The Bargain

By Tobyredone

22 minute read -

“Why don’t you just get a tutor, Stephanie?” Celes asked her friend and roommate.

The three college girls were sitting outside of one of the campus cafeterias enjoying the warm sun while talking about there grades and the upcoming finals.

“A tutor?” asked Stephanie back, “You mean like one of the nerds that comes over to our place and will go over this crap with me and be even more boring than the professors?”

“I got a tutor for algebra. The professor raised my grade a bit just because he knew I was getting help.” Rachel said as she added her two cents.

“I used a tutor in chemistry two semesters ago. I wouldn’t have passed without him,” admitted Celes.

“Ugh. And where am I suppose to find this tutor person?” asked Stephanie.

“I talked to Harry Karmickel.” Celes said, “He pretty much sets the grade in any class he’s in.”

“You mean Harry the worm?” Rachel squealed.

“Oh no! Not the bookworm! Didn’t the Alpha’s stuff him in a cooler for three days last spring? That was hilarious.” Stephanie added.

“Hey, he’s a nice guy. He just doesn’t get out much. But you have to admit no one around here has been very nice or open to him.” Celes replied to them both.

“Well duh, ‘cause he’s a dork.” Rachel said as she drank a bit more of her cappuccino.

Both Rachel and Stephanie burst out in giggles as Celes just rolled her eyes. Then she spotted Harry sitting under a tree typing away on a laptop.

“There he is. You should go over and ask him to help you right now. In that little skirt and tank top you are wearing he probably won’t even want money.” Celes said as she pointed Harry out to her friends.

“People charge money for tutoring? As if.” Stephanie said as she looked over at one of the biggest nerds on campus.

“This coming from the girl whose dad bought all her grades freshman year.” Rachel said with a giggle.

Celes laughed a bit at that comment, but Stephanie got annoyed.

“Hey, if Professor Stupkin would have used a curve I would have passed with flying colors.” Stephanie said in an injured voice.

“Well, that’s freshman year, so unless your dad is willing to crack open the wallet again, which you told us yesterday he wasn’t, you need a tutor.” Celes said.

Stephanie sighed, looked over at Harry the worm, and said, “Fine,” as she got up and began to walk towards him.


I stood on the door way to the small house just of campus. I was just about to ring the door bell when I looked around one more time. This had to be a prank. The hottest girl on campus does not just walk up to me and ask for tutoring in every class she is taking. Plus this wasn’t far from where the Alpha frat boys had shoved me in a cooler on pledge week and kept me in there for almost a half an hour, and only let me out because someone had casually mentioned to them that I may run out of air.

Stupid jocks.

It wasn’t just Stephanie, either. This house contained the “fabulous four.” Four of the most beautiful girls on campus living under one roof. They knew it too. Every weekend they picked from the piles of party invites to see where they would go. I’ve heard stories of guys dressing up as delivery boys just to try and get inside this house for fifteen minutes.

Stephanie and Celes where both blonde goddesses. Perfect bodies, with tan skin. Both had blue eyes. Stephanie had the most pink delicious lips ever, and she dressed to show off her best assets and try and find a rich husband before her time here was up, where as Celes was definitely here at the university to actually get a degree.

Then there was Rachel. She was also in the find a husband program, but had dark brown eyes and a matching head of hair. She was more athletic and toned then her two blonde roommates, and was the captain of the cheerleading team.

The last girl in the house was Amy. She was a transfer student from Japan. Her raven black hair went down to her mid back, and she had an amazingly thin figure other than her large chest which she often displayed on the swim team meets while she was wearing the tiny one piece suits they used..

I took a deep breath and rang the door bell. It was opened a few moments later by the girl I knew through past tutoring sessions at the library to be Celes.

“I was wondering how long you were going to stand on the porch before ringing the bell.” She said to me as she used a hand gesture to motion me into the house.

“I uh… I didn’t know if this was the right house.” I replied.

“Whatever champ, she’s upstairs in her room going over stuff before you got here. Second door on the left. Have fun.” She said to me as she pointed up the small staircase.

I walked up the stairs and still had not decided if this was a trap and I would be tarred and feather once I stepped into her room.


“This is impossible. And ridiculous.” I said as I started to pack my books.

Stephanie looked over at me and said to the person on the other end of the phone, “I’ll have to call you back. The worm is getting restless again.”

“Don’t call me the worm!” I said harshly to her.

“Fine, Harry.” She said as I continued packing my things, “What are you doing? I haven’t learned anything yet, you can’t go.”

“You never will learn anything. You are on that damn cell phone every ten minutes. You don’t want to study when you are off it. You don’t know the basics for the courses you are taking. I don’t know how you passed your freshman year. You cannot learn this in time for the finals, even if you had more than a week.” I said as I tossed my last book in my heavy duffle bag and got up to leave.

“Wait, I’ll study. Really I will. No more cell phone, I promise Worm.” She said.

I gave her a cross look, and she replied, “Oops. Sorry, force of habit. I meant Harry.”

“It doesn’t matter, you don’t know the underlining basics. I can’t teach you every course you should have taken, plus your junior level courses that you are actually in before finals. And even then, I can’t teach you well enough so that you get A’s in everything so that you bump your grades up high enough to pass. It will never happen.” I told her plainly and forcefully.

“No, you are my last hope. What can I do?” She asked with no small amount of terror showing on her pretty face.

“How did you get through the other classes? Try screwing the professor or buying your grades.” I told her with no trace of sympathy in my voice.

“Fuck you!” She replied and threw her heavy text book at me. I dodged it easily and slammed into the wall behind me.

She then did something did not expect. She began to cry. She leaned forward and put her arms down on the desk and her face in her arms and started to cry. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there staring at her weeping into her desktop. About that time Celes opened the door and asked, “Is everything ok in here? What the hell?”

Stephanie looked up at her and still sobbing said, “He said I’m too dumb to learn this.”

“No I didn’t…” I started to say but was cut off by Celes looking and me and saying, “Wow, I thought you weren’t an asshole.”

“He says there is no way for me to get A’s on my finals and pass.” She said as she again dropped her face in her arms.

“Well, that I did say.” I told Celes sheepishly.

She closed the door and went over to comfort her friend. I still stood there dumbfounded.

“Come on now, there has to be something we can do?” Celes said more to me than to Stephanie, but she was gently rubbing Stephanie’s back.

“To be honest, she doesn’t know the basics from the previous classes, nor does she know any of the info she was suppose to be learning in the actual classes. Unless she cheats, or does something else I don’t think there is anyway for her to pass.” I said blatantly.

Stephanie began to sob again, and Celes went back to comforting her. I stood there looking at the two of them for around a minute before opening the door to check for anyone outside, and then closing it and locking it, and sitting back down in the other seat next to the desk.

In a quiet voice I told them both, “There is a way that I could help you could pass the finals. But if I tell you about this you have to swear not to tell anyone, or believe me, I will make sure you both regret it.”

Stephanie stopped crying and looked up at me with one more sniffle, and Celes looked as though I had just peaked her interest as well.

“Sure, whatever.” Stephanie said.

“No. Not whatever. This is not negotiable. This is serious. If you don’t understand what I’m saying and blab this out I’ll be in serious trouble as well you two.” I told them solemnly.

“Okay, okay. I swear not to tell.” Stephanie said as she rolled her eyes.

“The attitude needs to stop. I don’t have to help you.” I told her.

“Sorry. I promise I won’t anymore if you will help me. I promise I will treat you like a king. Just please help me.” She said. I heard a hint of desperation in her voice, and so I decided she really meant it.

I looked at Celes, and she nodded. I knew from my previous tutor sessions that Celes was honest, so I trusted her.

“I have a unique talent to possess people. I can possess you, and take the tests for you. But you can’t tell anyone about this, or about me.” I said in a hushed voice.

They both looked at me blankly for a few seconds, and then Celes began to giggle, while saying, “You expect us to believe that?”

Stephanie on the other hand asked, “What do you mean possess? You mean like, you take my body over or something, like in the horror movies?”

“Something like that.” I told her.

“Oh come on Steph, you don’t actually believe this?” Celes asked her friend, “he’s crazy.”

“I can show you.” I offered.

Stephanie shook her head no with a very frightened look in her eyes. Celes on the other hand said in a cocky voice, “Sure. Prove it to me. You can use me.”

I placed my duffel bag back on the floor walked up to Celes and raised my hand to the sides of her face. She looked at me oddly. I told her, “It works through touch. And it may take a minute or two.”

“Sure.” She said with a sarcastic look.

I concentrated on being Celes. I had only done this once before. I suddenly felt something. A little shock ran up my back. I felt odd, like I was melting a bit. I looked down and saw my hands become a flesh colored ooze that quickly started to become clear. It took almost thirty seconds before I finally started to flow into Celes’s skin, and despite the growing look of fear on her face, she tried to sit as still as possible. I lost my sense of self. I was a blob that seemed to be lying on her lap, and slowly working into her cheeks. I knew it was taking a long time. Then, suddenly I felt her feet in her soft socks. I could feel the yoga pants she wore clinging tightly to her legs, waist, and backside. I felt her taunt stomach, and the piecing she had in her navel as it rubbed against the inside of her tight short sleeved tee shirt. I felt the soft cotton sports bra under the shirt as it restrained her large breasts. I could feel the air on her arms, and her hair tickling her neck and cascading over her shoulders and down her back. I felt her lips, and could taste the sweetness of the lip balm she had used last. Suddenly I could see through her eyes. I took my first breath as Celes and blinked a few times.

I looked over at Stephanie who stared back at me with wide eyes and said, “Believe me now?”

“Oh my god,” I heard her reply, then hesitate and ask, “Is it just you in there, or can you still hear me Celes?”

I crossed Celes’s legs and folded her hands in her lap before replying, “It’s just Harry. Celes’s mind is sleeping.”

“So you’ll do that to me for my finals?” She asked.

“Yes. I’ll enter you, take your tests, and no one will be any the wiser.” I replied.

“This is going to work!” she said excitedly.

“We haven’t talked payment yet. Don’t get too excited.” I reminded her.

“What do you mean? I don’t have that much money. I mean, my family is wealthy, but my father cut way back on my spending money recently.” She replied as her voice quickly got quiet again.

“I’m not interested in money.” I told her while looking down at my painted nails.

“What do you want then?” She asked me with a questioning look on her face.

“I want your body, for five weekends of my choosing and the whole week of spring break.” I told her, “I get to be you and do whatever I want.”

“What?! No way. Not going to happen.” She said shaking her head vigorously.

“Ok, well, that’s my fee. Take my offer, or find a different way. I guarantee a passing grade in all your classes. See if anyone else can match that offer.” I said.

“But five weekends, and all of spring break! Celes and I were going to Cancun!” She whined.

“And technically you still will be going to Cancun with Celes. I’ll just be in the driver’s seat.” I calmly replied.

“No way. Too much. Three weekends. And you can come with us to Cancun, but not in me.” She tried to bargain with me.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you had a large number of options here. Not to mention the fact that for the next week I have to study for my own finals, plus yours, plus convince my professors to let me take my finals on a different time then yours if any overlap. My deal is as stated. Final offer.” I told her.

She chewed on her thumb nail nervously, and looked down at the book in front of her. She knew there was no other way. Now it was just a matter of if she could live with my terms of payment.

“Fine. But Celes watches out for me when you are in me.” She said.

“I don’t mind if she tags along. But just so you know, I can read memories and thoughts from before I entered a body so if you plan on double crossing me, I will know about it. For example, I know that Celes here promised not to tell anyone about the time you got drunk, and had sex with Bobby Fisher freshman year. If you try anything, or send any jocks to do anything to me after the fact I will retaliate. I will find a way to get in your body, and you will wake up with all sorts of new tattoos and quite the new reputation.” I warned her sternly.

She nodded, “I swear. I’ll keep my side if you keep your side of the bargain.”

With that I laid back on the bed. I heard Stephanie ask me what I was doing as I started to flow out of Celes’s body. It took even more time then getting in her, although I have to admit, I didn’t really want to leave her pretty body, so that didn’t help. Finally I stood in front of Celes and Stephanie naked, and started to grab my clothes from the pile on the floor in front of Celes’s feet.

As I pulled on my pants Stephanie asked, “How long will she be out?”

“I don’t know. I’ve only done this once before, but she is just sleeping. We should be able to wake her up.” I said, and then grabbed my shirt to pull it over my head.

Stephanie, meanwhile was reaching over to softly shake her friend back into the conscious world. Celes’s eyes opened and she first looked at Stephanie and then at me.

“It worked didn’t it?” She asked as she blinked a few times and sat up.

“Oh yeah, he was in you.” Stephanie replied.

“I don’t remember much. I remember him saying he could possess people, and laughing, and offering to let him try it on me, but after that my memory gets real fuzzy.” Celes said.

“Well, I’m off to study for your exams. Email me your exam schedule next week so I can make sure I can make them all.” I told Stephanie as I walked out of their room.

As I slowly walked back to my dorm room I couldn’t believe what I had bargained for. I figured I had better study up to make sure I could hold up my end of the deal.


“Are you ready?” I asked Stephanie.

She nodded in response and squeezed Celes’s hand tightly. I put my hands gently on each side of her face and concentrated. My fingers slowly started to loose form. They were still skin colored, but they started to merge together. Finally they started to become the clear mucus that I knew they needed to be before I could take over someone’s body. I could feel Stephanie’s eyes looking up at me, and feel her tremble under me. It was not helping my confidence, and was definitely slowing the process down. I started to pool on her lap, and lost the sensations of being me.

I could feely myself oozing into her skin on her face. The process was slow, but finally I was starting to have sensations of a new body. Sensations of Stephanie’s body. I could feel her feet. She had chosen a pair of small heels today. They forced her toes into the front of the shoe. I felt the pantyhose she was also wearing. It was clinging tightly to her legs. Suddenly I could feel her thighs, and then I felt the very different sex between her legs. She was wearing a pair of cotton panties under her pantyhose. I felt them wrapping my new sex and around my new shapely ass. I could feel the edges of her pleated skirt on my thighs and the waistband pulled tightly around my narrow waist. I could feel her belly button piecing under her tight tank top. I could feel her push up bra wrapping around her impressive breasts and lifting them up, and giving them the maximum visual effect. I felt her long blonde hair, which was today pulled back, but with loose curls added. Finally after almost ten minutes since I started the whole process I was looking through her eyes, and holding onto Celes’ hand.

I looked down and pulled my hand out of hers, bringing it up to my face, and feeling it gently.

“Is it just you now Harry?” Celes asked as she looked into my eyes.

“Yes. But for all intents and purposes I am Stephanie now.” I said as I got up carefully in my heels. I used her memories to review how to walk in heels and how to walk like Stephanie.

“This is so amazing. I guess I should say good luck, girlfriend.” Celes said as she stood up and hugged me roughly.

I returned the hug, winked at her and said, “No luck needed. I’ve got this.”

And with that I grabbed Stephanie’s small pink back pack with her supplies in it, and headed out.


It was a little over a month since I had passes all of Stephanie’s tests for her. We had all gotten back from our breaks between semesters, and started our next semester of classes. It was Friday just after noon. I was walking out of my last class of the day, and I headed for the outside cafeteria, where I knew my prospect was waiting.

I brashly walked up to the table where Stephanie, Celes and Rachel sat enjoying the warm weather while eating their typical light lunches. I pulled out the empty chair and sat down next to Stephanie.

“Hey Worm, what do you want?” Rachel said with venom in her voice.

Any other day I would have probably gotten up and ran until I needed my inhaler, but today it just didn’t bother me, nor was I afraid of these girls, or the beating from the jocks I would take for talking to ‘their girls.’

“I just wanted to stop by and see how Stephanie did on her finals. I helped her, and to be honest it felt like there was a bit of me there with her taking those tests.” I replied back and looked at Stephanie.

“I did amazing on them Worm… I mean Harry. Sorry, really, I am. It’s just a force of habit.” She said.

“So you passed your classes?” I asked her.

“Yeah, one of them, I did so well on the extra credit essay question, my grade got bumped up from passing to a B minus.” She said, “A lot of my professors commented on my improvement.”

“Well then, my work was worth it. What are you up to this weekend?” I asked.

“As if Worm.” Rachel chimed in, but Stephanie said, “Well, I was going to… I mean… I guess whatever. Plans change. Did you have something in mind?”

“Oh, well I just wanted your help in the science lab. It shouldn’t take more then a few minutes. And you’ll be right back to your regular life when I’m done.” I said as I looked towards the doors on the far side of the courtyard.

“Yeah, sure.” She said as she understood what I was getting at.

I got up and started walking, as I glanced over my shoulder I saw Stephanie following me, Celes waving, and Rachel staring in disbelief.

I used my ID card to open the door to one of the private rooms in the lab, and Stephanie followed me in. As I closed the door I looked at her, and she gave me a weak smile and said, “Have fun.”

I nodded, put my hands up to her face and began the process. It didn’t take as long this time, but it was still over five minutes before I opened my new set of eyes. I looked down at my new body. I was wearing a pair of sandals, and some tight jeans that really showed off my new figure. I could feel a tiny g-string riding up the crack of my shapely ass under the jeans. I had a small white tank on that left a fair amount of my tanned belly exposed and piercing exposed. The piercing was shaped like a tiny butterfly. My hair was down, and held out of my eyes with two small hairpins.

I picked up my old clothes, transferred my old room key and ID to my new pockets, and stuffed my other clothes into a small privacy locker in the room, and then locked it. I then headed back out to rejoin my hosts’ two friends. On my way back I briefly looked through Stephanie’s memory to see who she talked to about me. It turned out it was only Celes, and the two of them had lengthy conversations about my time in her. She was supposed to watch out for Stephanie and make sure I didn’t do anything to embarrass her.

I sat back down at the table and pulled my chair in before grabbing the small plastic fork and taking a bite of Stephanie’s salad that was left behind. Celes was looking at me, and Rachel was looking over at a group of guys a few tables down.

“So what the hell was that all about?” Rachel asked as she spun her head back around.

“He wants me to help him with a project. It takes a few minutes. He did help me pass my classes.” I replied.

“I’d blow him off. You’re done with him.” She replied.

“Well, that’s because you’re a bitch, Rachel.” I replied.

“Wow, harsh much?” She said, as she leaned back and held her hands up at me in some sort of gesture.

“Well, as much as I’d love to get in the middle here, I’m off. I’m heading back to the house.” Celes cut in to say.

“I’ll walk back with you,” I said as I got up and grabbed Stephanie’s stuff.

“See you after class,” Rachel said as she turned back boy-watch.

Celes and I dumped what was left of our lunches out, and slung our backpacks over our shoulders and started to walk back to our small house just off campus. I noticed all the guys we passed smiling, or doing double takes as we walked by them. A few called out to us, and we would wave back, but keep walking. As we began to get away from the groups of other college students walking around campus Celes finally leaned over and in a hushed tone asked, “You’re in her, right Harry?”

“What are you talking about? He wanted help with a project.” I replied while raising my eyebrows and wrinkling my cute new nose like I knew Stephanie would.

“Oh. I thought, you know.” She said, and looked down at her feet.

“I’m just kidding. I wanted to see if I could fool you a bit. Yeah, it’s me in here.” I told her.

“Wow. You walk just like her. You even have her facial expressions. It’s amazing.” She told me wide eyed.

At this point we had come to the house. I let Celes open the door with her key and followed her in. I walked up to Stephanie’s room, and noticed Celes follow me.

“So what are you going to do this weekend.” She asked me as she plopped down on my new bed.

“I have no idea. I’m just going to wing it for now, I think.” I told her as I dropped my back pack and turned to face the mirror on one side of her wall.

I reached down with my small hands and pulled the tank top Stephanie was wearing up over my head, and looked at my perky breasts in the mirror. I next undid the buttons on her jeans and slid them down my shapely legs, and stood there looking at myself in my tiny white g string and silky white bra.

“She has such a hot body.” I said out loud, more to my reflection than anything else.

“Yes. Yes she does,” I suddenly heard Celes say from behind me.

I turned to face her. I cocked a leg to the side and put my hands on my wide hips and struck a bit of a pose for her.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I have always had a crush on her. She’d freak if she knew though.” Celes told me and then started chewing on her bottom lip.

I walked over to the edge of the bed, and then crawled over until I was on top of Celes, and about an inch away from her soft lips. In a quiet seductive voice I said, “Oh yeah?”

She raised her head just a bit to bring her soft lips to mine, and we kissed lightly once before I pulled back.

“I suppose I could give you what you want. Will you give me what I want?” I replied.

“What do you mean? Of course I’ll make sure you enjoy it too!” She replied as she wrapped her arms around my neck and tried to pull me back down for another kiss.

Our lips met a second time and I felt her tongue playfully lick at my lips. She then started to kiss down my cheek and neck. I could feel my nipples begin to press out and felt a warmth in my pussy start to grow.

“That’s not what I meant. I want to borrow your body from time to time.” I said in between kisses as Celes began to really get into her fantasy of loving her best friend.

“Oh, is that all. For a chance at Steph, you can have whatever you want.” She replied and never slowed down.

I felt her hands drift south and she pulled my small panties down to my mid thigh as she continued to kiss up and down my neck. I was getting lost in need and desire coursing through my new body. I wanted to stop and talk about terms, but just as I was about to pull back, she began to slowly run her nails down my back every so gently and I knew all talk was over until we were both satisfied. I began kissing up and down her neck and tucked my new petite fingers under her head and in her hair to pull her lips to mine in a long passionate kiss. I could feel our breasts rubbing together as we lay there making out. Eventually we began to roll back and forth on the bed, alternating positions of top and bottom while kissing and giggling as she brought me up to the boiling point in my new body.

Finally, she rolled me over, smiled at me, and crawled down to begin licking at my lovely little snatch. I was pretty worked up from all the heavy petting and kissing from before we got to the main event, and so I came very shortly after her blonde head dipped to between my thighs. I felt waves of pleasure, and it felt like my body was trying to explode, but in a good way. As I laid there and blinked and panted and cooed, Celes crawled up to lay next to me. I rotated my head and kissed her gently on the lips, tasting Stephanie’s sweet juices on her lips.

That excited me all over again, so I sat up and spun around on the small bed until I was face to pussy with Celes’ little love box. I dove into her with my tongue, licking lovingly up the outsides before darting my tongue in and out of her crevasse. She began to buck her hips and I could tell when I had brought her to the edge of orgasm because she clamped her thighs around my head and squeezed tightly until I felt a fluid of ejaculate come out of her slit.

She released me, and I rolled off from on top of her, and we both lay panting until I heard her say, “After that, you can borrow my body anytime you want it.”