The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 15

By Tobyredone

27 minute read -

I woke with something grabbing onto my breast tightly and looked down to see Brittney’s hand tightly grasping my chest. I brought up my arm and knocked her hand away quickly and she grumbled in her sleep and suddenly the hand was back on my breast.

“Knock it off!” I said as I again brushed her hand off me, and the next thing I knew she shifted in bed and kicked me in shin hard.

“Ouch!” I yelped in pain and startled her awake.

“What? Huh?” She said as her head snapped upright and she looked around her room quickly.

“You freak’n grabbed my tit and kicked me in the shin,” I said as I pulled my leg up and rubbed it.

“Oh quit being a baby, slut,” She mumbled as she rolled back over until my arm shot out and I yanked her back against my body by her hair roots and said quietly in her ear, “Pet the next time you address me so disrespectfully I will make you lick the men’s room toilets clean at the downtown bus station!”

She didn’t say anything. She didn’t even move, but I could see the fear in her eyes as she tried to look back at me. When I released her hair she spun and kneeled on the bed to my side as she mumbled apologies into the mattress. I pushed back on her head until she tumbled off the side of the bed with her legs and arms flailing wildly as she dropped to the floor with a thud. I then rolled onto my side away from her and said, “Pet, go run me a hot bath. With some scented soap.”

“Of course Mistress!” She said as I heard her feet padding into the other room quickly.

After about ten minutes I found myself lazily stretching in bed and then sitting up. I flopped back down against my pillow and then bent my body like a bow as I went through a full body stretch that felt amazing. I finally worked my way out of the covers and walked into the large bathroom. I looked at Brittney as she was kneeling by the tub feeling the water temperature. As she saw me she crawled in front of me with her head still down and begged for forgiveness again for her rudeness. I lifted her chin with my foot and said, “Remove my clothing Pet.”

She jumped up and pulled my shirt off carefully and then dropped down and gently lowered my small cotton shorts and panties to the floor. I then walked to the side of the tub and she grabbed my outstretched arm to help me into the water.

My toe touched the water’s surface and I gave her a disappointed look, “I said HOT bath Pet. Not warm.”

“Sorry!” She squeaked and adjusted the water as it was flowing into the tub. I slipped into the water and leaned back against the side of the giant tub and instantly felt her hands massaging my neck and scalp, “Please let me atone for my many failures this morning Mistress!”


“Yes Mistress?”

“Shut up. The sound of your voice irritates me right now.”

I heard her whimper but she said nothing, just kept kneading my neck, shoulders, and hair. Between the hot water and Brittney’s skillful and rather dutiful fingers I almost dozed off again. I don’t know how much time had passed since I got in the bath but it was at least twenty minutes when I heard Norman’s voice calling out, “Hello? Hello in there.”

I felt my head turn and saw Alexandra walk around the corner with her long red hair in a simple but thick braid over her shoulder and stark naked other than a mesh thong and six inch stiletto heels.

“Hello Norman, how is your afternoon going?” I heard come out of my mouth as it went into a small smile.

“Well, I seem to have used my hubby all up! I had to put him down for a nap so he’ll be ready for more tonight. I have to say he has a lovely cock, and he’s got skills, but I can see I’ll need to leave these two exercises to help him with his stamina,” She said as she cocked a leg and I suddenly noticed the shininess of her inner thighs, along with what appeared to be cum still leaking down her legs.

I heard Brittney whimper behind me but she said nothing and I asked in a melodic tone, “Would you like to join me?”

“Oh don’t mind if I do!” She replied happily as she walked over and didn’t bother to take off her heels and stepped into the tub and the lowered herself into the bathwater, “Oh it’s nice and toasty in here!”

“Pet strip.”

I felt Brittney’s hands come off my shoulders and then saw her clothing get placed on the tile next to the tub and then her hands returned to my shoulders. I saw Alexandra looking at her daughter with a small smile on her face as she said, “Oh you have her so well trained! I can’t believe that’s the same Sassy pants!”

I tilted my head back and reached up to Brittney’s naked body and gently palmed her breast and then ran a finger around a nipple, then brought my hand to her ear and the same finger down her jawline as I watched her struggle to continue massaging me as she let out a lustful breath, “Oh this one isn’t trained. You can only get this perfection through fulfilling a deeply rooted desire.”

“Well no matter what it is, she looks absolutely stunning wrapped around your little finger,” Alexandra said with a shrug.

“Pet get into the bath,” I said as I patted the inside of the tub next to me.

Brittney wordlessly slipped in as graceful as a cat as to not splash any water in my direction and then lowered her head and waited. I lifted her chin so she could look me in the eyes and asked, “Are you feeling better Pet? I know you had a nasty head ache before.”

Brittney nodded several times, but still remained silent.

“Are you hungry Pet? You didn’t eat much.”

Brittney again nodded and I heard Alexandra asked, “Is this a thing with you two? She doesn’t talk?”

“She talks just fine, but she obeys even better,” I said as I leaned forward and kissed her teasingly lightly on her lips. I let my mouth hover tantalizingly close to hers and saw the confusion in her eyes as Brittney looked at me and wondered what to do. She wanted to kiss me so badly, but she didn’t want to get scolded again. I made a move with my mouth and she matched it but I pulled back at the last second. Brittney pouted but said nothing and then went back to waiting. I stared into her eyes for several minutes, and almost wondered if Kevin forgot about Alexandra watching us.

Then suddenly I leaned in and kissed Brittney, letting our tongues meet and play happily in her mouth once more. My body pulled back and I motioned to her with my hand, “Go towel yourself off and get something to eat, Pet. You are no use to me without energy. Your plate from before is on the table, if you don’t see anything you like on it, run down to the kitchen, but be quick about it.”

Brittney was out of the tub in a moment and grabbing at a towel and quickly rubbing herself up and down, then wrapped it around herself and started out of the bathroom.

“Pet!” I growled and she turned to face me, looked down, slipped the towel off and then darted out of the room.

“Oh I want one!” I heard Alexandra say as her eyes were glued to her own daughter’s ass. I knew it was Norman behind those eyes, but I did wonder if Brittney’s Mother was aware and forced to watch or not, “Are you sure I can’t borrow her?”

“Sorry Norman,” I replied, “I’m not the one you need to ask. You’ll need to talk to the ladies about that.”

He frowned and flipped a hand in my direction, “Well you know I would do that, but I’d end up with both of them hopelessly in love with me, and then I’d wreck our relationship because I’d steal both of your girlfriends, and that isn’t fair, so I’ll just keep tugging on my hubby’s lease instead. He’s been a rather entertaining time too.”

“You’re having fun in your mount?” I asked as I looked down at my breasts and lightly played with my nipples as my body ignited with want.

“Oh yes. I don’t think Sassy Pants likes me in here, but I’ll move on after tonight. There is no reason to torture the poor girl,” Alexandra replied and then got a thoughtful look on her face and she slid over to sit next to me and began to gently stroke my skin, “Say Kevy, I know you sent me that letter and kind of explained you were done with the two of us, but I was wondering, do you think I could talk you into letting me hang around here for a little while?”

I let out a sigh as Alexandra’s fingers teased spots on my flesh that I didn’t even know would excite me and then looked over at her, “Norman, you read the letter wrong.”

“Did I?” Alexandra asked as she brought a hand to her mouth, “Well, I was being roughly pounded in two holes by a groom and his best man when I read it, so it’s entirely possible that I may have missed a line or two.”

“I never said I was done with you. I said I was done with the travel,” I replied and as Alexandra’s mouth opened I put a finger to her lips and said, “And I’m done with randomly taking over a body and getting screwed by anyone they wouldn’t normally get screwed by. If it’s not a part of their life, I’m not doing it. I don’t want to change the course of someone else’s life anymore.”

“What are you saying? I’m not a home wrecker!” Alexandra held her hand to her chest and then looked down at her breasts and back up, “Well, okay. Maybe I am. That best man was married to someone else… I seduced the fuck out of him.”

“And what is that woman going to think the next time her husband wants a threesome?” I asked her with raised eyebrows.

“She going to think, Hooray! More dick for me!” Alexandra replied as she raised her hands in a cheer.

I narrowed my eyes at her, and she relented, “Okay, he’s going to say you did it before, what’s the big deal, and she’s not going to remember it. I see your point,” Alexandra relented.

“You remember those two college girls that we brought down to spring break?” I asked with a sigh.

“Every girl gets a little slutty for spring break young man! You do not get to take spring break away from me!” Alexandra said as she pointed a finger at my face and spoke in an angry tone.

“I’m not taking anything away from you Norman. If you want to go down to spring break and fuck your way across every beach in sight, you do it. I’m saying I’m not doing it anymore.” I replied as I pushed his finger out of my face.

“It’s just a little harmless fun! You’re being over dramatic!” Alexandra said as she rolled her eyes.

“She tried to kill herself Norman.” I said as I felt anger well up inside of me.

“Wait, what? Who did?”

“Paula Faith Brown.”

“Who is Paula Faith Brown?” Alexandra asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“Paula was my mount for spring break that year.”

“Well why would she do something like that? I mean I don’t know why you feel so responsible.” Alexandra said as she rolled her eyes again.

“We recorded ourselves. Do you remember that? We did… like… a video diary, so we’d remember every day, even if we drank ourselves unconscious. We recorded everything with that phone. Doing shots. Smoking pot. Fingering ourselves. Fingering each other. Getting fucked by guys. Getting fucked by a lot of guys at the same time. And it was when I was really buckling down on learning how to hide my face to the cameras, so it was all her face in every video.” I paused as I felt pain stabbing at me, “on the last day we drank so much, and got fucked by those guys in the alley on the side of the bar, and then ended up pissing in water fountain in the park and got the girls arrested. We didn’t want to deal with it, so we bailed on them. They went to jail. Their parents had to come and bail them out. Under aged drinking, public nudity, drunk and disorderly… They went to the hotel afterwards to get their stuff, and found the camera. Do you know what we forgot to do Norman?”

“Oh no! We forgot to get rid of the video diary!”

“Both of their parents saw it all. Everything. Paula couldn’t handle it. She dropped out of school, and for a while did drugs. Then she decided to just OD.” I felt my eyes burning as tears forced their way forward, but I kept blinking them back.

“I mean, how do you know it was us? Just one bad week and you’re ready to say it’s all us? She could have had a screw or two loose already,” Alexandra said as she spread her hands.

“Because when I saw her name in the online article, I went back to see if there was anything I could do. I hopped her again. I know the exact moment when she felt like the whole thing spun out of control, and it wasn’t even her decision to make Norman. So I stayed. I stayed and I got her clean. I got her an apartment and a job. I enrolled her back in school. Do you know how long all of that takes Norman? A lot fucking longer than it did to fuck it all up. I couldn’t fix her relationships before I had to come back and start school. Now I look at her bank accounts online every night to see if she’s going back to using. Every night Norman. Because I did that, and I just can’t anymore. It’s too heavy for me. If you can ignore it and live with yourself, do whatever you want… but not me, not anymore.” I said with a sigh and brought my knees up and hugged them tightly to my chest.

I felt arms wrap around me and Alexandra whisper in my ear, “Oh Kevy, I’m so sorry. You weren’t ready for all of this, but it’ll get easier. You just found out what you were so young.”

I pulled out of her grip and pushed her back, “It’s not going to get easier Norman. I’m not doing it anymore. I found Amy and Brittney and I’m going to hold onto them as long as I can. They know what I am and they accept me for it. We have a good thing here.”

“You think you can just stop? It’s not like that peanut!” Alexandra’s voice said to me as she shook her head, “You think Paula had a hard time stopping? You just wait until you start getting a jones for trying someone new on. It’s part of our curse. Sure we get to do whatever we want and not care, but it comes with a price too. You know how long I’ve been doing this. New bodies and new experiences are way more addictive than some drug you can inject with a needle.”

I shook my head and squeezed my arms around my legs tighter, “You may be right, but I have to try. And I know better than to tell you what to do, but I’m making this decision for myself.”

I felt a new pair of arms wrap around me, and saw Brittney leaning across the tub and hugging me. She smiled at me softly and then slid into the tub, “I know I’m not supposed to talk Mistress, but I heard what you said, and I just needed to say I’ll help you however I can.”

“Pfft,” Alexandra said as she waved her hands, “Normals and their promises. They can’t understand.” Alexandra’s face softened and she sighed as she looked at me, “But if that’s what you want, you go ahead and try. I’ll be there when you’re done. I’m always here for you my little peanut! You know you’re my favorite Awaken, right?”

I sighed and looked at Norman but didn’t respond. I just leaned my head against Brittney’s and sat there. After a few silent minutes I heard Brittney ask, “Norman, how long have you been doing this?”

Alexandra chuckled as she leaned back and stretched, “Oh, since about the dark ages Sassy pants.”

Brittney’s head shot up and she looked over at her mother’s body, “That’s… hundreds and hundreds of years!”

“And to think I don’t look a day over forty!” Alexandra said with a giggle.


“Well, when we mount you normals, it retards our aging process. So, we get to stick around longer.” Alexandra said with a shrug.

“And you’ve been doing this ever since?”

“I don’t think I even saw my own body from about fourteen hundred AD until about sixteen hundred AD. That was a wild time. It’s so much nicer now. Everyone talks about the good old days, but let me tell you from experience the best thing about the good old days is that they are good and gone,” Alexandra said with a wink.

“How many body hoppers have you found in your time?” Brittney asked as she still kept her arms wrapped protectively around me.

“Oh, for the longest time it was about one every two hundred years or so… but travel sucked back then,” Alexandra paused and laughed, “And some of the women were so hairy and toothless that you didn’t know if they had a man in them or not!” She paused one more time and then said, “It wasn’t until trains, cars, and airplanes were common place that it really picked up on finding more than one hopper every hundred years or so, and even now, the one I found before Kevy here was about twenty years back.”

“And they all live so long?” Brittney said with wide eyes, “there must be a ton of you guys.”

“Oh, no. You’d be surprised Sassy pants. Even hoppers find ways to off themselves,” Norman said with a shrug.


“Oh, they’d drown at sea with the rest of the crew when boats were wind powered, or die in some stupid war because they thought that lines on a map meant something,” Alexandra said with a chuckle.

“You know that hot little singer a few years ago that seemed to go crazy after she got super popular? She shaved her head and went all nutty? Well, that wasn’t so much her and more so the hopper that got into her. He went for the hot body. He stayed for the slutty sex with big name people, and folks doing whatever he said, and then got into drugs. I mean, everyone in the spotlight has a dealer on speed dial, right? And with all that money, they can just keep on doing it. Well, hoppers can OD in a mount too. Or even worse, they get out, get to a fresh one, and when they get a hit it’s like the first time all over again, so they keep switching and hitting, and end up as one of you Normals that dies on the first try, and people are all, Oh, so and so was a good person! They would never do drugs! Well, guess what, it wasn’t always them.” Alexandra said as she splashed the water in front of her.

“You’re so detached about it all,” Brittney stated with a frown, “How can you be so cold?”

“Listen here, Grumpy britches! I’ve watched more people close to me die than you have even seen in your entire life. Don’t call me cold without walking a century or three in my shoes!” Alexandra suddenly glared at her daughter.

“Norman is one of the oldest hoppers around, and actually the only one that I ever met that was older than him was pretty bat shit crazy,” My mouth said as I glanced a Brittney.

“More bat shit crazy than Norman?” Brittney asked in shock.

“Hey, you watch your tone!” Alexandra exclaimed, “Everyone use to like to drink from lead cups. They all said the wine tasted so much better. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy for liking a straight up earthen clay cup or bowl. Who’s laughing now, huh?”

“Is Norman your real name?” Brittney asked as she peered across the tub at her mother.

“Oh heavens no. I don’t even remember my own name. Remember when I talked about that two hundred year stretch without even seeing my real body? That was a pretty lonely time. I never even heard my real name for that stretch of time. At one point in time I had a castle somewhere with my real name carved in the hearthstone, but I’ll be damned if I can remember where that was, you know? All of those countries started fighting over lines on the map, and I thought to myself, _self, you best get out and just let the normies kill themselves off. _So that’s what I did.” Alexandra said as she slowly leaned back in the water and then played with her breasts as they floated in the water.

“Norman, promise me that if one of these girls is ever in trouble and I’m not around, you’ll help them,” I said suddenly with a piercing gaze.

“Peanut, you’ll be fine. Stop being such a drama queen. Being a queen is what I do,” Alexandra said with a flip of her wrist.

“When we were in Spain, and you were dangling off that cliff and I pulled you back up do you remember what you said?” I asked Norman in a steeled voice.

Alexandra rolled her eyes, “I said I owed you one.”

“Well, I’m calling in that chip.” I said with a serious tone.

“Fine. Boom. Done. If either of these girls need something they just have to ask. Until they tip over from natural causes I will do my best to protect them, but I am NOT going to their funerals. And you can’t make me.” Alexandra said as she splashed water at me and stuck out her tongue.

“Thank you,” I said as I let my legs go straight and pulled Brittney into my lap.

“All of this talk is so depressing! Let’s talk about something else. Brittney, how are you at giving head?” Alexandra asked as she came and pressed herself against both me and Brittney with a large smile on her face.

“Oh I do not think I can talk about this with you in my Mom’s body,” Brittney replied with a yuck face.

“You want me to go get your Father’s body? That’s a bit kinky, but okay, probably easier for practice,” Alexandra said as she started to get out of the tub.

“Wait! No! Stop please!” Brittney squealed as she grabbed at her Mom’s waist.

“Well let me tell you, ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to…” Alexandra started to say until Brittney interrupted, “You’re a guy. Not a girl.”

Alexandra let out a sigh and waved her arms around, “Details! Anyway, I’ve always wanted to role play a mother teaching a daughter how to give head! And guess what! Now I can!” Alexandra said excitedly as she began clapping quickly.

“Oh fuck no.”

“Do not make me talk to your Mistress young lady! I will,” Alexandra threatened Brittney with a shaking finger, “Or I could also tell your Mother. Which one will it be?”

“How is he not the bat shit crazy old hopper Mistress?” Brittney asked me as she clung to my neck.

“He just likes to have fun, the bat shit crazy ones are… worse,” I replied to her.

“Why do you think Norman will need to protect us Mistress? Why can’t you?” Brittney asked as she tucked her head under my chin and kissed at my neck.

“Because he can protect you from other hoppers like I can’t,” I told her as I reached up and stroked her hair.

“How is that? What can he do that you can’t?” Brittney asked as she looked over at Norman uneasily.

“Well for starters I can weasel my way into a body that’s already been hopped and kick a hopper right out of said body. I don’t like to do it though, it’s not fun. The mount has to pretty much puke them out…” Alexandra said as she leaned back against the side of the tub and put her hands behind her head, “I tried to teach Kevin how to do it, but he’s not quite there yet. Maybe in a year or two. He’s very very good at hopping techniques, which is why it’s such a shame he’s hanging up his belt already.”

“I’m starting to be more afraid of you the more I know about you Norman,” Brittney said and I mentally agreed with her.

“Oh, well you normals don’t have to worry about little ol’ me too much. Especially now that Kevy made me pinky promise to look out for you. Other hoppers will listen to me, though. You see, it’s pretty discombobulating to get kicked out of a body. They tend to need a few hours to reform into their human self, and then about five days to a week before they get their hopping back under control…” Alexandra paused with an evil grin, “And that’s if I let them.”

“What?” Brittney asked with wide eyes.

“Well, after a few thousand years and lots of practice you can sort of feel other hoppers around you, even unawakened ones. And after lots and lots and… well, lots of practice you can hop into other hoppers. And once you’re in them, you can shut down their mojo and they’re locked in either their own form or whoever they are in when you lock them from the inside. So most body hoppers tend to go out of their way to not piss me off,” Alexandra said with a shrug.

“You can stop them forever?” I fought my way to the surface to ask, which caused Norman to raise his eyebrows before responding, “No, you can only do it for a certain time limit. When I first figured out how to do it I could shut them down for about ten years. Now it’s about a hundred. I’ve done it three or four times, and all of them have died from old age before they could get their mojo back, so it’s kind of like a death sentence to hoppers.”

“Oh that’s horrible,” Brittney said, “Okay, you were right. Let’s talk about something else. This is depressing!”

“Okay!” Alexandra said excitedly, “Well, first things first, Kevin would you be so kind as to get your dick out?”

“What? No I am not mother-daughter bonding with you over a fucking blow job session!” Brittney said as she splashed water over her mother’s smiling face.

“Actually Pet, I wouldn’t mind a blow job,” I said as I looked at her with a smug smile.

Brittney looked at me with wide eyes and then dropped her head, “Of course Mistress. How foolish of me. I should always be looking to better myself in the art of pleasing you.”

Alexandra’s arms were shaking excitedly and I thought she might jump out of the water and scream for joy, but she quickly reeled in her enthusiasm and let out a breath as she centered herself.

“What do you mean you don’t know how to please a man with your mouth daughter?” Alexandra said as she leaned forward and put her arms around Brittney’s shoulders as if to comfort her, “Of course I’ll help baby, momma just wants you to be happy.”

“Oh… for fucks…” Brittney said and then sucked in a deep breath and muttered, “For Mistress,” under her breath as she looked over at Alexandra, “I’ve never done it before Momma! And I have to admit, I’m a little afraid!”

Alexandra’s brows creased and she panted, “Holy fuck this is happening! Oh em gee thank you everyone!” then she covered her face with a hand, took a breath and snapped back to character, “Oh daughter, it’s okay! Every woman has to stare down the one eyed trouser snake for the first time in their life at some point.”

“Cut! Seriously, you’re going to call it a one eyed trouser snake? What am I in this fantasy? Thirteen? Or is this a fantasy from like seven hundred years ago? It’s a fucking dick. Call it a dick. Or a cock! But not a fucking one eyed trouser snake!” Brittney said as she planted her hands on her hips.

“Well I didn’t mean to offend Sassy pants! I’ll do better, okay?” Alexandra said as she shook her head.

“Then let’s get this over with… Action from my line,” Brittney said as she dropped her arms to her side and pouted, “But I’ve never done it before Momma! I’m a little bit afraid!”

“Oh daughter, don’t worry your pretty little head. It’s just a dick. It won’t bite,” Alexandra said, “And once you get used to it, they actually taste kind of nice.”

I felt my body sliding out of the water and sitting on the edge of the tub as my legs slowly spread. I felt a tingle in my stomach and knew what came next. My pussy began to spread as Kevin’s dick began to slip out of my folds. I let out a sigh as it separated me, and I looked down with a small smile as it speared outward, already somewhat erect. Brittney’s face was now by my knee looking at the large shaft as it wobbled in her face with wide eyes. Alexandra’s face also seemed to be mesmerized by it, and she smiled stupidly at it as she said, “Oh, I forgot how big that thing was.”

“It’s too big,” Brittney said as her brows furrowed.

“It’s a challenge! You’re not going to let it win, are you?” Alexandra said as she struggled to look away from the cock and over at Brittney.

“I…” Brittney’s voice faded out.

“It looks more intimidating than it really is. Start by licking it,” Alexandra encouraged Brittney as she gently pushed on her back to bring Brittney’s face almost in contact with the tip.

Brittney glanced over at her mother’s face and then up at me, then stuck her tongue out and just barely touched it to the head of the cock that was between my legs before quickly pulling back. Alexandra rubbed Brittney’s neck and said, “She, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now do it again, but this time try to lick more of it. Maybe start with a nice lick on the tip, then go for a longer lick up the shaft.”

Brittney nodded and stuck her tongue out once more. She briefly licked the head of my dick then paused and licked it with a bit more gusto. She then ducked under my shaft and brought her tongue against the skin and dragged her wet tongue up the entire length. I shuddered with pleasure as Alexandra encouraged her, “See, you’re doing so well! Your Mistress quivered! How does that make you feel, baby?”

Brittney smiled at her, “I do like to please Mistress…”

“Well then, you’re going to need to get back in there. Now, bathe that dick with your tongue!” Alexandra said as she patted her daughter’s back.

Brittney nodded enthusiastically and practically dove back at my dick. She licked the sides, the head, the bottom, and back to the head.

“Good, now it’s time to put it in your mouth,” Alexandra said with a sultry smile.

“But it’s so big!” Brittney replied back, “I won’t get it all in!”

“You can do it baby, Momma believes in you,” Alexandra said as she patted her daughters back gently, “Just start at the tip and I’ll walk you through it.”

Brittney gulped and then nodded, then opened her mouth and leaned forward. The warm moistness enveloped my head and I let out a small gasp.

“See baby? Mistress is enjoying you. Now slowly suck off the head and kiss it. Remember to look up at her eyes. I bet she loves it when her pet makes eye contact.” Alexandra told her in a supportive tone.

Brittney did as she was told and as her big green eyes shined up at me I had another moment where I knew I was straight, but damn she was hot. I mentally tucked that note away in my own mind for when I was doing this to Kevin myself. My dick jerked fiercely in Brittney’s face and she let out a small, “eek,” but Alexandra’s hands kept her right in front of my member.

“Okay, now go a bit further. Take more in your mouth. Get that shaft nice and lubed up,” Alexandra said as she half pushed Brittney’s face back around my dick. Brittney’s warmth wrapped around me once more and she went further, then backed off only to be pushed forward again by her mother’s hands, “Okay, now work your way up and down. Not too fast, but not too slow either.”

Brittney began working on my cock like it was the only thing in her world. The smile on Alexandra’s face was dazzling, “Don’t forget about Mistress’s balls dear! Use your hands, but be gentle. Fondle them. Feel them. Caress them.”

I felt Brittney’s hands go to the fleshy globes at the base of my shaft as she massaged them. Along with her soft tongue still wiggling against my rigid flesh and the friction of her perfect lips sailing up and down my length it was heavenly. “Baby, give Mistress a moan. Let her know that you’re loving the fact that you get to please her like this.”

“Mmmmmm,” the sound came from Brittney’s throat and its vibrations around my dick made me see stars. “Oh yes, Pet! Yes! Suck my cock like you mean it!” Came out of my mouth as I put a hand on her head and grabbed at her hair.

She picked up speed and let out another moan as she looked up at me with her eyes and winked. I gasped again as my world shrunk down to the trunk sticking out between my legs. I leaned back and closed my eyes, “So close! So close!”

“Okay baby, it’s almost time. You’re going to have to get as far down that beast as you can. Don’t worry about trying to take it all, just get the head to the back of your mouth. Try and get it in, but don’t worry if you can’t, it’s huge!” Alexandra said as she rubbed her daughter’s shoulders like a coach going over a big play with an athlete.

Brittney kept pumping up and down, fucking her face on my shaft as my grip tightened on her hair, I mumbled, “Here… it… comes!”

“Now baby! Take it all!” Alexandra cheered as Brittney mashed her face down on my dick. I felt the warmth of the back of her throat against the head of my cock, and she let out a half gag. My dick jerked and leapt as I felt my balls constrict and pulse. “Swallow it baby. It’s easy. Just let it go down your throat, it’s already there!”

Brittney gulped as best she could and I released again, and again, and then once more. She couldn’t keep up, but did her best, and sealed her lips around my shaft. “Okay baby, pull back slowly. Don’t let any extra slip out! It’s yours, you earned it! Just ease off that dick, and then swallow and smile up at Mistress and thank her for her gift,” Alexandra continued to coach.

Brittney slid her lips off my dick and swallowed as best she could and then kissed the tip of my now deflating dick and then looked up at me, “Thank you Mistress! Did I please you Mistress?”

I leaned forward and kissed her, tasting traces of Kevin’s cum still in her mouth and then nodded against her forehead, “Yes Pet. You did very well.”

“See Baby, it wasn’t that bad, was it?” Alexandra said as she leaned back in the tub once more.

“No Momma, it wasn’t bad at all! Thank you for helping me tame the dick!” Brittney replied happily.

“Just remember you’ll have to do that often. Dicks need a lot of care and attention baby,” Alexandra said as she motioned for Brittney to come over and hug her.

“Okay Momma,” Brittney said as she leaned into her mother’s hug as she closed her eyes as her head rested against her chest.

They stayed that way for a moment and then her eyes opened and she called out, “Cut! That’s a wrap.”

Brittney pulled out of her Mother’s arms and I watched Alexandra smile and shake her hands in the air, “Oh thank you thank you thank you! That was everything I hoped it would be! Brittney you were just perfect! And I hope it was informative too!”

Brittney sighed as she ran her tongue around her mouth, “I still don’t like the taste. I like licking Mistress better.”

“Each to their own I guess,” Alexandra said with a smug smile.

“My mom wasn’t awake for this, was she?” Brittney suddenly asked as she gave her mother a questioning glance.

“Oh Sassy pants, I wouldn’t do that to you! Well, maybe I would, but I didn’t this time. I put her under when your Dad went down for his little nappy-poo. Speaking of which, after that little show I’m positively salivating down below. I do believe it’s time to go wake my dear husband up and demand another round.” Alexandra said as she stood and climbed out of the tub. She grabbed the towel Brittney had left on the floor and dabbed at her skin until it was dry, and then looked down at her soaking shoes and brought them up one at a time and unclasped and stepped out of them, “I’ll just have to slip into something else. These are ruined.”

Brittney’s eyebrows went up as she watched her mother stroll out of the room and wave over her shoulders as she called out, “Toodles! You kids have fun now, okay?”

I slipped back down into the tub and held my arms out for Brittney, who climbed into my lap and cuddled with me in the tub, “Thank you Pet. You did a lovely job of putting up with Norman.”

“Anything for you Mistress, I hope you know that,” Brittney said as she kissed my breasts.

“Yes Pet. I do,” I said as I stroked her hair.

“Mistress…” She suddenly spoke as she pulled back to look at me.

“Yes Pet?” I asked her with a curious glance.

“You’re poking me…” She said and then shifted in my lap as she looked down between her legs, “Are you really ready to go again so soon?”

“Another part of my curse Pet,” I said with a sigh, “But I want to hold you for a bit longer first.”