Paul the Hopper

By Tobyredone

30 minute read -

I was brushing my teeth and what little hair I had left so that I would be presentable for when my son and his girlfriend came over. My youngest son Charles stopped by on occasion to see how I was doing, and keep an eye on me now that I was retired. Well, maybe retired was the wrong word for it. Forced into early retirement would be more correct.

Whatever way you wanted to slice it, I was still glad to see that my youngest boy cared enough about his old man to stop by and visit, so I wanted to look decent. I pulled out a clean shirt and pair of pants, and also cleaned up most of the dirty dishes and crap that littered my small apartment. I was going to vacuum, but before I could get to that I heard a knock on the door.

I quickly went to answer it, and as the door swung open, I was greeted by Charles with his arms stretched wide. I held my arms out, and I gave him a large hug, which he returned enthusiastically. I motioned him inside, and asked were Alicia was.

“She’s down by the car. She’s smoking a cigarette.” He replied with annoyance in his voice.

“I didn’t know she smoked.” I said.

“She doesn’t Dad. She’s been acting really strange lately. I don’t know what is up, but every time I try and talk to her she blows me off, or leaves.” He replied.

“Well, don’t ask me for women advice. If I knew anything maybe your mother would still be around.” I said with a smile.

“Let’s not talk about her Pops, I’d rather not. Let’s talk about good news. I got the promotion at the firm. I’m full partner now.” Charles said as he smiled at me.

“That’s great Charles! I’m proud of you.” I said to him and returned his smile.

“Well, the job comes with longer hours too, which makes me worry about Alicia as she is going to be spending a lot of time alone, but I get paid a lot more. Speaking of which, do you need any money Dad?” my son asked me with concern in his eyes.

“What? Need money? No, absolutely not. I’m doing fine.” I replied, and perhaps he noticed my pride was wounded a little by his asking, so he dropped it.

Suddenly Alicia walked around the corner, and into the small apartment through the still open door. Charles had always had good luck with the ladies, but Alicia was special. The two of them had been dating for over three years. She was smart, funny, loving, and had more common sense then your average person today. She was also ridiculously hot. Normally she dressed conservatively, but I had seen her in a bikini one time when I went over to Charles’ house for a dinner he wanted me to attend. However, today she was dressed up to show off her assets.

She was wearing a shiny red pair of four inch heels that came to an amazing point at the end. Those heels pushed her small feet up into an angle to really show off her shapely legs. Those amazing long legs went up to a small pleated skirt that barely covered her nether regions, and swished out when she walked, due to her exaggerated hip sway. Her sexy midriff was exposed, and as my eyes continued upward, I came to a small vest that was straining to contain her impressive cleavage. Four buttons were all that was holding the mere scrap of fabric from letting her tits flop out. I could see she was wearing a lacey bra beneath the vest, as the tops of the cups were exposed above the deep plunge that the front of her vest made. My eyes continued up her delicate neck to where her normally pretty face was framed by her long blonde hair. This time, however, in its place was a strange man’s face. This wasn’t Alicia. The body looked to be her, but the face most definitely was not. The face had broad lips, thick bushy eyebrows, and a huge bulbous nose.

Charles coughed uncomfortably as I stared at his girlfriend. I blinked, and shook my head, so I would not make my son any more uneasy. I’m sure he thought I was staring at her because of the way she was dressed, but in truth, it was because of her mismatched face. How could Charles not see that? It was clear as day that something was wrong with Alicia.

I invited them both in, but coughed when I tried to say Alicia’s name. I offered them chairs in the tiny living room, but Alicia stopped Charles right away, and said in a deep voice, “Baby, you know that little Chinese restaurant that you took us to for our one year anniversary?”

“You mean the Dragon’s tooth sweetie?” Charles asked her.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m really craving that tonight, and it’s a special occasion with you getting a raise, and us being over by your father. Would you run and get us some? I know they do take out.” She asked, and I again noticed her disturbingly deep voice.

“Babe, that’s all the way on the other side of town.” He replied.

Alicia’s man face made a pout, and she reached out and played with one of the buttons on the front of Charles’ shirt as she said, “Puh-leese? For me Charlie?”

Charles let out a heavy breath and nodded his head yes. Alicia quickly gave him orders on what food to get for everyone and practically shooed him out the door. She blew him a kiss, and then closed my apartment door and turned to look at me. She looked so odd standing there, her amazing body on display with her tiny outfit enhancing her looks, and then the wrongness of some man’s face topping it off.

“So my face looks different huh?” She asked me.

“Ah…” I said as I hesitated, trying to think of something to say.

“Hey, I’ve been getting looks all day from men. I can tell when someone is staring, and I can also tell when they are staring somewhere other then my face, Paul.” She said to me in a matter-of-fact tone.

She strolled into my small living room, and sat down on the couch, then patted my large recliner, indicating that she wanted me to sit down by her. I made my way over, and dropped into my lazy boy chair.

“What’s going on?” I asked her stupidly, as she leaned over towards me, giving me a wonderful shot down her cleavage.

“Well, you see, you are a very special man, Paul. I’ve sent Charles away so that I can show you how special.” She said to me.

“What are you talking about Alicia?” I asked her.

“Well, you see, Alicia’s body is under new management for the time being. Hi. My name is Larry.” She extended her hand out so that I could shake it. I hesitantly reached out, and noticed as I shook her hand, her breasts wobbled under their tight confinement. She continued, “You see Paul, I’m what is known as a body hopper. I can literally squeeze myself inside someone, possessing them like Alicia here.”

“I don’t know what to say. How does Charles not know? Your face is all messed up.” I replied.

“Well, you see Paul, only a select few can see my real face when I’m in someone. People like you. The rest of the world sees me as normal old Alicia. They see her face, hear her voice, and most importantly, I have all of her memories, so I can carry on a conversation, even with her boyfriend of three years, and not tip anyone off.” She told me.

“So what now?” I asked as I leaned back in my chair, feeling a bit light headed.

“Well,” She said with a smile and undid the four small buttons on her vest, and then stood up, “now we have some fun.”

She reached up under her skirt, and grabbed her tiny panties by the waist band and pulled them down to her knees. From there, they dropped to the floor in a puddle of silk fabric around her heels. I sucked in my breath as she walked over to the edge of my chair. Her large tits were barely staying inside her tiny bra, and her swaying hips made her look every bit the typical male fantasy. Well, other then her new face.

She climbed up on the chair, straddling my legs, and worked at my belt. As she undid the small leather strap, and started to work on my fly I managed up enough will power to try and stop her.

“Wait, I can’t do this to my son.” I said weakly.

“Oh hush now, you old fool. We aren’t going to hurt anyone. We are just letting you out of your cage.” She replied as she pushed my hands back to my sides.

Despite my age, I’ve never needed any pills to get my dick to stand at attention. With Alicia’s little strip session, and her soft fingers playing with my fly, I was already hard and pointing straight up. I wanted to fight her off me, and not cheat on my son with his long time girlfriend, but it had been far too long since I had felt the touch of a woman, and my will was weak.

She positioned herself above me, and lowered herself down. Her pussy was warm, wet, and inviting. She soon had my entire dick lubricated with her fluids, and started to ride me, using the motion of the rocking easy chair to her advantage. Her pussy was tight, and each stroke quickly brought me closer to the point of no return. Just when I thought I would blow, she stopped, looking down at me and giggled in an oddly masculine way.

“Are you ready to enter our world?” She asked.

“Wha…?” I croaked out, grasping at the arms of my chair as sexual need laid claim to my body.

“You’re going to be a body hopper, my friend. This will awaken your long dormant powers.” She replied, and went back to fucking me.

I wanted to ask her what she meant, but her pussy slurping up and down my cock again took priority. Soon I was again ready to blow. This time she didn’t stop, and as I let out a moan, she dropped herself down on me, and I let loose, blowing my seed inside her tight little snatch. As I felt myself go, I also felt her hands squeezing my arms, and felt her thighs shaking. He pussy flooded with extra fluid, and I heard her let out a small moan, or grunt if you want to call it that.

She collapsed forward on my chest and I felt her long hair tickle my nose. It was as I was brushing her hair off from my face that I realized what I had just done. My sexual frenzy was gone now, and my senses were returning. I had just used my son’s girlfriend for sex.

“Get off me! I can’t believe what we just did!” I exclaimed.

“Calm down. I don’t want you to have a heart attack or anything.” She replied, as she slowly straightened back up, and then wiggled her cute little ass to the edge of the chair.

As she stood up, my dick slid out of her, and I could see the mixture of our sex juices leaking down her inner thighs. The sight of it made what we had just done that much more wrong.

“Oh shit, what did I do?” I wailed.

“You had sex. It was even decent sex. That’s nothing to complain about, Paul.” Alicia, or Larry, said as she bent down and grabbed her panties off the floor, and walked towards the bathroom.

I soon heard the water running, and figured she was cleaning herself up. I tucked myself back into my pants, and started to make myself presentable once more. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my son was back from getting dinner. What would I tell him?

A few short moments later Alicia walked back out from the bathroom, stuffed back inside her little outfit. We heard a knock on the door and I knew it was Charles. As she walked to get the door, she casually mentioned that my zipper was still down. I struggled to get it up as Charles walked through the door.

He saw me, and gave both Alicia and I an odd look, but said nothing as he carried in the bags of food. Soon, Alicia was handing out everyone’s plates with food on them, and we were eating and making small talk again. Every time I tried to bring up something about Alicia, or what we had been doing since Charles left, Alicia would jab her heel into my foot under the small coffee table, keeping me from continuing.

Shortly after we finished eating, Alicia claimed to be exhausted to Charles, and asked me if I minded if they cut the visit short. I was still stammering, so Charles said they would head out, and told me how good it was to have dinner with me, and that he would be doing it again shortly.

Alicia quickly ushered him out the door, and gave me a wink over her shoulder. She pulled the door shut behind them as they left, and with that, they were gone.

It was the next day around one o’clock when I heard a knock on my door. I was sick as a dog, but managed to get over to the door and answer it. There, in a pair of tight jeans and a tank top, stood Alicia. She was still being worn by Larry. I tried to keep her from coming in, but at my age, and being sick, there was just nothing I could do.

“I was afraid you might be sick. It’s the transition sickness. Sometimes younger hoppers never get sick, but usually older guys do.” She replied, and helped me into my recliner.

I didn’t feel at all well, so I just let Larry do more talking. She made me some soup, and hovered about me like some kind of nurse on house call. As she kept an eye on me, and attended to my needs, she also told me more about body hopping. She told me some of their history, and how sex with a mounted hopper unleashes another hopper’s power. She told me about mirrors and cameras, and how they will reveal a real face, even to non-hoppers. She then explained why hoppers were so secretive, and what I could expect from mounting, and people that I interact with in a mount.

I couldn’t help but stare at Alicia’s hot little body, and Larry noticed this. She once again put on a little strip tease for me, and in a short amount of time, we had fucked again. I felt remorse for screwing my son’s girlfriend, but not as strongly this time, and I think I tried to justify it with the fact that it was actually Larry, and not Alicia that I was screwing.

Every day around the time where Charles got off work, Larry would take Alicia home, and stay with my son. Then, after Charles headed off to work again the next morning, Larry would bring her back over by me, and be my nurse, cook, and private sex kitten.

This went on for four days until I finally started to feel better then I ever had. At the end of the fourth day, Larry asked if he could borrow some of my clothes.

“Sure, Larry. But I don’t think they will fit Alicia.” I replied.

“They’re not for her. They’re for me. The real me.” She replied.

I pointed her back to my bedroom, and in quick order she had picked out a normal looking male outfit. She then laid back on the bed, and said, “I’ve been in Alicia here a bit too long because I’ve been taking care of you. I normally only stay in a girl a few days. I’ve been in her more then two weeks. I’m going to head out now that you’re feeling better. Give me a call if you need anything, or stop by that place I told you about, ok?”

With that she lay back on the bed, and began to shake and tremble. I could see a liquid starting to ooze its way out of her skin and orifices. The liquid flowed to the edge of the bed, and began to solidify into a human shape. As it became solid, it took on the shape of an overweight male. I began to recognize the shape of the face, and soon I knew I was looking at Larry. He quickly began to dress, and once he had clothes on shook my hand and said, “Good luck hopping. Let me know how it’s going, or if you need any help.”

I walked him to the door, and thanked him for looking after me for a few days while I was sick. He replied that it was more like his duty to help another hopper, and then with a smile and wave, he was off.

I walked back into my apartment, and then into the bedroom where Alicia was lying passed out on the bed. She had her normal pretty face back, and it was again framed by her angelic blonde hair.

I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly felt a need. I reached down and touched her soft face. Larry said that my first few hops should be easy ones. Find someone that is asleep, or passed out, and mount them so that I get the hang of it before trying anything on someone that has all their wits about them.

I didn’t even know if I could go through with hopping a person. Stealing someone’s life and body seemed so wrong to me. But right then and there, with Alicia lying in front of me, I knew that I needed to know what it was like to be someone else. Anyone else. I decided Alicia would be my first hop, but that I would only stay in her for a few hours. Just to get the hang of it.

I started to loose my senses. I felt myself get shorter, and start to flow. I was rushing inside of Alicia. I was flowing in through her nose, mouth, and skin. All too suddenly my perspective changed. I was lying on my bed looking up at the ceiling. I raised my hand to my face, and got the shock of my life when it was thin, young, and feminine.

I sat up, and ran my fingers over my body, from my shoulders, down my impressive breasts, in over my thin waist, back out over my flowing hips, and down my sexy new legs. I was someone else. I was Alicia. I quickly stood up, and teetered on her tall heels. I suddenly realized how different her sense of balance was then mine. I knew I needed some of her skills, like balancing in her heels. I concentrated, like Larry had told me to do, and out of her sleeping mind came all of her passive skills, and a few of her memories.

I strolled (now confidently) over to my bathroom, and the large mirror that was there. I looked into it and saw a gorgeous woman standing in my bathroom, but with my face. I brought my hands up to the top of my head, and felt the long blonde tresses that flowed out of my scalp. It was so different then my large bald spot. I turned left and right, admiring my new shape in the mirror. I knew that Alicia spent a lot of time working out to keep herself sexy for Charles.

Suddenly a pang of regret shot through me, and I realized I was in my son’s girlfriend. I had stolen her body the same way Larry had. I wanted out. I walked into my living room, and decided I would dump her body on the couch. I then realized how fun it was to have a short skirt swishing around my legs as I walked with my new hips. I also noted that I didn’t have pains in my ankles, knees, hips or back like when I was regular old me.

I blinked a few times, and thought to myself, a few hours in her body won’t kill her. It’s not like I’m stealing her life or anything. I then looked down and spotted her purse sitting on my coffee table. A small smile crept onto my face as I thought that maybe I could have even more fun in my short time in Alicia if I went shopping.

I grabbed her purse and made my way down to her car. In short order I was wandering through the lengthy hallways of the local shopping center. There were so many stores that I wanted to visit. I did not think it would be this much fun to wander around a mall, but in Alicia’s nubile body, every move reminded me of the fact that I was now a mid-twenties attractive female.

From the swish of my short skirt every time I moved, to the click of my heels every time I took a step, to the weight of my purse strap, and the jiggle of my breasts every time I made a move. I was swimming in the sensations of being a hot young woman. I had spent a lot of time in my youth chasing women, and never thought about the experience from the opposite side, but now I was up to my eyeballs in femininity.

As I wandered through the mall I also began to notice the men and older boys looking at me. I even began to hold my shoulders back, or hit my heels on the ground harder to make my breasts shake when I noticed men watching me. It was exciting not only to see them react, but to also be what was making these random men react. I knew what they were looking at. It was my hot ass and tits. I could feel every stitch of Alicia through me. I could smell her. I could taste her cherry lip gloss. It was just as exciting for me as it was for them.

Soon, I was even more daring. I decided to head into a clothing shop. I had no idea what to shop for, or even what size I was now, but with a quick review of some of Alicia’s memories, I had all her sizes in various stores, and all her measurements. I browsed around the first clothing store, just looking until a saleswoman came over and wanted to help me out. At first I was shy, and tried to get away from her, but as she kept pulling out cuter and cuter shirts and skirts, and asking me if I wanted to try anything on, I finally caved.

We picked out a few outfits, and I made my way to the secluded changing rooms. I tried on a few outfits, and the lady asked me to come out and see them. I told her I was too shy, but really I just didn’t want to spin in front of a mirror for her, as that would reveal my real face. I started to get back into my original outfit, or the one that Larry had put on Alicia that morning. Before I could pull my skirt back on, I saw Alicia’s little panty covered pussy mound. I had been inside her pussy several times in the last few days with my dick, but never did I really have a chance to look at it.

I reached down with my hands and began gently running my fingers over the fabric, teasing myself as I did so. The slightest little touch sent tiny little electrical shocks through my body from my borrowed little snatch. The outer lips were so sensitive, and suddenly I could feel a heat start to grow in my abdomen. I could feel my new vagina getting moist. I was rudely brought out of my self exploration by a slight tap on the dressing room door and the sales woman asking me if I needed any more help.

I quickly pulled my skirt back up, and told her I had everything under control. A short while later I was buying one of the outfits. I knew I shouldn’t but it had looked so hot on Alicia I knew she would have approved if she could have.

I walked back out to the main hallway of the mall, and started to walk again but not for long. I was quickly pulled into another store by the sight of a mannequin wearing a short leather skirt that I knew would drop Charles’ jaw if he saw me in… I shook my head and told myself that this was still Alicia’s body and I was just borrowing it. But that didn’t stop me from going in and getting a skirt in her size. I was about to leave when I saw the swimsuits.

I tried to walk by them, but I saw the tiniest pink bikini that just screamed Alicia’s name, so I tried it on. And a few more. Or maybe it was a dozen or so, but I only bought three of them.

I was proud of my will power in only buying three bikinis (they all looked so great on me), so when I started walking again, and saw the lingerie store, I knew I could handle the temptation. Besides, I was outfitting my son’s girlfriend’s body with hot clothing. What father wouldn’t do that for his son if he had the chance?

I tried on almost every different peace of lingerie in the store. Every kind of bra and panty. Push ups, underwires, water bras, sports bras, and bikini briefs, thongs, boy shorts, and g-strings. I even tried on some teddies. I loved the way everything hugged and caressed my new sensitive breasts and pussy. I loved the way everything shaped and enhanced my new body. I especially like the way silk felt against my most sensitive of lips.

Soon I was even more daring, and picked out an outfit from the store as well. It was a naughty French maid outfit that came with a black and white shaping corset, an extremely short white translucent skirt, and matching frilly panties with silk stockings.

By the time I was done Alicia’s credit card was smoking. The lady at the register said she would help me get my bags to the car. I decided I was done shopping, and heading for the car seemed like a good option. I knew I needed to get back to my apartment and let Alicia come out of her slumber so that she could get back to Charles.

My helper and I loaded my bags into Alicia’s car and it was then that I realized how much I had bought. I didn’t mean to get this much stuff. I knew that Charles had a good job, but I also knew he didn’t have this much money to throw around casually. I would have to write down the information for Alicia’s credit card and send in some money so that she did not get in trouble, and I wouldn’t have to do any rough explaining.

I climbed into the car when I heard a ringing. I realized it must be Alicia’s phone. I quickly dug through her purse and brought the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I questioned.

“Alicia? Where are you? I’ve been home for almost an hour. You didn’t leave a note or anything. I was worried.” I heard my son’s voice.

Shit! I looked at the clock. I had lost track of time in the mall. I had kept Alicia’s body for far to long for her to get back yet tonight to Charles’ house. I also knew if I ditched her tonight at my place it may lead to some very uncomfortable questions being asked tomorrow. I decided I would have to go to his house and pretend to be her, much like Larry had been doing.

What was one night? She would have her life back tomorrow, and I would send in money for the credit card purchases. And if I was going to pay for the clothes, shouldn’t I get to spend one night in them?

“I’ll be home in a few minutes, Charles. I’ve been watching your dad for the past few days because he’s been sick, and he gave me some money to go shopping with. I can’t wait to show you what I bought.” I told him in an excited voice. I knew that Larry had told Charles about my illness, and that Alicia was spending the days with me because he had mentioned that Charles made a big deal about the fact that his girlfriend was so sweet to be taking care of his father. He had no clue there may be an ulterior motive for his girl’s behavior.

I hung up the phone and quickly drove home. I only grabbed a few bags out of the car to bring in with me, so that he would not think that I had been shopping all day. As I opened the door, Charles stood there. He instantly wanted to help me carry the bags, and smiled at me as he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Hey hot stuff.” He said with a wink.

“Hey… you,” I replied, not certain if I was ready for this.

“How’s my dad?” He asked as he peeked into my shopping bags.

“He’s… ah, feeling much better.” I told him as I stood in the doorway.

Charles had already walked back into the spacious kitchen, looked back at me, and said, “Are you coming in?”

I was knocked back into the fact that I had to play a character. I needed to be Alicia. I strolled into the kitchen, rolling my hips back and forth to get the motion I wanted. I saw Charles staring at me, and from my time in Alicia’s body at the mall, I knew that look to be lust. I was doing alright so far.

“Anything for me in here?” He asked me.

I quickly grabbed the bags back from him and headed towards the stairs which lead to the second story and the bedrooms. I looked over my shoulder and said, “Maybe,” in a playful voice and added, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

I trotted up to the master bedroom. I had only been in here once when Charles was showing me the house he bought after he got his job at the law firm. It was a large house, and I was happy that he was doing so well. Now I looked around and realized for the time being this was my bedroom as well (at least for the night). I knew from Alicia’s memories that most of the clothes in the closet were mine. I also knew that the dressers up against the wall contained more of my clothing.

I dropped the bags in the center of the floor, and dug through one of them until I pulled out the French maid outfit. I quickly shed my clothes, and got into it. I went into the attached bathroom and quickly pulled my hair back and up, using Alicia’s memories.

A few minutes later, I descended the steps, and as I walked into the kitchen I heard Charles let out a low wolf whistle. For some reason I blushed. Not just my head, but I felt my chest and butt cheeks getting warm as well. They must have turned pink, because Charles was staring at them and then said, “You’re boobies are as red as a fire truck Alicia.”

Charles calling me by someone else’s name immediately snapped me back to the reality of the situation. I was now not only using Alicia. I was messing with Charles’ life too. I turned to run back up to the bedroom. I thought maybe I should just dismount her, and come clean to Charles.

Before I could get up the stairs though, he rushed over to me and wrapped his arms around my tiny waist, pulling me back against him. I tried to squirm my way free, but he was now much larger then me. Then he lowered his face down and gently kissed my neck.

His gentle kisses moved down my neck, out onto my shoulder. I let out a low moan, which only encouraged him. His hands moved out to ravish my scantily clad body. His left hand moved up and grasped a breast, his right moved down and ran fingers across my inner thighs and covered pussy lips. I felt like fires were being lit throughout my body. A heat began to build between my legs, and I knew my pussy was flooding itself again. I cooed in appreciation to his fingers and the waves of pleasure they were sending throughout my being.

“I made dinner, but I think it can wait until after we have our fun Alicia,” my son whispered into my ears.

Again upon hearing him call me by the wrong name, the reality of the situation came back to me. With a large amount of struggling, I grabbed at his arms, and pulled them away from me. I then stepped out of his embrace, and said, “No, I’m hungry and want to eat.”

In truth I just wanted some time to gather up my will power again. While I had to play the part of Charles’ girlfriend for the night, I didn’t want to go all the way with my own son. That would be taking this charade too far. I started to walk towards the food he had prepared and grabbed a plate of it for myself.

He followed suit, and soon we were at the table both eating and making small talk between mouthfuls of food. I could see he was still staring at me in the French maid outfit, and I decided it was a mistake to bring this in the house. What was I thinking? Of course it would excite him and make him want me. It did the same thing to me, and I was inside Alicia.

He finished first, but I was full. Alicia was much smaller then me, and ate far less food, so I had piled far too much on my plate. As he got up and started to bring his plate in the kitchen, I quickly got up and said, “Charles, you know that cleaning is the maid’s job. Let me do that. You made dinner, I can clean it up.”

He surrendered his plate to me, and I quickly grabbed the dirty dishes and scurried into the kitchen, glad to be away from his staring eyes, and the losing battle I was fighting with my own will power to not stare down at my cleavage. I put the plates in the sink, and started adding some soap and hot water. I was busy scrubbing the plates when Charles walked in a few minutes later, and asked, “Alicia what are you doing? We have a dish washer, and a real maid that comes in tomorrow? C’mon out by me.”

I wasn’t expecting him, and so I jumped when he started talking to me. The plate I was holding dropped and splashed warm soapy water all over my chest, soaking my corset and breasts. I turned to see him with a worried look on his face that changed to a look of lust as he saw that was not mad. He gently took me by the hand and led me up the stairs and into the large bathroom that was next to the master bedroom. There he helped me out of the wet corset, and handed me a towel as I dried off my bosom.

When I was done, I set the towel down on the countertop and looked up at him staring at my now exposed breasts. My nipples were straining out, due to the fact that the water had gotten somewhat cold before I had dried myself. Charles walked over to me and again wrapped his arms around my thin waist, pulling me to him. This time I fought back with more passion, pushing back on his chest, but his hands were soon down and squeezing my cute little ass in my frilly panties, and once more between the pleasure of his touch, and the constant stimulation I was getting from wearing Alicia’s body and clothes my will power faded away.

I looked up just in time to have him kiss me passionately. It was so foreign to have him kiss me like this. I turned my head to the side as soon as he was done, and he took that opportunity to plant light kisses on my ear and down my neck. The heat in my body flared back up like someone had lit a burner on an oven. He picked me up and carried me to bed. This time I didn’t struggle.

I was caught between my new sexual wants, the fiery needs of Alicia’s body, and my knowledge that what I was doing was wrong. Charles gently set me down on the bed, and began kissing his way down my chest. He stopped at my chest, lovingly kissing around my nipples and areolas. He left a trail of kisses going down my taunt tummy, and I laid back on the bed as he tickled my inner thighs with his lips.

My legs spread almost involuntarily. They must have known what was coming, as this was my first time from this end of the sexual spectrum. Charles reached up with his hands, and grasped my tits, gently kneading them like an experienced lover. His tongue soon had my complete attention though, as he lovingly licked at my thighs along the edges of my panties. My pussy was practically gushing, but still he continued his foreplay. He began to run his tongue up and down the fabric on the crotch of my panties, sending starts shooting in front of my eyes.

He stopped the stimulation for a moment, and I cried out for him continue as I looked down, only to see him smile and say he will as soon as my panties come off. I let him move my legs together, and raised my back and butt as he pulled at the waistband of my underwear, taking them down my legs. As soon as they passed my feet, my legs shot open again, and this time his tongue did more then just run up and down the outer lips. He was inside me, and gently wiggling his tongue around. I soon realized he was spelling out the alphabet with his tongue, and I smiled as I saw stairs dancing through my field of vision again. I felt myself building and building. This was way better then when I was gently touching my pussy in the changing room. Hell, just this was way better then any orgasm I had ever had as a man.

Then, he found my clitoris.

The world exploded around my head. I screamed. I don’t know what, but I know there were words that I spewed out like a volcano. I didn’t think I could get any higher when something let loose inside of me. It started in my stolen pussy and reverberated out through my hips, up my back, down my legs, through my neck, tingling my fingers and toes, ricocheting around in my head, and even down through my long hair.

I had my first female orgasm.

I now knew why I had met Larry in Alicia’s hot little body. If this is what sex felt like for women, it was a marvel that they weren’t just laying about frigging themselves silly on every opportunity. The best sex I had ever had in my life previously didn’t hold a candle to this one orgasm.

Time suddenly started again as I came down from my high, and looked down to see Charles climbing over me. I briefly wondered what he was doing in my state of post-orgasmic bliss, until I felt his fully engorged dick hit my inner thigh.

He was going to fuck me. I didn’t want to get fucked by my son. I had already taken this far too far. I had to stop. I needed to stop. I raised my hands, intending to place them in front of him. Instead they went to my tits, and squeezed my nipples, sending jolts of pleasure outward. My sexual needs were constant. It wasn’t like being a guy, where you blow your load and you are done. I knew I could keep this up until I passed out, and Alicia’s young body was full of vigor and energy.

Charles’ cock touched the outer lips of my vagina, and I felt my thighs tremble. I spread my legs, and he pressed his head inside me. His dick was so big I thought he was going to split me in half. He gently worked back and forth until he was well lubricated in my juices, and then shoved his entire dick up inside me. I let out a muffled cry of passion and suddenly I heard myself say, “Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

I didn’t know where it came from, or why I would say something like that, but it spurred Charles on and soon I was lost in the waves of pleasure his dick was sending into me. He fucked me and fucked me. I again lost track of time. I grabbed onto his back, and wrapped my stocking covered legs around him. I felt my hair around my neck, damp with my sweat. I smelled my own musk of female sex. I rocked back and forth as Charles jammed his rod deep inside of me, sending tremors quaking through my chest as my tits bounced around. The smooth and silky feelings of my stockings sliding back and forth on his sides and my legs were the last piece of the puzzle, and suddenly I was climaxing again.

Once again, I exploded. I clamped down with my pussy as my legs spasmed uncontrollably. I felt my little box flood with more moisture. I felt like a pin ball in machine as the pleasure rocketed around in my body. Finally I started to come down from my orgasmic high, but Charles just kept pumping.

Charles fucked me hard enough to bring me to two more orgasms before I finally felt him loose his rhythm, slow down and really ram deeply into me with long thrusts. I looked up to see his face contorted in the throes of passion, and felt his dick leap inside of me. I felt his hot cum shooting out in my womb, and filling my womanly void.

He collapsed on top of me, telling me how much he loved me, and how amazing I was. Without knowing what else to do, I reached up and ran my small fingers through his hair. I whispered back I was glad he was happy, and I wanted him to be that way forever.

He soon rolled off from me, and pulled himself under the covers, motioning for me to do the same. I pulled myself to the top of the bed, and kicked my feet under the sheets and the warm quilt on the bed before sliding myself down under the covers.

My senses returned after my sexual needs were met, and I realized what I had just done. My son had unknowingly just fucked his father silly in his girlfriend’s body. I felt even more sick to my stomach when he put a strong young arm around me, and laid close to me in his bed, whispering that he would always love me.

I lay there watching the ceiling as the gravity of what I had done caught up to me. I tried to fall asleep as my son spooned with me and his cum leaked out of my wet slit and down my ass crack, seeping into the mattress below.