Too Much of a Good Thing - Epilogue

By Tobyredone

3 minute read -

It’s been six months since I hopped Vanessa, determined to live her life as my own. So far it’s been hard, but worth it. I’m struggling to make it, and I live in a run down shitty apartment. I’m working with Valerie, and I’m excelling at my job, but not enough to jump pay grades yet.

I’m good friends with Valerie, and we often go out together, or simply hang out together. I enjoy her friendship, and I also enjoy the girl talk. Every now and then when we go out Brian, Burt, and Alyssa will show up. Burt is almost always in a mount that he’s picked up somewhere, but Brian spends a fair amount of time as himself. Occasionally when I go to meet Valerie out, I’ll see Brian’s face on her body. It’s still fun to hang out with her then, but I think I prefer Valerie’s company to Brian’s or Burt’s.

Brian and Burt both try to help me out financially, but I keep refusing them, telling them that I want to make it on my own. Every day I get up and look in the mirror, and know that I have to make it work because it’s my life now.

As I look in the mirror there isn’t any of my face left. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that, as it’s not quite correct. There is none of my old face, and my new “real” face is showing through. I’m completely me. I couldn’t hop out of Vanessa anymore even if I wanted to, but that’s fine because I am Vanessa.

I decided to call up Ryan three months ago, and ask him if he was still interested in chasing me.

He said more then ever. We have been dating steady for the past few months. He keeps insisting that I move out of my shitty apartment and into his house, but I’m not ready. I can say that he’s amazing in bed. He makes me scream. He claims it’s only because I bring out the best in him. He’s also apparently rich. His family is very wealthy, so it’s not just from his job. I think it secretly bothers him that I won’t let him help me with money.

Well, I did take one thing from him. An engagement ring. I’m soon to be Mrs. Ryan Straubel. Valerie squealed and jumped up and down when I showed her the ring. I of course asked her to be my maid of honor, and now I just hope that Burt doesn’t hop her on the big day and cause a ruckus. I may try and get a couple attractive blondes I know to be bridesmaids, just so that he has other targets.

Scott showed up one time while I was out with Ryan almost two months ago. He was drunk and screaming that I was a man inside of Vanessa’s body. He tried to force Ryan to look at me through a mirror, but Ryan just calmly told me we should leave. So we did. When we got home that night Ryan asked me if Scott was crazy. I told him that Scott was normal when I dated him, but who knows since I hadn’t seen him in so long. I then pulled Ryan into the bathroom with me, and stood in front of the large bathroom mirror. My reflection of course looked the same because I had been in Vanessa so long.

I asked him, “Does this face look like a man’s to you?”

The marriage is in a few months, and then I will move into Ryan’s house for sure. I already have a fair amount of clothes there. Especially lingerie and hot little outfits. I love to dress up for him. I also cook and work out daily to stay in shape for him. He can’t believe I love sex as much as I do, either.

He thinks he’s getting the deal of the century, but I feel that I’m the one who has the most amazing deal on the planet. He treats me like a queen, and makes me feel special, and in the end that’s all I really wanted or ever needed.