New Beginnings - Chapter 4

By Mocs

13 minute read -

The next morning Josh woke up to the sound of knocking at his door. Josh groggily got up and threw some clothes on quickly, and opened the door without looking out the peephole. Malcolm made his way in without waiting for Josh’s permission. Josh remembered that he had work today, but opted to just stop showing up, since he really didn’t care for the place and he had something better now.

They made with their greetings, and Malcolm went through the day’s plans. It was all pretty mundane stuff for the most part, just driving around picking up and dropping off things. Josh’s training would begin later that night.

Josh and Malcolm first went out and grabbed some breakfast, and Malcolm went over some of the dryer details of their work. Hoppers were often used to move illegal things around because they could take on a new identity each time they made a pick up or drop off. This all sounded slightly shady to Josh, but no shadier then using someone else’s body.

So they went through their day making small talk and went through a check list that Malcolm kept. It had the feel of a well-practiced routine for Malcolm. Malcolm would get out of the car, go to a building that was not the main objective and in doing so, get a ‘mount’ (as Malcolm called the hosts hoppers took.) Josh had seen Malcolm wear many faces today, young, old, black, Asian, white, only one thing was constant, they were all female.

“So is there a reason that you only hop chicks?” Josh said hesitantly.

Malcolm responded, “Well that’s the odd thing about hoppers. We pretty much all prefer mounting women. I’ve heard of hoppers going after men, but they’re rare.”

A question came immediately to Josh, “Are there female hoppers?”

Malcolm nodded slowing, “I’ve heard that there are, but I’ve never run into one.”

“Well kid I think we’re about done here. Are you ready to do some training?” Malcolm asked Josh.

Malcolm drove off towards a less savory part of town. Josh was unfamiliar with this area, but knew of it by reputation. Josh came to a sudden realization, “What are we doing here exactly?”

“Well it happens that there are plenty of courtesans, ladies of the night if you will. It happens that they are one of the easiest people to mount. Err well both figuratively and literally.” Malcolm said with a huge smile.

Josh felt a bit of trepidation, but figured that he wouldn’t argue with this man. Hey, riding around in a whore’s body might be a fun experience. In fact it was exciting in a way.

Malcolm pulled up to a parking spot and both he and Josh exited the car. Malcolm explained that they were going to walk from here, and then take whoever they found to a nearby hotel. Josh agreed with this plan and they made their way down the streets.

Josh didn’t notice anyone that might be a working lady at first, until he turned his first corner. The streets weren’t packed, but they certainly weren’t empty. He saw many different women, each of different age and attractiveness. None of which were in a category that could have been called young for at least two decades, and none that could have ever been called a beauty. They continued their search, ignoring solicitations for fallicio and other sexual acts.

It took nearly an hour of walking before they came upon a patch of attractive women, who didn’t look like life had exacted its toll from them many years ago. Malcolm hissed and drew Josh up short with an outstretched hand. Josh looked questioningly at him.

“That girl over there.” Malcolm gestured to a very pretty woman, who seemed almost out of place here. “She is something that you need to know about. About five years ago we had an associate named Ben. Ben was a pretty great guy, but he lacked restraint. Well so Ben hopped that chick over there, her name is Marcy. Ben happened to be having a grand old time as Marcy, living a college girl life. Such a good time in fact that Ben didn’t want to leave, so he ran off in her body. If we would have found him, we would have forced him out. But as it was he ran off for months before returning, except he didn’t really ever return. You must not ever stay in someone longer than two or three weeks maximum, there isn’t really a set time. I’ve known guys that can stay for a week and have trouble getting out, where as others can stay more than a month and leave with no issue. The point is don’t get too comfortable. If you stay in too long, you are no longer you. You become a meshing and melding of the two people that exist in that one body. The point is that neither Ben nor Marcy really exist anymore, but a combination of the two. It just happens that the Ben side was a bit more dominant and poor little Marcy lost out when it came to studying and trying to be successful. So instead they now work here, trying to work out a meager living, not really sure of what their purpose was in life.”

Josh took this all in shocked silence, as he let Malcolm guide him to the other side of the street.

Malcolm smiled and Josh and said, “You seem like a smart kid, smarter than Ben was at least. You’ll be fine I’m sure. Let’s just be sure to stay away from Marcy, I don’t want to test to see if she remembers me.”

Wanting to finally get to his “training” Josh picked out a woman. She appeared to be in her early twenties, with a small amount of fat on her. She wore the extra weight well, her legs were smooth and covered in stockings that were belted to a garter, with her feet in long black shiny vinyl heels. She wore a set of tight shorts that were of the style that most women would be ashamed to wear, hugging greedily to her God-given curves. She had a top on that appeared to be lingerie, intended to replace wearing a bra. Her top was see-through and Josh could faintly make out nipples through the black sheer fabric. Her hands, which pressed against her hips displayed a light purplish-pink color painted on her nails.

The woman twirled a lock of fine blond hair between her fingers as she appraised Josh’s candid staring. Josh eyes locked to hers and he felt something, like electricity jumping from him to her. She must have felt it too because she made her way over to Josh and Malcolm, sauntering in a seductive way. As she walked, the street lights cascaded over her, revealing a face masterfully painted in makeup.

The woman stopped in front of them and said, “Well I don’t normally do this, but why don’t you and I go get a room free of charge. Your friend can watch if he likes.” She gave a wry smile at that.

Josh nodded to Malcolm, and said to the woman, “Sure thing, but first may we have your name?”

She blinked at that as if it had slipped her mind, “Where are my manners, I am Jessica. Pleased to meet you, Mr?” She asked querying for Josh’s name.

Josh nodded towards the hotel, and said, “Josh and this is Malcolm.” Malcolm nodded to the woman, and they made their way to the hotel.

Malcolm asked Josh and Jessica to wait outside the front office of the hotel. Josh started to feel anxiety to what was going to happen. He and Jessica made small talk for the few minutes until Malcolm returned.

Josh followed Malcolm and Jessica up a flight stairs, Josh getting a good view of Jessica’s rear. His admiration was cut short as they arrived to the room. Malcolm unlocked the door and stepped inside, waving for Jessica to come in.

“Hey Jessica, hold up here just a minute we’ll be right back.” Malcolm said as he closed the door behind him.

In a small whisper, Malcolm described what needed to be done. It sounded like there really wasn’t much Josh had to do physically except touch her, after that he just had to will himself to want to be inside of her. Josh felt small beads of sweat forming all over his body, and forehead and he mentally prepared himself.

“By the way kid, good job back there with the luring. We don’t really have many people that can do that anymore.” Malcolm said with a measure of respect in his voice.

Josh nodded not knowing what he was talking about, and tucking it away in the back of his mind for later. He walked into the hotel room again, to see Jessica laying in bed on her side in a seductive manner. Her legs were crossed in a very feminine way, showing her practice at the game of enticing and sexual deviation.

“Well are we going to party or what fellas?” She said with mock severity, as she drew a line down her leg with a finger readjusting a small strap that wrapped around her ankle and attached to the shoes.

Josh suddenly had a fear come to his mind, what if this woman had a disease, or worst diseases. He whispered his fear to Malcolm who responded, “Most of us are immune to all diseases, I wouldn’t worry about it.” Great, Josh thought, most of us, what if he wasn’t most of us? He decided that he would throw caution to the wind and get on with it.

“Oh now what are you two whispering about, it’s not nice to whisper in front of other people” Jessica said with a pouty face. Josh walked over to her telling her it was nothing.

Josh reveled in this woman’s body from his own perspective, his eyes mapping her supple curves. His eyes lingered between her legs, one of the defining things that made a woman. He could see the small outline to the indent that was her sex through the tight shorts. Josh reached out a finger and felt underneath the straps of the garter, feeling the smooth recently waxed flesh beneath. Jessica gave him a small cooing sound, and rested a hand on his shoulder then made a gesture pleading him to proceed.

Josh’s hand went to one of the woman’s flared thighs, feeling the slight hardness of bone underneath the skin and mussel. His hand continued its journey to her waist, much narrower than her hips below. Upon reaching her armpit he adjusted his hand down onto her chest, the soft flesh giving to his probings, her nipples protruding through the fabric. Touching her face, Josh brought his hand around the back of her head and grabbed a hand full of hair. Pulling the woman closer to him, he embraced her in a kiss, at first she seemed startled, but then she gave into it.

When they pulled back from the kiss, Jessica seemed winded and said, “We normally don’t kiss on the mouth, but since that was so good I’ll allow it.”

Josh smirked and then reached down between her thighs, feeling her womanhood through the slutty shorts that she donned. His finger was limited in its ability to probe and he moved it back and forth across the slit this woman possessed. This slit that he would soon possess. His hand snaked underneath the shorts and found a bald pussy underneath, a salivating hole wanting to be filled.

Josh’s finger probed inside the slit, finding womandhood that would accept a man inside of her. He moved his finger up a little to find a hard nub that he knew to be the clitoris. He gently stroked her clit slowly building her up, until she arched her back and gritted her teeth. As he continued the gentleness of her movement ended, and was replaced by a frenzy of movement. She tried to remove his hand, but he was the stronger, and he continued with his stimulation building her up to a crescendo of orgasm that left her winded and staring blanking for several seconds. She sat up and reached her hand into his pants, begging for him to enter her. He acquiesced but not in the way she intended.

Taking Jessica Josh flipped her over so that her ass was in the air, waiting to accept him. He removed his pants and guided himself into her. His penis felt the wetness of her as he thrust in and out. Josh nearly blew his load with the antipcation, but instead concentrated on entering her body. Jessica rocked back and forth the motion bringing Josh close to finishing inside her, but instead he felt a softening of his body as it liquified and started encompasing Jessica.

Josh felt odd as his entirety went into Jessica. He could feel her weak struggles as the last of him entered. Josh could not tell if a moment, or an eternity passed. Sweet air passed through his mouth into his lung, as a slight gasp escaped from his lips. He lay there with a new sensation assaulting him, his legs feeling a slight chill from the small holes that were in the stockings. The straps from Jessica’s halter dug into his upper thighs.

He continued his mental probing and found his feet hurt from a long night of standing and walking around. Tasting his breath he found it to be stale, and riff with the taste of cigarettes. He sat up feeling his sore muscles contracting, and blonde hair falling at his neck and in front of his face. Using the tip of Jessica’s tongue he touched the inside of his mouth, noticing how different it was than his.

Josh became aware of Malcolm’s presence in the room. Malcolm gave him a single nod of approval and said, “Well kid you finish up, and have some fun with her. I’ll be waiting in the car when you’re done.”

Josh smirked, feeling his new face obey him. Malcolm walked out the door, and closed it behind him leaving Josh to his own devices with a woman’s body.

Moving himself off the bed, Josh felt his new adjust center of gravity and found that he easily compensated for it. Once he was on his heels they didn’t pose any issue. As he made his way to the bathroom he felt like something was out of place with his underwear, looking down he saw that the shorts were still crooked to the side to give access to his labia. Josh readjusted and found the outfit to be constricting but in a comfortable way.

Swaying back and forth Josh mimicked the same walk Jessica had been using when they met her. In fact he could remember some of that meeting but from Jessica’s point of view. Looking at the two men, then a sudden feeling of appetite and hunger for the younger one, that he knew to be himself. Using this woman’s mind in such a way reminded him of how wet Jessica was from his earlier attentions, in fact he could remember some of that as well with a slight blush.

Reaching the bathroom mirror Josh examined himself in the mirror, turning his face in multiple directions. Taking note of the smoothness of his throat that no longer was adorned with an adams apple. Josh took an ear lobe in his fingers and examined a small metal stud that piercing through.

Josh grasped both of his breasts in his hands, and lifted feeling their weight. They were a lot bigger from this vantage. He brought a hand up to his face and smiled at the painted nails that sat there. Josh pulled himself away from the mirror and made his way back to the bed.

Lying down on the bed Josh copied the pose that Jessica adopted when he first began this journey. It was exhilarating to know that he could not only copy this pose, but that he had a body matched it. Nimbly with a practiced hand that wasn’t his own, he grabbed the sides of his underwear avoiding the garter belt and pulled them down revealing a shaved pussy belonging to a Katie Bryant. Josh stopped: Katie Bryant was a name that he knew was from her mind. She had given a false name to him, which made sense. She was twenty-four years old, and had fallen on hard times after her parents had died in a tragic accident.

Josh stopped his ingesting of Katie’s mind and continued his undressing like a child on Christmas hungrily ripping open presents. Next the top came off, allowing his slightly sagging breasts to bounce a bit as the tension against them was released.

Taking a nipple in hand Josh pinched and twisted far too hard, causing a small yelp of pain. Less forcefully Josh tried again and was rewarded with a nice tingling sensation that gave exaltations, spreading throughout his body and growing inside his new crotch. Exploiting this new opportunity, Josh explored his borrowed form, tits to stomach, stomach to waist, waist to hips, hips to inner thighs. Teasing the outer most labia, Josh spread himself openly to eagerly feed his lust.

Inserting a finger into the flaps of skin, he found that small nub that he had used to drive Katie mad earlier. The light touch caused him to reactively shy away, the sensations too much. Driving forward Josh rubbed his clit a bit more, and his body reacted immediately, feeling a slight tensing in his pussy. He continued feeling his breathing increase and his rate start to race.

Closing his eyes Josh ventured a finger into his pussy, feeling the entry as well as the warm stickiness that his body was producing. Josh felt his mind going blank as he continued to rub, moving a finger in and out. The motions became harder and harder, and his fingers started to find more sensitive places within her. He added two fingers, and then three. He tried a fourth but it started to hurt, and didn’t feel as good.

Like lightning the first earth shattering orgasm hit, wracking Josh’s body with involuntary shutters as he arched his back, his toes curling up to the point of pain. He removed his hands, wiping small beads of sweat from his brow.

Taking inventory of his body, he decided to try something else. He rolled on to all fours and felt back to his pussy, the slickness invigorating him. His face went against the pillow and he could feel his breasts hanging down in front of his face. Sitting in this position in his normal body would look strange, and maybe even disgusting, but with Katie’s body he knew it was alluring and sexy. He took a finger and licked it, tasting the salinity of his pussy. Taking that finger he dipped it back into his pussy, and started more vigorous masturbation. After about forty-five minutes or so he finished up. He then willed himself out of Katie’s body leaving her laying there used as hard as any lover had ever done. Josh was quite happy with his first time out in another body.