Student/Teacher Relations

By Mister A

12 minute read -

It was turning out to be quite the lovely day. The sun was shining brightly, only becoming obscured as the occasional white, fluffy cloud drifted in front of its rays. My sunglasses on, I walked at a nice, leisurely pace. I was quite familiar with where I was going, having become pretty sure of the college campus’s layout from frequent trips to it.

I glanced at my watch, pleased to see that it was only half past twelve; I had plenty of time to make my meeting. Over the past several months, I’d made several of these meetings, and was quite excited to be well on my way toward another one.

Walking along, I used my dark sunglasses to best effect, checking out the pretty young coeds I passed on the way. There didn’t seem to be any shortage of beautiful young bodies on display. I licked my lips as I took in the sight of tight little rear-ends, long, smooth legs, perky young breasts, and smiling, laughing faces. The slightly brisk spring weather kept most of the young ladies more covered than I would have wished, but they did their best to wear their wardrobes to best effect. Tight sweaters, form fitted blue jeans, warm but short wool skirts, a multitude of pantyhose and tights, and some lovely pairs of knee-high boots seemed to round every corner.

Bounding up the tall stone steps of one of the campus buildings, I held the door open for a particularly cute young woman. She, along with the rest didn’t seem to pay much attention to me. As always, my average, normal-everyday guy appearance made me practically invisible. To look at me, with my average height, normal build, short brown hair, and hum-drum facial features, was to right me off as a normal guy. Even the clothes I wore; a plain gray t-shirt, brown sweat pants, and a pair of slip-on sneakers, bespoke of the ordinary.

Of course, that was just me on the surface; my camouflage if you will. I’m anything but ordinary. I’m a body-hopper. A body-hopper; a fellow blessed with the ability to make myself insubstantial, quicksilver, almost unreal, and enter another person’s body. With only a thought, I can merge with, and take over that person, replacing their conscious mind with my own. They are reduced to a dream-like, sleeping state, while I make their body and life my own. The only indication that I take up residence is the alteration of their facial features; they appear to be mine to other hoppers, reflective surfaces like mirrors, and electronic media like digital and video cameras. To everyone else’s eyes, I am merely them as they have always been. In short; I possess people.

Walking through the lobby of the building, I took the same path to my destination that I had done several times before, rounding the corner and heading right toward the elevator. As I stood inside, watching the ascending floors tick by on the indicator, I felt my heart begin to quicken its pace. I knew the fun would begin very, very soon.

Walking down the hall of the fifth floor, I came to a stop at the door with Dr. Jerry Walter’s name on it. Walter was a professor of American History and Political Science at the school. A mousy, slightly absent- minded man, he was in a perpetual state of disarray. Always trying to straighten his suit and re-adjust his glasses, he was practically a clichÈ. In his early forties, Walter was a popular, if slightly mocked faculty member.

Knocking out the old Shave and haircut, two bits tune on the door, I made sure to paint a broad, toothy smile on my face. Jerry opened the door quickly, knocking over a stack of files in the process. I strode on in, pushing the door fully open and Jerry out of the way as I came in, twirled around and took a seat. “Hello Jerr!” I practically sang.

Jerry did his best to re-stack the errant files as he closed the door. “Uh…hi…I…uh…nobody…that is to day…no one noticed you heading up did they?” he managed to stammer out.

“Relax Jerr, nobody paid any attention. Besides, why would it even matter?” I picked up a magazine and began leafing through it. Looking up over the top of it, I looked at Jerry’s office. Apparently, his position had its perks. Though his office was messy and cluttered, it was pretty substantial, with a lot of bookcases along the walls, a couple of chairs (including the one I was sitting in), a couch, a big carved desk with a pretty fancy leather chair behind it, and two large windows.

“I-I guess you’re right.” Jerry smoothed his pants out and walked over behind his desk, taking a seat in the leather chair behind it.

Setting the magazine off to the side, I looked Jerry right in the eyes. “So-what do you have for me today?”

“Oh!!! You’re really going to like this one!” he said, sitting up in his chair with obvious excitement. “The minute I saw her in class I knew she’d be right up your alley!”

I smiled and leaned back in my chair. “That’s great Jerr…just great. I can’t wait to get a look at her.”

Our conversation came to an abrupt end when a gentle knock sounded on the office door. Jerry looked slightly panicked as he gasped, “It’s her! She’s early!”

I nodded to the scared little guy, “Go ahead and tell her to come in Jerr.”

Nodding back to me, Jerry spoke up, “C-c-come in!”

The door slowly opened and a young woman walked in; a very, very pretty young woman. Not exceedingly tall, her body still had a long, gracefully shape to it. Her long legs filled a very tight pair of blue jeans; jeans that did their best to keep her hips covered as well. An equally tight, green, long-sleeved sweater did just as good a job of calling attention to her upper body’s shape. She had a narrow waist and a pair of fantastic, perky tits; especially for a girl as petite as she was. Her stride was graceful and swaying, with a pair of green, velvety high heels on her small feet. The shoes had rounded toes and tall heels with at least four inches of height. Her tiny feet were covered with a pair of socks that were stripped in a multitude of shades of green, keeping her colors coordinated. Not to be outdone by her fabulous body, she had an incredibly pretty face, with bright blue eyes, a cute little mouth, and an amazing tan skin-tone. Her very long, thin golden-brown hair was pulled back in a pony-tail that fell to the small of her back.

As she came in, Jerry greeted her. “Hello there Tara, early for our meeting I see?”

The lovely young woman stopped, seeing me sitting there. “Oh…uh…yeah Dr. Walter; was hoping to get in now, but, if you’re having another meeting I can…”

I interrupted her kind offer before she could finish. “That’s okay young lady. Dr. Walter and I were just wrapping up. Feel free to come on in.” I flashed her my most reassuring smile.

Jerry looked back and forth between us before jumping in again. “Yes-yes my dear. Don’t worry; my colleague and I were just discussing some faculty matters. We can have our meeting right away. Have a seat.” He gestured to the chair directly in front of his seat.

As the young woman walked over to the chair, I rose from mine and headed toward the office door, making sure to check out the glorious shape of her tight little rear-end straining against her jeans; the little minx had a wonderful ass. As quietly as possible, I closed and locked the door, turning back to look at her and Walter.

“Tara…you’re one of my very best students. You’re performance in class has been exemplary this semester.” Walter informed her, adjusting his glasses as he looked at her. Tara smiled, buoyed by the praise. I began to slowly walk away from the door, inching my way behind her chair. “In fact, I’ve been so impressed with your talents, that I have a very special assignment for you…something only a student with your quality can help me with.”

Walter paused as he cleared his throat and looked into the girl’s eyes. Tara tensed in her seat, ready to know what kind of opportunity the good Dr. was offering her. “What do you have in mind Dr. Walter?” she asked.

I stepped right up behind the girl’s seat, placing both of my hands on her shoulders as I leaned in next to her ear. Tara jumped a bit, surprised by my sudden closeness to her. “He wants you to loan me your hot little body for a bit sweetie,” I whispered.

In the very next instant, I leaned in and ran my tongue over her neck, licking her smooth skin as I began to mount her. Tara almost got out a surprised scream before my right hand reached around and clamped down over her mouth. Rubbing my cheek against hers, I began to body-hop her.

Holding her tight as she began to reflexively struggle against me, I began to flow and discorporate, becoming more a liquid than a solid person. My senses blurred and faded as I began to flow into the panicked young woman. All of my own sensations ceased for a moment before I began to have other feelings. Slowly, my awareness shifted and changed as a whole new perspective washed over me.

The first thing I could feel was her lower extremities. I began to have the feel of her toes and feet, arched up in her green high-heels, the soft feel of her socks on those feet. I could feel more and more of her as I began to feel leg muscles not my own tense, the feel of a tight pair of jeans on those legs. I could feel flare, soft hips, a full ass, the tight tug of the fabric of panties on a very different nether-region. I could feel the warm, internal void of a woman’s sex, the feel of a vagina between a pair of thighs previously foreign to me. I could feel the tight, fit belly of her, the soft sweater against her smooth flesh. I could feel the tight grasp of a bra on a pair of large, perfect breasts on her. I could feel the soft skin of her shoulders and arms in that sweater as well. I could feel the air of the room on two hands, two hands with ten delicate, graceful fingers. I could feel the long ponytail swishing on her back. I could feel her face as it flushed with excitement. I could feel and taste her mouth, rubbing her own tongue over her teeth. Finally, I could smell the room with her nose, and see it through her eyes. I was seated in the chair, looking at Jerry across from me. I was Tara.

Catching my breath, I lifted up her hands and looked at them. It always felt so odd to raise a pair of hands up that were not my own, and to see and feel them as mine. Looking down I could see my breasts straining against the bra and sweater covering them. I began to run my hands over them as I drank in the sensations of my new body. I had successfully mounted her.

“I never get used to seeing you do that…” Jerry whispered from across the desk. “…one minute your there, the next, your not. Are you inside of her?” he asked, eyes wide as he watched me begin to caress Tara’s body with her own hands.

“Oh-I’m inside of her alright Jerr. For all intents and purposes, I am Tara now.” Cocking my head as I began to search and sift through the mind of the now dreaming girl, I began to make her knowledge my own. “Tara Sloane. I’m lovely little Tara Sloane now.”

I stood up from my chair and continued to rub my new body, feeling every curve of it. I could feel myself getting aroused as I got the lay of the land. “You did a good job Jerr. I’m going to have a hell of a time with this one.”

“I knew you’d like her,” Walter said from his chair.

Stopping my self-love, I looked over at Walter and batted my eyes. “You knew I’d like her because you thought she was a sexy little thing yourself, didn’t you Jerr?”

Jerry took a big gulp and turned his chair as I slowly walked around the desk toward him. I loved my walk, the way my hips swayed, the feel of my tight jeans on my ass, the steps I took with my high-heeled feet. “Don’t worry Doc. I won’t forget to give you your reward for finding and delivering her.”

Standing before Jerry, I reached down and unfastened and zipped my blue jeans, slowly pulling them down. I smiled as I looked over at Jerry’s rapidly tenting pants; the poor man had grown instantly erect at the sight of my new self. My skin, just as tan and smooth under my clothing was now much more on display. A pair of tiny white panties hugged the tight little mound of my new crotch. I slowly lifted one high-heeled foot after the other up off of the floor, carefully removing the pant-legs over them. Almost tripping in the process, I managed to get the blue jeans off while still keeping my heels and socks on. I tossed the jeans over onto the desk as I posed for Jerry. “Like what you see Jerr?”

“She’s amazing…” Jerry whispered as he sat watching me strut my stuff. Walking right over to Jerry, I lowered myself down and straddled the sitting man, bringing the front of my panties against his now petrified member. “I hope you can wait until you’re inside of her little box this time Jerr; we don’t want any early launches this time, do we?”

For the next several minutes, Jerry and I pawed at each other like crazed animals. The normally mousy little fellow ran his fingers over my soft new skin, feeling every inch of me as I continued to straddle and grind away on his lap. Forcing my tongue down his throat, I kissed him as I reached down and unzipped his pants. As the chair whirled with our wild movements and gyrations, I used my long, soft fingers to guide Jerry’s swollen cock into my “borrowed”, tight, little pussy.

Jerry moaned as I thrust my sexy little hips down onto him over and over again; the electric feeling of Tara’s orgasm overwhelming me from my new perspective within her. I shuddered Jerry finally released, sending his warm issued deep within my new female inner self. Going limp as our passions slowly died down, I slowly climbed off of Jerry.

As the spent Professor tried to regain his breath, I picked up Tara’s jeans and walked into his attached bathroom. Washing up a bit, I looked at my smiling face in the mirror. My smiling face; not Tara’s as Jerry or anyone else would see. My hoppers-perspective was quite apparent in the mirror. As only I or another hopper would see normally, anyone would have seen in the image across from me. Tara’s golden-brown hair still pulled back, framing my own male, usually average face. My features, only visible under certain conditions, revealed all too clearly that a new mind had taken residence in Tara Sloane’s amazing little body. I had taken up residence.

After finishing my freshening up and putting her jeans back on, I waked out into the office. Jerry was sprawled back in his chair, still trying to catch his breath. “You did a lot better that time Jerr; you actually got me off. This little bitch’s body sure does feel great. You’re a good boy Jerr.” I picked up Tara’s purse, daydreaming a bit as I sifted through her thoughts once more, familiarizing myself with her home and friends, getting ready to go out and live a little bit of her life. “I’m going to enjoy using this body. I may not need you to find me another mount for quite some time.”

“I-I-I’m glad I…phwew… could be of assistance…” Jerry stammered once more.

“Remember Jerr…every one of them you find me, you’ll get some fun time with.” I walked over and kissed him on the cheek as he sat there. “But, if you tell anyone about me or my kind…” I gave him a small bite on the cheek. “Well…you can just imagine what someone who can be anyone you know could do.” I flashed him a grin as I turned around on my high-heels and walked out the door.

Walking down the stairs in front of the building, I went over Tara’s memories once more, familiarizing myself with what home I was heading off to. Heels clicking on the side-walk, hips swaying, I threw her purse over her, now my, shoulder and strutted off. A group of young men passed the other way, smiling and checking my sexy new self out as I went by. I winked, smiled, and blew them a kiss. Dr. Walter had done a good job. His student/teacher relationships always paid off for me. I was going to have one hell of a time being Tara Sloane for a while.