Loss of Control - Chapter 2

By Tobyredone

17 minute read -

I stopped the shower and dried myself off, only instead of keeping the towel, I just dropped it on the floor and walked naked back to Tyler’s room where I had a small bag packed for the weekend. I lived in an apartment closer to campus with three other girls, so when I visited Tyler, I usually just brought a change of clothes for the weekend, or some cute undies if Tyler was being good and I thought I should give him a treat.

I knelt naked in front of the bag, and pulled out a pair of bikini brief panties, a bra, another pair of jeans, and a plain white girl’s tee shirt. Tyler walked in and saw me kneeling there holding all of my clothes in a pile.

“Nice,” He said, not completely unlike a caveman admiring his next meal.

Instead of replying to him as I would have liked to, mainly by jumping up and punching his face, I instead stood up and posed for him a few times. I once again tried to move my body so that I could maybe cover something, but my arms and legs ignored their real owner.

Then I suddenly started pulling on my panties. Finally. After that came my jeans. Adrian was struggling to get my tight jeans up over my wide hips, but with a few hops he finally managed. Of course Tyler stood there watching my boobs bounce as I squeezed myself into my jeans. Right then and there I made an oath to never let him see me dress ever again.

After that I picked up my bra and looked at it with a confused look. “How the fuck am I going to get this thing on?” I asked Tyler.

He just shrugged at me, and I put my arms through the arm holes and began attempting to hook the bra strap together behind my back. Even with my flexible arms and nimble fingers Adrian was struggling with my bra.

“Can you give me a hand here?” I asked Tyler as I spun my back to him.

“The bra has you beat, huh?” He chuckled as I felt his hands began to work with the bra behind my back.

“Yeah, I don’t know how chicks do this every day.” I replied to him.

Easy, be smarter than the bra you retards. Put it on backwards and inside out, clip it, then spin it around and flip it up. This is just another example of how stupid men are. I thought to myself as I pulled my tee shirt over my head.

“Ok, let’s grab my purse and do some shopping.” I said with a smile to Tyler.

Wait. What?

“Wait, what?” Tyler asked, mirroring my own thoughts.

“Think about it. Have you ever seen something in the store you wanted Erika to try on, but she thought it was too slutty? Well not today. Or have you ever been shopping with her for shoes all day long, where she wants your opinion, and then when you get to the bikinis or lingerie she makes you wait outside? Not today my friend! And we have to stop at a porn shop. I want to get a vibrator. I have to try one before I’m done here.” I told Tyler.

No. NO. NO! I thought louder and louder, trying to scream at myself and hoping it would make him stop.

“Sweet.” Tyler replied.

That was all my boyfriend said. That’s it. Sweet. Sweet? I’ll show him sweet when Adrian is out of my body. He’ll get FAR more then SWEET!

Well, Adrian grabbed my purse and Tyler got the car and before long I was walking through the mall, arm and arm with my boyfriend. If anyone who knew me saw me, they’d think I was just out for a morning stroll at the mall with my boyfriend. I even had a glowing smile on my face as we walked the hallways.

“What about this one?” Tyler asked as he pointed to a shop that had mannequins standing in the window wearing short skirts and tight vests.

“Eh, not short enough. I want something that will let my ass cheeks hang out.” I replied.

Oh my god. I just said that in PUBLIC. People think that was ME. I’m going to kill him. I’m going to kill him with a dull spoon as slowly as possible.

We continued down until we came to a lingerie shop. Suddenly I tugged on Tyler’s arm, and pulled him into the shop.

I normally save thongs for dress pants where I don’t want panty lines. Not Adrian. He seemed to love them. He grabbed about a dozen of them and headed for the changing room. I stood there as I watched him rip my pants off and try thong after thong. Occasionally Tyler would toss another pair over the door for me to try on. I would pull them on and then open the door. I would model them for him, turning this way and that, bending over, spreading my legs shoulder width apart. The boys were definitely having fun with me here.

Finally it was time to check out. I wanted to blush so badly at the register as the lady rang up all my purchases. The boys had picked out ten different pieces of lingerie for me, and not one of them was decent. Hell, one was even crotchless. The lady gave me a look out of the corner of my eye as she scanned that one, and in response Adrian made me smile and reply, “Tyler just loves to bang me from behind while I’m wearing those.” The sales lady didn’t even bat an eye about the fact that I had gotten all front clasp bras. That was the least odd thing that I had picked out in this store.

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. But my body just kept standing there and smiling with one leg crooked to the side. Finally it came time to pay, and Adrian pulled my credit card out of my purse! He was ruining me, and he was going to make me pay for it myself! He handed it to the girl, who scanned it, and then handed me a piece of paper to sign. After I signed it she looked at it. It looked nothing like my signature, but she didn’t care.

“Thanks!” She said in a fake-happy high pitch tone, and with that Tyler and I started to walk out of the store. He had a big shit eating grin on his face that I wanted to wipe off with my fist, but I couldn’t. In fact, I had a grin on my face that was every bit as big.

Next we found a store full of tiny skirts and smaller shirts. Adrian once again wandered around the store with my body under his full control and picked every slutty piece of clothing he could find.

He then headed to the changing room with me, and didn’t come out until he had me in a pink silk thong that he had picked out in the previous store, a stretchy black micro skirt that barely covered my ass cheeks and a midriff baring white tank top over a pink push up bra that matched the thong. As I stood there in front of the mirrors I could plainly see the pink bra through the thin shirt. I was mortified. I looked like a complete slut.

“Hey look what I found!” Tyler said as he came around the corner holding a box.

I opened up the box and I could feel Adrian pulling my face into a grin as I mentally pleaded with him to stop.

“I even know her size because she drags me shoe shopping all the fricken time.” Tyler said in a mock-exhausted tone.

You said you liked to spend time with me, jerkface. I thought mentally, but it did no good.

I sat down on a small stool in the changing room with my legs spread wide as I yanked on the knee high black leather boots with a four inch stiletto heel. I had some trouble standing back up, but this time Tyler rushed to my side. What a gentleman, helping his body-stolen hooker-look-a-like girlfriend to her feet. Men.

I turned this way and that, inspecting myself in the three mirrors that were opposite me on the wall. I grabbed my breasts and roughly shook them, then turned and stared at my backside. I shifted my weight back and forth on my legs a few times, apparently watching how it made my toned legs and ass move.

“I am one sexy bitch.” I said out loud.

“Hell yes you are.” Tyler replied to me.

Ugh. I said mentally in my head.

“Let’s go find another outfit, you can pick it this time,” I told my boyfriend.

He nodded and I followed him out of the changing area with all my bags in my hands. We paid for my latest purchases and headed out to find another store. Well, I should say I paid for my new purchases with another hit on my credit card. I no longer wanted to kill Adrian with a dull weapon. I now wanted to burn him alive, starting with his dick.

Adrian was having a small amount of difficulty walking in the large heels, and with his hard steps he was making my boobs jiggle so much I could actually feel people staring at me. I could also feel the micro skirt slowly working its way up as my legs scissored back and forth. I wanted to tug it down, but I knew any attempt I made to move my body was completely futile. I was stuck as a passenger, and Adrian was firmly behind the steering wheel, and to make matters worse, the tiny patch of smooth silk between my legs was starting to heat up my pussy.

We headed into another shop and true to male form, the outfit my charming boyfriend picked out for me to wear was a naughty school girl’s uniform. What is it with men and school girls? I could slap Britney Spears for putting that in her music videos and adding fuel to the fire. I mean, are all men secretly pedophiles? They not only want women to scoot around in demeaning high heels, but do it while dressed up as school girls with shaved pussies? Am I the only one that has a problem with this?

As I was busy thinking that all men were scum I found myself teetering on my heels on the way up to pay for the school girl uniform. As I got to the counter I saw the check out girl standing there in a black version of the uniform Adrian and Tyler were buying for me. She had piercings everywhere, at least three tattoos that I could see, and a bored look on her face. Her hair was jet black and pulled back in two pigtails, and she was wearing way too much black make up for my tastes.

“Nice choice. I like it better in black though.” The girl said to me. As if I would ever be caught dead in this uniform once I’m back to being just me. I thought in response. I couldn’t believe she didn’t mind just standing there in that uniform while boys looked at her like a piece of meat.

But of course, Adrian had a different response, and it came out my mouth, “Yeah, I’d totally get the black one, but my boyfriend likes this one better. And if I get this one, it will only be on for a few moments anyway. That’s a great nose piercing. Where did you get it?”

“Down at the Piercing Palace. It’s in the middle of the mall, past the food court, you can’t miss it.” She replied as she scanned my purchases and took my still smoking credit card from my outstretched hand.

“Will they do piercings anywhere on the body?” I asked her sweetly.

I went cold with terror on the inside. Piercing! NO!

After signing again for my purchases with the world’s sloppiest penmanship, I took my new bag containing my new school girl outfit and started walking out of the store. Adrian was quickly learning how to walk in heels, which meant he may be a touch smarter than I usually give him credit for.

I, or I should say Adrian, then noticed that Tyler was not by my side. I looked back to see him still gawking at the goth check out girl. Even with the slut girlfriend of his dreams, he is still busy checking out other girls. Men.

“Dude.” I said plainly and held out my hands.

That snapped him out of it, and he rushed to catch up with me.

We continued walking through the mall and Tyler asked, “Are you really going to get a piercing?”

“I don’t think so. I bet it would hurt. I still feel everything that happens to her, remember?” I replied. Oh thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. I couldn’t believe I was actually mentally sending out thanks to Adrian for not making me get a piercing.

“Damn. It’d be hot to get Erika’s nipples pierced.” Tyler said with a chuckle, and my body laughed in return.

Adrian dies by fire to the testicles. Tyler dies by being the first person chopped to death with a finger nail clipper. I thought to myself.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked Tyler sweetly. That made me worry.

“I dunno, you?” He replied.

“Sex. I’m way fucking horny after walking around in this stuff all day. I get to see everything, like the ultimate peeping tom, but I also get to feel everything too. This little silky thong is drenched.” I told my boyfriend loud enough that I think a few other people heard that last part. Yup, right in front of me an older couple turned to stare… I’m so embarrassed.

“Ok, let’s head for the car, and we’ll go back home.” Tyler said as he pulled the keys out of his pocket.

“I can’t wait that long. Let’s find an empty hallway.” I replied as calmly as if I were talking about the weather.

Tyler shrugged and pointed to a side hallway that was used as an emergency exit while I mentally attempted to stop my body. It was like pushing against a freight train, but I just had to try. I kept mentally trying to stop or slow my body down, but it didn’t seem to be having any effect as I continued my walk to the empty hallway. Adrian was swaying my hips and the outfit I was in was definitely having an effect on Tyler. I made quick glances left and right as we ducked into the hallway and walked back to a zig in the walls that gave us a very tiny amount of shelter from prying eyes. It was probably originally put in for vending machines, but due to the lack of foot traffic, they were taken out.

I turned and pushed Tyler into the small area and up against the wall as I dropped my shopping bags at my heeled feet. I traced one hand down the front of his shirt and grabbed his belt. I quickly undid it, and then dropped to my knees and looked up at his face.

I could feel Adrian making my face into a pout, and I slowly pulled down on the zipper of Tyler’s jeans, then said, “Can Mister Pecker come out and play? I haven’t seen him in so long.” I said in a voice that I would normally never use. I did not beg for cock. Cock begged for me.

Tyler’s dick was straining against his boxers, ready to be let out. Instead of undoing anymore of his clothes, I just reached in and pulled his dick out of his boxers and his fly and then got back up to my feet.

“You want some of this?” I asked as I slowly spun around in front of Tyler, my hands running up the sides of my body from my thighs to my waist, up over my breasts, past my neck, and through my hair. I then struck a naughty little pose in front of him.

“Hell yes.” Tyler replied breathlessly as he drank in my body with his eyes. From the look of utter lust in his eyes I actually thought for a second that I must look pretty damn good.

Then I was quickly snapped back into the reality of the situation. I was hot, but a slut hot. I reached down and simply tugged my skirt up around my waist. The stretchy material collected there like a thick belt. I looked down at the pink triangle of material covering my little pussy and used my thin graceful fingers to pull it down about six inches and let it sit there between my thighs.

“Let’s get you inside me then,” I said and turned around so that I was facing the opposite wall. I then bent over at my waist and took two unsteady and tiny steps backward until I felt the head of Tyler’s fully extended dick touch my inner thighs. I felt his hands grasp at my thin waist and help position my body as he lined his dick up with the sopping hole between my legs.

“Oooooooh,” I groaned as I felt the head of his prick spread my self-lubricated pussy lips apart. I felt the ridge on the head of his dick enter me, and despite the situation, I enjoyed it. I do enjoy sex, don’t get me wrong, just not like this. Tyler used a few pumps to get his shaft lubed up with my juices, and then he picked up the pace.

I was using my knees and pivoting my hips in time with Tyler’s thrusts up inside of me. I started to grasp at my own breasts as we continued to fuck in the side hallway of the mall. As the pace continued I would occasionally let out a small gasp or moan as Tyler filled my cunt with his sausage.

Adrian was moving my head around like a bobble head doll and it was starting to annoy me. My eyes would close so that he could concentrate on the feeling of Tyler fucking me, and when he wasn’t doing that he was looking back over my shoulder, or staring at my boobs, which was stupid because they were hanging on my chest. There was no reason to check them out, they would always be there.

I was worried someone would see or hear us. Adrian, using my voice, was starting to let out groans that were getting louder and he was leaning forward enough that my head and shoulders were out past the corner of our little secluded sexing area.

And then, just like I feared, I heard a voice from down the hallway.

“What’s going on down there? Oh my god is someone doing it down there?” I heard a strangely familiar voice.

I started to giggle, and pressed back harder against Tyler, which he mistakenly took as me wanting to be fucked harder, and really started railing into me. To my horror, instead of leaning up and back against Tyler, I let out an even louder and more impassioned moan, “OOOOOoooooooohhhhh yes.”

Of course. It’s not like Adrian was getting caught, I was. I could tell from the smile on my face that he was enjoying every moment of my public escapade. I wanted to run. I wanted to escape. I wanted to melt into the floor to hide. I wanted to at least get Tyler’s dick out of me and stand up straight before someone caught us.

But it was too late and about to get worse.

“Oh my god is that you Erika?” Asked a feminine voice.

I looked up and saw one of my roommates looking at me. I didn’t even stop riding Tyler’s cock. Adrian actually made me continue sliding up and down Tyler’s shaft for two more thrusts. I was right on the edge, and he wanted to make sure he got what he was trying for before he stopped. My pussy clenched as I felt tremors run through my body, up my back and out my legs, arms, and I could swear I even felt it through my hair.

My face flushed in the afterglow of an orgasm. A horribly unwanted but exceptionally great orgasm. I had never felt anything like it before.

“Oh my god it is you!” My roommate Becky said.

My mouth opened to say something just as Tyler let out a small “unfff,” and I felt him start to release inside of me.

“Ooooh… Hi… I’m sorta… ooooh he’s… I’m in the middle… he’s still filling me… oooh that’s good.” I said as Tyler’s dick finally stopped leaping around inside of me while coating my womb with his thick and sticky cum.

And then I slowly stood myself straight up and felt Tyler’s dick pull out of me with a quiet slurping sound. I looked up at the girls that had crashed my public sex session and smiled at them like I had just won the lottery.

“Now that I can concentrate, where were we? Oh yeah, hi! How’s it going ladies?” I asked them as Adrian pretended to be me in front of my friends.

“Not as well as you, apparently,” Becky said with a sly smile as she looked down at my glistening thighs and my silk thong, which Adrian still had not bothered to pull up.

“I just can’t get enough of Tyler’s dick, you know that,” I said in a far to chipper voice as I tilted my head and sounded like a complete bimbo.

“Oh, this must be Tyler. I’ve heard so much about you but never met you,” Becky said as she waved to Tyler, who was busy tucking himself back in and zipping up his fly. He held his hand out, but Becky shook her head no and made a grimace as she looked at his hands.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Tyler said sheepishly.

“Oh, and this is my friend Erin.” Becky said and motioned to the other girl that was openly gawking at me.

“Uh… hi. Sorry we interrupted you.” She said in an amused tone.

I wanted to rip the catty little grins off both of their faces and then use their mouthless bodies to beat Adrian and Tyler to death with, but unfortunately I could only simply watch, hear and feel what was happening to me.

“Oh, it’s not a problem, but if you’ll excuse us, we have to get going. There is an adult toy store that I want to hit up before it closes and it’s all the way on the far side of town.” I told my roommate and her friend.

I then pulled the tiny pink silk thong up my shiny thighs and over my cum leaking slit as the two girls and Tyler stood there watching me, then adjusted my barely decent skirt back down over my ass cheeks and pussy. It didn’t even come close to covering my shiny thighs. I smiled, waved and blew the girls a kiss as I started to walk off, shaking my hips unnecessarily as I went back down the hallway.

Tyler quickly caught up with me. I could hear the girls giggling and talking behind me as I continued my march away from them. I couldn’t believe that just happened. I wished it didn’t. This had to all be some horrible dream that I will wake up from soon. Some nightmare induced from too much vodka and bad frozen pepperoni pizza. Yeah, that’s it. I’m going to wake up soon and be cuddled up next to Tyler in his bed and I’ll be able to tell him about this absolutely crazy dream that I had.

“That was amazing, dude. Best sex I’ve had in a while.” Tyler told me… or did he tell Adrian?

“Yeah, it felt pretty good from my side too,” I replied to him… or at least my body did.

“Are we really going to the porn shop?” Tyler asked with hopeful curiosity.

“Oh yeah man. I want to see how big of a rubber cock I can shove up this little snatch while it’s mine.” I told him and then let out a small girly giggle afterwards as if that would make my comment more ladylike and less like an absolute slut.

“Only if I get to take pictures.” Tyler replied and made a motion with his hand like he was working a camera.

“Oh you know it.” I replied, then reached up and gave both of my nipples a hard painful pinch through my shirt and bra.

Ouch! Oh shit. I pinched myself and I’m not waking up. This isn’t a dream. I really have to stop this somehow, I thought as my body walked out of the mall carrying my new slut clothes on my way to buy a huge dildo after fucking my boyfriend in public. Ugh.