Theta Beta House - Chapter 1

By Tobyredone

15 minute read -

Preston sighed and looked at his shoes once more then continued to trudge down the sidewalk until suddenly a flash of pink and yellow filled his vision and didn’t stop there. He felt a warm body slam into him, tossing him backwards and he crashed down on the sidewalk roughly, barely getting his hands out of his pockets in time to slow his descent and keep him from cracking his head off the concrete. He blinked several times and looked over at the person who he had run squarely into.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t… uh… I uh… didn’t see… um…” His apology turned into a stutter and incoherent mumbling as he looked over and saw what he was certain was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

She shook her head and blinked a few times to get her bearings and reached up with her perfectly manicured hands to tussle her shoulder length slightly wavy blonde hair before looking over at him and shooting him a questioning look, “What? I can’t understand you.”

She gathered her legs underneath her and stood up gracefully, spun around and brushed the grass clipping off the back of her short colorful cotton skirt and then looked over her shoulder with her piercing blue eyes and asked, “Do I have a grass stain on my skirt?”

Preston muttered, “Um… uh… Nah… I… Sorry,” he then started to shake his head.

The girl’s eyes narrowed and she spun around and faced him still sitting on the sidewalk with his legs splayed out and asked, “What? Look, are you some kind of weirdo?”

“What? No! I uh… just… um… no.” Preston paused and then added, “I think?” His brain was struggling to keep up with the fact that a pretty girl was talking to him.

She scrunched her nose and took a step back and said, “Well, whatever. Sorry I ran into you. I was distracted. I’m in a hurry. I’m late to get to the Theta Beta house. I want to pledge them.”

“Oh. That’s where I’m going too!” Preston’s brain finally slammed into gear at the mention of the Theta Beta House.

“Um… you do know that’s a sorority, right?” The young woman asked him with a disbelieving look on her face.

“Well, my dad said I should go there and… You know what, it’s a long story, never mind.” Preston said as he shook his head and struggled to his feet, “Either way, want to walk there together? I’m a bit lost.”

The girl looked him up and down for a few moments before finally nodding and said, “Sure, I guess. My name’s Madison. What’s yours?”

“P… Pr… Press…” Preston’s brain suddenly lost its traction once more as the girl smiled at him and he struggled to keep his eyes from drifting down to her rather perky breasts barely contained in the little yellow tank top trimmed with pink and up on her blue eyes.

“Press? Okay, nice to meet you Press!” She said as she motioned for him to follow her, “C’mon Press, we’re going to be late!”

“No, my name is…” But she was already walking down the sidewalk and Preston’s voice faded out as he was suddenly hypnotized by the sway of her hips and her long legs.

Madison looked over her shoulder once more and motioned at him, “Keep up if you want to get there together!”

Preston jogged a bit to catch up to her and felt his face flush red as he was certain she caught him staring at her ass. Luckily he didn’t have time to embarrass himself more as they were soon standing in front of a giant mansion of a house with a ridiculous amount of young women gathered in the front lawn. On the porch by the front doors a simple folding table was set up with a banner taped to the front that read, “Applicants” on it and several women were standing there helping girls get signed up to pledge the sorority. Madison turned to him and grabbed his hands as she bounced on her toes and said, “Wish me luck! I’m so nervous! Bye Press! I hope you find what you’re looking for!”

And with that Madison started her way up to the table on the porch, leaving Preston standing there. “My name’s… never mind.” He looked around at all the gathered women and couldn’t believe how many there were standing waiting to pledge TBH. Preston also swallowed nervously and then made his way up to the porch. Most of the women he passed looked him over like a crazy person as he walked up to the table. Some of them outright gave him the stink eye. A few of them asked if he was in the right place.

Finally he was standing on the porch looking at three amazingly stacked women sitting behind the table wearing Theta Beta House shirts. They looked at him, then at each other and then back to him before the blonde with massive jugs and a short skirt asked, “Can we help you sweetie? We’re kinda busy. It’s rush week here, and we typically only rush girls. We don’t mean to discriminate, but you’re not quite what we’re looking for.”

Preston swallowed hard and nodded, “Yeah, I understand. It’s just my Dad told me to come here.” Preston stopped for a minute and looked at the Brunette with the mustache and rough skin on her face as it blended into an otherwise flawless female body and then back to the blonde who had pudgy cheeks and bushy eyebrows, completely mismatched from her perfect form, and then over to the last girl with her olive skin tone and thin frame and a completely mismatched black man’s face instead of a young Asian girl.

“Did he now?” the deep base that came from the black man/Asian girl’s mouth startled Preston and he took a step back.

“Wow, I didn’t expect your voice to be so deep. Sorry.” Preston muttered as he looked down at his shoes once more.

“Like, are you high? Kimberly’s voice isn’t deep you weirdo!” one of the other girls who had just signed up to rush Theta Beta jumped in.

“Ladies, I suddenly remembered I asked this boy to stop by and fix my laptop! I can’t believe I forgot about it! Sometimes I swear I can be such a ditz! But I really do need it fixed. Can you handle it out here for a while so I can get him set up?” The blonde girl asked as she slid her chair back and suddenly stood up.

“Yeah, we’ve got this Tiff. You go take care of our friend here,” Kimberly replied with a smile on her dark face that seemed somewhere between sinister and playful.

Preston followed the stacked blonde in the short pleated skirt and tight shirt that proudly bore the Theta Beta Insignia wrapped around her perfect melons inside the front doors, looking back over his shoulders quickly before the doors closed behind him. He saw all of the hopeful pledges looking at him with disdain like he was some sort of unworthy miscreant entering into the Promised Land except for one face that he recognized. Madison was standing there giving him a quick thumbs up as she shot him a winning smile. He didn’t have time to smile back before the door closed.

“Okay junior, what’s your name?” Tiffany turned and asked him as she cocked a leg to the side and propped a hand on her hip, “I’m guessing you ain’t seeing Tiffany’s pretty face here,” the man in a woman’s body said as his other hand pointed at his mug surrounded by Tiffany’s perfectly teased and primped hair.

“P… Pr… Pres…” Preston started to stutter as he got nervous once more, but the blonde cut him off, “C’mon junior! Ain’t nothing to worry ‘bout here. My name’s Dan. I can get outta Tiffany here if her juicy titties is what’s throwing ya fer a loop.”

Preston shook his head, “N… No. I’m… Kay. Preston. My names… it’s Preston.”

“Well Preston, welcome to The Body Hopper Sorority. I’ll show ya ‘round and get you introduced and what not.” Dan told him as he grabbed Preston’s hand and dragged him through the entrance vestibule and into the main living room of the house.

A completely expansive living room with several sets of couches and chairs, lamps and tables with lovely pictures on the wall and a huge fireplace on one end overwhelmed Preston. He looked around to see a few girls kneeling on the couch looking out the window at the circus of pledges outside on the front lawn while still others were haphazardly laying across couches and in some cases each other. Preston did a double take as he saw a man’s face on a girl with long red hair sitting in front of another girl who was dutifully brushing and braiding the body hopper’s mount’s fabulous borrowed mane. As Preston looked around he noticed that several of the girls were hopped.

“Guess what y’all! This here’s Preston! And y’all know the only one reason a boy’d be in the house on pledge day, right?” Dan asked happily in his mismatched gruff voice.

A couple of the girls squealed with excitement and the hopped ones all stood up excitedly and waved to him. Suddenly Preston was getting hugged by a short brunette girl with large brown doe eyes as she squeezed her moderate breasts around his arm, “Hi! I’m Cammy! Have you ever hopped someone before? I’m super easy to hop, so if you need help or anything just come and find me! Everyone says I’m the easiest to slip into they’ve ever tried. I know my breasts aren’t that big, but hoppers love my nipples, and multi O’s are totally easy for me. I’ve got a stash of toys in my…”

She was suddenly cut off by Dan, “Down girl! Don’t scare the poor boy on ‘is first day! He hasn’t even met the Prez yet, and you know he’ll be on probation for the first bit here.”

Cammy giggled happily as she let go of Preston’s arm and took a step back, “Oops! Sorry, sometimes I forget my manners!”

“Okay, so that’s Bill in Felicity, Theo in Aella, Knuckles is in Angela, Karen and Sara are on the couch over there, by the window is Nibbler in Dee, Ginger is next to him and on the other side is Vicky and Tia, Christine is over on the chair, you met Cammy already, and…”

“Am I going to have to remember all of these names right away?” Preston suddenly asked with a perplexed look on his face as he tried to keep up with who Dan was pointing to.

“Ha, naw kid, ya’ll pick it up as ya go, but that reminds me, you should meet the Prez.” Dan said as he grabbed Preston’s hand and led him through the room and into a long hallway. Preston waved to everyone as they exited and mumbled a “N… Ni… Nice to meet you all!” before a tug on his arm from Dan pulled him along. They went all the way down the hall until they got to a staircase and started climbing. As they passed the second floor and went on to the third floor Preston said, “This is all so strange. The women knew about the body hoppers! And they weren’t afraid or anything!”

“Heh, welcome to the oasis junior! We all live together ‘ere happily. It’s a complete trip compared to the outside world, huh? I mean, it’s not all sunshine an’ roses, but it’s pretty close.” Dan replied as he looked back and saw Preston looking up his skirt at his panty clad butt, “Yeah, Tiffany here has a world class ass, don’t she!”

“S… So… Sorry,” Preston mumbled in reply and tried to reset his eyes on Dan’s face.

“Ain’t a problem. I’d be looking too if I was you,” Dan replied and wiggled his backside playfully at Preston.

“What did you mean about probation back there?” Preston suddenly asked as he tried to change the subject while he adjusted himself, hoping that Dan didn’t see the fact that he was popping a boner.

“We don’t get a ton of hoppers showing up, ya’ know? I’ve been ‘ere eight years and you’re only the second we’ve had. I mean, when TBH first started and word got out, that’s when most of us showed up, but after that hoppers only seem to trickle in. I mean, it ain’t like there’s a ton of us out there, ya’ know, so it sorta makes sense and all, but with some hopper folk randomly head’n out and what not, we always have more girls than hoppers… but that don’t mean we just take whoever stumbles through our door, got it? I mean, we got standards to uphold on our end too. The reason all a’ this works is ‘cause the girls trust us. So, if a hopper shows up and he’s gonna fuck all that up, well he ain’t really welcome to hang around. So even hoppers have a pledging process here at TBH. Don’t make the cut, you don’t get an invite. Understand what I’m saying?” Dan said back in a serious tone as opposed to the playful one Preston had heard earlier.

“Yeah, I think I get it. It’s still just weird to me. I mean, my dad always said no one could know. He had some serious bogeyman stories he’d tell me.” Preston said as they finished climbing the stairs and stopped at a large doorway.

“Yeah, those ain’t stories junior. Don’t run your mouth about this place either. Outside these walls, you go back into silent running mode, got it?” Dan said again in a solemn tone of warning, to which Preston nodded.

“This here’s the hopper area. We hoppers come and go as we please, and the girls are welcome too, but no guests at all. Understand? Let’s say you get into TBH, and you’re having a blast one night in Cammy’s tight little bod, and you wanna get railed by some Frat Stud in the worst way, but her roommate is their binge watching some chick flick marathon. You DO NOT get to bring him up here. No one but us, the girls, and the alumni is welcome on the third floor. No buddies you meet on campus. No buddies that you know from back home. No girl you invite in from outside. Absolutely only hoppers, the TBH sisters, and Alums. We square?”

“Four ninety degree angles and equal length sides,” replied Preston as he nodded.

“Huh?” Dan asked as he scrunched his thick eyebrows and put his hands on his shapely hips.

“It… It… It’s a square. You know, the… the shape? It means I get it because I… I…” Preston started stuttering through his explanation until Dan cut him off, “Oh, ha! You’re one of those brainy types huh junior? That’s fine. Didn’t have no good school’n where I grew up and ‘sides, that was a long time ago. I ain’t really interested in doing too much learn’n now either, other than helping the girls.” Dan replied as he shrugged his shoulders causing his massive bosom to jiggle happily, “C’mon.”

Preston blinked a few times and then followed as Dan opened the door and walked into the hallway. The décor on the walls almost remained unchanged. It was still a flower patterned carpet and a nice salmon tinted paint on the wall, but now the pictures on the wall had changed from random paintings to what appeared to be photos of women in lingerie or even completely naked women. Some of them had their own faces, others were obviously hopped in the photos. As they walked down the hallway Preston noticed that some of the photos had even been taken in the bliss of love making. Preston couldn’t help but stop and stare at one of a young white girl with a black face twisted in the pleasure of a strong orgasm as another girl who was not hopped had her tongue buried deep inside the hopper’s little pleasure mound.

“I always liked that one. Jamal and Heidi pretty much went steady for about six months around when that was taken,” Dan commented and then tugged Preston’s hand to get him moving again.

When they reached the end of the hallway Preston found himself standing in front of a big set of red double doors and as Dan rapped loudly on the doors he whispered out of the corner of his mouth, “Try to make a good impression. If the Prez doesn’t like you, you’ll get kicked out on your first day and that’s a long walk a’ shame.”

“W… Wh… What?” Preston stuttered.

“Come in!” A thunderous voice called out and Dan opened the door and pushed on the small of Preston’s back, forcing him into the room as he chuckled and said, “Aw, I’m jus’ fuck’n with you a bit! It’ll be fine.”

Preston saw a small framed brunette in powder blue half corset bra with matching lace panties sitting in a chair looking at a small tablet with a man’s face, his brow furrowed in concentration as he looked up at another girl, this one also a brunette wearing a sweatshirt that had TBH on the front of it and a pair of white boy short panties who did not have a man’s face. The lingerie clad woman started to speak in a gruff voice, “Well, we’re going to have to remind the professor who’s in charge and just what exactly he has to lose by being a stupid twit. I mean, honestly! He wants to not let women take his class because construction is a man’s industry? What is this, the fucking dark ages? I mean, the whole thing is so stupid I can’t believe it’s even real. Are you sure that’s what he said?”

“You saw the e-mail he forwarded to me Bee. Kimberly is completely devastated. She wanted to take over her family’s construction business and now this douche won’t even let her take the classes she needs.” The girl in the sweatshirt replied.

“Fuck that. You tell Kim I’ll take care of it personally on Monday, okay? And if she has anything else she needs, my door is always open. She always seems to feel like she’s bothering me, but she’s not.”

“Okay, what about the delivery for the baked goods?” The girl in the sweatshirt asked as she cocked her hips.

“Did you pay them?” Bee asked simply.

“Not yet. The delivery driver keeps insisting on finding a way to get in the back door and gawk at the girls. He tried to get up to the third floor a few days ago, too! Tiffany caught him.”

“Well, I want you to call over there and talk to Maribelle. Explain the situation, and tell her you’re going to send the payment, but if we have one more issue with their delivery driver we’re going to take our business to the Undiens. They have wanted us to give them a try for nine months now. Remind her that we pay for discretion and if she can’t keep up her end of the deal, we won’t be keeping up ours. Can you handle that?” Bee asked simply.

“Yeah, I can but I think we should just switch.”


“It’s not just the delivery driver. The quality is going down, the prices are going up, and honestly, I think we can do better with the Undiens.”

“Okay, well then pay Maribelle for one more delivery while you set up with the Undiens to take over. Let her know why we’re dumping her for the competition too, she deserves to know. Just make sure whoever delivers has sprinkle donuts with no filling every morning. You know those are my favorite. Plus, I don’t want an interruption in service for the girls either.”

The girl in the sweatshirt smiled and tucked her hair behind her ears as she leaned over and gave Bee a passionate kiss on the lips and after breaking away said, “You know I wouldn’t forget your favorite Bee. I’ll take care of it.”

“You’re too good to me Violet! I don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve you, but I hope I do it again this time!” Bee called out as Violet finished talking and turned to leave as she strutted toward Preston and Dan, giving Preston a curious glance up and down before heading out of the room.

“What do we have here Danny?” Bee asked as he turned his attention to the doorway while tucking a stray strand of hair behind his ear.

“Hey Bee, this one just showed up on our doorstep! Imagine that! Says his dad told him to pledge Theta Beta House. He actually showed up with all the other pledges on the lawn!” Dan said with a smile.

“Is that so? Nice to meet you, I’m Bee.” The hopper held out his pretty feminine hand for Preston to shake.

“N… Ni… Nice to… to… meet you,” Preston stammered out, then added, “I’m… I’m a… H… Hopper. That’s why I’m… I’m… up here.”

As Preston stuttered Bee’s eyebrow went up and a smile crept onto his face, “Yeah, I figured that kid. Dan’s not stupid. So, who’s your dad?”

Preston gulped and then said, “Logan Phillips.”

Bee’s face looked shocked and he got out of his chair and gave Preston a winning smile as he walked up and slapped him on the shoulders, “No fucking shit! Dan, do you know who this is?”

Dan in Tiffany’s body shrugged, causing her breasts to jiggle again as he shook his head.

“I figured when this kid said his Dad told him to stop here he was a legacy, but I didn’t think he’d be the legacy. Dan, this is the fucking Godfather’s kid! Right here in front of us! The fucking Ultimate legacy! Holy fucking shit! Sit down, tell me your name! What the fuck took you so long to get here? Do you even realize the shoes you have to fill?”

Preston gulped as he sat down.