Whisper - Chapter 1

By Janilmat

14 minute read -

Beginnings, that’s the most difficult thing for me – having to start all over again. Or having to start at all, I guess. Does it come down to self-love / self-confidence? You’d think that I have it in spades, but I don’t. I’m smart and successful, but somehow nobody sees it. Or maybe I don’t show it. Or maybe I’m just fed up with not being recognized so why the fuck try anyway. I could probably stand up on this bar right now, rip my shirt off and all they’d see are tits. Is it what I’m showing or is just what they want to see? How do I even start if nobody sees me? I just for once wish that…

“Ali! Hello, earth to Ali. Come in Ali.”

Who the fuck is yelling my name? Ahhh, Christine. “Jesus Christine, would you tone it down? I can’t hear myself think.”

“That’s the point, moron. You’re thinking too much. That’s why I brought you over this glass of juicy malbec. Give it a swirl, give it a whirl, tell me what you think girl!”

Thank God for Christine. “Lame-o. ‘give it a swirl, give it a whirl’? I hope you just made that up, cuz if you’re repeating that, I’ve lost all respect for you.”

“Bite me.”

“Don’t tempt me…” I mean really. She’s so fucking hot, and yet she’s so understated. No flash, but she sparkles. I guess it’s because I know what’s underneath. I just wish that people would see that in me. …right, that’s what I was about to wish for.

“Ali, do I even want to know what’s on your mind? No scratch that! I want to know what you’re contemplating in that pretty little head of yours.”

I can’t help but laugh, and I can see by the expression on her face that Christine’s I’ve just lost her. “Oh sweetheart, I’m just laughing at how perfect this all is. You see, I don’t know where to begin to even tell you what’s up. And that’s perfect cuz, I was thinking about beginnings, and well, how I don’t really know how to begin anything.”

I see the smile slowly start to creep in to the corners of Christine’s mouth. There’s this bit of recognition I see in her eyes as well. We’ve certainly been here before. For the hundredth time, no doubt. Only thing is, I don’t know what she’s going to say to me this time.

“Ali, you need some professional help. It’s one thing to sit down here, as two beautiful women, discussing our issues, but I don’t know how to help you out of your funk. I’d like to be able to help, but I think I can only support you in the only way I know, and that’s to get you drunk and get you laid.”

Yep. Been down this road before. Although the professional help bit is new. I’ll have to think about that one. I just don’t know how much I want to open up to someone. How much do I want someone to see the real me? Ahhh… Therein lies the rub, I want someone to see the real me, and that scares the shit out of me.

“Okay Christine, drunk and laid sounds like it will work for me.” Uh-oh, I don’t like the look on her face. Is she mad at me?

“You’re such a pushover. Drunk and laid are easy. What about the professional help? Would you at least think about it?”

And I know she’s right. Drunk and laid are easy and also hard. Much easier when Christine’s around. That’s when guys gather like moths to a flame. But again, who to let in? And you can just forget about it when Christine’s not around. Beginnings. How to start? How to maintain?

“Look Chris, you’re right. Drunk and laid are easy, and I’m just fucking tired of easy. Where’s the god-damned challenge in that? I could fuck anybody I wanted to in here, but so-fucking-what? They’re too easy. I could just sit here looking smoking hot … and I am sitting here looking smoking hot … and guys are going to trip over their tongues on their way over here. And then what? They’ll buy me a drink? Throw me some lame-ass lines? Expect me to fall all over them? BORING! It’s all so fake. I’m so fake. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sex. Love it! I just hate all the shit that comes with it.”

“Well, I’m glad to see that you’ve got some fire in there after all kiddo. No shit it’s boring. I, for one, don’t care about that, but I know that you do. And I’m really glad to hear you finally get that off of your beautiful chest. Sure part of it’s fake, and how could you not feel just a little bit empty knowing that you don’t get to share the full package.”

I want to explain myself further, but Christine puts her hand up. I can see that she’s really pondering something. I just hope she doesn’t keep on with the “professional help” sales pitch. I turn to the bar, and look at the glass of malbec. It looks juicy, and juicy sounds appealing to me right now. I notice that I’m feeling a little jittery, and wonder why the hell that is. Could be that I’m approaching the edge of the unknown…

“Okay, Ali. I’ve thought long and hard about this, so I don’t want you to think that – “

“Hey can I buy you to lovely ladies a drink?” comes from behind us. God-damned interruption. I’m so pissed off that I could fucking kill this guy!

“Hey sugar,” says Christine to this guy, “my friend and I appreciate the offer, but we’re in the midst of a heart-to-heart. We’re not ready to join in with – “

“Tim. My name is Tim. And you are?”

Christine reaches out and places her hand on his forearm. “Tim, as I was saying, we are not ready to join in with the festivities just yet. We’ll wave you over later or something.” Tim reluctantly departs, but not without catching the bartender and buying our next round.

Christine leans in to me and resumes her train of thought, although I’m still a little pissed at the intrusion. “Right, so as I was saying earlier: I’ve been thinking about how you’re feeling, and I’m about to do something that I’ve never done before. I have someone you need to meet. Now before you even begin to protest – and don’t think that I didn’t hear that groan by the way – I’ve never introduced him to anyone. You see, he’s my treasure. I haven’t told anyone about him, ever. And come to think of it, I’m not going to tell you all that much. You’re just going to have to find out for yourself. You, my friend, need more challenges, and this will be perfect for you. Don’t thank me now, cuz you will be doing that plenty later on.”

“Okay, I’m intrigued, to say the least. And a challenge – we’ll see.”

“Off the table,” she retorts.


“I said, ‘[he’s] off the table.’ Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“Sorry. Look, I’m so desperate that I’m going to grovel.”

“Pathetic,” she says. Don’t I know it.

“Ali, we need to get you out of this funk. I’ll put him back on the table if you can abide to have fun and at least be curious. Can you do that? And can you do that without badgering me?”

“Yes.” Not that I had to think long and hard about that.

“Good. Now then, shall we find out what kind of action and adventure awaits us tonight?” With that, she smoothly shifts her position on the bar stool, and announces her presence to bar. She really knows how to work that body, and in essence the room itself. God, how I wish that I could do that as easily as she does.

I can’t help but be mesmerized by Chris. If the opportunity presented itself, I would just watch her all day long. That would be my lesson: to learn how to know what I want and then get it when I want it. Chris does that so well. I suppose that’s why it’s more of a mentoring relationship than one of us being peers. Then there’s the fact that she introduced me to this scene. I feel like just a rookie.

I take another sip of wine, and wonder about Chris. She’s so smoothe, and it’s no act. If you don’t constellate around her in some harmonious fashion, your shit’s to the curb. She’ll tell you where you went astray, and if there’s no remorse on your part, you better find another galaxy cuz there ain’t room for you in hers.

I catch myself looking at her in a lingering kind of way. Mesmerized. That’s what I thought a moment ago. I love the way she arches her back – especially in that tight black dress. I’m dying to place my hand in the small of her back – in that most sacred of spaces just above her ass. This is one of those things I want, so why not move forward and just do it? I move the wine glass to my other hand, shift my weight just a little, and slowly move my open palm to that spot that’s just begging to be touched. The electricity starts to build the closer that I get, and I notice that Chris starts to extend her spine upwards while maintaining that beautiful arch. My hand hovers just for a moment, and I can feel the energy pulling me in. Contact. Electricity. Breath. I’m not breathing! There it is take the breath. Holy shit! How long have been holding my breath? Chris leans back into my hand, twists just a bit, drops her chin ever so slightly, and just looks at me with those smiling eyes of hers.

“That feels sooo hot,” she whispers. “How about we head out, grab a bottle of wine, and head over to my place?”

How many times I’ve wished to hear that, and here it is! I smile at her and tell her that I’d love to. We don’t even touch the glasses of wine that Tim bought us, and we make our way toward the door. Christine grabs my hand for a slight detour, and I can see that she’s approaching Tim. She stops right in front of him, and with her free hand she grabs the back of his neck. She pulls herself in to his neck, gives him a little kiss there, and then whispers into his ear. With that she turns and leads me outside. I look back and see his shit-eating grin getting bigger by the moment.

“Well, what did you say to him? After you released him, he looked like the cat that ate the canary.”

“All I said was, ‘Raincheck.’ And if I never see him again, I at least sprinkled him with some hope.” Nice. We could all use a little hope now and again.

We hop into Christine’s rental car for a short ride over to her place, which is actually the hotel that we’re staying at. We’re both here for the same conference, but we’ve been doing more playing than attending the actual conference. Not that I’m complaining, but I feel a little bad to come out to Portland to not attend the conference.

“Ali, could you call down to room service and have them send up a bottle of wine while I slip into something more comfortable?” With that, I’m a little anxious about her stripping without me. Plus I want to see her in that dress a little longer. There’s just something about fantasizing what’s underneath that really turns me on.

“No, don’t change just yet. I haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate you in that dress, and you really want me to appreciate you in that dress!”

Christine looks at me kind of funny for a moment, and then lets out the biggest burst of a laugh. She runs over to me, gets down on all fours, and looks up my dress. She maintains her laughing until tears are running down her cheeks. Her laughter is a bit contagious, so I start to laugh a bit. Once she seems fit to tell me what caused her to laugh, she begins: “I was a bit taken back by you saying no to me, and I was a little pissed at first. Then, I was pretty excited because you said no. Then this hysterical thought hit me, so I had to check it out.”

“So, I’m missing the punch line – “

“I thought, ‘About time she got some balls’, so I had to peek and see what was under the hood…”

We both laugh some more, and it feels damn good. She asks, “Whatta ya want to do, kiddo?”

“Like I said, ‘I want to appreciate you in that fucking dress.’ So how about if we go downstairs to the club attached to this hotel, and just get all hot and bothered. Then we can come up here and get all hot and bothered. Just the two of us.”

“Sounds good to me. Just let me freshen up a bit.”

The club is hoppin’ and though Chris and I get hit on pretty often, we manage to keep things to ourselves. That is, notwithstanding another hot woman or two moving in and out of our groove. Mostly though, it’s just Chris and I partnered up. And I make good on my promise – I really appreciate her in that dress. I really can’t keep my hands off of her. Nothing too obvious mind you – no groping her T or A. Slips here and there in those spots are welcome. Her ass grinding is phenomenal! She really knows how to move her ass, and I just keep my hands on those beautiful hips to pull her back in. Although my hands are all over, I feel myself letting go. The music is thumping through my body, my eyes move in and out of focus with the sequenced lighting; I can smell her perfume, and her sweat. I feel the sweat running down my back. My brow is wet, and little droplets fall into my eyes every now and then. I’m feeling a bit altered, and my body is just movin’ to the groovin’. Chris is grinding that beautiful ass of hers into my crotch, and I’m just flowin’ with her! I take my hands off her hips and spin her ‘round to face me. Her eyes are closed, and she’s still dancing. I look at that delectable body of hers, and I just want her right now. I step in to her, and we find our rhythm again. The heat’s cranking, and I’m just getting wetter by the moment. I can’t stand the tension anymore, so I grab Chris and lay a big juicy kiss on her. I feel her melt a little as we continue the kiss. She opens her eyes ever so slightly as we still remain lip-locked. I notice our rhythm has changed, and we’re now every so softly simulating sex in the middle of the dance floor. I really don’t give a fuck who sees us. And I realize that I’m continuing to let go. Christine pulls away very gently and indicates that she’s ready to move upstairs.

We hold hands all the way up the elevator, and I can feel my body is still in tempo with the club music. My ears have a slight ringing to them, and I imagine that Christine’s does as well. When we finally reach our floor, we have to walk only a few short steps to our room. Christine opens the door, and I follow. Again I’m just mesmerized. I can’t believe that I’m here with such a hottie.

“Bottle of wine?,” she asks.

“I’m good. Get one if you want one.”

“Nah. That’s not want I really want in my mouth.” She smiles that seductive smile of hers, and I’m hooked. I move in closer and plant another kiss on her lips. It’s a kiss that seems to last forever, and breaks at just the right time. She pushes away, and opens the curtains to a spectacular view of the Portland skyline. I move over to the door and dim the lights. When I turn back to the window, there she is dancing beautifully. It hits me how erotic it is to only be able to make out her silhouette. Again, I’m mesmerized.

The spell is broken by a crack of lightning that causes me to jump and then laugh. I slowly walk across the room and place myself behind Chris. She’s still moving her body to her own music as I pull the zipper down the back of her dress. Softly my right hand slips under her right shoulder strap as my left hand does the same to her left shoulder strap. I’m about to burst as I am so excited to unwrap Christine from the confines of her dress. She starts to sway a bit, and with each sway the bodice begins to fall away with my gentle nudges. As the dress bunches at her waist, her hands move to her hips where she uses them to help her shimmy out of the dress. I back up just a little to watch her undress, and I notice that she’s still wearing her heels. I imagine that the heels are giving her just the right amount of lift to make her beautiful ass even more spectacular. As the dress moves down, I see that she’s wearing a black thong. It just frames that spectacular ass in the right way. As much as I want to jump her right now, I move back even further to watch her dance as she kicks off her dress.

The thing that amazes me the most is not how damn sexy she is, but that it’s my friend Anthony in there being damn sexy. Yes, that’s right, Anthony. He happens to be my body hopping mentor. Although he prefers to be referred to as body hopping sponsor.

I totally appreciate Anthony helping me out. You see, the guy who initiated me into the world of hoppers was not very forthcoming about how to navigate the special gift of being able to hop. Fuck, I spent a whole week in one mount because I didn’t know how the hell to dismount. Now I do, thanks to Anthony. He’s been teaching me about the importance of staying in character, and it’s certainly added a level of spice to our mounts. Even though Ali and Christine are normally straight as an arrow, we do take the occasional poetic license – well more times than not. But when I’m in the mount, I AM the mount. Right now I’m not Jeff in Ali, I’m Ali. Anthony in Christine? That’s all Christine. That we’re totally into each other? Again Ali and Christine, at least for tonight anyway. One never knows what might present itself tomorrow…

The rain starts up, and the streets below start to glisten with the reflected city lights. As rain starts to collect on our window, a kaleidoscope of the city forms. I slip out of my dress, and let my hair down. I’ve been waiting for this all night. One step, another, almost there.

“Care to dance, Love?” …and we do. We continue where we left off on the last dance floor, although the rhythm has changed. It’s no longer the “thump, thump, thump” of the club. It’s our own ballad, and we’re moving just right with each other. The tempo changes as we move closer to the warm, soft bed that we collapse into. My senses start to return to normal after the club. I feel her tenderness as she explores my body. I stop breathing through my mouth and take in her scent… Yes, there she is, her scent is intoxicating. Christine brings her lips achingly slowly up my body, and rests herself on my neck. Her breath is hot on my neck, and even more hot as she whispers in my ear what she wants. There’s nothing quite like having Christine whisper in my ear. I swear that I she brings me to the brink of orgasm every damn time. She’s cooled down a bit from earlier, but I can taste her sweat as we move in a rhythm available only to us…