Just Another Day in the Life of a Body Hopper

By Mister A

7 minute read -

The man sat in his parked car nursing his coffee. It was quite late, and the rain moistened street shimmered under the streetlights. He blew over the top of the cup, trying to cool his beverage down just enough to make it palatable. Even as he did so, his entire focus and attention was on the house just across the way. It wouldn’t be long now.

He had done his research. After a couple of weeks of observation, and some discreet information gathering, he had committed the owner of the house’s schedule to memory. It was late Sunday night, and Miss Audrey Sloan would be coming home any minute now.

She had caught his eye just two short weeks ago. Audrey Sloan was a young elementary school teacher. She wasn’t the most beautiful of women, but some quality about her had made her catnip to the man who now sat parked across the street from her home. She was a bit short, with light brown hair, sparkling eyes, and smooth white skin. She had a little bit of belly fat, and was in most respects a very average young woman, but her plain, pretty manner had captured the man’s attention. The stuffy young woman, modest to a fault, was just the sort of candidate the man was looking for. He was in the mood for a girl just like her.

Though Audrey was quite normal, the man who was waiting for her to return home after a weekend visit to her mother’s was not. He was about as far from normal as a person could get. He was a Body-Hopper.

A Body-Hopper is a man who has undergone a most bizarre metamorphosis. Their physiology has shifted in such a way as to bless them with startling abilities. With but a touch of flesh to flesh, their bodies dematerialize, flowing into the person they grasp. In a matter of moments they fade away, merging with their victim. The fusion allows them to take over the other person, resulting in their target’s body now being directed by the Body-Hopper’s mind. The unfortunate person’s form now bends only to the will to the Body-Hopper, directed by their whim only. The hopper feels all of the sensations of their new body. In effect, they become their mount. The victim’s consciousness slips into an unconscious, dream-like state. The now “mounted” hopper can mentally communicate with their victim’s dreaming mind, stealing their knowledge, memories, and skills along with their body.

The only way to spot a mounted person is through the use of technology, or a mirror. For some unknown reason, a fused hopper and mount appear differently on camera and in the reflection of a mirror. The body will look completely normal, but the victim’s facial features will have shifted into a duplicate of the Body-Hopper’s visage.

The psychology of a Body-Hopper is worth taking note of as well. Though all those encountered so far are men, all prefer to mount women. Their ability to body-hop seems to be tied in with their sex drive. All seem to be compelled to mount women they find attractive. The Body-Hopper will then glory and luxuriate in the feminine aspects of their victim’s life, taking perverse pleasure in dressing provocatively and behaving in a sensuous manner. Nearly all treat the women they mount as some kind of beast of burden, a vehicle of pleasure to tool around in for a while before discarding out of boredom. Though they are male, most hoppers go out of their way to use their “borrowed” bodies to have sex with as many different men as they can. The joys of a woman’s orgasm are a sensation they don’t seem to be able to get enough of. Most hoppers spend their mounted time in all manner of debauchery.

The Body-Hopper sat his coffee down in the cars cup holder as he became aware of a small automobile pulling into the driveway across the street. A smile crossed his lips as he watched Audrey Sloan step out of her car and walk up toward the front door of her house. The pretty young woman was dressed rather modestly, wearing khaki slacks, black flats, and a blue button-up shirt. Her hair was pulled back. The tired young woman carried her bag as she walked up to the door. In mere moments, she slipped into her home.

The smiling Body-Hopper waited a moment, sipped his coffee one last time, and stepped up and out of his car. Walking with a rather brisk pace, he strode up the driveway and around the back of Audrey’s home. Climbing up the back steps, the quiet, confident man knocked three times on the back door.

No doubt a little nervous due to the late hour, Audrey cautiously cracked open the back door. “Who is it? Do you have any idea what time it is?” She seemed quite impatient, probably anxious to get to bed after he long, late-night drive home. She held the door open only a few inches, trying to ascertain the intentions of her mysterious visitor.

“Hello there Audrey. Did you have a nice time at your mommy’s house?” The man asked, flashing the nervous woman a Cheshire grin.

“I-I’m sorry, do I know you…” she asked, squinting as she attempted to place the man’s features.

“No, I’m afraid you don’t know me from Adam my dear. But, that’s about to change. We’re going to become as close as two people possibly can.” With lightening speed, and Herculean strength, the average looking fellow pushed the door open, sending the surprised Audrey back on the floor. With a thud, the young woman landed on her soft little derriere.

Audrey screamed as the strange man lunged into her kitchen. As she scrambled backward, trying to crawl away from him in a blind panic, the man tackled her. The two wrestled and rolled on the slick kitchen floor, arms and legs flailing. The assault went from conventional to surreal in short order. The man’s form began to quiver and shift, as his body began to liquefy and flow. Even as Audrey struggled and kicked, the man’s body began to flow into her. His body oozed out of his clothing, flowing where his hands had grasped her bare skin.

Audrey felt a strange tingling fullness begin to flow into her. She felt it in her toes first, a strange electric warmth that began to flow upward from her extremities. Up her kicking legs and through her sex and body, Audrey felt an otherworldly rush as the sensation overwhelmed her. As the feeling flowed upward, her movements stopped. Despite her, her legs stopped flailing, refusing to respond to her motives. She felt the warmth all over, even as the man faded from sight. The last thing she was aware of was the warm sensation flowing up her neck and into her head. As she lay there on her back on the kitchen floor, Audrey’s vision went dark.

The young woman briefly went still as the man completely disappeared from sight. For moment, she lay their perfectly still, with his discarded clothing on top of her. After a bit, her eyes fluttered open. She slowly sat up, hand on her head. The young woman moaned.

A fiendish smile crossed her lips as she looked over her own body from her seated position. The Body-Hopper had taken up residence in poor Audrey. With her own hands, the hopper began to probe and feel the young woman’s body. The sensations of his previous male existence had been replaced by the wonderful world of Miss Audrey Sloan. The feel and sensation of her small female form had replaced what he had been aware of before. The man, no fully in possession of Audrey, used her delicate fingers to trace the outline of the pretty young woman’s thighs, breasts, and stomach. He laughed as his dainty new hands ran over the lovely little groove of Audrey’s crotch.

“A perfect fit if I don’t say so myself!” Though the voice was Audrey’s, the words were most definitely not.

The newly possessed young woman climbed up off of her floor and headed into the house. The hopper began to quiz Audrey’s sleeping mind, probing it for information.

“Why Audrey, what a boring little lady you are! We’ll have to do something about that!” he chuckled as he became aware of her memories.

With a cocky new sway to her walk, Audrey’s body walked into the house, stopping in front of a large mirror on the wall. Smiling as she caught sight of herself, she ran a hand through her hair. The reflected image was Audrey, but the face was definitely not her own. In the mirror, Audrey’s facial features had been replaced by the very male visage of the Body-Hopper who had mounted her. Her smooth skin blended into the rougher, manly face of her attacker.

“We’re going to have so much fun together Audrey.” he chuckled.

After a half an hour or rifling through Audrey’s wardrobe, the Body- Hopper finally hit upon an ensemble that met his approval. He had dressed his lovely new body in a small white top, one Audrey had always considered a bit too risque in fact, a jean skirt that he had successfully modified with a pair of scissors (if you’ve got the legs, show them girl!), and a fabulous pair of black stiletto boots.

The possessed Audrey strutted around the house a bit as the Body-Hopper gloried in his new girlish physique. Finding a camera and tripod, the Body-Hopper set them up on a timer. Posing as provocatively as possible, the fiend stood before the lens. It was a ritual of sorts for him. He’s mount a young lady, and snap off a few commemorative pictures for his album. He liked to have the photos as souvenirs of his little “excursions”.

After he took the last of his photographs, the man smiled and ran his new hands up and down the smooth skin of his new body. “Well Audrey, I do believe we’re going to make quite the team. Now, let’s go out there and find a torpedo or two for your tube!”

Smacking Audrey’s ass with her own hand, the hopper laughed as his clicking boots carried him out the front door and onto the town.