The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 3

By Tobyredone

40 minute read -

I woke to the sound of a phone alarm going off somewhere in Brittney’s bedroom. I slowly untangled myself from her and worked my way out of her huge bed. As I swung my legs off the side of the bed I felt a rigid dick wobble around and looked down at it with wide eyes.

“Really?” I mumbled as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and then stood and started walking toward the sound of the alarm. I narrowed it down to my bag and opened it up to pull out my phone and silence the alarm.

As I turned around I was startled to see Brittney lying in bed with her head supported by one of her arms and looking at me with curiosity. I looked down at the meaty appendage that stood proudly out from between my legs and then looked back at her, “I can’t get it to go down.”

“I could help with that if you want,” She commented with a sly grin.

“It’s me. Not him. I don’t even know how to work this thing.”

“We’ll figure it out together, Mistress,” she replied with a wink.

I let out a sigh and then looked out the large bay window and back at her, “Fine. Pet. The sun isn’t up yet.”

Her face lit up and she motioned for me to come back to bed. I slid in and she pushed me back down on the soft mattress and climbed on top of me.

“Just lay back, Mistress. I’ll do all work for you.”

I looked down through my breasts and watched as she straddled my cock and with one dainty hand guided it up to her waiting slit. She slowly eased it in. Just the head at first and then back up. Then slightly further past and back up. My breath sped up as I enjoyed the sensations of her moist silky pussy gobbling up my hard shaft. I brought my hands to my breasts and began to tease them just the way I liked when I played with myself. I started to breath heavily as Brittney bottomed out on my dick, her warm thighs tight to mine. She giggled happily and then began to buck back and forth. She built a rhythm quickly and I moved my hips with her thrusts. The smell of our passion reminded me of the previous night then she let out a quiet moan. I smirked at her and slapped at her side, “Hey! This time it’s about me! Pet!”

She looked down at me with wide eyes and then nodded as she got back to bouncing on my pole as she now tried to stifle her moaning. I’m into guys but as her hair swung back and forth and she bit her lip I knew why women were so sexy to men. I could almost go lesbian for Brittney in that moment. I felt her quiver and her eyes rolled back and I knew she was cumming. That was enough to send me over the edge and I felt the constriction in my balls let go as I again coated Brittney’s insides. I let out a gasp and a grunt as my borrowed dick lunged several times and then I went limp in the bed.

I quickly caught my breath as Brittney leaned forward to kiss me, “Thank you, Mistress!”

I almost stopped her. I brought up my hand and she hesitated, but then I let it fall back down and nodded, “You’re welcome, Pet.”

She squealed in delight and kissed me on the lips and I felt a shudder go through my body.

“What did I miss?” Kevin’s voice suddenly asked through my mouth.

“I was just helping Mistress with some morning wood,” Brittney said with a shrug in a voice that was a little too proud for me to be comfortable with.

“Can you suck this thing back in now?” I pleaded, “It’s fun to play with but I don’t want one all the time.”

I let out a small gasp as I felt my stomach tingle suddenly and the now shrinking cock slipped out of Brittney and then inside me.

“Oh man that’s weird,” I said as I looked down.

“Agreed,” Brittney nodded as she also looked down, “But I think I wouldn’t mind trying it once.”

“Okay, time to get off! You’re leaking on me!” I said as I pushed at her.

“Well it’s your cum!” She replied back to me.

“You wanted it!” I told her defiantly.

“I was just trying to help you out! You looked like you were panicking!” She shot back as she planted her hands on her hips.

I looked at her crossly and then suddenly thought of something that made me smirk, “Lick it off! Pet!”

She blinked, looked at me and then down at the mixture of our juices as it dribbled down her thighs and onto my smooth skin. She let out a whimper and then rolled off me and got down on her hands and knees as she lowered her head and stuck her tongue out. She scrunched her eyes closed as she took her first lick. I saw the look of disgust on her face as she went back for a second lick. I let her run her tongue through it once more and then laughed, “Okay. That’s enough.”

She gagged as she sat back and then looked at me, “I don’t know how you can give a guy a blow job.”

“I don’t know how you can eat a girl out,” I replied back with a shrug.

“Both of you quit bickering,” Kevin suddenly told us from my mouth, “Or I’ll make certain that Pet gives out a thousand blow jobs and Amy licks enough pussy keep the taste on her tongue permanently.”

“Sorry, Mistress,” Brittney said as she sat back on her haunches and pouted at me.

“We should get ready for the day,” Kevin replied and I found myself sitting up on the edge of the bed. I then felt another shudder go through me and felt the tingle of him leaving me. I almost pouted. There was something about his ability to use me that was like catnip. I worried he would go too far, then suddenly we were across a line and I enjoyed every second before I realized what had happened. Brittney was suddenly leaning on my shoulder as she watched the goo come out of my lower orifices and the skin of my legs and begin to pool at my feet. It then began to coalesce into a human shape and solidify into my thin neighbor. He straightened and stretched as both Brittney and I stared at his impressive tool.

“That was also fucked up,” Brittney commented and then slid off the bed and walked into the bathroom, “You guys need a toothbrush? I have spares.”

After we finished our bathroom routine Kevin slipped into his clothes that Brittney had stuffed in my bag the night before while Brittney and I did our make-up. She then dragged me into her closet and we both picked out outfits. Brittney and I are pretty close to the same size except she’s a touch taller and I have larger breasts. I stole a pair of panties from her but had to reuse my bra from the day before. After that I slipped into a short black skirt and a cute top that she said brought out my eyes. Brittney dressed in a boldly short jean skirt and a tight crop top that left her midriff exposed. Kevin was sitting on the couch playing with his phone by the time we were done. He looked up wiggled his eyebrows at us as we came out, “Looking good ladies.”

“Oh shut up, Chess club,” Brittney replied back, “You couldn’t get either one of us in a million years.”

I saw Kevin’s eyes glance over to the sunlight coming through the window and I felt a pang of regret but he just smiled, “Well done.”

“Hey, I’m not going to blow your cover,” Brittney replied and grabbed his arm and tugged him off the couch, “Seriously though, Chess club. Thanks for last night. Best. Night. Ever.”

“Well, it wasn’t all altruistic,” he replied with a smirk as he glanced at Brittney’s exposed skin, “But we should get going. I’ve got to drop you guys off at school before anyone else gets there and sees us together.”

“Okay,” Brittney replied and both of us grabbed our bags. We walked down the hallway and of course Janice had to be there. She saw Kevin and got a mystified look on her face, then saw me and dropped her eyes to her feet. Brittney didn’t say anything, just kept walking, so I followed her example. Kevin smiled at her and said good morning while we continued down the hallway to the front door.

As we all climbed into Kevin’s beater I heard Brittney ask, “Hey. If the stars ever align do you think we could do this again sometime?”

I thought for a moment and then nodded slowly and she looked at Kevin. He scratched his chin and shrugged at her, “We’ll see. I mean, it stops being special if we do this all the time.”

Brittney face dropped until I punched Kevin on the shoulder and said, “Yeah it must suck for you having two cheerleaders begging for your help.”

He grinned, started the car and it let out a loud bang with a cloud of black smoke and then started to roll out of the driveway. It didn’t take long and we were pulling into the school parking lot. Kevin went to one of the side lots and found a spot where no one was watching and parked the car. As Brittney and I walked to the front of the school I noticed Kevin slowing his pace and starting to head off in a different direction. I frowned and Brittney noticed it.

“It’s the way it is slut. Don’t buck the system too hard. Do you want to go back to freshman year when you ate your lunch alone in a bathroom stall?” Brittney asked with raised eyebrows.

“No. But I don’t think Kevin should have to either,” I replied with a sigh.

“Well, then you’d have to change the system of smashing a bunch of hormonal teenagers into a school all at the same time. Otherwise it’s probably not going to get better,” She said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me along.

“You just have all the answers when you’re not calling me Mistress, don’t you?” I shot back as I pulled my arm out of her grasp.

She spun and I nearly ran her over as she pointed a finger in my face, “Not here!” She looked around to make certain no one was close enough to hear us and then whispered at me in an angry tone, “I have helped you out since I found you crying underneath the bleachers halfway through freshman year. Who got you on the cheerleading team? Who helped you figure out how to deal with the acne? Who helped your broken ass sense of fashion? I fucking made you sweetheart! Since I hit puberty and guys realized I had breasts I have had to put on a show. Last night was the first time I could let all of that go and make myself happy! If you fucking blow this and people find out about you and me I will have to not only go back to that charade, I’ll have to double my efforts! And without any hope of even a single night off. This glitter and sparkle with high kicks pep-parade is fucking killing my soul! Half the time I want to stab everyone in the face when they ask me about how dreamy some dumb ass guy on the football team is or if I’m excited about cheering for the big game. If you insist on fucking me over raw like that I promise you I will drag you into the pit of despair with me. Are we clear?”

I gulped and nodded, “Crystal clear.”

“Good. I fucking hate you sometimes.”

I saw her eyes start to water and she turned away from me and looked up at the sky for a moment. I was about to say something when she turned back with a large and obviously fake smile on her face, “Okay! Let’s go slut! And spread the word we’re doing an extra practice this weekend to get everyone on the same page when the sickos are feeling better.”

“No.” I said as I stamped my foot.

She looked at me crossly for a moment and so I grabbed her hand and pulled her to a corner of the school that was completely deserted and then spun around, “What the fuck is going on with you? I’m your best friend and I have no clue who you are. You were about to cry a moment ago. We need to talk about what we did last night. Do you hate cheering? Then why do you do it? And why do you hate me?”

I saw her eyes start to water again, but she started to blink rapidly to keep any tears from actually forming and took a deep breath before she started, “I don’t hate you, but I do. I hate that you’re so perfect. I hate that you’re beautiful. I hate that you’re on my mind non-stop. I hate I love your smile. I hate that you’re always so naïve about shit going on around you. I hate that you’re so sweet to your friends. But most of all, I hate that you’re not into me at all. Did you know that you’re the only one who actually knows why I don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, I helped you spread the rumor that you were saving yourself for some trust-fund guy that was half pre-arranged by your parents, remember?” I said as I nodded, “You didn’t want anyone but me to know that you were into girls. You said it would be social suicide.”

“It would be.”

“Well, maybe it would be worth it to be happy?” I asked her softly.

“Yeah, well that’s not possible,” She said as she shook her head.

“Why not?”

Brittney looked at me like I was stupid for a moment and then shook her head, “Because I’m in love with a straight girl you moron.” She paused for a breath and then added, “Fuck. All of this was stuffed down so far until last night just opened the flood gates. And he-who-shall-not-be-named is fucking amazing at letting you live out a fantasy. Remind me to kick him in the nuts later for being too good.”

“I’m sorry, Brittney,” I said as I pulled her tight for a hug.

“I hate the way your hair smells so good,” She mumbled into my shoulder.

“Do you really hate cheerleading?” I asked as I held her.

“I hate the fact that we have to be the side show to a bunch of knuckle dragging homophobes that can’t even spell touchdown. I hate how we are treated like eye candy but they can’t even play their way out of a paper bag. The football team is three and five this year. We won last year’s state cheer competition and we could do it again this year, yet we’re the ones on the sidelines? F-that. I hate the social hierarchy that comes with the whole system. It’s fucking maddening.” She replied with a sigh as she squeezed my waist tighter.

“Do you regret helping me get popular?” I asked as I petted the back of her head.

“No. Not at all. I’m sorry about all that. I was feeling threatened. I lost my head. You’re my stupid best friend.”

“Um, thanks I think?” I replied in a questioning voice, “So is everything okay? I mean if you hate the system so much I’ll try and change it with you. I’m always here for you Britt.”

She pulled back and smirked at me, “The two of us versus everyone? Ha. Neither one of us is a superhero, sweetheart. Not to mention half the shit I do here isn’t just for the social aspects of the school. My parents like having the perfect debutante daughter as well.” She paused and shook her head, “No, I don’t think I’m strong enough to overturn everything…” She looked at me and then smirked, “And I don’t think you realize half of the shit storm it would bring down on both of us.”

“I’ll be fine. If my shoulders can be the base for Peggy Thorton, they can hold your skinny ass up.” I replied back with a smile.

Brittney laughed as she sniffled and blinked some more and I added, “Hey. I’ll talk to what’s his name about calling you during playtimes. I may not be into everything you are but what’s his name seemed to be pretty all about it, and I don’t mind helping my best friend. I want her to be happy.”

“Thanks, slut,” Brittney replied with a smile.

“Oh shit yeah! Kiss!” I heard Vince’s voice yell out and looked out towards the parking lot to see a handful of the football players staring at us from across the school grounds.

“Fucking cow molesting pile of steaming excrement,” Brittney swore quietly as she shook her head and looked at the football player.

“Hey! Watch it or no one will want to kiss that filthy mouth,” I told her and she glanced at me for a moment and then laughed softly.

“Let’s go, slut. School’s about to start.” She grabbed my hand and we ran together away from the group watching us and in through the front doors.


“Psst,” I heard someone whisper behind me and looked over my shoulder to see Brad motioning at me.

“What?” I hissed at him.

“Hey, I just wanted to say sorry about last night. It sucks that you had to walk home.”

“It’s fine.” I replied and looked back towards the teacher.


“What?” I hissed again.

“Someone said that you and Britt were hugging this morning. Everything okay?”

“Her trust fund boyfriend was in an airplane crash last night… or a helicopter crash… I don’t know all the details, but he’s in a hospital in like France or something. She’s pretty emotional about it.” I told Brad the story that Brittney and I had come up with because we knew people would be asking about this morning.

“Oh, that sucks.”

“Yeah and Vince was a real prick,” I said with emphasis on the last word.

“Well, you know how guys are,” Brad replied back with a smug grin and a shrug.

“I know that the entire football team is going to be circle jerking at the prom when both Brittney and I start spreading the word about you guys all being assholes.”

“Calm down, babe. He was just having a bit of fun blowing off some steam. Besides I’ve got more chicks begging me to take them to the prom than you can count,” He replied as he sat back in his chair and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“Is that a challenge?” I asked loudly.

“Is there a problem, Miss Summers?” The teacher asked as he turned around from writing on the board and the rest of the kids in the class turned to look at me.

“I don’t know, is there, Brad? I can count awfully high for a cheerleader.” I said with menace in my voice as I glared at him.

He looked around and then shrugged as he put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair, “No, no problems here.”

I still wanted to slap the smirk off his face.


“Okay, now balance both sides of the equation,” Kevin said as he pointed at the line on my notebook, “If you subtracted four from this side to get X by itself you have to do it to the other side as well.”

“So the equal sign is like the middle of a teeter-totter?” I asked as I wrote on the paper.

“Yeah, exactly. Now you just simplify the other side and you find out what X equals,” Kevin nodded.

“Okay, that makes sense,” I replied as I concentrated on finding the answer.

Suddenly I heard a noise and looked up to see Kevin getting pulled out of his seat and pushed to the floor. I then saw Brad, Eric, and James standing over the top of him.

“I thought I told you to stay away from Amy, dingus!” Brad said with a grimace.

I stood up and said, “He’s tutoring me in math, Brad! Leave him alone!”

“Eric can tutor you, babe. You don’t need this fuckstick,” Brad replied to me.

“Yeah, the guy with a C minus in the same class as her should do a real bang up job,” Kevin remarked with an eye roll from the floor.

Brad gave him a wicked kick in the ribs and Kevin let out a wheezing gasp as he struggled to suck in some air.

“Shut your damned face!” Brad yelled and we heard the classroom door open and Ms. Davis walked in and planted her hands on her hips as she stared at all of us.

“What is going on in here?” She questioned us.

“I fell out of my chair,” Kevin managed to cough out to her, “Sorry.”

“This is a quiet study period. Why is there so much talking? And Bradley you aren’t even in this class. Get to wherever you are supposed to be right this instant!” She demanded and pointed to the door.

Brad glared down at Kevin and then stepped over him and left the room and his two cronies went back to their desks. Kevin picked himself off the floor and held his ribs as he sat back down. Ms. Davis came over to me and looked down at my notebook and gave me a questioning look.

“Kevin is tutoring me in math. I need help,” I said as I looked up at her with shame.

“Is he now? Well that’s very mature of you Miss Summers. I think that probably warrants a few extra credit points on your last assignment. I look forward to seeing how much you improve,” she said and then walked back to the desk at the front of the room, “Just make sure you use your inside voices.”

I nodded and let out a sigh of relief, “I think that’s the nicest she’s ever been to me.”

“She’s just upset that you don’t apply yourself more. She kinda sees you as one of the girls that the rest of the female students look up to… So when you focus on cheering more than academics she’s worried you send the wrong message to everyone.” Kevin whispered back.

“It’s not that. I just don’t get this stuff. And I just don’t see it being useful in real life,” I replied back with an eye roll.

“Oh, but doing a high kick or launching a girl in the air and catching her is somehow applicable to real life?” Kevin shot back with a smirk.

“Hush you. What’s the deal with this problem here?” I asked and pointed to a small graph with a line that I didn’t understand.

“Okay, on that one you’re looking for what X will do as Y follows this line,” Kevin replied as he rubbed his ribs.

I pouted at him and again wished there was some way to change everything happening in my life right now. It was amazing that just a few days ago I didn’t see any problem with any of this. Now I knew my best friend was living a lie and I was acutely aware of just how messed up the social system was in my school. A system I had just gone with until I met Kevin.


“The burgers are almost done!” I heard my dad call out and I sat up from the pool chair I was lounging on.

I slid my legs off the side stood up and wrapped my semi-transparent sarong around my waist as Brittney sighed and lifted her sunglasses to look at me, “Hungry?”

“Famished,” I replied and held out a hand to help her up. I couldn’t help but notice the way she looked up and down my body as I wore a small purple bikini.

We both walked to the picnic table and I saw the back door slide open and my mother hold out some bottles, “Will you put these on the table, sweetie?”

“Sure, Mom,” I grabbed the ketchup and mustard from her and put them on the table.

“I can’t believe I’m cooking tofu burgers on my grill. This is a man’s grill! It should have beef on it!” My dad grumbled as he scooped the burgers onto a plate and then shut the grill off.

Mom walked out of the house carrying a pitcher of lemonade and set it down on the table, “We’re just trying them out dear. The Delanders say they’re great.”

“Well the Delanders must be a bunch of hippies,” My dad muttered under his breath.

“Dear,” Mom commented with a warning tone.

Brittney giggled and Dad ignored her as he looked over the side of the railing and down at some bushes, “Hey Boy! You want a burger?”

“No thank you, Mr. Summers,” Kevin replied as he stopped trimming the hedges and wiped some sweat from his forehead with his arm, “I prefer beef too.”

“See? Even the boy knows you cook meat on a grill!” Dad said to my Mom.

“He has a name, Daddy,” I said as I sat down at the table.

“We just call him Chess Club at school,” Brittney remarked with a shoulder shrug, “What is his name?”

My mom let out a sigh, “Kevin, why don’t you come up and get a glass of lemonade at least. You look like you’re going to die of heat stroke.”

“Okay, Mrs. Summers. Thank you,” Kevin relented as he put down the shears and came around to the steps that went from the yard up to the deck.

“The yard looks great, doesn’t it dear?” My Mom said to my father as she pointed at Kevin with her eyes and handed him a glass of lemonade.

“Oh… yeah. Good job on the yard. You probably want money don’t you?” My Dad asked as he dug for his wallet.

It had been a little over a week since Kevin had first highjacked my body. I saw the cut on his forehead just above his right eye that was now healing from two days ago when Brad and Vince had beat him up and thrown him in a dumpster after school. He had only body hopped me once in the last week. He helped me with a math test by staying in the back of my mind and giving me hints when I got stuck. He stayed in my body for the rest of the day. He perved on the rest of the cheerleaders in the changing room after practice with my eyes and then when I got home he gave himself quite the little fashion show using my mirror and a fair amount of my wardrobe. After that I found myself using yet another vegetable before falling asleep and when I woke up the next morning he was nowhere to be found. When I asked him at our next tutoring session how he got out of my house he just smiled and shrugged and told me he had his ways. When I confided in Brittney she asked if he took any selfies and then seemed upset we hadn’t called her. A few hours later when Kevin sent her the selfies he had taken all seemed forgiven but she made it clear she wanted to be included in our next playdate.

“Oh, you don’t have to pay me right now, Sir. You’re eating dinner,” Kevin replied and gulped down his drink, “I’m gonna get back at it. The bushes around the deck are really overgrown.”

“You should take the money, Chess club. I’ve seen your car. You need it,” Brittney replied as she looked down at her nails.

“She’s a classic. Cars are supposed to have a few age marks when they get that old,” Kevin replied as he waved and left the deck.

“I’m so glad you decided to hire him to do our yard work dear!” Mom said to Dad, “He’s very thorough and our bushes needed the trimming.”

“I thought it was your idea?” Dad said as he rubbed his head.

Brittney and I exchanged glances as Mom started to hand out the burgers. Brittney shook her head as Mom held one of the tofu burgers out to her, “No thank you, Mrs. Summers. My father says that apex predators eat meat and if I want to take over his business someday I need a killer instinct and a thirst for blood. Tofu burgers don’t have blood.”

Mom blinked a few times at Brittney and then managed a strange smile before grabbing the ketchup and putting some on the burger and setting it down on her own plate. We all filled our plates with food and then started eating. After a few small bites of my burger I set it off on the side of my plate and saw that Brittney was now the one with the strange smile as she watched us. I looked at my parents to see them looking at the burgers with disdain.

“These are terrible,” My mother said out loud.

“It’s like chewing on a display hamburger that they use for a commercial, but it’s actually made out of paper and painted,” my father nodded.

“Hey, why are you guys eating? I thought you had a reservation at that restaurant downtown tonight? The one where the cook makes the food right at the table in front of you?” Brittney asked as she cocked her head to the side.

“Wait, that’s tonight?” My dad asked as he looked at my mother.

“Well, you two mentioned it to me the other night after I dropped Amy off when the game was done,” Brittney said with a shrug.

“Oh she’s right!” My mother said as she got up from the table, “I feel like I’ve been off a day all week.”

“Well, it’s not for a couple of hours. You can still make it if you hurry,” I replied as I glanced at my phone to check the time, “Weren’t you going to meet some friends at a bar afterwards? How do you guys forget about this stuff?”

My mother stopped and looked at us both suddenly, “Yes…” She paused, “Why do you two remember all of this? I feel like something suspicious is going on here. Are you trying to get us out of the house?”

Brittney laughed and smiled at my Mom, “Why would we want you out of the house? I see you guys more than my own parents. I like it here.”

“No parties tonight, ladies!” My father said as he pointed at both of us.

“Daddy, don’t be silly. Vince is having a party at his house and it would be poor planning to try and have a party the same night as someone on the football team. No one would show up,” I said with an eye roll, “And besides that, if we were going to have a party we would do it at Brittney’s house. Her parents don’t care if she has parties and they’ll actually hire a catering service.”

“Well… I guess that makes sense,” my Dad replied as he looked down at the table.

“Just go, Daddy! We’ll clean up! You guys go have some fun. You deserve it!” I said as I giggled at him.

Both my parents headed in the house and Brittney looked at me, “Nice save. I thought we were busted when your Mom started to think it over.”

I winked at her and then took a few more bites before I started to pick up the table. Brittney and I brought in the food, threw out the tofu burgers and then went back to lounging poolside. About a half an hour later I saw my Dad stumble out the door mumbling.

“Stupid tie,” he said as he pulled out the knot.

I smiled at Brittney and got up and went over to him, “Here, I’ll do it.”

I quickly did up the knot and smoothed his tie down and adjusted his collar and then patted him on the chest, “There you go. You look almost good enough for Mom.”

“Thanks, sweetie,” He said as he kissed my forehead and then headed to the garage.

I heard him moving cars around for a while and then much later my mother finally came down in a lovely burgundy dress. She was putting her earrings in as she looked at us and said, “You two be good, okay? Kevin will let me know if a couple of boys come over or something.”

“I guess I’ll call and cancel the male strippers,” Brittney said as she looked at me, “It’s a shame really. They’re just trying to work their way through college.”

“Very funny,” Mom replied dryly and then turned as my Dad called for her, “I’m just grabbing my purse. I’m on the way!”

We both walked to the side of the garage and waved as they backed out and then we headed back for the pool deck and went back to laying on our lounge chairs. About twenty minutes later Kevin came walking up on the deck and sat down panting. “How did you guys let the bushes get that bad?”

“Daddy works a lot, and Mom and I don’t like yard work,” I replied with a shrug without looking up.

“So are we going to do this or what?” I heard Brittney ask, “It was pretty clever to hop Amy’s dad and set up the dinner reservations and then her mom the next day and set up after dinner entertainment. We should have all night to ourselves.”

“Somebody is in a hurry,” Kevin teased her, “I was hoping to catch my breath first or maybe even take a shower.”

“You’ll be in Amy and she smells great. C’mon, Chess club, I’m already worked up!” Brittney complained as she rubbed her thighs together.

“Okay. I’ll take care of you Britt,” I heard Kevin say with a bit of an edge in his voice.

I wondered what he meant but figured I’d know in a minute when my body was under his control so I just laid back and closed my eyes. So I was surprised a few moments later when I heard him walk over but didn’t feel him touch me. Then I heard Brittney whimper and I opened my eyes to see Kevin covering her mouth with one hand as he lay on top of her. Her wild eyes darted my way and then fluttered shut as Kevin disappeared inside of her. She lay still for a few moments and I reached over and touched her with my finger. I then poked her slightly harder and said, “Hello?”

A shudder went through her and she gasped as she sat up quickly and pushed his clothing off her, “How long have I been out? Is he in me? What did he do?”

“Chill, Britt. He got in you like ten seconds ago,” I said as I shook my head at her, “It’s a bit disorienting isn’t it?”

“This wasn’t part of the deal! He’s not supposed to be in me. He’s supposed to be in you!” She said as she looked down at her chest with wide eyes like she wanted to claw her own skin off.

“Calm down! Why is it okay for him to be in me, but not you? Hypocritical much?”

“This is not my…” she started to say and then her mouth betrayed her, “You were right when you said you were worked up! It’s a slip and slide down there,” Kevin’s voice said as her hand went down to playfully rub on her bikini covered pussy.

“Get out! Get out right this instant!” She said as she yanked her hand back and stomped her foot.

“You’re not in charge, Pet. Not anymore!” Kevin’s voice declared from her mouth.

“No! You do not get to…” She started to reply, then she stopped and let out a surprised gasp.

She looked down at her own stomach and then let out a little moan. I saw her bikini bottoms bulge out slightly and then pull back tight.

“What are you…?” She started to ask and then moaned again.

She rocked forward and clutched her sides and mumbled a few words incoherently then rolled to the side and curled up on the pool chair with her legs tight against her chest. I sat up to look at her and again saw a bulge poke out of her pussy and stretch out her bikini bottoms before retreating in and then pressing out yet again. She shook her head and then rolled onto her back and crossed her legs on the chair, holding them together. She opened her eyes and looked at me as she bit down on her lip, “He’s… he’s fucking me… from the… ins…”

That was all she managed to get out and suddenly she let out a gurgle and stumbled off the chair on her hands and knees on the deck. I saw the back of her suit bulge out this time as Kevin’s voice came out her mouth again, “If you think you can beat me by crossing your legs you obviously don’t realize how many options I have.”

“I’m sorry!” She yelped, “I’m sorry, Mistress!”

The bulge retreated and she sucked in her breath and slowly got to her feet and flipped her hair back, “That is intense.”

Then she grabbed her stomach again and let out an “Ugh!”

Her eyes went wide and she stumbled to the edge of the deck and grabbed onto the railing as she bent over at the waist and then moaned. I was watching from behind as the gusset of her bikini bottoms stretched taut around Kevin’s dick as it forced its way out of her pussy once more and then sucked itself back in quickly. Her hands clawed into the railing as Kevin’s shaft popped out and back in once more. Her head went down and she moaned as it happened again. Kevin picked up the pace and I watched with a growing interest as Brittney squirmed in front of me.

Only minutes later she cried out, “I’m fucking c…c…c…coming!” and I watched her thighs again squeeze together as she bent at a full ninety degrees and I could see her gritting her teeth trying to hold back the screams of pleasure to not alert the neighbors that a girl was getting fucked in my backyard.

Kevin didn’t stop. If anything he began pumping even further out of her body and at a faster pace. Brittney’s knuckles went white as she dug her nails into the wood of the hand rail and her hips began to buck in time with his thrusts. I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding and blinked as I realized I was getting turned on by this. Was Kevin going to ruin me on normal forever? Would I ever be able to have a happy marriage with a husband and two kids and a dog or would I become some sexual deviant for the rest of my life? Why was I so okay with the deviant option?

Brittney brought a hand to her face and bit down on her thumb as she screamed into a gag made of her own flesh and I knew she was coming again. I heard her struggle to suck air in through her nose as the orgasm crashed through her body and I watched her back contort as she tried to deal with the pleasures Kevin was forcing through her. As in the past he still didn’t slow down and now she was whimpering. She seemed to watch in shock as one of her own hands pulled away from the railing and slipped down the front of her bikini and she began using her fingers around her clit. My eyes were locked on the fabric between her legs as it fluttered like a sheet left on the line in a tornado. Her knees started to shake and she managed to gurgle out, “Please no more. Please I can’t. Please I’m going to pass out.”

Suddenly the thrusts became erratic. I knew from being on the opposite side of that cock that this was the end game. Brittney suddenly let out a breath like she had been kicked in the stomach and I watched as her body tensed. The bulge popped out and jerked, then wiggled and jerked once more. I saw a large darker wet spot forming in the center of her bottoms and then the bulge jerked again as Brittney fell to her knees and let out an, “AAAAaaaAAaaaAAAAAaaahhhh!”

Her one hand caught her and slowly lowered herself to the planks of the deck as the bulge finally started to slow its jerks. She then seemed to just flop onto her side and lay there. As mesmerized by everything as I had been, I was now suddenly worried and I jumped up and ran to her side.

“Brittney? Are you okay?” I asked as I shook her lightly, “Britt?”

Her eyes suddenly popped open and she struggled to sit up as I helped her. Once she was sitting a goofy grin swept across her face, “Wow that was intense. I think I might have overdone it.”

“Kevin? Is Brittney okay?” I asked as I bit my lip and gave her a worried look.

“She passed out. I guess both of us coming at once was a bit too much for her,” She said with a shrug as she looked down at herself and then readjusted her breasts in her small bikini top and then looked down at her bottoms, “Ick. I made a mess.”

“She’ll be okay, right?” I was still worried.

“She’s just asleep. C’mon, let’s go swimming. I want to wash this stuff out,” she replied as she got to her feet and then hopped into the pool.

I watched as she reached under the water and pulled at the edges of her bikini bottoms and wiggled her hips, “That’s better. The water’s nice! Why are you still up there?”

I shook my head and sat on the edge of the pool and dangled my feet in the water. She swam over to me and kissed my legs softly as she wiggled her eyebrows. I sighed and shook my head, “Okay, when you make me do stuff it’s hot, but I’m just not into girls. Sorry.”

“That’s okay. Let’s just have some girl talk then, slut,” She said as she pushed back and splashed water at me.

“It’s amazing how you can just slip into someone and pretend to be them.”

“Yeah, if only the drama club knew how well I can act,” she giggled and shrugged.

Talking about school reminded me of the gash on Kevin’s forehead, “Sorry about Brad. Again.”

“Eh. It is what it is,” Brittney said, “After high school he’ll go his way, and I’ll go mine. We’ll never see each other again. And if he’s focused on picking on me right now, he can’t pick on someone else.”

“I just wish there was something we could do about it. I feel terrible that both you and my best friend have to put on this act,” I replied as I frowned.

“Let us worry about ourselves,” She said as she splashed at me again, “Besides, how do you know I’m not plotting some big revenge and I’m just using the two of you as pawns in my game?”

I cocked my head and stuck my tongue out at him, “Because you’re too nice for that. I know you’re hanging out with us because you’re lonely. I saw it in your mind when you body hopped me.”

“What?” Brittney asked as she suddenly stopped swimming and gave me a concerned look.

“The first night you woke me up I looked into your mind. You fell asleep before me and I could poke through your memories. Isn’t that supposed to happen?” I asked her.

“Huh. No, I always assumed it was a one way street,” She paused, “But then again, the only other one I ever woke up was…”

“Your sister,” I finished for her.

Brittney looked at me strangely for a second and then laughed, “I guess you did see everything.”

“It’s probably the only reason why I wasn’t completely freaked out and tried to avoid you if it makes you feel any better,” I said with a shrug.

“Yeah, it’s a bit much the first time you have to deal with it, huh?”

“Oh no, I usually take a large knife to the table for dinner with my parents.”

Brittney started to laugh, came over and grabbed my feet and pulled me into the pool. I let out a squeal as I sank into the water, and when I came back up I splashed water at her, “Bitch!”

She was about to splash me back when she shuddered and then stopped moving for a minute and then Kevin’s voice came out of her mouth, “Hey! Welcome back!”

“I fucking hate you too now,” Brittney said darkly and then as a small smile crept onto her face she added, “But I wouldn’t mind trying that again. In like a month.”

“You guys want to see something kind of neat?” Kevin’s voice asked from Brittney’s mouth.

Both of us nodded and I saw a smug grin on Brittney’s face for a moment before her mouth opened and she started to let out a slow breath. She stumbled in the water and barely caught herself before she went under and then looked around at the water.

“What?” I asked.

“He’s… gone,” She replied and looked at me.

“What do you mean he’s gone?”

“I mean he’s fucking gone! He’s not in me. I felt him leave.” She replied harshly.

“Where did he go?”

“I don’t know! I didn’t know he could just disappear like that!”

“Well, I didn’t either!”

“I figured you knew more about it than me! You’re his little meat puppet!” She shot back.

“Hey!” I was going to say more but then I suddenly felt a tingle running up my back and my mouth moved on its own, “Meat puppet? Is that any way to talk to your Mistress?”

Brittney stopped looking around in the water and focused on my face as I reached up and undid the tie at the back of my neck. My bikini top flipped down and I hooked a finger at her as a small smile pulled at my lips.

“Mistress?” she questioned as she quickly made her way to me.

My arms wrapped around her and my right hand gripped the back of her head and pushed her face to mine and we began making out in the middle of the pool. Our tongues danced happily between our mouths and I could feel the desire flicker to life as my body warmed.

When I finally pulled back from the kiss I smirked at her, “Did you miss me, Pet?”

“Yes, very much!” Brittney replied back in an ecstatic tone.

I pushed away from her and went to the edge of the pool and got out. I was suddenly very aware of how my top was dangling around my waist. I looked back at Brittney and said, “Come to me Pet. I demand to be pleasured.”

I didn’t bother to watch Brittney as she splashed to get to the side of the pool. I just went and laid down in the lounge chair and slowly spread my legs. I felt Brittney’s presence as droplets of water hit my legs and I reached to my hip and tugged one of the ties of my bikini bottom, “You know what to do, Pet.”

“Of course, Mistress!” She said happily and I felt her small hands moving my bottoms to the side and her supple lips began kissing my womanly folds. I let out a slow breath as the cool sensation of the breeze blowing across my still dripping skin waged a battle against the heat radiating outward from my body as Brittney went to work with her tongue.

She lapped at me happily and my mouth rewarded her by saying, “Oh yes, Pet! Right there!”

She doubled down enthusiastically and licked at a feverish pace and I knew I would soon be awash in bliss. My back arched as I grabbed onto the side of the lounge chair and then I said, “Yes! Yes! Oh YES!” As the orgasm crackled through every nerve ending I had. My feet went tight to Brittney’s sides as my toes curled against her skin. As I came down from my high I pushed on her forehead to stop her and looked down through the valley of my breasts to see her face still shining with my juices as she smiled up at me.

“We have time, Pet. I don’t want to wear you out right away.”

“As you wish, Mistress.”

I pushed Brittney off me and stood up and stretched my arms above my head. In the back of my mind I hoped none of my neighbors were watching, but there was little I could do about it at this point. As I took a step toward the house my bikini bottoms fell down around the leg they were still tied around and I simply kicked them off and said over my shoulder, “Pet. Bring those.”

“Yes, Mistress!” I heard Brittney’s voice call out from behind me happily.

As I opened the door into the house and the coolness of the air conditioning hit me, my nipples jutted out as I shivered. I wondered what Kevin had planned for tonight.


“Turn in here, Pet,” came from my mouth as my hand pointed to a small dimly lit building.

Brittney maneuvered her car into the small parking lot and I reached to open the door handle. Before I got out I fought my way to the surface, “Wait! I’m not sure I want to go out in public like this!”

My outburst didn’t seem to affect my body’s course of action as it opened the door and I stepped out. Brittney got out the driver’s side and by the time she had closed both her door and mine she was rushing in her stiletto heels to catch up to me. I tapped my foot impatiently by the entrance of the building and she quickly opened the door for me. I walked in the store and saw a bored clerk glance my way and then suddenly perked up as he shuffled to his feet. I felt my face and chest burn with embarrassment but from the way my body was strutting you would never know I was dying on the inside.

I turned to see Brittney stumble in behind me and I raised my eyebrows at her, “Try and keep up, Pet.”

“Sorry, Mistress,” she said back with a bowed head and then tugged at the hem of her black leather skirt as it barely covered the tiny black thong I knew she was wearing underneath. I shouldn’t really use the term skirt. It was probably more of a wide belt than a skirt of any sort. She was also wearing a mesh long sleeve shirt with only two black stickers covering her nipples. Her outfit was completed with the choker and the same shoes with the straps that laced up and tied behind her knees.

I couldn’t believe she hadn’t complained about anything. When Kevin had picked out her outfit after drying off from the pool I assumed we would be staying in for the night. Of course I was even more shocked when I walked into my parents room and pulled out a blood red corset, matching gloves that slipped up to my elbows and a pair of red knee high boots with a six inch lift that I fit into. My mother and I had the same shoe size, but I wondered about the rest of the outfit. Had Kevin picked it up when he had borrowed her body and stashed it in her closet? Or was it actually hers? If so, go Mom… but it still wasn’t something I wanted to wander around in public in. At least my skirt was longer than Brittney’s… although she had panties on.

My body turned and walked to one of the aisles in the back of the store and began looking through the toys, which brought me back to the present. When the slightly overweight and balding clerk rushed over to help me I wanted to turn and bolt but my body never even quivered as Kevin held the reins tightly. I ignored the clerk for a moment completely until he finally cleared his throat and asked, “Is there anything I can help you ladies find?”

“I was thinking about getting a butt plug for my Pet. Her anus is far too tight. Do you have any experience with them?” I replied back as I picked up a ridiculously large and thick one from the shelf in front of me.

I heard a small whimper escape Brittney but otherwise she remained completely silent as the man looked at her and then back at me, “Well I don’t have any personal experience with them but I can tell you what other people have spoken highly of.”

I dropped the gigantic wedge shaped toy back on the shelf and looked at the man with disdain, “Never mind then. I don’t really want to trust the word of peasants and miscreants. What do you have for dildos?”

“Oh, those are over here,” The man said as he motioned for me to follow him, “Did you want any type of material or size?”

“I can look with my own eyes. Why don’t you just let me browse,” I said as I dismissed the man with a wave of my hand.

“Oh, yeah, sure. Just call if you need anything,” he said as he nodded and retreated to the end of the aisle but stayed where he could blatantly ogle us.

“What do you think of this one, Pet?” I said as I took a veiny silicone lifelike dildo off the shelf and held it in front of her.

“Whatever pleases you is what I desire, Mistress,” she said happily without even looking at the cock in my hands.

“Well answered, Pet!” I said happily as I lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips, “You’ve pleased me greatly!”

Brittney didn’t respond but she beamed happily at me with a large smile. I handed her the dildo and kept going. I picked up two vibrators and gave them to Brittney as well and kept walking. I also took a small box that apparently contained a remote control toy and turned to keep walking. I then hesitated and reached back and grabbed another one. I then continued my stroll and grabbed another dildo with a suction cup on the base and some lubricant. I turned and headed to the check out and put the toys down on the counter and motioned for Brittney to do the same. As the man began checking them out I saw a small jar full of vibrators that were about the size of a small lipstick case. I grabbed one and put it on the pile and smiled at the man.

“That will be eight hundred and sixty seven dollars and forty seven cents,” The man said with a greasy grin.

“Pay the man, Pet,” I said as I waved my hand.

I heard Brittney gulp audibly and turned to look at her as her eyes went wide as she squeaked out, “I… I… I… left my purse at your house, Mistress!”

I let out a sigh and turned back to the man, “I don’t suppose you’d let her work it off? You can use any orifice you want.”

“Uh,” the man said as he eyed Brittney with unbridled lust and her eyes gave me a pleading look, “I could maybe…”

I interrupted him, “Never mind. I would rather have her owe me. Just put it on Kevin’s tab.”

The man blinked and then let out a small laugh, “Oh, you know Kevin? Okay, sure. Hey next time you see him tell him thanks! The stripper he found for my brother’s bachelor party was off the hook!”

“Tell him yourself. I don’t deliver messages,” I replied as I turned and started for the door.

I got halfway to the door and then turned back to see Brittney still standing by the counter slightly shaking as she pressed her legs together, “PET! Bring the toys. Now!”

“Sorry, Mistress!” She yelped out as she struggled to gather the armful of toys off the counter and chase after me.

“You guys have fun tonight!” The man called out as we left.

After we were back in the car and Brittney had loaded the toys in the back seat she looked at me before asking submissively, “Where to, Mistress?”

“Home, Pet. I would like to play with you now,” I replied as I ran my gloved fingers around on my smooth thighs.

Brittney was positively quivering as she tried to concentrate on the road while we drove and I pushed my way through Kevin’s now relaxed control to ask, “What the hell was that? How does that guy know you? How did you know about this place? Brittney how are you okay with what just happened?”

Kevin chuckled through my mouth and replied back, “One of the first things I did when I got here was get the lay of the land remember? A good old porn shop is one of the first things I find. The last time I was in there the guy was talking about how he needed a stripper for a party. I’m no saint, so I went and tracked down Brad’s mom. Why get angry when you can get even?”

“Oh Mistress, you’re positively devious!” Brittney said with a giggle.

“He offered you up to the clerk Britt! Do you remember that? Just a minute ago?” I replied back in a shocked voice.

“Whatever Mistress demands of me is a small price to pay for my fairy tale,” she said back blissfully.

“You’re both insane,” I mumbled as Brittney sped up to get home faster.