The Vacation

By Mocs

20 minute read -

I have been observing her for a week now. The time is ripe. This will be a weird vacation. She will be my vacation. Tania Roberts is 28 and single. She works for a local legal agency. She has long dark hair and is somewhat overweight, not obese but overweight. However, despite that it was the feature that drew me to her, more specifically her body. I have been wondering for day how it would feel to be in her voluptuous body, to own those magnificent breasts and the big voluptuous body along with the trimmings. While I have not seen her outside the work environment, she fascinated me. For some reason beyond my comprehension I was obsessed with her body.

I discovered this quaint shop by accident. The old man inside promised me the ability to bond with another. The catch was I could only do it once and from then I could repeat the process but only with that person. For weeks I pondered on who to bond with. I knew it had to be of the opposite sex but who was the question. A teenager and experience the excitement of teens again or perhaps a middle aged person and experience the world from a mature view. It was then I bumped into Tania. She was looking at some items on the shelf of a local grocer. I could not help but admire her curvaceous figure. She was dressed in a black skirt, a white blouse and a green jacket. Her wide and shapely legs were encased in black nylons and she was wearing 3 inch heels. She had her hair tied into a ponytail. As she walked out of the shop, I could see the shapely rear wrapped in the black skirt. Her breasts were not grotesquely but quite generous in size. AT that moment I knew I had found the body, Tania’s body.

I had planned to take a unique vacation this year. I am going to live the live of another for a week. This spell allows me to merge and enter my host body. While together, I will be in control. I will have access to all her (and my) memories, experience, skills and mannerisms. My host will still be awake except she will see through me.

I arranged for a weeks absence at work and told my family that I will be away for the next week. I packed a few simple items and took off. Waiting for her at the back lot, I began to have second thoughts. What if it doesn’t work or if she screams or if she identifies me? The door opens and all the staff begins to leave. After 5 minutes Tania leaved. I took the incantation out and read it. The paper bursts into flames. I placed it in a small cup of water, dissolving and finally drank it down. The excitement of anticipating the possession of her body was exhilarating. I poured a small amount of chloroform onto my handkerchief and followed her. She parked her Honda at the end of the car lot. Just as she got in, I ran up and wrapped the chloroform cover napkin over her face. She tries to struggle but I manage to hold her down, long enough for the chloroform to take effect.

She slumped over the wheel. I pull her out and lay her in the back seat. Hopping into her Honda, I drive off. We drive to a quiet industrial zone. I managed to find an isolated and well covered spot. I got out of the car and carried the unconscious Tania and placed her on the ground. For the spell to work both bodies must be in contact with each other. Nothing must separate them. I unbuttoned her green jacket and her white shirt and placed it in the car. I then removed her black skirt and heels. I marveled at the sight of Tania now clad only in a white bra, white panties and black nylons. I gently rolled the nylons of the legs. While removing it, the smell of her feet begun to turn me on. I unbuckled her bra and removed her panties.

The smell of her perfume mixed with her body odor was intoxicating. It was getting dark and not wanting to arouse suspicions, I quickly took my clothes off. Following the instructions the old man gave me, I laid my naked form on top of hers. I could feel out nipples making contact, my penis rubbing her vagina. Then it happened. I felt my body melting?! I was losing my form and becoming a gel like substance coating the naked woman beneath me. I began entering her body, through her pores, nostrils, mouth, vagina, and anus. I was enveloped in darkness but the sensations I felt were erotic.

Suddenly as fast as it begun, it ended. I could breathe and feel again. The sensations were overwhelming. The weight of the breasts on my chests, the feeling of long hair on my scalp and the wind blowing Tania’s sensitive pubic region was indescribable. I sat up in my new body. The weight of the breasts could be felt. I cup my hands on the 2 moulds. The feeling was erotic. I could feel my nipples hardening.

Not wanting to attract any unwanted attention, I quickly started to put Tania’s clothes back on. The bra took a while but I managed at the end. When I finally completed the dress up, I put my feet back into her heels and stood up. The feeling of walking on heels and the sensation of nylons encased legs… amazing! I picked up my old clothes and placed them back in my bag. Hopping into the car, I drove off. Now in Tania’s body, I have access to her memories. I drove straight home to her place. This is going to be one fantastic vacation.

My Tania’s memory shows she shares an apartment with Susan. I was in luck. Susan was away for the week visiting her family so we have the place to ourselves for the whole week. I walked around the place. It’s not too big, 2 bedrooms and neat and cozy. I walked into Tania’s bedroom. She decorated the room with simple decorations. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I saw Tania. I began to undress myself. Standing in front of the mirror in my heels, nylons, bra and panties, I do a few Playboy poses. I lift my arms up and caught a whiff of strong body odor again. Looks like I need a shower.

‘Plenty of time for that later’, I thought.

I wanted to experience her the way she is, sticky and sweaty. I looked at myself again. I still could not believe I’m in her body. I spent the last week observing her; memorizing her routine. The last few nights have been dreams about her, of what she does at home, how she would look like underneath her clothes. Although I had a quick look the body underneath earlier when I took possession of it, I did not get a chance to explore due to time and privacy restrictions.

Her body was magnificent. I was attracted by her thick but shapely legs and her breasts. I struggled to unclasp the bra. It was difficult doing it for the first time. With the bra gone, the weight of the breasts was quite evident. They were definitely bigger than I had imagined. Her nipples were bigger and darker than mine. Out of curiosity, I began to stroke them. They seem to have a life of their own. A few simple touches and they were hard as rocks but I couldn’t stop myself.

The pleasure was building up inside me. I could also feel the wetness of Tania’s vagina. Using my left hand to stimulate the nipples, I used my right to massage the vagina through the nylon panties. I could feel the area getting damp and the lips were getting engorged and bigger. At last I felt what a woman’s orgasm feels like. I took the panties off and dropped them on the floor. In my impatience to enjoy myself, I had soiled them. I moved my hands towards her crotch, feeling the pubic hairs until I felt a slippery slit. As I started to rub her clitoris, surges of pleasure rocked through me. I began to moan. continued to masturbate myself for the next hour. A women’s orgasm was more satisfying than a man’s.

I continued to explore her body for the next couple of hours. I could feel the folds (and I loved those folds) on her neck and belly. I’ve always been a firm believer a woman should be voluptuous and curvy, not half starve and looking like matchsticks. I spend the next hour playing with myself. Looking around I saw the mess I made. I picked up her uniform, bra and panties strewn on the floor and placed it in her bedroom. I grabbed my knapsack with my male belongings and hid them in her wardrobe. While in her wardrobe I had a check on the clothes available to my new body. Tania appears to be a conservative and sensible dresser, probably conscious of her size. Despite that, she had a few ‘adventurous ‘outfits tucked in a corner. The price tags were still attached. She’s obviously too shy to wear them. Good thing I’m not. I tried a pair of red knickers. I felt really sexy in them. In fact they made me feel real horny. I did a few poses in front of the mirror and couldn’t believe how sexy Tania’s body looked.

It was getting late and this body was getting tired and reeks of odor. I took the red item off and headed for the shower. Cleaning a woman’s body was harder than I thought. The long hair along was a mission. It didn’t help that I got distracted along the way. Every time I soaped my breast and vagina, I can’t stop playing with myself! After half an hour I’m out and in my robe. I had to wrap the hair in a towel. It was getting water all over the place.

I proceed to explore of the life of Tania. She appears to be the youngest child in her family. She is currently not in any serious relationship. She appears to have an artistic flair and seems to have been trying to shed some weight. It looks like she’s succeeding too. She dropped out after school to work. She wasn’t interested in getting a university education. She had average grades in school. She is not a very outgoing person, with a medium sized circle of friends. She has a brother and sister. Her parents live out of town. I thumbed through 10 years of photos, school yearbooks and letters. It appears she has a moderate amount of savings too. I flipped through her dairy checking my ‘itinerary’ for the week. Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5 pm is work, aerobics on Tuesday and Wednesday nights after work. She’s visiting her folks this weekend and leaves for their place on Friday after work. Looks like I can go shopping on Thursday. I called it the night. It was strange lying in another person’s bed. Well the next few days are going to be different.

I kept to her routine as close as I could. After all, my goal was to be Tania for a week. I went to bed at 10 pm as she had to be up at 6 am the next day. The alarm went off at 6 am. I dragged myself out of bed. Looking in the mirror I saw my reflection. You look like shit, I thought to myself. The bladder is full. Without thinking, I instinctively lifted the toilet seat and started to relieve myself, only to realize my mistake and the reason why women pee sitting down. Swearing at the mess I made, I grabbed a handful of toilet paper to clean the mess. After a quick shower, I felt more alive. I decided to try wearing a red G-string with a white bra. I grabbed her uniform and proceed to put it on, the white shirt and black skirt and grabbed a fresh pair of black nylons and rolled them up her legs. Every minute in Tania’s body has quite an experience. Things I do without thinking is a new experience to me. I tie her log hair into a ponytail and accessed her memories and skills on makeup application and managed to do so without creating any disasters! I decided to wear her 3 inch black leather boots today. Her fridge wasn’t filled with much foodstuff, so I decided to skip breakfast and head off to her work.

Hoped into her car and off to work we went. We arrived at 8 am. From her memories, there were 10 employees in her firm. The two colleagues she was closest to were Sharon and Catherine. “Morning Sharon! Catherine!” I shouted. The two women smiled. “You are vibrant today. Get lucky last night?” Catherine teased. I smiled and walked to my desk. The rest of the day went quickly. Tania was a secretary at this law firm. I spent the day answering calls and typing letters. Most people would think this is not a vacation but being able to walk in her shoes and live her life was an experience indeed. Things I never found interesting were now different, from going to the bathroom to walking in leather boots. The day went slowly. I guess I couldn’t expect much in such a monotonous job. From her mind, I know she know she is going nowhere in this job but is too afraid to try anything different. The next 4 days working her job was uneventful and boring.

After work, I decided to go jogging. I wore her black sports bra, a grey jumper and a pair of blue shorts. I jogged along her usual route. From what I could see, the area Tania stays in a bit run down. Most people in this area of the lower socio economic group. After an hours jog, I head back to the apartment. The door was left ajar. Slowly but carefully I pushed open the door to see who was inside. To my surprise it was Susan, Tania’s house mate. Until now I had not met her and only knew her from Tania’s memories. From these memories, Susan works as a flight attendant. I was not expecting her as she was going to be away for a week. I also know, she is a bi-sexual and has not tried to hide her attraction to Tania. She was very sexy in her flight attendant uniform. Tania has always been curious about Susan but made it clear she was not interested.

“You’re back early,” I remarked.

“My shift was reduced, so I got sent home a few days earlier. Did I miss anything?” she asked.

I smiled, walked up to her and kissed her. She looked very surprised.

“What’s that for?”

“Your welcome home present.”

I decided not to upset the status quo of their relationship and not pursue that avenue any further, for now.

Tonight is aerobics at the local women’s gym with Catherine. Hmm. Looks like I get to see how the place looks like from the inside after all these years. I got home and decided to change into the black leotard she was afraid to wear for aerobics classes. Removing the price tag, I slid into the tight garment.

‘I must be going crazy. Every time I try on a new article of clothing, it is making me horny,’ I thought to myself. I could see Tania’s nipples harden through the leotard and decided to wear a white T-shirt over it. I spend the next hour in a room of women doing aerobics. After the session, Catherine asked me if everything was all right.

“You seem very quiet the last 2 days. It’s nothing I replied. I’m just not myself the last few days,” she said trying to be truthful.

“Catherine, how long have I worked with you?” I asked.

“It’s been 3 years. Why?” she replied.

“Do I look happy?” I asked.

“Well you have never been too fond of your job and you have mentioned that you want to try other things. Is something wrong?” She was getting concerned.

“Oh nothing,” I sighed.

We walked into the changing room together. Catherine removed her top revealing a slim and shapely figure wearing a black sports bra. I could feel Tania’s nipples harden and a warm and wet sensation between the legs. It seems despite being in a body of a woman; my mind is still 100% a man. I was tempted to reach out and caress her breasts but refrained myself. I had to remind myself not to upset the status quo of Tania’s life to avoid anyone form being suspicious or Tania when I leave this body.

On the way home, I picked up a few groceries from the local Tesco. I placed the items away. I was tired and hot and started to head upstairs for a shower. I looked at the reflection of Tania in her black leotard. I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at her. To me her body was magnificent. I would not alter it any way. Unfortunately Tania does not feel the way I feel about her body herself. From her mind, I know she is very conscious about her body. Her financial situation was not any better. The income was sufficient to provide a meager and simple life without excessive luxuries. To an extant, Tania is unaware of her inner potential and her capability to excel beyond her current existence and it would be a shame to see it all go to waste. From her memories, I know she was on Prozac for a while for a case of mild depression.

It was Thursday night and I decided to go shopping. I went to a local departmental store wanting to look for some clothes for my new body. Just before I went in, I popped into the local locksmith and had Tania’s set of keys duplicated. I even bought an identical key ring of the bunch of keys. I suspect they will come in handy in the future. I decided to purchase a black dress for my new body, with a matching set of G-string, a pair of 3 inch black heels and a pair of stunning gold earrings. This particular dress caught my eye because it will allow me to exhibit Tania’s breasts. I paid for the items with my personal bank card to avoid any suspicious purchases appearing on her bank statements. I continued the rest of the night just window shopping.

It’s the end of the week and the final part of my itinerary requires me to meet her family. This I guess will be the ultimate test, to pass myself off as Tania Roberts without her own family realizing the switch. The drive to their place took an hour. When I got there, I sat in the car, calmly composing myself and accessing her memories of her family. Her father is a retired engineer while her mother works part time at the local library. Her siblings don’t stay with them, so I guess this might make it easier to pull off my charade as Tania. I knock on the door. Her mother opens it. “Mum!” I exclaimed and gave her a hug. Her father was in his study on his computer. I decided to do what Tania usually does to her father to surprise him. “Guess who?” I place my hands over his eyes. He turns and gives me a hug. “Just got here?” he asks. I nod. Tania’s mum made her favorite dish, roast beef. I spend the next hour talking to them about Tania’s job and the happenings in her life, using the information from her memories. They were no wiser it wasn’t their daughter they were talking too. They had kept Tania’s old room the way she had left it.

I spend the next 2 days with her parents learning all that I could of my host, through childhood stories, pictures and videos. They are very loving parents and I felt I had known them all my life.

A week was almost up. While it has been a simple and interesting week, Tania’s life is not without her complications. Through Tania, I have seen and experience living in a manner I could not comprehend. To an extant, Tania is unaware of her inner potential and her capabilities to excel beyond her current existence and it would be a shame to see it all go to waste. . Despite her hardships, I must admit, I was very tempted to remain in Tania’s shoes a while longer but it would not be fair to her and my own existence.

Tonight is my last night in Tania’s body. Before I left, I wanted to feel the pleasures of a woman one last time. I disrobed and look at the reflection of the attractive woman before me once last time and ran my hands down her body again. I started to caress her vagina through the white panties. Pleasure courses though her body again. I am going to miss this I thought. Decided I wanted something to remember Tania by, I picked up few ‘souvenirs’ from my vacation. Walking over to the laundry basket, I picked up a few items, a bra, a pair of stockings, panties, a t-shirt, all infused with the smell of her body. Taking off all the clothes, I lay on the floor and relaxed my mind. My gelatinous form emerges from the unconscious woman below. I dress her back into her pajamas and placed her on her bed. I kissed her on the cheek thanking her for the wonderful experience and gathered my belongings from the wardrobe. As a final gesture of appreciation, I leave a pair of earrings on her dresser.

It has been 3 months since my ‘vacation’. When I planned this vacation originally, I had no idea the effect it would have on my male existence. Every since I left Tania, I have been feeling empty and incomplete, as if I am missing something. I could not get Tania out of my mind. I began to obsess over her so badly I could not differentiate reality from fantasy. After 2 months, I had quit my job. I rented a place near Tania’s apartment and began to follow her movements. Everyday I admire her body from afar. I imagined how it felt to walk on heels, wear a bra, the feeling of her clothes on me and the female orgasm. My sad nights are spent holding my souvenirs near me. Her smell just made the feeling worse. There was an occasion I even tired to wear them despite how ridiculous I looked in them. I need to be near her, to be her again.

I noticed I was not the only person affected. Tania looked tired and irritable. I also notice she started her Prozac medication again. She did not dress as elegantly as she used to when I first me her. There were times; she looked like she was talking to herself. One day, she ran out of her office crying. She hoped into her car and drove erratically around town. I did my best to stay close but at the same time kept my distance to avoid getting caught. She drove up to nearby lake. When I got there, I began to panic. She had left the car door open with her keys and handbag still in the car. I ran after her fearing she might do something insane. She has stripped herself and was walking towards the center of the lake.

“Tania!” I shouted.

She turned and looked at me. I could see the sadness in her eyes.

“What do you want?! Leave me alone!” she screamed.

“Don’t do it! Let me help! I know what is wrong with you,” I replied.

“Do you? I don’t know what is wrong with me anymore. I’m tired. What’s worse, I think I may have lost a week of my life and I am even not sure of that! People talk to me about things I may have done but I can’t remember anything! Even my room mate thinks I am hitting on her!”

I was left with little choice but to reveal the truth. I could not let Tania hurt herself. I told her of the spell and the time I spent in her body. She started laughing hysterically.

“The things one say to trick other. You love my body so much, take it. I hate it. Take these huge breasts, body and my life if you want it so badly. Take it all!!!”

She turned and moved faster into the lake. I took my shirt and shoes off and ran in after her. By the time I swam there she was out of sight. I dove under search for her. After three tries, I find her floating unconsciously in the water. I drag the both of us ashore. She wasn’t breathing. I started my CPR but I could not get her to breath. I had only one option left. I stripped my remaing clothing off and laid on top pf her. As I lay on top of her, I kissed her on the lips. I felt the sensation again. Life the first time, an erotic and strange sensation flows through me. I feel myself liquefying again and flowing back into Tania. ‘I hope this works,’ I though before everything went dark.

I labored to get my first breath of air to fill my lungs and started to cough violently. I could feel the water coming out of my mouth and nose. When the coughing stopped, I looked down at myself. “It worked.”

I stood up and felt the gravity of my breast take effect. How I missed this feeling. Not wanting to aggravate Tania’s fragile psyche any longer, I decided to leave her body immediately. What happened next frightened me. I could not leave her body. I could not feel her in my mind either. I realize I could no longer draw on her memories and experience. This could only mean one thing, Tania was gone. What I entered was an empty husk. I sat back down on the ground and started to cry. This body and this imperfect life had been my obsession for the last 3 months. As much as I wanted it, I was not willing to pay this price for it. It was too much. I spend the next 10 minutes sitting there, too numb to move or do anything. I could not let anyone see me, no, see Tania this way. I put on her clothes and walked over to my trousers strewn on the ground. I took my wallet out and removed all the cash and decided to leave the bank cards in case they are traced. I look at my old face on the driver’s license again for the last time and placed the wallet back into the trousers. I cleared a few belongings from my car and left in Tania’s. When I got back into town, I snuck back into my old place and picked up a few precious possessions I didn’t want lost. I wrote a suicide note and left it on the table, to complete the charade and to throw of any further investigations of my disappearance.

That was a year ago. A month after the incident, I quit Tania’s old job and decided to pursue a college education. I moved to a different city to start afresh. My old self was declared missing and dead when they could not find the body. Policed classified the case as suicide by drowning and closed the file. I had to start all over again. I did not expect such a twist in life. It looks like my vacation turned out to be a permanent migration. I loved Tania’s body and her life but I did not expect to gain it this way. I am however going to make the best of it and live it in a way Tania would be proud. I love my new body and am very proud of it. I am Tania Roberts, 29. This is my body, this is my life.