The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 16

By Tobyredone

17 minute read -

I sat on Brittney’s bed as she dried my hair. After she had gone as far as she could with the towel she pulled out her brush and a blow dryer and continued. Once she had finished with my hair she started drying her own while I got up and went to my bag. Kevin had released control of my body back to me, but he was still hiding inside me somewhere. Brittney didn’t know that Kevin had given me back control. I pulled out a small pair of white cotton string bikini panties and slipped into them. I then grabbed a pair of tight grey yoga pants and worked them up my legs and over my ass. After that I found a white cotton bra and began working my way into it. I happened to glance over my shoulder and saw Brittney eyeing me.

“Is something wrong… Pet?” I asked, trying to imitate dominatrix me as I turned.

“Of course not Mistress. I just didn’t expect you to get dressed. I would have helped you…” She said with a strange look on her face.

“Then find me a shirt, Pet,” I replied to her as I went and sat down on her bed. I decided to play this out a bit and see what I could get Brittney to do for me.

“Of course Mistress,” Brittney said as she scurried off into her closet and came back moments later with a tiny white crop top.

I frowned at her and she looked at me with wide eyes, “You don’t like it Mistress? Let me try again.”

She returned to her closet and came out a few moments later with a black fishnet shirt. I again shot her a disapproving glance, “No.”

Her eyebrows rose and she nodded and went back in the closet once more. This time she came out with a soft looking knit sweater and I finally nodded. I let her slip it on me and help me get my arms in place and then looked at her.

“Pet, put some clothes on.” I demanded and then flopped back down on her soft bed.

I heard her walk out of the room and then she returned a few moments later wearing a tight black latex off the shoulders mini-dress. She walked over to the bed and laid down by my feet and looked up at me with big green eyes waiting for me to say something. “Is that what you’re going to wear Pet?”

“You disapprove Mistress?” She asked without looking away from my eyes.

“Whatever. It’s fine. Pet, go get some nail polish and paint my toes.”

She nodded and instantly was off again. She disappeared into another closet and came back shortly with a small bag and set it down. She then opened it up and looked inside the bag with a frown. I wiggled my toes at her, “They aren’t going to paint themselves!”

“Sorry Mistress,” She yelped and pulled out a color and looked at the bottle.

She dropped it back in the bag and pulled another one out. She shook it and then looked at it again then finally opened it and slowly brought the brush down to one of my toes. She flicked the brush and I felt it hit skin. I sighed loudly, “What are you doing?”

She frowned at me, “I don’t know!”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” I shot back.

“I’ve never painted anyone’s toes before. I get a manicure and a pedicure every week. I don’t do this!” She said in a frustrated voice and then glared at me, “And Mistress wouldn’t make me do things like this and then be disappointed in me!”

“How did you know?” I asked her as I sat up.

“Oh please. I know my Mistress,” She shot back, “You’re not into me at all, and she makes me feel like I’m the center of her world just from the way she looks at me. You want to cover up. You want me to put clothes on. She can’t wait to get me naked and keep me that way. She knows everything about me. She’s harsh and caring all at the same time! You’re just pretending to be interested in me to get your nails painted.”

“Well, I’m sorry I’m such a horrible mistress,” I said as I frowned at her.

Brittney looked up at me, recapped the bottle of toenail polish and then slid up the bed next to me, “You don’t have to be. You’re my best friend right? When you’re in control, let’s be friends. It’s actually kind of amazing to have both your Mistress and your best friend be the same person, but also be separate. We go shopping one night, and you’re making me eat you out the next. I get to gossip with you one night, and get commanded by you the next.”

“I suppose,” I remarked as I shrugged my shoulders.

“But stop trying to trick me okay? Just tell me it’s you. I mean, if you want me to rub your back or eat you out, or even try and paint your nails, I will.” She said as her fingers playfully rubbed across my belly, “I’m into you. I know you’re not all about me, but I’ll take what I can get.”

“It’s so weird letting you touch me like this. I mean, when he’s got control of my body, and I can’t stop myself, it’s hot… but when it’s just me… I don’t feel it.”

Brittney pouted at me and sighed, “Yeah, I get it.”

She rolled away and I felt like I hurt her feelings. I reached over and pulled her back to me, “I didn’t mean to hurt you Brit.”

She nodded and I felt my body suddenly climb on top of her. She looked up strangely at me as I smirked down at her and then grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled slightly, “Who said you could get dressed?”

Her eyes went wide as she knew it was not regular old Amy anymore, “Mistress! I meant no disrespect! I thought it was you that told me to get dressed!”

“Oh really? My host body decided to abuse its power? Well then she’ll have to be punished as well.” I said with a smirk as I looked down at my clothed body. I pulled my soft sweater off and tossed it on the floor and then stood up on the soft mattress to look down at my legs in the tight yoga pants I was wearing.

“Pet, spread your legs,” I commanded and watched as Brittney nodded and her tight dress slid up her thighs as she did as she was told.

I dropped back to the bed and brought my mouth down to her moist folds and started to lick her pussy. She squirmed under me as I used my tongue, fingers, breath and nose to bring her quickly to orgasm. I looked up at her with a shiny face and said, “Pet I love your choice of panties.”

She giggled in response and then let out a yelp as I dropped back down to eat her out again. As I licked her pussy with renewed vigor I felt the tingling in my stomach from before, and felt the head of Kevin’s cock slowly ease its way out of my pussy. Just when I thought it was ready to emerge it sucked back inside my body. I felt it slowly begin pushing out once more as I continued licking Brittney’s delicate folds. She whimpered and I saw her hands grasp at the bedding beneath her and then I let out a moan as my tongue flicked over her clit and Kevin’s dick began thrusting out of my folds. Again it sucked back in as I reset my tongue position. The cock buried deep inside of me then drilled out hard, and I thrust my face forward as my tongue went deep into Brittney. Matching cries of ecstasy came out of both of us, and that only spurred Kevin on. My tongue picked up speed as Kevin’s thrusting out of my core and through my sopping pussy also picked up tempo. Brittney squirmed and quivered on the bed and her heels dug into my sides as my toes curled and Kevin’s dick pistoned through me. Then suddenly Brittney’s legs slapped shut on my head and I heard her scream out in unintelligible garbled words, but none of that mattered as I tipped over the top of a ridiculous orgasm myself only to suddenly feel my abdomen muscles contract and my word constrict down and I felt Kevin’s release through the absolute center of my being. I couldn’t see as my eyes rolled back in my head and I felt each shot fire out of Kevin’s shaft. I rolled over onto my side and twitched uncontrollably as I rode the waves of simultaneous aftershock orgasms.

I don’t know how long it took for my senses to come back to me but when I was capable but when detecting the outside world again my eyes fluttered open to see Brittney sitting by my side staring down at me with a concerned look on her face. She tucked some of her dark hair behind her left ear and asked cautiously, “Amy… or Mistress… um… are you… okay?”

I sucked a breath in as I blinked a few times and tried to focus on her green eyes. Finally my mouth seemed to function and I managed to mumble out, “y… ya,” I took a few breaths then continued, “Jus gimmie a min.”

Brittney’s head tipped slightly as she reached out and stroked my hair gently and she gave me a half smile, “That was fucking intense.”

I tried to nod, but I don’t know if my head moved or not, and I heard her ask, “Are… are you guys sure you’re okay?”

Suddenly Kevin took over again and my hand went up and I gently put a finger to Brittney’s lips as I said, “Hush Pet. Stop being so needy. Amy told you we just need a minute.”

Brittney nodded and rubbed my back lovingly as I continued to breathe. Finally when I felt collected a hand went to my temple and I crawled off the bed to stand on shaky legs and then looked down at yoga pants and I squatted slightly and said with a slight laugh, “Oh I made a mess.”

Brittney hopped off the bed and trotted into the closet, “Don’t worry Mistress, I know how you feel. I’ll get you some clean clothes.”

“Pet, make them acceptable. Playtime is almost over.”

Brittney’s face appeared from her closet and stared at me for a moment. I could see the sadness in her eyes but simply nodded and then disappeared once more. I stretched as I took another deep breath and then sat back down on the bed. I felt Kevin disconnecting from me mentally and then felt his slime flow out of me as he disconnected from me physically. His puddle quickly gathered at the floor by my feet and then took on human form. He grinned at me and gave me a quick wink and then headed around the bed to his own pile of clothing. As he started to get dressed Brittney appeared holding clothing for both me and herself. I saw her head turn and her shoulders slump as she saw Kevin standing on the far side of her bed also getting dressed.

“Boo hiss. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to Mistress,” She handed me some new leggings and a pair of panties.

She quickly slipped out of her shiny mini-dress and tossed it on the floor beside her, then put on her own bra and panties followed by a short denim skirt and a cute top. I went to the bathroom to clean up before I changed and when I was finished Brittney was sitting on the couch in her spacious bedroom looking at her phone while Kevin was saying something to her.

Brittney didn’t seem to be paying much attention to him as she never looked up from her phone and waved a hand dismissively at him, “You should tell your parents that you’re going to move in with me and be my man-servant. Then we could have as much playtime as we wanted.”

Kevin sighed, “Brittney, I said I was sorry about dismounting Amy before you got to say goodbye, you don’t have to be this way, we’ll do it again soon.”

“Whatevs Chess Club. If you’re done here our business is concluded. You can go now,” She still never looked up from her phone as she pointed to the door with her free hand.

I saw the hurt on Kevin’s face, but only for a moment as he then gave her a smile and nodded, “Okay, well, thanks. I really did have a great time.”

“Mm-hm, of course you did. You spent time with me, so it had to be awesome.”

Kevin started walking to the door and I went over to Brittney. She glanced up from her phone, and as she saw me she tossed the phone over onto the couch cushion next to her and popped up off the couch and wrapped her arms around me tightly. Her head sank heavily on my shoulder and she questioned me, “Are you sure you have to go too? We could watch a movie or something in the theater room. We’ll load up the popcorn machine and watch whatever you want. We could have some girl time and just talk about whatever.”

I squeezed her tightly in return, “My parents are probably wondering why I’m not home yet too.”

Brittney pulled back and pouted, “Fine. I see how it is.”

I took a step towards Kevin as I looked back at her, “Brittney, don’t be this way. I don’t want to end this weekend like this.”

“Well that’s the choice you’re making not me…” she started to say as she planted her hands on her hips and then we suddenly heard a loud cracking sound that stopped the words from coming out of Brittney’s mouth.

It took me a second to realize it sounded like the crack of a whip, and then we heard Brittney’s father gargle out a pained cry followed by his voice as he loudly begged, “Please! Please don’t stop!”

As we heard another loud crack Brittney jumped and then looked at us with wide eyes and stated, “You know what? I’ve decided that I’m not done with this weekend yet. So if you guys are leaving you’re just going to have to take me with you. I’m going to toss a few things in a bag and I’ll meet you down at the car.”

I smiled at her as I heard Kevin say from the doorway, “Whatever you want Brittney.”


Brittney was sitting in between Kevin and I on the large bench seat in his car and had her head on my shoulder as Kevin’s car sputtered while he pulled it into his driveway. It died just as he was reaching for the key and I couldn’t help but say, “It’s a good runner, huh?”

He let out a sigh, “I must not have the idle set up right on the carb or something…”

“Maybe some of the rust fell off in the gas tank, Chess club. It can’t be any less rusty than the rest of this piece of shit. You’ll probably have to clean the jets out. Maybe you should just walk to the gas station, get 5 gallons of the cheap unleaded and then instead of putting it in the tank, just douse the car and light a match,” Brittney replied as she reached across my lap and pulled hard on the door knob.

When the door knob came off in her hand she looked at it for a few moments then set it down on the dashboard in front of Kevin, “You should fix this too.”

Kevin didn’t respond, he just quickly hopped out of the car, ran around and opened the door for us. I was just starting to get out when Brittney crawled over my lap and took Kevin’s hand and got out before me. I glared at her ass crossly while she ignored me and then also took Kevin’s extended hand and got out myself. I saw Kevin’s mom stand up from the small flower bed in his front yard and she tugged gloves off her hand before adjusting her hat and walked over to us, “Oh look who finally decided to grace us with his presence. Why didn’t you answer my calls young man?”

Kevin looked at his mom, “I texted you right away after your first call! I told you we were on our way home. You didn’t have to call me four times in fifteen minutes mom. I didn’t want to answer the phone while I was driving.”

Suddenly his dad walked out of the garage while wiping some grease off his hands with an old rag and barked out, “That’s not the way you talk to your mother young man!”

Kevin nodded and then I heard him say, “Sorry Mom.”

“It’s fine sweetie, I just wanted to know where you were. You know how I can’t work this stupid thing,” His mom said as she dug an older phone out of her pocket and flipped it open, “Oh! Yes, I see you did text me. Well, next time you should just answer your phone I think. I swear your generation is allergic to actually using a phone like it was meant to be used.”

“I thought these things were only good for looking at porn and memes,” Brittney said as she held up her phone to Kevin’s parents, “I mean, and sending pictures of cats and dogs being adorable, but that’s kinda secondary.”

I heard Kevin suck in a breath but he otherwise remained motionless and silent as a statue while Kevin’s dad eyed up Brittney and then held out his hand, “You must be Miss Beldamore. The one from the fight at school.”

Brittney took Kevin’s father’s extended hand and shook it as she replied back, “It wasn’t much of a fight. Just a bunch of Neanderthal football players taking a time out from their circle jerks to pick on Chess Club here. Once you break a few knee caps they fall in line pretty quick. I’m hoping they man up a bit before they start something next time.”

A smile broke out on Kevin’s father’s face as his mother’s eyes got wide. He then asked, “So everyone was at your house last night? No one caused any problems, right? It was a supervised party?”

“Brittney’s housekeeper Janice was there all night Dad, and her parents got home this morning. We weren’t without a supervising adult at all,” Kevin replied quickly.

“And there was enough room for all you miscreants?” He asked as he eyed his son’s wrinkled shirt.

“Brittney’s bedroom is as big as the first floor of our house Dad.”

“Oh, you saw her bedroom?” His mom suddenly chimed in, “What were you doing in her bedroom young man?”

I saw Kevin start to answer but I interrupted, “I was in there with Brittney. She’s my best friend. He came in to find me.”

Kevin’s dad gave me a piercing gaze and I wondered if my father was the only Dad on the planet that had yet to master that technique which caused me to swallow loudly as he then asked, “And you are?”

“I’m Amy. I live next door. Sir… Amy Summers…” I stammered out, and then held up a hand and pointed to my house, “It’s right there. I mean, you probably know where the house next door is but mine is that one… Although you do have houses on both sides, so maybe you didn’t know and I just wanted to help you out… Not that you needed help to figure it out or anything, because the other side is the Renards, but they’re like ninety or something, so it wouldn’t make much sense for them to have a high schooler living with them… but like…” Brittney suddenly saved me from myself as the words continued to tumble out of my mouth when she poked me in the side and then said, “Smooth Summers. Really smooth.”

“Sorry!” I squeaked until I saw Kevin’s mom looking at me again with wide eyes.

“Wait! Amy? Aren’t you the girlfriend?” She asked as she looked at me with a surprised face.

“Mom! I told you Amy lived next door!”

“You haven’t met his parents yet? Are you sure you’re his girlfriend?” I heard Brittney comment, but I didn’t have time to reply when suddenly Kevin’s mom was hugging me.

She squeezed tightly and then backed up and then leaned in again for another tight hug as she started laughing, “Oh my! You’re so pretty!”

Now my eyes were wide as I smiled back at his mom, “Heh, thanks.” I mean, what do you say to that?

“I didn’t think he actually meant you! I thought he meant a different Amy that lives next door! I mean, you’re just so… pretty! And he’s well… he’s you know… Very sweet.”

“Mom! Seriously?” Kevin said as he covered his face with his hands and I heard Brittney start laughing so hard she had to bend over as she grabbed her stomach while I stood there and felt my face start turning as red as Kevin’s.

“What? I’m just saying I’m very impressed dear, that’s all. I saw her outside in her dress for the last school dance! She’s just so pretty! And you didn’t even have a date, remember? So now that you have a really pretty girlfriend maybe it’s time to throw out those magazines that you have hidden under your mattress that I’m not supposed to know about?”


Brittney’s laughter doubled in intensity and suddenly she was snorting to suck air back in. The look on Kevin’s mother’s face told me she didn’t understand what she had said wrong and she continued, “I’m just saying sweetie, she’s a bit out of your league and I’d hate for something silly like that to ruin it for you. Oh and you’re making her ride around in your junky old car? Why didn’t you say something, you could have borrowed my minivan.”

“BAH HA HA HA HA!” Tears were openly streaming down Brittney’s face as she struggled to breathe and laugh at the same time, “Oh stop! Oh…” She gasped, “Oh I can’t… can’t breathe!

“I have to get the girls home now. Right now,” Kevin said as a look of shock was plastered on his face, “I’m going to make sure they get there safely, and when I get back we need to have a family meeting,” He declared as he put a hand on the small of my back and gave me a small push.

I started to walk toward my house while Brittney stumbled and wiped at her face with the back of her hands, still laughing uncontrollably as she reached out and took hold of me for support. We were only a few steps away when I heard Kevin’s father call out loudly, “Hey! Young man, get their bags. I raised you better than this. Move it double time!”

I helped Brittney across my lawn, up my driveway, and onto the steps of my porch as she continued to laugh uncontrollably. A few moments later Kevin showed up with our bags. I reached out and took them from him and gave him a weak smile, “Your parents seem really nice.”

“They’re well… you know, very sweet!” Brittney said imitating Kevin’s mom and then busted out laughing again just as hard as before.

Kevin closed his eyes and groaned loudly while leaning against the pillar on my front porch and then said, “Okay, well, I’m going to go and run myself over with my car now. I’ll talk to you girls later.”

I leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the lips and then said back with a smile, “I’m serious, they seem nice. They look like they care about you,” I paused and then added, “I’ll see you later. Thanks for the great weekend.”

Kevin nodded at me, shot me a small smile, and then headed back toward his own house. My front door opened and I saw my father standing there looking at Brittney as she continued to laugh while leaning on me.

“What’s so funny?” Daddy asked us with one eyebrow raised.

“You had to be there Mr. Summers,” Brittney managed to sputter out, “You just had to be there.”