The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 14

By Tobyredone

21 minute read -

The rays of the noon sun seemed to wake Brittney up and she rolled suddenly, which woke me up. She looked over at me and blinked as she asked, “Are you you? Am I me?” She then groaned and grabbed her forehead, “Oh! It hurts. Why is everything so bright?”

She rolled onto her back and brought a pillow over her face and didn’t move for a few minutes until she slowly peeled the pillow back and looked at me, “Last night was insane.”

“Completely insane,” I agreed with a nod.

“Never again,” She said as she propped herself up on one arm to look at me lying next to her.

“So we’re not doing a party for Kevin next year?” I asked with a smirk.

“I got sawed in half last night Amy,” She said as she closed and opened her eyes slowly and then pulled back the covers to look for marks on her stomach.

“I know,” I giggled.

“No, like really sawed in half. My legs were on the other side of the room. I could feel Gregory Pitts tickling my feet from half way across the room. How does that even happen?” She said as she looked further down and wiggled her toes.

“I don’t know but I’ll never forget the look on his face when you grabbed the wall and started pulling your top half towards him and yelling that you were going to break his fingers if he didn’t stop,” I said as I let out more giggles.

“I’m ticklish there,” Brittney said defensively as she hit me with the pillow and then looked out the window.

“Fuck!” She declared as she bolted upright and then winced and held her head, “What time is it?”

“I don’t know a little after noon,” I said with a shrug, “Why?”

“My parents are supposed to be back around one!” She said and climbed out of bed and staggered against the nearby couch in her room, “Ugh. I feel like crap. Where is Kevin?”

“I don’t know. He wasn’t here when I woke up.” I replied with a shrug as I got out of bed too.

Brittney stumbled to the closet and came out a few moments later wearing black leggings as she pulled a loose sweater down over her head and went out into the hall. I had worn a short pair of cotton shorts and a tank to bed, so I just followed her out while yawning. I heard voices and Brittney’s shoulders dropped, “Shit! They’re home already! I’m fucking dead. I was not ready for them to see the house completely destroyed like this… Oh shit! They’re in the bedroom!”

She started to run down the hall and then stopped and steadied herself on the wall and then continued on at a brisk walk. We opened the door and I saw both her Mom and Dad looking at a destroyed bed. They turned when she stumbled in and she said, “I can explain!”

“Oh morning Princess!” Her Dad said happily, “We were just looking over the plans that Kevin drew up to remodel the bedroom.”

“Huh?” She asked as her mouth dropped open and we noticed Kevin standing on the other side of them holding some papers.

“I mean I can see what the interior designer was going for here, I just don’t think it matches either of your personalities. I’m glad you guys are so agreeable. We need to blow out this wall, let more light in, and we’ll put a deck out here that will let you see down into the back lawn. There are doe and fawns out there eating in the field right now. I think it would be lovely if you guys could go out and watch them from here. Plus it would be a great view at night before you go to bed too,” Kevin said and then pointed to the other wall, “And we’ll move the bed over here and get rid of all of the dark wood so we can go with something lighter that really opens up the room.”

“Oh, I think that will be much better Feng Shui,” Brittney’s Mom said as she nodded and looked down at the plans Kevin was holding open for them.

“Great! The contractor is all lined up so as soon as you give me the word they can start. I’ll bring the interior designer in as soon as they’re done and the whole project can be finished before you guys are back from the business summit at the end of the week,” Kevin told them.

“Don’t oversell it Kevin. Every time I hire a contractor there ends up being delays and setbacks,” Mr. Beldamore said as he looked around.

“I’ve worked with this company before. We’ll get it taken care of on time and on budget Sir,” Kevin said as he rolled up the drawings and handed them to Brittney’s Dad, “If you have any other thoughts just jot them down on here and send them to me. I’ll incorporate them into the work.”

“Should we go down for lunch? It should be just about finished,” Mr. Beldamore said as the group turned and came toward us in the door.

“I need sunglasses. Everything is too bright. I’ll meet you down there,” Brittney said as she slunk back to her room.

I followed Kevin and Brittney’s parents down the hallway, down the stairs, and through several rooms, all of which had every trace of our giant party from last night completely removed. I looked over and saw someone vacuuming the carpet where the stage had been and I looked at Kevin with wide eyes. He just gave me a small smile and winked.

“Everything is set up on the terrace Mr. Beldamore,” Janice said with a smile as she suddenly appeared and led us out onto the back deck where I had fake-fought with Norman last night.

We all found a place to sit at a large table I didn’t remember seeing on the deck last night and Kevin pushed my chair in as I sat down before he dropped heavily into a chair next to me. Mr. Beldamore was at the head of the table with his wife sitting around the corner to his left. There were pitchers of water and juice already on the table and I poured myself a glass of water as I heard a familiar voice.

“All I’m saying is that I can’t believe that a show about runway models trying to make it big didn’t get picked up by a single network this season! I mean can you believe that? It’s a travesty. Why do we have seventeen different shows about making cakes, but the one show I wanted to watch gets canceled in its third season?” Norman said as he waved his hands in the air while looking over at Brittney who was holding a hand to her forehead and hiding behind dark sunglasses while looking over at Norman with utter disdain.

Kevin popped out of his seat and went to pull the chair out on the other side of me for Brittney to plop into, and then poured her a glass of water and dropped two pills on her plate, “Here, these will help with the head ache.”

She mumbled something, swallowed the pills, gulped down the water and then put her head down on the plate in front of her. Mr. Beldamore looked at her with raised eyebrows and then to Kevin who seemed to be shuffling nervously. Meanwhile Norman went around the table to drop lightly into the seat next to Brittney’s mom.

“Did you have a rough night Princess? I heard from Janice it was quite a party,” He asked in a neutral tone.

“Urgh,” Brittney replied without looking up from her plate.

“I’d hate to think that it wasn’t you that drank to excess…” Mr. Beldamore stated as his gaze settled in on Kevin.

“Oh no, Sassy Pants over there hit the bar hard all on her own!” Norman said as he waved his hands around and then reached over to Brittney’s mom and began feeling up her dress, “That is a lovely dress! And the fabric feels amazing! I bet your husband just loves it when you take this off and tie him to the bed with it,” Norman said with a raised eyebrow and then he laughed loudly and waved his hands around, “Oh I just need to behave!”

“I’m Fredrick Beldamore and this is my wife Alexandra,” Brittney’s Dad said as he eyed Norman suspiciously, “And who are you?”

“Oh my! I can be such a doof sometimes! I never remember to introduce myself!” Norman said as he got up and pranced over to Mr. Beldamore’s side and held his hand out flimsily, “I’m Norman, but all of my friends call me Norman. Well, some of them call me Norm, and then some of them also call me Nora, and then a few of them call me Normy, but let me tell you that calling me normal is just right off the table, kay?” He said with a laugh as Mr. Beldamore reached out and took his hand tightly and shook it twice, “Oh my! Would you feel that iron grip! I bet the little missus just loves it when you grab her with those big powerful paws doesn’t she! Oh don’t tell me! That would just be too much Freddy!”

Brittney’s Dad looked at Norman with a bit of unease and Brittney called out, “Norman! Sit down! I can’t handle you right now. Just put it on simmer okay?”

Norman brought a hand to his chest and looked at Brittney like she had wounded him, but strolled back to his seat and sat down and then looked over at Mrs. Beldamore and said quietly, “It’s nice to meet you Alex! You are just such a beautiful woman! I see where Brittney gets her lovely eyes from!”

“Thank you Norman,” Mrs. Beldamore replied as she batted her eyelashes.

“So what happened last night Princess?” Mr. Beldamore asked in a stern tone.

“I had a body hopper in me. I drank to relieve the tension and I guess I overdid it,” She muttered into her plate.

“Oh? I thought Kevin hopped you from time to time and that it was part of your relationship?” Mr. Beldamore seemed genuinely surprised.

Brittney picked her head up off her plate to look over at Kevin and then laid it back down on her plate, “He does from time to time, and I usually don’t mind it when he does it… But it’s not my favorite thing. I prefer him in Amy.” She paused and blew hair out of her face, “And Norman creeps me out.”

Norman let out a gasp and again acted like Brittney wounded him, “Well I love you too Brittney!”

Mr. Beldamore looked at me and I smiled back at him nervously and then he looked at Norman for a long moment, who seemed oblivious to the large man’s penetrating gaze.

Kevin cleared his throat and looked at Mr. Beldamore and said, “I remember you asking to see a person being mounted before Sir.” Kevin pointed at Norman, “Norman is my… body hopping mentor. I guess you could say he taught me everything I know… But he’s also a bit more open about this kind of stuff, so if you still wanted a demonstration, I bet he’d be willing.”

Mr. Beldamore’s face lit up for a brief moment as he looked at Norman with a now interested stare. He seemed to collect himself and asked, “I didn’t realize you were a body hopper Norman. That’s a very interesting talent you have.”

“Oh, not a lot of people see me and think, I’d just love him to jump inside me and do unspeakable things. I mean, most people see me and just can’t wait to tear into me as is. It’s a terrible curse being such a dish you know. Men want me, women want to be me…” Norman paused and furrowed his brows, “Wait, that came out wrong.” He paused again and looked at Mr. Beldamore with a sly grin, “Or did it?”

Mr. Beldamore let out a cough and adjusted himself in his seat as he tried to cover his amusement of Norman’s antics. When he finished shifting himself around he looked back at Norman and said, “I don’t suppose we could see you take over someone’s body? Would that be inappropriate to ask?”

“You mean mount someone, tall dark and handsome? When we take over someone’s body, it’s called mounting them. You normals are so adorable when you try and talk about this stuff!” Norman said as he waved his hands in the air, “I guess I don’t mind showing off a bit for my new friends, but you see there is one itsy bitsy problem…”

“And that is?” Mr. Beldamore asked with raised eyebrows.

“Well, you see, it’s hard to contain this much raw sexual aura when I’m just normal little ol’ me. But when I take over someone else, it becomes borderline impossible. So, if I’m going to mount someone, I may need a bit of help with some… release. If you understand what I’m saying.” Norman said as he looked over and winked at me.

“What?” I asked as my heart jumped into my throat. Why was Norman looking at me?

Mr. Beldamore also looked over at me, and then at Kevin and Brittney, “I understand that you’ll have needs. If some of you have to be excused from the table, so be it. I just really want to understand what my daughter is wrapped up in here. If you’d be so kind as to give us a demonstration?” He said as he motioned to himself and his wife.

Norman stood up and walked around the table and stopped behind me as he put his hands on my shoulders as he replied, “Oh I wouldn’t mind giving you a demonstration.”

I looked over at Kevin with a worried look in my eyes but he just shrugged and took a sip of his juice and then winked at me. I closed my eyes and waited for a stranger to take over my body, but suddenly Norman’s hands came off my shoulders and I looked up to see him step a seat over and stop behind Brittney, “Are you okay with this Sassy Pants?”

Brittney’s shoulders slumped even more and she let out a groan, “Just do what you’re going to do Norman. And be quiet. Why is everyone yelling today?”

Norman patted Brittney’s back lightly, “Oh sweet little sass, you have to learn a bit of restraint. Don’t worry it’ll get better soon.”

Brittney let out a sigh and leaned back in her chair as she slid down in it and looked up at Norman. He smiled down at her and then walked around the table again, leaving a surprised look on not only my face, but also Brittney’s. As my eyes followed him I also saw a surprised look on Mr. and Mrs. Beldamore’s face as well. He stopped behind Mrs. Beldamore’s seat and leaned down and whispered something in her ear as her eyes went wide. Brittney’s father started to say something as he leaned forward in his chair, but it was too late.

Norman was suddenly in a gelatinous form. I noted with idle curiosity that his slime seemed to have a much darker shade than Kevin’s as his clothing fell to the ground behind Mrs. Beldamore’s chair and his puddle of goo quickly flowed into her exposed skin by her neck and through her ear. Brittney’s father stuttered as he watched liquid suddenly flow into his wife’s nose, and then it was all gone. Norman was lightning fast at slipping inside a body. I realized his clothes had barely hit the ground by the time the last of him was oozing inside of Mrs. Beldamore’s nose. Her hands gripped the arms of her chair and her body gave a light tremor as she blinked and then turned her head to Mr. Beldamore and with a smug grin asked with a hint of amusement in her delightful voice, “Did you see everything you wanted to husband dear? If not, I can show you again.”

“N… Norman?” Mr. Beldamore asked in a shaky voice as he looked at his wife in awe.

“Dearest, it’s me Alexandra! Why would you call me someone else’s name? You’ve never said anyone else’s name before. Not even when we hire the prostitute in Amsterdam for the three way on your birthday every year. You still call out my name as you fuck her like the whore she is!” Brittney’s mom said with a raised eyebrow.

“Dad! Oh come on!” Brittney moaned and covered her ears and slunk even lower in the chair.

Mr. Beldamore looked positively panicked as Janice suddenly appeared with a cart filled with plates of food. She pushed it out and served Mr. and Mrs. Beldamore first. Mr. Beldamore was still too worked up to say anything so Mrs. Beldamore said in her regal tone, “Thank you Janice. What would we do without you?”

“It’s nothing Mrs. Beldamore,” Janice replied as she moved down and served Brittney, Kevin and I. She looked at Norman’s empty spot and gave Mrs. Beldamore a questioning glance.

“Oh, don’t worry about the man that was sitting there. He had to catch a ride. I’m terribly sorry, we should have said something,” Mrs. Beldamore said as she brought up a hand and straightened a few fly-aways to her head.

“It’s no problem. Is there anything else?” Janice asked her.

“No, thank you Janice. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off? I feel that we can take care of our own needs for the rest of the day, and you could use some time off,” Alexandra stated as she looked down at her nails.

“If you insist Ma’am,” Janice said with a surprised look on her face.

“I do. Thank you Janice.”

With that Janice nodded and then left the porch as Mr. Beldamore continued to openly stare at his wife with wide eyes. She reached out, grabbed her fork, picked up some food with it and then looked at her husband, “Fredrick eat before your food gets cold!”

He shook his head and reached for his fork, but seemed to still be struggling as his wife ate a bite and then smiled at him coyly. As the door closed and Janet left, Alexandra’s hands came up and she playfully slapped at his arm, “Oh all of you are just so much fun! You people are just a hoot with a capital H!”

“Fantastic. Norman is in my mother,” Brittney said with a sigh.

“Oh calm down Sassy Pants! She’s fine,” Alexandra said in Norman’s slightly nasally voice, “Here, I’ll let you all chat with her!”

Alexandra’s eyes blinked quickly a bit and I saw the telltale tremor run through her shoulders and she looked around blankly at us and then down at the plate in front of her, “When did the food get here?”

“You don’t remember anything? The food? Norman slipping inside of you? Nothing?” Mr. Beldamore asked her as he reached out and touched her hand.

She looked at him oddly, “No… I don’t remember any of that.”

“Well it happened! Surprise!” Her own mouth suddenly said in Norman’s voice.

Her hands jumped up to cover her own mouth as her eyes went wide, then her hands pulled back slightly as Norman again spoke out, “Oh, and I might have accidently let your annual birthday present to your husband slip out to your daughter and her friends. Oopsy!”

“Having your own body move is so… strange!” Alexandra declared and then looked down at her own hands, and then paused as she added, “and… I can feel you… going through my mind!”

“Just getting the deets from your pretty little head, don’t worry I can keep a secret!” Norman told her from her own mouth, “Well, unless I don’t want to. Like I think everyone should know about the little black leather g-string and bra combo you’re wearing under this dress! It’s just a crime that everyone doesn’t know you have it on! It’s sexy as hell! Oh, and I think it’s absolutely charming that you wear the pants in the bedroom! Fredrick, you need to tell your daughter that you let your wife lead you around with a leash after hours. She’s worried sick about her own submissive tendencies and what everyone would think if they knew!”

I thought Mr. Beldamore was going to choke as he tried to swallow and coughed as Brittney squeaked and pulled the collar of her sweater up to hide her face and let out a loud groan. After Mr. Beldamore managed to get his food down and take a drink of water he looked over at his wife, “I’m sorry dear, I feel like I got was I was asking for and only now realized what I have done.”

She looked at him with wide eyes as Norman’s voice again came out, “Yes, inviting a body hopper into your life can be a touch… oh, what’s the right word Kevin?”

“Unstable? Volatile? Crazy?” Kevin offered with a shrug.

“Well I was going to say stimulating or maybe seductive, but okay,” Alexandra’s body waved her hands around as Norman’s voice came out of her lips.

“I… I just can’t control anything. He overrides me completely,” Alexandra declared as she looked at her husband.

“Oh that’s normal. In fact it’s been about sixty years since I was in a woman who could fight me back in the slightest. I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I know how to get my way. Well, until last night with Sassy Pants there. She’s got a stubborn streak a mile wide and is one willful little lass!” Norman’s voice declared as he looked at Brittney appreciatively.

I looked over at Brittney, who was still hiding in her shirt and reached out and stroked her head softly, “I was wondering how you did that.”

“I’m in charge of my own body. It’s mine. I had it first,” Brittney commented from inside her shirt.

“And what a body it is! Your daughter has the most amazing little pooper ever and legs that just will not quit!” Norman declared as Alexandra’s arms waved at Mr. Beldamore.

In response he cleared his throat and eyed Norman with lowered eyebrows, “That’s my little girl you’re talking about.”

“Well of course she is! I’m not saying that I’m going to do anything with them, I’m just acknowledging the fact that I can see why she has to beat boys off with a stick! I like her, she’s got sass!” Norman said as he again flipped his mount’s hands.

“Shut up Norman!” Brittney called out loudly and then brought a hand to her forehead and groaned.

“Oh it seems I’ve offended your family! I do apologize! I can be a bit much sometimes, especially when I get to just be me in front of someone. That doesn’t happen often, you know? I usually have to play the part and go with the flow and this is just so fun and exciting!” Norman declared happily.

“Um, well, I guess this is just a lot to take in,” Mr. Beldamore said as he shifted in his chair again.

“Well let me see what I can do to make it up to you,” Norman said as Alexandra’s face gave her husband a sly smile and then slid down her chair and under the table.

A moment later I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled quickly and Mr. Beldamore sat straight up in his chair and looked at us with wide eyes. I suddenly heard Norman call out from under the table, “Speaking of a lot to take in!”

Mr. Beldamore gulped loudly and jerked forward slightly. I heard a muffled giggle from under the table and then a loud slurping noise. Mr. Beldamore’s eyes then twitched and his hips moved slightly. I watched his arms shoot to the sides of the table and he grabbed on tightly. A moment later I watched his knuckles go white from the tight grip he had on the surface. I couldn’t help but stifle a laugh and heard another loud slurping sound from under the table. Mr. Beldamore’s eyes now slowly closed as he let out a low groan. I heard an “Mm hm mm,” come from under the table as Mr. Beldamore let out another low groan. Then his mouth dropped open and he started to shudder as he stuttered, “Oh… Oh, I’m… Oh… Oh!”

Finally his knuckles released on the table and he let out along sigh and couldn’t seem to keep the small smile off his face. I saw Mrs. Beldamore’s head and shoulders appear across the table from me, and she slipped back up into her chair and shot a devilish grin over to me and Kevin while bringing up a finger and wiping at the side of her mouth and then sucking on it before declaring, “Well that was more delish than the food!”

“I’m going to hurl,” Brittney declared, “I just can’t even right now. I’m going back to bed.”

She then pushed back, rolled out of her chair and headed into the house at a slow walk. Kevin and I glanced at each other and then back at Mrs. Beldamore. She had a shocked look on her face and then suddenly spoke, “I never thought of doing that with my tongue before. Did you enjoy it dear? It seemed like you enjoyed it. A lot from how much I swallowed.”

Mr. Beldamore nodded quickly as he slipped his hands below the table and seemed to be adjusting himself and then I heard a zipping sound. He reached out and took his wife’s hand in his, “Thank you dear, that was amazing.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Norman,” She said and paused, “As messed up as that sounds.”

“Why is it messed up?” Norman asked, “Isn’t it normal for two people to want to have great sex? Okay, I can see there is a need here,” Alexandra’s body stood up suddenly and her hand pointed over to Mr. Beldamore, “Go get the little blue pills. Class is in session. I am going to teach you both some things,” She then spun and headed to the door with a strut in her step but paused as she reached for the door handle and looked back, “Oh, and bring a sour apple, a spatula, and permanent marker. You’re also going to want to stretch out your jaw. We’re going to start with how to properly eat a pussy while we wait for the blue pills to kick in. You’ve got some raw talent, but you need proper instruction!”

When Mr. Beldamore didn’t immediately jump out of his seat she clapped her hands loudly twice and said in her normal voice, “Now my little toy! Or we’ll start with the collar and leash and work on your attitude first!”

“Yes Mistress!” he said quietly as he jumped out of his seat, rocking the table and shaking the plates as he dashed over to her.

I looked with raised eyebrows over at Kevin as they went in the house and saw him glance my way as he said, “I didn’t see that one coming. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.”

“I’m never going to live down the fact that Brittney’s name for me is the same as her Dad’s name for her Mom.”

Kevin let out a laugh and then leaned forward to eat more food, “Did you try the berries? They are amazing!”

“Alone at last and that’s what you’re focusing on?” I said with a sigh and slipped my hand inside his.

“Best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I guess.” He replied as he leaned over and kissed me.”

“What’s the best way to a girl’s heart?” I asked him as I kissed him again.

“I’ve found that turning into a sort of slime and going in her orifices will get you there, but I’m not sure it will work for everyone,” He said back as he squeezed my fingers.

“This is crazy. All of it is crazy,” I looked into his eyes and then frowned as he seemed to be sad, “Hey, what is it?”

“Nothing. Last night was fun, but don’t let me get carried away too often, okay? Keep me grounded,” He said as he brought my hand up to his mouth and kissed the back of it.

“Um, I’ll do my best,” I replied as I wondered what he was worried about, but didn’t press him on it.

He picked up his plate and looked at me, “Hey, you mind if we go back to bed? I wouldn’t mind checking on Brittney and catching an hour or two of sleep myself.”

“Sure,” I replied and got up with my plate and followed him into the house. I also grabbed Brittney’s in case she wanted some food later too. We made our way upstairs and I set mine and Brittney’s plates down on the table by her couch while Kevin walked over to the far side of her huge bed and put his plate down on a large night stand. He then dropped his pants and slipped under the covers. I went over to his side and wiggled my eyebrows at him, and he held the covers open for me as well. I slid in next to him and then cuddled up against him as he popped a few more berries in his mouth. He was chewing one moment and the next moment he softly snoring. I let out a happy sigh, and then felt Brittney roll and kick in her sleep as she caught me in the thigh. I winced in pain and gave her sleeping face an evil glare while I rubbed my leg and then managed to slowly slip back into sleep myself.