The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 13

By Tobyredone

12 minute read -

As I watched Brittney struggle I felt tears come to my eyes. I wanted to hug her, but my body was locked down by the hopper inside of me. I couldn’t seem to move a muscle, I had no idea how Brittney had so much strength in her.

“Well aren’t you a confident and feisty little girl,” Norman said from Brittney’s mouth, “What makes you so sure that little Kevy will rush to the rescue? You’ve spent a fair amount of time being awful to him.”

I watched Brittney’s face twitch as she struggled against her internal captor until she managed to shoot back at him, “Because… because he’s… just that wat… Even when I’m a… bitch to him…” She paused as she took a few breaths and then added, “He won’t let you… get away with this. He’ll… he’ll… come for… us…”

Then suddenly I was walking to Brittney. My left hand slipped to her waist the other went up to gently stroked her cheek. My mouth opened and I said in a reassuring voice, “Of course I’ll always come for you Pet.”

Brittney’s eyes went wide as she looked at me somewhere between hope and disbelief, “Mistress?”

My arms encircled her as I pulled her to me and kissed her lips passionately.  As our mouths parted I felt my captor’s control relent and I asked, “Kevin?  How?  When?”

His voice came from my lips as he chuckled, “Remember when you fell in the pool?”

“Oh spoiler!  I wanted to tell her we set that part up!” A slightly nasally voice came out of Brittney’s lips and she slapped a hand over her mouth.

Brittney’s body crouched down and she began to shake once more, but this time I could see liquid begin to flow out of her body.  A few moments later a very short and skinny middle aged man with close cropped brown hair and a slightly oversized nose formed from the goo and caught her shoulders as she tipped.  He shook her slightly and as she came around he helped her regain her balance and then started to walk to her closet.

“Kevin you were behind all of this?  I’m going to kill you!” I shouted.

“You’re going to have to get in line!” Brittney roared as she took a step closer and for a moment I wondered if she would actually hit me just to get to Kevin.

“Wait… But if you knew about all of this then Norman…” Brittney said as she stopped walking and turned to face her closet where the man we now knew as Norman came strolling out wearing a short pink silk robe and finished Brittney’s sentence for her, “May not be the evil despicable being you thought he was?” He paused and ran his hands over the robe he was now dressed in and said, “Oh my! I just love the way this fabric feels against my skin!  Where did you get it Brittney?  You just have to tell me!”

She eyed him with uncertainty and said in a low tone, “Just keep it.  I don’t want it back anymore.”

Norman walked over to her bed, dropped down on it as he crossed his legs and looked over at us, “Well I may be just a little bit despicable for pulling that dastardly prank on you sweet girls, but what about my acting?  Do I deserve one of those little golden acting trophies or what, huh?  I’m sorry ladies but I do just love making an entrance! And on top of that I bet you’ll never forget little ol’ me after all of that, right?”

Brittney rolled her eyes as she let out a deep breath and shook her head while Norman looked at her, “Oh em gee, I love you! You have so much sass!  I mean I’m not entirely sure how Kevin could walk away from all of this,” he motioned up and down his body, “but I can see where you’re fun to play with, Sassy pants!”

Norman then got up and strutted his way to me while looking up and down and then did a slow walk around me as if he was appraising my body like a car. He then flicked his wrist as he said, “And if you aren’t as cute as a button!  Oh Amy!  You are the perfect girl next door!  I just wanna nibble you up!”

“She’s mine.  Get your own,” Brittney growled at him.

“Ha!” Norman clapped excitedly as he spun toward Brittney, “More sass!  Ha this is fun!  Okay, now I see it Kevin!  These two are just a hoot with a capital H!”

“You two better catch up now, I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be breathing,” Brittney said as she eyed me up angrily.

I suddenly found myself reaching for her.  One hand wrapped around her waist and the other went in her hair at the back of her head as I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately once more.  Our tongues mingled in her mouth and I felt her melt in my arms. My body pulled back as I said, “I told you I would not apologize for anything that happened tonight Pet.”

“Of course not Mistress.  I’m sorry I was out of line.  I got excited.  You should punish me,” she mumbled as her head sank onto my shoulder and she sighed happily.

“No time for that!  The show must go on!” Norman said as he stood up and flamboyantly threw his arms in the air.

“Wait, what?” I asked as my eyes went wide.

“We have to get back out there kitten!  Kevin has an appearance to make! It’s his birthday party after all, and we want to be good hosts, right?” Norman looked down at himself and then around the room and then let out a squeal, “Oh noes! I forgot my clothes!  Brit could you be a lamb and give me a ride? At least until I can find a new body, I’m sure it won’t take but a minute.”

“There is a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening super freak,” Brittney declared but Norman just looked at her sternly and I felt a sort of charge in the air and a sudden pulse and Brittney tensed up and froze. Norman stepped over to her and grabbed her thin waist and then brought his head to her neck like he was going to kiss it. Only he didn’t. He almost instantly changed forms and the liquid he had become flowed inside of her. It was so fast I could barely believe it. Brittney stumbled as she came to once more and shook her head and then looked around and until her eyes re-fixed themselves on me as she asked in an aggravated tone, “He got back in me didn’t he?”

Her demeanor changed as her arm came up and she flipped her wrist loosely and the nasally voice came out of her mouth once more, “Well can you blame me? It’s so much fun to slip into a pair of sassy pants every now and again!”

“No no no!” She screamed as she balled her fists and stomped her leg, and in response Norman’s voice warned her, “Okey dokey Britt, do you need to go to sleepy time?”

“Wait! No! Don’t put me under! You…” She said as she gritted her teeth, “You can borrow me if you don’t put me under.”

“See Sassy pants, was that so hard? No, no it wasn’t,” Norman’s voice declared as her hands went back up, “Okay now let’s get back out there! The world is a stage, and I am but a mere actor!” Brittney’s head flipped her hair and then she held her arms out as Norman’s voice continued, “Well, maybe I’m more of a behind the scene’s director, but you ladies understand what I’m trying to say, right?”

“Oh fuck this is so annoying,” Brittney lamented as her body pranced out the door of her bedroom and down the hall to the room next to hers where the rest of the cheerleaders had been stashed by the body hoppers after our show.

I followed and as she opened the door she looked in and called out, “Okay, are all the girls changed back to their normal clothes and ready to be woken up?”

A broad shouldered man with a scar looked sheepishly at Brittney and said, “Jamar won’t get out of Hannah. He says he just wants to borrow her for a couple of days. He promises he won’t do any permanent damage. He says she’s just too perfect to give up so quick.”

“Jamar, look at me!” Brittney said as she pointed her finger in the room, “You will get out of that young lady this instant or I will come over there, hop into her body with you, give you the thrashing of a lifetime, and then flush goo-you down the toilet. Is that what you want mister? Do you remember Tijuana? Is that how the night is going to go? Look at me mister! In the eyes!”

Brittney turned her head and looked at me, “You better get a move on Kevy! I’ll handle this, okay! Don’t you worry for one itsy second!” She then spun around and stepped into the room and planted her hands on her hips, “That’s better! And if I even so much as hear a rumor that you snuck back into that sweet girls body I will track you down and you’ll live out the rest of your days as an eighty five year old she-male prostitute in Bangkok giving reach arounds for…” The door closed as my body turned and started to walk to the stairs.

“Where are we going?” I managed to ask out loud as someone in the hall looked at me and replied, “Huh? You want to go somewhere with me?”

“You’ll see,” My mouth replied and then I felt Kevin pushing my mind back into a deep sleep. I wanted to fight it like Brittney did, but I just didn’t seem to have her will power and almost instantly I was dropped into a black dreamless slumber.


I woke up to the feeling of lips pressed against mine. I blinked my eyes and saw Kevin’s face, his nose next to mine as our mouths pressed against one another. I was tipped backwards in a dip as he supported my back with one of his arms and held his other hand to the back of my head. He winked and suddenly a curtain seemed to fall and bright lights shone on us, causing my eyes to close tightly and my hand to go out to block it. He tipped me upright and looked out at the crowd gathered in front of the stage and waved, “Oh, sorry. I guess my timing was a bit off. I think you can all see why I was distracted. I’ve never had an assistant quite this lovely before.”

I heard the cheer from the crowd and rolled my eyes, “I’m still upset with you,” I said in his ear.

He looked back at me and said, “Then I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you.”

Kevin then raised his arm, twirled me quickly around, and then flung me out the length of our arms and grabbed tightly as I jerked to a stop at the end of his reach, “Let’s give her a big round of applause for all of her help ladies and gentlemen! Now, I’m sure she could use a drink or a snack, she’s had a big night, so I’m going to borrow your attention for a moment while she catches up with her friend!”

He guided me to the edge of the stage and I suddenly had Brittney’s hand grabbing me and pulling me to one of the back rooms where the food was set up and she handed me a plate with several small snacks on it. She took one herself and then we sat down at the corner of a bar where a man instantly stopped what he was doing to ask us if we needed anything.

“Bloody Mary, hold the tomato juice,” Brittney said to him and then looked at me.

“Um, do you have any water?” I asked with a shrug.

He nodded and moved off down the bar as he got our drinks. I looked back at Brittney and asked, “Is it actually you, or is you know who still in there?”

She huffed and glared at me, which told me she was still sharing her body with Norman as she replied, “Apparently he’s rather choosey, but you’ve got me at the moment.”

“You should take it as a complement Sassy pants! I just want to trade into something equal or better, and I can’t really find anything. It’s just my way of saying you’re the cream of the crop!” She said out loud as her head moved back and forth a few times.

“Fantastic,” Brittney said snidely and then saw the bartender put down her glass of vodka. She picked it up and slammed it back and made a face as she swallowed.

“Did you order that or…” I asked as my voice faded out.

“Oh that was me. I’m going to need more if I’m going to keep being used like a freak’n human puppet,” She mumbled as she motioned at her glass to the bartender.

“It’s not that bad,” I said to her with a smile, “Sometimes it’s kind of fun.”

“See, now I just like her attitude Sassy Pants! She’s soooooooo glass half full!” Brittney said with a bright smile and then her face flipped back to a scowl as she said, “Shut. Up. Norman. No one asked you. Are you ready for departure yet?” She paused and suddenly jerked her shoulders around and yanked her hands back up onto her lap, “And if you don’t stop sneaking my own hand under my own skirt to stroke my pussy I’m going to pull you out of my nose with my bare hands and curb stomp you!”

She was suddenly clapping and giggling, “Oh we are going to be best friends you and me!”

She then groaned as the bartender put down another vodka glass and she instantly hammered that one back as well.


I sat at the counter in the kitchen licking the spoon clean of ice cream as I listened to Benny and Kevin talk while they ate their bowls of ice cream.

“So he pulls out a taser and he’s all I’ll fucking do it! at me and I’m like, fine, go ahead,” Benny said with a gruff laugh, “And then the stupid ass actually shocks himself.”

“Ha! No way!” Kevin said as he laughed.

“Yeah, people do crazy shit to get women to notice them,” Benny said with a shrug.

“So, did Yvonne do anything?” Kevin asked.

“Well, being her bodyguard for the weekend I wouldn’t let her get close to the guy. But she felt bad, so she signed a picture for the guy and went up to her hotel room. When he woke up, I handed him off to the cops with the picture,” Benny shrugged, “I heard the guy got into counseling about his issue, but that’s all I know. Oh, and he pissed himself when he passed out. I had to drag his stupid body off to the side and call for clean up.”

“Oh man, the life of a body guard,” Kevin said with a whistle, “Not all glamour is it?”

I looked over and saw Brittney curled up and fast asleep on a chair with a blanket over her. Kevin hadn’t let her out of his sight since she had fallen asleep. I didn’t even know where Norman was, but Kevin assured me he was still around somewhere. The party was almost completely dead and the sun was just peeking above the horizon, but there were a few stragglers left who didn’t want the night to end.

“Hey, will you give me a hand bringing Brittney to bed and then you can bounce out of here? I don’t want to keep you too late. I’ll clear the last of the party people out,” Kevin said as he pushed his bowl back.

“Sure bossman,” Benny said as he got up and went over to Brittney and easily picked up her sleeping body gently, making certain to catch her head against his large shoulder.

“Norman stop making me pinch my nipples,” Brittney mumbled in her sleep, causing both Kevin and Benny to let out small chuckles and then Kevin held his hand out for me, “C’mon, you should get to bed too. The suns already starting to come up.”

I nodded, took his hand, and followed them up to Brittney’s bedroom.