The Boy From Next Door - Chapter 6

By Tobyredone

23 minute read -

The next morning I woke up with Brittney curled against me sleeping soundly. I untangled myself from her and went downstairs still dressed in my loose pajama pants and a sleep shirt and found my father sipping his coffee looking out the front windows. I walked over to see what he was looking at and saw Kevin jacking up Brittney’s car once again.

“He got the tire out of her trunk early this morning and brought it in to get fixed. Now he’s back and he’s putting it on,” my dad said out loud and then looked at me. “I think that boy has it bad for Brittney.”

“Well, she could use a nice boy in her life for once,” I replied back to him.

“Sounds like you could too,” He took another sip from his coffee. “I didn’t like that Brad guy. He didn’t even compliment you when he picked you up.”

“He’s a jerkface,” I replied with a shrug, “I should have never agreed to go to the dance with him. I knew better. I guess I just wanted to go with the quarterback and be popular, but that didn’t work out so well.”

“We make mistakes so we can learn from them sweetheart,” Daddy replied. He then went to the door and yelled out at Kevin, “You have the parking brake on, Boy? I don’t want to have to call an ambulance when you get yourself run over in my driveway!”

I heard Kevin yell back, “Yes, Sir!”

Daddy turned back from the door and winked at me, “You have to keep boys in line you know. Especially when they’re chasing after girls.”

I gave him an exasperated look, “Daddy!”

“Be nice to him, dear,” I heard my mother call out from the kitchen. “He’s a nice boy!”

“They’re all nice when they’re chasing skirts until they get what they want,” he muttered back to her.

“So are you saying you haven’t gotten what you want from me yet?” She chided him back with a smile.

As my dad went and wrapped his arms around my mom’s waist I rolled my eyes and said, “Ew. I’m going to take a shower while this is still PG.”

I grabbed some baking soda from the kitchen and then went to get ready for the day.


Kevin lay on his stomach on the fully reclined pool lounge chair in his swimming trunks while Brittney straddled his back and softly rubbed his bruised skin. His eyes were closed and the only ways you could tell he was still alive was by the slow rise and fall of his back as he took in breath and by the occasional groans of pleasure when Brittney massaged just the right spot.

I put a card down on the table and looked to my mom as she glanced through the cards she was holding. I then looked back at Brittney and she gave me a sly wink. My father was once again at the grill, this time happily making actual meat hamburgers.

“Food’s almost ready,” he muttered as he flipped a burger and looked over at us.

“Okay,” Mom said as she dropped her hand of cards, “You win, your prize is to help me get ready. Will you grab some plates and silverware while I get the sides?”

“Sure,” I replied as I quickly picked up the cards and slipped them back in the box and followed my mother into the house.

“Dear, can you grab the pitcher of lemonade from the fridge?” Mom called out to my dad.

“Coming!” He said and a few moments later we saw him come through the door.

We carried everything back out and set up the table and then noticed that Brittney was standing next to the chair with a tense expression on her face.

“Where did the Boy go?” Daddy asked her.

“He went…” She paused and blinked a few times, “He… uh… had to um… go. I guess.”

She looked a bit shocked and then put on a half-smile and shrugged at us. Mom and I continued setting the table as Dad shrugged and went back to the grill, “His loss. These burgers are perfect.”

As my parents went back to setting everything up I gave her a questioning look and she held up Kevin’s swimsuit from behind her back and had a panicked look on her face. I rolled my eyes and went over to her, grabbed the suit and dropped it in a bin that we used to hold the pool toys and chemicals. I suddenly felt her hand grab at my butt and I jerked upright as I squeaked and looked at her.

“Something wrong, girls?” My mom asked as she looked over.

“I thought I saw a bug on Amy’s shorts,” Brittney replied as she looked at them with wide eyes.

“Well, it’s time to eat,” Mom told us. “Come on and make a plate.”

“Actually I’m not that hungry, I think I’m going to just go in and…” Brittney said as she started to walk to the back door. She then suddenly spun and went to the picnic table and plopped down heavily with a surprised look on her face. As she blinked a few times she said, “You know what, it looks like I am hungry. I guess I’ll make a plate.”

I sat down and looked at her with a knowing grin. I poured her a glass of lemonade and then started to make my plate. As she took her first bite of hamburger I saw her body quiver and she let out a tiny moan. Both of my parents looked at her and she smiled at them, “This burger is so good.”

“Brittney, I didn’t know you liked our cooking so much,” my mom said as she smiled.

Brittney arched her back as she nodded enthusiastically while she grabbed onto the bench, “So very good!”

“Thank you, Brittney,” Dad said as he puffed his chest out with pride.

Brittney bit her lip as a tremor went through her body and she slumped forward, “No, thank you!” She replied in a happy and slightly tired voice.

Her eyelids fluttered for a while before she got back to eating and by then the rest of us were almost done with our meal. My parents and I started to pick up and bring in dishes, and once Brittney finished she also got up and helped clean. My mom looked at the clock and tapped my father’s shoulder, “We should get going soon if you want to get back before dark, dear.”

“Where are you off to?” I asked them curiously.

“We have a few things to grab from the store. Your father needs some new dress pants and I want to see if they have any small shelves for the living room to set some pictures on,” she replied. “And of course maybe a few other things.”

“Of course,” my father said as he rolled his eyes. “Do I really have to go? You know my pants size.”

“I swear you are worse than a child. Let’s just go and get this done,” my mother told him with finality. “Be good ladies.”

“Oh of course,” Brittney said happily as she walked over and wrapped an arm around my waist. “We’ll just be raiding this place to try and find the secret location of the chocolate ice cream!”

“You stay away from my stash, young lady!” My father said with a smile as he pointed a finger at her.

“Then you should hide it better than inside the bait bucket in the freezer in the garage, Mr. Summers,” Brittney replied back with a hint of snark.

“Ew! Daddy! You gave us bait bucket ice cream!” I yelled out.

“How did…” Daddy gave Brittney a stunned look before shaking himself out of it, “I washed the bait bucket Sweetheart, its fine.”

“It still had bait in it!” I said as I glared at him.

“Come on, we have to get going,” my mother cut in, “You two can argue about it later.”

My mom dragged my dad out the garage door and a few minutes later we heard them backing out and saw them driving off down the road. I turned to Brittney with a knowing expression and she grinned at me.

“Having fun?”

“No!” She yelped and then nodded as he added, “Yup.”

She rolled her eyes and then looked at me, “I don’t know how you can stand having your body move on its own. It’s super annoying. Also, why am I always the one that is getting teased in front of your parents? They have now seen me orgasm more than any boyfriend I’ve ever had!”

“I think it’s cute,” I said and then her own voice added, “I think it’s cute too.”

She looked at her nose and then said, “You stay out of this!”

“Coming out. Roger that!” She said and then her hands grasped at her stomach. Her mouth opened as she looked at me and I saw her legs clench together and then move apart again. Her small purple bikini bottoms began to bulge out. She looked down at herself as the purple material filled to capacity in the front and then her low slung waist band started to pull away too. I saw the tip of Kevin’s impressive cock sprout up and out of her suit and then she looked up at me.

“Okay, this is fucking disturbing,” She said as she pointed at the outline of the dick in her bikini with each hand, “I know I said I’d like to try it once, but I’m good now. Suck it back in.”

Instead Brittney stumbled forward and grabbed my hand and began dragging me upstairs to my room. As she pushed open my door she called out, “No! Seriously. Suck it back in… You can put it on Amy now. I’m… woah!”

She hollered out as she bent at the waist and tugged my shorts down along with my panties, pushing me back on my bed. I giggled up at her as she hooked a thumb in her waist band and stripped her bottoms off and stepped out of them. She then crawled onto my bed and straddled me while she tucked some hair behind her ears and looked down at me with want on her face.

“You are so sexy,” she said happily.

“Oh thank you, whoever is talking right now,” I said with a giggle.

Brittney didn’t reply. She just leaned over and started to kiss her way around my breasts. Normally I’m not into girls, but knowing that it was Kevin pulling her strings worked something up inside me, and the fabulous cock that was slapping against my thighs as she teased my nipples with her lips and tongue was more than enough to get me worked up. I felt her move a leg in between mine and push my thighs apart. The head of her large dick was pressing against my lips and I saw a shudder go through her as she giggled, “Fuck that’s soooooo weird!”

“I know right?” I giggled back and then saw her eyes go wide as she pressed the tip inside me.

“Oh,” I groaned while my head tipped back and I felt her kissing at my neck and then saying once more, “Wow, are you sexy.”

I would have replied but she thrust deeper into me at that exact moment and the breath caught in my throat as I again let out a murmur of bliss. She pulled back and went deeper once more as my pussy was speared from the outside by Kevin’s enormous girth for the first time. She grinned at me and once more tucked hair behind her ears as she looked down at me and thrust up once more.

“Ah!” I whimpered, “It’s going to tear me in two!”

She slowed down and pulled back a little as I bit my lip and looked up at her, “No, don’t stop! I want it, just go slow okay?”

She nodded and winked at me and then went back to slowly pressing her thick cock up into me. She let out a low groan and worked her hips for a bit as my lubrication caught up and then she went back to stuffing me.

“I think I can feel it hitting my stomach!” I whimpered with a smile on my face.

“I think I’ve got a bit more left here,” she said as she tried to go even deeper inside of me.

“I’m full!” I squeaked with pleasure and pressed on her slim shoulders.

“Fine, spoil sport,” she said with a giggle and then began rocking back and forth.

“Oh… Oh…” I repeated as she started to piston inside of me.

She looked down at me as she chewed on her lip and started to pant. I snaked my hands up around her breasts and played with her nipples as the pleasure rippled through me. I tried to match her thrusts with my hips as our pace increased and I lost sight of her as my eyes rolled back.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna… Oh fuck!” I cried out as I reached out to claw at my bedsheets while an orgasm burst through me.

She didn’t slow down, she kept going, and as my senses came back I tried to undulate underneath her and get back into rhythm. Her smooth skin rubbed against mine and her hair was around my face as she looked down at me happily, “You have the hottest oh face I’ve ever seen.”

“I can’t believe you just… Oh! Believe you just said that!” I giggled back at her.

Instead of responding she just lowered her face to my breasts and began kissing and suckling my nipples. I felt myself building back up as I reached down to grab her ass, pulling at it trying to get her to spear into me faster and deeper. She took the hint and picked up the pace. I let out a moan and saw her face as it rolled up and felt her thigh muscles tighten as she suddenly jerked into me at a more erratic pace. Suddenly I felt her dick leap mightily inside of me and felt a warm burst of her seed release in my womb and that was all the trigger I needed. I grabbed onto her and dug my nails into the skin of her back as I cried out in ecstasy. She bucked inside me several more times and each time I felt her spurt out again as my mind whipped around in bliss that was coursing through every inch of me. Finally I felt her jerk one last time and then she collapsed heavily on top of me and panted into my ear, “I fucking love you, Amy.”

I sighed contently and slowly ran my fingers through her hair and around her back. I occasionally felt her quiver under my touch and laughed as occasionally it caused her dick to spasm inside of me. Finally, she pushed herself up and let out a long breath.

“That was intense,” she stated with raised eyebrows.

“I know right?” I said with a smug grin.

She shuffled her way down and I felt her pull out of me, leaving me feeling empty inside. I also felt her juices begin to leak out of me. I looked down and then pushed her off from me, “Okay, I have to go clean up.”

She flopped to the side and put an arm over her face as she nodded and mumbled, “‘Kay.”

I went into the bathroom and plopped down on the seat and relieved myself and then cleaned up my thighs with some toilet paper. I went back into my bedroom and saw her still laying there.

“C’mon, get up. I have to wash my bedding or my parents will definitely be suspicious.”

“Yeah I hate it when my parents think I got fucked by my girlfriend because she leaves a giant spooge mark on my bed.”

I slapped at her bare thigh as I laughed and said, “Well if you still have that thing dangling between your legs when they get back it’ll be pretty hard to hide where it came from.”

Suddenly her eyes opened as she looked down at Kevin’s cock as it lay against her inner thigh still shiny with my juices and said, “He wouldn’t!”

“Oh, I’d like to see you try and explain that to them,” Kevin’s voice came out of her mouth and started to laugh heartily.

“Suck it in! Suck it in!” Brittney said as she stood up and tried to grab it with both hands and push it upwards, “Ow! This thing hurts!”

“Well, stop trying to force it!”

“Well, do something with it!”

“Stop squeezing it!”

“I will when it starts going in!”

“It doesn’t work that way!”

I fell on the bed laughing, “It’s hilarious watching you argue with yourself!”

Brittney rolled her eyes and then got a surprised look on her face as her body jerked forward. She reached down to pick up her bikini bottoms and slid them back up her legs. Her hands carefully pulled the purple fabric up over the mammoth cock and then situated it as best as she could with the small amount of fabric that was never meant to hold the extra equipment. She reached back and adjusted it over her ass cheeks and then went to the mirror and posed herself, “Hey, that’s a good look for you.”

“Oh ew, no thank you,” she said as she grimaced at her own reflection. She then reached down and poked the head of the dick that was sticking out of the waist band with one finger, “How do guys deal with having one of these flopping around down there all the time.”

“With different underwear,” I replied as I grabbed my panties off the floor and slid into them. I then stepped into my shorts and shimmied as I brought them up to my waist as well.

Brittney spun and walked toward me, “You sound like such an expert.”

“What? No, I just mean…” She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a kiss. At first I started to try to push her back until I felt Kevin’s liquid form flowing from her and into me. The warm tingle that always accompanied him entering me sparkled through my body, and as it reached my neck I could feel myself drifting off until I felt Kevin pulling at my mind to keep me awake. Brittney wasn’t so fortunate and she went limp in my arms. I reached up and swept the hair out of her face lovingly as I gently shook her. As her eyes fluttered open she looked up to me and my mouth said, “Hello, Pet.”

She smiled happily up at me as she said, “Hello, Mistress!”

I set her back on her feet and pointed to the stained sheets, “You made a mess, Pet. Do the laundry.”

“Of course, Mistress!” She said as she nodded happily and quickly started pulling at the corners of the bedding and gathering it in her arms.

We both went down to the washing machine and I flipped the lid open as she stuffed the sheets inside it. Once the soap was added and the machine was running we both grabbed a drink from the refrigerator and settled down on the couch and I turned on the TV. I was leaning against the arm with my feet kicked out on the coffee table while Brittney laid across the rest of it with her head in my lap as she slowly stroked my soft bare thighs.

Kevin relaxed his control and I flipped through the channels until I found a cheerleading competition on one of the channels and turned up the volume as we both watched their routine. Brittney commented on some of their moves being out of sync and I replied that at least they had picked a good song and their routine was pretty difficult as it related to the technical aspect. That group finished and we watched the next group come out while the score was tallied. When the score was put on the screen both Brittney and I discussed if we thought it was fair or not. When the buzzer went off Brittney hopped off the couch and darted back to the machine and moments later I heard the dryer running. When she returned she sat down on the floor looking up at me with large pleading eyes and waited. Kevin obviously knew she was waiting for permission from me and suddenly my hand motioned for her to crawl back into my lap. She leaped up and hugged me and planted kisses on my face as she squealed with delight. Kevin reasserted full control and I kissed her back and then she once again settled down on my lap and I felt him relax once more. When the cheer competition wrapped up I began flipping channels once more until I found a sappy chick flick. I put the remote down and wondered if Kevin would take over and change it. When he didn’t and I thought about the fact that he also sat through the cheer competition I decided he would probably watch whatever I put on. I decided not to torture him and grabbed the remote and started flipping channels again.

“Thank you,” came out of my mouth happily and Brittney looked up at me questioningly.

“I realized I might be over-girl-TV’ing Kevin. He was just letting me know that he appreciated it,” I replied to her.

“Did you need anything, Mistress? Snacks? Drinks? Massage? I could eat you out while you watch a show. Just let me know. I’ve been a lazy useless Pet for long enough,” Brittney asked as she looked up at me.

My hand stroked her hair and went down the smooth skin of her side until it got to her waist. I lightly grasped her ass cheek and said, “I want you to lay there and let me admire you, Pet. You’re beautiful. Your eyes are sparkling in the light, your hair is shimmering, and your skin is soft. I will tell you when I need something, don’t worry.”

I saw Brittney flush with embarrassment as she stuttered out, “Of course, M… Mistress. I should have known you would tell me.”

I found myself leaning forward as my hand lightly touched Brittney’s chin. I tipped her face to mine and we kissed passionately. Her bubblegum tongue was past my lips instantly and my tongue leapt to hers as they worked against one another. When I finally pulled back her eyelids fluttered and she happily mewed as she lowered her head back to my lap and my hand went back to flipping through channels. My finger stopped when a stupid buddy comedy came on, and just before I felt my finger stab back down on the button I heard Brittney let out a loud laugh, “I love that part.”

I think both Kevin and I stared down at Brittney in shock so I wasn’t sure which one of us asked her through my lips, “You like this movie?”

“It’s stupid, but it’s funny. Whenever I watch a show like this I get to forget about the world and just laugh for a bit. It helps me forget when my parents aren’t home, or when I have to agree to go to some stupid fundraiser my mother is throwing just so she can show me off to people, or when some stupid boy was going to take me out on a date and I had to pretend to be into him, or when I have to worry about school. I can just laugh. It’s nice.” Brittney replied and then kissed at my thigh and started to tease her fingers up and down my legs.

My finger pulled back from the remote and went back to slowly stroking Brittney’s head. As the show went on I felt myself begin to warm and moisten from Brittney’s soft fingers. It was a pleasant sensation that I knew Kevin’s mind was driving into my body from both Brittney’s touch and her shape as she lay below me, but I didn’t care. I was loving the moment, and on top of that knowing that his desires were affecting my body seemed to ratchet up my own arousal and add into what I was feeling from him.

Suddenly before my body did anything about it the buzzer for the dryer went off. Brittney again popped out of my lap and I heard her digging through the machine for the sheets. I caught a glimpse of her darting down the hallway and bounding up the stairs to my room. She was gone for quite a while and I wondered what she was doing. It shouldn’t be taking her this long to put sheets on a bed. When she did reappear I saw that in addition to her purple bikini she was also wearing a black choker.

“Is that your choker, Pet?” My mouth asked with surprise in my voice, “Why would you have that with you?”

“I kept it to remind me of the time I had with you, Mistress,” she replied as she dropped to her knees in front of me, “I have always kept it with me somewhere, even when I wasn’t wearing it. I should have put it on sooner. I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Yes…” I paused as I looked down at her, “You will most definitely have to be punished.”

She looked up at me with a smirk as she nodded, “Mistress knows best.”

“Later. Come lay with me a bit longer, Pet,” I said as I patted my lap.

“Mistress, you spoil me,” she said as she happily slipped onto the couch once more.

“Oh you will work it off tonight Pet,” I said as I slapped her ass.

“I live only to serve you, Mistress,” she replied as she wiggled her backside as if to taunt me into slapping her cheek again.

We fell silent as we went back to watching the movie except for moments when Brittney or I would let out a chuckle. Before it finished my parents pulled in the driveway and Brittney went to pull herself out of my lap, but I held her shoulders and kept her in place. She looked up at me with frightened eyes and I winked at her and then petted her head reassuringly.

Mom and Dad came in and I heard the sounds of them chatting back and forth and bags rustling as they set things down in the kitchen. Cupboard doors opened and closed and I saw my dad bring what looked like several pairs of pants and a few shirts upstairs to this room. Mom came in the living room holding a small prefinished shelf and some hardware and looked around at the living room walls. She glanced our way and then back at the walls.

Her eyes then suddenly darted back to us and my lap as Brittney’s head lay in it and I stroked her hair. She had a curious look in her eyes as she put the shelf down and then sat in the chair by my end of the couch.

“You girls look comfy,” she said as she eyed Brittney again.

“Mm hm,” Brittney replied back happily.

“Are we over our bad date experience?” My mother asked in a bit of a prying voice.

Brittney nodded slowly and I shrugged at her.

“So I have one yes and one maybe. Is there anything you girls would like to tell me?” Mom asked as she looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Is there something specific you’d like to know Mom?” My mouth asked and I wondered if Kevin was going to dare my mother into asking if Brittney and I were hooking up. Could I lie to her? Would he make me lie to her? What if he made me stand up and strip right in front of my mother! I’d do it! I felt a rush of embarrassment wrapped around arousal flow through me.

“Well, Brittney looks pretty happy,” she said and paused while I thought Oh no. Here it comes. What are you doing Kevin!

“I am happy. I’ve had a great day,” Brittney replied.

“Brittney, are you dating the neighbor boy? Did he come back over after we left?” She asked as she watched my hand stroke Brittney’s hair.

“No. I’m not dating the neighbor boy,” Brittney said and then looked up at my Mom and asked, “Mrs. Summers can I tell you something in confidence? Like can I say something and you won’t tell other people, especially my parents?” I could see the gears in my Mom’s head spinning as she thought for a moment and then nodded so Brittney continued in a quiet voice, “I’m not into boys.”

“Really?” Mom asked as she looked at Brittney’s head in my lap and then up at me with her classic mom-stare.

“Oh wow, it feels so good to say that out loud to someone,” Brittney said as she let out a large breath.

“Amy, I feel like I need to ask you something. I want you to know that we love you either way, but depending on your answer we might have to change around some rules on sleepovers,” Mom told me with one eyebrow raised.

“Mom, despite my terrible experience the other night, I’m still into boys,” I told her with one eyebrow raised back at her.

“Oh, really?” Mom asked as she gestured to Brittney laying in my lap.

“She’s my best friend Mom! Of course we’re close!” I replied back quickly.

“She’s the one you have to worry about with the neighbor boy, Mrs. Summers,” Brittney said with a smug grin and mischief in her eyes as she dished about me to my mother.

Mom looked at me for a moment as if trying to see inside my head and asked, “Kevin? He’s not your regular type.”

“I am soooooo done with my regular type. I’m ready to try a new type, Mom,” I replied as Brittney giggled.

“So what were you doing with him this morning on our deck Brittney?” Mom asked her.

“Repaying him for fixing my flat tire and the hell I’ve been putting him through at school,” Brittney replied with a shrug.

“I think he’s sweet on you. If you’re not interested you shouldn’t string him along,” Mom warned her.

“Oh I think he’s even sweeter on Amy,” Brittney said as she pinched my leg, causing me to yelp and swat at her hand.

“Well neither of you should string him along, okay ladies?” Mom said as she got up from the chair.

“Don’t worry, we won’t,” I replied to her in a sing song voice.

“I dumped a slushy on his head in lunch a while back. I think he knows how I feel about him,” Brittney stated as she looked at my Mom.

My mother shook her head as she walked out of the room until Brittney asked, “You won’t tell anyone, right Mrs. Summers?”

“Your secret is safe with me Brittney. Just don’t do anything that makes Amy uncomfortable, okay? I don’t mind what your interests are but don’t let it ruin a friendship,” Mom replied and then left the room.

“Understood, Mrs. Summers,” Brittney replied. As soon as Mom was out of the room, Brittney slipped a hand further up my thighs and caressed my love mound through my shorts.


Brittney ground her crotch against my leg and whimpered through my hand as I clasped it over her mouth. I felt the strong vibrations of the toy that was once again inside her panties buzzing into my thigh. Her eyes rolled back into her head as I nibbled on her ear and pulled at her hair with my other hand. I knew my Mom and Dad were just falling asleep a short way down the hall from my bedroom, but that knowledge didn’t seem to stop Kevin and Brittney from going at it like horny bunnies. I felt Brittney’s body tense and then release for the fourth time already tonight and this time she flopped back and panted on the bed completely spent.

“Please, no more, Mistress. I can’t…” She whispered to me.

“I will tell you when you’re done, Pet!” I whispered back harshly, “You have so much to make up for and I intend to make you work it all off tonight!”

I kissed her roughly and tweaked a nipple, “Now, get your head between my legs and use your tongue for something useful!”

I pushed her down to my waist and rolled onto my back with my legs split in a wide vee, and as I felt the first lick of her wet tongue across my folds I knew I was going to have to wash my sheets again in the morning.