The Video Call

By Tobyredone

10 minute read -

I got the call late at night in my hotel room. Well, late at night my time, I was practically on the other side of the world from my normal home. I was overseeing some new hardware and software being put in at one of my business’s branch offices in Malaysia. I had been here almost a week and a half, which wasn’t unusual.

Almost a year ago, when I had first started these extended overseas trips I had set my girlfriend up with a laptop that had a camera on it so that we could keep in touch via video chat. She was excited about it, and thought it would help us stay close. Infact she would use it every day when I was on a trip abroad. On this trip she usually called me just as I was about ready for bed, but it was mid-morning for her.

Seeing her every day and talking to her made these long trips much easier. So it was no surprise when in the corner of my screen an invitation to video chat popped up. I clicked on the yes button, and as the screen opened up I said, “Hi honey, what’s going on?”

“Gee, Wally, I never knew you felt that way about me,” was the response I got.

It was my brother’s voice. My eyebrows furrowed as I looked at the screen name that had invited me to chat. It read Terracutie77, which was my girlfriend’s screen name. I looked back at the video chat screen and saw my brother’s face. He was leaning in very close to the camera, so I couldn’t see anything except his face. I shrugged it off, and figured he had stopped over by my place while I was gone to check on Terra. It wasn’t uncommon. I figured Terra must just have let him dial me up.

“Hey Kyle. What’s new?” I asked him with a smile.

“Oh, you would not believe it even if I told you.” He replied.

“Oh Kyle, not another one of your get rich quick schemes? I thought you would have outgrown them by now. You didn’t ask Terra for more money, did you? Or do you need to crash at my place for a while again?” I asked him as I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, this isn’t a scheme, but I am staying at your place for a while.” He said with a laugh.

“Yeah, that’s fine Kyle, can you put Terra on? I’d like to say hi to her.” I asked as I got a little impatient to see my girlfriend.

“She’s right here Wally, but she can’t talk at the moment. Sorry.” Kyle replied with a smile as he brushed some dark hair out of his eyes.

“Ha, very funny Kyle. Put her on please.” I said as wondered why he was brushing long hair out of his eyes; Kyle had very short hair…

“I’m serious bro, she can’t talk right now, but if you need her for something, like a live video strip tease I still might be able to help you out. I know that she occasionally gives you a little show on these calls.” He replied to me with a smirk that I wanted to smack off his face.

“And how would you know that? You’re not hacking into our connection, are you?” I asked him with a bit of anger in my voice.

“No way bro, I know from her memories.” He replied with that stupid smirk.

“From her memories? What are you talking about?” I asked him, thinking he had gone insane.

“Well, like I said, you’d never believe it if I just told you, so I’ll show you instead.” He said as he sat back from the camera on the laptop and I got my first glimpse of him and the bedroom in my small apartment back home.

But maybe ‘him’ was the wrong term. You see as my brother leaned back, I saw he now had shoulder length brown hair, a thin graceful neck, and a nice set of tits that were barely covered with an almost shear black camisole. It was almost a full second later before I could comprehend what I was looking at. Then suddenly I realized I had seen that camisole before. Terra had bought one just like it to “welcome” me home from my last trip abroad. Also, as I squinted at the screen I realized that Kyle’s new hair style looked a lot like Terra’s current hair style. Suddenly it dawned on me. His face was on my girlfriend’s body.

“Ha. Good trick Kyle. This computer simulation looks so real. How did you get Terra to show you what lingerie she has? How long have you two been planning this?” I asked him with a smile.

“Oh this isn’t any simulation Wally. This is your girlfriend’s body completely under my control. I hopped into her body late last night. I hope you don’t mind that I fingered her little pussy almost all night. I was late to her job this morning by almost an hour. Oops.” Kyle said to me with a smile and a shrug, which made is fantastic tits bounce under the flimsy garment he was wearing.

“Yeah, sure Kyle. Seriously, though, how are you doing this? Is there two cameras set up, and you are dropping your face’s image on her body? To get this much detail, I’d almost think this has to be pre-recorded, though.” I said to him with a grin, and then asked, “Lift your left hand, that probably wouldn’t be in a pre-recorded video.”

“Lift my left hand? How about this?” Kyle asked with amusement in his eyes. He lifted his feminine left hand, wiggled his fingers to wave at me, then spun his dainty hand around and gave me the middle finger. It was then that I noticed the hand had the same promise ring on that I had given Terra almost six months ago when she had asked me for a commitment.

“Ok, it’s definitely not pre-recorded,” I said with a bit of a worried tone in my voice.

“I’m telling you, bro, it’s all me inside your girlfriend here, and wow does she have a primo body. Here, maybe this will help me prove it too you.” Kyle said as he leaned back into the camera’s lens.

His head went up and suddenly I found an extreme close up of my girlfriend’s cleavage on the computer screen. I saw her small hands go across the screen, and pull the small pink straps of the shear camisole off her shoulders. With her posture and the weight of her breasts pressing down the flimsy garment had no chance of keeping anything covered. The camisole’s top flopped down, and I got a clear view her entire chest. Her proud, perky breasts stared at the camera, her nipples pointing out defiantly, as if she was extremely cold, or extremely horny. I knew it was Terra’s breasts, as I had spent many hours playing with them. I had teased, caressed, kissed, and even lightly chewed on those lovely mounds, and knew them like the back of my hand. I didn’t know what to say, so I sat at my chair staring at the screen.

Suddenly Kyle leaned back and his hands went to grab at the tops of the triangles of the almost transparent camisole and pulled the thin fabric back over his breasts. Not that the fabric hid anything. You could clearly see not only his breasts, but his nipples too.

“Oops. I feel out of my shirt. How clumsy of me. I really should try to be more lady-like, but I know the guys at Terra’s office sure appreciated any little show I gave them today.” Kyle said as he smiled at me, and posed my girlfriend’s body seductively.

“What the… How? Kyle, how?” I stammered as I choked out a few words.

“Oh, it turns out that I have a rather unique talent, I just needed to have it awakened. I can possess people Wally.” I heard him say.

“Why Terra?” I asked next, wondering what my brother was going to do with her body.

“Well Wally, it’s simple really. The sex. It’s fucking amazing from a woman’s side, and they get multiple orgasms, and they can get laid whenever they want. So, first I thought to myself, ‘Self, who’s really hot that I know and I could play with?’ and then I remembered that you have been dating this little hottie for over two years. Then when I body hopped her, and started going through her memories, I realized that she talks to you on the computer almost every night through a camera, and I knew that my real face would also show up on the camera. So then I figured it would be a great way to show you my new talent, and have a bit of fun with you and Terra as well. And I was right!” Kyle exclaimed as he raised his hands, which let the camisole flop down again, and put his boobs on display again.

Kyle sighed as he looked down at his new mounds of flesh and sighed, “These damn things just won’t stay covered. Oh well, I guess I may as well take it off then.” He said with a smile as he reached down to his tight little stomach, grabbed the bottom of the thin fabric negligee and pulled the small shirt up and over his head, which caused his boobs to bounce as they fell out again.

“I just love the matching panties, though, don’t you?” He asked as he kneeled on the bed and adjusted the camera, bringing his lower half into the middle of my screen. He was indeed wearing the matching panty that Terra had bought to go with the camisole. I remembered peeling the undies off her that night as she had offered her body up to me.

“I can remember you yanking them down her thighs and fucking her right here in this bed, Wally, and I have to say, just the memory is making this pussy nice and moist.” Kyle said out loud as he ran his small fingers down over his naked breasts, down his toned stomach, and over the top of his panty covered pussy, where his fingers traced the outline of a small groove that I knew so well through the almost transparent cloth.

I watched as Kyle leaned back again, and smiled at the screen while he continued to rub his stolen body all over. Soon his fingers hooked the sides of the black panties and he pulled them down and off too, dropping them off the side of the bed like the camisole. He then turned and grabbed something off the night stand by the bed before turning towards the camera again.

“Oh, I promised you a show, didn’t I? Well, Terra has never done this for you before, but I think I can help you out. After all, what are brothers for?” Kyle said with a grin as he lay back on the bed and spread his legs, giving me a complete view of Terra’s open and moist pussy.

He then held up a large pink dildo in one of his small graceful hands, and winked at me before saying, “I got this today after I finished Terra’s job. Check it out, it even vibrates.” As he said that his thumb moved on a small switch and the dildo light up on the inside with lights and began writhing and humming in his hand like some sort of living slug.

He brought the large dildo to his new lower set of lips and began to lightly rub the head along his thighs and down the length of his pussy. I also heard him begin to moan, and his head dropped back out of sight. His hands continued their ministrations as he began to work the toy into his pussy with one hand, and play with his clit using his other. His thighs and pelvis began to twitch in rhythm with the fucking his hands were giving him, and his moans became louder and picked up there pace.

“Oh fuck, fuck yes, fuck YES OH OOOOOH!” He screamed out as I sat watching him not only finger fuck my girlfriend’s pussy, but have an orgasm with her body as well.

After he came he laid still for a few moments, just breathing roughly. I could see the shininess on my girlfriend’s thighs, and I knew that her pussy juices were seeping out around the dildo, still inserted into her hungry vagina.

Finally I saw my brother raise his face and smile at the camera before saying, “Oh fuck Wally, it just builds and builds and builds, and then it’s like an explosion from your hair to your toe nails. I mean fuck! Well, I should get going. I have to meet a few of my friends for some drinks at the bar. I’m not bringing any money, ‘cause I’m a hot chick, but if they get me drunk enough I’ll probably have to try this pussy out with a real live cock in it. Wish me luck! If I’m not inside Terra when you get back into town, would you tell her I said hi, and thanks, and sorry about the sore pussy? Ok, thanks! See ya.”

And with that I saw him reach forward and hit a key on the laptop and the connection was broken. I sat starring at the black screen of my laptop for a while. I was still speechless and didn’t know what to think. What should I think about watching my brother masturbate my girlfriend’s body? What should I think about what he was doing in her body right now? And worse, what should I think about what he is going to do in her body tonight?