The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 19

By Tobyredone

54 minute read -

Brittney and I were walking out of class discussing how she wanted to break up the cheer team in groups to learn the new routine when she suddenly stopped talking and I actually felt the anger surging out of her. I looked from her grimace down the hallway to Gisselle, standing next to Hannah as the two of them happily chatted about something. Brittney started down the hallway full stride as students and facility dove to stay out of her way. Everyone knew the last time someone had been daft enough to get in Brittney’s way while she wore that expression. It was passed around the school like folklore. Poor Jacob Jetterson… he ended up switching schools after three weeks, but I heard now that he’s in a new environment, he doesn’t wet himself when he steps into a hallway and sees a cheerleader, so that’s a positive, right?

“Talking about anything interesting ladies?” Brittney said with a venom in her voice that I had rarely heard, and a smile that I’d imagine a spider gives to a fly right before sucking it’s innards out.

Hannah shook her head and said in a wavering voice, “No Britt. I was honestly just laughing at a cat video that Gisselle was showing me on her phone.”

Gisselle cocked her hip and looked Brittney up and down before replying, “I don’t remember our conversation being any of your business. What’s your problem Brittney? Can’t handle the fact that your cheerleaders would rather be friends with a traitor than you?”

“Oooooh,” I looked around and saw that somehow we had been surrounded by a large group of people in the last two seconds. How did that always happen? Was it some sort of magic that high school buildings had mixed in with the mortar? I heard another person say, “Oh man. Brittney’s gonna splatter her head and I didn’t bring my raincoat today.”

I saw phones coming out as kids started to record and Brittney took a step closer into Gisselle’s personal space, “You’re my problem. Wanna see how I fix problems?”

“Calm down Beldamore, you’ll chip a nail or something and have to skip half a day of school again to get them fixed,” Gisselle replied as she rolled her eyes.

Brittney took half a step back and her expression changed to an uncertain one. I didn’t understand what was going on, but I had never seen Brittney take a step back before. She was usually the one on offense non-stop. No one, including Gisselle had stood up to her in quite a while, except for maybe Brad, but that was because he was too stupid to honestly realize when his life might be in danger most days.

“Hannah, we have to get to class, let’s go,” I broke in, hoping to de-escalate the situation and avoid Gisselle getting her face punched in while kids posted it to their social media.

“Oh Kitten, you’re always such a goody-goody. Is it fun to be Brittney’s purse dog? Does she give you treats and tell you you’re a good girl after you do tricks for her?” Gisselle asked as her attention focused on me.

My eyes went wide as I realized Norman was still in Gisselle. That’s why Brittney had taken a step back. As my brain reeled with this new information my mouth somehow shifted into gear, “I’m not her purse dog, I wouldn’t even fit in her purse Gisselle.”

As the words left my mouth I wished I could grab them and stuff them back in. Had I really said something that stupid? What was wrong with me? I heard laughter all around us as my face blushed bright read and I could feel my ears burning. Gisselle just stood there and smirked at me.

“Are you still pissed off because you couldn’t get her sloppy seconds again Gisselle? You need a new hobby. Trying to steal whatever boy Amy is with is getting old. Besides, aren’t you still leaking both Brad and Vince’s spunk? Shouldn’t you at least clean up before you go for the next one?” Brittney shot back to choirs of “Oooohs,” and “Aaaahs,” from the still gathering group surrounding us.

“Hey Beldamore, do all the cheerleaders have to eat your pussy to stay on the team, or is it just Amy? I mean, that’s why you haven’t had a boyfriend in forever and a day, right? That’s why you brought a gay guy to the school dance?” Gisselle returned fire.

I wondered if both Gisselle and Norman would be happy hiding out in a nuclear fallout shelter for the rest of their lives. I also wondered if even that would save them from Brittney’s wrath. I’d seen her break both wooden boards and concrete blocks at martial arts tournaments, punching through Gisselle’s skull wouldn’t even slow her fist down. I wouldn’t put it past her to punch and kick her way through a reinforced steel door if it stood between her and what she wanted. I didn’t even look at Brittney’s face. I was busy trying to remember the proper way to get blood out of fabric.

Brittney’s hand was a blur. I started to turn my head and squeeze my eyes shut to avoid getting anything in them and honestly, so that I didn’t have to witness the carnage. But then I realized Brittney hadn’t smashed Gisselle’s nose to the backside of her head. Brittney turned on her heels and began to walk, and Gisselle suddenly discovered Brittney’s grasp was tight on her ear and also the loose curls of blonde hair that fell from the side of her head.

“Ah!” she cried out in shock and pain as she got pulled along after Brittney, slightly bent over and shuffling her feet quickly to keep up, “Ow! Fuck Beldamore, you’re going to rip off my ear! Ouch! Stop it! Aaaaaaah! This hurts! Somebody help me! Please! OUCH! I give! I give! I’m sorry!”

Gisselle’s pleas fell on deaf ears as Brittney’s expressionless face caused people to step back, and some to leave the hallway entirely. Gisselle continued to call out and I suddenly shook my head and snapped back into reality and charged down the hallway after them wondering what I could do to fix any of this. Brittney suddenly turned and pushed her way into the girl’s bathroom. I was a step behind her and got in just in time to see her pitch Gisselle’s head in front of her, the poor girl dancing across the tiled floor to keep her balance until she landed against the sinks. She looked up at Brittney with honest fear in her eyes while Brittney’s pretty face remained stoic.

“Lock. The. Door.”

I gulped and did as I was told. Brittney’s fists opened and closed as she pumped them and took breaths through her nose while glaring at Gisselle without blinking.

Gisselle’s stance changed as she stood up and looked in the mirror which showed Norman’s visage on Gisselle’s fit little body, fixing her hair as she turned slightly left and right before looking at her ear, “Oh I’m going to have nail marks in my earlobe for like three days now Sassy Pants!” Norman whined and then spun to look at Brittney.

“You may want to worry more about surviving three more days, Norman,” I said in a frightened voice as Brittney stood there still clenching at air and not speaking.

“Oh pish posh, it was all in good fun. Nothing like a little cat fight to amp up some drama between the cheerleaders and the pom squad!” Gisselle said back with a gleam in her eyes, “Everyone is going to come to the next game just to see if there will be a girl fight between us, complete with short skirts and ponytails!”

“How could you…” Brittney started to say before pulling her mouth shut and going back to breathing through her nose.

“How could I what Sassy Pants? Improv so well? It comes naturally to us hoppers after a while. Honestly it wasn’t anything special,” Gisselle replied as she flipped a wrist at Brittney.

“YOU TOLD EVERYONE I’M A LESBIAN!” Brittney stammered out through clenched teeth.

“You are a lesbian,” Gisselle replied with a shrug and a raised eyebrow, “And your gay date to the dance will make everyone stop and think about it. That’s what made it such a good zinger, ya know?”

Brittney reached for Gisselle’s neck with both hands. Gisselle’s eyes went wide and she sidestepped Brittney’s grasp and then darted behind me, grabbing my shoulders and using me for a shield.

“I DIDN’T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW I’M A LESBIAN!” Brittney said as she tried to sidestep me, but Gisselle turned me as she danced to stay out of Brittney’s reach.

“Oh who cares Sassy Pants? You need to just rip the band aid off. No one cares now-a-days. And then you can be happy and open about it. Don’t you think that might be where some of this rage is coming from? Built up repression?” Gisselle said as she continued to thrust me between herself and Brittney.

“I FUCKING CARE NORMAN! I FUCKING CARE! THAT WAS MY DECISION TO MAKE NOT YOURS!” Brittney continued to grab for my nemesis, who was currently hiding behind me, twisting and turning to stay away from certain doom.

“Well then you’re probably going to be really mad at me when I tell you that I’m using my time in Gisselle’s cute little bod to shore up this pom squad and get a good foundation going for them then…” Gisselle replied as she ducked behind my back and peeked under my left arm.

Brittney stopped moving and just stared at her, “Are you fucking mentally damaged? Why would you do that?”

“Competition Sassy Pants. You want the best cheerleading team, you need the best pom squad to spar against. Steel sharpens steel and all that,” Gisselle replied.

“Get out Norman,” Brittney declared and pointed to the door.

“Sass…” Gisselle started to reply but Brittney interrupted her, “Get the fuck out Norman. I thought we were friends. We are not. You need to leave before I honest to fuck kill you.”

Gisselle stood up from behind me, walked briskly to the door and unlocked it. She pulled it open and saw a group of people with their phones waiting to take photos of whoever came out of the bathroom and document their condition. Gisselle looked back over her shoulder as she rolled her eyes, “Over-dramatic much?”

Brittney spun and took a step, causing Gisselle to let out a shrill squeak and bolt from the door down the hallway.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Brittney muttered to me as she pulled a hand to her forehead and shook it.


I saw Brittney again in the hallway just before last period. I trotted to catch up to her, “Now that everyone’s calmed down a bit, what are we going to do about you-know-who in she-who-shall-not-be-named?”

“I don’t know but I’m not saying that many words all the time. Let’s just call them Nor-elle,” Brittney replied.

“Oh! Good idea! Ha! Nor-elle!”

“Eh, you know what, let’s call them Jizzman instead. That way I can picture them both covered in cum like they’re probably working on right now,” Brittney corrected herself.

I let out a giggle and saw Brittney smile for the first time since Jizzman had confronted us. I liked it when she smiled. We turned the corner and headed down a fairly unused hallway and I said, “You know what, let’s just forget about all of that crap. We have to focus on our new cheer routine.”

“Yeah, good call slut,” Brittney replied as we started to turn another corner and she continued, “We’ve got more than enough on our plates and besides, both Gisselle and Norman are complete fuck-bags normally. You put them together and…”

I heard Brittney’s voice trail off and then saw the look on her face as she continued in a lower voice, “they combine to form the ultimate robo-hoe. Like that stupid cartoon with the lions…” Then her voice faded away to silence as her head cocked slightly to the side.

I looked ahead to see what had caused her to falter and saw Kevin stumbling out of a janitor closet, working on pulling his shirt back down and then trying to get his pants buckled and his belt re-fastened. His hands went up to his hair and he tried to un-muss it up. I saw at least three bright red lip marks on his neck as he worked on adjusting his shirt.

My eyebrows furrowed as my smile faded and I couldn’t seem to help it as my eyes started to water other than to begin rapidly blinking to try and stop tears from forming. I felt Brittney’s hand grab mine and squeeze and then I let out a quiet gasp as I saw Gisselle reach out from the doorway and grab onto the front of Kevin’s shirt and pull him to her so she could mash her face into his. Kevin’s eyes opened wide as he looked down at Gisselle’s face and then she pulled back. They looked to be talking but we were too far away to hear what they were saying. I gulped hard and then noticed that Gisselle was topless, her firm young tits bouncing slightly as she talked with my boyfriend. She then winked at him and held up a pair of lacey panties. His lips moved, and in response she reached out and tucked them gently into his right pants pocket. He shook his head and then turned and walked off down an intersecting hallway.

Brittney turned to me, her eyes also starting to water as she said, “Okay, you want me to rip all their heads off right now? I’ll do that for you, you know that right? Prison doesn’t scare me at all.”

I shook my head, “No. Let’s get to our last class, then we’ll do cheer practice, and just continue on like normal.”

“What?” She exclaimed as she gave me a look of straight up disbelief.

“I’ve never talked to Kevin about being exclusive with me!” I replied back, “Not to mention that I’m definitely not exclusive with him. We both cheat on each other with you!

“Oh that is so fucking different and you know it Summers!” Brittney shook her head.

“I don’t know if I think so. What if Kevin doesn’t think so? We’ve never talked about it Britt! I’m not going to do this again because we jumped to a conclusion. Not without talking to him about it first,” I said as I blinked back more tears, “I mean, I’m not going to lie, it hurts, but I want to hear what he has to say first.”

“Fine. Then I’ll just have to be pissed off enough for both of us,” Brittney declared before huffing loudly and crossing her arms over her chest.


The rest of the day was a blur. The teacher honestly could have been talking about an impending alien invasion, I wouldn’t have known. After school I managed to get through cheer practice, but had Brittney not known what was on my mind, I’m sure she would have lit my ass up like a flashlight for being slightly off as I taught my group the moves for our new routine. She did know however, and so after practice she drove me home from and then followed me into the house to make sure I wasn’t alone while my brain continued to process what I had seen in the hallway. Eventually we ended up on the back deck with our books out as we did homework. She wanted to discuss what we had seen. She wanted to vent. To be fair, she also wanted to drag all parties into a caged battle arena to determine the winner by combat, so I wasn’t up for going along with Brittney’s wishes. That had led me to doing my homework as my Dad cooked on the grill. She couldn’t really discuss anything about what had happened with him there. It didn’t stop her from giving me sidelong glances or small little pokes in the side every now and again along with facial expressions that screamed out, Let’s go somewhere private, I want to yell at stuff.

Then suddenly I heard a voice, “Hello Mr. Summers. Hello ladies. Lovely day isn’t it?”

I looked over my shoulder and saw Kevin, his bruised face actually looking a lot better, holding the giant scissors thingies he used to trim back our bushes. He held them out and started to snip at the bushes as my Dad gave him a sour look while responding, “About time boy. I thought the bushes were going to overtake the deck soon.”

Kevin saw my face and instantly knew something was going on as he gave me a questioning look and replied, “Sorry. I would have been here sooner if I had known something was wrong.”

My Dad just grunted and went back to the grill as Brittney looked over her shoulder at Kevin and replied, “I suppose it is a lovely day when you get to have your way with every bush in the tri-state area Chess Club.”

Kevin looked at her with confusion and looked back my way and raised his eyebrows, “Excuse me? Have I improperly trimmed a bush I wasn’t supposed to lately?”

“Oh no, why would I ever dream _of telling you what bushes you can or can’t trim Chess Club,” Brittney declared and then looked at me, “I don’t get a say in this. It’s not like you’re cutting _my bushes _or anything._” She then let out a huff and looked down at her text book.

Kevin stared at the back of Brittney’s head for a bit and then looked over to me and held up his hands and made motions at all of us and then shrugged at me but continued to wait for me to say something. When I bit my pencil eraser and started to turn back to my book Kevin finally asked, “Hey, is there anything that you guys want to discuss?”

Brittney spun back around, “Yeah Chess Club, there is. Let’s go discuss it in front of your car. Oh, and bring your wrench again! It was a very helpful communication aid last time!”

Kevin shook his head and held up his hands in surrender, “Somebody needs a candy bar.”

Brittney glared at him and then looked over at me, but I looked back down at my text book and continued to bite at my eraser. Suddenly I heard Brittney say, “Hey Chess Club. We need help with a math problem. You’re good at Math, right?”

Kevin came up the stairs and set the clippers down and leaned over to look at our books. I’m sure he noticed neither of us were looking at a math textbook. “What do you need? I don’t know if I’ll have the answer but I’m more than willing to try and find it with both of you,” He declared as he looked at Brittney who rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Okay, it’s a story problem so pay attention… Jenny is dating Bob and Bob is dating Jenny. Susie is also dating both Bob and Jenny, but only when all three are together. They haven’t talked about being exclusive, but Susie thought it was implied that if two girls weren’t enough for Bob he would be man enough to say something. Both Susie and Jenny saw Bob leaving the bathroom with Emily. Both of them were half dressed, and Emily is known to get with anyone that has a pulse, even more so since Bob’s friend Herman came to town and got tangled up with Emily the other day. Question one. How many relationships are going on in this story? Question two. Why is Bob being such a Peter? Question three. How often is Bob hooking up with Emily and Herman? Question four. How often is Bob out playing with any random pretty thing that Herman gets tangled up with? Question five. Why is Bob such a man-whore? Question five. Why shouldn’t Susie just…”

Kevin interrupted Brittney, “You already said question five.”

Brittney glared at Kevin as my Dad looked over at Brittney from the grill and commented, “Math has gotten a lot more liberal since I was in school. Do they really say man whore in your textbooks?”

“Sorry Mr. Summers. I must have misread that part. Oh, I also forgot the notes at the bottom. It says Peter can be freely replaced with Dick if that helps anyone solve the problem,” Brittney gave a sidelong glance at Kevin.

Kevin let out a deep sigh and sat down next to Brittney as he looked at her, “One, Exactly as many as Jenny and Susie want. Two, Bob is probably just trying to be what people want. Some people want Peter. Some people want Jill. Three, null set. Four, the answer to the function depends on your timeline data point. Before Bob met Susie and Jenny, or after? Question five, maybe it’s Bob’s curse. A curse that Susie promised to help Bob with while they were in a bathtub one night and so Bob probably wishes Susie would be a bit less hostile and Jenny would voice her opinion.”

My Dad opened the lid of the grill, took the meat he was cooking off and set it on a plate and then closed the grill before walking to the back door. As he pulled it open with his free hand he looked over at Brittney, “Are you staying for dinner Brittney?”

“If that’s real meat I will.”

“It is,” My Dad replied and then looked in the house as he yelled, “She’s staying dear, set another place at the table. Oh, and you weren’t kidding when you said math today is more letters than numbers! When did math change? I thought math was math!”

As Dad closed the door behind himself I started to giggle. Kevin let out a chuckle, and then Brittney broke last as she started to laugh. I stopped biting my eraser as I looked at Kevin, “Um… Jenny… isn’t upset with anyone. We never talked about anything, so… it just caught her by surprise and honestly hurt a bit when she saw Bob with… um…. I don’t know, who was it again? Vicky?”

“Emily,” both Kevin and Brittney replied at the same time and then looked at each other.

“Emily’s a skank,” Brittney declared, “And Herman is a fucking hoe bag cunt.”

Both Kevin and I gave Brittney a shocked look as she cursed vehemently, her face twisting in rage. Kevin let out a little sigh, “Herman sometimes struggles with keeping the status quo. He usually wants to stir up drama and chaos because he never sticks around to see the fall out. He just gets to be there for the shock and awe. That’s what Bob was talking about that night in the bathtub. Bob will definitely talk to Herman.”

“Why are we still using false names? I mean, I think I get it… but I’m not sure,” I said as I rubbed my temples.

Suddenly my Mom opened the back door, “Almost time to eat ladies… Oh! Kevin! I didn’t know you were here!” she pulled back in the door and yelled at my Dad, “Why didn’t you tell me Kevin was here? Did you ask him if he wants to have dinner with us? I can set another place!”

“No I didn’t ask the boy to come into my house to eat at my table so I could watch him make googly eyes at my daughter! He can go home and do that!” I heard my Dad shout back from inside the house.

Mom’s face told me she was not impressed with Dad’s lack of manners and she looked at Kevin and asked sweetly, “Kevin, would you like to stay for dinner, dear?”

“No thank you Ma’am. My parents will be expecting me in a bit. Speaking of which, I should get back to the bushes before dinner is done at my house,” he replied to my Mom as he stood up and grabbed his giant scissors.

“Oh you don’t have to be so formal all the time. You can call me by my first name Kevin,” Mom gave him a sweet smile.

“I know you don’t mind Ma’am, but if my father heard me do that he’d tan my hide,” Kevin said as he stepped off the deck and walked over to a bush and started to snip at it, “Thank you though.”

Mom looked at me and smiled, “I like him. He’s so polite. Way more polite than the last boy.”

With that she pulled her head inside and closed the door, but both Brittney and I heard her light my father up for being rude to the neighbors. I looked over my shoulder at Kevin as he continued to clip away at small twigs and leaves. Without looking away from what he was doing he called out, “If you two need anything tonight text me. I don’t care if it’s to talk, or set guidelines for all of this, or whatever. I’m right next door, okay?”


“Look, he should have fucking said something before screwing the hoe, that’s all I’m saying,” Brittney stated in her matter-of-fact voice while she laid on my bed flipping through a fashion magazine.

I rolled my eyes as I took off my shirt and bra, then grabbed a cami from the dresser and started to slip into it. As I got it over my head I reached behind me to flip out my hair and noticed Brittney staring at me like a dog staring at someone offering it a treat. I grabbed the hem of the shirt and flipped it down over my breasts and shot her a look as she blinked and then found my eyes again.

She blushed as she went back to looking at the magazine and I planted my hands on my hips as I replied, “We also could have discussed our expectations with him. I’m not going to be mad at him for what he did. Besides, he said he wouldn’t do it anymore.”

“Pfft. He’s a boy. Boys are dicks. They think with their dicks, they follow their dicks, they use their dicks. I mean, if you want to keep dating him, that’s fine. I am not going to turn him down when he’s in you either… I’m just not going to be surprised when we find out he’s banging half of the pom squad behind our backs,” Brittney said as she flipped the page of her magazine.

I was going to respond but I heard a sudden noise and looked around my room trying to find it. Brittney seemed oblivious and so I asked her, “Did you hear that?”

“No…” she looked up and replied just as I heard it again and then she must have heard it as well, “Wait, yes. What the hell was that?”

She looked to the outside wall and I heard the tapping sound again, this time narrowing it down to my window. I went over to it and looked down to see the darkness lit up along the fence in between my yard and Kevin’s yard with small lights in a peculiar pattern. I cocked my head as I read YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD, and then saw Kevin standing by the “D” looking up at us with a hand full of pebbles.

I smiled and opened my window, then called out, “You are so lame. Did that work on girls where you’re from?”

Kevin smiled back and shrugged as he replied, “I haven’t done it often. The first time didn’t go so well.”

“And the second?” I asked as I tucked hair behind my ears.

He raised an eyebrow and as he scratched at the bridge of his nose, “I dunno. I’ll tell you in the morning, I guess.”

Suddenly Brittney was pushing past me to lean out the window as she yelled out, “Boooooo! Goose is dead and you stole Maverick’s line!”

Kevin lost his composure and started laughing hard as he leaned against the fence for support. I pulled away from the window and started running toward the door. I heard Brittney ask where I was going, but I ignored her. I ran down the stairs, through the short hallway to the entrance as my parents sat up and gave me questioning looks, and then out the door. The pavement of the sidewalk and driveway were still warm on my feet, but the grass was shockingly cool as I darted across the lawn and jumped as I got to the fence, deftly grabbing the top edge and lifting myself up, throwing my leg over, and using the momentum to flop the rest of me to the other side. Kevin was standing there as I came down on his lawn and I felt his warm strong hands hold me and steady me as I landed. I grabbed his head and pulled his face to me, kissing him passionately, slipping my tongue between his lips and finding his waiting for me.

I felt Kevin’s arms wrap around me, one hand going to the small of my back and the other up into my hair as I felt myself melt in his arms. I was lost in the bliss of the moment until I suddenly heard Brittney’s voice call out from my window, “Get a room!”

I pulled back from the kiss and rolled my eyes at Kevin as he smiled at me. I saw my parents standing in the driveway looking at us, my father was eyeing the lights on the fence as he slowly shook his head while my mother was smiling as she winked at me. I gave Kevin a tight hug as I whispered in his ear, “Back patio door. Fifteen minutes.”

When I pulled back he had a wide eyed look on his face which made me giggle as waved and trotted around the fence and back to my own yard. I looked to the porch on Kevin’s house and saw his mother there, so I waved and she happily waved back as she called out, “Hello sweetie!”

Once I was back in my own yard my mother wrapped her arms around my shoulders and walked me back to our house, “He’s very sweet dear.”

“He’s a vandal!” I heard my father declare and then grunt as my mother reached over and smacked his stomach.

“You need to be nicer to him! You could even learn a thing or two from him. When is the last time you even gave me a sweet little love note, let alone wrote it on the fence for the world to see?” Mom chided him.

“All I’m saying is he better not wreck my fence taking those lights down,” My father retorted.

When both my mother and I glared at him, my father’s mouth snapped shut and let out a quiet huff as he opened the front door and held it for both of us. I got inside and slipped out of my mom’s arms then headed back upstairs to see Brittney still standing at the window looking down at the lights. She glanced my way as I came in the room, then turned back to the window as she said in a quiet voice, “He’s just sucking up to get back in your good graces, you know that right? It’s like buying a woman jewelry after she catches her man cheating. Men are just like that.”

“So you didn’t want Mistress to come out and play? Because I invited him to sneak over in a few minutes,” I replied as I crossed my arms under my breasts.

Brittney spun to face me and I could see the excitement in her eyes, “You did?” She asked and when I nodded she darted across the room and out into the hallway as she exclaimed, “I have to brush my teeth!”

I let out a giggle and went back downstairs. I stopped outside the living room and looked in at my parents, “I’m getting a glass of water, did you guys want anything?”

My mother replied, “No thank you dear,” while my father just shook his head, his focus 100% on the TV. I shrugged and went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass and filled it, then took a few sips while looking at the back patio door. When I saw a dark shadow moving I went and quietly slid the door open.

Kevin stood there wearing only sweatpants and a concerned look on his face, “Are you sure you want this? We don’t have…”

I stopped his talking by pulling his face to mine and kissing him again. My tongue forced his lips apart and I felt his tongue press back against mine briefly, then it started to lose it’s form. I felt the liquid he was turning into gush in through my mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the tingles going through my body as he filled me. I didn’t know how Brittney found this sensation unnerving, to me it was blissful. And then I lost my sense of control as I felt my foot go forward and gently flick the sweat pants off the side of the deck and into the bushes before stepping back into the house and sliding the door closed. As I spun I saw my Mom walking through the middle of the kitchen and look at me.

“Were you out there talking to someone dear?” She questioned me.

“I thought I saw something, like a squirrel or whatever, but it wasn’t there when I opened the door,” My mouth replied as I felt my shoulders shrug.

She continued to look at me for a moment before turning and going to the refrigerator to take out a small plate that had some pie on it and glance over at me as she stole a quick bite and then put it back away, “Don’t tell your father. He thinks I have iron will power.”

“Your secret is safe with me Mom,” I said with a nod.

“Uh huh, I’d imagine it is,” She replied with a coy expression before turning and going back into the living room.

Once she was out of earshot I said in a low voice, “Weird. Did you tell her anything?”

Kevin relaxed control and I replied using my own lips, “No. Did you?”

“Why would I tell her anything? She’s your mom!” I said as I scrunched my nose and smiled to the empty kitchen.

“I don’t know! She likes you! So, I didn’t know if the two of you talked or… whatever!” I replied back as I felt my body start to walk back to the stairs.

“Night!” My mouth called out to my parents as I trotted past the living room once more. Both of them replied with a quick, “Good night!” and then my father added, “Don’t stay up all night gossiping with Brittney.”

“Dad! We don’t gossip!” I shot back as I started up the stairs.

I could feel my pulse quicken as I got to my room, and also felt myself blush and heat with arousal. I turned into the open doorway and saw Brittney kneeling on the floor, her feet tucked neatly under her ass and her hands resting on her knees as she looked up submissively at me with big green eyes but kept her head bowed down. She was stark naked other than her choker with only her hair covering her left breast as she had pulled it all to that side and let it flow down over her shoulder.

“Good evening Pet,” I purred out the syllables as I quickly pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it to the side while I towered over her.

“Good evening Mistress,” She replied as she lifted her hands out of her lap, “I didn’t know what to wear, so I just bound my wrists. I hope it’s acceptable.”

I strutted to Brittney and leaned forward to hook a finger in the thin cord she had used to wrap around her wrists and lifted her arms as high above her head as she could reach. She was stretched up as far as she could go, her chest thrust upward to help her reach causing her youthful breasts to jut out proudly from her chest and I used my other hand to stroke her chin before slipping down her neck, collar bone, and brushing her hair off her breast as I grabbed it with my own hand and gently manipulated it with my fingers. A quiet moan escaped her lips as her eyes fluttered shut and she surrendered herself completely to my touch. I then used the hand on her breast to push back on her chest gently as she allowed herself to be laid flat on my floor. I felt a leg shoot out behind me, hook the door with my foot, and flick it shut as I lowered my face to her navel and began kissing the soft taunt skin around her belly button. I felt her twitch and twist as her breath came in gasps while my right hand slowly slid up her legs, over her inner thighs and came to rest just barely touching the outer lips of her pussy. She tried to rock her hips and get more contact, but couldn’t do it with my weight on her lower half. She mewed in pleasure as I continued to tease and torment her.

The hot moist heat radiating from Brittney’s sex was getting my hands slick with her want and also having an effect on my body as I felt myself begin to flush and the cotton gusset of my panties clung to my own skin, which of course caused my own arousal to ratchet up to yet another level higher. My other hand slipped up Brittney’s body until I came to her small neck and I grasped her tightly. I didn’t know why I would do that until my other hand raised the small distance up her inner thigh and my thumb found itself in between her shapely ass cheeks. I pressed my thumb knuckle against her puckered rear entrance and she suddenly jerked hard, trying to get away from my lower hand, but I stopped her with my other hand on her neck. She looked at me with wide worried eyes but relaxed her body and I in turn relaxed my grip on her neck, but pressed my thumb knuckle more tightly against her back door. I heard a whimper escape her throat, but she kept her body still, and then moved one leg out to allow me better access.

As she did that I raised an eyebrow at her and I felt my hand move to her moist folds as I ran the length of her pussy lips with the gentle touch of my fingers. I leaned forward and kissed her breasts as a giggle escaped my throat and I pulled back long enough to say, “Well done Pet. I didn’t want to have to spank you for being disobedient,” I then went back down and sucked hard on her nipple as I also gently pinched at it with my teeth.

“Mmmmm!,” Brittney said as she came with heavy jerks and convulsions against my hand while clamping her own arm down across her face to muffle herself. As the orgasm finished washing through her and she settled down to occasional twitches whenever I would move against her sensitive skin she pulled her arm back and looked down at me with adoring eyes as she solemnly professed, “All of me is yours Mistress. Whatever you desire on a whim I will make reality. I am yours.

I crawled forward and kissed her hard on her lips and then flopped onto my back as I stared up at the ceiling. Brittney curled up tight against me, slipping under my arm and laying her head on my shoulder as she slowly worked her fingers up and down my side, sending small butterflies across my skin at her touch. I looked down at her still bound hands and grabbed them, then pulled them up to my lips as I kissed them gently and then put them between my breasts and turned to look into her eyes.

For a moment she just gazed back into mine, then she blinked and looked down to her hands in my breasts. I put a finger under her chin and raised her face back to mine and stared into her eyes once more. I hadn’t noticed before but now that I was forced to stare into Brittney’s eyes as long as Kevin wanted to I saw that her eyes had small flecks of a gold color closest to her pupils, then further from the center a deep richer green that then seemed to darken as they became flecked with black spots. She again seemed to get self-conscious and blinked a few times before lowering her gaze once more. My finger once more lifted her chin and I went back to staring into her eyes. I just laid there and continued to stare into her beautiful green eyes that were staring back at me being controlled by my boyfriend after using me to make her scream in orgasm into her own elbow.

“Did you need something Mistress? Anything? Just let me know.”

I didn’t move for a long time. I just laid there staring at Brittney while taking slow breaths. I wondered what Kevin was thinking about, but because he was awake his mind was still locked up tight. I wondered if he would spend the night with us? I was still horny and between Kevin’s attraction to Brittney’s naked body and feeling my breasts rise and fall with my breathing my arousal was slowly ratcheting itself up. I was about ready to start fighting for control of one of my hands when finally my lips moved, “Pet. Pleasure me.”

Brittney’s eyes lit up and she nodded enthusiastically as she struggled to get into a crouched position, then squirmed down between my legs and while propping herself up with her still bound hands slowly lowered herself to my overheating pussy.


“Look, all I’m saying is he could have spent the night,” Brittney said as she got out of her car and looked over the top of it at me, “I mean, what did he have to do that was more important? Did he have to sneak out and go find Jizzman or something?”

I didn’t respond, just shot her a glare and grabbed my duffel bag out of the car and headed for school. I heard her trotting to catch up and she commented, “Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Didn’t get what you wanted from your boyfriend last night either?”

“Brittney I don’t want to talk about it, okay!” I shot back and pushed open the door to the gym.

I was actually kind of cranky. I was up for early cheer practice, Kevin and Brittney had kept me up late last night, Kevin had left instead of stayed in me for the night, then to top it all off Brittney had stolen all the covers and wrapped herself up in a makeshift cocoon, leaving me to spend the early morning shivering. Having a girlfriend was definitely not it was all cracked up to be. I was starting to see why boys wanted to have sex and then bail. It wasn’t that they were emotionally stunted, they just didn’t want to spend the night with some selfish bitch that snored, kicked, and stole the bedding. I had also wanted to talk with Kevin and Brittney about if we were exclusive, but by the time we were done playing Brittney was utterly spent, and then Kevin had said he needed to get home. Or maybe I just wanted Kevin to spend the night so I could look into his mind? I don’t know. Was I being a bitch? Or were the closet people in my life just ignoring my feelings?

Brittney responded with, “Whatevs.” So I shot her a glare then turned to the gym when my mood went from cranky to downright pissy.

“What in the mother-fucking hell!?!” Brittney screamed out across the gym as the pom squad stopped mid routine and spun to face us.

“First come, first serve Beldamore,” Gisselle called out as she shrugged at us and then turned to the girls behind her, “Okay, let’s run through that one again and Heidi for the love of unicorns it goes one, two, half-step, pump up, pump down, side step. Is that really beyond you? You can literally watch it happening right in front of you, you’re in the third line.”

“That is _decidedly _not the way this works, pro-hoe,” Brittney called back loudly, “This gym has been cheer practice zone for the last five years at this time on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.”

“Well isn’t that odd. When I went to the main office yesterday and looked at the form for requesting a time slot for the gym, the cheer squad didn’t have a single practice time reserved at all,” Gisselle replied as she cocked a hip and brought a finger up to her lip while staring back at us.

“Of course I didn’t fill out the form! Every athletic team in the school already knows our schedule!” Brittney shouted back.

“Well then, according to the form I signed with the principle this is the pom squad time slot for the gym, and everyone knows that because I did the proper paperwork Beldamore. I guess that gives you and your little purse dog time to go work on more tricks somewhere else,” Gisselle replied back with a shrug.

I heard Brittney’s duffel bag hit the floor and saw a few of the pom squad girls start to back up as she took a menacing step forward but instead I reached out and grabbed her arm to hold her back from advancing. She gave me a questioning look and I shook my head at her, “I’m so done with the two of you bickering back and forth like squirrels fighting over the same nut.”

“Excuse me?” Brittney’s eyes went wide and Gisselle called out, “I do not fight over the same nuts as Beldamore. I always get the nuts I want.”

Both of them spun back and glared at each other as I walked past Brittney and up to the entire group of pom squad girls and started to count heads out loud. Gisselle finally stopped giving Brittney the evil eye and turned to face me, “What are you doing Summers? We have more than ten girls on the team, so if you’re going to count all of them you might have to take off your shoes.”

I ignored the laughter from the gathered pom squad and finished my counting. I then pulled out my phone and gave all the girls a small smile as I started typing.

“Seriously Summers. What are you doing?” Gisselle asked with furrowed eyebrows.

I looked up at the pom squad and said loudly, “You guys remember when the football team had a beat down on my boyfriend? Most of you went to the football game that night, right? Remember how none of the lights were working? Or the scoreboard?”

“Get to the point Summers. We have to get back to practice. Are you trying to say that the cheer team will look better in the dark? Because no one here is going to disagree with you,” Gisselle flipped her wrist and smirked at me.

“Oh no. not what I’m saying at all,” I smiled sweetly at Gisselle before looking back at the entire pom squad, “I’m saying that I’ve got a pretty good relationship with the AV club. The ones that run the jumbo-tron. I happen to know that they can photoshop pig and cow heads on each and every one of you as you dance live. They can also add another ten pounds on top of the ten pounds the camera already adds. So I’m texting them how many of you there are that way they can have it all ready,” I paused and then looked up, “But that seems kind of mean, so I’ll offer you a deal. Every girl who gets out of my gym right now won’t get turned into an oinker or a heffer in front of the entire school.”

Several of the pom squad girls glanced around at each other with worried looks on their faces until I added in a chipper voice, “Team Kevin!” as I held up my fingers in a peace sign.

That was all they needed. Seven of them broke ranks immediately and headed for the gym door, and the rest of them followed as soon as they saw the first seven taking the first step. Gisselle was suddenly the only one standing there, watching the girls walk out of the gym, until she straightened herself and flipped her hair over her shoulders as she looked at me with begrudging respect, “Well played Kitten. You win this round.”

I smiled at her sweetly and tipped my phone back and pressed the camera button, causing my phone to make a loud shutter noise before saying, “Jizzman, I’m going to give you fair warning. I’m not in a good mood today. Steer clear of me. Also, if I smell your cheap ass perfume on my boyfriend today I’m going full nuclear on you.”

“Oh you’re going full nuclear on me? That’s cute, what do you even think full nuclear looks like, Kitten? Do tell,” Gisselle said with an eye roll.

“Okay, warning used up,” I declared and turned my phone to face her and showed Norman the picture of his face on Gisselle’s body, “I wonder how long it will take for every single person in the school to be pointing a camera at you after they read my page update with this photo and a caption that says How is Gisselle doing this?” I paused as I started typing the message along with the picture then looked back and said with a smirk, “Kevin can hold his image back for about ten or fifteen minutes and then he starts getting a wicked headache. How long can you hold your image back before you start getting a headache Norman? Probably longer than Kevin, but I’m doubting you can do it all day plus put up with camera flashes going off in your eyes non-stop.”

Gisselle’s eyebrows furrowed in rage as she said through clenched teeth, “You wouldn’t! That’s low!”

“And my finger is pushing the post button…” I replied as I started to move my hand toward my phone screen until Gisselle called out, “Wait! Stop! Okay, fine. You win.”

Gisselle took a step back and ran her fingers through her hair as she let out a breath, “Ugh, I hate it when someone tries to force me out of a mount that I’m having fun in. I know you two don’t really like Gisselle here, but I’m having a blast as her,” Giselle’s eyebrows wiggled at us, “She’s got a bad girl vibe that I can totally use to have some fun, a rocking surprisingly limber little body, the attention of enough boys that I can always find someone who wants to have a good time, and surprisingly enough, the carpet matches the curtains.”

“So if you think for a second that I’m going to put up with more bullying from you two little cream puffs, you’re sadly mistaken. I gave Peanut my word that I would keep you two out of harm’s way, and so I will, but understand that does not mean I will just let these little tantrums go. I’m getting tons of sex. I get to play with an entire dance team. I have a complete school full of hormonal teenagers that are easy to twist around my little pinky. I’m having fun. I like to stir the pot a little. People watch reality TV for the drama, right? Well, this is my version of that. You two see me as the villain in this story? I see it from someone else’s perspective that puts you two as the villains. That’s the problem with you Normals. You can’t walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. You only see one point of view.”

“I’m going to give you some space for today Kitten, because that’s what you wanted. Tomorrow, however, you better bring your A game because IT’S ON. I do not appreciate being threatened. Frankly, I won’t stand for it. The little stunt you pulled today was well played, but you’re too nice to pull it off consistently. You see, that’s your problem. You don’t have any confidence, and I know just how to exploit that.”

“Norman if you…” Brittney started to say until Gisselle cut her off.

“Oh you need to take a step back too Sassy Pants. Learn to count to ten or something. Your temper is your biggest fault, and if I wanted to, I could use that little personality flaw to turn this entire school against you in 15 minutes. I know you better than you know you. I have not only been inside that pretty little head, I’ve lived more lives than you can even comprehend. I know how to topple an empire while wearing an evening gown at a dinner party, you think I can’t bury you in a suburban high school while wearing athletic leggings and a sports bra? Ha. Keep it up bitch. I’ll show you how this works.”

“Finally, just so the two of you know, Peanut didn’t fuck me in that supply closet. I pulled him in, used some of my favorite moves, I even got every button and buckle on his clothes undone with him barely noticing, but he said I’d have to clear it with the two of you before he would do anything. That’s some resilience, because trust me I can be very persuasive. Tomorrow however, will be a different story. Tomorrow, he’s going to fuck me. I am going to drain him so empty he won’t even be able to get it up for the two of you. That’s a promise.”

And with that Gisselle spun on her heels, her hair flying outward as she turned, and she stormed off with the rest of the pom squad just as some of the other cheerleaders were walking in.

“Is everything okay? You two have it out with Gisselle? You both look a bit pale,” Hannah said as she walked over.


“What the hell do you mean you just signed off on our time slot?!” Brittney cried out as she glared at the principle.

“I… um… I’m sorry Miss Beldamore… I…” Principle Mabus stuttered, “I don’t even remember signing it…”

Brittney crossed her arms angrily as she tapped her foot, “Well what are we going to do about it? We had an agreement about the cheer team using the gym. You damn well know that.”

Principle Mabus took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped at his head, “Yes yes, I know… but that was more of a verbal thing…” his voice trailed off as he shuffled his feet nervously in place, “This is more of a signed document that is public record, so…”

I stood by Brittney’s side as I looked down at the form that was stamped APPROVED in big read letters and signed by Principle Mabus indicating the newly formed pom squad had every right to the gym for our practice times. Norman had not only taken our morning slots, but he had also requested the gym for the weekdays and weekends when we practiced after school as well. He also apparently had rights to any outside athletic field that any other team hadn’t previously signed up for in writing before the date stamped on his request.

“Can’t the cheerleading team practice off to the side of the field that the football team uses? We are having lovely weather right now,” Principle Mabus asked with a hopeful face.

“I am going to pretend that you didn’t just ask us to be a side act for the football team to leer at while they fondle each other in the mud,” Brittney replied as her eyes narrowed coldly at the principle.

“Oh no, I would never disrespect anyone like that!” The principle responded and then he asked in a quiet voice, “Would it be possible to share the gym and athletic fields with the pom squad? I don’t really see why the two teams can’t practice together. You’re both doing the same thing anyway, right?”

Brittney’s eyebrows went up as her mouth dropped open, “We are doing the same thing anyway? Did you actually just say that? Did those words come out of your mouth?”

“Well, I mean… you both have pom-poms, right?” Principle Mabus asked as he shrugged his shoulders at Brittney.

“You will be hearing from my father’s lawyers,” Brittney replied coldly, “Please don’t show up to a legal proceeding in a suit that looks like you borrowed it from your fat brother ten years ago.”

With that she waved at me to follow and we both left the office as the principle stammered apologies and promised he’d look into it and see if there was anything else he could do for us.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Brittney muttered as she tried to choke the air in front of her while her hands shook in rage.

“I can’t believe Norman specifically took all of our practice slots,” I said as I frowned, “I just don’t get why he would do that.”

“Uhhhh, you both have pom-poms, right? Derp,” Brittney said in a deep voice as she satirically imitated the principle, “That fucker! I’m going to bronze his balls and hang them on my wall like a fucking cheer trophy.”

“I’ve got to get to class Britt,” I replied as I saw the door to my next class come up on the left.

“Yeah, whatever. I’ve got to call the legal team at my dad’s office. I’ll see you later slut.”

I waved and gave her a weak smile and then walked into the classroom. I found my usual seat and plopped down in my desk. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Kevin furiously scribbling in his note book. I wondered what he was doing when the teacher walked in and closed the door as the bell rang. He called out for everyone to pass their assignments up to the front and I pulled mine out of a pink folder from my backpack and handed it to the guy in front of me. As I spun to collect the assignments coming up from behind me I saw Kevin sigh as he tore the page out of his notebook and shrug as he handed it to the person sitting in front of him. He glanced my way and I slumped my shoulders as I mouthed the word Sorry to him. He gave me a thumbs-up back, but his face told me he didn’t really mean it was okay.


“What’s wrong?” I asked Kevin as we walked out of class together.

“Nothing,” He replied and shot me a fake smile.

“Bull. C’mon, tell me!”

“Really, it’s no big deal,” he said as he adjusted his back-pack, “Why was Brittney all pissy this morning? Come to think of it, so was Gisselle.”

“No you do not get to redirect mister!” I said as I put a hand on his arm and squeezed, then reached up and gently touched the quickly fading bruise on his face. It looked almost completely healed since he had hopped me last night.

“Honestly, it’s nothing. I just completely forgot about that assignment. I got like forty five minutes of sleep last night, I’m dragging butt,” He said as his shoulders slumped and his backpack slid down again.

“Why did you only get forty five minutes of sleep?” I asked him with a surprised face, “You left my house early enough to get more than that.”

“After I left your house I had to set up for the boys and the girls basketball fundraisers I promised I would help with. Then after I got done there I went and helped out an old veteran my dad knows that lost his leg. Just cleaning up and fixing some stuff around his house, but it still takes time. Then it was early enough that the stores were open, so I went and grabbed some fertilizer and stuff I needed for your lawn, then I had to go to the football field and help the AV club wire some new equipment, and then I passed out in my car in the school parking lot and woke up to Vince banging on my window and calling me names that I didn’t understand. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because I was tired though… I don’t think he knew how to pronounce them, which really makes me doubt the educational system here, you know?” Kevin said as he shook his head and slid the back pack up onto his shoulder once more.

“Oh! Why didn’t you say you had too much going on!” I said as I squeezed his arm, “I would have understood!”

“Both you and Britt looked pretty upset about the supply closet, so…” his voice trailed off, “Oh, and just so you know, I’m sorry. I should have never let Norman get me in that closet to begin with.”

“Hey,” I said as I pulled him to the corner of a hallway and then wrapped my arms around his neck as I smiled up at his face, “I’m not upset. I promise. Norman said nothing happened in the closet anyway.”

“I wouldn’t call it nothing. We kissed. Well, I mean, he half undressed me, gave me hickeys, tried to give me a hand job when I wouldn’t take anything else, and then stuffed his panties in my pocket after the kiss… So, stuff happened, I know that. I shouldn’t have…” He started to say and I put a finger over his lips so I could interrupt him.

“Kevin, it’s okay. I know we are in sort of a crazy relationship anyway. I mean, just Brittney alone adds a whole different level. Plus your ability… I get it. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping where you did and offering to talk about it.”

“Yeah no problem. I really do care about you,” he said as he kissed my hand, “I want everyone to be happy together, you know?”

“Oh I don’t know if that’s a possibility anymore,” I said with raised eyebrows.

“Why not? What’s going on?” He asked with both surprise and concern in his voice.

“Well, we met up with Norman in the gym this morning when the cheerleaders were supposed to have practice and it sorta turned into a cat fight when…”


I was picking at my lunch but not really eating any of it while Hannah and Lauren debated nail polish colors when Brittney suddenly nudged me on the shoulder and asked, “Hey, where’s Chess Club?”

Hannah looked at Brittney, “He’s building a twelve foot tall sculpture out of paper mache for the basketball team fundraiser tonight. How do you not know this? He posted about it this morning on yak-yak like crazy early. Some of the basketballers and most of the pom squad said they would help him paint it over lunch.”

“He accepted help from the cheer-traitors?” Brittney said as her eyebrows went up, “Oh he’s going to have a hard time finishing anything with broken fingers!”

She stood up from the table as she cracked her knuckles, but before she could leave Lauren added, “He didn’t really accept help from the pom squad. He said everyone was welcome to paint it. Where do you think Tiffany, Megan and Rachel are? Tiffany was so excited she couldn’t sit still through science. She almost got detention.”

I looked over to the table where the football players usually sat and noticed it was unusually empty without the pom squad clinging to them like urchins. I also couldn’t help but notice Gisselle wasn’t there.

“Hey, why aren’t you there Amy?” Hannah asked as she cocked her head, “I’d think you’d want to help your boyfriend. Oh! Did you guys have a fight! Is that why you were all teary eyed yesterday at practice?”

“What? Are Amy and Kevin breaking up?” Lauren looked up from her phone, “That’s a shame, I actually kinda liked him.”

I heard someone at the next table over start to talk about how I was breaking up with Kevin and sighed and stood up next to Brittney, “C’mon. I need to go apologize for not paying any attention to what my boyfriend is going through.”

“Why would you apologize to him for that? He’s not interesting enough to do anything noteworthy,” Brittney replied, “But whatever. I’ve got to at least go and chase the pom whores away from my cheerleaders, so I’ll walk with you.”

I gave her an incredulous look and then shook my head as we started to walk out of the lunch room. When we hit the hallway Brittney snapped her fingers, “Oh! I forgot to tell you, I was talking to my Dad’s legal team and…”

“What? You were serious about that? I thought you were just trying to scare the principle into giving us some sort of practice time, or tell the pom squad they needed to share or something,” I said as I looked at her in disbelief.

“Fuck yes I was serious about that. Never make a threat you can’t back up Summers. You know that,” Brittney replied as we turned down another hallway before she continued, “Anyway, as I was saying, the legal team said that verbal contracts are tricky as hell to cover in the courts, which I knew going in, but I figured we could at minimum have Mabus served, which will probably scare the piss out of him enough to do what I want him to do, but if it doesn’t I figure we can drag it out and after a few weeks, maybe months, I can remind him that the school’s daft-ass lawyer is chewing through his budget and he’s being stupid about this whole thing. If none of that works, I still have all the keys from the last time Dad paid for one of the school remodels and it still works in like… ninety percent of the locks in the school, so we’ll have to do a night time raid and we’ll just burn the fucking pom squads’ stuff. I did some checking and if the gym goes through a serious remodel all contracts regarding its use get voided and are up for re-negotiation. So when we torch their shit we just do it in the gym and make sure there is enough damage that it needs a re-work.”

I stopped walking and looked at Brittney with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, “You are not serious.”

Brittney spun and held her hands out to the sides, “Well it’s not like my plan A, but I am not backing down!”

“Brittney we are not lighting the freaking school on fire just to get a spot to practice in the gym! We can practice at your house! Or a park! Or…”

“Absolutely not Summers!” Brittney declared, “This is war! Give them an inch and they take a mile! Fight fire with fire… Literally!” Brittney shrugged and then added, “Plus my last name is on the side of that gym anyway. Not to mention I can just get my dad to write a check for the remodel anyway.”

“No. I’m out,” I said as I shook my head and held up my hands, “No!”

“Oh grow a pair Summers. If anyone has the right to burn that place to the ground it’s me. Besides, I never liked the shade of blue they picked. I gave the fucking contractor the paint number to get and he still fucked it up. That is reason enough to burn it down right there. We can say the pom squads’ shit just happened to be in the one room we couldn’t unlock before we started.”

I was about to open up my mouth and rebut her when I thought I heard something. I turned away and Brittney kept going, “I know where the security cameras are, we’ll never get caught. You don’t…”

“Shhh!” I hissed at her.

“Don’t shhh me!” Brittney said and I held out my hand to stop her from talking, “What?”

I walked toward the sound and headed into the library. The noise got slightly louder and it definitely sounded like a girl crying. She was trying not to be heard, but she was crying. I turned and walked through the middle of the row of tall mildly imposing book shelves looking for where the noise was coming from.

“What are you doing Summers? Don’t just shush me and walk away!” Brittney said from the door and in response I turned and over my shoulder called out, “Shhh!”

“Ooooooh, you’re asking for it slut,” Brittney replied angrily as I reached the last two rows of bookshelves.

I looked left and then right to see a mop of mildly curly blonde hair sitting on the floor with a pair of toned legs pulled up tight to it.

“Are you okay?” I asked with concern.

I heard a few shaky breaths get sucked in and hands wiping at a face before the hair finally parted and Gisselle’s face looked up at me. I blinked a few times at her and the red puffy bags around her eyes. Brittney was now standing by my side and she asked in a loud voice, “Gisselle? Are you crying?”

“What? No. Why would I be crying?” Gisselle replied as she forced a fake smile on her face and sniffed hard as she blinked a few times.

“Are you… um… you?” I asked as I leaned forward and stared at her face like that would tell me something.

She let out a long low breath and looked at me with disdain, “You know who it is. Would the real Gisselle ever come into the library if she didn’t have to?”

“I can’t believe we still have a library. Who the fuck doesn’t just download an e-book?” Brittney remarked as she reached out and wiped her finger through some dust on one of the middle shelves, “I mean, honestly, we shouldn’t even need textbooks anymore, they could have all that shit online.”

I ignored both of them and put my back against the books as I slid down to sit next to Gisselle, “What’s wrong?”


“Uh huh,” I stared over at her and waited. Brittney wasn’t as patient and blurted out, “Okay, everything is fine with pro-hoe. Let’s get going.”

“You’re such a bitch Brittney,” Gisselle said as her eyes started to water again.

“Excuse me? I’m a…” Brittney started to retort until I shot her dark look and she stopped her statement and let out an exasperated breath and then muttered, “Okay, whatever.”

I put one arm around Gisselle and leaned my head on her shoulder, “It’s okay Norman. You don’t have to tell us. If you want I’ll just sit here with you for a while.”

Gisselle let out a sob and then sniffled it back in as she looked at me with tear-filled eyes and said, “You’re too nice Kitten. You’re just too nice.”

“Well, I mean, I have my bad days too,” I said as I gave her a small smile back.

“Amy if you were any nicer woodland creatures would do your chores for you,” Brittney muttered as she plopped down across the small aisle from us.

Gisselle let out a little giggle as she glanced across at Brittney and then sniffled again, took a deep breath and raised her head and straightened her mussed up hair before saying, “I suppose I should say that I’ve been a real jerk the past few days. I got too into playing my character. I hurt both of you and that is not okay.”

“I agree. You have been a real…” Brittney started to respond until I again shot her a look and she stopped.

“Thank you Norman. That’s very big of you,” I said as I squeezed Gisselle’s thin shoulders, “We probably haven’t been the best of friends to you either.”

“Ha. Speak for yourself Summers. I haven’t even punched Gisselle in her stupid face once.”

“Okay Brittney,” I said as I glared over at her, “You’re not helping. Why don’t you play the quiet game for like five minutes.”

Gisselle let out another giggle as Brittney shook her head at me and then looked off to the right and flopped her head back against the book rack behind her as she muttered, “Whatever.”

“So what’s wrong Norman? Why are you hiding in the library crying by yourself? You can tell us,” I asked in a patient voice.

Gisselle let out another sob as her eyes filled with tears again, “Peanut said he didn’t want anything to do with me while I was being such a bitch,” She sucked in a ragged gasp of air and the tears started to well up in her eyes while she continued, “I didn’t mean it, I swear! I just got caught up in everything and then it snowballed and everything spun way out of control!”

I squeezed her shoulders tightly and gave her a smile, “It’ll be okay. I’m sure Kevin will…”

“Oh you don’t get it!” She snapped at me as she started to sob again and dropped her head to her knees and pulled out of my embrace.

I leaned further over and wrapped my arm around her once again and asked, “Okay will you explain it to me and help me understand?”

Gisselle lifted her head and sucked in a couple gasps of air and then leaned against me, “He doesn’t care about me. He has you. And her,” Gisselle motioned at Brittney who managed to keep her mouth shut, but I could see on her face she wanted to snap back.

“Norman, Kevin does care about you,” I said in a reassuring tone.

“Not the same way he cares about you two,” She said as she wiped at her eyes, “Not the same way I care about him,” She paused to whimper for a moment and then continued, “You Normals stole him from me and now I missed my chance. I could have been a perky highschool girl for him! I could have been whatever he wanted! But now I blew it. You Normals don’t get what it’s like to not have anyone who understands you, and when I finally find someone who is amazing and just like me, who is just perfect he gets stolen away from me.”

“Oh Norman!” I said as my eyes started to tear up, “Are you lonely too? I don’t want you to be lonely! I don’t want you to be left out!” I hugged Gisselle tightly and continued, “Why do you have to steal Kevin away from us? Why can’t we all be happy together?”

Gisselle looked at me with distrust and asked, “You mean… like share… each other? You’re serious about that?”

“Well, I mean,” I paused and wiped my own eyes off, “We haven’t really talked about being exclusive or anything, but I’m already sharing Kevin with Brittney. Why not share him with you too?”

“You really think that would work?” Gisselle asked as she wiped at her face.

“Um… I don’t know… but I was raised with cartoon ponies and bears that taught me friendship is magic and sharing is caring,” I said with a shrug and a smile, “We could try it, right?”

“You’d do that?” Gisselle asked, “Even though we only met a little while ago?”

“We only met Kevin a little while ago,” I replied, “And I think we’d have to make sure everyone agrees, like… probably talk to Kevin too.”

“Damn skippy. No one asked my opinion about any of this,” Brittney spouted out with a huff.

Gisselle looked over at Brittney with watery eyes and Brittney looked back at her for a minute or so and then said, “I mean… you’re kind of annoying, but I suppose so is Chess Club, so at that point why not? What’s one more?”

Gisselle’s lips pulled into a little smile and she put her head on my shoulder as she said, “Maybe all Normals aren’t so bad.”

“Um, thanks I think,” I replied as I let my head rest on hers and then said, “We should probably go find Kevin and talk with him about all of this.”

“What if he doesn’t want me?” Gisselle asked in a low voice, “He was pretty upset with me.”

“Oh Norman! I’m sure he’ll forgive you when he sees we made up. We’ll hold your hands, okay? Us girls have to stick together. And Kevin will see it will be that much more fun,” I promised Norman as I squeezed against Gisselle’s side.

“Yeah, I can only imagine how horrible it will be for poor Chess Club. What a tragedy,” Brittney muttered with heavy sarcasm.

Gisselle took a deep breath and leaned her head back against the row of books behind her as she said, “Yeah, okay. Sharing him is better than not getting any of him.”

“You two have terrible taste in men, I’m just putting that out there right now,” Brittney said as she shook her head.

“I do not understand how you can just disassociate like that,” Gisselle said back to Brittney as she also shook her head.

I let go of Gisselle and climbed to my feet then held out my hands to both Gisselle and Brittney to help them up. Brittney popped to her feet without grabbing my hand, but Gisselle took my outstretched palm and stood up, then reached behind her and dusted off her own butt before nodding at me and saying, “Okay, how terrible do I look?”

“Does that really even matter?” Brittney asked as stared at Norman, “He’s gonna see you’re ugly mug anyway isn’t he?”

Gisselle looked at Brittney with shock, “Rude much?”

“Oh that does remind me,” I said to Gisselle, “I can be okay sharing Kevin with you, but I cannot share him with Gisselle. Sorry, not sorry.”

Gisselle nodded and replied, “Yeah, I can understand that,” she then looked down at her own body, “Is it weird that I am going to miss this mount just a little bit? I realize you two don’t really get along with her, but you have to admit she goes for what she wants and she does have a nice ass.” Gisselle turned her backside toward us and gave her rump a little slap.

“Ugh. No. I just can’t Norman. Sorry, I don’t see it,” I said as I shook my head and Brittney added, “I wouldn’t fuck her with someone else’s dick.”

Gisselle and I both looked at Brittney and she shrugged, “What?”

Gisselle then hooked her arm in mine and said happily, “Well then, let’s go find me a new bod that you do approve of Kitten! You pick it out, I’ll pick it up.”


“Hey, don’t I get a say?” Brittney asked in a shocked voice from behind us.

“No,” Norman and I replied at the same time and then both let out giggles as we all walked out of the library together.