The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 10

By Tobyredone

15 minute read -

I was sitting at my desk in my room looking over my science book when my phone chirped. I glanced at the screen it so see a text from Brittney, Hey what are U doing slut? I’m sooooooooo bored. When are U getting ungrounded? Shopping with Tiffany n Rachel isn’t the same. They both kind of annoy me sometimes.

I smiled and grabbed my phone, Studying. Super bored too. No release date from the Rents yet.

It chirped almost instant, Boo Hiss. What’s Kevin doing?

I replied back, He’s still on cement bag duty. But he takes off his shirt when he gets hot. : )

She replied back,_ Calm down slut. Actually I’m horny too. When do U think you’ll both be able to play? Should we plan something special?_

I thought for a moment and then got back to her, Are U sure your dad isn’t watching these texts?

My phone chirped instantly, OMG DIAF

I quickly typed back, LOL. Gotcha. Hey didn’t Kevin say his birthday was coming up soon? We should throw him a party.

A few seconds later she responded with, Like the two of us wearing lingerie kind of party?

I rolled my eyes and typed back, Calm down slut. No, I mean like plan a big party. Think we could do it at your house?

She came back with, If we are doing it here then it WILL NOT be some nerdfest with his lunch room buddies.

I thought for a moment, We should see about his hopper friend. I think the contact is in his phone. I’ll swipe it tomorrow and get it. Maybe he’s got more friends from other places we could invite to!

Brittney’s reply was, I swear if U fill my house with nerds from across the country I’m gonna kick U off the team.

My eyebrows went up and I shot back, OMG you’re dating a nerd too!

There was no pause, I have no clue what you’re talking about.

I wondered about her denial sometimes, Whatevs. So we can party at your house?

There was a lengthy pause and then, I texted Dad. He says fine. Whenever you’re ungrounded I’ll get in touch with the catering company that does all our parties.

I grabbed my phone as I looked at it, Catering company? Are U sure Britt? We can just make some food up ourselves and get a cake.

I don’t cook and I am not eating some shitty cake from SuperMart’s bakery

I shook my head, Forgot who I was talking to. My bad.

She came back with, Damn straight your bad. Say my name slut. We’re still getting lingerie for the after party right???

I started to giggle as I typed back, Um, duh!


The next day at lunch Brittney sat next to me while Rachel, Tiffany, and Hannah chatted excitedly about Kevin’s upcoming birthday party. Fritz sat across from me with wide eyes as he longingly gazed at Brittney playing on her phone, doing her best to ignore him. Kevin was on the other side of me talking with Max and Spencer about something that they were working on in the science lab. I glanced over and saw Brad at the next table over with his nose still held in place by a cast that was taped to his face. He was glaring at me but other than him and Vince the rest of them seemed to have let it go. Or they were afraid of us. Either way we had booted them off of our normal table and I had invited Kevin and a few other of his friends to sit with us. Some of the other girls had also invited their friends and non-football player boyfriends to sit with us as well. All but two of the cheerleaders who had been dating someone from the football team broke up with their boyfriends and were now unattached. Everyone on the team, including me seemed to be inundated with people asking us out now that we were available.

“So… what about two Thursdays from now, any time from after school until about ten thirty?” Fritz asked Brittney.

“I have to change the oil in my car,” Brittney said as she looked up from her phone to glare at the young man who wouldn’t take a hint from the first seven times she had told him no to a date.

“I could help with that!” Fritz said excitedly, “I change the oil in my robot girlfriend all the time!”

“Your invite to this table has been revoked,” Brittney declared and as she made a disgusted face.

“What did I say?” Fritz asked as he looked around at his friends.

“Dude, we’ll explain it to you later, but that’s creepy… even for us,” said a boy whose name I hadn’t learned yet said.

“Hey, my phone is dead. Can I text my parents from yours?” I asked Kevin sweetly as I kissed his cheek.

“Sure. Here,” Kevin replied as he dug his phone out and handed it to me, “Oh, and the naked pictures of you in there aren’t mine. They’re Brittney’s.”

Everyone at the table began laughing loudly except for Brittney who now glared at Kevin, “Your invite has also been revoked. I’m sure you and Fritz are smart enough to figure out somewhere else to sit, Chess club.”

Brittney still insisted on keeping her normal charade up at school despite both Kevin and I telling her we would support her if she wanted to come out. As Kevin closed his eyes and smiled while rubbing the back of his head I quickly slipped his phone into my bag and then went back to the normal lunch routine. When the bell rang Brittney ran interference with him to make certain I could slip away with his phone and that gave the two of us time to go through his contacts and make a list. We also got into the social media he was on so we could get even more invites to the party out.


Hey slut! How does it feel to be free? My fingers grabbed my phone off my desk and looked at the message as a smile came to my face.

I slipped out of my small white cotton panties, which left me completely nude, and I stood in front of my mirror as I held my phone off to the side and posed to take a picture. I went back to the message and hit reply with the photo attached, Why don’t you come over and find out?

There was a bit of a pause and then another beep, Yer face on her body is creepy as fuck

I went back to the mirror and felt my eyes close and my skin tingle and when I opened them my normal face was smiling back at me. I took a few more pictures with more poses and then sent them along with an apology, Sorry. Better?

I flopped down on my bed and watched as my hands slowly roamed across my skin, across my belly, between my breasts, and then began circling my nipple as I teased it. I felt it fill as my body warmed. It felt so amazing to have Kevin back inside of me, playing with me just the way I liked it.

My phone chirped and my body paused its self-love to pick it up, Much. Thnx 4 the noodz.

One of my hands quickly typed back as the other hand went back to wandering my body, Np. Are U coming over? Missed you Pet.

There was a long pause but it gave my body time to play with itself and by the time I heard it chirp again I was close to panting, I have to get catering people lined up. Now that both of U are off house arrest, I have tons of planning to do. Fuck I missed you Mistress. I’m so wet right now.

I felt my fingers slowly work their way down to my still shaved pussy and tease my clit hood as I bit my lip. I whimpered as my fingers then slipped down my slit and inside of my folds just enough to tease myself. Suddenly my other hand was swinging the camera around and I clicked a selfie. I saw it as my body sent it. I looked like a sex vixen. I was biting my lips while my legs were spread and my eyes seemed to scream out in lusty want. I then typed out a message, Can you do any of that from here? I could help you. In more ways than one if you know what I mean.

It didn’t take long before the reply came in, B thr in 5.


“What did the two of you do?” Kevin’s voice came out of my lips, sounding concerned.

“We just invited some people we found in your phone,” I replied back as my body got off the bed and went to the mirror.

“We thought you would be pleased, Mistress,” Brittney said as she pulled against her restraints and then looked at her wrists.

My head spun and I looked back at her with a neutral expression. She squirmed there, her wrists tied tightly to each corner of my bed with two of my nylons and one of her legs tied to the foot of my bed with one of the straps from my back pack that Kevin had been resourceful enough to work free in the middle of a passion fed frenzy of lesbian foreplay. I strutted to her and ran a finger from her knee all the way up to her chin slowly and then leaned forward and bit down harshly on one of her extended nipples. She convulsed under me and I saw her bite into her lip as she threw her head back and tried not to call out and alert my parents about what was really going on in my room.

“Pet, how many people did the two of you contact?” I asked in a sultry voice.

“All of them. If they were in your phone we found them. Not all of them could make it though, Mistress. We had four people decline.” Brittney whimpered back.

“The two of you have been busy little girls. Should I be pleased that you have been so industrious, or upset that you kept this from me?” I asked as my head hovered just millimeters over hers, our lips almost touching.

She leaned up and tried to kiss me, but I jerked back just far enough so that she could still feel my hot breath on her cheek. She stretched her neck further but couldn’t quite reach my cherry red lips. She fell back to the bed with defeat and then said, “Pleasure or punishment is for you to decide, Mistress. I’m only here to serve!”

“Oh Pet, I do love it when you answer correctly.”

I slid down her body and brought my lips to her inner thighs and began kissing my way up them. I slipped an arm under her leg and forced her into a vertical split and then brought my tongue to her drooling slit and began licking. Brittney was making strange sounds. Like someone was punching her in the stomach and she was trying to hold her abs tight while they hit her. She swallowed loudly above me and then called out, “Please Mistress! Gag me! Gag me so I don’t ruin everything! I almost screamed!”

I sat up and wiped her juices off my lips and chin with my arm and smiled at her evilly, “Of course Pet! You know I can’t refuse you.”

I crawled up and over her, dragging my breasts across her skin, the softness of her flesh sending shivers sparking outward from my nipples. I grabbed the headboard and then straddled her face and slowly lowered myself down on her mouth. I let out a quick breath and then simply commanded, “Begin.”

Brittney nodded as her magical little tongue went to work on my love mound. She dutifully licked, sucked and gently nibbled anything and everything. My body was turbulent with euphoria as she drank my nectar and then teased more out of me. Kevin directed my eyes downward and I saw how delighted her face was. If I had control of my body I would rather be doing this with Kevin himself, but I had to admit in that moment she was sexy as hell. My stomach sucked in and my toes curled as I gripped the head rail on the top of my bed tightly and let out an “Ah!” louder than I should have as an orgasm burned its way through every nerve ending in my body. My eyes clamped shut and I was tossed around on the waves of bliss as they coursed through me like a ship on a stormy sea.

Finally I came down. I let go of the bed and my strength left me as I fell down on Brittney like a sack of potatoes tipping over. I panted as I caught my breath and felt Brittney struggle underneath me as she tried to maneuver with my weight on top of her. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and wondered when Kevin was going to pick me back up. I suddenly realized I could see his fourteenth birthday party in my mind and realized he had passed out!

I tried to move my own limbs, but it felt like they were in molasses. I managed to work myself upright as I looked down at Brittney and mumbled out, “Something…” I brought my hands to the tight knots at her wrists but struggled with my own fingers as it felt like I was wearing thick gloves, “Wrong,” I managed to get out.

I saw worry spark in her eyes as she looked at her wrists and started to tug on her own. As she worked at her restraints harder, the headboard of my bed bounced off my wall making even more noise. I heard my father call out, “Is everything okay up there sweetie?”

Finally my fingers managed to grab at the right spot on the tie at Brittney’s wrist and the first knot let go, freeing her one hand. She grabbed at the other and quickly undid it, and then went to work on her leg. I flopped off the bed managed to stand upright as I tried to get to my closet. I heard my Dad’s footsteps coming down the hallway.

I felt my eyelids flitter and my head shake and I turned to look at Brittney who had a panicked look on her face. My body charged the rest of the way across the room and grabbed a robe and flung it across the room to Brittney who slipped into it and then dove onto her stomach across my bed, grabbing a magazine from the floor. I slipped into another robe just as my father was knocking on the door.

I opened it up and said cheerfully, “Hi Daddy!”

“What was that noise?”

“What noise? We both had our earbuds in listening to the new Airy Anna Mocha song,” I said as I blinked innocently.

“Then how did you hear me knock?” He looked at me suspiciously.

“I just took out my earbuds because I was going to use the potty and heard you knock Daddy. What’s going on? Was it a loud noise? Like someone breaking in?” I asked as my face displayed concern.

“What? No. It sounded like something bouncing off the wall,” he said as he looked around my room.

I felt one of my feet slowly hook a toe in Brittney’s lace panties that were on the floor just behind me and slip them to the side behind the door as Brittney looked up at him, “That might have been me Mr. Summers. I was rocking on the bed to the song.”

My father let out a sigh and rubbed his face with his hand, “You guys have to be more aware of your surroundings, okay? You might bust a whole in the drywall if you hit the bed against it hard.”

I pouted as I nodded, “Sorry, Daddy! We’ll be more careful.”

He turned to leave and I called out, “Daddy!” When he spun to look at me I made a kissing face at him and asked, “What do you think of this shade of lipstick? Brittney brought it over for me to try. She said it’s from a new make-up company in Paris! Isn’t it awesome?”

“It looks a little too bright red to me, sweetie. I like it when you look more natural,” he said with a shrug.

I sighed and pouted at him again, “Spoil sport.”

“Sorry sweetie. I think you’re perfect just the way you are.”

“Daddy you’re such a cornball!” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t you two have school tomorrow? Brittney better be heading home soon. I don’t know if she has a curfew, but she’s not breaking yours,” my father said as he waved his hand at me and went back down the stairs.

I closed the door and a sigh of relief came out of my lips, “That was close.”

“What happened?” Brittney asked with a look of concern on her face.

“I couldn’t take it. You were too good for me Pet,” I said with a sly grin coming to my face.

Brittney stood on my bed and did a curtsy in the robe as she said, “I aim to please you in all things, Mistress.”

I took her hands and helped her off the bed and into my waiting embrace as I whispered in her ear, “You do please me, Pet.”

I then kissed her passionately on the lips. She brought her tongue to mine and we fought over whose mouth they would play inside of. Then suddenly I felt a tingle and blinked as I saw Brittney’s eyes pop open and she began to swallow Kevin as he transferred bodies. A few moments later and Brittney was holding me up in her arms as the weakness from when Kevin left my body passed through me. I regained my balance and then shook my head as I saw Brittney start to collect her clothing and slip back into it. First her fancy lacy bra. She clipped it on her stomach, flipped it around and then up as she slid her arms into it and then got the girls situated. She then grabbed her panties with her toes and flipped them up into her hand so she could step into them. She then snatched her small tank top off the floor along with her thin blouse and her skirt and worked her way into it all. When she finished she slipped into her shoes and worked her feet back and forth a few times before smiling at me while she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Fuck! He even gets dressed like me! Like even in the same order!” she whined which caused me to giggle, “You don’t think it’s creepy?”

“I think it’s impressive that he can impersonate people so easily,” I replied with a shrug.

“Unless I want to change just a few things,” Brittney suddenly said as she rolled her hips and then smacked a hand on her own ass.

“Are you leaving?” I asked her and meant both of them.

“Do you mind if I spend the night at Brittney’s?” She asked as she suddenly had a questioning look on her face.

“I suppose not. You were in me since after lunch,” I replied as I twirled my hair around a finger, “I won’t get too jealous she stole my boyfriend.”

“That’s where you went!” Brittney exclaimed and then looked at me, “Wait… so when you were standing all close to me in the hallway after seventh period and I felt your hand on my lower back and you were breathing on my neck while you looked at my phone…”

“Me but not me,” I said with a giggle.

“Oh fuckersticks I was worked up after that!” She said as she scowled at me, “I didn’t know we could have snuck off to the bathroom!”

“Next time maybe,” I replied with a shrug.

“Wait… Don’t I get a say in bringing my best friend’s creepy boyfriend home in my body?” Brittney suddenly asked.

“Nope!” Her own mouth replied with a smile and then she walked up to me and gave me her typical excited hug as she kissed me quickly on the cheek and said, “Okay, night slut! After school practice, not before, remember that!”

I rolled my eyes as I realized that’s exactly what Brittney would have reminded me about as she turned to leave. I watched her strut out my bedroom door happily and as she went down the steps she waved without looking back, “Toodles!”