Team Spirit

By Mister A

8 minute read -

Hudson Senior High-School’s gymnasium was packed to overflowing for the varsity basketball game. The Hudson Bobcats were playing their arch- rivals, the Deleon Cougars for the regional championship. The action was hot and heavy as both teams duked it out. The home team bleachers and their counterparts across the cavernous room for the visiting team’s fans were standing room only.

As into the action on the court as the crowd on the Hudson side was, a good portion of the male audience found their attention being drawn not to the teams battling it out on the floor, but the row of very pretty young cheerleaders shaking their stuff courtside. The Bobcat Cheerleaders, comprised of the most mouthwatering gorgeous, popular senior and junior girls of Hudson High, were strutting their stuff to the delight of every hetero eye in the stands. The girls timing was a little off, but their sheer sex appeal overcame any deficits of rhythm or talent.

The Bobcat Cheering squad wore their uniforms well. In team colors, each uniform consisted of a tiny, sleeveless top that clung to their mostly ample breasts, stopping just above their midriffs, exposing their taught bellies. Not to be outdone by the tops, each uniform’s skirt was the model of cheerleader perfection, pleated and short, falling quite far up the thigh. And what thighs they were! The girls of the Bobcat squad had well-deserved reputations as having the finest legs in the league. As they went through their routines, their hands clapping, hips swaying and bucking, their smooth muscled legs pushing off from the floorboards, the girl’s athletic sneakers squeaked with an almost musical rhythm.

The acknowledged captain of the team was senior Nikki Sellers. Among the tallest of the squad, Nikki was tan and muscled, a bronze goddess with a dancers grace. Her perfect round breasts, tight, agile little rump, and long legs were the envy of even the uniformly beautiful members of the Bobcat squad. Her soft blond hair tied back, Nikki’s sparkling blue eyes twinkled with a mischievous light. She was hot stuff and she knew it.

Going through the final motions of their routine, the girls came to a stop, clapping and urging on the players on the court. A time-out had been called and the boys were returning to their benches to get instruction from their coaches. Seeing her opportunity, Nikki bent forward and whispered to the pretty Asian cheerleader next to her. “I’ll be right back Sammy! If I don’t get a potty break there will be a big warm puddle on the floor!”

Laughing at the thought of such a scene, Sammy patted her friend on the shoulder. “Go ahead, we don’t want people slipping in your pee-pee!!” The girls giggled as Nikki quickly walked toward the hallway that led from the Gym.

Even with her mind on her bodily functions, Nikki walked with a swaying, confident stride, her hips swaying back and forth. Her tiny skirt’s hem swayed back and forth, dancing over her golden thighs as her strong legs carried her on her way.

Walking down the hall to the “little girls room”, Nikki noticed how dark and empty the school looked at night. The bright activity of the day gone, even with the packed gymnasium behind her, it felt like a tomb.

Rounding a corner, Nikki hurried into the ladies room and took up the customary position in a stall. Pulling her tight little athletic panties down to her ankles, the lovely teen lifter her skirt and squatted on the porcelain throne. Easing into it, she sighed as she relieved herself.

In the midst of the not-so-delicate operation, Nikki became aware of someone else entering the restroom. She could hear shoes squeaking on the tile floor as someone else took a seat in the stall next to her. For a few moments, an awkward silence reigned as Nikki finished up with her peeing. As she tore off a piece of paper to dab her cute little rear, a voice sounded through the stall-wall next to her.

“I guess even cheerleaders have to use the bathroom, eh?” an older woman’s voice giggled.

Not used to having conversations in such a place, Nikki overcame her apprehension and chanced to answer. “Uh, yeah… despite rumors to the contrary, we are human too.”

“Hahahahahahahahah!” The woman next to her erupted into laughter. Nikki giggled a little too, more amused at how easily tickled the lady next to her was than her own joke.

Finishing up, Nikki pulled her panties up, feeling their snug material pull in tight on her ass and front, hugging every inch of them. Adjusting her little skirt, she headed out of the stall and over to the sink. Washing her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror, pursing her lips and inspect her flawless face for anything askew.

Nikki heard the stall behind her open as she washed her fingers off, turning when the person emerging began speaking again. “I trust you’re pleased with how things are going so far with the game Miss Sellers?” Finally putting the voice with the face she now saw, Nikki recognized Mrs. Crandle, the schools pretty, middle-aged guidance councilor.

Mrs. Crandle was a tall, pretty brunette who looked very nice for a woman nearing forty. She dressed in a stylish, if conservative manner and had a sophisticated air about her. “Oh, hi Mrs. Crandle! I thought that voice was familiar.” Nikki chirped.

“Yeah, the boys are winning and we’re doing great with our routines.” Nikki walked over and began to towel off her hands.

“Yes, you ladies certainly are putting on one hell of a show.” Mrs. Crandle whistled, surprising Nikki with her uncharacteristic cursing. “It’s a shame you won’t be able to take in the rest of the evening.”

“What do you mean Mrs. Crandle?” Nikki asked, half concerned and half waiting for a punch line.

With great speed, Mrs. Candle’s long strides took her over to Nikki. Grabbing the pretty teen by her shoulders, the older woman flung her away from the sink and against the far wall, putting her own body between the startled girl and the exit.

Shocked at the aggressive action, Nikki found herself even more terrified by the image she now caught site of in the mirror. Though Mrs. Crandle looked just as she always had right before her, in the mirror, the older woman’s normally lovely face had completely different features. The mirror image’s face was that of a smiling, nasty looking man, a man with a hungry look in his eye.

“What in the fuck is this?!!??! W-What are you?!?!” Nikki gasped.

“Right now Nikki sweetie, I’m Paula Crandle, but in a moment, I’ll be you!!!” Mrs. Crandle’s voice laughed fiendishly, sounding completely wrong when matched to the male face in the mirror.

Before Nikki could scream for help, Mrs. Crandle’s form convulsed and staggered. In an instant, a tall male form seemed to emerge from Mrs. Crandle’s body, pushing out like a flowing ooze. As it became a solid, separate being, Mrs. Crandle’s now unconscious body fell hard backwards on the floor. When all was said and done, a naked, panting man stood there looking at Nikki. The face in the mirror was now in the real world and it had a male body to match it.

“Oh my God….” Terrified beyond belief, Nikki’s scream came out as a whisper.

Not wasting an instant, the naked man rushed forward toward Nikki. “I never could pass up a ride in a cheerleader!” the fiend cackled. As Nikki’s mouth parted, ready to unleash a bloodcurdling scream, the man was on her, wrapping his arms around her, grabbing hers and forcing them down and back. Her open mouth was soon filled with his probing, salty tongue, as he forced it in. Nikki’s eyes were wide as the man tackled and then began to engulf her.

Just as he had oozed out of Mrs. Crandle, the man’s sweating body began to loose definable form and melt, washing over her and running like warm water over her bare, tan skin. As Nikki stomped and tried to scream through her now full mouth, she felt a disgusting, tingling warmth begin to wash over her. Filling her up like a cup being poured into with warm milk, her attacker began to push his way into the pretty teens body. In the briefest of moments, the struggle was over. Where two once were, now only one remained.

Gathering herself, Nikki’s body tried to steady itself on her now, shaky feet. Rubbing her forehead, she did her best to regain her composure. Finally, after a minute or so, the young woman began to get her wits about her again. A dark, evil grin spread across her pretty lips as Nikki began to look over herself. The young woman ran her own delicate finger over her golden thighs, felt the curve of her tush, and finally grasped the perfection of her own tits. “Oh yes… this will do nicely! The lovely little Miss Sellers is quite the find! I’m going to have a hell of a time putting this body through it’s paces!” The grinning girl whistled in appreciation.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Nikki smiled at the reflected image. Across from her, her smooth young face had been replaced with the male, angled features of her attacker. “I’m going to enjoy being Nikki Sellers.”

Turning on her heel, the possessed cheerleader headed on out of the restroom. Looking down at the stirring, moaning form of Mrs. Crandle, “Nikki” walked by. “Thanks for the ride Paula, but I decided to trade up! I can’t pass up a newer model, with all the bells and whistles!” Nikki’s youthful voice sounded the same, but the words were most definitely not her own.

The new Nikki practically ran back to the gymnasium, anxious to get back out there in front of the crowd. Her new tenant gloried in the feminine feel of her body, and longed to feel the luxury of hundreds of eyes running over it. Running in, the creature in Nikki drew on her dreaming minds memories for everything he would need to maintain the charade that she was still master of herself. Smiling at pretty Asian cheerleader Sammy, “I’m back, I didn’t miss anything did I?!?”

Sammy smiled. “Only Bobby scoring a three pointer!!!”

Lining up with the rest of the squad, Nikki took her position. “Well then let’s get cheering girls!!!”

Nikki’s new owner felt his way around her unconscious mind, sifting through for the knowledge and muscle memory he would need to put her body through the correct cheering routines. “Ready! O… Kay!!!” she shouted as she and her new squad began to move in unison, gyrating and dancing in time with one another. As Nikki’s little skirt flipped up and around with her movements, rustling over her soft thighs, she danced and jumped with cat-like grace. With Nikki’s sleeping mind as a resource, her body’s abilities were his to command. High kicking and spinning around, the new and improved Nikki Sellers smiled and laughed, loving the lust filled gazes of the men in the stands. “Nothing better than a little Team Spirit…” she whispered to herself.