The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 18

By Tobyredone

24 minute read -

“My parents are less than understanding about this,” Kevin said as he glanced over at me while holding four bags of pretzels.

“Well, if it’s any consolation, I appreciate it,” I smiled at him sweetly, which caused him to smile back as he raised an eyebrow and then asked me, “Why couldn’t you drive yourself here? Why do I need to bring you to Brittney’s cheer-tastrophe meeting? And why did we need to stop for four bags of pretzels?”

“I have one rule. We do not talk about Amy driving,” I replied while I rang Brittney’s doorbell and then added, “I also reserve the right to amend the rule or rules at any point in our relationship.”

“I’m just saying, I know you have your license. Why don’t you drive? Like ever?” Kevin asked as he used one of the bags of pretzels to scratch at his nose.

I pursed my lips and gave him a long stare before replying, “There is only one rule. Are you sure you want to break it? Your mom already thinks I’m a catch that’s out of your league. Do I need to tell her we broke up because you couldn’t follow one rule? I’m not going to tell her what that one rule was either. I’m just going to leave a stack of magazines on your porch and let her grill you.”

Kevin looked back at the door and blinked a few times. He then took a sidelong glance at me and said in a quiet voice, “My bad.”

“I’m glad that we have an understanding.”

“When did you get so utterly ruthless?” He asked a moment later with a smile.

“Shortly after I found my mom masturbating when cheer practice was canceled one day.”

Suddenly the door opened and Brittney was standing there in a sports bra and spandex short shorts. She motioned us in and then asked, “Where is Norman? You guys are all late.”

“We’re ten minutes early,” I replied as I glanced at the clock on my phone.

“That’s five minutes late for cheer practice Summers. And twenty burpees for talking back.” Brittney replied coldly.

I sighed and started to drop into push up position. I heard Kevin say, “Really? Right in the doorway? Is this happening right now?”

As I jumped back to my feet and counted my first burpee Brittney looked at Kevin and barked out, “You want some too Chess Club? I do not tolerate insubordination on my squad.”

“I’m not on your squad,” Kevin replied to her with a shrug.

“The fuck you aren’t if you’re hopping a girl and doing competition with us,” Brittney replied as her hands went on her hips.

“Two,” I said loudly while I continued my punishment and then started the next burpee while Kevin gave Brittney a look of utter confusion.

“Okay, one of you needs to stop and tell me what in the hell is going on here. I think somewhere along the line certain parties must have had conversations with other parties, and an undetermined party never notified me of any plans or goings-on that seems to be affecting what the group is doing. I would appreciate being brought up to speed,” Kevin replied as he pushed the four bags of pretzels into Brittney’s chest.

I continued to go through my motions as a car pulled down Brittney’s driveway and up to her door. Brittney ignored it and Kevin’s pretzels as her hands remained on her hips while she furrowed her brows still staring angrily at Kevin’s face, “Yeah, it’s not fun to be in the dark on something, is it Chess Club? Now you know how it feels!”

“I know how it feels to be left in the dark Britt. Or maybe you don’t remember the two of you just deciding to casually break up with me and get me beat up by some football players every day after school?” Kevin let go of the pretzel bags and they landed with a plop at Brittney’s feet.

Brittney took a step forward and with both hands shoved Kevin off the porch. He stumbled backward as Brittney balled her hand into a fist and cocked her arm back while she yelled, “One, I was never dating you, thus I could not break up with you. Two, never send an entire football team to do what one girl can do!”

“Oh my, did I come at a bad time?” I heard a voice say from the porch and instantly my mood soured worse than Brittney’s.

I popped to my feet and spun as I saw Kevin, trying to maintain his balance, get caught by Gisselle, who wrapped her arms around his chest and peered under his left arm as now both Brittney and I grimaced in her direction.

Brittney took a step toward them both, her arm still cocked back as she said in a threatening voice, “Two for the price of one! I’m going to lay them both flat in one swing!”

“What are you doing here Gisselle?” I demanded to know in a hostile tone as I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at her.

Gisselle saw Brittney primed to swing and not only released her grasp on Kevin, but her small hands slipped around behind him and she then shoved him forward into Brittney’s path. Brittney’s fist altered course much faster than Brad’s did at a moving target, and caught Kevin on the left temple with a loud SMACK. Gisselle’s hands went up over her mouth as her eyes went wide and she let out a startled gasp when Kevin’s head spun around and he flopped down on Brittney’s porch, landing like a rag doll that a careless child had slapped off a table top. I also let out a gasp and dropped to my knees next to his head and gently touched the already swelling skin of his face. I saw another pair of hands reach out to gently pull back his hair and followed them up to Gisselle’s concerned face as she knelt on the opposite side of me.

“Oh no! Peanut! Are you okay?” Gisselle called out in a worried tone.

As soon as she called him Peanut the light bulb flipped on in my head, “Norman?”

She rolled her eyes at me, “Of course it’s me! What the hell is going on?”

“Uhhhh,” Kevin groaned as his eyes slowly opened.

“Oh thank you for being alive!” I said as I leaned over Kevin and hugged him tightly, then felt Norman worm an arm under me to also hug Kevin tightly.

“Ow,” Kevin said loudly as he tried to wince and then began to struggle underneath both of us, “Okay, off! Off, off, off!”

Kevin got into a sitting position and brought a hand to his face and then gave all three of us a sour look. Brittney towered above us all while tapping her left foot impatiently and I bit my bottom lip as my eyes lowered themselves to the floor.

“I told you Peanut, you have to be careful with normals. They have violent tendencies toward hoppers,” Gisselle stated as she gave Brittney and I a sidelong glare.

“We’re even further behind schedule now. Did everyone get all their insubordination out, or will we need a second round? We don’t have time for this shit,” Brittney declared.

“Why in the fuck would you bring our arch-enemy to our planning meeting Norman?” I hissed out, “And why would you push Kevin right into Brittney’s fist like that?”

“Oh now it’s my fault?” Gisselle’s face twisted in shock, “I thought this was all part of that crazy kinky game that you three play! How the hell was I supposed to know Brittney would actually kung-fu Peanut’s face!”

“Why is everyone yelling?” Kevin shouted up into the sky.

“Why did you bring skankzilla to my house Norman? Not cool,” Brittney pointed down at Gisselle’s face and raised an eyebrow at her.

Gisselle’s face spun to glare at Brittney, “You two aren’t really this stupid, right? You want to know what the cheer-traitors have planned, and I bring you the head of the organization so that I can dish out all of her secrets and Peanut gets popped in the face for my trouble?”

“Whatever. Chess Club got popped in the face for being a lippy little bitch. The least he can do is own up to it,” Brittney replied as she flipped her long dark hair over her shoulder and spun to start walking into the house, “I guess bringing Gisselle’s penis-addled brain wasn’t a terrible idea, but don’t sit on anything in my house unless it’s covered in plastic, understand?”

Gisselle made a face and stuck her tongue out at Brittney’s back as she gently patted Kevin’s shoulder while I pouted at Kevin.

“Are you okay?” I asked him with concern as I gently touched the side of his face, causing him to wince and jerk upright.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for asking,” Kevin replied and then called out to Brittney’s back, “It’s okay Britt, you don’t need to apologize or anything.”

“Stop being such an over-dramatic pussy Chess Club. You went down faster than my prom date. Now are you guys just going to sit on my porch all evening, or are we going to get cracking?” Brittney replied and then yelled down another hallway, “JANICE! Bring an uncooked steak! Some moron showed up on my doorstep and got his bell rung!”

Gisselle and I both stood up and then reached down to help Kevin up. She was much quicker than I was and slipped under his shoulder to help him walk into the house. As I looked at her with raised eyebrows she stuck her tongue out at me quickly before putting on big puppy dog eyes and looking up at Kevin, “Oh my poor little Peanut! Don’t worry, I’ll help you. Kitten, don’t forget the snacks, please and thank you.”

I shook my head and watched them walk into the house after Brittney while I stood there for a moment. Finally I let out a huff, grabbed the bags of pretzels, and hooked the door with my foot to pull it closed behind me before trotting to catch up, just in time to overhear Kevin ask if anyone was going to tell him what was going on yet.


“No! Clap clap, vertical splits, back handstand, into a run, tumble cartwheel, spring up to a one, two, one diamond. Not a pyramid!” Gisselle hissed at Brittney.

“We can’t do a diamond with one girl as a base Norman. Don’t be fucking daft!” Brittney hissed back.

“I’m sorry I thought you said you wanted to be the best. I didn’t realize this was a planning session to be mediocre!” Gisselle planted her hands on her hips and leaned in to stare down Brittney.

Brittney’s face scrunched and she grabbed a handful of pretzels and pitched them at Gisselle’s face. Gisselle in response grabbed a handful of pretzels from her bag and pitched them back at Brittney.

I looked in the mirrors surrounding the large exercise room in Brittney’s house and again openly gawked at Norman’s face on Gisselle’s body before turning back to Kevin and asking, “Do you ever really get used to it?”

“Um, yeah, I guess so. I honestly don’t think too much about it anymore.” He replied as he shifted the ribeye steak around on the side of his face.

“Well then, we need two more warm bodies! Otherwise you don’t have enough girls to pull off what you want to do!” Gisselle said as she threw her hands up in frustration.

“I know!” Brittney said as she also threw her hands up in frustration and they both turned to glare at Kevin.

“No,” He replied in a forceful tone, “I am not hopping a girl and making her compete in a cheering competition without letting her know what we are doing and why we are doing it, AND having her agree.”

“Well I’m not doing it unless no one knows it was us. I get to remain anonymous. I have enough normals to deal with in this town right now as it is,” Gisselle replied and stamped her foot down.

“For fucks fucking sake,” Brittney muttered and slapped her forehead.

“So we are back to altering your barely adequate routine Sassy Pants,” Gisselle said as she held up her hands and shook her head, “It’s the only way.”

Brittney stomped over to Kevin, “Are you really fucking serious right now? You can’t bend this stupid rule of yours to help me out one fucking time? Some friend you are!”

Kevin lowered the steak and looked at Brittney as the bruise on the side of his face continued to grow and his black eye darkened, “Are you being serious with me right now?”

Brittney rolled her eyes and shrugged, “It’s not my fault you bruise like an overly ripe tomato Chess Club.”

“Give me the marker,” Kevin replied in a worn out voice and held his hand out.

“As if. Only proven champions get to hold the marker,” Brittney replied as she rocked back on her right foot and pulled the marker back to her chest protectively.

“She has a point Peanut. This half of the room has led cheerleading squads to 18 championship victories. You and your little blonde friend over there have led a grand total of how many teams to a championship win?” Gisselle asked with raised eyebrows as she cocked her head and looked at Kevin and I smugly.

“How is it that I still want to slap her no matter who is driving her body?” I muttered under my breath and Kevin’s face twisted into a half-smile.

“Oh that’s right. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Goose egg.” Gisselle answered her own question and then let out a giggle before continuing, “You just sit there and try and keep your face pretty while the experts talk about the important stuff, okay cutie?”

Kevin’s face went flat with disdain. I don’t think I’d ever seen that reaction in him before. He set his steak down on the floor alongside him and looked over at me and whispered, “You mind if I borrow you for a minute?”

I shook my head and shrugged, “Whatever you think will help.”

Brittney turned to fist bump Gisselle and when she turned back to me I was rising to my feet with a new pilot at the controls. I walked to Brittney with a stride so confident I didn’t know my body could do it. As I reached her my hand shot out and grasped her hair at the nap of her neck and yanked back hard. As her head flipped back her eyes went wide and I said in a steeled tone, “Marker. Now Pet.”

Brittney instantly held up the marker and I snatched it from her fingers then let her go, leaving her to stumble backwards and eventually just flop down to her ass as she looked at me with awe-inspired reverence.

“Oh that is cheating!” Gisselle exclaimed and stepped into my path.

I didn’t alter my course in the slightest. My steady stride took me toe to toe with Gisselle and I reached out with both hands, cradling her face gently, then ever so softly ran my right hand down her cheek, caressing her neck, down over her collar bone then around her breast, my thumb just barely grazing her nipple through her tight sports bra, and down to her trim waist. I leaned forward. Close to her face. For a moment I thought I was going to be kissing my nemesis. She obviously thought so too, as her eyes closed and her head tilted slightly to meet mine. Our lips hovered tantalizingly close to each other, and I felt her hot breath as she waited, then my head tilted just slightly more and I whispered in her ear using a tone that dripped with sex appeal, “When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you. Sit down, shut up and listen like a good little girl and maybe there will be something in it for you as well.”

My hands pulled back to my sides and Gisselle also stumbled backwards before splatting on her little ass, looking up at me with pouting eyes. She sucked in a deep breath and I saw her hands roam across her body as she let out a long shaky breath. I didn’t wait, I walked up to the whiteboard that was filled with Brittney and Gisselle’s scribbles and quickly wiped it to a clean slate. I uncapped the marker and said loudly, “Pay attention, I’m only going through this once. This is your starting formation…”


Kevin pulled his shirt on over his head and then scooped up the chunk of steak off the floor. He turned and walked out of the room stopping momentarily before looking back at me, “I’ll see you tomorrow okay? My parents wanted me home like 45 minutes ago.”

I nodded and replied, “Bye. Have a good night. I hope your face feels better tomorrow.”

He gave me a wink when suddenly Janice appeared from one side of the hallway and he handed her the steak, “Thanks Janice. You’re too nice to me.”

“Oh it’s no problem Mr. Kevin,” She replied with a smile, “Let me walk you out.”

“I’d like that very much,” He replied and then they disappeared down the hallway.

I turned back to see Brittney and Gisselle both staring at the whiteboard with their hips cocked and their arms crossed as they looked at Kevin’s routine. They were scrutinizing it thoroughly and every so often one of them would point at something, open their mouth to speak, then a moment later close it and pull their hand back and return to staring at it.

“Okay, I’m just going to say it. It’s brilliant. I’m ashamed that I didn’t come up with it. Honestly, I can see why you didn’t come up with it, but I should have seen this. This is poetry in motion. I would have lost against this, and that just doesn’t happen,” Gisselle said and then let out a sigh.

“Are you high? I mean, I agree with one thing you said, you would have lost against this… but the rest of it? Nonsense. You couldn’t have come up with something that had half this finesse… You’re all brute strength and power. Look how this tumble just flows into popping her up into a toss… and I can even see the specific girl on the team he wants in every position. He even took into account who was going to be doing this, and where everyone would fit in each position based on their strengths and weaknesses. It’s honestly more than brilliant,” Brittney replied as she looked across the entire board once more and then back to Gisselle, “This is going to work. Like, really going to work.”

Gisselle rolled her eyes and tossed some pretzels at Brittney’s face, “I told you that Kevin and I could fix everything for you.”

One of Brittney’s eyebrows went up and she cocked a leg as she stared back at Gisselle, “Tramp.”

Gisselle’s eyes lit up, “Oh! Does that mean we get to have sex now?”

“Hell no!” I interjected and they both turned to see me shaking my head vigorously.

“Well I was at minimum promised a pillow fight, but I suppose that can wait for a bit yet. Do you guys want to dish on boys? Oh! We should get a pizza and flash the delivery boy! Or I could go for some ice cream and then watch forty nine shades! I looooooooooove that movie,” Gisselle declared as she squeezed her hands to her chest and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“I want intel on the traitors,” Brittney declared, “Start with social security numbers and mother’s maiden names and we’ll move on from there after taking a few credit cards out in all their names.”

Gisselle tilted her head and shot Brittney a look, “Sass, don’t be that way. It’s not a good look on you…” Gisselle paused as she brought a finger up to her chin and thought for a bit, “Um, let’s see here… Gisselle here is apparently hooking up with Brad some nights, Jackson on other nights, and occasionally both Brad and Vince at the same time… Oh the poor girl… she actually thinks she’s stringing him along… Sweetie, if you’re trying to tease him you can’t let him catch you every other night. That’s not how men work.”

Brittney and I both looked at each other and then she shook her head, “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I can’t unhear that.”

Gisselle smirked at us both and pulled out a phone, “The last time her and Jackson hooked up they filmed it. Want to see Gisselle’s first time doing anal?”

“Oh shit no,” Brittney said as she emphatically shook her head.

“If you change your minds, I’ll email you the link to where Jackson posted it online,” Gisselle replied with a shrug, “Although he blurred out his own face. That guy is kind of a douche.”

“Kind of?” I asked in a sarcastic voice as I raised an eyebrow.

“So… what are their other plans?” Brittney asked her as she tapped her foot impatiently.

Gisselle paused for a moment, “Hmm… She doesn’t really appear to have any other plans. It’s keep the football players fucking her and her pom squad instead of the cheerleaders, pick up any cheerleaders that aren’t down to be bossed around by you Sassy Pants, then literally ride the football players to popularity and be the queen of the school next year after you leave.”

“She’s not trying to steal our current girls? Or taking stuff from our routine? Or trying to discredit us? Or even beat us in a showdown in front of the school during the half time of a football game?” Brittney asked in surprise.

“Nope. Sorry SP, but I think maybe she just hasn’t gotten that far along in her planning. She’s not you. She’s kind of impulsive. I highly doubt she’ll be able to keep this pom squad thing together for more than a week,” Gisselle replied with a shrug, “The only thing I can see her wanting to steal from the cheerleaders at this point is Kevin.”

My eyes narrowed and I glared at her.

Gisselle just shrugged at me, “She brushed up against Kevin at some point during his birthday party and felt him up. She wants to see if what she felt down his inner thigh is for real or not. She also has a nasty dislike for you Kitten. I think she feels if it wasn’t for you, Brittney would have been all over her sophomore year, and she’d be in the next runner up for queen bee without really trying. She feels you took that from her.”

“As if,” Brittney said as she made a gagging face.

“I don’t know. Now that I’m in here I kinda feel sorry for her. She’s been trying so hard to be popular all this time and just can’t quite make it. I mean, she’s a little cutie too! Not the nicest girl, but then again…” Gisselle gestured up and down at Brittney, “Who says nice is the best way to be popular.”

“Fuck off Norman,” Brittney retorted.

“I rest my case,” Gisselle said as she tossed her hair.

“So what do you want to do?” I asked Brittney as I shrugged at her.

“I know what I want!” Gisselle interrupted Brittney, “I want the deets on Kevy! How’s that going Kitten? Does he tell you he loves you? Does he climb into your bedroom window at night while playing his guitar and serenade you? Does he eat sour apples before going down on you?”

“Uck. You both have terrible taste in men,” Brittney said as she snapped pictures of the whiteboard with her phone and then declared, “Okay, I’m going to get ice cream, chocolate and more salty snacks. I’ll meet you both up in my bedroom.”

“Wait… I don’t understand the sour apples thing…” I said with a confused look on my face.

Gisselle and Brittney both looked at me like I was trying to ask why one plus one equaled two.

I raised my eyebrows and shook my head as I held my hands out, “Anyone going to let me in on the secret?”

“It makes the bumps on his tongue stand up, which feels fantastic when he’s talking to your lower set of lips,” Brittney replied in a dry tone like I should have known that since I was five.

“Please tell me you’ve at least given him a breath-mint blowjob,” Gisselle replied to me with wide eyes.

“Huh? Why would he be worried about my breath if I’m going down on him?”

“Oh sweetie,” Gisselle replied with a look of pity on her face, “It’s not for you. It’s for him.”

I gave her a questioning look and she put her arm around my shoulder, “Come on, let’s go and have a chat about boys and toys. What do they teach in schools today? This is an atrocity!”


Gisselle giggled loudly as she whacked me in the back with a pillow yet again. I shot her a sour look over my shoulder which caused her to drop the pillow and instead pounce on me, holding me down against Brittney’s bed, pressing her breasts into me as she struggled to get a firm hold on my wrists.

“Norman! Norman, come on! Let me up!” I whined at Gisselle’s lecherous face as we struggled.

“I’m just trying to liven up this slumber party!” She said back in a cheery tone.

Brittney just let out a sigh from the couch and then reached over to the small coffee table and grabbed a purple dildo and chucked it at us. It made a quiet slapping sound as it hit Gisselle’s soft skin just above her waist. Norman had shed Gisselle’s top a while back. Gisselle’s head spun quickly to see what had hit her, and when she saw the dong lying next to her she started to giggle once more, “Oh! Nice! I had one just like this about two months ago, but I lost it at a police station.”

Gisselle’s hands let go of me as she grabbed the fake cock and she began rubbing it up and down in between her breasts as she wiggled her eyebrows at me, “Is this what Peanut looks like after dinner when you two go out on a date?”

“Uh, we haven’t exactly gone out on any actual dates yet,” I replied as I bit my lower lip.

“What?!” both Brittney and Gisselle exclaimed at the same time as they both sat up ramrod straight and looked at me with startled faces.

“Well, we both got grounded like… the same day I asked him out… and then when he got un-grounded we did the party, and then this cheerleading emergency, so… We just haven’t had an opportunity yet,” I said as I shrugged at them.

“That is unacceptable! Get your phone out and call him right now, slut!” Brittney commanded.

“No wonder Gisselle is still all over him like stink on a skunk,” Norman muttered as he rolled Gisselle’s eyes, “You haven’t even rubbed your smell all over him! Do you even have one of his sweatshirts?”

“Huh? What does that have to do with anything?”

“Oh honey,” Gisselle replied, “You have dated before, right? Peanut isn’t your first?”

“Hey! I’ve dated before! I mean, usually not during cheer season… or summer… But I’ve had boyfriends before! And it’s not like I’m a prude or anything, I just don’t put out quite as much as you two do!” I shot back as I wiggled my head at them and raised an eyebrow.

“Are you calling ME a slut Summers?” Brittney responded as she sat forward and glared at me.

“Well, to be fair, it’s harder to be a bigger slut than I am,” Gisselle replied as she shrugged, “But honestly, when you can have sex as whoever whenever wherever you want, why wouldn’t you?”

“Well you hit the jackpot with that body then,” I replied with and then made a yuck-face at Gisselle.

Gisselle smiled brightly, “I personally cannot wait to get finger-trapped by Brad and Vince!”

“Oh fuck Norman!” Brittney called out as she pitched a pillow across the room at Gisselle while shaking her head, “I CANNOT unhear this stuff!”

“Finger-trap?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Gisselle let her head drop to the side as she gave me a disbelieving look, “Were you homeschooled until this year?”

“You’re a bitch. It’s not my fault I have actual standards for the boys I date,” I replied indignantly as I put my nose in the air.

“Claiming you have standards and then introducing Chess Club as your boyfriend is a null set Summers,” Brittney replied as she shook her head at me.

“Your delusion is impressive, you know that Sassy Pants?” Gisselle said as she rolled her eyes.

“You’re a cunt, you know that Norman?” Brittney glared at Gisselle menacingly.

Gisselle’s eyebrows went up as she popped her head back and let out a low breath before shaking her head and turning back to me, “Anyway, Kitten, you know those little braided tube shaped toys that kids get at carnivals, right? Where the kids put a finger in from both sides and then pull back and their fingers won’t come out,” Gisselle asked as she held her hands up, put out her pointer fingers and touched them together then pretended she couldn’t pull them apart before continuing, “So, now imagine two boys, facing each other, pants pulled down and ready to please.”

“Kay,” I replied simply.

“Now, imagine me in the middle, bent over at the waist, and my face like this,” Gisselle made an “O” with her lips and wiggled her eyebrows at me.

I blinked twice and then suddenly the switch in my brain clicked, “OH!” I exclaimed, then my mind made the next jump to an image of Brad, Vince and Gisselle doing that, which of course got plastered in my brain, and my face scrunched as I gagged, “Oh Eeeeeeeew! Norman, just ew!”

“What? Just because you two hate dick doesn’t mean I have to!” Gisselle replied with a shrug.

Brittney just let out a long sigh as she shook her head and then looked over at me, “Summers! Get your phone out and call your boyfriend! Set up that date! We’re not going to sleep until that happens.”

“I can’t call him right now Britt! It’s almost midnight! His parents will ground him again! They’re kinda weird about him and his phone.”

“He should have faked his death like I told him to when he found out he was a hopper. That boy is just so head-strong,” Norman muttered, “But what’s a girl going to do? The cute ones are always the dumb ones.”

“Truth,” Brittney said as her eyes focused on me.

I let out a long breath and flipped both of them off.

“Text him!” Gisselle shouted as she reached out and grabbed my finger, “We can help then!”

I pulled out my phone and started to type, “He’s probably not even up anymore. You guys are being ridiculous. I could just talk to him tomorrow.”

Hey you up? Send.

“There, we’ll see if he answers. Happy now?” I asked them both.

My phone let out a chirp almost instantly. I brought it up and looked at it, Yeah, whazzup?

Gisselle squealed and grabbed the phone, then held it back pointing at her grinning face and perky chest and took a picture then brought it down as her thumbs were a blur. She then stabbed at the screen a final time before I could even throw a fit to get my phone back. I just held out my hand and waited patiently until Gisselle dropped it back in my palm. I looked down to see a tilted photo of Gisselle’s boobs with Norman’s face smiling excitedly up at the camera and below it a text that said, Yer GF’s suckn on deez titties!

I quickly started typing out, Sorry Norman grabbed my phone. Did your parents say anything about you getting home late?

I saw he was typing back, and then moments later messages started popping up.

Tell Norman I said hi.

They were okay. I told them I stopped for gas on the way home and accidently walked into one of the advertisement boards and busted my face and fell down and the manager working wouldn’t let me drive for a while. It’s all good. They were just glad I wasn’t seriously hurt I guess.

Brittney had come over and sat on one side and was reading it while Gisselle slipped up next to me on the other side. I suddenly heard Brittney mutter under her breath, “If he’d get more iron in his diet he wouldn’t bruise every time someone looked at him crossly.”

Gisselle rolled her eyes and then poked me, “Ask him out! Tell him you want to go have a nice dinner, go dancing, and then get fucked on the hood of his car!”

Brittney reached over and gave Gisselle a shove, “Go to horny jail!”

“Well what do you propose?” Gisselle asked after she recovered her balance.

“Ask him if he’s ever going to actually take you out, or if you’re just his side whore,” Brittney said as she went to grab my phone, “He’ll have to make a move after you force him into it.”

“Hey! No!” I jerked away from Brittney and then away from Gisselle, Hey! What are you doing Friday night? Send.

The girls smooshed back in against me on both sides and looked down at the phone as little dots told us Kevin was typing.

Something with you?

I raised my eyebrows at both of them and then replied back to him, Just me and you?

The little dots appeared again and then his words popped out, Yeah, I’ve been thinking we didn’t go out on a date yet. Let’s change that. I’ll pick you up at your house at six. How does that sound?

I smiled as I felt my heart jump and quickly typed back, Great!


“Well, that was easy,” I replied with a smile that just wouldn’t stop on my face.

“If you’re done, give me the phone back,” Gisselle replied and I looked over to see her completely naked, her panties tossed on the floor, “I want to send Peanut some pics.”

“Norman! Not on my fucking bed! For fucks fucking sake!” Brittney screamed at her and then slapped her hands to her own face, “I’m going to have to throw out the bedding… I might have to get rid of the mattress… Who knows, I may have to just burn the room down!”