By Tobyredone

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I had suspicions that Megan had been cheating on me, but it wasn’t anything I could put a definite finger on, and of course anytime I even hinted at it she would get angry and instantly defensive, stopping the conversation immediately at she stormed around angry at me. Lately there were days she just seemed so detached and different than normal. Finally I bought some top-of-the-line Teddy Cams through my work under the guise of corporate espionage. Sometimes it’s nice to be at the top, right? They never hit our accounts so my wife knew nothing about them. I brought some home for her and put them in a few rooms around the house telling her that they were just regular teddy bears and if they were all over she could always know that I was thinking about her, even when I was off on a business trip. After a few days, and one instance of her again seeming off to me when I got home, I waited until the next day when she went to her regular spa appointment and then downloaded the footage and brought it to work so I could see what the bears had managed to catch.

I closed my office door and set up my monitor and started the footage from Teddy_Cam_1. That was the one that sat on our fireplace. I started there because I thought if anyone else was coming over, that one had a nice view of the living room and the front door. I put the camera on four times speed, as most of the footage was empty, and just looking at the living room. The first two days were uneventful. Just random shots of her walking through the room, or sitting down to watch some TV, or signing for a package. I took a sip of my coffee as the recording from the third day started, and just after watching myself leave on camera, I saw Megan go to the door and open it to see the neighbor kid standing at the door way. At four times speed they greeted each other, he stepped in with some paper, and then suddenly a glob was seeping into her body and there was just a pile of clothing where he stood. I almost spit my coffee all over my monitor screen. I stabbed the rewind button and went back to the start of the incident and hit play at normal speed as I turned up the volume to hear what exactly had happened.

I leaned toward my screen as I watched my wife heading to see who was outside after the doorbell rang. She opened it to the neighbor boy who smiled at her and said, “Hi Mrs. Smith, how are you today?”

“I’m good Trevor, what can I help you with?”

“I’m selling pizzas for my school. The proceeds go to help wounded puppies and kittens. I was wondering if you’d like to help support our cause,” Trevor said as he held out what seemed to be an order form.

“Oh, come in. Let me find my purse. Of course I’ll buy a couple of pizzas for a good cause,” Megan replied as she invited Trevor inside and closed the door behind him.

“Thanks Mrs. Smith! I know I can always count on you!” He said beaming happily.

She turned to go and said over her shoulder, “Trevor you know you don’t have to call me Mrs. Smith. It makes me feel so odd. We’re neighbors, we don’t need to be so formal.”

“Oh! Well then, can I tell you something else?” Trevor asked before she could leave.

My wife stopped and turned back towards Trevor and asked, “What’s that?”

“I’m not actually selling pizzas. I just wanted to get out of view so I could steal your body.” Trevor replied with a mischievous smirk.

“What…?” Megan started to ask just a touch too late as Trevor reached out and grabbed both her arm and her neck, pressing his face against hers.

Normally this would just have looked like a kiss, but the whole thing turned surreal a moment later when Trevor’s body began to melt and turn into this goo. As he transformed, the slime-like substance seemed to be flowing into Megan’s mouth and skin. It only lasted a short time and suddenly the neighbor boy was gone as he completely melted into my wife. She stumbled backwards and fell into a sitting position on the floor with his now discarded clothes in between her legs. She shook her head a moment later and then commented out loud, “That’s always such a rush,” followed by a giggle which sounded odd as they were both in Trevor’s voice. She looked down at her own chest and then in Trevor’s voice again said, “Oh I missed these fun bags! Titties are so much fun!” and then with her own hands she began molesting her own breasts.

She continued for a few more moments and then looked down at the pile of clothes and said, “I suppose I should pick up. There will be plenty of time for fun in a bit.”

With that she grabbed the small pile of clothes that were left behind as the neighbor boy melted into my wife. She got up off the floor then dug through the pants pockets until she pulled out a cell phone, smirking at it while walking through the living room and disappearing off screen from Teddy_Cam_1. It wasn’t until she dug the phone out and began walking through the living room that I could see her face on the screen, but it suddenly dawned on me that instead of her pretty features it was Trevor’s ugly mug on my wife’s stunning body.

I blinked a few times, rewound the video and played it again. And again. My mind tried to make sense of what was happening, but it was struggling. This didn’t seem to be real. I briefly wondered if my wife had found out about the Teddy Cams and had hired someone to put a sort of Science Fiction movie on it just to mess with me. My mind then clicked to the fact that it looked like Trevor was headed to our bedroom, and I had another Teddy Cam in that room.

I opened the footage from Teddy_Cam_2 and fast forwarded it to about the same time that my wife disappeared off from Teddy_Cam_1. Within a few seconds she walked into our bedroom still holding Trevor’s pile of clothes and his cell phone. She tossed the clothes into the back of our closet and began typing on the phone. After finishing whatever she was doing on the phone she dropped it on the bed and spun towards the full length mirror in our bedroom. Trevor’s face smiled as he walked up to it and began turning left and right, studying his new stolen form in the mirror. He ran Megan’s hands up and down her sides and flank, playfully slapping her rump as he let out a giggle that again sounded odd in a young man’s voice. He then wasted no time in stripping Megan out of her button-up blouse and her calf length flowing skirt. Megan’s body with Trevor’s face then again turned to face the mirror as I heard his voice say, “Oh Mrs. Smith why do you have such boring old underwear? You’ve got a rocking body for a chick your age. You should be wearing something way more slutty than this. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out.”

And with that he went over to Megan’s dresser and began rummaging through her drawers, pulling random panties out, holding them up, and tossing them back in as he said, “Covers too much. Not silky enough. Fucking ugly. My Grandma would wear panties like these.” Finally he pulled out a small white thong I had given my wife as a gift a few years ago. She had only worn them once to appease me and since then they had been stuck in the lingerie vault. Trevor held it up and said, “Well, this will have to do again I guess. I’ll have to go shopping and get you some decent panties if I’m going to keep doing this.”

With that, Megan’s body under Trevor’s control stood up and stripped from her normal cotton bra and panties. She pulled the tiny thong up her shapely legs and over her little love mound, then she stepped a few times and adjusted it until it fit just right. Trevor then dove back into the drawer to find the matching bra and slipped into it. He then began searching for something else, finally pulling out some fishnet stockings that Megan had bought a few years ago to wear with a costume. He sat down on the bed and carefully worked them up my wife’s legs to the top of her thighs. After that he stood back up and headed over to the closet, looking through her shoe collection as he said, “Well, at least you’ve got a pile of shoes to pick from. I should be able to find some matching slutty heels in all this stuff.” Trevor ended up settling for a pair of white peep toes with a four inch heel, and after putting them on he went to stand in front of the mirror again. Megan looked like a porn star. She had an incredible body to begin with, and now clad in lingerie with a pair of heels to emphasize her legs and ass, the only thing that kept her from being a complete knock out was her dark brown shoulder length hair framing a teenage boy’s face. That face currently smiled in the mirror as it checked out all of my wife’s curves rather carefully.

“Perfect!” Trevor’s voice declared as Megan’s body turned one last time to check out her own ass. He then strutted across the room and back to the closet, digging through one of Megan’s shoe boxes that she had piled up on the top shelf. “It’s a shame that I have to hide this one because you don’t have any of these, Mrs. Smith. Maybe if you were a bit less of a prude your husband wouldn’t take so many business trips,” Trevor’s voice cooed as Megan’s hands began to caress a rather large pink dildo.

Megan’s body then went to lie down on the bed, and as she got comfortable she pulled the small thong off to the left side and began to happily trace the head of the anatomically correct, veiny rubber cock up and down her shiny pussy lips. Trevor didn’t mess around long, and as soon as some of the sheen of Megan’s excited pussy had rubbed onto the fake dick, Megan’s hands worked it up inside of her obviously moist and waiting snatch. Teddy_Cam_2 was set up to take in the entire bedroom, but it was positioned especially well for the bed, as I figured that would be the prime location for any trysts, and my pre-planning was certainly showing right now. Trevor’s voice began to pant and grunt as Megan’s hands grasped the base of the rubber cock and began a steady rhythm of stabbing the appendage in and out. It didn’t take long before Megan’s toned legs tensed, her toes curled, and Trevor’s voice called out in happy elation to the tune of an orgasm flowing through my wife’s body. As Trevor came down from the sexual bliss, Megan’s arms and legs went limp and flopped outward on the bed, the pink dildo still buried half-shaft inside of her well-used little cunt.

She only had a few moments to recover before the doorbell rang. Megan’s body extracted the dong from her nethers, slid off the bed and walked to the mirror to adjust the tiny triangle of fabric back over her still juicy pussy, tousled her hair a bit, and then darted out of the room as quickly as she could while teetering on her heels slightly unsteadily.

I was again stupefied as I looked at the monitor, the video feed showing an empty bedroom once more. I blinked a few times and clicked back to the original feed from Teddy_Cam_1, fast-forwarding to about the time when Trevor ran out of my bedroom in my wife’s body. I hit play once more and waited as the timer clicked down until my wife would again show up on the camera footage. I wasn’t precise when I switched to the other camera, so I waited for about thirty seconds before my wife’s body came into view of the camera, her ass cheeks jiggling in her thong as Trevor did his best to run in the four inch heels through the room and up to the door. As it opened I saw another teenage boy who I didn’t personally know but had seen in the neighborhood a few times, usually hanging out with Trevor. I think both of the boys may have mowed my lawn for a few summers when they were saving up for cars. The lanky young kid that stood at my doorstep on the camera was blatantly staring at my wife’s rack and even on the camera you could tell that he was enthused by how little the small push up bra kept hidden.

“Hey B, how’s it hanging?” My wife asked in Trevor’s enthusiastic and youthful tone as she held her fist out for a knuckle bump.

As the other kid bumped her fist happily he replied in a slightly shaky tone, “Damn T-man! Seeing Mrs. Smith in that hotness means I’m not hanging at all! I’m fucking sporting a full on rod of steel! That shit is so much better than the boring set of panties you had on last time!”

Megan’s body stuck out a leg and cocked a hip as Trevor displayed my wife’s body wantonly while he replied, “Yeah, I had a little time to prep before I texted you, so I tried to get her a bit more dolled up than last time. She cleans up pretty good, huh?”

“Fuck yeah she does!” The boy replied enthusiastically.

“Well, get your skinny ass in here, Brian! I don’t want everyone seeing you standing there gawking at me from the doorway and wrecking our little covert operation here,” Trevor said as he walked away from the door and into the living room, “All it would take is some of the rumor mill to start talking and have some of it get back to this delish piece of ass, or Mr. Smith, ya know?”

“Yeah, I hear you,” Brian replied as he sauntered in after my mostly naked wife and closed the door behind himself.

I thought they would be heading back to the bedroom from the bulge that was already formed in Brian’s pants, but instead Trevor turned in front of the large couch in the middle of our living room and dropped down, hanging one shapely leg over the arm of the couch and laying back into the cushion. He brought up one of Megan’s hands to twirl some of her hair around his index finger and then looked back at Brian and asked, “So, whatcha wanna do?”

“Fuck you! You know what I wanna do! I wanna do that sweet ass.”

“Ha, yeah, I know I was just fucking with you a little.” Trevor replied as he sat back forward, causing Megan’s tits to spill forward in her bra and look gigantic. “So, how do you want to do me this time?”

“How about doggy style right here?” Brian asked enthusiastically.

“Fine by me,” Trevor replied. He spun around so that he was on his hands and knees on the couch with my wife’s ass hanging just over the edge, a dark wet spot appearing plainly in her white thong.

“Fuck, you’re drenched man!” Brian said as he reached out and ran his index finger up the groove of my wife’s panty covered pussy lips, causing Trevor to let out a low moan and lean back into the boy’s hand.

“Shut up and get your dick out. I’m ready to go here. This chick needs to fuck her husband more often, she’s got so much pent up frustration it’s fucking brutal,” Trevor replied in a lust filled tone.

“Aight, aight, don’t get your panties in a twist,” Brian muttered while chuckling as he pulled his dick out of his fly and leaned forward to tug Megan’s panties off to the side.

Due to the angle of the camera I couldn’t see him actually fucking my wife. As he moved behind her and grasped her hips his back was directly to the camera, and his body covered the act. But I could see him rocking back and forth and I could hear Trevor moaning and groaning in time to his movements. I also could see Megan’s hands reach up and pull her full breasts out of the bra cups. With one hand under herself to steady her body against Brian’s thrusts, the other hand tweaked and twisted at her nipples as her boobs bounced back and forth in a happy rhythm, matching the enthusiasm of the two teenagers who were enjoying the fucking session.

As they kept going the panting, groaning, and slapping noises from my computer monitor began to get louder and louder, and I realized if anyone heard me it would sound like I was watching porn at work, so I paused the video and went to close my door. I then went back to my computer and realized that I was in fact watching porn at work. Porn that was starring my wife. I clicked the play button and sipped my coffee as I went back to watching the two teenagers fuck with wild abandon. Brian didn’t last much longer, and soon enough he pulled back. I could see him spasm as he grasped in front of him and let out a series of grunts. Finally he stepped back and I could see my wife’s back and ass covered in his white strings of cum.

I saw Megan look back over her shoulder and the wrongness of Trevor’s face on her body hit me again as his voice said, “Oh man, that’s hot as fuck right there! Get your phone out and snap a few pictures for me.”

Brian simply nodded as he dug into his baggy pants pocket and retrieved his cell phone, holding it out and snapping pictures as tendrils of cum dripped down my wife’s shapely butt cheeks onto the sofa below her. Trevor smiled at the camera and even shook Megan’s ass happily a few times before asking, “When did you think to do that?”

“I was watching some porn last night and the guy did that to Rhonda Jones. I figured the next time we met up, I’d do the same thing, ‘cause we’re like porn stars or some shit now, right?” Brian said as he chuckled then added in a dejected tone, “It’s too bad that your ugly face shows up on any camera while you’re in a chick’s body.”

“I know right? Can you imagine the black mail material we could get on Stacy Millers if her face was in the pictures from four days ago instead of mine?” Trevor replied as he straightened up and shrugged before tucking Megan’s tits back into her bra cups and adjusting her thong.

“Oh, for sure,” Brian replied absently as he started to scroll through photos on his phone that I couldn’t really make out. The Teddy Cams had great resolution, but not that great.

“Pass me some tissue, B,” Trevor asked as he looked over Megan’s back at the dribbles of cum still running down her back and ass cheeks.

“Why, who the fuck cares? Sit down and rub that shit in the couch!” Brian said as he started to laugh.

“C’mon man, I can’t do that! Mr. Smith is a nice enough guy. The time before you fucked me the last time I was in Mrs. Smith he took me out for sushi just because I asked. He’s not that bad. It’s not his fault he married a chick that’s such a fucking prude,” Trevor replied to Brian as he held his hand out for a tissue and made a hurry up motion with Megan’s fingers.

“Fine. Here,” Brian replied as he grabbed some tissues off a nearby coffee table and handed them to Trevor, who accepted them and started to wipe the cum off Megan’s back and ass cheeks.

I thought back to the night about a week and a half ago when I had come home to Megan sitting on the couch watching TV. When I asked her about dinner options she had replied by asking if we could go out for sushi, which normally she hated. I thought it was odd at the time, but I personally didn’t mind sushi. So, we had gone out. She had seemed to be acting a bit odd that night. I remember when I ordered her a glass of wine she had an odd look on her face, but now that I knew her body was being piloted by a teenage boy, that seemed to make sense. She had also come to bed stark naked that night, and we had sex, which was the only time in the past three months I had actually made love to my wife.

While I was lost in thought, the boys continued their conversation, but one of their comments tripped me back into what was happening on the screen. The two were sitting on the couch watching some TV show about extreme sports when Brian asked, “Hey did you ever see that guy who was in Cindy again?”

“The body hopper that unlocked my abilities? Yeah, he’s messing around in some chick down in Miami right now. He sends me texts every now and again asking how I’m doing. He found some other guy that he’s hanging out with. They’re on spring break or something. His new buddy has your name, too!” Trevor replied.

“Body hopper. I forgot, that’s what you guys call yourselves,” Brian replied with a chuckle.

“Makes sense I guess. We hop from body to body. Nobody knows we exist unless they see our real faces through a camera, or if they’re a hopper they can see our real faces on our mounts. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to see Burt’s face on Cindy… and getting to fuck the head cheerleader was awesome!” Trevor replied happily.

“Yeah, I’m jealous. Seems pretty fun,” Brian said as he checked out my wife’s body while Trevor sat there still scantily clad in the lingerie.

“It’s fucking tits, man. It’s so awesome in Mrs. Smith here. She’s easily my favorite mount so far. Her tits are nice and big, but not too big that her back hurts, and she’s got a sweet set-up here being a housewife with not much to do. Her pussy is so sensitive, too.” As Trevor spoke he spread Megan’s legs and leaned back into the couch, running a perfectly manicured finger up and down the slight cleft in the mound between his thighs. “Mmm hmm… feels so nice. And her orgasms are fucking stellar. Way better than whacking it back in my room with my normal cock. Not to mention that between getting fucked by you and Mr. Smith I don’t even mind that she’s such a prude on skimpy panties and shit. I do wish I could go out and get some stuff that would make her look all hot and slutty, but where would I hide it and not tip off either Mr. or Mrs. Smith? You know?”

“Wait, you had sex with Mr. Smith? Ew.” Brian said as he made a grossed out face.

“Oh, whatever. It’s not any weirder than letting you fuck me in Mrs. Smith’s body, is it?” Trevor shot back with a sly grin.

Brian was speechless for a bit and then stuttered out, “Uh… yeah, I guess… but he’s like old or whatever.”

“He’s only thirty two! And that’s only one year older than Mrs Smith here… Are you saying she’s too old to fuck? Because we can stop I guess,” Trevor retorted.

“No! No, not at all. I guess I didn’t think about it,” Brian replied quickly while waving his hands, obviously keen to keep up the status quo.

“Besides, Mr. Smith has a huge dick. Mrs. Smith’s pussy fucking stretches to the max to gobble it all up. If she had any sense at all, she’d be riding him like a pony every fucking night,” Trevor commented with a happy, dreaming look on his face.

“Okay, this is getting weird. And you’re saying he’s bigger than me?” Brian replied.

“Oh, calm down. I like dicks of all sizes getting jammed up whatever tight little cunts I can get my hands on,” Trevor said with a smirk.

“Yeah, speaking of which, when are you going to hop in Stacy again? I kinda dug fucking her doggy style in her parents bed. It was kinky as shit,” Brian asked hopefully.

Trevor got a thoughtful look on his face for a few moments before replying, “I dunno man, Mrs. Smith has a spa day planned for tomorrow, and I’m all about those. Chicks get fucking pampered like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a trip.”

“What about school tomorrow?” Brian asked.

“Pfft. School. I’ll fucking call in or something. I can hop one of the teachers and change my grades and attendance from there. Not worried,” Trevor said as he leaned back into the couch, stroking Megan’s left tit lightly. “About the only thing I’m worried about is getting fucked out of my gourd again. You almost ready for round two? Mr. Smith is going to be home in about an hour and a half… I’d like to get screwed, have some time for clean up, and then be able to get dressed without a rush or anything.”

“Heh, you bet bud. I’m always ready,” Brian replied.

As I watched the two get into position for another round of sex, I heard a knock on my door. It was my assistant Ginger, who poked her head in just as I muted my screen. I looked up at her as she gave me a concerned look and asked, “Sir, you have a meeting in ten minutes with the Tremonduors. You usually like to be prepped before hand, but your door was closed. Are you okay?”

I looked at her as I gathered my thoughts and then replied, “Yes, sorry Ginger. I’m feeling a bit out of sorts today. I got some rather odd news that I’m trying to process. I’m going to wash my hands and then I’ll meet you in the conference room.”

“Okay, Sir,” She replied as she left to set up the room for the meeting.

I closed out of the surveillance program and got up to use the restroom before the meeting. I hadn’t realized how much of the day had passed. The meeting was uneventful, but I was distracted the entire time, so that could have been why I thought it was uneventful. The rest of the day was a bit of a haze. I did watch through the video once more in the late afternoon before shutting my monitor down and leaving for the day. I sent the files to my phone, and with car keys in hand, I went back to my house.

After parking in the garage I headed into my home and found Megan sitting on the couch watching TV. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra, which was a bit abnormal for her to wear any place other than the gym, but I didn’t know if that meant for certain that her body was still being controlled by a teenage boy from down the road. Seeing her face as she sat there still made me think the entire thing was an elaborate hoax. That she had found the cameras and this was a prank she was playing on her overly suspicious husband to teach him, or me in this case, a lesson.

“Hey dear, what did you want to do for dinner tonight?” I asked politely, trying not to sound suspicious or anything.

“Um, I dunno. How about getting some pizza?” she replied with a shrug and went back to watching TV.

I noticed it was an action hero flick full of explosions, which Megan usually hated. None of this normally fit her character, and while I wouldn’t typically call it out, now that I was wondering if there was a teenage boy piloting her body I couldn’t help but notice all the little things that were off. I decided to test something, and asked, “Okay sure. Pizza Palace delivers pretty quickly, do you want your regular? The deep dish with pepperoni and green peppers?”

I knew that Megan disliked pepperoni and that she hated peppers on her pizza with a passion, so when she replied with a large smile, “Sounds great! Thanks!” I knew something was seriously off.

“Okay, I’ll call it in right after I get out of my work clothes,” I told her as I walked to our bedroom.

I went straight to the closet and opened the door, poking around until I found a pile of clothes that looked like they belonged to a teenage boy. I dug through the pants pockets until I pulled out a wallet and found Trevor’s school ID in it. I pulled the ID out and put it in my front pocket. Next I went to the shoe box I had seen in the video and opened it to find a large pink dildo. I stood holding the fake appendage in my hand staring at it stupidly for a few minutes before I shook myself out of my stupor and tossed it on the bed. I looked at Megan’s nightstand and briefly wondered… as I had never poked through it before… I pulled out the top drawer and saw her lotion, hair ties, and a few other typical things she used before bed, then tried the next drawer down. I moved a few of her romance novels and suddenly hit pay dirt. A cell phone I didn’t recognize. I tapped a button and the screen came to life. I opened her text messages to see some pictures sent of my wife’s backside covered in cum with Trevor’s smiling face where Megan’s should have been. The pictures were from yesterday. I also saw some outgoing pictures from today of various shots of her scantily clad or completely naked in our bathroom sent back to the same number. I knew that must be Brian’s phone number.

A thought leapt into my mind as I grabbed the phone in one hand and the dildo in the other. I walked back out to the living room and saw that Megan was fully engrossed in the TV show she was watching. I cleared my throat and said, “Trevor, can I tear you away from that TV show for a moment so we can discuss a few of these things.”

Megan’s head spun towards me, and when she saw the dildo and the phone in my hands, along with being called by her possessor’s name, she had a look of terror on her face. It was the same look a teenager has when they get busted for throwing a party at their parents’ house, or get caught using their credit card for something utterly frivolous.

She gulped hard, sat forward on the couch and said, “You found my… I mean, uh… Oh my! Who’s dildo is that… um… dearest?”

I clicked the phone screen on and pulled up one of the pictures of my wife on the couch with Brian’s cum all over her lower back and dripping down her ass and said, “Maybe I should text Brian and ask if he knows who the dildo belongs to? He seems to answer you pretty quick, Trevor.”

“I am so busted. I’m sorry Mr. Smith, I really am… I just… I mean…” Megan said suddenly in Trevor’s voice until I cut him off.

“You and me need to have a chat, young man.”