Rachel's Been Hopped Again

By Nebula

6 minute read -

“Oh hey there, bud; nice looking girl you got here. Don’t mind if I, uh… ‘borrow’ her for a bit, right?”

A bolt of fear shoots through me as I realize what’s happened. “No way… It’s another body-hopper”, I say in my head.

Body-hoppers are people who’ve somehow gotten the ability to possess other human beings, or as they call it, “hopping a mount”. Very secretive bunch; most people in the world don’t know they exist. The only thing I hate about them is that they always seem to jump into my girlfriend. It’s insane! There’s tons of girls in this city, but they always tend to choose mine. In fact, I’d estimate that for the past month, about 35% of the times that I’ve been with my girlfriend were actually with body-hoppers. I found out why, but it wasn’t an answer I was expecting. I actually asked one last week and, after a couple of hours of late-night ‘persuasion’, he showed me this secret website out there for body-hoppers; basically some sort of Foursquare clone.

In this site, you can see a list of all the popular mounts in any city that body hoppers enjoy being in or want to be in. You can even sign up for a night in that person. Only body-hoppers know of this site and when you sign up for a mount, most of the time, they’ll respect you and not take it before you. You can even post a status update about who your current mount is and where you are now. Interesting stuff, sure, but… I shudder to say it, but my girlfriend is rated number one on Most Popular Mount for my area. That explained all the hopping that’s been going on; I just wish they’d choose someone else.

“Ooh wow, what beautiful tits!” the hopper says in Rachel’s voice while forcefully groping his newly acquired boobs . “They’re so, plump and sensitive… ,” she smiles, “…just the way I like ‘em!” He plays with his breasts some more; jiggling them, smooshing them together, and even lightly brushing his hand against her nipple.

I tell him sternly, “Listen you! I…”.

“Please… call me Rachel”, the hopper interrupts.

“Fine, fine; but, what do you want from me? Please, j-just give me back my Rachel!”

“No can do, bud.” he says using Rachel’s voice. “I signed up for her, and so now she’s mine for the next… oh, couple a hours. If you want her back, you’re just going to have to… well, ‘satisfy’ me.” she says, giggling.

“No way, no way!” I exclaim. “Listen, I made a promise to myself never to do that kind of stuff again. Doing it with a stranger… I mean, it’s cheating, right? I can’t be doing it with other people when I’m dating her!”

“It’s not really cheating…”, she replies with a coy look on her face. “… You’re still with her, after all. It’s her body, her voice, all of it’s her. Think of it as, well… a different personality she has that just comes and goes all the time. And besides, look…” she pulls down one side of her top. “Wouldn’t you like to… have some of ‘this’.” Then she reaches down and slowly touches her leg. “And some of ‘this’ too?”

“Err, I… uh, I don’t know. It’s just… that, well… “ I start to get a little flustered. One look at that body and already it’s starting to turn me on. My girlfriend definitely is quite hot, after all. We just…. well, never get the chance to have fun that much due to our work schedules and all.

“C’mon…” she says invitingly. Every part of her urging me on; leading me into temptation.

After a moment, I make up my mind and move in, albeit quite hesitantly; I then pull her hair back gently behind her ear and kiss her on the mouth. Her kiss was soft, loving, and playful. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was just like Rachel. This guy definitely seemed to know how to put on the act, at least.

“Alright…” I whisper in her ear. “I’ll be with you for just this once and that’s it; no more. It’s just… just only to get you outta her, okay?”

“Okay…” she whispers back with a little giggle. “… Just this once.”

I have a bad feeling he’ll be back for more some other time, but I try not to even picture it. We continue to kiss. Slowly at first, and then getting a little more into it. She puts her arms around my back, clearly enjoying it. Soon, she closed her eyes and started French kissing me. And as her tongue started to move around inside my mouth, I take my hands and cup onto her exposed breast.

I move it around as if it was dough in my hands; gently kneading and bouncing it. They were very soft and warm to the touch. And, whenever I brushed my palm over the nipple, she started to breathe more and more heavily. A little smile showing every so often under her breaths for air. Then, I start pinching her nipple lightly as if I was playing with a rubbery pencil eraser. This really gets her going; she starts to moan lightly every few seconds. Before long, I move onto her other breast; kneading that one too and playing with it all the same.

“Ooh, wow…” she says smiling while breathing deeply from the erotic pleasure, “Ooh, that feels so… so good. You… you really know how to… oh, how to treat a girl, don’t you?”

I take my hands and gently trace over the rest of her body. Starting first by moving them over her smooth, taut belly and then to her nice hips and finishing off by tenderly gripping onto her plump rear. She then takes her own hand and starts to finger herself lightly under her panties. I could tell her black panties were already getting a little wet from the excitement before. I then bend my knees, get closer, and start to lovingly roll her nipple around between my teeth.

“Oooh, you, uh… you.. that’s feels great!” she says, clearly flustered by the pleasure. “Keep going…” She then takes one of her soft, petite hands and runs it from my chin, to my cheeks, and finally roughing it through my hair. I reciprocate by sucking on her nipple and with my other hand, I continue to massage her other breast.

We… ooh, body-hoppers… we get twice the pleasure when… when mounting.” She tries to speak, but is too enraptured by the feelings to make it come out right. “So this feels… oh, you have no idea. Mounting girls… ah, always is the most fun.”

After a minute, she slips off her panties and lets the rest of her lingerie fall to the floor. Still holding me tight in her arms, she leads me to the bed where I’m on top of her. While stroking the insides of her thighs, I insert my dick gently into her, letting her feel it as it goes in. Her eyes widen as it’s fully inserted. From there, I move it in and out slowly and gently. Before long, I increase the tempo and go faster and faster, harder and harder. Her breasts jiggle from the force. She climaxes several times before I reach mine. I pull out and cum onto her belly. And from the pleasurable after glow, I collapse right beside her. She gets closer and leans her body against mine and puts one arm around my waist.

“Good boy.” she says lovingly, stroking my back. “I guess you’ve earned her for now. She’ll be awake in about ten minutes after I leave. Maybe I’ll… catch you around… buddy?”

And with that, a clear liquid starts to escape from every pore in her skin and form into a big blob off the bedside. From there, the blob moves out the window and out into the nearby alley, out of sight.