips and let out a deep sigh, “I think I will stay here just a little while longer.”