The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 20

By Tobyredone

14 minute read -

I rolled over and slowly lifted my arm over my face, blocking the bright sun from my eyes for a moment as I looked around the pool area, but couldn’t locate Brittney or Norman. Suddenly my world turned over on itself as I let out a loud yelp and I was plunged into the cool water. I came up gasping for air and looked over to see Norman grinning at me while holding the inflatable raft I had been lying on. I pulled my sunglasses off my face and flipped back my wet hair before smashing my hand through the water and sending some of it blasting at Norman’s new pretty face.

He squealed in a high pitched tone as I shouted, “Why would you do that!?”

He jumped over and wrapped his arms around me tightly and we both went underwater. I once again gasped as I broke above the surface and found Norman still clinging to me, mashing his pert breasts into mine as he smiled up at me with his full pink lips, “You just looked so hot Kitten! I didn’t want you to burn!”

“And so why are you still holding onto me?” I asked as I squirmed against his grip.

He put his head down on my breasts and said, “Floatation devices! I’d probably drown in this body if I had to use my own.”

I looked around at the hustle and bustle going on through the country club pool area, but no one seemed to be paying any special attention to us other than the lifeguard on the far side of the pool who seemed to be zeroed into my breasts in a “starting to get creepy” way.

I peeled Norman’s small hands off from my arms and swam to the side of the pool, then hopped out and spun, holding my arm out for Norman as he reached out, grabbed on, and I lifted as he climbed out after me. My hips swayed with my stride as I walked over to the lounge chair next to Brittney and used my towel to start gently drying my skin. Norman just plopped down on Brittney as her eyes popped open and she let out a yelp similar to the one I had muttered just a short time ago.

“Tegan what the F…AAAAaaaahhhh!” Brittney screamed at Norman as he pressed his wet body against hers, ditching her usual cursing for loud screaming due to the fact that there were small kids randomly running around the pool area. Contrary to most people’s belief’s Brittney could actually control her mouth when she wanted.

Norman and I had looked for quite a while for a new body, but it turned out he was actually very fussy when it came to picking a mount. We spent the rest of lunch looking, then parted ways and texted each other photos of possible mounts in our respective classes, each time either he or I would find some flaw that would cause us to nix that body. Finally, in the last class of the day I had sent him a photo of Tegan who he instantly agreed to. I slipped her a note asking to chat with her after class, and then Norman slipped into her once the other students had bolted out the door on their way to whatever else they had going on.

We had then found Kevin, who had returned to the art room to put the finishing touches on his project, and while Brittney and I had each held one of Tegan’s hands Norman made a watery eyed apology to Kevin. Kevin had smiled at his mentor and then hugged all three of us and said, “I just want everyone to be happy. If all of you are good with this, I’m in.”

After that Tegan has broken out of the group hug quickly and then claimed she still needed to fix the mix up with the practice times, and darted out of the room. Kevin gave both of us a serious look as he mentioned that Norman was not the most stable relationship, no matter who it was with, and told us to be prepared for his flightiness. I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled at him while Brittney had told him this was all my fault, but she’d go along with it to keep an eye on me for my own good.

That was two days ago.

Now all of us had gone to the pool of the country club where Brittney’s family had a membership. All three of us were in matching bikinis that Norman had picked out for us. They were actually really cute and he had picked out the correct sizes for Brittney and I, so I had put mine on without too much objection. Brittney needed more convincing, but now that she was in it and had taken a selfie with all three of us together, even she admitted they were cute.

“Did you girls want anything to eat?” I heard Mr. Beldamore ask from the table next to us.

“Oh! nachos! I saw nachos on the menu! Can we have nachos, puh-lease!” Tegan begged as she bounced over to the table with pent up teenage energy.

“Whatever you want, just charge it to our member number,” Mr. Beldamore replied while he eyed Tegan nervously.

“Thanks Mister B!” Tegan exclaimed as she hopped into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, then pecked a quick kiss on his cheek, still soaking wet and dripping all over him.

Mr. Beldamore let out a groan as he used a towel to wipe off the water from his work tablet, but didn’t say anything else as he looked over at his wife, who hid her smile behind the magazine she was reading and her large floppy sun hat. Both of them knew Norman was inside of the young girl, and both of them seemed to be agreeable to his antics, either out of curiosity or just being generally okay with it because it was Norman.

“Oh! And ice cream!” Tegan popped off Brittney’s father’s lap and bounded over to me, grabbing both of my hands, “Kitten, do you want to share some ice cream with me? I really want some SOOOOoooOOOOoooo bad, but I don’t know if I can eat an entire banana split! Puh-leeeeeeeeeease!”

I grinned at Tegan and nodded my head and then she was off like a flash to find someone to take her order, drawing the life guard’s attention as he called out, “No running!” Tegan slowed her pace and while making a face and sticking her tongue out at the lifeguard, but continued on in a frantic hurry to secure treats.

I lowered myself down on the chair next to Brittney as I giggled, “Norman is hysterical when he acts like his mount.”

“He could pull back on the Tegan by about fifteen percent, and then pull back on the Norman by about forty five percent,” Brittney responded as she plopped her head back down on the lounge chair and went back to sunbathing.

“Oh he’s fun and you know it!” I chided her and then a shadow blocked out my sun.

I looked up to see Kevin staring down at both of us, “Twins? Cute.”

“Hey Chess Club, shut up.” Brittney’s voice responded dryly.

Kevin ignored Brittney as he looked over at her parents and said, “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Beldamore, how are you today?”

“Fine thank you,” Alexandra replied as she waved to Kevin.

“The bedroom turned out as nice as you said it would, Mr. Carter. Well done,” Fredrick replied to him.

Suddenly we were interrupted by Tegan’s voice as she exclaimed, “PEANUT!” and a moment later she leapt at Kevin, wrapping her arms around him, the momentum of her body crashing into his causing them both to tumble backwards and into the pool.

As their heads appeared back above the water Kevin looked over at Tegan and said, “Nice to see you too.”

“HEY! You have to shower and change before you go in the pool!” The lifeguard yelled out from his high perch.

I rushed to the side of the pool and helped them out, then as Kevin started to empty his pockets I began drying things off with my towel, first his phone, then his wallet, then his car keys. He looked at Norman sourly and said, “I suppose I’ll go change, now. I can’t stay long though; I have to help my dad’s friend with his fence.”

Kevin turned and headed toward the locker rooms and Tegan grabbed his phone and gave me a wicked grin. She quickly put in the passcode to unlock it and as the screen flashed to life I glared at her.

“Hey! You can’t do that! And how did you even know the code?” I called out.

“Oh puh-lease,” She replied with an eye-roll and then started going through Kevin’s phone, “Every good girlfriend goes through her boyfriend’s phone from time to time. If you can’t find out what kind of porn he’s watching on his phone how are you supposed to do it right in the bedroom?”

“Stop. Right now. Just stop. Or go sit on the other side of the pool,” Brittney muttered as she rolled over to get some sun on her back.

Tegan’s eyebrows went up and she turned the phone toward me as she flipped through naked pictures of me, some with my face on them, and some with Kevin’s face, “Kinky!”

I felt myself turn beet-red as I grabbed for the phone, but Tegan deftly yanked the phone just out of my reach and then flipped away from the pictures. She pulled up the camera and then leaned into my side, “Come one! I wanna be in one too!”

She turned her torso slightly and looked up at the camera while thrusting out her chest and as I also posed I saw her push down on the shutter button. She took several photos of the two of us, then reached down with her free hand to slip her nipple out of her tight bikini top and took a few more then covered everything before anyone noticed. She then giggled as she went to the settings and changed Kevin’s background to a photo of me and her, with Norman’s face showing. She then dropped the phone on the pile of Kevin’s things before leaning back on me, “There. Now he’ll see both of us every time he turns on his phone.”

“He’s going to have to change it to one that you hid your face on,” I said with a smile.

Tegan just shrugged and gave me a teasing smile, then sat up off me and started running toward a man carrying a tray as she shouted out, “Nachos!”

The man was a bit taken back as she grabbed the platter of nachos and the banana split off his tray and darted back over to my lounge chair and set them down in between us. She held a spoon out for me with one hand as she grabbed a chip covered in cheese and garnishes in the other and popped it in her mouth.

“O ‘ant any?” She asked as she chewed and I closed my eyes tightly and made a repulsed face.

“Tegan, chew or talk, not both,” I reminded her.

She slapped a hand over her mouth as she said, “Sorry!”

She swallowed and said, “Sometimes I just use my mount’s habits like they are second nature, good or bad.”

“It’s okay,” I replied and then smiled and waved as Kevin came back into view.

Tegan looked over her shoulder and when she saw Kevin she let out a loud wolf whistle. Brittney looked over at us and said, “How both of you get worked up over that I will never know…”

“Oh Sassy Pants, you do not know what you are missing,” Tegan replied with an undertone of raw lust.

“Hard Pass,” Brittney replied as Kevin sat down on the chair next to me and then looked over at Tegan and Brittney.

Tegan suddenly crawled over the food and my lap, then over to Kevin as she gave him a quick kiss while mashing her chest into his. I caught Mr. Beldamore glancing at my face as I looked away from a different girl kissing my boyfriend and gave him a shrug which caused him to look back down at his tablet. Before I could look back Tegan grabbed me and pulled me over to Kevin and her as she exclaimed, “C’mon! Your turn!”

My head was in Kevin’s lap looking up at his chest and as I let out a little breath and he smiled down at me, “Hey Amy.”

“Hey,” I replied as I worked to get myself righted and then felt Kevin’s arms wrap around me as I settled into his lap. I leaned against his chest and enjoyed his scent as I lowered my head into his shoulder, “Thanks for coming. I know you’ve got a lot going on.”

“I wouldn’t have missed your invitation for the world,” he whispered back in my ears.

“Secrets don’t make friends!” Tegan called out and then jammed more nachos in her face and began chewing while her eyebrows raised at both of us.

“Tegan you are damaging my calm,” Brittney said without turning toward us, “Reel it in or go run it off.”

“It’s not my fault!” She squealed, “I swear this body just vibrates with energy all the time! Do you know how many times I had to frig myself off last night before I could fall asleep?”

Brittney sat up and glared at Tegan, but that didn’t even slow her down as she continued, “Oh hey, that reminds me, I wanted to ask you guys about something,”

Tegan paused for a moment and when no one spoke up she continued on right where she left off, “Are we exclusive? Because I’m not sure that’s going to work for me. You know how I was sorta getting plugged by three boys while I was in Gisselle’s body… Well, actually six, but I told you guys about three, so…”

“Oh ew,” I said as I cringed at Tegan.

She shrugged and replied, “What do you want from me? I have an almost impossible to manage libido.”

“Anyway,” Brittney interjected, “I assume there is a question somewhere in this rambling talk.”

“Oh yeah! Thanks Sassy Pants!” Tegan replied and then looked up and to the right as her eyes lost focus, “You see, like I said, my libido is a bit much, made worse when I’m in a cute little bod, right? Well, on top of that Tegan here has the most adorable puppy dog eyed boyfriend, and he’s wondering why the last couple of days I’ve been sort of avoiding him,” Tegan paused to take a breath, “And honestly it’s because if I were to text him, I would inevitably be sending him half naked pictures, and when he showed up to say hi and I felt that bulge pressed up against me, I know I would just lose it.”

Tegan’s lower lip started to tremble, “And I know I said I didn’t want to mess any of this up, but it’s sooooooooo hard, and I didn’t want to jump Peanut right before his date with Amy, and so I’m soooooo worked up right now and it’s driving me bonkers guys!”

I leaned forward and gave Tegan a hug, “Oh! You held off for me!”

“Of course I did Kitten!” Tegan said as she hugged me tightly back, then let go of me and slowly slipped a hand up Kevin’s leg and into the leg hole of his board shorts, “But now he’s here with his shirt off, and I haven’t had any decent sex in like… over a day… and I can tell it’s affecting me…” Tegan said as she squirmed on the chair and rubbed her thighs together while biting her lower lip.

“So you what? Want to jump chess club right here, right now? C’mon now,” Brittney replied as she sat up on her chair, “Nobody wants to see that.”

“Oh no, I don’t want to spoil their date Sassy Pants!” Tegan replied back, “but at the same point in time, keeping my boyfriend from getting some when him and Tegan have been fairly regularly scratching that itch as well doesn’t seem fair for him or me either…” her voice trailed off as she put a hand down on the chair in front of her and then rubbed against her wrist while closing her eyes.

“Down girl,” Brittney reached into her cup of drinking water and flicked some at Tegan, whose eyes popped open and she yanked her hand back to her side, “Thanks SP. I needed that.”

Tegan collected herself for a moment and pulled her wet strawberry blonde hair back behind her and looked at me with a wince on her face, “So… I guess… I was asking if I could sort of… you know… maybe get a bit of an exception to this… you know… exclusivity clause thingy…”

Tegan began fidgeting with her fingers as she stared at me, but it was Brittney who replied first, “You do you boo.”

Kevin shrugged as he said, “I’m actually pretty surprised you lasted this long…”

And suddenly everyone was looking at me as I glanced around the group. I blinked a few times and then said in a quiet voice, “I guess I don’t mind Norman… but please don’t skeezbag out on us, you know?”

Tegan smiled as she nodded furiously, “Okay! I won’t! I promise!”

She then dug her phone out of a small pink bag at the foot of the lounge chair and began furiously typing for a bit, then posed and took a snapshot from the neck down and stabbed at her phone again before looking back at Kevin and I, “Thank you sooooooOOOOooooo much!”

I just giggled and rolled my eyes at her and then she got a serious look on her face, “So? What are the plans for the big date? Do you guys need a limo? I know a guy. He doesn’t ask questions and he can get pretty much any bodily fluid out of upholstery with only a mild up-charge.”

Brittney flicked more water at Tegan, “Too much!”

Tegan huffed, “Fine then. I was just offering, you know?”

“Thank you,” I replied and reached out to squeeze Tegan’s hand.

“I’m pretty sure I have it handled Norman. I’ll let you know if I need any help though,” Kevin replied and leaned back on the lounge chair.

“I’m going over to help her get ready beforehand,” Brittney replied casually, “But that’s pretty standard. Don’t screw this up Chess Club.”

As Kevin glanced over at Brittney with raised eyebrows Tegan clapped excitedly, “Oh fun! Can I come too?”

I shrugged at her and said, “Fine with me.”

“Yay!” Tegan said as she bounced in her seat and then her phone chirped. She pulled it up and looked at the screen, then blushed as she looked at us sheepishly before saying quickly, “Um, I… have to… um… you know,” She then quickly got up, grabbed her pink bag and her towel and started walking to the locker room, wiggling her ass as she went and waved over her back shoulder, “Toddles! See you for date prep!”

Brittney looked over at the untouched melting ice cream and mostly uneaten nachos, sighed as she shook her head, then laid back down on her lounge chair and closed her eyes.