The Hopper Remover

By Tobyredone

27 minute read -

Betty was worried about her daughter, Paige. Paige was all Betty had after Frank, Paige’s father, had left her shortly after Paige was born. For many years Paige was the perfect daughter. She was always obedient, polite, reserved, and cheerful. All through high school Betty had never received a single phone call about her daughter’s behavior, even when Betty had gone through a messy divorce with her second husband Paige was supportive, caring, and stood by her mother.

But four days ago something had changed. Paige, who never smoked had returned back from a late night out with friends, and was smoking up a storm. She was also drunk to the point that she could barely stand, and Paige never drank. Betty tried to talk to her daughter, only to be rebuffed, and told to “mind her own damn business” before getting Paige’s bedroom door slammed shut in her face.

The next day Paige didn’t wake up until well into the afternoon, and when Betty finally went into Paige’s bedroom to check on her, she found her daughter naked, lying on the bed and watching porn while jamming a large marker into her vagina. Betty was horrified! She immediately began screaming at Paige, and Paige in return began telling Betty to “fuck off,” and “lick her god damn ball sack,” which were words that Paige would never say, let alone in a tone that she would never use towards her mother. Paige then pulled on a few pieces of clothing that Betty had never seen before, and were far from acceptable to be seen in, and left the house.

Paige returned that night, drunk again and smelling of cigarettes and sex. She immediately passed out on the couch in the living room, and despite Betty’s best efforts to wake her, she remained comatose. The next morning Betty told Paige that they needed to discuss her attitude lately, as she would shortly be heading off to college, and Betty tried to lay down the law by threatening to not help her with the expensive tuition to the school that she knew Paige wanted to go to.

Paige immediately told her mother that she didn’t really care about college, nor did she really care what Betty thought. She then gave Betty the finger, and she was out the door again. Betty began calling her friends and family, asking any of them if they had ever seen this in any of their children before. She went to a family counselor and asked for advice, and even tried to pick up some books on parenting. She worried that Paige had suddenly gotten caught up in the wrong crowd, and would soon be doing drugs and having unprotected sex.

When Paige returned that night, she had four new tattoos. One skull and cross bones on her left abdomen, a star on the underside of one of her wrists, a graphic that Betty couldn’t even make out on her right foot, and a tiger on her lower back, which Paige referred to as her “little striped pussy from behind.” She was once again drunk, and reeked of sweat and smoke.

This time Betty decided that there was no getting through to Paige anymore. Once Paige was asleep in her room, Betty locked her in there. She decided if her daughter could not control herself, she would have to do it for her.

When Paige woke up the next morning she was furious. She pounded on the door like a caged wild animal, screaming obscenities that Betty had never even heard used before. Betty sat on the other side of the door telling her daughter that she would not be allowed out until she calmed down and talked to her mother, and explained her actions.

After many hours, Betty didn’t hear anything moving in Paige’s bedroom. She carefully unlocked the door, and opened it to find Paige napping on the bed. She carried in a tray full of food and brought it over to the bed. She gently brushed the now greasy hair back from her daughter’s face. Paige smelled like she hadn’t showered in days. Betty quickly set about tidying up her daughter’s messy room. It was so out of character for Paige. She threw out all of the slutty clothing that she found laying about the floor, and picked up the trash that was strewn about on the carpet. She was cleaning the nightstand when she found a make up compact open, and lying so that it reflected Paige’s sleeping form. As she moved closer she noticed that in the reflection her daughter had a man’s face. She thought that she might be seeing things, so she picked up the compact and looked at herself. Betty’s face shown back at her.

She carefully leaned over the bed, and positioned the compact closer to her sleeping daughter’s form. She could make out rough weathered skin, bushy eyebrows, and even a short beard! Betty left the food on the nightstand for her daughter when she woke up and headed back out of the room, locking the door behind her as she left.

Betty immediately jumped into her car and drove across town to a small shop that she knew of, but had never visited. She walked in, ran quickly to the shopkeeper, and asked the old gypsy woman who ran the curio shop if she had ever heard of a young woman having a man’s reflection in the mirror.

The old gypsy squinted her eyes, and quickly looked around the shop. She got up and walked over to a large old book that was bound in leather, and full of yellow and almost unreadable pages. She flipped through them for quite some time as Betty shifted from foot to foot impatiently. Finally she stopped on a very worn and tattered page that had a picture of a young woman with a man’s face having an orgy with a whole pile of people. In large old English letters it read, “Body Hopper.”

“What’s a body hopper?” Betty asked the old gypsy woman.

“Not much is known about them, other then they take over the bodies of attractive women. Their history is all by word of mouth, and most of it is only told to other body hoppers. Perhaps it’s because they are so filled with lust and want that they never bother to keep a written history. You see, the only thing we do know for certain is that once they take the body of a victim, they crave sex and all sorts of debauchery.” The gypsy replied.

“I have one of these things in my daughter, what do I do?” Betty asked in a panicked tone.

“There is little you can do until the body hopper gets bored and is ready to leave, and then the best thing to do is not be around yourself, lest you get hopped then.” The gypsy replied as she shrugged her shoulders.

“What, so I’m just suppose to let this thing run around in my daughter doing whatever it pleases, and stay away from her while it destroys her reputation, smoke, drinks, and gets tattoos? What kind of advice is that? You don’t have any holy water that I can spray on her?” Betty begged.

“These body hoppers aren’t cats. You can’t chase them out with water.” The old woman replied as she walked back to her seat.

“What about garlic then? Or some spell?” Betty followed after the woman, pleading.

“I have no way to help you. Sorry.” The woman replied as she sat down again heavily on an old stool.

“There must be something I can do!” Betty replied.

“There is one man. You could try calling him. I haven’t seen him in years, though. I don’t know if this number will still work for him.” The gypsy shop keeper replied as she dug through an old notebook full of scribbles until she came across a particularly empty page.

She tore it out of the notebook and handed it to Betty. It was empty save for a name, “Reginald,” and a phone number.

“Thank you.” Betty said as she bolted for her car to get her cell phone.

Betty was no sooner in her car then dialing the number. She waited nervously chewing on her nails as the phone rang. It kept on ringing and ringing, and with every ring she felt her hopes diminish more and more. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she ended the call, and leaned back into her seat.

She brought a hand to her face and began to feel tears gathering in her eyes. She was just about to start crying when her cell phone rang. She looked down at the screen, and didn’t recognize the number. Slowly, she reached down and picked up the phone. She brought it up to her ear and said, “Hello?”

“Who’s this?” The Voice asked.

“Betty… Betty Cooper.” She replied in a questioning tone, then asked, “Who is this?”

“I’m asking the questions Betty… If that is your real name… Where did you get this number?” The Voice asked.

“Um, what number, you called me?” Betty asked, confused.

“No, you called me, then I called you back. Where did you get my number from!” The Voice shouted.

“Reginald?” Betty asked, and then there was silence on the other end of the line.

“Please, don’t hang up! I need your help. My daughter has a body hopper in her, and this old gypsy woman said that you might be able to help, please!” Betty begged into the phone.

“How do I know that you’re not mounted right now?” The Voice questioned her.

“What? I don’t know what you mean?” Betty asked, again confused.

“Don’t play coy with my, you slime.” The Voice said.

“What are you talking about? Can you help me or not?” Betty asked.

“Well, I’m not sure. I can’t tell over the phone. We’ll have to meet. Tomorrow at ten in the morning. Go to the first park bench on the corner of 57th and Washborn. Come alone. Wear a grey shirt. No coat, and nothing baggy or anything that has sleeves. Or I’m gone.” The Voice said.

“Okay, but…” Betty said, but didn’t bother finishing her sentence as the line had gone dead. She didn’t know what was going on, but if it was the only way to save her daughter, then she’d do it.

The next morning Betty sat on the park bench waiting for the Voice. She looked around with a frightened look on her face as she realized she didn’t know what this person would look like. She was also trying to keep the memories of her daughter’s screams and threats out of her head. Paige, or the body hopper in Paige, was pissed about the solitary confinement that Betty had locked her in, and spent the entire night screaming profanities at her though the wall using Paige’s sweet voice.

Betty looked at her watch again. It was almost ten thirty, where was this person? Suddenly she felt something pressed against the back of her neck. It was cold and felt like metal. Suddenly she heard the Voice from behind her, “I’ve got a gun to your head. You are going to slowly stand up and follow me back into the trees.”

Betty nodded and slowly stood, when she tried to turn the Voice barked out, “NO! I’ll stay behind you and direct you the whole time. Don’t turn, look back, or say anything until I say so. Turn towards the trees slowly… That’s it.”

Betty was led back into the thick foliage of the city park by the voice. Finally he stopped, and as she stood there wondering what she had gotten into, she saw a mirror enter her field of vision on the right side. She didn’t know what to do, but she looked anyway. In the mirror she saw a younger man with a crew cut looking back at her through the mirror.

“Dammit! Now you’ve seen my face.” The Voice said as he pulled the metal off her neck.

“I’m sorry,” said Betty apologetically.

“Well, you’re not mounted.” The voice said as he looked her over.

“What do you mean?” Betty asked.

“I’ll ask the questions. What are you here for?” The Voice asked.

“I told you already, I need help with a body hopper in my daughter.” Betty replied, this time getting some tone to her voice as she grew tired of this man’s attitude.

“Hey, don’t get snippy with me. I’m your only hope, unless you want to do this alone.” The voice said.

“Sorry.” Betty replied.

“S’kay. So you’re not here because the body hoppers sent you?” The Voice asked.

“Body hoppers sent me? No, I’m trying to get one out of my daughter. She came home a few days ago, acting weird, and talking back, she was smoking and drinking, and suddenly got some tattoos. I locked her in her room, and saw her reflection in the mirror, and it was a man’s face. I went to the gypsy woman to ask her what the hell was going on, and she told me that a body hopper had taken over Paige! She gave me your number. Can you help me?” Betty begged as she felt the tears begin to well up in her eyes.

“Ugh. I really shouldn’t. You see, I’ve had a short career of getting hoppers out of women. It started when my fiancée was hopped. The bastard slept with my best friend using her body. Well, I figured out what happened when she was putting on her make up in the mirror one day by seeing the reflection, same as you. I didn’t know what to do at first, I mean, it’s not every day your girl wants more dick then you usually give her in a year. So at first I went with it. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the way it goes sometimes. Well, he started telling me shit. Shit about hoppers, and how they take over women, and how you can see them in pictures, and mirrors and shit. He tells me stories about all the lives of all the women that he’s fucked up. Suddenly I realize this dude’s bad news, right. So I pretend to go to work that day, but I don’t. I follow him. That’s when I figure out that he’s cheating on me with my girl’s body. And screwing not just my best friend, but almost anyone!” The Voice stopped to look around nervously through the trees and shrubs.

“So, I confront the hopper in my girl about it, and she just laughs. How messed up is that? Well, I figure, what the hell, and pull a gun. Suddenly the hopper isn’t laughing anymore. The hopper says ‘I’ll never pull the trigger’ but I did. I shot my girl right in the leg. The next thing you know, there is all this clear mucus and slime and shit oozing out of her. Well, it forms up into a naked man, and he’s got his hands out, begging me not to kill him too. I shot him. Right between the eyes. Bam! Dead. Obviously the wedding was called off, because my girl woke up bleeding, looking at me holding the gun that put a slug in her. Well, I spent the next five years chasing hoppers, driving them out, and killing them.” The Voice said to Betty.

“Great! Then you can help my daughter!” Betty exclaimed.

“No, it’s not that simple. You see, I’ve chased out and killed maybe a dozen hoppers. Now word’s gotten out. They know me. They’re after me, and they can be anyone! That’s why I don’t answer my phone anymore. That’s why I live alone in the middle of nowhere. That’s why I never meet anyone without looking at a mirror first. If they find out I’m around again, there will be an all out manhunt for me. Not to mention, that just for talking to me, there will be hoppers that want to mount you, especially since you have seen my face.” The Voice said.

“You have to help me. You have to help Paige. Please, I’ll pay you anything.” Betty said.

The Voice closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. Betty sucked in her breath and held her hands to her chest and got a pleading look in her eyes.

“Fine. Twenty five thousand. In cash. Five grand up front, the rest when the job is done. After that, you never call me. I don’t care who gets hopped. You don’t call me. You forget me. If anyone asks about me, you say you don’t know me. The cops, your neighbor, your best friend, your mom. NO ONE!” The Voice said.

Betty nodded enthusiastically, and promised as the man watched her.

“Show me where she is.” The Voice said.

The Voice stood over Betty and shook her hand as he looked around at the small house. She had just handed him five grand in cash. He didn’t know where she got it, and he didn’t ask. He was just about to go to work. He had brought his bag, full of things he might need, and extra clothes incase it took longer then he thought it might.

He didn’t need to ask where she was. He had heard Paige screaming when they had first come into the house. Betty had given him the key for the door to the room that Paige was in. He had told Betty that she should wait outside the room, as she probably didn’t want to see what was about to happen to her daughter, but she insisted on being there.

He carefully inserted the key in the door, trying to make as little noise as possible. He then carefully opened the door a tiny amount, and peeked through to see a young girl, who he knew as Paige, sleeping soundly in her bed. He held out his small pocket sized mirror, and looked at the slumbering girl’s reflection only to see the visage of an older man where her pretty face should be.

Now that he knew where the body hopper was, he could get started. He kicked open the door, and stormed into the room, as Paige slowly woke up and looked up at him. She yawned, unconcerned about the man standing over her bed.

“Get the fuck outta bed you damned parasite.” The Voice screamed at her.

“Yeah, get outta bed!” Betty yelled at her daughter, who she now knew was being controlled by a strange man.

“Fuck both of you. You had to get reinforcements, or what, Mom?” Paige asked back.

“Screw you; I know you’re not Paige. Now get the hell out of my daughter.” Betty yelled back as she took a step forward.

The Voice put his hand out to one side to stop Betty, and said, “Don’t get to close. These things jump bodies by touching skin. He’ll get inside you.”

“Eat my dick. I’m staying right here. I like your daughter. She’s a bitchin’ ride. Nice tight little puss, killer legs, and great cock sucking lips. I bring in piles of dick every night, and they by me drinks to hit it. Why would I give that up?” Paige said back to Betty as she laid back down, smiling at the two people who knew her secret.

“Because this is your only chance to hop out of the young lady and walk away. I’ll let you go if you leave right now. After this, I promise I’ll make your life miserable, and when you finally do dismount her, I’ll fucking kill you, you pile of slime.” The Voice told him with contempt.

Paige held up her middle finger, and the Voice nodded at her and said, “Fine, that’s the way you want to play it, we’ll see who’s on top in the end.”

With that, The Voice grabbed Betty by the arm and dragged her out of Paige’s bedroom, locking the door behind them.

“We didn’t get him out of her? We can’t give up.” Betty said as the Voice motioned her to be quiet.

The Voice pulled her down the hallway to the kitchen and said, “We’re not giving up. I just wanted to let the hopper know we figured out he was in Paige. I also wanted to give him a chance to end this the easy and quick way. I didn’t think he’d take it, but I was hoping. Now it becomes a psychological battle. We have to make it such a pain in the ass to stay in Paige that the hopper can’t wait to get out of her. I’m warning you, though it won’t be fun.”

Betty nodded, but the Voice continued, “We have to keep her locked in there. You’ll take the night shift and watch her. I’ll take the day shift. Don’t go in there alone, though, or the hopper will just go into you. That’s the last thing we need. There is some good news though; hoppers don’t like to stay in the same girl. They have to move around, otherwise they get stuck, and almost none of them want to be one chick for the rest of their lives. He’ll be out soon, trust me.”

Betty nodded, and the Voice winked at her, “We’ll get Paige back soon enough. Promise.”

Over the next day, the Voice made Paige’s life a living hell. Every time she fell asleep he would sneak in and dump ice cold water on her. He disconnected the ventilation into her room, and piped in freezing cold air, and as she passed out from exhaustion, he snuck in and took all of her warm clothes and then took her blanket. The Voice began refusing to give her food, and told promised food for the hopper when he left Paige’s body. Paige became irate anytime she heard one of her captors outside her door, as she knew some kind of torture was going to follow.

That night, after he locked Paige into her room for the night, he met Betty in the living room. She was sitting on the couch, and had a cold beer open for him and sitting on the coffee table.

“I really appreciate all this,” She said to him as she patted the couch next to her.

“Yeah, well, it’s not a problem.” He said as he sat down and took a sip of the beer.

“No, really, I can’t imagine what I would have done if you weren’t helping me, and I don’t even know your name.” Betty said as she gently touched the Voice’s arm.

“Yeah, I explained that. I’d rather you didn’t know.” He replied.

“It must be lonely to live like that.” Betty replied.

“You get used to it.” the Voice said nonchalantly.

“I’m sorry, I’m prying too much.” Betty said as she got up, “Besides, it’s my watch. You get some sleep.”

“No, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be so cold. It’s just the way I have to live. To stay safe. I’m sorry; I think you have a lovely home here. I’m sure we’ll get Paige back soon.” The Voice replied to Betty.

Betty smiled at the Voice and nodded as she walked down the hallway to start her shift.

The next day the Voice’s torture continued. He got a small tazer out of his bag and went into Paige’s room with it. He shocked her with it until she was out of bed and rolling on the floor.

“You want some more of that?” the Voice screamed, “Huh?”

“You are in such deep shit buddy. I’m gonna piss on your dead body when this is all over.” Paige replied.

“Fuck you, slime! Let’s see some push ups.” The Voice commanded.

“Eat me.” Paige said, until she saw the tazer come out again. The Voice shocked her until she was in the fetal position begging for him to stop.

“Push ups, now shit head!” He yelled again.

This time Paige quickly rolled over onto her stomach and started to do some push ups. After a small number her feminine arms were burning and she fell to the ground with a thud. The Voice was on her again with the tazer, and as she flopped she screamed, “WHY!”

“I didn’t say stop, you piece of shit. More push ups!” the Voice yelled out.

Betty heard the screaming and couldn’t help but come into the room and see what was going on. What she saw was the Voice standing over her daughter with a tazer in one hand while Paige was doing push ups.

“This piece of shit is frying your daughter’s body!” Paige called out to Betty.

“You tattooed it up, and drank and smoked, you fuck!” Betty called out, and nodded to the Voice, who reached over and shocked Paige again.

“AAAAAHHHH! Fuck!” She called out as she flopped to the floor from the pain.

“Up and at ‘em, shit licker. We’re gonna be doing this all day. Or you can get out of the girl. Your choice.” The Voice said to Paige.

She wearily climbed back up onto all fours and started to do push ups again as she stared at her captor with hate in her eyes.

True to his word, the Voice made Paige do push up under threat of tazer all day. He stopped briefly for lunch, but made certain that Paige didn’t get any sleep by cranking up the stereo in the living room and pressing the speakers to the walls of Paige’s bedroom.

A short while later Betty said, “I need some coffee. I know this great little shop that’s just down the road. You want any?”

“Sure. Large black coffee for me. No thrills, just straight coffee.” He replied. As Betty walked out the door, he caught himself staring at her ass. He wasn’t certain if Betty noticed or not, but he quickly brought his guard back up as he told himself, ‘What are you thinking! This is how you get yourself killed.’

As Betty left the house, the Voice went in to continue his tormenting of the body hopper. He kept at it until late that night, and by the time he finally walked out of the room, his coffee was cold.

Betty was waiting for him with an odd smile on her face. He picked up the cold coffee and began to drink it. Despite the fact that it was cold, the caffeine was giving him a second wind.

“You ever wonder if you enjoy this to much?” Betty asked.

“What are you talking about?” he asked as he looked at her over his cup.

“Torturing them?” She said plainly.

“The body hoppers? They’re fiends, perverts, and junkies. They’re just getting what they deserve.” He replied.

Betty gave him a look that he didn’t quite understand, but he just figured that it was the long hours, and seeing the body of her daughter being tortured that was making her act strangely.

He got up and headed to the living room to sit down on the couch. Betty followed him in, and asked, “Are you sure the door is locked?”

He nodded and she then walked over to sit next to him and leaned in closer to him, as she said, “I saw you looking at me when I left. I know that you want this over, but I can at least give you something that you need while you’re here. No strings attached.”

With that, Betty pulled her shirt up and over her head, exposing her large breasts, only contained in a thin lacey bra. The Voice looked at her large and proud tits, on display in front of him as she leaned forward and pressed them into his arm. She leaned in and gently gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“C’mon. You don’t even have to do the work. I’ll take your pants off. I’ll never know your name, and you are gone as soon as this is over anyway.” She said as she stood and undid the clasp for her slacks and slowly slid them down her shapely thighs.

She was wearing a matching thong underneath her pants, and as much as the Voice wanted to, he just couldn’t turn away. It had been far too long since he had enjoyed a female’s soft touch. He leaned back on the couch, and Betty went to work. She quickly and efficiently undid his belt, button, and zipper, and as he lifted his ass off the couch, she pulled his pants and underwear off him and onto the floor.

Next she stood straight up, and gently pulled the sides of her thong out with her fingers and played with them as she smiled down at him. He continued to stare at her panty covered love mound, and so she teasingly pulled them down until they where mid-way on her thighs. She then worked her legs back and forth until they slid down the rest of the way without assistance.

The Voice set his coffee down on the table as she climbed onto his lap. She was facing him, and as she straddled his body, she slowly lowered herself onto his erect penis. As his head touched her outer lips he noticed how moist she was already. It had obviously been a long time for Betty, as well.

She played with the head of his dick in her pussy lips for quite some time, working him into a frenzy like a master. Then she lowered herself down onto his throbbing sausage and began to bounce up and down with abandon. Her hands went up to her head and her fingers slowly worked their way through her hair as she pulled her head back and let out a muffled moan. He knew that she was enjoying this just as much as he was, and couldn’t help but reach out and squeeze her ample boobs as they bounced almost in his face.

Her pace suddenly slowed, but intensified, as she lifted and dropped herself the entire length of his dick, and he felt her body shudder from head to toe, and her eyes go wide as she again let out a low groan. He felt her juices seep down around his cock, and that was enough to set him off as well.

As she came down off the orgasmic high, she felt him pulse inside her. She felt his dick throb, and felt the streams of hot cum filling up her belly. As she felt his dick fire another shot of cum into her sopping pussy, she felt the wave of a second orgasm wash over her, triggered by his jiz shooting into her womb.

She collapsed onto of his chest, and the two of them lay there panting in synch together as they caught their breath after the intense round of love making. He rolled his head back to look at her face, and reached up to brush some sticky hair from her eyes, wet with her sweat from their shared passion.

“That was amazing,” He panted out, as she pushed back, and stood up. His dick pulled out of her with a quiet popping sound, and she immediately went to find her panties.

“uh huh,” She simply responded as she slid her delicate little underwear up past her shiny and wet thighs and into place on her still leaking slit.

She continued dressing as the Voice watched, until he finally said, “Uh huh? That’s it?”

“Hey, you were the one that didn’t want to share names, or get too attached. The sex was just that, sex. It’s my turn to watch the door.” Betty replied to him as she walked into the hallway.

The Voice sat there for a few moments as he thought about what had just happened, but sleep soon over took him, and he was drawn into a deep slumber.

Suddenly he was shaken back awake by Betty. She leaned over in his face and said excitedly, “Hey! Hey wake up! He says he’s ready to get out of Paige, C’mon!”

The Voice thought he smelled something odd on Betty’s breath, but couldn’t place it. She shook him again until he batted her hands away, yelling, “Yeah, I get it. I’m up.”

He slowly stood up next to the couch and then grabbed his underwear and pants off the floor and quickly stepped into them. Betty was practically bouncing with excitement in front of him, but he had one more quick stop before Paige’s room. He went to his bag and grabbed a large gun.

Betty’s eyes went large as she asked, “What’s that for?”

“You don’t want him coming back, do you?” the Voice asked her as he tucked the gun in his pants at the small of his back.

They made their way down to Paige’s bedroom, and he quickly pushed the door open. He took long confident strides into the bedroom as he smiled at the young girl sitting on the bed in front of them.

“Had enough yet?” He asked Paige.

“Yeah, I give. I’ll leave. I promise.” She said.

“Fine, dismount her, then.” The Voice said in a loud commanding tone.

She stood up from the bed. Suddenly a thousand little things exploded into the Voice’s mind. This was all wrong. Paige was wearing a pair of panties that he remembered taking out of her room. When he had come into her room that morning, he hadn’t needed to unlock the door. It wasn’t freezing cold in Paige’s room. That scent that was on Betty’s breath. It suddenly registered. It was the smell of pussy. And he now understood why Betty had been acting so strange, especially after the sex.

He yanked the gun out from behind him and pointed it at Paige, his hands shaking as the danger registered in his mind. She was smiling at him. He pulled the trigger, and the gun just clicked. Empty. She held up a hand and as she uncurled her fingers he saw a small pile of bullets in her hand.

“Missing these? When did you figure it out?” She asked.

“The panties. I took them out of your room the other day. Their were other little tells that I should have noticed, but the panties were the dead give away.” He said as he looked over at Betty.

“Well, you and Betty made me stay in that thong for almost four full days. Do you have any idea how crusty a pair of panties gets when you are coming in the same pair for four days? It was worse torture then what you were putting me through.” Paige said as she ran her small hands down her body, and tweaked her nipples.

The voice put his gun down and watched Betty. She pulled out a small gun and pointed it at him, and this one he knew was loaded. He closed his eyes and let out a low sigh. He was beaten, and he knew that in this game, the loser didn’t walk away.

“When did you get her?” He asked out loud to the two girls.

“I got her when she was out picking up the coffee. I followed her car to the coffee shop, and mounted her in the parking lot. She got out one scream, but no one even came to help her. People are so chivalrous nowadays. Then imagine my surprise when I look through her memories, and notice that as she left, you were staring at her ass? Well that was something that I couldn’t pass up. Does it piss you off to know that you helped a body hopper get off as your last act on this earth?” Betty replied with contempt in her voice.

“When she got coffee? You followed her? But how did you know anything about where we were or what we were doing?” the Voice asked as he was still trying to put the pieces together.

This time Paige spoke up, “You stupid fucks took Paige’s cell phone away from her, but you never thought that I had one of my own? It was in the closet. All I had to do was wait until I could get a hold of some of my friends, tell them where I was, and they could wait outside for the opportunity to hop Betty. When I let Bruce here know that The Voice was holding me captive, he jumped at the opportunity to kill you.”

“You killed my brother you son of a bitch! He was just having fun in some little slut! Hell, he did less guys while he was in her then she normally did in a week!” Betty yelled at him, and pulled the hammer back on the gun she was holding as her hands began to tremble.

“Fuck you, your brother was slime.” The Voice said back to her.

“He never killed anyone. Murderer.” Betty said back to him.

“I suppose you think you just have some harmless fun in these girls, then huh?” the Voice asked them.

“Oh not this time, bucko. This time, just because of your interference, we are going to make sure these bitches get what’s coming. This time we are going to shoot you. Well, actually Betty is. We made sure to get the girls’ finger prints all over the gun, the bullets, even inside on the mechanisms. Once you’re dead, Paige here will carry your body out and put it in her trunk in broad daylight so all the neighbors can see her stuffing it in her car. After that, we’ll go out, and get good and drunk, and basically fuck anything that moves. Once we’ve had our fun, we’ll leave the ladies in a car some where and make an anonymous tip to the police about two women who murdered our friend. How about that? We’re going to call you our friend? Isn’t that ironic? Well, by the time the bitches wake up, they’ll be hung over, reek of sex, and be in police custody wondering why they are being charged with your murder.” Paige told the Voice with a chilling smile on her pretty face.

“You pieces of shit. How can you do this?” the Voice asked.

“Like this.” Betty said, and then pulled the trigger. The gun barked out, and the Voice felt something hit him. Then it was over. He was dead before his body hit the ground.

It took both Paige and Betty to move his limp body to the trunk of a car, and by the time the girls were done, they were both sweaty and full of his blood. Instead of washing up, the just changed their clothes, and tossed the old clothes in the back seat for the cops to find.

As they got into the car to head out to the bars and find some guys, Paige looked over at Betty and said jokingly, “You know, it’s almost like we want to get caught.”