Milk Man

By Tobyredone

13 minute read -

There is this joke. Maybe you heard it. It goes like this:

It’s a milk man’s last day before retirement. As he goes about his route people are telling him good bye, and giving him gifts, until he comes to one house in particular. A gorgeous woman he often chatted with opens the door. Without a word she grabs his hand, takes him inside and gives him the best sex of his life, then gives him a dollar and sends him on his way.

As he walks out the door, but before the woman closes it, he turns and asks, “Why?” She responds, “I told my husband it was your last day, and asked him what we should give you for a gift. He told me, ‘Fuck him. Give him a buck.’ So I did. Hope you liked it!”

Well, you see, I was the inspiration for that joke. Oh, sure I see you looking at me. I’m a thirty five year old guy. I’m obviously too young to be a retiring milk man. I’m not wearing a wedding ring, so it couldn’t have been my wife. Would you believe I was the wife? I’ll tell you how it really happened.

You see I’m a body hopper. What is that? It’s a man that can enter another person’s body. I turn into a kind of liquid, and flow in through any opening, or even skin. Once I’m in someone their mind kind of shuts down. I’m in complete control, but their memories are still there, kind of like files in a computer, and I can open them and look at them. It pretty much means I can impersonate them perfectly, if I wanted to. To all onlookers there is no change. Unless a person looks at me in a mirror, or on a picture, or something, in which case they would see my normal face on a different person’s body. It’s a trip!

So, anyways, I was out walking in a park on a rather lovely Sunday afternoon minding my own business while looking at the trees, flowers, and people. I had been without a mount (what we hoppers call the people we possess) for over two weeks and I was definitely in the mood. It wasn’t for lack of trying to find a mount, either. I just couldn’t seem to find one that I thought was my type. But I was past that now, I just wanted some quick sex, and then I’d be over it for a bit and I could continue my search for a longer term body.

I suddenly saw her running by me. She was perfect. She was a complete sex kitten. She had a long pile of brown hair pulled back into a pony tail which was swishing back and forth with her long strides. Her small spandex shorts and sports bra left little to the imagination and showed how hard she worked to keep her body in shape. The bra also managed to show off her impressive chest as her breasts bounced with each step. I almost began salivating right then and there.

I see you looking at me strangely again. I’m going to assume it’s because you wonder why a red blooded male like myself would want to take over the body of a chick. Well I have an answer for that as well. You see I’m all about the sex, like I said before. And women can not only have multiple orgasms, but it’s far easier for a chick to get laid then a guy most days. All a woman has to do is show a bit of interest and the next thing you know a line of men are ready to go with there pants around there ankles. Also you not only get the female orgasm, but it’s also a lot like watching a porno from the inside. You feel everything, and the chick does every nasty little thing you want to see, because you are in control of the chick.

Anyway, back to my story. So I started to follow her, and then realized I was in danger of loosing sight of her. I moved up my speed from a walk to a steady jog, but tried to stay far enough away that she wouldn’t realize anyone was following her. I followed her twice around the park and was about to give up when she began to jog down a street. I was pretty winded as I’m not in the best shape, but I decided to try and stay with her for just a bit longer. Luckily for me she didn’t live far from the park.

I watched her run up to a house, and around and into a garage door. At that point I sat down on the grass at the end of her street as I knew I was in no condition to follow her in and try and mount her while catching my breath.

After about ten minutes I was breathing normally again, and I got to my feet and continued down the street. I walked into the house using the same door that she had, it was still unlocked. As I walked into a rather clean kitchen I heard the noise of a shower running down a hallway from where I was. I smiled as I knew the sound of the water would cover my entrance until it was too late for the poor girl.

I crept down the hallway until I was outside the door the shower sound was coming from. I quietly opened the door and snuck in. I looked at the silhouette her body made against the white shower curtain and an evil smile found its way onto my lips. I made my way over to the edge of the bathroom, ripped the curtain open and as the startled woman dropped her washcloth and bar of soap I grabbed her face with both my hands.

I did this for two reasons. First, if I have my hands over her mouth it muffles any screams my intended victim can make. Second, the typical female reaction is to scream for help, and when they open their mouth good and wide it makes for an easy entry point for me into the body.

This girl was no different. Her muffled scream let me know that this would be an easy hop. I felt my body change, and noticed it felt weird to be a flowing liquid going up and into her mouth while the shower water was coursing down her body. I quite suddenly was in control of her. I felt the shapely legs, and rubbed my new inner thighs against each other gently as I marveled at how lovely it made my stolen pussy feel just a tiny bit about them. I ran my new slim hands down my shoulders, over my round breasts, and down my trim waistline until they too were on my inner thighs. I could feel my long wet hair sticking to my new neck and back. I blinked my new eyes and smiled as I looked over my new body.

I looked quickly into her memory and noticed she had already cleaned herself. I looked down and noticed a well trimmed patch of pubic hair, and decided that needed to go, so instead of shutting off the water as she had been about to do, I instead grabbed her shaving cream and razor and quickly and efficiently gave myself a completely bald little pussy.

I stepped out of the shower, and grabbed a towel. I quickly dried my body, and soaked up a bit of the water that was in my hair. I left the towel on the floor of the bathroom, and walked around my new house completely naked, still dripping a little bit here and there.

It was an impressive house. I could tell this woman had found a husband who worked hard to keep her in a good lifestyle. I walked around until I found what must have been there bedroom, and began to go through the drawers to find some clothes.

I could just look into her sleeping unconscious mind and get any information that I wanted, but I wasn’t going to be in this body that long. I didn’t care what her name was. She was just a cheap suit to be worn for the day, and discarded much like the towel I had left behind in the bathroom.

I found a pair of lacey blue panties that I knew would look sensational on her, and then found a short white summer dress. I knew at once that this dress was my choice. Not only because it would breathe well in the heat, but also because it would come off fast when I found someone to fuck.

I went back to the bathroom and took out the woman’s blow dryer and a brush, and quickly and efficiently dried her hair. I left it down, and slightly messy, but once again, I didn’t care, I knew her body alone would get me what I wanted. I then put on a bare minimum of make up. A little mascara and a small amount of pink lipstick. Good enough.

I headed downstairs, and thought about taking her car out to find someone when the door bell rang. I spun around and headed to answer it. I opened the door to find a man in a white uniform standing there. He had two containers of milk in his hands, which he held out for me.

I looked at him questioningly. Where I grew up you couldn’t even get milk delivered to your door. He sensed my hesitation, and tried to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Well, here you go Mrs. Riha. It’s the last milk I’ll be delivering here. My replacement’s name is Ronnie. I’m sure he’ll take care of you just as well as I have.” The man said to me as he set the milk down on the floor inside the door.

“Last day?” I asked as I cocked my eyebrows.

“Yeah, I’m retiring today, remember?” he asked me.

The woman’s memories were there, but she had a lot of them with the milk man, and instead of filtering through them, seeing as I didn’t really care, I just nodded at him, and then gave him a predatory smirk.

I then said, “I haven’t given you your present yet. I hope you have enough time,” and with that I reached up and pulled my dress to either side of my fabulous stolen tits.

I wasn’t certain if his bulging eyes were locked on my tits, or my protruding nipples were locked on his eyes, but which ever way it went, he was enjoying the sight. So to enhance the effect I reached down and grabbed the hem of my short dress and brought one hand up and left the other one down, giving him a preview of my blue lacey panties.

“Wha- What’s going on?” He stammered out, his eyes still locked on my tits.

I pulled the hem of my dress up and over my head in one fluid motion. Before he could say another word it was nothing but a small white puddle on the entrance way floor next to my feet, and I was standing there in nothing but my blue undies.

“You like?” I asked.

He swallowed and began nodding furiously as I reached out and grabbed the front of his white shirt and yanked him to me. He didn’t resist in the slightest, and I used one petite hand to reach up behind his head and pull his face to mine, while the other hand went for his belt buckle, and started to undo his pants.

A few moments later he suddenly pulled back and said, “I don’t think I can do this.”

“I’m certain you can. Unless you need Viagra, in which case I have some in the medicine cabinet upstairs.” I replied.

“No, I mean have sex with someone’s wife, and cheat on mine.” He told me.

“You’re going to turn this down?” I asked, as I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties, and slipped them off, letting them fall around my feet. I then spread my legs to show him my bald and already dripping pussy.

I climbed onto a long thin table that was by the entrance way of the woman’s house and leaned forward using my knees and elbows to brace myself. I winked at him, and leaned forward to gently tease his dick with one of my manicured fingers. That was all the convincing he needed, and without another word he took two steps forward as his dick freed itself from the confines of his pants.

I began licking it and gently suckling it and felt it fill in my mouth to its full size and rather impressive girth. I leaned my head forward to make certain my long hair fell far enough forward to tickle his abdomen, as I always loved it when bitches did that to me. Soon he was as large and hard as I thought he would get so I sat back, and spun around.

“Get that monster in my cunt now!” I told him.

He nodded quickly, and I brought my ass up to the edge of the table and lifted one leg, giving him a nice easy path to my fuckhole. He brought the large head of his dick up to my lips, and began to gently work his way in, but I was in no mood for a gentle session of love making.

I wanted to get fucked. I wanted to get fucked hard and now.

I used my hips to ram my pussy the rest of the way down on his penis, and called out, “Oh fuck yes. Fuck my cunt! Yes, fuck me harder!”

I don’t think he was use to this woman swearing or screaming, as I felt him hesitate just for a moment with his thrusts, but as I kept on ramming myself down on his pole, he decided to just keep going at me.

I closed my eyes and let out a long sigh as he brought his dick all the way out of my pussy and hesitated while he said, “You want this you filthy bitch?”

“Yes, give it to me, give me all of it in my tight little cunt.” I replied back to him, and he stabbed his entire meat sword inside me.

I began screaming loudly, and working my hips. The knick knacks that were littering the table top I was using began to sway and tip over, some even falling off as our elicit activity continued to get more and more harsh.

Finally, I felt it. It washed over me like a tidal wave, starting from my stolen little pussy, and moving out in waves, coursing through my entire feminine body. Down my thighs, and quivering legs to the tips of my toes, up my thin waist, through my chest, as my tits quaked like jello, up my neck, down my arms, and echoing through my small head, and it even felt like down to the ends of my hair. I loved having female orgasms crash over me. It’s a full body experience.

Just as the waves in my small frame were dying down, I opened my eyes to see the milk man’s face contort in pleasure, and I felt him spurt his cum inside my hot little box. I loved the feeling. His seed was spilling out into my vagina as his dick pulsed with every thrust.

I dropped my leg suddenly, as even in this toned and well maintained body, the sex took it’s toll on my muscles. As I dropped the leg, the milk man’s dick came out of my vagina with a small popping sound. It was shrinking back to it’s usual size, and the man was of no more use to me.

I slowly climbed down from the table and pulled the sweaty hair out of my face. I looked up at him and smiled as I said, “That was great, and I hope you enjoyed your retirement present as much as I did giving it to you, but you should leave now.”

I then walked to the door, swaying my hips as I took the steps, and loving the feeling of our mixed juices leaking down my legs. I got to the door, opened it up fully, and pointed to the driveway, with no expression on my face.

The milk man started to say something, but I held up one hand and shook my head, and again pointed out the door. My body temperature was still high from the sex we had just had, and the outside air was cool on my exposed skin, especially were it was covered in leaking cum on my thighs.

Finally, the milk man tucked his dick back into his pants, zipped and buttoned them, and walked out the door, shooting me a curious look as he walked by me on the way to his truck, which sat, still running in the driveway.

I closed the door the moment his feet where clear and looked around at my clothes on the floor, and the small items that had fallen off the table from our fucking. I even saw a bit of a stain on the red table cloth that covered the table.

I smiled and lay down on the floor. I was done with this chick. I began to exit her body. I then stood up and walked to the shower to retrieve the clothes I had been wearing before I found her, as I didn’t want to head back out into the world naked.

After I had dressed and left the house through the back door, I wondered what the woman’s husband would think when he found his passed out wife who had obviously been fucked hard lying on the floor by two gallons of milk.