New Beginnings - Chapter 1

By Mocs

8 minute read -

Josh stood on the street corner alone and dejected, as another miserable night reached another uneventful and lonely conclusion. Making his way home through the truss and turmoil of turgid large crowds, he fought his way along the streets to reach his modest home. Contemplating what he needed to change in his life, his mind kept coming back to one thing; he wanted someone to be with. Josh didn’t consider himself an ugly man in either appearance or personality, but he couldn’t seem to find someone. Maybe he just wasn’t looking in the right place, or maybe he wasn’t forceful enough.

Josh was brought out of his brooding as he rounded the corner right before his apartment. The streets were dreary, fitting his mood perfectly. The neighborhood bore marks of age and wear. Josh made his way through the small traps of puddles that sat in the sidewalk from rain days past though some of holes were still calf height in depth.

Josh looked up at the imposing building that he lived in. He wasn’t sure how tall it was exactly but it was at least thirty stories. As he opened the door he noticed a young woman coming out of the building at the same time and he held the door for her as she brushed past without giving thanks or even acknowledgement.

As the woman walked away Josh decided that if she wasn’t going to at least say thanks, he would give her an evil stare as she trotted off. She was quite a good looking woman. She was apparently somewhere in her mid-twenties. She wore a white shirt with short blue sleeves that stopped well above covering her stomach, and unzipped just far enough to show the faintest amount of cleavage. Her hair was long and straight with part of it cascading down to her breasts, and the bulk of it gathered behind her neck. Her facial features were that of a Latin woman with full lips that glistened with pink lip gloss to complement her complexion. She wore jeans that were tight enough to make a man wonder how she got them on, but they displayed her legs and nice full rear end perfectly.

Josh was snapped out of his evaluation of this woman as she turned around and gave him a knowing stare, the kind that made it seem that the woman was aware of what he was doing behind her back. Being nonchalant as Josh could muster with his now broken confidence; he turned to go inside and nearly ran into someone else. Josh muttered some apologies without looking at the person and made his way up to his apartment.

The next few hours were fraught with danger, the danger of growing so bored that Josh thought his heart might quit. Routine was the way that Josh would describe this night. That was until he heard a knock at the door. Josh never had any visitors and anytime that he heard a knock at the door it frightened him, as he never knew when some thug might decide to break into his home and do god knows what.

As he rushed to the kitchen as silently as he could the unknown person knocked again. Josh grabbed the largest kitchen knife he had, and slid it behind his back. His gait changed due to the knife, but he made it to the door as the third knock was struck.

Peering through the peephole Josh’s breath caught in his throat as he saw the woman from earlier standing outside his door. She was staring up at the peephole as if she could see him.

A muffled, “Hello?” came through the door from the woman.

Josh opened the door, forgetting to take the chain off it, and causing it to rebound and crash closed. Taking a step back in alarm Josh scolded himself for his cowardice and undid the chain as he re-opened the door.

The woman stood there, dressed as she was before except without her glasses. She stood shorter than him and by his estimate she was about five foot six. He made sure to not allow his eyes to wander as he didn’t want to upset this woman while she was standing directly in front of him.

She gave him a slight smile as if she knew the restraint he was showing. She opened her mouth and said, “Hi, we bumped into each other earlier. I remembered it, and felt like I was terribly rude. I wanted to come up and say I was sorry.” She gave him what he assumed was her most winning smile.

Coming back to himself Josh replied, “Oh it was nothing. I don’t do that sort of thing for the thanks. I do it because it’s the right thing to do.” Sure he had felt a bit angry when she was so cold earlier, but he had only been looking for some sort of acknowledgement, even a quick glance would have been sufficient.

“Well”, she said with a small glimmer in her brown eyes, “Would you mind if I came in and we could become more acquainted with each other?” She put her hands behind her back and stretched in such a way that her bosom was thrust towards him, almost like she was trying to show off her cleavage.

Josh reined in his excitement, and started rationalizing what was going on here. Was this some sort of trap this woman was looking to spring upon him? What could she actually be planning, seeing as how she had only seen him for a few moments earlier today, and that meeting wasn’t exactly friendly? Although how bad could it be, no one had forced their way in and was trying to bash out his brains…

Josh moved aside and allowed her to come in as he suddenly remembered his manners and said, “My name is Josh, and what is yours?”

The woman strode into Josh’s apartment cocking her hips slightly with each stride as she glanced up at him and replied, “Kris is my name, pleasure to meet you Josh.”

She walked in a fashion that had sensuality to it. She went to his couch and plopped down kicking her feet up on the coffee table as she looked at Josh and asked, “Do you have any beer or anything with liquor in it?”

Josh did have beer, but this woman was being really forward with him. He usually drank to forget his pathetic life for a short while. He again wondered what the woman’s intentions were and decided to go along with it as he didn’t have anything else planned, and at least this was human contact.

Josh started towards the kitchen and said, “I have a few different beers, what would you prefer? I have Guinness, Newcastle, and some other assorted ones.”

Kris shrugged and left the decision to Josh. Getting a beer for himself and Kris, Josh sat down on the couch leaving ample space between him and Kris. Being too forward would probably kill any chance he had to get to know this woman better.

Josh turned on the TV and offered the remote to Kris, so that she could put on whatever she wanted to. She nodded and went through all the channels until happening upon a football game. Yet another peculiar trait of this woman, she was attractive and interested in sports Josh thought to himself.

As the football game went on Kris downed a lot of beer. Josh had gotten up several times to get more drinks and by his count she had drank at least nine or ten cans. Josh’s mind was slightly fuzzy because he had tried to keep up with her, but one thought stuck out. Shouldn’t this woman be worried about getting intoxicated at a stranger’s house? Wasn’t this the perfect mix to end up raped, or dead? But defying logic she sat there and seemed barely effected by the beer.

The night wore on as Josh and Kris watched TV and drank. Josh didn’t have to wake up early tomorrow as he was off, but he was feeling tired. Getting up and heading to the bedroom Josh said, “Feel free to sleep on the couch but I’m going to go to bed. If you need anything my bedroom is right here.”

Kris was engrossed in some action movie that she had just put on and nodded without breaking her attention.

Going to the bathroom Josh brushed his teeth and did all of his other nightly rituals to get ready for bed. Josh climbed into the bed and underneath the covers, his mind racing from the night’s events. It was a pleasant evening, but it felt more like one that was spent with a good friend than with a potential girlfriend or lover. Still he found drawn to Kris despite the fact that she was quite the unusual woman. Josh’s thoughts drifted as he yawned and snuggled into his blankets more deeply. Sleep was upon him in moments.

Josh was having a great dream about having sex with a non-descript woman, she whispering into his ear some incomprehensible gibber. Suddenly Josh was pulled out of his dream to a sharp pain, as his nipple was tweaked hard. His eyes shot open to find a dark silhouette above him, his body no longer covered by the blanket. Regaining his senses, he could feel his dick in something soft and wet. Josh looked down to as he felt and saw the shape bouncing up and down on his dick, and as his eyes adjusted to the dark and he could see a tiny amount better he could just make out Kris’ face.

As Kris rode him she bent down to kiss him on his lips and as she finished she bit his lower lip with a giggle and then bringing herself back erect. Kris started to gyrate her hips back and forth. While one hand alternated playing with one tit or the other the other hand massaged her clit. She arched her back and threw her head back with gritted teeth, and Josh could tell she just had an orgasm as his dick was squeezed by her pussy.

Josh had to concentrate hard to not cum and it was almost more than he could bear. Grabbing Kris’ hair by the back of her neck he pulled her down to him and said, “I’m about to cum.”

Kris worked more vigorously and whispered back, “Good, I want you to fill me up.” Hearing those words from her Josh grabbed her hips, using them as leverage to thrust deeper and harder. After mere moments, Josh felt a sudden release and his dick pulsated as it shot his seed deep into Kris. In response she squatted down hard so that he was completely buried inside her. They stayed in this position for several minutes, until Josh’s manhood went limp.

Unmounting him Kris reached over to his nightstand and took some tissue and wiped away the cum that dribbled from her pussy. She rolled away, with her ass facing Josh. Josh rolled next to her and put his arm around her, but she gently took his arm off and in a firm voice said that she wasn’t into cuddling. Josh rolled over and let his heart settle, and fell back into sleep.