Insatiable Appetites

By Toxicallie

13 minute read -

“Allie! Come here!” Liz called out in her sing-song like voice. Liz was a pretty girl. She stood about 5’8”. Long brown hair that fell to her back. Deep green eyes. At 24 years old, she could pass for 19 if she tried. She was sitting on a bench in the park.

She was wearing a flowing orange dress that fell to her knees. It showed off her long legs that where one of her better features. Her legs had always been toned and lean. But that was because of her being on the track team throughout high school and college.

Her legs lead up to a nice firm backside. Another pro of her time on the being on the track team. She worked out to keep her body lean and in shape. Even though she was no longer on the track team and no longer played sports, she still wanted to be in physical shape for other reasons.

Her breasts were modest. At a B cup. Liz always wanting of bigger breasts, but by age 17, she didn’t care about that anymore.

It wasn’t the worst thing ever to Liz.

“What do you want?” Came the reply of Allie in her slightly scratchy voice. Like Liz, Allie was 5’8” and was more on the lean side. But unlike Liz, Allie was naturally thin and fit. Something that always made Liz jealous.

Allie had long flowing black hair and deep ice blue eyes. She didn’t have as long of legs or as nice and round an ass, but instead had large DD cup breasts. The one thing both girls had that they loved was their flat tummies.

Allie wore a tight black tank top and jogging shorts, as anytime the two girls went out together on occasions like this, they always wanted to be comfy and have clothing that could be picked up and stored away with ease.

Liz giggled and beckoned for Allie to come and sit down on the park bench next to her. Allie rolled her eyes at her older sister. Even though the two girls were only one year apart in age, they always seemed to get along.

Allie plopped down next to Liz and crossed her legs together. “What is it?” Allie asked her sister, hoping to get an answer this time.

“See those two women over there?” Liz said as she motioned with her head to a few yards away. Allie looked in the direction that Liz had made her gesture towards. Allie took stock of what she saw.

Sitting at a different park bench were two women. Older than the two sisters. One woman was blonde. Maybe 5’7”. She was slightly rounder than the other woman. Definitely not overweight, but had curves to her. No doubt from being a mom of more than one kid. Her breasts were large. Allie figured a triple D cup. Maybe larger. She was wearing a sun dress that was white with floral print. It fell below her knees. Modest. Her eyes were green and her face had signs of aging on it. But she was still pretty enough. Allie could tell her hips were wide and her thighs were juicy too. Her feet were adorned by white heeled sandals.

Turning her head away from the blonde woman, Allie looked over at the dark haired one. She was much leaner than her blonde friend. Taller too. Much taller. She had long black hair down to her mid-back. Dark brown eyes with arched eyebrows that gave her a slightly haughty look. Her breasts were large. Allie could swear they were triple D’s as well, but could be wrong. She wore a navy blue pantsuit. It looked to be expensive and probably symbolized that she was in a good paying job, or just wanted to look that way. She had on a pair of regular pair of black heels that hid her feet from site. Very professional. 
Both appeared to be in their mid to late thirties.

Turning to face Liz, Allie gave her a smirk. “You wanna?” Liz looked back at the two women. She looked over them. “Yes, but since I found them… I get to pick first!” Liz said as she smirked at her little sister. Allie shook her head. “Cheeky little bitch.” Allie said playfully as she gave Liz a slap on her arm.

Liz and Allie sat at the bench and observed the two women while not looking so obvious. They waited and hoped that one of them would get up and leave the other alone.

“Let me guess… You want the brunette?” Allie said to Liz as Liz was more focusing on the two women and waiting for the perfect opportunity. Liz just nodded as Allie threw herself back into the bench like a child. “Typical of you. But still, I don’t mind. A mount is a mount, as long as it wasn’t as bad as three months ago. Need I remind you.” Allie said with a foreboding tone in her voice.

Liz just glanced at her and shook her head in disgust. “How many times do I have to tell you, it was not my fault! I thought that she would be home at the time, but her friend was. Not like the bitch I was in knew herself.” Liz shot back as she turned back to the two older women.

Allie just made a face and looked down at the ground. “Well, it’s not like I always end up screwing you over.”

Liz turned slowly and gave Allie a death stare. “You are kidding me right?” Allie looked up at her big sister and smiled, “What?” Liz glared at Allie, “Don’t act all coy you cunt. Remember two months ago? You hopped me and gave your man an early birthday gift?” Liz said with a look of anger on her face.

Allie began to snicker and giggle. Liz gave her a harder glare. “It’s not funny!” Allie then began to laugh. “Well, it’s not like he minded, or you minded much after. Don’t forget you mounted me to be with him too.” Allie said and Liz’s face went soft.

Allie then turned her attention back to the other bench and her face straightened up. “Liz! Shit… The brunette is heading to the toilets. Go!” Liz then looked and saw the tall brunette heading to the toilets. Calmly getting up Liz made her way to the bathroom.

She turned back around to see Allie walking towards the blonde woman and gave her the thumbs up. Liz gave her the double thumbs up. Liz then turned her attention back to the direction she was heading. Which was to the raven haired beauty in the ladies’ restroom.

Entering the bathroom, Liz spotted the woman and was able to better make out her face. Her jaw was very well defined and strong looking, and her cheeks were high and sculpted. She had decently pouty lips. Her nose was thin and small, pretty average for a woman of a woman with her facial structure.

The woman was leaning over the sink and applying make-up to her face. Not that she needed any, but that was because the make-up she did have on was fine and did not need touching up. Liz decided to play it cool and walk over to a sink a few feet away and started to primp her hair and make sure she looked decent. Though in a few moments, she would be doing it again.

Suddenly a phone began to ring. The ringtone was not one that Liz recognized as her own and watched out of the corner of her eye as the woman next to her pulled her phone out of her purse.

It was a Blackberry. Liz saw that and scoffed. “Figures.” She muttered under her breath as the woman picked it up. She was babbling about some sort of corporate bullshit that really was of no interest towards concern towards. Since the nature of the woman’s job would not be a problem.

The woman sounded stuck up. Liz smiled to herself as this fact made all of what she was doing so much sweeter to her and gave her more reason to not feel bad for the woman.

Finally the raven-haired woman hung up the phone and threw it back into her purse and scowled down at the phone as if it had just offended her.

The woman then noticed Liz and gave her a fake smile. “Sorry you had to hear all that.” She said trying to sound sincere but didn’t come off that way at all. Liz just smiled back and shook her head. “Not at all.”

The woman smiled and then went back to her make-up. 
 Liz then figured that now was the best time as any and that waiting any longer would only result in not gaining what she was there for.

“It’s not as bad as what is about to happen to you.” Liz said as she stopped playing with her hair and glared at the woman who had dropped her lipstick in the sink and looked at Liz with an expression of pure fear and worry.

Liz then shot the woman a smile and with no warning what-so-ever, Liz began to charge at the woman.

As the woman tried to step out of Liz’s way, Liz extended her arms out to the side and caught the raven haired woman around her waist and wrapper her arms around her and drover her into the wall. The woman opened her mouth to yell, but Liz had anticipated that as she had placed her hand over the woman’s mouth.

The woman screamed although it did very little since Liz was muffling her. Liz then looked the woman straight in the eyes. Whereas Liz had a calm and collected look to her, the other woman had a look of panic in her eyes and began to dart her eyes around to see if anyone else would be able to help her.

Liz then smiled at her and watched in joy as the woman looked down at Liz’s hand that covered her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she saw the young girl’s hand appeared to be liquefying right before her very eyes.

This sent the woman into a fit of horror and she began to flail her arms and legs around and began to try and hit Liz’s hand away which did not work as her hand was completely liquid now.

Then the woman felt something flowing into her mouth and began to panic even more. She looked back down at the Liz’s arm and saw that her entire arm and shoulder were liquid as well. She tried to stop whatever was flowing into her mouth from continuing its journey but nothing would work.

She closed her eyes and began to pray to God to stop this horrible act from happening to her. But it was not going to be stopped. She reopened her eyes and saw that the Liz was now liquefied as well and watched as the girls’ clothes fell to the floor.

The liquid that Liz had turned into was flowing down the brunette’s mouth down to her throat. The woman had been kicking her legs at the girl in an attempt to get the girl off of her but all of a sudden, her feet stopped moving, but she didn’t cause that.
 The woman began to scream through the liquid that was once Liz that was now flowing into her mouth and causing her to lose control of her feet. Then her feet began to tap on the tiled floor as if impatient for something to be done, but she was not doing it.

At that moment the door to the bathroom opened and the sound of heels clicking could be heard. The woman began to feel as if God was answering her prayer and was even more happy as she saw her blonde haired friend walk in.

“Sara! Sara!” She called out through the liquid as she had now felt no control over her hips and stomach.

The blonde woman, Sara titled her head and gave her friend a curious look, unfazed by the site of goo trying to force its way down her friend’s mouth.

“Sara! What the fuck! Help me!” The brunette yelled through the liquid as she now had lost control of her hands as they had begun to run themselves up and down the woman’s curves and up to her breasts and gave them a squeeze.

Sara then gave her friend a quick smile and turned to face the mirrors. She turned her head to the side and glared and “Shut up Veronica.”

Veronica’s eyes went wide with horror as her best friend for 20 years had apparently no problem with what was happening to her. She threw her head to the side to try and force the goo out, but once again, it didn’t work.

Sara then turned her head back to the mirror and started to straighten up her hair and then scoffed as she looked down at her chest and brought her hands up to her large breasts and cupped them in her hands and held them up. “I can’t believe how big this bitch’s tits are.” Sara said which caught her friend’s attention.

Turning her head to face her best friend as best she could as she had no lost control of everything except for her neck and head. After hearing the last comment she made. She looked into the mirror over the sinks to look her friend in the face, and what she saw horrified her and made her almost not believe in God.

Sara’s white skin that covered her body stopped at a point at the tip of her chin and darkened to an olive color. Her cheeks were thinner and higher and her nose smaller and slightly upturned and didn’t stick out as much. Her eyes were no longer green but instead were an ice blue. Her face had all the makings of a young Latina girl.

The face belonged to Allie.

Sara then noticed her friend staring at her and smiled up at her from the mirror. “Don’t look so surprised. A girl just turned into liquid and is possessing you. This is nothing.” Allie said with Sara’s voice.

Veronica stared at her friend in shock as she watched as the young Latina girl’s face shifted and lightened up and reformed into the face of Sara.

Veronica then felt her legs start to walk towards the mirror under the control of the girl who had been the liquid flowing into her body. It was like water filling a pitcher, and Veronica’s body was the pitcher.

When Veronica reached the mirror she noticed that the goo was no longer visible and tried to scream but found her mouth not complying with her will. She watched with no hope left as her hands reached up and gave her tits a hard squeeze and her lips form into a smile. What happened next only made Veronica wish that she had not needed to fix her make-up.

Veronica’s mouth finally opened, and the woman felt a bit of relief as maybe she could scream. “Wow, this bitch definitely has a nice wrack. Good thing we were in the park Allie.” Veronica found herself saying as she learned the name of the person who had apparently done the same thing to Sara.

Allie, inside of Sara’s curvy and busty body smiled back and looked at Liz who had nearly full control of Veronica’s skin. “Well, I agree but for serious Liz? You should have been done already…”

Liz! That was the name of the girl who was possessing her body if what the faux Sara had said was the truth.

Veronica watched as the two women who possessed her and her friend continued talking but she could hear nothing, and reading lips was not her specialty. Then a wave of exhaustion hit Veronica like a ton of bricks. She had felt more tired than ever before. She closed her eyes and was going to attempt one last struggle.

Liz then stretched out and turned to her sister.

“Sorry Alz, I wanted to take my time with this one. She was talking loud on her little Blackberry and it got to me.” Liz said sincerely as she turned all around to inspect her new mount.

Allie scoffed as she turned around and stuck Sara’s large ass out and admired how round it was, “You always have an excuse for taking your time.” Liz then dropped a hand down to her crotch and gave it a quick squeeze as she bit her lip, “Yes, but unlike all the others…” She began, then in unison both sisters finished the sentence, “This one was valid.” After the both let out giggles.

Allie noticed that Liz’s face was still her own in her reflection. “Aren’t you gonna fix that?” Allie said as she pointed out the obvious to Liz.

Liz looked into the mirror and studied how her face looking sitting upon Veronica’s body. It surprisingly looked like it belonged there, but as the two sisters were very careful about not revealing themselves Liz sighed and watched as her face reformed into Veronica’s.

“Well it’s not every day you find a mount that your face fits.” Liz mused as she stuck out her tongue.

Then Veronica’s phone began to ring from inside her purse. Liz walked over and picked it up. The name on the caller ID said “Richard”. Scanning Veronica’s sleeping mind Liz found that Richard was her new husband.

She also found that Richard was a dick and was jealous of his wife being an executive to a large firm.

“Typical alpha male.” Liz spat in disgust.

Allie not fully paying attention as she was running her hands over Sara’s curves asked, “What was that?”

Liz hit the ignore button and ripped the battery out from the back of the cell phone and threw it into her purse. She then zipped up the purse and slung it over her should and took one last look in the mirror to make sure she looked good. Or as good as one can look after mounting a new skin for that matter.

“Nothing. It was this bitch’s husband.” Liz said as she mused over her skin.

Allie just nodded and said, “Oh.” She then went back to trying to decide what to do with her body and how to dress it. She then got an idea. “Hey Liz, wanna head to a club tonight?” Allie asked her older sister with a smile.

Liz thought about it and smiled. It had been a while since the two had gone to a club in mounts and it wouldn’t be so bad. Plus, she knows that a lot of younger men are into cougars now these days and Veronica was definitely that.

Probing Veronica’s mind once more Liz made her decision. “Hell yeah Allie! But we got to make one stop on the way. I need to pick out some new clothes for this sexy new skin of mine.”