Theta Beta House - Chapter 3

By Tobyredone

7 minute read -

Preston let out a grunt as he felt himself release deep inside of Tiffany’s tight little snatch. Dan moaned out in a low growl, “Oooooh yes! Fucking fill me up like a Twinkie!” Preston’s breath came in raspy gasps as he leaned forward on Tiffany’s nubile form until a quick jab from an elbow poked him in the ribs and caused him to jolt upright and look down at Dan in his borrowed body as it was bent over the edge of the bed glistening with a light coat of perspiration from their activities.

As Preston’s breath came back Dan wiggled off his quickly softening cock and forward onto the bed and then used the sheets to wipe Preston’s cum off Tiffany’s inner thighs before laying back on the disheveled bed and letting out a happy sigh before saying, “Ya know, it’s been far too long since I got fucked good by a hopper. Most frat boys just don’t last long ‘nough, ya know?”

“Uh, n… nope… I’m not familiar,” Preston said as he also wiped his member off on the sheets hanging over the corner of the bed.

“Well, I need a shower and then I should be giving Tiff her body back I’m suppos’n,” Dan said as he slipped off the edge of the bed and stretched which caused Preston to blink as he stared at the blonde’s ample chest thrusting out in perky perfection. As Dan caught Preston’s eyes locking onto the tits that he currently possessed a wicked little smile crossed his chubby features and he yelled out, “PLEDGE! What ‘cho staring at? Go wash my clothes and my sheets right now! MOVE MOVE MOVE!”

Preston shook at Dan’s sudden mood swing and quickly swiped the sheets off the bed and made a pile and also grabbed the pile of clothing that he had not so long ago pulled off Tiffany’s lovely body with his teeth piece by piece. As he hefted the armful of tangled fabric he heard Dan call out, “PLEDGE! You’re out of uniform! Make yerself PRESENTABLE before ya get yerself down to the laundry!”

“Oh come on Dan, really? Do I have to?” Preston whined as he shot a side glance at his “uniform” on the chair in the corner of the room.

“Are you sass talk’n me Junior?” Dan asked as he crossed his arms under his impressive breasts and cocked his hips.

“N… n… no sir,” Preston said as he shook his head and dropped the pile of laundry he was carrying and went over to the chair and grabbed the French maid outfit and small lace thong from the chair. He pulled the tiny triangle of fabric up his legs and quickly slipped the small dress over his head before looking back at Dan and asking, “B… better… sir?”

“Move it pledge! Move! You’s got molasses in yer ass?” Dan shouted at him, his deep voice reverberating off the walls and causing Preston to jump and quickly dart back across the room to grab the pile of laundry from the floor and hurry out of the room. As he left he didn’t notice Dan’s chubby face go from a scowl to an amused smirk.

As Preston descended the stairs with his arms full trying not to drop anything he suddenly felt a large palm crack him on the bare ass hard enough to leave a lasting sting and cause him to yelp. He turned to see Jamal, a large black man standing on the steps with a crooked grin, “Such a cute little minx! Come see me in a bit. Ima need some help.” He suddenly felt another crack on his ass right in the same spot causing the pain to be twice as strong and peered over the pile of linen bedding to see Kimberly standing there her pretty Asian facial features a stark contrast to when he had first met her, “And bring the red silk teddy and the blue vibrator from my room when you come. Not the blue one with the flowers, the blue one with the rabbit clit teaser!”

“You’re room two thirteen right?” Preston asked in a tired voice.

“Two sixteen pledge! You have to know these things!” Kimberly yelled at him.

“Sorry sir, won’t happen again sir,” Preston huffed back as he continued his descent down the stairs.

“If you hurry I won’t make you choke on that blue vibe pledge!” Kimberly called out as he went down, causing Preston to stop momentarily, his eyes wide open as Kimberly smiled down at him, “Oh, you didn’t think it was for me did you?”

Preston blinked a few times before continuing down the stairs without responding. Once he got to the ground floor and walked by the large doorway peering into the Rumpus Room he heard a chorus of cat calls from the group in their before turning down the hall and finally getting to the laundry room. He quickly sorted it into piles and dropped it into the machines and turned them on. He paused to take a breath when suddenly Megan stepped into the room, her curly dirty blonde hair swinging as she came to a sudden stop, “PELDGE!”

He turned to face her and as his shoulders drooped downward, “Yes sir?”

“I’m hungry! Go make me a sandwich. Peanut butter and grape jelly with the crusts cut off. Actually, make it two, and cut them in the shape of a heart.” She said as she looked at him crossly.

“The short order cook is…” Preston started to say before Megan cut him off, “PLEDGE! What was confusing about what I just said?!”

“N… n… nothing s… s… sir!” Preston replied and scurried out of the laundry room to the kitchen one room over and began assembling the ingredients. As he coated some bread with peanut butter and another with grape jelly he looked up to see Cammy sashay into the room.

“How are you holding up, pledge?” Cammy asked as she leaned against the wall.

“I’ve been here four days, I’ve slept about that many hours, I’m sore and sticky from random sex, and everyone is yelling at me,” Preston replied sourly and then after a short pause added, “Sir.”

Cammy smiled at him sweetly and then grabbed an energy drink out of one of the large stainless steel refrigerators and put it down in front of him, “Well everyone’s going to haze you extra hard. We don’t get new hoppers often. Plus most of the girls know you’ll be the one enjoying their bodies in a few short weeks, so they’re getting it all in now.”

Preston popped the top on the drink and gulped about half of it down before Cammy giggled and added, “Plus, you’re way cuter than the last hopper looked in that French maid outfit. OMG, you look ridiculous.”

“I know right?” Preston replied, “The dress isn’t actually that bad, but this thong is killing me. I don’t even mind the constant lace wedgie, but this damn thing is so small that one of my balls always slips out one side, or my cock flops out. I mean, it’s the size of an eye patch.”

“Well, now you know what we have to deal with to look all sexy for guys!” Cammy replied with a smug grin.

“Except your equipment doesn’t wiggle out the sides and what not,” Preston shot back with a grin.

Cammy leaned forward suddenly and kissed him on the lips, catching Preston by surprise. As she pulled back she said, “You’re a total cutie when you’re not stuttering like a scared rabbit.”

Preston looked into her large brown eyes and his mouth disconnected from his brain, “T… t… thank…”

Cammy sighed and rolled her eyes, “And there it goes again.”

Preston watched as she gracefully spun on her heels and headed out of the room, “Later pledge!”

“L… l… late…” But before he could get the word out she was gone.

Preston gathered up the plate of heart shaped PB&J sandwiches and headed out to find Megan. After delivering the sandwiches Mia found him and gave him even more laundry to do after he dropped off the little blue vibrator to Kimberly, and Brooke demanded that he clean the bathrooms. After scrubbing the toilets he went back down to continue on the laundry and began folding Mia, Tiffany, and Dan’s laundry.

Bee came walking down the hallway with his arm around Violet’s waist and stopped as he saw Cammy standing outside of the laundry room peering in, “Hey Cam, what’s happening?”

Cammy pointed in the doorway and remarked, “The little ones are so cute when they’re sleeping.”

Bee and Violet both glanced around the corner to see Preston passed out cold in a chair leaning forward on the table, his head buried into one of Tiffany’s pleated skirts in between two piles of mostly folded laundry. Violet looked at Bee and asked, “Do you want me to wake him up and send him out to clean the pool?”

Bee shook his head, went over and grabbed one of the sheets off the top of the pile and gently tucked it around the exhausted pledge. He then looked at Cammy and said, “When he wakes up let me know. Tell everyone I’m going to be sending him out on his first mission so he’s off limits until he gets done with that. Okay?”

Cammy curtseyed perfectly as she said happily, “As your majesty wishes it shall be done!”

“It’s good to be king,” Bee replied as he stole a quick kiss from Violet and then pulled her out of the room by her hand, giving Cammy a quick knuckle bump as he passed her.